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And so the interwebz discovered the location, and then used historical google earth images to determine it's been there since around 2016.  Which is all barely a little less disturbing than if it actually was aliens.

On Nov 24, 2020:

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posted by iclfan2

People elect these idiots

Obviously a brilliant prank, but a bit odd given the remoteness/likelihood it could have been a long time before being discovered.  Maybe the artist was hoping it wouldn't be found for years or decades, perhaps bringing fame long after their death?

Doesn't appear to be any easy task to have done the installation.  Probably required a good bit of help and money.

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DeWine recommended no fans at sporting events just days after OHSAA said winter sports are a go.

Superintendents and AD’s are pretty ticked at the decision

I'm kind of shocked they're allowing winter sports to go ahead at all.  I don't see a reason not to, just surprised they didn't come up with one!

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DeWine says aiming for December 15th for first vaccinations.

I wonder if who gets the vaccine is a federal or state decision?  I'd assume the feds can ration among the states, but it would be the state that decides who gets it first.  I know the military is distributing.  Healthcare workers and assisted living are fairly easy, but trying to prioritize all the at-risk elderly people that aren't in a nursing home seems like a complicated and ginormous task.  Could be kind of dumb luck, depending on your PCP, that you might be able to get it 6-8 weeks before someone else in your risk group.

And if teachers demand special treatment and top priority for blanket immunization, that's going to make a lot of at-risk elderly people wait almost an extra month.
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Is that 83% of people just saying they wear masks? 

My guess is that's true when they go to the store and other places that require a mask.  Not so true at private gatherings.  A lot of businesses and gyms reported little to no events linked to again there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that guidelines on time, distance and masks can be very effective when followed.

And masks don't give you 100% protection, either.  You still need to distance and then limit your time to a few hours.

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Can you believe that McVay doesn't know it's loss of down?

It's not.  Only loss of down if the illegal pass is thrown from beyond the LOS

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Goff looking definite top 10

Might have been a bit premature with that

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Why is Myles already ruled out? Out of caution or something?

Not exactly sure, but I think the league rules are 7 days if you've been asymptomatic, otherwise 10 days from when symptoms appeared.

PIT had a guy miss 2 games because he came down with symptoms on a Friday.

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So making up shit about a sitting President that leads to an impeachment (don’t kid yourself, if you don’t believe Russia Russia Russia led to the impeachment and then they switched to a phone call you are kidding yourself), doesn’t undermine our republic (not a democracy)?

Oh, they wanted to get rid of him, and it wasn't just the Democrats.  But his impeachment had nothing to do with Russia, and the articles of impeachment didn't mention anything about that or the Mueller report.

If you think Russia Russia Russia undermined our Democracy, then you have to acknowledge Trump was justifiably impeached for trying to do the same thing to a political opponent.

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posted by jmog

I don’t disagree, but that is no worse than the Pelosi’s and Schiff’s promising bombshells of Russia collusion that never happened either but led to an impeachment for no valid reason.

True, although I still don't think that's as bad as attacking the absolute foundation of our Democracy.

And that's not what led to his impeachment - it was his abuse of power trying to get Biden investigated.  Which, ironically enough, McConnell is gearing up for assuming the Repubs hold the Senate.  Payback is going to be a bitch.

Although I still question how much appetite there is for that when most of these swamp rats have the same deals with their family and friends (though you don't see nearly as much with corrupt foreign governments).

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Contest the election, fine.  But don't let your lawyers run around telling everyone they have proof "Trump won by millions of votes"....while not supplying any proof.  Even Rush Limbaugh said you can't promise bombshells, and then not produce anything.

Undermining confidence in our elections, both at home and abroad, is easily the worst thing Trump has done.  Fortunately, with his history of lying I doubt anyone takes him seriously.  Well, aside from millions in the MAGA nation who still believe, without any evidence at all, that Trump won.

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WSJ is saying Janet Yellen for Treasuery and that...isn't a bad choice. 

Not a terrible choice, by any means, but I'm really not a fan of monetizing the debt.

That's the new normal, though.  I just hope people don't see that as a license to cut blank checks for all the pet causes.

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Mahomes is incredible. KC’s weapons are unfair.

Sure, but if PIT defense isn't up to the task, they roll out out Ron Jeremy at QB.....
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Mahomes is basically already the GOAT in his 3rd year

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wow he almost caught that, too

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I've never thought much of Derek Carr.....but he's an MVP darkhorse this year

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I think the next few days are huge for Baltimore. Today...

BAL no longer looks elite to me, and they aren't if the league has finally caught up with LJ.

PIT and KC are the class of the AFC, with LV potentially a spoiler.  I think this year is too early for MIA or BUF .  Browns aren't going anywhere with Baker Mayfield, and Rivers has been toast for a few years already.



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