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Portland by itself is now over 100X more violent.  Math is simple, and fun.

So would that be like a 1,000,000% increase?

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Aren’t most domestic terrorists from the right .. aka Timothy mcveigh ect..Dylan roof..

I think a more accurate description of Timothy McVeigh is not right-wing but Antifa (before it was cool).

And there have been a fair number of domestic terrorists that were self-radicalized jihadists, but most of that seems to get dismissed as workplace violence.

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Yeah, we're never coming anywhere close to as bad as Mexico.

The left and right-wing violence isn't organizing murders.  The shootings we see are mostly lone wolfs that simply adopted the ideology.  Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think the ideology creates domestic terrorists.

The property destruction and riots, on the other hand, is mostly left-wing.  Although I think a lot of it is Antifa-type groups that I'm not sure "left wing" is an accurate description.  And the right-wing groups are now coming out to actively resist that, but until recent years the right-wing groups mostly just got dressed up, had a parade and went home without incident.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

I'm not sure the court has much say on the inner workings of Congress.

On the filibuster, probably not.  But there are always legal arguments to be made, especially wrt stacking the court, in which case they might have a say.

The entire argument is essentially liberals want a progressive court to legislate from the bench.  Forget about a check on the balance of power - what they really want is an end-around a gridlocked Congress.

I keep hearing how Trump is allegedly destroying democracy, but everything notable I see is the Democrats shitting on the Constitution.

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posted by Spock

...Bill Gates...he is funding a German company on a virus vaccine.  Really....German????

What a terrible fucking human being.  I hope he rots in hell - 'Murica first fuck saving the planet!!!
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I also think this may rally the Ds to radially change the Senate if they take the Senate, which they are slightly favored to do right now. If that happens, goodbye filibuster, hello maybe an expanded court, and statehood for DC and PR.

I read a good article that walked me back off that ledge.  There are more than a few Democrats that really don't want to kill the filibuster.  So it's unlikely they have the votes to do what you're talking about, at least not until 2022.

I'm also wondering if some of these changes could pass judicial scrutiny with a 5/6-3/4 court.

On Sep 19, 2020:

gut replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 07:04 pm

I wonder if it's even hitting people yet that with the SCOTUS likely to weigh-in on the 2020 election, one of the most important votes in the country just flipped to Trump.

Haven't researched it, but saw where extended deadlines to count mail-in votes (even if postmarked before the deadline) may not be Constitutional.  And there's bound to be battles about people in some states getting mail-in ballots late (Dems have already been setting that challenge up for months).

Although I would guess Roberts would vote with the 3 liberal justices.  I think Alito is a reliable vote for Trump, along with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh (though I wouldn't bet on those two, but would they really vote against the guy who appointed them?).  Would Thomas go against Trump?  I have no idea.

If the new justice isn't confirmed in time, it would give the SCOTUS an interesting out to deadlock 4-4.

Something else to watch out for if mail-in voting is a disaster - faithless electors ignoring an official count for what they deem was the "true" result.

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Even if talking specifically about the filibuster for judges, Reid did that in part because Repubs were blocking & delaying all of Obama's nominees.  Historically, the parties just accepted that appointing judges was exclusively the privilege of the POTUS.

Anyway, I think it's a given that after Repubs replace RBG with a conservative judge the Democrats are going to pack the SCOTUS.  Mayor Pete's idea was actually pretty good, but I wouldn't expect the short-sighted Dems to do anything remotely fair or equal.

I actually think Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are proving to be excellent picks, ruling based on the Constitution instead of politics.  Which is what everyone should want, except for those who view the Constitution as a roadblock to a partisan agenda (which is what it is and should be).

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This is Harry Reid’s legacy.

Yes and no.
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I also highly disagree with Gut’s take that this will hurt Trump.  If anything it will hurt the GOP if they DON’T approve Trump’s nominee.

Bold strategy, Cotton.  I think you're wrong.

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gut replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:40 pm

InB4 Quaker states the obvious: "How long has she been dead?  When's the last time anyone saw her alive?"

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I forgot they have 2.5 months of lame-duck after the election.

If McConnell says they are going to do it, it would make it less of a critical election issue.  Certainly Trump is going to nominate a woman....which will make it difficult for the Dems to oppose the pick (though they'll find a way).

Looking at Trump's list....Barbara Lagoa - Hispanic justice on Florida's state supreme court.

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McConnell can't really say anything other than "yup".

But what if the Repubs hang on to the Senate?  That'll be fun.

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Not that Biden isn't probably going to win, but RBG might definitely put him over the top now.

Would be a terrible mistake if McConnell tried to rush thru a replacement.  That would virtually guarantee the Dems pack the court when they get back control.  There's literally no time - I think 70 days might be average, and there's like 52 ahead of the election (and not sure how often they are even in session because almost everyone is out campaigning).

Although nominating Garland would be a heck of a twist.

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Damn.  She hung on just long enough that Trump can't appoint a replacement before the election.

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Sounds like one of your "the hellfire's about to rain down" posts.  When are all of these furious events you predict ever going to happen.  

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Trump would not be able to handle Rogan for 2-4 hours. 

Gotta give Bernie credit for sitting down with him.  As much as I hate his politics, Bernie isn't a drooling idiot like Biden and Trump.

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gut replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 04:06 pm

"Trump must answer two questions.  These two questions are..."

Goes on to ask 3 questions.  Then reads "Trump must answer these 2, er 3, questions".

LOL, get a new speechwriter and/or teleprompter programmer.  That's just a dumb and sloppy mistake.

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posted by SportsAndLady


To be fair, probably any of us could get a job in that Administration because a position with Trump isn't exactly in high demand.  If he gets a 2nd term he might have to start importing foreign workers to fill his staff.



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