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They didn’t get cute. Chubb ran the wrong play. The entire line and mayfield had it near side rush. 

First one was 4th and 4. Kinda have to throw that, but the snap was awful…

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This has been so much fun to watch. Who would you match up against Rahm tomorrow?

Well it’s random, and he drew Scheffler. But Rahm v DJ would’ve been amazing. The 2 guys playing the best, and when both on, the 2 best in the world…and ranked 1-2 right now.

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These afternoon groupings are...interesting. I basically hate 3/4. Finau and Harris are solid pairing (Sheffler and Bryson would be great as alternate shot if you elected to play Bryson). 

How do you split up Cantlay and X AND STILL PLAY THEM BOTH? How does JT find the afternoon session at all? Where is Morikawa? Ugh. 

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As good as Spieth and Thomas were in France (about the only good pairing) I just really don't like them together. Mostly feel their games are complimentary and that both would be better served with different types of players. Would really like Bryson and Spieth to go together if the use Bryson tomorrow for Alternate shot (I wouldnt). 

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What was that I was saying about Thomas and Spieth together? Best friends don't make the best teammates. 

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posted by iclfan2

Kudos to y’all for still following. Woof

I'm following certain players to project them into the future. Like, Bobby Bradley is projecting as a 30+ HR hitter. He has to be the starting 1B next year, imo. I dont care if he tops out at .220.

Quantirl is a few more good outings (and 18.1IP) from potentially winning the AL ERA title. He is 2nd right now behind Robbie Ray, but hasnt qualified as of yet. Zimmer has cooled off a bit, but the amount of different things he brings to the team means he probably should be given an everyday shot to start the year next season.

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Probably tonight on GC. I think 3 years ago they hade a show dedicated to it each night...

Sounds like it could be 15-30 minutes away...

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Groupings for tomorrow announced yet?

Probably tonight on GC. I think 3 years ago they hade a show dedicated to it each night...

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The more I think about the pairings and the sessions, the more I dont think Stricker should play Bryson in Alternate Shot.

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Looks like Fields will get the start on Sunday. Gotta say I'm a bit more concerned with his mobility than I am with the Ginger Peashooter's experience. Maybe his mobility will give them a slight taste of what they'll have coming up with Kyler Murray.

Yeah, Fields may not be ready, but his improve will likely provide more spark and a tougher cover for the Browns. 

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Brand management in my opinion.  What story in golf has been featured more in the past 3-4 months?  These guys are all cognizant of the air time they get.  Not an indictment - it’s just today’s reality.  

When $40M is on the line for the Player Impact Program...

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Can we find a way to get Quantril 18.1 IP and qualify for the AL ERA title? He’d be 2nd right now if he qualified.

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What pairings are we hoping to see?

I dont think JT and Spieth are good together despite (maybe because of) being best friends. I hope that Jordan and Bryson are together. If not Jordan with Bryson, my other 2 hopes would be Sheffler or Morikawa. If its Mori, his tee shots set Bryson up perfectly in the middle of the fairway at the preferred distance for Bryson 150-175. Anything closer and he sucks lol. On the flip side, if Bryson isnt spraying, you have the best iron player in the world (despite recent form) knocking it close for Bryson to putt. If Bryson is spraying, thats when Sheffler is perfect. Probably the best Around the Green game of the two teams, so just have Bryson go stright at the flag on every tee shot and Scottie can go find the ball and knock it to 10'.

Other pairings I think would just be amazing. Cantlay or Brooks and Bryson LOL. Morikawa and Thomas if they are both on would just iron the Euros into submission. 

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I think it will be a pretty big upset if Europe wins this. But I’m pumped to watch.

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Minimum of 3 weeks. Which is about in line for what a sprain would be. Hopefully OBJ is actually healthy and not just playing becasue LAndry is out. Higgins should be able to fill in for LAndry nicely if OBJ is a true threat, imo.

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J.J. Redick retires after 15 seasons. Played in 940 career regular season games and got to 12,000 points….increasing his points per game nearly every year of his career.

I remember the old huddle was a constant debate with the Duke posters and others going on about Adam Morrison/Redick like people nowadays debate about Covid/vaccines/masks

I never thought Redick would be a 15 year veteran in the NBA

I don't think anyone could've...because no one saw basketball evolving into what it is today with the spacing and 3-pt shooting. Hell of a career though.

And FTR -- I thought both would flop. So I was half right!

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I usually cook the bacon halfway before wrapping it. Gotta be quick though, cause its hot to the touch when wrapping lol. But that helps the bacon get crispy while keeping everything else from getting overdone.

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Stefanski said Jarvis has an MCL sprain and is "week to week" but hasn't ruled him out for Sunday. Jarvis will probably want to go but I'd be surprised if they played him.

That's huge. Need OBJ back. Landry can fill in for OBJ and Higgins can fill in for Landry. But no one can fill in for Landry filling in for OBJ lol. 

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That game was a complete 180 from Browns. Browns dominated all game and lost to KC. Baltimore never felt they were really in game or going to win until they did. Uggggh is right. Abotu the only thing you can say.



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