On Feb 3, 2023:

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 03:56 pm

If White and Ayton play, should hit -- and Marcus Smart is out again so White is probably starting again. Ayton has been getting decent run recently though, even though hes kinda an outcast for PHO.

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 01:30 pm

I don't dislike that. I'm a fan of more gettable numbers with more legs vs fewer legs and the actual O/U for the players. It's just inevitable that someone gets a concussion (Jeremi Grant) or thrown out (Mitchell) before it hits LOL.

If anyone else needs midday gambling action and hates the PB Pro Am, I've got Mitrovic anytime goalscorer at +210 and Mirtovic to score or assist at +135. EPL -- Fulham vs Chelsea. I also think Fulham has a better than decent shot to win this match, at +515, since Chelsea just sign EIGHT new players and havent really had time to integrate. Plus they have been kinda meh all season. But, I am a pseudo Fulham fan, so just want to watch and cheer them on without the burden of losing money on the outcome haha.

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Lillard 30 against the string of defenders Boston can throw? No thanks. He will probably get there, but I would want that to be close to EVEN.

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Spieth going -1 on Spyglass is a good sign. 

Spyglass played +35 yesterday. Monterey played -60, Pebble -53.

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Derek Carr is done. He looked cooked this year. I wouldnt want him anywhere near my team. Was afraid to get hit, which is the first sign of this guy needs to retire. 

Laley23 replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 10:16 am

LeBron breaking this record should have been a story for a fucking year. This is incredible stuff we are watching. Instead, we had to put up with 2 months of Curry "Can he hit 37 threes tonight to break a record nobody even considered a record until just now?" Then next game, "Can he get 33 tonight to break it? Are you gonna bet against him?".

Meanwhile, Lakers game wasnt even going to be broadcast until last night TNT got it for Tuesdays game. Its wild to me that one of the biggest records in sports is being brushed aside. 

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Nice hit Justin. I had a wild parlay that almost hit, and then Mitchel got throw out. Did hit on all the individual legs though, so still a profitable night. 

  • Garland 6+ Assists in 1H
  • Mobley 6+ Rebounds in 1H
  • Allen 6+ Rebounds
  • Mitchell 3+ 3pters
  • Bane O3.5 3pters

On Feb 2, 2023:

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 11:12 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

College basketball is so unpredictable. I wouldn’t be surprised if UAB won. I learned early on to not go crazy with parlays because at least one team you’re confident in will fuck it up. 

These guys want you to hit on parlays. Because you’re gonna become enamored with the massive payout, but also going to lose 7 out of every 8, and lose money in the end. 

I am not saying a parlay here or there is a bad play, especially when trying to juice up a bet you are confident in hit has shot odds. But yeah, someone is gonna fuck those up regual

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 11:10 pm

Check out the money back SGP. This type wouldn’t qualify since I think all legs need to be -175 or higher. But basically all sites offer them at this point. 

Essentially, if you hit 3/4, you get money back. 

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 09:20 am

As for those O/Us, I ended up having to sweat 2 of of them, but 2 of them I jumped on and it felt like FanDuel was asleep at the wheel.

With 3 min to go in the 3rd, ORL/PHI were both stuck in the 70s, and it was relatively close (so possessions would be valued in crunch time). There was no chance that game was getting to 215.

Then in TOR/UTAH it was 65-60 at half and they had the game total at 237.5. Not crazy, but just seemed that neither team was concerned about getting a good shot within the offense, so I figured that pace would continue. They hit the over with like 6 min left lol

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posted by birddog23

I should've jumped on the Under for 76ers/Magic. Just didn't pull the trigger. Nice night for you!

Do you have anything for the Pro-Am this week? So far I just got Spieth going at +1400 (after a DK boost).

I don’t, just because this is my least favorite tournament of the year. Coverage is trash, rounds are 7 hrs with the amateurs, no shot tracker until Sunday (and whoever is on Pebble that day). So I don’t watch any of it, so don’t feel inclined to bet it.

That said, Jordan always plays well here, and getting him boosted to 14/1 is good odds. Well done.

On Feb 1, 2023:

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 11:39 pm

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 11:25 pm

Broke even on the Barcelona game today (would’ve been HUGE) if the first goal for Barcelona wasn’t offside. 

But cleaned up on live betting 4 different O/U in NBA. Hit on all 4, and now up over $800 with about a week to go. 

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Episode 1 was a great pilot. Episode 2 was edge of my seat I forgot to breath a few times -- and nothing really happened until the last 15 min. Episode 3 was legitimately one of the best episodes of television in the last 5 years. And it was a freaking one-off. They are setting the bar EXTREMELY high, and I love it.

Laley23 replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 12:34 pm
posted by BR1986FB

Agreed. Unless he's been hiding something, TB12 is going to come off pretty lame/boring to me.

Peyton is great in his current role, because he can watch as a fan and critique game situations and the like. Which, may or may not translate to the broadcast booth. But Tom Brady doesn't even have what Peyton does. 

Laley23 replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 12:07 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

Hopefully the broadcasting booth at FOX.

I personally think he will suck at broadcasting. Olsen is fantastic, FOX should be very careful how they approach this.

On Jan 31, 2023:

Laley23 replied to "Pro Golf Thread" at 02:04 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Pebble Beach this week ...............anyone have some thoughts?

My thoughts are this is the worst tournament of the year. I cannot stand it and field gets worse and worse each time. They need to ditch the pro-am.

Laley23 replied to "2022-23 NFL Playoffs thread" at 11:58 am
posted by justincredible

I can see the league and refs being involved, but not the players.

How and why? Did Cincinnati provide awful numbers JUST LAST YEAR so they said, 'nah cant have those guys in there again.'? Conspiring to make the Giants and Jets suck for this long? Moving a team from LA to STL? Dallas is by far the biggest draw, so lets make sure they never make an NFC Title game again, let alone a Super Bowl -- doing great, 2 decades now! 

Nothing about a conspiracy would even line-up to what the league would want, only the fan base that perceives themselves as being slighted. It would also be next to impossible to keep that from coming out. 

Laley23 replied to "2022-23 NFL Playoffs thread" at 11:38 am

Well, it isnt fixed. So wondering those things is just a waste of time lol.

Laley23 replied to "Betting Sites" at 09:51 am
posted by justincredible

I’d say it’s about +150 that you get there. 

I would take those odds. Personally think its a long shot. Its been a very good stretch since around Christmas. It wont last much longer, so trying to capitalize. 



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