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AKA you are changing your story since you were found to be wrong.

Lol S&L still agrees after it was proven wrong. Can’t fix stupid. 

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I agree with almost everything gblock has said last few pages. 

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I’m not for getting rid of the police. We need police, however the police have shown that they can’t reform themselves because they won’t admit they have a problem. No change can come until police actually believe they need to change. I don’t believe they are likely to do it. 

No one is arguing that police don’t need reformed. Unions are a liberal idea... same as in schools it keeps the shitty ones employed for no reason. Get rid of them, everywhere. 

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Wtf. Lol inside your own home?

Just got to the beach (outside of Myrtle, Garden City), it is fucking slammed. Can distance on the beach but I’m sure all of these people are going into restaurants and bars. We won’t be doing so. Then they’re going to all go drive back to wherever they came from  and take whatever they get with them. 

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Literally not one person anywhere has said get rid of the police but please 

Lol you are not good at this. Minneapolis, AOC, other liberal dipshits, and oh wait, BLM itself. You have no idea what the actual organization you support stands for.


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My comment was simply for CC. He legit thinks trump is some savior. What a moron


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Trump is a failure. There’s a reason he is losing in polls by a substantial margin to someone who couldn’t even tell you what state he’s in  

Don’t disagree with your premise, Trump does suck, but national polls don’t mean shit. He’s still losing some swing states he got in 2016, but not “substantially”. I don’t see how he wins in 2020 other than Biden getting sent to a home a month or two before the election. And no thavoice, he is probably ready to gtfo of the White House. There is no upside for an already rich person to be president. 

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Police: we investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong. Rinse repeat 

Or, get rid of police and the poors are the ones who suffer. Regardless of the shitty police

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Damn it Justin, edit button! Fuck 2020... and China

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I don’t see any league finishing a season. The NFL  came out today and said no uniform trading after games. So you can hit each other for an hour but def can’t hang out for 1 minute afterwards. Someone is going to die and it’s all over. Fuck 2020

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Lol Bill Deblasio helping paint BLM in front of Trump Tower with Al Sharpton is quite the look. Fucking idiot.

Also NYC, “ Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who was twice the city’s top cop, said that at its current rate the city has lost about 20 years of progress in battling crime, and risks returning to a time when the five boroughs were not nearly as safe”

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Our area in SC is getting hit pretty hard, but a lot of it is due to tourism. It’s a fucked up conundrum bc businesses won’t survive without it, but you also have people clearly bringing it with them. There are no good options. (We have a mask mandate and capacity limitations). 

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There will always be people like yourself looking for reasons to keep the status quo. Most likely no matter what they did or what the movement was you weren’t getting on board. I am hopeful we will actually see some police reform and changes to the justice system. We can’t keep allowing the police to investigate themselves. 

I don't even like the police. Take away the union and qualified immunity (next take the teachers union away). I am 100% on board with that. Stop arresting people for small drug offences too. Also on board with that. The movement will still be a blip in history though. And the more their meaning gets disjointed by taking down George Washington statues and other dumb things, the more people that will stop caring. 

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Pretty much.  Watching clips of his interview yesterday was very uncomfortable.  His brain is gone. 

They’re going to try and have as few debates as possible. 

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This is turning out to be one of the biggest movements in history

How? What change is going to come from it? Defunding police will only go down as bad history, and it will only hurt the very communities these protests are saying they want to protect. The purpose of the movement started getting lost weeks ago to outside observers. 

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I haven’t gotten it (that I know of) but the doorman of my building tested positive and passed away. 

That’s fucked up. I sincerely send prayers to his family. 

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LOL, the house I grew up in cost $10k and you jerks were playing billiards on tables that cost as much.

Lol sorry mr I can retire in a few years or buy a vacation home

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I made an offhand comment at our old house how the only thing missing was a pool table. 2 weeks later, local company is knocking on door to install. Father-in-law nought is a $12,000 table. It’s the nicest thing I own, 10-fold lol.

Damn. When I was in middle school my dad bought a 9 foot $9kish pool table and it was amazing. A lot of betting going on there. Wish he still had it. Used the hell out of it. 

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I find it interesting that people want to invalidate the entire blm movement over a few of their extreme members( I know they were the founders). The Republican Party has lots of alt right groups with extreme ideas, however you don’t invalidate that whole party. I hear people say all the time I don’t agree with everything the president says but I still support him, even after he just attacked a private citizen with lies(bubba Wallace) and chastised nascar for banning the confederate flag. Yet we hold blm more accountable than the presi

The difference is people freak out if you mention the bad parts of blm and the protests. It isn’t invalidating the movement, it’s pointing out it has problems within it. 

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Yeah. That is easy to say now...but if Florida, Texas, and Arizona see a rise in deaths that is an awful look for any Governor and reinforces the decision to not open up. We are in a wait and see mode on this still. 

Of course deaths will go up while re-opening vs. a lockdown. If it never reaches March/ April numbers, wasn't that the point of the lockdowns? What other viable alternative to opening up (slowly, masks and capacity mandated, whatever)?



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