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Ketchup for me.

I think Heinz or someone did a blind taste test in Chicago a few years ago, calling their ketchup "special dog sauce" and people loved it.  Although I'm not sure how people wouldn't know it's ketchup.

The snobbery about ketchup on a hot dog - something that is, technically, about the worst processed meat on the planet - has always amused me.  But I guess there is a scientific argument that a Chicago-style dog hits a similar, more mild, taste profile as ketchup but with wholly natural ingredients.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Uhh, yeah they do pay taxes. 

So I'll ask again - should we make Canada a state because there's like a million of them living and/or working in the US, paying taxes and not getting to vote.
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Last I checked citizens of Canada were not U.S. citizens and paying U.S.  taxes.

They aren't paying US taxes?  Are you sure about that?

Or maybe paying taxes wasn't the greatest argument to make for representation.

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posted by iclfan2

You don't have to be a state to pass something. What are you even talking about. They have a local government to pass things for their commonwealth. No one is stopping them from doing anything. Imagine thinking a place smaller than Cleveland should be considered a state and get two senators, which is the entire reason the left is even pushing this issue. It doesn't matter anyway bc it is never happening. 

I mean, they're literally writing the laws but somehow they don't have a fair say....

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posted by majorspark

Just cede most of what is left back to Maryland like they did with Virginia.

It will never happen until Democrats control 34 states because the Republicans aren't giving DC two Senators.  Same reason California is never getting carved up allowing Republicans to pick-up seats.

Or maybe after the Dems abolish the fillibuster it won't really matter.  But the idea all the swamp rats in DC somehow have less "representation" than us normal folks because they don't vote is pretty comical.

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Let's say I am a Doctor who has an office and treats patients in downtown DC. You are saying that the doctor who pays DC and federal taxes has no voting right?

What about the people living in Canada who work in Detroit or NY?  Should we make Canada a state, too?
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Well I was middle class and went to private schools so nice cars, expensive clothes, overseas vacations, car phones (before cell phones) and nice homes in nice neighborhoods. 

It's pretty funny how this would change pretty dramatically even over 10 years for most posters here in their 30's, 40's and 50's.

Growing up in the 80's, I don't think I ever saw a car phone except in movies.  Family vacations overseas were unheard of.  Middle class is pretty broad - I think I was fairly well off.  We vacationed all over the US, but I only flew once before college.

Even in more frugal times there were definitely people whom I thought had more money than us but actually just spent everything they had.  And "Rich Dad Poor Dad" wasn't written until 1997! (although I'm sure it's all lessons from the 70's and 80's).

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That dude is amazing!  Quality find

Also, NO ONE I knew growing up had a maid.  Or a nanny.   Even people that had two incomes and could afford it.

My parents' generation was definitely much more frugal.

posted by ernest_t_bassmultiple sports team's jerseys

Non-shitty cars

- This is one that blows my mind today.  It seems like 85% of people have pretty nice vehicles, and that includes kids.  People who I know are teh poors, but driving around really nice cars.  You didn't see that shit growing up.  

Doesn't end there.  Credit and cheap interest rates and most people buy stuff they can't afford, and/or much sooner than they should.

I didn't think much about it, honestly.  But two things that stick out are Polo clothing, and Corvettes.  Both of which I kind of now view as something hilljacks buy when they get a little money in their pocket.

Big houses was the other thing.  Big screen tv's, like over 32" back in the day when 27" was the norm.

Jet ski's.  And people who owned their own snow ski's.

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Dayton has 4pm press conference regarding mandatory masks. Let’s just get on with it and make it fucking mandatory already. 

You mean governors/mayors have the power to do this?  /sarcasm

We really need to stop electing people who's only talent is campaigning.

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posted by justincredible

Flavortown or GTFO.

I keep waiting for Trump to defend Columbus by telling American Indians "you lost, get over it".

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Also, what's the legal opinion on a topless man if he (zhe?) is a transgender woman? 

Do we apply the standard of "I know a titty when I see it"?  And I'm not sure that's helpful here.

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posted by justincredible

These people bragging about their college education isn't the endorsement of higher ed that they think it is.

A cop in one of the other videos is wearing a USA flag mask...interesting choice.

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posted by justincredible

The libertarian in me is burning in rage right now talking about this shit.

No state income taxes is a great marketing spiel that isn't the windfall many think.  You have to be somewhat of a baller before the advantages actually start adding up.  And the heat & humidity in FL and TX in the summer are pretty brutal!

Probably better off just looking at COL calculators and finding the place that works best for you.

posted by SportsAndLady

^or, just move to IL where ALL of it they fuck you on!

Didn't they fight for like 20 years over how to divide the money from a casino in downtown Chicago?

It's almost like they didn't trust Chicago to run a casino....

I'll add the caveat I don't know much about OH tax code, and basically nothing about TN.

But if you made $250k a year, after some typical deductions you're probably saving $12k per year.  That sounds pretty great, but a lot of states exact their pound of flesh elsewhere.

TN sales & use tax is 7% (vs. 5.75% in OH).

Then you have to look at vehicle/license/registration fees.  That can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

They'll get you on higher real estate taxes, which can be easily another $1-$2k.

And comparable homes might cost more, which means higher interest payments.

The lazy math might make you think you're saving $15k in this example.  But reality is it might be more like $6k.  It really requires some hardcore analysis.

posted by SportsAndLady

There is also a non-resident tax that could possibly fuck you. Basically, your resident state will tax you on your income, no matter where it’s “earned”.

That's sort of what I was referring to with IL.  I heard they were taxing consultants on their full income, even if they paid taxes in PA because they had an engagement there.  There are a few states that do it, but it's pretty rare (and likely illegal, a.k.a double taxation).  Pretty evil, but IL rates are nothing like NY or CA.

SALT is definitely going to get more interesting post Covid-19.  Several states, including IL, have also been talking about going after carried interest even if the Feds continue to classify it as capital gains.

Plus, I'm guessing you could deduct your flights to commute.  Worse case scenario you could just have the company expense it and then subtract it from your income after-tax.

Justin as a remote employee would probably be fine, so long as they don't withhold OH taxes (which I don't believe they should).  They also don't/can't really police it, so he could travel with his wife 3 days to be on campus at UC and then they just declare 60% of HER income in OH (maybe only 2/3 of that if the summer is off).  If you want to be super conservative, he could throw 20% of his income into that pile.  Definitely something you'd need to model to compare filing jointly and separately.



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