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While I agree that omicron doesn’t seem severe I will say that at my tiny school our girl’s varsity basketball team has 12 players ….2 of those 12 have dads that have been on the vent for 44 days and one currently on day 37…..the 44 day is back to a walker and his life is changed forever 100% miracle. The dad on day 37 needs prayers more than ever for his potential and hopeful miracle. First guy was 51 years old 6’1 190 and current guy is 45 years old 6’3 215….neither unhealthy guys. Both unvaccinated.

So while your 99% isn’t going to be debated by me…..that 1% hurts and it’s a bit a slap in the face to those part of that 1%

We had 2 teachers die last week when they removed them from the ventilator. One was retiring this year. He was probably 40-50 pounds overweight   but I don’t think he would have died from the flu. I agree thr 1 percent matters when it’s your friend or family mem

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Watch the actual videos of them “storming the Capitol” and get back to us.

Yea just a regular tour 

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On a side not someone sent me this if my father in high school. It made me smile because this isn’t the image he portrayed to me about his life, and I was born soon after this pic. He is one of 10 siblings and only 2 went to college. This is 1971/1972. He definitely isn’t “progressive “ he’s pretty much a Neanderthal lol. Been coaching and reffing for 40 years. First standing row in the pinstripes 

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They call people horrible things.  You cannot seriously believe the extreme right and extreme left don’t mirror each other in terms of mentality, tactics, low brainpower, etc.  An independent thinker, not a party loyalist, is the way of the intelligent voter.  

They definitely also suck. I wish there was a third option. As far as the Republican Party I think some are choosing to ignore the direction of the party and the image that is out front leading it. 

But he doesn’t even see it as a problem. I get this is an echo chamber but I’m surprised no one else will call him out on it.  Not something I’m going to argue all day about, but surprising to me. 

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That comment was rather embarrassing even for you.

At least you didn’t make me hear the history of the Democratic Party. I’ll take that. 

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Give geeblock a break guys. He probably just spent a full day or two hiding from a scary hat at his family get together. 

When you don’t have any defense  and you disagree just  throw some insults! 

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posted by iclfan2

Lol that’s embarrassing. 

So if this wasn’t an anonymous board you would  call someone a fag? Would u do it on Facebook? 

 I also like how people now turn u calling people fags to geeblock calls everyone racists. Jesus Christ. 

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Everyone who disagrees with geeblock is a racist. How do you not know that by now? 

If that makes u feel better 

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I’ll never vote democrats!

Meanwhile, democrats. Shown their true colors in the last two years, yet still follow blindly. Probably what happens when you get your news from Tariq Nasheed, Rupar, and Rex Chapman. 

If that makes u sleep better at night. I’ll take all those Twitter guys and this chic over a bunch of racists and homophobes. Merry Christmas!

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The problem with a statement like this is you’re saying you’ll never do anything but vote straight ticket democrat.  There are just as many nut jobs that are “part” of that party as well.  So you’re still aligned with a lunatic fringe.  

They are not calling people fags tho?

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You think the norm is calling people fags and liberal pussys? 

This is what I was going to comment. We still calling people fags in 2021 and acting like it’s normal? As far as the video it encompasses why regardless of policy as long as this is part of the Republican Party along with other types I’ll never vote Republican. 

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My friend group just did a birthday dinner in an outdoor igloo at the Royce on Saturday.  Dinner for 12 and they were playing board games. 5 people from that group tested positive today. 3 of them had covid last year 

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1.  There has not been one actual case of a person catching Covid 2 timres.

2.  Antibodies arent the same as T cell immunity.  For some reason the FDA wont approve T cell tests for covid.  Wonder why?

Off the top of my head I know 5 people in my personal life who have had it twice. Two are vaccinated and three were not. But all got covid 2 times 

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Cold Justice   8/10  group of retired detectives who travel around and try to solve cold cases.  If i watch 5 min im sucked in for the whole show

Invasion-  7.5/10  good alien show. Reminds me of the recent War of the Worlds

Hanna season 3 --8/10 

Wu tang Chronicles-9/10

Yellowjackets---Lord of the flies feel 8/10 so far

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Sorry that facts didn’t line up with your statement about it being just like KR case.

Lol I said similar Jesus Christ is it that seriu

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Have you ever started a thread or just look for reasons to argue ? Serious question. 

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You’re the one that said it was similar to KR, which is obvious it is not.

You have the ability to create a new thread like “look at this redneck moron going to jail for murder soon” or “look, just like Arbery, let’s see if this case goes as murder”

Trying to play it off as like KR is disingenuous at best and trying to paint the KR case as not self defense which it obviously was to anyone that actually watched the video. 

You won the argument   

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No,  no it is not.

Other than a gun being used there is nothing else similar.

KR was in the middle of being attacked by a mob, this case the shooter wasn’t being attacked at all.

It’s closer to the Amaud Arbery case as the aggressor brought the gun, and the other person tried to grab in. 

Arbery case was similar to this, to believe this is close to KR case is evidence you didn’t pay attention to the actual case and watch the video of what actually happened.  KR was literally trying to run away from the mob, this guy was safe when he went back in his house, could have locked the door and called the police. He came back OUT with a gun.

Not even in the same universe other than a gun was involved.

Ok sorry .. what thread would you suggest argue guy 

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Also, was that on the wrong thread because it has nothing to do with Rittenhouse?

Well it’s a similar situation  

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Why would I render aid to someone I shot? This video is a bit puzzling, but they’re probly all fucked. One guy dead, one guy going to jail for life. If I had to pick a side it’d be the side of the person who was on his own property. 

Well it def makes you look like a human being. They are no longer a threat and no one should watch another human die especially not a stranger. Not gonna play well for a jury either. Being on your own property doesn’t give u the right to gun down an unarmed person 



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