On Sep 24, 2021:

geeblock replied to "Bitcoin" at 09:51 am

My buddy who plays poker bought 5000$ worth of carmacoin because it has been getting affiliated with the poker rooms/tournaments is now worth 541$... i know this is a bitcoin thread ..

On Sep 17, 2021:

geeblock replied to "New Apple Shit Annoucement" at 11:09 am
posted by Automatik


my fiance is going to get the 13 and they are giving her 1000$ for her 11 pro max

On Sep 16, 2021:

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posted by Automatik

Another groundbreaking announcement yesterday from Apple.

I'm due for an upgrade, so I'll be getting the 13 Pro. Now go for the Max or not? I'm usually against huge phones, but thinking I may go for it.

New watch doesn't spark my interest. I'm still on a stainless 5, so I'll keep rocking that for the time being. 

128gb standard storage is NICE though. About fucking time.


I also have the stainless 5, but i stepped on it last month and broke the face.  275 dollar repair to replace the face, so now i am in the market for a new watch.  it still works for now but it just looks like crap.

On Sep 15, 2021:

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while we're on the subject any good dashcams?  under 100$ hopefully

On Sep 13, 2021:

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posted by majorspark

You must be one of those conspiracy nuts that believes in the Military Industrial Complex.

Isn’t it like public record?

geeblock replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 06:08 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Since when are we supposed to be voting for segments of the population to get more money?  All most of us want is to keep more of the money WE earned!  

But since you brought it up, who has received over $20 trillion in direct benefits over the last 50 years?  Not the people who EARNED it.

Military defense contractors ?

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posted by gut

I assume you're not familiar with Medicare Part D?


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posted by QuakerOats

Natural gas has now more than doubled in seven months; seniors and those on fixed incomes are going to love their $500+ monthly winter heating bills.  The biden assaults on the middle class keep coming. 

Which party votes against more money for seniors every chance they get?

On Sep 10, 2021:

geeblock replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 11:54 am
posted by QuakerOats

Is it the fault of taxpayers all over the nation that some people in Guernsey County chose to live there knowing they did not/might not have "relatable internet options"? 

Probably not. I really wasn’t commenting for or against the issue. I was just pointing out that it is not uncommon for an area to have shitty internet or no internet 

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posted by brutus161

He's mostly right about this one, though. My in-laws live not even 2 tenths of a mile of State Route 7 in SE Ohio, and even though high speed internet is available all along route 7 and internet starts back up about 3/4 a mile past them on their road, the company refuses to join the two lines (even though every house in the dead zone has committed to getting their service). 

It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong on this board if you aren’t a conservative you are automatically labeled a raging liberal and will get attacked for mostly anything you say even if it’s completely true. People in guensey county do not have relatable internet options and it’s not the sticks 

On Sep 4, 2021:

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posted by Ironman92

Did you say TV guide? Hoping you mean the new age guide button on the remote and not the tiny magazine of tv schedules

Yes the guide on the tv .. I use this program on the fire stick .. it’s called Lentech tv. 10,000 Channels. 15$ a month and all pay per view and international sports for free. But it has a small guide 

On Sep 3, 2021:

geeblock replied to "Glasses" at 01:32 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

if you're referring to presbyopia - the age related loss of flexibility in your lenses that everyone will get, mine started around 42-43.  I'm 51 and it seems to have leveled off in the last 3-4 years.  I don't like reading glasses, so I got a prescription for progressive glasses about 7 years ago.  I like the because they're always on and i don't have to fumble with them like you do with reading glasses.  

I also suggest the Costco route as you can spend a lot of money on eye exams from a specialized clinic when in this case, they'll be doing a very routine test to determine what strength you need.  

i've never heard of that term...i can see close up, but far away is becoming a problem...doesnt help that im red green colorblind.  Im starting to really struggle seeing my keno numbers, tv guide, green and white street signs...etc..

geeblock created thread "Glasses" at 01:16 pm

I'm about to turn 49 and have put it off way to long.  I have to go renew my drivers license in december so i need to get some contacts or glasses or lasik or something before then.

Who all wears glasses?  Im thinking of going to costco to get some contacts and a prescription and then buy some cool frames online for the short term.  How long did you wait to get glasses?

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Glad they have names are are living and loved.  No birth control is 100%, that is right.  But I doubt the vast majority of abortions are because the properly taken precautions just didn't work out. 

it certainly isnt the vast majority but the fact that it can happen is enough to make this law trash imo.

geeblock replied to "Texas Abortion Law" at 11:43 am

No birth control is 100 Percent.  I know two people who got pregnant on the pill.  One was my mother.  My father also had a vasectomy that didnt work.. One of these children we call Micah and the other is Winston.

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posted by kizer permanente

Sister went to Muskingum so I spent a little time there. Wasn't a fan lol. Understand its a good school if you want to be a teacher like she is and you are though. 

I think i went there the last year it was pretty fun.  95-96.  The fraternities got kicked out after that and to this day I dont know how people go there. They constantly harass students about alcohol.  Just had some friends drop off their kid there last week and i know we all went there together but it has to be super boring there.  They did just build the best football facility in the country outside of division 1 schools tho.  I didint even go there to be a teacher lol they sucked me in.

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My fiance and her friends are Irate.  If this is an indicator of how 30 somethings in the burbs are feeling around the country, I dont think things are going to go well in the swing states for the GOP.  Some in her group are/were staunch trump gop supporters, and even they are in a frenzy.  I dont think they actually thought Roe Vs. Wade was ever really under threat.    I don't see how this ends well.

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my brother had both hips replaced and the pt was critical

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1. Case Western Reserve

2. Washington and Jefferson

3. Baldwin Wallace

4. Slippery Rock

Ended up going to Muskingum

On Sep 2, 2021:

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posted by QuakerOats

joe biden pandering to black latinos athletes fallen solders checking watch

False.. this was after the ceremony. 



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