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It is like we are living in a different world and cannot agree on basic facts. 

LOL.  What a smug way of saying "I'm right nanananana boo-boo".

You never cease to make me chuckle with this "I'm a moderate" shtick.

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I had one of the first versions of Madden, I think it was maybe 1992 on my PC.  It was pretty cool, even  letting you create your own plays (which I sucked at).

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there was just this non-stop collection of kickass levels that tended to more than make up for Doom 2's one failing -- that it was a pretty easy game, at least for a long while into it.  Alien Vendetta, Memento Mori, Requiem, there's a long list of really good fan-made Dooms. I was OBSESSED with them for a long time.

I'm not sure how many of those I found.  I think the Doom2 emulator I had might have had the 2-3 best ones.

I got Doom 3 in the gamepack I purchased.  Couldn't get into it, although didn't give it much of a chance.  My issue with most "modern" video games is I don't have the patience to become adept at the precise timing of complicated moves a lot of games seemed to require.

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I'll also add that the investigation into Manafort that led to his arrest had nothing to do with Steele as well.

The entire investigation is dead in the water without the Dossier.  Comey testified, to Congress, that they would not have pursued the FISA warrants without it (which is something entirely different from the media spin that the warrant didn't hinge on it, which of course it didn't because FISA court is basically a rubber stamp).  But what Comey was subtly saying was without the Dossier, the DOJ would not have continued to pursue wire taps on Carter Page.

Manafort and Gates investigations were open - and shelved/buried - well before.  They were dirty as hell.  Of course, they were far from the only people doing such work.  And a BUNCH of swamp rats in DC were tied-up with Ukraine, including a few Obama officials and, as we all know, Hunter Biden.  So nothing happens to Manafor and Gates for this without the Russia hoax, and they were ultimately busted to try to leverage them against Trump.  Again, not saying they weren't dirty as hell, but it seems pretty clear the DOJ would have continued looking the other way....

They used a bunch of "trivial", and probably not uncommon, BS to justify the investigation.  Technically and letter of the law it was justified, but practically speaking it WAS a witch hunt.  Again, Manafort and Gates belong in jail, but you should ask yourself why the investigation had basically been dropped until the Drumpfster came along.

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I'm cool with this thread encompassing old computer games as well.

I recently dominated a game of Oregon Trail.  I remember playing as a kid and always dying pretty quickly - must not have understood the concept of stopping to rest.

I've also over the last 5 or 10 years bought some PC games I loved as a kid - Police Quest, Hero's Quest and Doom.

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They had the worst example of abusive, co-dependent relationships with him.

Trump was the perfect POTUS for this media age of profiting off of rage culture.  There's a reason in the last, I don't know, 10-15 years we've seen the radical fringes of both parties dominating the news cycle - cancel culture NEEDS people to cancel.
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I'm good with a censure motion from Congress and the Republican National Committee pretty muich distancing themselves from him. But, not sure that second one is happening. 

Censure was probably the appropriate route that avoids the troublesome issues I raised.  And I think there's room within "censure" to distinguish that POTUS words matter more than, say, AOC or Maxine Waters.

Hoping there is some criminal conviction for something else that keeps him from running again.  But I don't think that's happening, either, because I think that's all been bullshit.  Only reasonable chance is to get him for something on taxes.  A lot of that might not prevent him lawfully from running, but the big one I think is a real possibility is bank fraud.  That's a felony, and inflating your assets on loan reviews is a pretty common practice in real estate.  Heck, that practice was pretty common on private home loans leading up to 2008.

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It was nice to see the fraudulent manufactured evidence presented by the House managers get exposed and crushed today.  Zero ethics; zero integrity; lie to the  death.

No surprise there.  Of course, the defense is glossing over plenty.  But it's a show trial, and the prosecution the Dems put on was just to chum the waters for their media.

I'm not sure where I stand on all this.  On the one hand, the POTUS should be held to a much higher standard of speech and rhetoric than rank and file members, perhaps even the Congressional minority & majority leaders.  Yet, at the end of the day you're ostensibly impeaching the POTUS over free speech.

