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gut replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 01:40 pm
posted by majorspark

If you can't see that there is some sort push to normalize the sexulization of kids at the earliest age you are either a blind fool or worse.

Is that really new though?  I'm thinking of the kids' pageant circuit that's been around a few decades, at least [and creepy as hell].
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Well, there's a word I haven't seen or used since the PSATs

Wordle 528 6/6*


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gut replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 11:23 pm
posted by mhs95_06

If the QB scrambles, is not touched as he runs downfield and dives at the line to gain for a first down and he skids forward and the ball gets across the line to gain without being touched down, doesn't he get credit for a first down as Matt Ryan did on 2nd down just before they got stopped on 3rd and 3, then had an incomplete pass on 4th and 3?

My question exactly.  And it happened more than once tonight.

I thought if a QB dove head first, he's down when touched just like any other player.  If he slides, then he gave himself up and down where the slide started.

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posted by Laley23

Hope Watson can come back and we can handle a team tanking.

It will be interesting to see.  Most guys coming back from a long injury lay off would probably need 3-4 games to regain form.  But then Watson didn't play all last year, either. No idea how rusty he'll be or for how long.

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Will probably come down to tie-breakers.  I could see 10-11 wins all for CIN, MIA, LAC and NYJ.

CIN catches a break with BAL already having the division wrapped, and NYJ/MIA probably deciding that last wildcard spot in Wk18.

I'll stick with CIN, LAC and MIA as wildcards

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posted by queencitybuckeye

Hope you're right on the Bengals, but the schedule is tough as hell.

Assuming everyone is heading into conference play, that's going to make it really tough for 3 teams to come out of the AFCE.  I don't think PIT or CLE pose a threat to BAL or CIN.

Unless your division has a soft schedule and a bad cellar dweller, it should be REALLY HARD for one division to get 2 WC's.  Well, if LAC stumbles down the stretch then I guess the AFCE probably gets 3 teams.

gut replied to "AFC Playoff race" at 11:44 am

I'd say BAL, CIN and BUF are safe bets.

And I'll go with MIA and LAC to round out the 7.

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Wordle 527 3/6*


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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

They don’t have to.  But the vocal ones on either side seem to feel the need to express strong opinions about most everything.

Is it not possible to respect Musk for steering Twitter back to the middle while also hating him for being the quintessential corporate welfare baby?

Just not seeing what the Republicans are getting wrong here.

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posted by BR1986FB

BWAHAHAHAHA.....could've used some of that salt for my turkey.

Suit yourself....I'm getting a Turducken for the family next year!

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie


That's cute.  But the Repub's version was logically and philosophically consistent.
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Sad times rooting for CLE to win so PIT can get a higher draft pick

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OK, seriously, what did the NFL do to the k-balls?

NYJ kicker just booted one from 57 that would have been good from at least the rain.

I remember several years ago PIT kicker's range was maybe 52....he now might also have a 57, or close, at some point the last few years.

It's all sort of like a pitcher that throws 90 suddenly hitting 100 a few years later.

gut replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 02:05 pm

LOL, now that Musk has taken control of Twitter and won't play ball with the Democratic agenda, NOW the Dems want to "reign in big tech".

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posted by Ironman92

I agree with everything you said. I do like Tennessee’s style in the playoffs to bother Buffalo and Cincy with Chase could be tough….but they have to be able to run.

The Chargers might be a smidge more polished Bengals team but Bengals WR corp better.

I’m stubbornly not buying the Ravens even though they may be hosting the conference round. Still judging Miami, I like them but I’m not all in.

TEN is not a team I'd want to play with a healthy Henry and Tannenhill managing the game well.  Tannenhill is usually just good enough to keep the defense honest.
gut replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 01:17 pm
posted by Ironman92

Bengals @ Titans…..I say the winner is the best contender to knock off KC/Buffalo come playoff time.

I know Bengals missing some key pieces but I think they match up well with Tennessee

Well, a lot can change with nearly two months left before the playoffs start.  MIA continues to surprise, and Tua playing at a shockingly high level (apparently, coaching DOES make a difference).

But I wouldn't rule out BAL, or LAC getting hot.

Right now you're probably not wrong, though BUF has come back down to earth some.  And if the NFCE beat up on each other, the winner of that division (and MIA is right there with a head-to-head over BUF already) might not manage better than #3 seed.

On Nov 26, 2022:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:49 pm
posted by Ironman92


My 3rd guess shouldn't have been allowed because I re-used a yellow letter in the same spot.  Antiwordle actually gets "hard mode" right.

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 10:16 am

If only "hard mode" was actually strictly hard I wouldn't have wasted a guess and gotten a 3.Wordle 525 4/6*


On Nov 25, 2022:

gut replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 03:27 pm

Yep, my starting word left ONE remaining word.  Couldn't come up with it, eventhough I knew the second letter and more than likely the last one.

LOL, my next 3 guesses rated "0 skill".



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