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Can't wait for the AB reality tour...

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Did not see this coming - Justice Breyer has thrown Biden a lifeline by choosing to retire.

If he nominates someone who is far left, it's going to be a very divisive nomination. And I'm not sure if he can count on votes from Manchin and Sinema.

Republicans, of course, probably won't be able to resist a big fight that casts them as racists and hurts the 2022 midterms.

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posted by justincredible

I also got a raise recently after getting an offer. The other company offered a higher salary, with an automatic bump after 1 year, but overall benefits were better at current job. No resentment in the end.

It's one of those things that sounds intuitive, but I have no idea if there's actual science/research behind it.

I've worked with a lot of companies, and I don't think I've ever seen or heard of anyone "pre-emptively" replace someone they were afraid might leave.  Just imagine what it would do to morale/culture if a manager pulled that.  I'm sure there are managers out there who would, but they'd have to be a real psychopath.

posted by jmog

Oof, I have heard that was typically a bad idea

I've heard that in the past, as well.  Version I heard was it creates resentment on both sides.  You got your raise, but you start feeling you were taken advantage of being underpaid all that time...

But this is definitely a market where that might not be true. 

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posted by superman

If CRT isn't being taught, why do leftists get so upset about the idea of banning it?

That was last month's strategy.  The new strategy is parents aren't qualified to have input into what their kids are taught.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I was directed to this site: as a place to find out where CRT is being taught.. 

Yes, the term is being used incorrectly.  It's effective branding from the Right, but the reason you're being gaslit is critics don't literally mean "CRT" when they talk about what is being taught in the schools.

It's just short-hand for tenets and other foundational aspects of CRT, the 1619 Project and general identity politics shaping curriculum.  We've seen evidence of this from more than a few schools.

The Left waving their arms saying "what's going on?!?!.. this is a graduate isn't taught to your kids" is total deflection and completely dismissive of a very real and valid concern parents have about their children's education.

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posted by Devils Advocate

Add critical race theory

Ummm, pretending CRT is "just a graduate level law course" belongs in the CNN Gaslighting Hall of Fame.

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LOL, Gutfeld just called it a stupid question.  I don't know if I've ever seen anything like that.

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posted by Automatik

Personally, I'm never locking down again. 


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Maybe Putin will invade Ukraine, or maybe not.  I'm actually not that concerned about it.  Just the usual suspects pretending like this is the start of WW3.

It's just nutso.  Repubs want to sanction him BEFORE he's actually done anything.  And now Biden says no troops in Ukraine.  Why would you say that even if its almost certainly true? Closing the embassy was also a weak move - it's not Benghazi.  Putin isn't attacking our embassy or people.

I haven't really been paying attention, but I'm sure someone has said Putin is only doing this to help his buddy Trump.

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Speaking of "mass pyschosis", I wonder how long before we have lockdowns for a new variant which produces no symptoms......oooooh, it's spreading secretly like wildfire and we have to stop it in its track before it mutates again.

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posted by QuakerOats

There was no gotcha question involved; it was supposed to be about inflation

"Do you think inflation is a political liability?".

That is a STUPID question.  And when either answer makes you look bad, that's a textbook gotcha question.  Also, Deuchy asks them about inflation almost every other day.  You'd think he could be a little more creative and diversified.

Biden's answer was just about perfect, actually. Sarcastic response, and then he called him a dumbass.

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Not sure far right conspiracy theories is a big enough group to qualify for "mass formation psychosis".  I think that's more of a "10 years to save the planet from climate change!!!!" kind of thing.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

These kinds of interactions he had with their reporters just fed into those shows. 

I was wondering why these guys always take like a minute to spit out a word salad of a question.  How is that possible when your job is mostly asking 2-3 questions per day [if you're lucky]?

Then I realized it has to be deliberate.  Confusing, inflammatory....all of the above, all designed to provoke some sort of negative reaction.  And no one knows what you're actually asking, so then you get to pretend like they're dodging your questions.

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posted by like_that

Isn’t there supposed to be a news cycle about how the free press is under attack? I thought how this works.

It wasn't so much a dumb question as awkwardly phrased (Deuchy gets regularly pwned trying too hard to get in a gotchya question), but why didn't Biden just do what politicians always do, which is just answer the question you wanted?

And with Trump, it was the CNN guy that was always doing it.  Why does anyone defend these guys?  What they're doing is not journalism, and I wish the WH would make it a regular practice to pull press passes of these clowns.

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posted by Laley23

Started recent season of Ozark, but only got 1 episode in.

Ozark is great. 

S4 of Yellowstone was, well, crap.  And, yes, the plot armor has gotten ridiculous.  Showrunner has at least 4 series now, and I won't be surprised if the quality continues to slip. 

But really enjoying 1883, so far.  Somewhat shocked that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are actually pretty good actors.  Enough music artists have crossed over at this point that maybe it shouldn't be that surprising any more.

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Resident Alien comes back this week.  I'd maybe compare it The Good Place, where while being pretty hilarious it actually has a good story running underneath.

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I'm not really concerned about the cost to acquire Rodgers, because I think Tomlin is going to continue to run the franchise into the ground regardless.

But, man, it would be must-see TV waiting for the inevitable tantrum.  LOL, Rodgers in Matt Canada's scheme, calling those plays...He'd explode in less than a month.

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posted by justincredible

Now, snark aside, it certainly seems like we're in a period of "crisis" or at the very least heading into one. It could be complete bullshit, but if it's not, a lot of people are going to be completely blindsided over the next decade or so.

I don't think it's related, but I saw an analysis a while back that violence/unrest surge about every 50-60 years.  And we are ~60 years past the '60's.

Political....not talking about the 80's surge in drug and gang violence.

I'm think if Trump somehow gets elected in 2024 that Antifa and BLM are going to make Jan.6 look like, well, an unscheduled tour.

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