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Saying someone must be pro pedo or a groomer if they are a Democrat is just as dumb as someone saying all republicans are racists. You can’t be taken seriously. Also please share these tik toks of the pedo groomer libs because I’m generally curious and I don’t have tik tok 

Weird, except they say it. MAGA nazis! I’m sure your boy Rex Chapman has already retweeted them, but they’re on Twitter. I don’t have Tik Tok either as I’m not a 16 year old girl. 

And I provided a link showing California is pro pedo. 

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That’s what I read in the 5-10 news articles I read on the subject if we are talking about the groups that do the library book readings.  If you are citing libs of tik tok please don’t ever criticize my Twitter lol

I’ll post some of what I read if I can find it again tomorrow.

You follow opinion people. Libs of tik tok literally only reposts crazy people (you have an odd view of facts vs fiction). Not sure what you don’t understand. And no, not just library readings, any weird ass people who go to “family style drag shows”. Children don’t need introduced to gender identity or that trash. 

And just LOL that mainstream media would report on the topic in a factual way. 

Question the source all you want, but one side is pro pedo…


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That is a he point I was trying to make. From what I read it had been going on since 2015 and there are 35 different groups that do it anywhere from once a year to once a month. My  opinion just like CRT or book banning or whatever fearmongering flavor of the month they come up with it’s really just another distraction that they don’t have any actual policies to talk about. ( Unless they use their most popular policy of tax breaks for billionaires of course) 

Lol 35 groups? Like there is a yellow pages on them? Your opinion fails to mention actual evidence every time. Literally just go on thelibsoftiktok Twitter or insidetheclassroom. They post evidence daily. The book banning comment is hilarious too. “Banning” (or better yet supplying age appropriate things) is wrong? The libs banned “To Kill a Mocking bird”, a real book. Protecting children isn’t banning. And lawls about your policies comment, like either side is different.

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Wordle 529 5/6*






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Adult males pretending to be women dancing like ho’s for children, how is that comparable to child pageants (which I disagree with and a ton of people hated the Netflix Cuties things)? They aren’t really comparable. 

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Ugh, had my third word written down for number two but then switched it.

Wordle 528 3/6*




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sure u can’t defend them however u remain silent about the biggest groups who actually do the most pedophelia.  U have made 25 post about groomers and haven’t mentioned the biggest ones 

I’m not Catholic. Burn them down too. They’re not in the current news tho and not actively grooming children on maintstream social media. It’s not hard to comprehend. If you take your kid to a drag show you’re a fucking weirdo/ loser, and your kids should be taken away. 

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Care to name a few? I’m generally curious. It’s wild how people now are trying to demonize gays as pediphiles when technically the Catholic Church is one of the biggest groups  for that to name just one 

You’re not gonna find me defending Catholic priests. And Drag Queen Story Hour being a non profit is enough Grooming for me. I can’t imagine the other depths of Twitter. The LGB probly should have stopped at those letters. The slippery slow everyone said wouldn’t happen after gay marriage has occurred, and coming up with the acronym MAP means it’s only going to get worse. 

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Is it not possible to respect Musk for steering Twitter back to the middle while also hating him for being the quintessential corporate welfare baby?

Just not seeing what the Republicans are getting wrong here.

Lol right, Elon is a liberal douche. But also is ready to show how trash Twitter culture was. I’m OK with this. A lot of pedophiles getting cancelled. 

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Wordle 526 4/6*





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I don’t want them in. 


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I think it’s safe to say, Ryan Day ain’t the guy. 

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OSU defense playing like dog shit

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Probly should have had this in two. Stupid second guess.

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Solid save

Wordle 524 3/6*




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