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If I offer to work 59/63 hours your open a week and you push back over 4 hours it tells me what kind of manager you will be. If the regional manager and hiring manager can’t communicate that to their manager again that tells me what your management team is like. 

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With the move to Texas for my wife’s new job I have found myself looking for a new job. I don’t need a career anymore. Her job pays well enough I basically am just looking for something to do that passes the time and would still allow us to spend time together when she’s off (she averages 70 hours a week). 

So I go thru the interview process and tell the place straight up I have open availability M-F and can work until 2 on Saturday. They are closed Sunday. So I basically give them 59/63 hours they are open. 

The regional manager in the interview is very excited after my interview and basically says if I choose them she wants to move me to a busier store and pay me more right away. She also said we’re offering a 1k sign on bonus but your experience we could bump you to a 2k sign on bonus. 

So the manager calls me to tell me they officially sent the offer letter and they can’t wait for me to accept. I tell him okay I just want to be clear they told you my availability. I again say M-F anytime is fine but I need to be off at 2 on Saturday. 

He then tells me “Well at my store I require every employee to have full open availability.” Okay well I don’t think that’s a good fit for me. Good luck. Wait… I can try and work around it I really need a good employee with your experience. No Thanks trying isn’t going to work I told them this in the interview and they said it wouldn't be a problem but obviously it is for you. 

Since then he has called me 5x begging me to reconsider and promise to work around it. If your an employer that desperate for a worker maybe don’t try to strong arm them when they give you their limitations. It just sends red flags at what type of manager you will be. Now you can explain to the regional manager why I’m not working for them. 

End Rant.

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Reds sign Bell for a 2 year extension.

At some point it would be great to have a manager that gave a fucking fuck about fundamentals of defense and base running……and wasn’t lazy AF with his lefty/righty decisions.

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Up until today with Kyle Farmer doing it twice…..The Reds have have had only 1 player all season go from 1st to 3rd 2x in one game… was Wade Miley

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J.J. Redick retires after 15 seasons. Played in 940 career regular season games and got to 12,000 points….increasing his points per game nearly every year of his career.

I remember the old huddle was a constant debate with the Duke posters and others going on about Adam Morrison/Redick like people nowadays debate about Covid/vaccines/masks

I never thought Redick would be a 15 year veteran in the NBA

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Fell pretty hard today

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Heretic….you at the Reds/Pirates game tonight? Pretty sure I hear you in the crowd

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So North…

Ravens then Browns then Steelers then Bengals but all 1-1

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Clearly BR’s fault

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I thought they did away with that "in the grasp" crap a few years back?

Maybe they worded it something else but if you watched the play….it’s just a pass falling backwards.

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Yeah. What the fuck was that call? 

They did the infamous CBS no replay on a call that had nothing to do with anything to take away then that “in the grasp” holy shit that call is going to be hard to top. I’ve never ever ever seen that called on a play like that.

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Chargers getting hosed in a big moment.

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That targeting call on Auburn is the worst I’ve ever seen

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Still carrying my iPhone 8…..right at 4 year. I’ll go new when it dies.

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Can’t believe I’m up watching this game…’s competitive but also meh.

Jones is way better than all the experts said

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Buffalo Bills......proof of vax for those over age 12 to enter stadium. At least 1 shot requirement begins Sept 26, full vax requirement begins Oct 31.

I don’t know my Buffalo but that would tough on the Bengals fans….and many others I’m sure (Cowboys, Dolphins etc)

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Keep finding special ways to lose 

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