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It’s just such a weird thing to say. It reads like out of an Onion article 

It’s so contrived. No one would give that type of detail without completely staging the response first.

…it may be true, but the answer is very prepared.

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McDaniels quotes on this whole thing has been so weird. Politician avoiding any meaningful answer type of weird. 

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I just saw the clip of Tua last week for the first time a few hrs ago. I cannot believe he played another snap, let alone played tonight. Such an obvious major concussion.

…back injury, GTFOH. I hope NFL and Dolphins are sued through the roof.

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posted by gut

I seriously think he's paralyzed right now.  Just hope it's temporary.

The fencing stuff is neurological. That’s hard to recover from and ever be the same. 

Agreed, he looked in about as bad of shape as I have seen a player.

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So does Miami catch hell for how they handled this?

Miami, and the NFL, is going to lose missions upon millions if the parties involved decide to sue. Every doctor alive told called their bluff on the “back injury”, and then this happens.

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Tuas career is in serious jeopardy.

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posted by justincredible

The Bengals all whites for tomorrow are sweet. The white helmet is nasty.

I hate the all one color jersey. But I love the white helmet. I am also not sure it works unless the jerseys are all white. So, yeah... I guess I have no opinion either way on them lol

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I’m also a huge fan of Indiana soccer putting a star (back of jersey, neck portion) over the logo for each championship they have. 

The overall jerseys are just fine though. I think basketball adapted this a few years ago, and I love the baseketball one, as a traditionalist. 

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Mahsa Amini was arrested violently by the morality police due to wearing her headdress too loosely. She died 3 days later in jail of "heart failure". The entire country is protesting the death. At least 17 deaths have resulted, including many, many women who have been shot point blank for not wearing the headdress/hijab as a symbol of the protest. I do not think this goes on much before other parties get involved.

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Just because I think its funny how the same organization created the awesome "Shield C" is vs the bad "flying baseball"


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Agreed on the Brewers. 

They somehow made my favorite all time logo...almost the worst of the current 5 they have. Just an incredible job by whoever was making these decisions on their rebrand.

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Every damn thing about the current Milwaukee Brewers look.

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One guy can't change a law in congress. One guy can, however, potentially prevent someone from going to jail or getting charged with a bullshit law.

You could run for congress...LOL

I get it. But a judge should be interpreting that. The case should be thrown out if its a BS charge and law. Or, like the case where the girl got 5 years in federal jail for shoplifting Wal-Mart by swapping barcodes and shit at the self checkout, is found guilty by the jury, and then the appeals judge tells them all to fuck off and lets her go. 

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When they stop eating regularly and have accidents. If they are still doing both of those things, I feel they are still enjoying life and even though they may be a burden on us, thats no reason to end their life. Once they stop eating or having accidents, you know their life is not worth living anymore. 

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The chances I get call are already slim, and the chances it's a case where nullification makes sense even slimmer, so I probably wouldn't get too worked up over us having different philosophies.

I understand it isn't illegal. I am not sure I would consider it a "right". It's a loophole in the system because there is no way to prove the jury simply didn't feel the prosecution failed to prove their case -- even if they clearly did and the jury is giving a verdict based on their own beliefs, taking the law into their own hands. 

We could talk in circles, which is fine and a healthy conversation. MY thoughts have always been, if you don't like a law, get it changed in congress. You shouldn't be interpreting the law as a jury, thats a judges job. You should be giving a verdict on if the defendant broke said law. It's the same reason I think the Supreme Court should not be able to overturn previous rulings. If the highest court in the land can interpret the constitution and how it relates to rights that should not change because a few of them die and are replaced. Just change the law in congress if you want it to be in place.

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He was likely driving too fast. But everything else points to nothing bad going on. Just awful luck that he caught an edge trying to not hit/kill an animal.

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If I end up on a jury and disagree with the charges jury nullification is perfectly legitimate. So you can stop with your disappointment.

Disagreeing with the charges because you think the law is wrong or too harsh, etc.? Or disagreeing because the person is innocent in your eyes? Former, thats bullshit excuse to use the power of a Jury to be the law. Latter, its not jury nullification, its just being a jury. 

I am with the people who hate those who try to get out of jury duty. If I am ever arrested on a charge where I am innocent, I would hope I get legit people on the jury, with jobs -- wealthy, middle-class, poor, etc. Not just the poor who cant get out of this stuff. It's not a true representation of your peers. 

I firmly believe (maybe largely influenced by a lawyer father and federal judge uncle) that if you believe in the constitution as a building block and the foundation for our entire country, coming up with an excuse to not serve on the jury is one of the biggest hypocritical thing you can do. And if you are caught giving a bullshit reason, you should be charged. And no, a company needed all employees at all times is not a legit reason. I am stunned a judge allowed you out. WTF did that company plan on doing if someone got sick?


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His car is fucked. Rumors of a broken wrist, which would be a minor miracle. Minor, non-threatening life injuries have been confirmed for both him and passenger.



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