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Atrocious defense allowing 44 yards. I’m not kicking to Tyreke in an open field.

Show blitz on first play and drop all but 2-3 guys back into middle of field while DB’s stay back….repeat on 2nd play. Throws wouldn’t have been so quick….clock run out or much longer FG

That’s pretty risky. Even dropping, you are giving Hill all that space behind them. He catches on the run with only 2-3 dbacks in front of him, we don’t need the kelce catch. Hell we may not have seen OT.
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posted by justincredible

So, Rams vs Chiefs most likely?

I’m praying it works out that way.

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That was incredible. The pass to Hill is such a smart play, the Kelce one was bad defense. 

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Winning playoff games and Super Bowls is fucking hard. Brady has kinda ruined the thought process on this it seems. Peyton made 4 and lost 2 (even has winning record vs Brady in playoffs) but was labeled a choker. Brees is all timer and only got the 1, etc. 

But Rodgers only having 1…is…astonishing. 

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Wordle 218 4/6





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I’ll like Rodgers when he is a Brown next season.

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Slow and steady today.

Wordle 217 5/6






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Wrong year, ding dongs.

This one was the first dead pool I saw lol

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It's not. That says I've got it in 1 zero times.

I thought you were posting your coworkers first time guess. Saw the 0. Didn't process the graph. Me is dum.

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Why is 0 even an option? lol

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Wordle 216 3/6




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I’d have taken it, gotten the offer, and declined immediately at that point. Or maybe waited the length they gave for a decision. Either way, I’d make them waste more resources and time on me just to say no. 

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San Fran is the worst matchup for GB. I just have the Rodgers gets his second and retires narrative going haha.

They run well, packers tackle for shit. They get to QB with only 4, Rodgers doesn’t move like before and can’t pick apart the blitz. 

I love them vs the spread, but see GB squeaking one out.

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  • Chiefs - 10
  • Packers - 9
  • Mahomes - 8
  • Bills @ Chiefs U 54.5 - 7
  • Bengals @ Titans O 47 - 6
  • Rams @ Bucs U 48.5 - 5
  • Burrow - 4
  • Bengals - 3
  • Rams - 2
  • 49ers @ Packers U 47.5 - 1

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Some bad guesses, then it just hit me.

Wordle 215 4/6





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I haven’t watched a ton of basketball but I did watch the Nuggets - Clippers game tonight and man Jokic is fun to watch. Had 49 points and a triple double in an overtime win. 

He is the MVP. Yet somehow is talked about as an also when discussing. 

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Serious question...didnt you just pack up and leave NYC for Denver? Was this always an option, or did you not anticipate the COL in Denver before moving?

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That took longer than it should’ve 

Wordle 214 5/6






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That was her best one yet, imo.



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