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Not at all. Just that gut was saying those people probably have/ had a mental illness and in my experience they do not. His post infers that he things all people that are Trans or whatever letter have mental illness.

I believe I said most.  And within the context of people traumatized by someone "assuming their gender", that's probably true.  As JMOG said, gender dysphoria was classified as a mental illness, up until about 5 years ago.

I have a hard enough time remembering someone's name, much less their preferred gender.  If I make a mistake, I'll smile and say "I'm sorry you were offended".  And if I want to be a "dick", as you said, I'll say "I'm sorry, I was referring to your sex, not your gender".

Story in WaPo about some 11-yr old transgender girl that the school wouldn't let tryout for girl's cross-country team.  I don't think an 11-yr old is mature enough or experienced enough to make that choice.  I don't know if she's getting therapy or not, but "choose your own gender" is far from responsible on this issue with pre-teens.

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Just read that 7 of the 8 coaches are fired, including the HC. AD is taking over.

I still like the quasi-clickbait headline though.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's initial reaction was "what kind of crazy religion bans pizza?!?"

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Do you know what the word "only" means?

I was giving you shit because you were talking about other crypto.

You can't talk about investing in Bitcoin without talking about the crypto market.  ALWAYS know the market you're investing in.

You make Bitcoin sound dreamy, just dreamy.  But people thinking about investing their money need to understand the risks that you aren't mentioning.

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Gut doesn't see value in a completely decentralized money that governments cannot manipulate. The hardest money the world has ever seen. Money that cannot be inflated, counterfeited, handed out to cronies. Money that is 100% auditable by anyone in the world running a node. You're right, I'm sure it's nothing and will fail in the end.

Wrong.  100% wrong.  You are completely disillusioned about Bitcoin and crypto in general.  And LMFAO if you think the crypto markets aren't highly manipulated.

Bitcoin is just one of dozens of competing cryptos, with dozens more to come from institutions like Facebook, JPM, China, etc...I've never said crypto doesn't have value, just that picking the winner is pure speculation.  And all your current choices could be completely worthless in 5-10 years.

Lead with that, and drop the pretense that Bitcoin has a defensible market position because it doesn't.

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This thread is bitcoin only, gut. 

Which of my posts aren't talking about Bitcoin? 

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We know your feelings, gut. You'll be one of the last to buy in and that makes me happy.

Not concerned about being last, or losing my money.  I'll take opportunities to take people's money if and when those emerge.

99% of the people invested in Bitcoin won't be smart enough or quick enough to see the crash and get out before it's too late. More than likely, all their money will go to institutional and professional investors who simply take advantage of trends, and are only in crypto to make money (and not because of some idealistic libertarian fantasy).

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I'll say it again, no one can state with anything close to certainty that Bitcoin, or any other currently existing crypto, will come to be the dominant crypto in use.  The only argument for the survival of Bitcoin, truthfully, is first mover advantage.  But any good student of business/economics would tell you first-movers rarely end-up the winner.

So my advice is:

1) Don't buy into the hype.  It's a zero-sum game, so don't be the one left holding the bag.  A long-term buy & forget it strategy is plain stupid.  Not just because of it's extreme volatility, but because the most likely outcome for Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptos currently out there is a value of 0.

2) Always manage a basket of crypto.  There could be dozens of mainstream cryptos to emerge (think computer makers, and remember the likes of IBM and Gateway), or there could be one dominant player (think Amazon).  "Investing" in crypto is speculation, betting on just Bitcoin is folly.

3) Come up with a trading strategy that seeks to always recover at least your investment.  Don't be the guy who watched his $1M paper gain go to $0 because he drank too much of the kool-aid.

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Decent article on why bitcoin is important.

tl;dr version (last 3 paragraphs):

You can look at historical forms of good money as having a set of “rules” that the system is based on, until someone comes in and “cheats” the system for selfish gain. That money created by the cheater is unnatural and ruins the “game.” Bitcoin fixes this, because everyone and anyone is capable of running a full node to maintain their own exact copy of the Bitcoin ledger, which keeps everyone honest and prevents bad actors — especially when the nodes and miners are financially incentivized to do so!

Bitcoin is superior money compared to hyper-inflatable currency. It doesn’t bear the same problems that have come with forms of money in the past, and it prevents the issues mentioned above from happening again. History has shown that humanity has thrived when society had hard money, and the impacts of a currency that can never be hyperinflated look very promising. It has the potential to usher in a new Renaissance or Industrial Revolution.

And, last but not least, the Bitcoin network will never lie to you. It is open-source, meaning you can look at the code yourself, for free, right down to every last detail. BTC has an open ledger that lets you become your own bank, and the master of your money. With Bitcoin, you take back the power from the corrupted people you were blindly trusting.

Too long; don't waste your time on bullshit version: Blockchain is important.  Crypto is important.  An "investment" in Bitcoin is nothing more than speculation that it will continue to be popular, because it has no intrinsic value or productive use on its own.

Blockchain is open source.  No one has to use Bitcoin, or even any existing crypto, to use blockchain.

Who's the shill that wrote that article, anyway?  Usually authors with any kind of qualification & education have a link to their bio/cv.

