On Feb 15, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Ohio Train Derailment" at 01:28 pm

Yeah the railroads have both parties in the bag. In addition to everything you listed, Biden imposed a contract on them to avoid a strike. So their ability to write their own rules is bipartisan.

On Feb 14, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Ohio Train Derailment" at 08:33 pm

I still work in Salem some (hybrid), right along those tracks, so we’ve been paying attention at work - it’s always weird when no trains are going by 50 feet behind us, shaking the entire damn building.

There are 2 surveillance videos from other businesses in Salem along the track of the axle already failing (red/fiery), so when it passed the defect detector after all of the Salem tracks something didn’t happen as it should have, because they said at pressers that it didn’t trigger until the next one in East Palestine, 15ish miles later, and by the time they hit the brakes it was too late and everything went to hell about a half mile from the PA border.

Potential long term effects will be interesting, as the EPA has already accused the railroad of burying some of the contaminated dirt in their mad rush to lay new track and get it reopened, so if that leeches there could be issues later that aren’t showing yet. But railroads haven’t had to answer to anyone for at least a century, it’s not like that’s magically going to change.

On Jan 4, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 06:10 pm
posted by gut

One of the holdouts made a great point that he wasn't elected to come here business as usual and just rubber stamp the Repub agenda.  I don't know if it's true, but he went on to say there hasn't been an amendment on the floor in 6+ years, meaning if you're not on committee you have basically no input and are simply expected to vote 'yes'.

Call me old fashioned, but I still like to think when you vote for a Rep or Senator that they are going to represent their constituents even if it goes against the party platform.

And, truthfully, both parties have been ruthless with people who don't toe the line.  Doesn't seem to have made policy better or more effective, either.

I think it was Chip Roy who brought up the stat about the amendments. His general point yesterday was “why is everyone so threatened about us having a debate on the actual House floor?” and to be honest he’s not wrong

On Dec 3, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 02:32 pm

Pele has been moved into hospice care since he’s no longer responding to chemo on colon cancer, so the only question now is whether he makes the list in 2022 or 2023.

On Nov 19, 2022:

posted by ernest_t_bass
No.  Just no.  Freedom loving?  Sure.  Regular?  Not at all.  

About as regular as me after Chipotle

On Oct 14, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:14 am
posted by gut
But not the Trumpster - he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and you'd still love him!

Plus Trump recommends the shot, and says they should market the speed at which it was developed under his administration. But since most of his cult are functionally retarded they can’t comprehend it because then how can they own a lib about it?

On Jun 18, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "What would you say....you do here?" at 02:08 pm
posted by jmog

I worked there from 2008 until 2013. Wasn’t the best workplace environment back then and the travel to commission furnaces was only once or twice a year but tended to last 6-16 weeks at a time.

I had to leave, had young kids and being gone for 4 months in Alabama or 6 weeks in Italy just didn’t work for me with young kids.

Most of the people were great, but a few bad apples all happened to be in management at that time.

It’s still a bit to be desired, but we’re busy right now. Luckily for them I’ve proven to be a shitty interviewer apparently, nothing has gone anywhere for years for me…

I would have been the guy scanning the prints in 2011, was in the shop office in 2012, and depending on when you left in 2013 I may have just moved into spare parts

ts1227 replied to "What would you say....you do here?" at 07:50 am
posted by jmog

What heat treat furnace company? I used to design heat treat furnaces for CMI EFCO, formerly just Electric Furnace Co in Salem OH.

Well the combustion, atmosphere, and emission abatement systems anyway. 

That would be the place, just 2 more name changes since then 

On Jun 17, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "What would you say....you do here?" at 06:01 pm

Project Manager for a company that designs and builds heat treating equipment (basically furnaces for steel mills). Been there 11 years, PM for 5-6 years now.

On Mar 29, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "Things you know are stupid but do anyway" at 05:31 am
posted by majorspark

My daughter lives just north of Stow.  My wife babysits our grandson on tuesdays.  We live in Millersburg she prefers 83 north to Wooster then 585 to 21.  241 to Massillon too many Amish.  Route 8 is a shitshow.

I drink too much beer and have one dip at night.

