On May 14, 2021:

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posted by Automatik

Who has heard of this wild potty training method?

Holy fuck, this is insane. I'm staying with my sister currently. She has a two year old boy.

It kicked off today at 7am with a diaper trashing ceremony. 

I'm getting the fuck out of here as soon as work is over.

My wife wants to do this with our son. He just doesn’t give a shit about potty training so she’s ready to go “trial by fire” on it.

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posted by QuakerOats


I wish they would have let it ride for people on the Shared Work Ohio program (layoff aversion program, companies reduce your hours 10-50%, Ohio pays you prorated unemployment, the $300 for those people basically evened things up). Because that’s the company doing it to them to hold on to them through a slow period. There’s still a decent amount of manufacturers using it.

As for the rest, I see no issue with it

On Jan 3, 2021:

ts1227 replied to "Impressed by the Trump administration part II" at 12:22 pm
posted by CenterBHSFan

So Gallup says in one of their latest polls that Trump is more admired than Obama?

"The Most Admired Man"

Bloody hell...

5 years of building a cult will give you that. More people dislike him, but unlike the election where there was only one choice to tell him to fuck off and everyone got behind it, in a poll like this all of the anti-Trump choices were scattered.

On Dec 9, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:04 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

As opposed to Biden's "Bring Back Better" (which has already been used in other countries). Not unique, but a 3 syllable chant. Oh, and he was also part of the Hope and Change. Oh and then there is the Guns and God blunder.

On a side note, are we witnessing the birth of ChinaGate?

His build back better thing proves my point though. No one else is saying it or using it because they can’t market worth a shit and come up with bad ones.  

On Dec 1, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:38 pm
posted by sportchampps

“Cult Verbiage” is funny coming from the left side who has a new catch phrase every week they all say in intervi

The democrats are terrible at marketing, have been for years. They can’t ever get shit to stick like that.

Republicans turned liberal into a bad word with about zero resistance, and can get shit out there to stick like that. They market very well.

Trump, the ultimate marketer of himself, coming up with his 3 syllable chants all of the time is genius for his cult (anyone that is that level of a narcissist generally can market to masses because they basically need it to function)

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

When do you start referring to his administration as a "regime" - after the vote is certified?

The delusional echo chamber hasn’t decided on the cult verbiage yet.

On Nov 11, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 06:04 pm

I feel bad for stores now facing the duty to enforce masks on the knuckle draggers that won’t wear one.  Now they can get fined and shut down because Joe Dirt takes his off when he’s in the store.

ts1227 replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:34 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

It feels like he’s going to do something, whether or not a lockdown who knows. He’s been doing these useless pressers a couple times a week at 2pm. So to cancel yesterday and reschedule for 5:30pm today has a bad feeling to it. 

I’d say it’s about a 10% chance he does a couple very targeted things (no elective surgeries again, schools remote, tightens it down on bars more), and a 90% chance it’s another scolding from a disappointed grandpa with nothing behind it.

On Nov 7, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:02 pm
posted by sportchampps

There’s a website set up where you can look up anyone in your zip code who donated to Trump and it will give you their address. What is the purpose of this website except to cause harm to those people

Isn’t this information required to be available due to campaign finance laws?

I’m not saying it should be used for retaliation but I think it has to be out there by law.

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On Nov 6, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 04:20 pm
posted by QuakerOats

In 12 years of your message board diarrhea, you’ve got one dodgeball referee to see it your way. Good work.

On Nov 5, 2020:

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posted by Laley23

If Biden only got GA, this is correct. Then Trump wins the tie-break.


ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:39 pm
posted by gut

Can you imagine if both AZ flips to Trump, and then GA flips to Biden?

Couldn't Trump still win with NV in that scenario (assuming he keeps PA)?  IF GA and AZ both flip on razor thin margins, most of the country that voted for whomever ends up the loser is probably going to be thinking fraud.

I think you’d be 269-269, assuming all else held as is now.

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 02:23 pm
posted by Heretic
Looks like Quaker's "heads would explode" is turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy about himself.

Fortunately there wouldn’t be much shrapnel, maybe a mold of Trump’s dick.

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posted by like_that
Didn't the SCOTUS rule against shit like this?

Not fully. Their ruling said laws that states have to bind electors by removing or punishing them are constitutional, but there’s still like 20 states or something that don’t bind their electors 

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posted by Al Bundy

CNN has switched Arizona from Biden to "too close to call"

Only Fox News and the AP ever called Arizona. Everyone else has had it too close to call all along

On Nov 4, 2020:

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 06:06 pm
posted by gut

What conspiracy?  They have a legal right to observe the counting.  It's hilarious you bitch about every vote being counted....but apparently don't think it's important for people to watch that process.

They absolutely do. At the same time any board of elections is going to have members of both parties involved at all points in the process so let’s not pretend like it’s some big democratic orgy in the back room of the BOE. 

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 04:00 pm
posted by gut
Transparency in counting is important, but if every tally dump is going to flip the result that's not good for the country.

But what can you do about it this year? All the states are following their systems, it’s just the absentee process got overwhelmed by the volume (which should be a one off), so said process is more time consuming.

Since we managed to politicize the methods in which we vote (even though they’re all legal and existed without issue well before 2020), depending on what order shit goes through the machine creates the swings. 

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 03:15 pm
posted by BRF

I wonder what the current price tag would be for a faithless elector?

Also, I was racking my brain trying to figure out where the missing electoral vote was in the Biden 270 projection. Then I ran into a little story about one vote not committed yet from Maine....... Maine being one of the two states that are not “all or none”. 

Yeah Maine’s second district is what moves it from hypothetical 271 Biden to 270. Trump is ahead there with a bunch of rural votes left so it’s done (I think some have called it but not all). The other 3 Maine votes were called for Biden by all and are represented on the hypothetical 270-268 scenario

ts1227 replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 02:34 pm
posted by gut

20-30k votes each in 3 states could be the difference.

Easy to talk yourself out of the EC, but that's not actually what the difference was because all those other states narrowly went for one or the other, too.

The next EC fun comes if everything holds as is now and you end up 270-268 Biden (which seems somewhat likely).

One faithless elector can send it to the House to decide, which would give it to Trump since it is voted on by state delegations, which he would have the majority.

This country will go off the damn rails 



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