So the media is having great fun mocking Trump shutting down his blog.

Curiously, no one has pointed out how the "de-facto leader of the Republican Party" had less than 1000 shares of his blog and not many more visits.  Trump clearly remains tremendously popular....

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That's more in a response to "reparations," or something like that.  I am NOT in favor of free education for everyone. 

That's an interesting idea, but perhaps misguided.  No one needs a handout for college if they are able and making smart choices.  That college-able person is already lifting themselves up.

I think small business investment and K-12 investment would be more effective.  Free, structured daycare might make the most sense.

Of course, with the whole reparations thing it will never be enough.  It will never end.  Poor, uneducated immigrants come to this country all the time and able to succeed despite all the obstacles they face, including said "systemic racism".  Had this debate with a friend one time and he laughed condescendingly "haha, people should just move to where opportunities are?".  I said "people do it all the time from thousands of miles away without barely a dime in their pocket".  And that was the end of that debate.

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The reason was funding. 

It WAS sequenced pretty fast.  In hindsight, interesting how so many people commended China for the speed in sequencing the genome and sharing it.  And no suspicions they already had it sequenced, or started the process weeks earlier than they claimed to be aware of it because they tried to cover it all up until it was too late.

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When all else fails, go with white supremacy is the biggest threat to the country and ignore everything else. 

Just wait until the unequal outcomes in healthcare gather steam.  It's an issue far more real and much larger than the perception of cops killing people.

You see a story here and there, but for most part the woke media isn't going to poke that bear because they want to be able to go to their doctor/hospital without being harassed and threatened.

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I like the free education idea. 

I don't.  Loans are readily available to pretty much anyone.  The idea that the taxpayer should pay someone's $200k bill for an art history degree from Columbia doesn't address the problem of runaway education costs.  In fact, it makes it worse.

What betrays this entire concept is the simple fact that all degrees are NOT equal, from a public interest perspective.  Maybe we would want to provide free tuition for med school, but then doctors generally can expect to earn enough to easily repay their loans.

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Thanks I was actually looking at the deebot

It works on wood floors.  As for carpeting, it doesn't have nearly the same suction as an upright vacuum.  Like I said, mine is several years old and it never really had the power to suck up much more than dust.  A piece of a cheerio or chip just kind of gets pushed around and left in a pile somewhere.

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I have the ecovacs deebot.  Ideal for woodfloors, but it will also go up and do throw rugs.  If you don't run it regularly (at least twice per week), it tends to get overwhelmed by the buildup of dustbunnies and dirt.  I think that's typical of most of these devices.

Sort of a poor man's roomba, but often rated pretty close (mine is like 3 years old, so consider that).  Does a decent enough job if you run it every other day - probably covers about 250 sqft, realistically, in an hour of operation.  Probably would take 3 runs to hit all of a 500 sqft floor at least once.

The main problem with this, and even more expensive options (again, tech has probably gotten better the past few years), is they tend to get hung up on stuff.  And I've never been brave enough to test it to run while I'm gone with the alarm set because they do bump into chairs with enough force to move them a tiny bit.

Everything I've read is the mopping options aren't that great.  They either do a pretty mediocre job, or they'll potentially damage your wood floor.

So my advice is to get a recent top of the line sweeper.  And then put in the time to fence off areas where it gets hung up.  Mop your floors yourself a few times a year.

An overlooked issue is how often you have to put in maintenance on the brushes. If you have to spend 15 minutes every week cleaning the brushes to keep it working smoothly then how much time are you really saving?

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Man this makes my blood boil

If biological girls can and did compete in boys wrestling, then there should be nothing wrong with transgender males competing against other biological males.

I can't remember what the Olympic committees have said about this.  I do know, at that level, athletes will do crazy things to compete.  Remember a survey years ago, not long after the Ben Johnson scandal, and something like 75% of athletes would take a supplement with a significant risk of DEATH in 10 years if it helped them win. 

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 I doubt it was intentional, however it started, but it has proven to be a good dry run of how germ warfare could be utilized. 

I don't think it was a weapons program, or even anything more than an accident.  But it does sound like had China been more forthcoming, travel would have been shutdown far earlier and then this may have been contained to Wuhan.

When you have a contagion with this kind of geometric spread rate, days or even hours can make all the difference.  And the necessary response clearly lagged by WEEKS.

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Back on topic...

Does it really make a difference if this was a lab leak or from a wet market?  I honestly don't know which scenario is more concerning, although the latter is tougher to fix and likely to get worse.  And how is either scenario not China's fault? 

IMO, either scenario is China's fault justifying international sanctions until China satisfactorily addresses the risks.

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There will be no let up in the witch hunts until the left is assured he is not running for president; the personal hatred is off the charts.

Ehhh, don't forget Jared Kushner's dad had like a 10 year sentence.  So it does happen.  And what's being talked about as far as fraud related to valuing/statement of assets, is relatively common practice AND illegal.  Just complicated and lots of gray areas that usually don't have much interest in pursuing.

So it's possible this is both completely justifiable while also being political.  And Trump brought it on himself by not releasing his tax returns.

Moral of the story is, if you have a history of shady business dealings (as many do in international real estate), then probably not a great idea to run for POTUS.



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