On Apr 1, 2021:

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Driving to the hoop also makes you rely on the ref calling a foul, which didn’t work out for the Baylor women’s team the other night. 

I dont think waiting and just firing a 3 is the way to go, which is what most teams do now. 

But yeah, just because a team goes for the win doesnt mean its bad. The odds of getting a call driving are slim, but the odds of getting fouled and missing because of the foul rise. A good player probably shoots 55% on shots near the rim, and game on the line that probably drops below 50%. Say they are a 38% 3pt shooter, which drops to around 35% game on line. But, thats still 35% chance at a win versus a ~45% chance at OT, and then multiply that by (in theory a 50/50 shot in the OT) gets you around a 23% chance at the win. 

The 3 makes sense, even if those are rough numbers. The problem is the shots the teams take. You have to run an offensive set if you have time, not stall with it. Get the defense moving, and try and hit a shooter in rhythym. 

On Mar 29, 2021:

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Houston is an offensive rebounding juggernaut late in games. Impressive 

7 players with an offensive rebound

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Hell of a run by BJ Bob....they just went cold from 3 for, like, the last 30 minutes.  They should have won, but ARK rebounded like a wounded dog in H2.

On Mar 19, 2021:

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Buckeyes too beaten up from big ten play and thought they had a breather.

On Feb 13, 2021:

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All, but 5:   Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota

On Feb 8, 2021:

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After having a slight lead after two rounds, I got one right out of 8 picks in the 3rd round, then got 9 of 11 right yesterday to make up for that.  Thanks for the opportunity to play.

On Feb 7, 2021:

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50+ yard FG is the first over to be completed.

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1st scrimmage play indicated advantage KC due to tackling!

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32.  Buccs

30.  Mahomes under 3.5 TD

28.  Kelce under 111.5 yards

26.  Mike Evans under 91.5 yards

24.  Mahomes under 316.5 yards

22.  Brady under 1.5 interceptions

20.  Brady under 279.5 yards 

18.  Tyreke Hill under 116.5 yards

16.  Under 56.5 points

14.  Longest FG over 50.5 yards

12.  Fournette under 71.5 rushing


On Jan 25, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

Green Bay kicking a fg was dumb as fuck. And Rodgers could have run it for a TD or at least close. That was a horrible ending for them. Kudos to Tom somehow still killing it. 

I agree. Even if they go for it and don't get it, you have TB backed up inside of 10 yard with 3 timeouts and 2 minute warning left.

On Jan 24, 2021:

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So much for my strategy that the January weather was going to hold the offenses down in the cold weather cities!

On Jan 23, 2021:

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24. Packers

22. Chiefs

20. Bucs/Packers under

18. Brady under

16. Bills/Chiefs under

14. Josh Allen under

12. Rogers under

10. Mahomes under


On Jan 22, 2021:

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A portion of Aaron's Hall of Fame plaque includes a quote from Georgia congressman Andrew Young that says the following: 

"Through his long career, Hank Aaron has been a model of humility, dignity, and quiet competence. He did not seek the adoration that is accorded to other national athletic heroes, yet he has now earned it."  

On Jan 17, 2021:

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Browns need to embrace the Belichick rule against reaching the ball out toward the goal line unless it is 4th down.

On Jan 16, 2021:

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QB's dread wind much more than cold or moisture.

On Jan 15, 2021:

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20 Chiefs
18 Packers
16 Saints
14 Bills
12 Winning QB over 343.5
10 Lamar Jackson under 73.5

8 Brady under 293.5

6 Chiefs/Browns over 56.5


On Jan 10, 2021:

mhs95_06 replied to "NFL Playoffs Confidence Points Pick’em" at 11:33 pm

If we could have picked the unders, I'd have been just 2 points under a perfect score of 72.  But since we couldn't, I'll settle for the same 70, but it is the perfect score for the game and prop options there were!

On Jan 9, 2021:

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Colts lost because their receivers weren't as brilliant as the Bill's at making receptions, and because they wasted a timeout in the 2nd half due to a futile challenge.  1st wild card game uncommonly competitive!

mhs95_06 replied to "2021 NFL Playoff Thread" at 04:15 pm

Brilliant play by Buff DBs, to wait for receiver to get back up, and then punch the ball out!

mhs95_06 replied to "2021 NFL Playoff Thread" at 03:15 pm

Can't make the FG when they decide to try!  Dropped pass and errant pass killed that drive.  Colts need a turnover to get back in it!



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