Now, I believe he should be impeached for the many lies and distortions he's told about the election the past 6 months.  But THAT is a can of worms no politician wants to crack open.

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Choose more wisely than Leveon Bell...

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A lot of big names doing things

The cap is completely messed-up this year, @ $25M lower than last year.  Some teams, like PIT, are way over.  Other teams have a ton of cap space, so they have a competitive advantage NOT to vote to make it higher.

Fair and equitable would have been to spread the 2020 covid losses over the remaining 10 years of the CBA.  But if you're NYJ, for example, you've got $75M to spend and a chance to scoop up a bunch of cap cuts at a discount with much less money sloshing around in FA than typical years.

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But the CDC says it's not known how long protection lasts, so people who had their last shot three months ago or more should still quarantine if they are exposed. They also should quarantine if they show symptoms, the CDC said.

The trials started 2-3 months before anyone got it in the US.  This guidance seems completely unnecessary until people in the trials get it in significant numbers.

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Maybe you should watch more footage. Check out the 5:00 minute mark

I've already seen it.  Doesn't refute anything I said - it was a mostly disorganized, unarmed mob. They weren't going to "take" or "keep" anything, much less Trump in office.

Trump sucks at insurrection just like he sucks at being a racist.

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We've thrown around the idea of moving to Florida in the last few weeks. We're already for sure going in July. We might be going in April and October as well. A lot of pros and very few cons for us at this point in our lives.

That OC ad revenue will be tax free

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Is that not true with statistical evidence?  NY, CA, IL, MI, PA are among the leaders in population fleeing.  Maybe I am misunderstand what is going on there.

I think it's mostly about taxes, at least in the case of NY and CA.  Although there have been more than a few articles about people struggling financially who are hoping to move somewhere cheaper and keep working remotely.

But I'm not sure how many people will get to keep working remotely.  I'd say it depends on the business.  And, uh, if companies find more of their employees can work remotely than they imagined, they'll start thinking about outsourcing to much smarter and cheaper folks overseas.

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LOL. They were rioting overturn the election results. Come on. 

I never said they shouldn't be in jail, and probably some for a very long time.  But there's a definite double standard, which was somewhat already on display any time BLM went near a governor/mayor mansion.

Seriously though, 200 mostly disorganized mostly unarmed rioters isn't what I would call a coup attempt.

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I mean, it was a riot not a real coup or insurrection.  Just seems a little hypocritical to use such inflammatory rhetoric, while impeaching Trump for inflammatory rhetoric.

Had that been BLM, capitol police would have been ordered to stand down.

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I took from it just wear a tighter double sided cloth mask, which I have been doing for months. 

I normally just wear a KN95 mask - I rotate through about 6 and re-use. Just disinfected them, but now they smell like I baked them with a towel (which is actually how you disinfect them).

Although I have a cloth mask that has a pouch for a KN95 mask, so I may start using that.

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Low Bar is his 100 Million doses in 100 days. We were averaging above 1 million doses a day before Trump left office.

Set the goal where you already are and you almost can't fail to accomplish it!

The media needs to call him on it and ask if "where we are today" is actually an acceptable standard.  They tend to be very snarky and dismissive of questions they don't like, which really is kind of a non-verbal Trump-like lie.

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You mean the guy that admitted he purposely moved the goal posts is useless? 

Yeah, I was slower to realize that then other people.  I understood not recommending masks early on (even the WHO did that, I believe).  But pretty much all they had to do was call Amazon to save masks for hospitals, and then show people how to make their own masks.  I guess they didn't think masks would help because they didn't think it was airborne, but apparently they did based on that Trump interview.

And now the CDC is recommending against homemade masks.  Yeah, better masks are available, but are the homemade completely useless?  Seems like more bad and misguided communication.

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Trump supporters? I mean they were yelling in support of Trump as they stormed in.....

97% of the protestors were peaceful.



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