On Mar 25, 2023:

geeblock replied to "The KFC Double Down" at 09:54 pm

I am going to try it this week I’m generally curious now 

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 11:06 am
posted by justincredible

Today was not a good day. 

Especially with all the blowouts in NBA. Lost many props yesterday lol 

On Mar 24, 2023:

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 01:19 pm

I must say of all the people i would have picked as a gambler except the bit coin i guess, it wouldnt have been justin lol

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 12:42 pm

today i have a $20 Parlay to win $247   +1137

Houston ML

Bama ML

Creighton ML

Louisville women ML

Iowa women ML

Xavier ML

I also did this bet without xavier and with xavier +4

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 08:09 am
posted by geeblock

I like Kansas st  ML 

Gonzaga  ML 


40$ ML parlay paid 164 

On Mar 23, 2023:

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 07:36 pm
posted by Laley23

Oh yeah, if X was a favorite, you 100% take the other team and the points. That way you can try and middle. But guaranteed to win one of the bets (Xavier wins, and if they lose, the other team obviously covers the spread).

All of this 

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 04:45 pm
posted by justincredible

So what's the strategy when hedging?

Por ejemplo:

Say he puts $10 on Xavier to win the 'ship at +4200. Xavier gets there and are heavy underdogs. Alabama ML is -200. Do you just bet $20 to cover the potential $10 loss or do you bet more?

You would bet as much as you wanted to guarantee a cash.. so if you know that say if Xavier wins the game that you collect 4200 let’s say. Then you might bet 2000 on the opponent so that you guarantee yourself to win a certain amount. Hopefully it wouldn’t be -200. You might be even in a spot where u could bet Xavier with the points and they could lose but you still win. 

geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 01:25 pm

I like Kansas st  ML 

Gonzaga  ML 


geeblock replied to "Betting Sites" at 01:23 pm

Took Xavier to make final 4 +700 

On Mar 13, 2023:

geeblock replied to "Who is in Columbus???" at 07:23 pm
posted by Laley23

We are staying at Marriott Columbus — OSU.

Not that it matters, I’ll drive/meet people anywhere. 

Sportchampps/I92/Geeblock — looking at maybe Saturday. Anyone down to meet up at a bar/restaurant for a few?

Hit me I’ll try to make it happen 

On Mar 10, 2023:

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 12:51 pm

it would be tough to pay rodgers 50 million, give up draft picks, and then have him retire or be on the fence as soon as the season is over

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 10:28 am
posted by justincredible

You'd take Lamar over TLaw?

I would...but now that you mention it i would put lawrence over rodgers

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 10:03 am

QBs in NFL history with a 96+ passer rating and 100+ pass TD in their first 61 starts:


Patrick Mahomes

Dan Marino

Aaron Rodgers

Deshaun Watson

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 10:00 am
posted by Laley23

He took the league by storm, and couldnt be stopped rushing. Led to broken plays and run/pass options with WIDE open WRs. League adjusted really fast, like they always do, and now he is a middling QB whos main threat is waning because he gets hurt every 4th game -- and he wont have this athleticism forever. 

had a offensive coordinator who wanted to run the ball and couldnt design a good passing scheme. add to that mix a bunch of no name receivers and the most heavily injured team in the league.  

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 09:58 am
posted by Laley23

You are high AF.



Josh Allen





then a big drop off

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 09:25 am

I rank him as the 6th best qb in the league

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 06:27 am

On Mar 9, 2023:

geeblock replied to "NFL Preseason 2023" at 09:35 pm
posted by BR1986FB

Fun begins..... Rats to put the nonexclusive franchise tag on Mushmouth Lamar. Other teams can negotiate with him. Rats can match any offer or get two 1st's in return. Let's see if the running back who occasionally throws can get that $250 guaranteed he thinks he's worth.

Google his first 1000 passes this is a dumb post. 

On Mar 1, 2023:

geeblock replied to "Who is in Columbus???" at 01:59 pm
posted by Laley23

Who is in Columbus these days? I will be in town (likely staying near Nationwide) Wednesday, March 15th - Sunday, March 19 for the NCAA Tournament first/second rounds. Looking for good food and drink spots. 

Would also be down to potentially meet up as a group (is there enough posters to be called a group??) on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Our games are Friday/Sunday so those are out, but Saturday, after a bit of AM work, I should be free all day. Only note is will 100% need TVs to watch the games.

Go to any of the Yogi's locations.  Frantz rd is my favorite.  Martino's on sawmill road is also good.  All of these places have 25+ tv's and good food.  If you are down town go to parlay sports lounge.  at bridge park go to Urbans pint house.  I will most likely be at Martinos or yogis frantz.

On Feb 9, 2023:

geeblock replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 04:56 pm
posted by jmog

I'm not searching down years old threads, but I can tell you topics that I have changed my mind that have been definitely on this website.

I used to believe marriage should be only 1 man, 1 woman, that same sex marriages should just be "civil unions". Now I believe that any adult should be allowed to get married, the only "hard" stance I have now is that no one should be allowed to sue clergy and other wedding workers for not wanting to work for their wedding if they don't believe in it religiously.

I used to be (before OC time) a staunch conservative, 20 years ago would vote right down the R party line. Now not so much, because they suck balls too.

I used to be against any police reform at all, supported police in about everything. Now I am all for removing implied immunity, the fact that they self "police" with Internal Affairs, etc. Police violence in general (not specific to any one race) is way too high and needs to be fixed.

I was originally wrong on George Floyd. As soon as the video came out I changed my tune immediately and called it murder by cop, because it was.

I mean I could keep going if you like, but that should suffice, no?

i would enjoy a few more lol



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