On Oct 1, 2023:

gut replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 10:36 pm

I don't have an opinion yet, but Wilson might be better than Pickett.

But it's only been almost 4 weeks.   I'm not sure yet.

gut replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 04:43 pm

Hopefully only 3-4 more years of Tomlin.

Inherited a SB roster and staff, is going to leave a complete dumpster fire for his sad successor.

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 02:10 am

Flirting with danger....but guess I'm now good for another 100

Wordle 834 6/6*


On Sep 30, 2023:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 10:39 am

I thought about guessing this dumb word on #4.  As it turns out, there were 2 other words it would have accepted for my last guess, one of which was a decent one (though still dumb).

Wordle 833 6/6*



gut replied to "2023 Dead Pool" at 09:48 am
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Sorry for her family.  But what a disgrace to have had that woman in the US Senate.  She’s been out of commission for 10+ years.  Horrible 

She last voted on....Thursday.  But when someone votes 98% of the time with the party, does it really matter?

On Sep 29, 2023:

gut replied to "2023 Dead Pool" at 10:04 am

Senator Dianne Feinstein, age 90

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 10:03 am

Well, gee, 2 guesses with only 1 word left.  I did not know this was a word.

Wordle 832 6/6*


On Sep 28, 2023:

gut replied to "Shoes on in the house?" at 02:32 pm

Now that you mention it, I would never take my shoes off at someone else's house, and doesn't even occur to me to ask.

And that seems kind of dumb or discourteous.   No one walks around with shoes on in their house, so why would they want you tracking in the nasty outside on your shoes?

gut replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 01:36 pm

So Dems continue to pretend this is an impeachment hearing and not an inquiry. Yes, there's no evidence for an impeachment [highly debatable] - but that's the point of having an inquiry when your investigation is stonewalled.

And they also continue to introduce evidence and anecdotes Donald Trump.  I'm guessing because trying to defend and equivocate on Weatherman Hunter or Quid Pro Joe sounds bad even to them.

At least keep your gaslighting focused on the subject at hand...

gut replied to "2024 Election thread" at 10:33 am

LOL, wtf Trump?!?

Goes to a non-union auto supplier, where apparently some supporters held fake UAW signs.  And only drew like 500 people.  Who thought that was a good idea?

Meanwhile, Biden spent all of 12 minutes with a striking UAW group.

We really do deserve better - but we get who we vote for!

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:45 am

Wordle 831 4/6*


On Sep 27, 2023:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:26 am

Easy....but actually, 1 in 17 shot for the birdie

Wordle 830 3/6*


On Sep 26, 2023:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:44 am

Should not have been so difficult coming up with the last guess

Wordle 829 4/6*


On Sep 25, 2023:

gut replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 04:34 pm

Again, not sure why anyone would be surprised as we've often talked how most congress persons probably score highly on the sociopath scale.

But this Menendez guy is something else.  Sat there and told the media he keeps $500k in the house for "emergencies".  Not sure how he explained the gold bars.

Also heard a new defense today that I'd assume must also apply to the Bidens - tipping people on non-classified info might not be a crime.  And I'm going to assume that "pretending" to sell influence also might not be a crime.

On Sep 24, 2023:

gut replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 04:45 pm
posted by Heretic

Hell, Pennington would be a notable upgrade!

Or - and I know this is unconventional - suit up the Real Housewives at WR...

gut replied to "Cleveland Browns 2023 Season Thread" at 04:27 pm
posted by BR1986FB

Baby steps but hopefully today kickstarts Watson. He even said in an interview this week he has historically started slow then has taken off.

A lot of vets don't play much, if at all, in preseason now and need 2-3 weeks to shake the rust off.
gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 03:21 pm

Is HIGHT even in their list of 2500 words?  Apparently it's a rather archaic word.

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 01:25 pm
posted by Ironman92

Uh…yeah. I hit the word on guess 6 but it could’ve been 3 other words. I could’ve gotten a 9 lol

Really?  I don't think I've been in real trouble for a long time, but I'm sure my streak is going to come to an end eventually.  I'm only a bit over 100, but that's easily the longest for me.

Only 1 word left after my 2nd guess

Wordle 827 3/6*


I'd be really curious to know what the average is with optimal guessing (while still including previously used words).

On Sep 23, 2023:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 10:20 am

So dumb

Wordle 826 4/6*


On Sep 22, 2023:

gut replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 02:12 pm
posted by iclfan2

In other funny news, the guy who got his bicep blown off in Kenosha got hit by a car in a cross walk the other day. 

Which reminds me - we're still seeing a wrongful death by cop every month or two, but we're not seeing the usual BLM riots.  There have been protests, sure, but tended to be more local and short-lived.  And the two recent deaths in the news were beyond brutal - 6+ officers literally beating the guy to death.

Makes one wonder how much the usual suspects have toned things down because there's a Democrat in the WH.  And/or because even Dem voters have taken notice of the uptick in violent crime.



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