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Sheetz in the Columbus area are dropping their gas to $3.99 for the holiday.

Just went there on cemetery rd

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Is expressing personal views to students on sexual or culture issues to an age appropriate group any different?  I was never forced to participate in school sponsored sports.  I was required to be in the classroom where teachers at times would promote their personal beliefs.  Age appropriate not a problem. 

Coaches are teachers as well.  I grew up in an Amish/Mennonite white as it gets community.  My basketball coach was a black catholic in an Anabaptist community.  You know the history between those two groups.

Local communities can handle this stuff on their own without intervention from the state.  

Yes it’s different and teachers should not do it 

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Public school is mixed with a lot of beliefs others are subjected to.

Like what? Teaching about different religions or cultures isn’t the same as picking a religion and making it part of a school sponsored function. If a group of kids wants to pray, awesome. It shouldn’t be a team activity at all 

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I think it's a great idea; time to go back to fundamentals and stop chasing religion out of our institutions.  Religion, respect, discipline, values. 

U think that because your expecting the same prayer you hear on Sundays. Doubt you would let your kid be exposed to a different prayer. 

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Too bad they were wrong.  

Thankfully this guy stood up and took it all way.

I think it’s a terrible idea. No need to mix religion and public school. Just because you may be catcholic or whatever doesn’t mean others should be subjected to being alienated or exposed to your religion. Private school, sure have at it . 

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Like who sees the coach of a football team at a local school district as a representative of the state.

It’s a public school. When I was coaching it was made clear you could not pray 

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And if we are doing whataboutism, there is no doubt that you and gblock would be celebrating if this case were about taking a knee during the anthem. Try to be consistent for me, just once.

No I don’t think the coach should be involved in leading a prayer or encouragement to kneel, but should support players if they want to do either 

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Cute headline by CNN. This is up here with the faux cc and Quaker outrage. If he isn’t forcing players to pray with him, what is the issue?

This happens at public schools all the time for most sports and it’s normally voluntary, if not there would be serious issues. 

  The fact it even made it to the SCOTUS is a joke regardless if he was praising Jesus or Muhammad. 

Previous to this in my 20 years of coaching we had to leave the room if the team wanted to pray and you could be fired for leading a prayer 

Edit. Would be fired 

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Im sure there would be no uproar if this was a muslim prayer

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And their protestations are effectively 'anti-democracy'.  They don't want The People to decide; they want a dictator or a dictatorial court to give them what they want (so they don't have to debate the issue).   Pretty funny. 

lol same guy who lost his shit and refused to wear a mask when the state asked him too

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Every death is tragic, but what I said is factually true. In modern medicine there is no statistical evidence that women are at any serious risk of death in pregnancies outside of ectopic, which is a totally different topic as both mother and baby will die if the embryo isn’t removed.

I don’t think you understood my point. I’m could care less about if it was statistically accurate. My point was these “stats” are actual people who are dying. You seem to have an acceptable level of casualties you are willing to accept when you agree or disagree with a particular law, whether it be pregnant women or dead school children. You seem to lack empathy or the ability to put yourself in their situations. 

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And as I’ve said before My argument is more about personal rights not abortion.. I could care less about your opinion about any of it

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I gave the stats and data, care to refute them? 

Those are like real people man. Would u feel the same if it was your family?

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You use that word and are an educator? You do realize that’s like the N word for people wirh disabilities right?

Good lord.


700 women die each year in the US from birth/pregnancy complications.

3.7 million births per year.

That’s 0.01%.

That’s nearly zero, like I said.

Still want to call me names or do you want to apologize for sticking your foot in your mouth again and using the R word like a moron?

How many pregnancies are terminated so they don’t end up in death. Bro.. it’s like you’re not even trying to be honest? Ectopic pregnancIes alone make up 100,000 a year in the US.  And you’re over here like … who gives a fuck if 100k women die a year.. it’s statistically  low!!  lol  wow. 

Ask the 700 families how they feel.. and I apologize for the r word I was repeating what was just said. It’s def not my thing. That has nothing to do with the point. Like he said the number is lower because maybe they terminate the pregnancy. U really have lost it since trump lost jmog 

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Stats and data guy says “nearly zero” I’m crying 

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Notice I said serious complications and nearly zero. 

Other than ectopic pregnancies women aren’t dying from being pregnant/child birth like in the past.

The myth that abortions are needed for the health of the mother to keep her from dying is a laughable misnomer of modern medicine.

Never go full retard 

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Nearly zero complications during pregnancy result in serious problems for the woman in modern medicine.

That argument would have held water 100 years ago. 

U can’t be serious 

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