That drive sounds awful regardless of route. Wife works at Kent State now, so she gets the short drive since she has to wrestle 4 kids to daycare by herself on the days I’m in office. My drive now is 76 to 14 which is insanely easy

On Mar 27, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "Things you know are stupid but do anyway" at 01:00 am
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I did 2 years of 75 miles each way to work.  It about killed me.  You’re a tougher man than me.  

For a year or so, basically the 9 months before we got married and the 3 months after, I was doing 65 mile commutes. She worked in Wooster and had her apartment there, and I worked in Salem. My parents lived 5 minutes from my work, so I would crash there every other night just to soften the blow/make the round trip every 2 days. We had just started a 9/80 schedule at work so the 4 day weeks it worked well. We then got a house in the middle (Massillon).

Now with where we live (Tallmadge) and the mix of a 9/80 at work and a work from home 2 days a week policy I drive 35 miles each way 2-3 days a week - much more tolerable.

On Mar 18, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 11:42 pm
posted by Ironman92

I guess I still thought he was with ESPN ….why was he fired?

I’m pretty sure he got rolled up in one of their mass layoffs over the years, but I think they ended up bringing him back in a different/cheaper capacity after that too

On Mar 8, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 05:21 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Everybody tired of losing yet? 

Nope, just tired of reading the same line of shit from you for 15 years straight now.

On Jan 1, 2022:

ts1227 replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 02:05 pm

I think we set a record for how fast cc was made to look like a complete retard in a thread.

Anyway, carrying over from the end of the 2021 thread, Dan Reeves died this morning. 

On Dec 28, 2021:

ts1227 replied to "Boosted or nah?" at 06:47 pm

Got my booster (Moderna) on Black Friday with zero side effects. Rapid tested positive yesterday after having cold symptoms over the weekend. I already feel better than I did yesterday, it has been an extremely mild case.

On Oct 9, 2021:

ts1227 replied to "Your greatest gambling win" at 12:41 pm

Most of my good ones aren’t anything to write home about, and happened drunk in college

Came out $500 up the first time I ever played blackjack down in New Orleans. I was $625 up and just put the $125 down and said I’m either leaving here up 500 or 750. I lost, walked back to the hotel, and slept through/missed the entire conference the next day.

Did $400 followed by $200 on a slot machine at Tri-State in WV and played the rest of the night on the little bit I had made on some horse races. $600 profit in college was huge.

Wife hit for over $1000 on a slot at Northfield back in 2019. We had just found out we were having twins again and the ultrasound tech told her she should play the lottery since the odds of a second set of twins is insane. So we did, and we won. Fucking ultrasound bill was in the mail Monday for $1100, of course

On Aug 11, 2021:

ts1227 repped a post in "OC Missing Posters" at 03:22 pm
posted by SnotBubbles

Yeah man.  She was always very active on everything I put on Facebook.  Literally the only person from these message boards I have on there.  She got cancer earlier this year and went downhill quick.  Passed away in May.

Yeah, I was FB friends with her, too. That came as a shock. I mean, a lot of people (me included) avoid putting all the details of their lives on social media, but it is just insane when you get online one day to find out someone you'd interacted with online just died and you never even knew anything was wrong with them.

ts1227 replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 03:22 pm
posted by Ironman92

Integrity was never here? Is that correct?

The concept or the person?

Not that it changes the answer…

ts1227 replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 03:19 pm
posted by justincredible

I think it was cavtensity that said Freehuddle would never last because "the server isn't robust enough and the owner is an asshat." He was only partially right.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned at work , it’s that anyone who uses the word “robust” to describe something has no idea what in the fuck they’re talking about.

On Aug 9, 2021:

ts1227 replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 12:35 pm
posted by BRF
Wow!  You are the first person I know of with two sets of twins.  I have one set (27 year old girl and boy). 

Older ones are boy/girl and the younger are identical girls.  Nothing runs in the family, just a total fluke.

When we found out the second set was twins the ultrasound tech said we should play the lottery. Wife proceeded to win $1000 at Northfield that weekend, the following Monday the bill for the ultrasound came and wiped that out, lol



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