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posted by CenterBHSFan

I guess they wanted to go out in a dramatic... flare.

Much better than shooting up a school.  Maybe it starts a new trend.

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Poor man's solution:

This thing is accurate for temp and humidity, and has a FREE app that will send you alerts if temp and/or humidity gets out of your desired range.  The battery probably only lasts 6-9 months, though.  And the bluetooth range is nowhere near the 260' advertised when dealing with walls, doors, closets, humidor, etc..More like 50 feet range.

Obviously doesn't humidify or circulate air, but if you just want a passive monitoring device it's great (app has a good UI, too).

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I've been having to refill it every 2-3 months (granted, I haven't opened it otherwise since summer).  First few times I made my own distilled water.  Last few times I just used water from my Brita filter.  Soak the cartridge for 10 minutes, flip it on the other side, and then I let it dry for about 20 minutes before putting back in.

It also has a fan so it circulates the air.  Works great in my ~100 stick humidor (which I have only like 30 in currently).  Supposedly the sponge will deteriorate and you need to buy a new cartridge for like $10 after a year or so.  Saw someone on youtube hacked the cartridge to fill it with beads instead.

One day, I'll probably upgrade to temperature controlled.  I keep humidor on the floor in a closet, but the temp still probably runs a bit high at 72-74.  To compensate I knocked the humidity down to @ 68%, but it's probably fine.

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Enjoyed a cigar yesterday.  May try to sneak another in with the nice weather today.

Also, I have one of those digital/automatic hygrometers and it has been worth the investment!  A little annoyed that they got me for an xtra $20 annual sub, but the reminder when it needs more juice is invaluable.

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Apparently, Christianity is the only religion.  Also, Jesus was a racist.

Learn something new every day.  Our children are in good hands.

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Took me a little bit for that 4th guess

Wordle 982 4/6*


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posted by Heretic
while I agree that we shouldn't depend on the shifting whims of government to tell us what our rights are, isn't that how it's been throughout history ever since the beginning of civilization? Or is there something really obvious that I'm missing in the point you're making due to over/under-thinking?

I think inherently, at the foundation, is the concept that everyone has the right to do whatever they please, so long as that doesn't affect someone else.  Govt, when it carries out the will of the people, is concerned primarily with restricting or limiting rights which can be detrimental to either the individual or community.

For example, everyone has the right to breathe the air.  It's free and plentiful.  When you pollute my air, it becomes a potential issue.  But what if that pollution is to heat your home and cook your food?

More or less talking about "natural rights".  Now take property, for instance, as an unnatural right.  Although talking more about land than shelter.  IMO, simply owning land is not a productive or value added use that should impose a claim of ownership on the resources.  The deer that wanders onto your property is not really your deer, and someone who might kill that deer for food hasn't stolen something from you.  Not according to property rights, but I'm talking natural rights.

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In the end, global communism is coming for us all so I don't think the results of this election will matter much.

How long before AI really does put 2/3 of people out of work?

Granted, every technological disruption has only led to the creation of more jobs, but this time it really does feel different.  It's hard for me to see how AI isn't going to eliminate most professional support jobs in finance, accounting, IT, scheduling, logistics, etc.  And the robots take out most of the manual labor jobs.

I'm not sure if the capitalist model survives in that world.

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Will definitely vote Libertarian.  But it might be fun to vote the Green party just so the Dems can complain that much more about 3rd parties giving the election to Trump.

But I'm not sure Trump has a real chance.  If 5% of the base stays home refusing to vote for him, or if even half those switch to Biden, he loses.  And from the looks and sounds of things, 5% is a conservative number right now [could easily be double that].

Even if enthusiasm is down for Biden, it's probably not nearly that much.  I just hope the Repubs manage to take the Senate.

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Figured I had 3 left after my 3rd guess.  Yep

Wordle 980 6/6*


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1.) State's rights is racist!!!!!!!!

2.) Repeat #1

3.) Repeat #1 or

4.) Repeat #1

You forgot to mention MAGA and right-wing echo chamber.

But, yes, State Rights are a relic of Jim Crow, you know.

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Wordle 975 3/6*


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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

This is like an SNL skit from years past.  This man is seriously mentally ill and is pushing some preposterous theory that blacks are more anxious than whites about climate change. 

You're going to be all proud of yourself when finally get an electric vehicle, and then they'll come for your tires!

Seriously, have you guys ready anything about particulate matter in cities from tires breaking down?  Between that and the micro plastics in our bodies humans are already well on their way to becoming synthetic.

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posted by iclfan2

They have to just be trolling at this point. Man dressed up as woman explaining how climate change is affecting blacks disproportionately.

It's why climate change has such staying power as its become an umbrella for all manner of grievance and activism.  

If you don't agree climate change is an existential threat, then you're racist!!!  It's the predictable result of empirical data not agreeing with their models...

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Should have been a 2, but a much less obvious word popped into my head first.

Wordle 972 3/6*


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Tough one.  took a long time for that 4th guess

Wordle 971 4/6*


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Twitter has been pushing Gavin Newsome for a while now to step into Biden's shoes. And damn me to hell, because I'd love to see it. I'm just at that point. 

Begs the question of why they have a backup plan with Newsome if Biden actually planned on running?

It's not a sudden development, but still recent with Newsome running a shadow campaign (6 months?).

So I think the only explanation that fit are Dems are worried about potentially invoking the 25th, or more likely the plan is for Biden to name Newsome as his VP.  But then why have they not made that announcement?  It can't be helpful to continue to wait to replace Kamala.

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Crazy leftist you nailed it please continue on my crazy views with actual facts just because I don’t support Trump or abortion and I can be nice to gay people. Yea so crazy 

You've literally never been right about, well anything.

But you're the balanced source of truth?!?  LMFAO

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Wordle 968 4/6*


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Won $200 smackers on the Chiefs. 

Game was good.



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