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Liking my Tsitsipas outright! Time for the young guys to continue to take over.

Lol is that English?

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Question: Are any of these school districts actually proposing teaching CRT? If so, what does that entail? 

States and school boards are just banning it for no reason? Here’s a thread for you. And you know what CRT is, quit playing dumb. It basically says all of history is due to white people being inherently racist. You also know the 1619 project has been proven to be mostly false trash. And yea, the people pushing it, white liberals mainly (not blacks), are the same people pushing other Cultural Marxism ideas so yea, it’s ok to lump it all together as trash. 

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Didn’t want to start a new thread but holy shit this Joka vs. Nadal match is great. 

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“Birthing people” used in Biden’s budget. Making up new terms everyday. 

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Going to start getting interesting.

The only people who support it are the same people who supported the bullshit 1619 project, and apparently “moderate” ptown. 

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Also the losers at the G7 elbow bumping and sitting 6 feet apart though all vaccinated. All the pandering.

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Steve spurrier

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A minimum global tax is dumb af. Punishing small nations for providing tax havens? Fucking compete with them. 

I assume there is 0% chance of it actually happening. 

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Pocahontas is coming for you, Justin.

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Ha, oh man.

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Holy shit. We know these people down the street (4 houses down). The male is 60+ and was a soap opera star. His new interest is 30ish and looks like a drug addict but at one point did yoga for the neighboring women. Anyway, today she apparently threatened to commit suicide (I assume) and 20 cop cars came and destroyed traffic right outside our house (had to pick up kids from daycare). It was fucking nuts and they took her away in an ambulance. Any other good stories?

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The fact that Pulisic was regarded as the greatest American player we’ve seen, and has actually progressed from that point quite well…yet might only be the 4th best player on his own national team is astounding.

I’m pumped to see how these young guys grow together and learn how to play with each other. Even last night you could see the flashes of greatness, but mixed with uncertainty of movement and placement. It will come with games.

Agreed, this should be one of the better teams ever 

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Rahm having to not play is fucking retarded. 

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Pilot G-2 07 for life

Solid choice. I found a Mont Blanc once at a place I was auditing and it would literally glide across the paper. Unfortunately it was the CEO’s and I had to give it back. 
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What is the mask situation in Ohio? Here in SC it is pretty much back to pre-pandemic with only a few exceptions (daycare and random people still wearing it). Haven’t seen a sign on a store requiring it for a couple of weeks. 

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I went to a Brantley Gilbert concert to see Justin Moore opening. Moore was great, Gilbert sucked live. 

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The wokeness is never going to stop until people stop giving in to stupid things like CRT and made up pronouns. 

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Him writing a book like Cuomo is hilarious. You’d have to be the dumbest tard to buy either. 



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