On Feb 8, 2024:

ts1227 replied to "Linkedin" at 06:36 am

It’s a double edged sword. I agree with your analysis, but also the only reason I have my current job is because of a recruiter that cold messaged me on there. Usually I ignore those, but I recognized the company and was like “worth a shot”, and here we are.

On Jan 30, 2024:

ts1227 replied to "Are you happy at your current job?" at 07:45 pm

I took a new Job last June and am very happy with it so far. 

Half of the management quit at the old place the end half of last year after I left as well, so I think that says a lot for the decision to go.

On Dec 31, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "2023 Dead Pool" at 11:19 am

Cale Yarborough, 84

On Oct 14, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 11:24 am
posted by justincredible

lol I know it’s been treading water for years, but politirards are the only reason that number is even positive

ts1227 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:06 am
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie


Counterpoint: this is the only reason Justin makes anything off of this site;  people repeating the same shit for a decade and a half, and changing absolutely zero peoples’ opinion in the process.  As productive as running headfirst into a brick wall every day and wondering why it never moves and you always have a headache.

On Aug 26, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "2023 Dead Pool" at 01:05 pm

Bob Barker, 99

On Aug 18, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Give 'em a honk" at 07:06 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Only to alert a dumbo that they're about to cause an accident, or under an old low train bridge so the better half will say, " I knew you were going to do that".  

I think we all honk going under the Jersey Ridge one because of it being one lane plus that 90 degree curve right after it 

On Aug 17, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Michael Oher" at 05:36 pm

The timing of this coming out is suspicious, but also it’s the SEC/Mississippi and I would not be shocked one bit if it’s true.

On Aug 9, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 10:24 am
posted by Ironman92

Looks like my county voted 60.02% yes…..way down from the Trump numbers but this was a bit different.

Everyone skewed a little more that way it seems - basically all moderates went to the no side. A handful of NE Ohio counties that went Trump in 2020 voted this down to the tune of 55-60% (Portage, Mahoning, Trumbull) - even where I’m at in reliably blue Summit County voted 54% Biden in 2020 but 66% no on this.

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 07:19 am
posted by gut

I'll be damned.  I asked a question I couldn't find quickly with google, and someone answered it perfectly and with no snark.

This whole thread was probably the most civil political one in the history of the place, for once no one really got shitty and talked through both sides like normal people. 

On Aug 8, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 08:47 pm
posted by MontyBrunswick

indeed. i think some of the big boy counties haven't reported *any* election day ballots yet. i suspect it'll get ugly once those start coming in.

Summit County (Akron) hasn’t posted an Election Day vote yet.

It seems the basis on calling it was deep red counties coming in with most of their votes way more “purple” than usual. Plus, some of those counties are almost done counting since they’re so small. 

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 08:30 pm
posted by MontyBrunswick

dispatch called it as a "no" but dispatch is trash so they could very well be wrong.

The gap has barely budged so far with another 300k votes counted (68/32), it would take a miracle to flip it.

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 07:58 pm

Unsurprisingly, it’s getting smoked in early vote counts by about a 70/30 margin.  Saying they’ve counted a half million votes, which is damn impressive turnout.

We shall see how much it comes back as the day of counts start in.

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 03:19 pm

posted by Fletch

Over $15 million dollars pumped into Ohio from outside sources on this vote.

This is the most frustrating part I think. Both campaigns are using the “stop special interests” line of bullshit, as both sides were also about 85% funded from out of state. They all suck ass
ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 03:16 pm
posted by gut

Vote for better politicians.  I mean, WTF two amendments proposed PER YEAR?  Elect different people and hold them accountable to do their jobs.

Also, we are seeing how the current set-up can be easily influenced and corrupted by people outside the state.  That is certainly something that wouldn't have happened even 30 years ago, and should be concerning to everyone.

To be fair only 77 were put through, and 19 passed, by citizen initiative. The balance to get to the 227/127 numbers were our fuckhead legislators, so they’re definitely more the problem as you point out

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 08:03 am

Voted at the ass crack of 6:30 before I headed to work. About 8 of us were in line when the polls opened and a steady trickle the few minutes after. Still impressive for August in my opinion. 

On Aug 7, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Issue 1 - Yes or No" at 12:04 pm
posted by j_crazy

and i hate the idea of 40% of dipshit state reps having the ability to kill anything that their crazy minds want. Overall, i think i'm a no here, even though i'm not eligible to vote in ohio. 

That’s the big one. Over the past couple decades the General Assembly has just become a bunch of grandstanding morons that are there to fire off some zingers for the reporters to put on Twitter and have no desire to do anything useful. Regardless of the party involved, because that changes over time, it’s a bad idea.

Now, with the current parties involved, this is literally the Ohio GOP going “let’s see how far we can push the blind allegiance of our dumbest voters since nothing has come along to make them stop us yet”, which is also not good (again regardless of party, it just so happens to be Republicans right now).

Plus, in the 100+ years of the current law only 19 of 77 issues that made the ballot passed anyway, so it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

On Jul 14, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Are you happy at your current job?" at 10:50 am

Started a new job a month ago, so now I’m happy.

On Jul 1, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "2023 Dead Pool" at 11:02 am

Sue the Sex Lady, 93


Nothing like flipping through the channels in college drunk as hell after the bars to come across a then late 70s woman wielding a dildo

On Feb 15, 2023:

ts1227 replied to "Ohio Train Derailment" at 01:28 pm

Yeah the railroads have both parties in the bag. In addition to everything you listed, Biden imposed a contract on them to avoid a strike. So their ability to write their own rules is bipartisan.



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