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How do I know what other people in another state believe unless they outright say it?

Are we mind readers now?


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The reason is partisan operatives use it as an excuse to skirt laws and solicit voters while standing in line.  You can bring your own water.  Poll workers can provide anyone in line with water.  Can you provide any examples of voters dropping out of line because of thirst? 

It’s an unnecessary law 

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Looks like Majorspark did a fine job.

U can’t even admit that the Republican legislature believes these laws will benefit them in the next election. 

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In an extremely close election fraud matters too.  As for the latter part of your statement it negates everything you have said about the Ga law suppressing voters.

I have always said the effects wouldn’t be major. I was merely responding to those who said that Colorado had more stringent laws or as stringent laws as GA. They don’t 

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THey are all breaking the laws of this country equally.  We have a legal immigration system.  If they want asylum from persecution there are laws that allow them to do that.

None of it involves showing up at a border crossing and expecting 3 hots and a cot.

None of that has anything to do with what I posted?

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Too compare immigration of people 500 years ago to an undeveloped, uncivilized place to a formed law abiding country that has laws, social nets , taxes and legal immigration laws is plain stupid.

It’s equally as dumb to compare people who want to come here and work 2-3 jobs to MS-13 and Yemeni terrorists.

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Just so I’m clear are you saying they passed a group of laws that won’t specifically help republicans in the 2024 election?

Can you take time to answer this question? Not what you think or I think but the legislature. 

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I think that is mostly right reading through the language, except...they did keep the Sunday voting. That was taken out at the last version that passed. 

To me, the Secretary of State being removed from the State Election Board that will now be headed by partisan Republicans that can block anything a County wants to do is the biggest thing.

Again, the GA Secretary of State did a great job last year. His reward is he gets his power kneecapped.  

You are correct they do allow for 2 Sundays I did not know that thank  you. I also found out yesterday that they will have the option to apply stay open till 7 pm for early voting. 

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posted by jmog

I asked how it is helping them specifically not “suppressing xyz vote” what specific part of the new law suppresses anyone’s vote, and specifically democratic voters.

To answer your question tho 

1. The law removes the vote of the secretary of the state from the election board, even tho under the ga constitution the Secretary of State oversees elections. It also puts the board under control of the legislature. 

The election board can suspend or remove any local official at anytime and for any reason. If this was the case in November they would have been able to do exactly what DT wanted them illegally to do like firing election officials in dekalb and Fulton counties. Then sending in cronies to say it’s fraud and throw out AA votes. 

You can still vote absentee but it’s now illegal for officials to send applications to every voter. It reduces time to request a ballot and restricts organizations that help people get absentee ballots. It also requires absentee voters to jump through hoops that in person voters don’t. 

They are ending early voting at 5 pm making it harder for people who work to get to the polls after work. It also limits mobile voting units. 

It limits the number of ballot boxes unnecessarily and makes it harder for officials to place new ones. 

I’m not even going to get in the absurdity of the water/food regulations as I know u can’t provide any reason this was necessary and just kind of ignore it, but if it didn’t matter they wouldn’t do it. 

They also ended voting on Sunday’s when many programs took black people to vote after church on Sunday’s. 

Can all of these things be overcome ? Sure. But in an extremely close election it could certainly matter. Overall as I have said I think it’s going to have the opposite effect and it’s going to cause a rally that has not been seen before to get voters out in GA. 

Overall the laws discourage absentee voting and increase chances of longer lines at the polls in urban areas. 

Overall 5 million people voted in Georgia and they decided they didn’t want trump or loeffler. The election was decided within 12,000 votes. So instead of trying to win 12,000 votes they are 100 percent setting themselves up to gain an advantage however slight in 2024. I think most objective people see that. It would make no sense for them to go through all that just to make laws that don’t benefit gop. You would have to be incredibly dumb or a liar to not admit it. 

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I asked how it is helping them specifically not “suppressing xyz vote” what specific part of the new law suppresses anyone’s vote, and specifically democratic voters.

Is that an answer? You can respond with a yea or a no 

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I did learn today if it’s correct that Georgia is offering free ID’s I hadn’t heard that before anywhere so I’m not 100 percent sure it’s true but I did come across it several times 

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That article is good, but basically says that Georgia’s law isn’t that much worse than a state with some of the least stringent rules. So not like Jim Crowe at all. They moved the game due to Corporate pressure. 

Meh I mean u can use a work ID or anything almost with your name on it, with or without a picture to vote. That’s a pretty big difference. U can show up with this on Election Day and register to vote and vote on the same day. Felons can vote after their sentence is over. If you mess up your ballot it isn’t thrown out you get to fix it. They mail everyone a ballot without requesting it and have more places to turn them in. Lots of differences imo 

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What the media fails to tell you is that Colorado requires voter ID, for mail-in or otherwise. 

They want  you to believe their false narrative, and half of you do. 

You should educate yourself.  U can show up on Election Day with your work ID with or without a photo, register to vote and then vote in Colorado. They also mail each person a ballot without you having to request it. 

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I’ve been saying for two days that the voter ID issue had very little to do with why they moved the game 

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James  Golden, a black man, explains it quite well:

“A black man” lol I can find black people who think the earth is flat or who eat chalk. Doesn’t make them right or any more credible just because they are black. I know Italians who hate Italian food. Doesn’t mean itialian food is any less delicious. What makes his opinion credible or why should we care? Because he’s black? You prop up black people like avatars when they agree with you and dismiss the rest of the black opinions lol also color me shocked that rush Limbaugh’s producer puts out conservative talking points 

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The long lines and less places to vote already existed before this law and this law didn’t make it worse. It just didn’t “fix the problem”.

If this law didn’t make it worse then how are the republicans trying to lower democratic voting?

You just admitted that it just didn’t fix the problem, that it didn’t make it worse nor did it create the problem. 

Just so I’m clear are you saying they passed a group of laws that won’t specifically help republicans in the 2024 election?

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Pfizer #1 official report: My arm is sore. That's it!

That was my experience. It def was sore tho lol 

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Great first inning!



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