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What a surprising win.

What to do with McKenzie? Has the stuff to be a major leaguer, but doesn’t have the control. Not sure where you can go from here if the AAA starts don’t seem to help.

The Assassin stays hot! 

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Pretty awesome. Romelu Lukaku scores for Belgium and says, “Chris, Chris, I love you.” 

Ericksen and Lukaku both play on the same club team — Inter Milan.

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Man, what a scary sight with Christen Ericksen and Denmark. Just stumbled and collapsed as a ball was passed to him. Team surrounded him as paramedics tried to resuscitate him — and last I saw he was conscious being taken to hospital. But for a moment, wasn’t sure he would live

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Yeah, he had 15 games last time. So, let’s call it 20 days. He should’ve been called up 35 days into this season if they are playing the service time game. Which is May 4 or 5. 

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Did we save any service years by waiting until recently to call them up? That's the only possible reason that I can think of.

Bradley, yes. Zimmers clock started 2017 when he played all those games for us. Ramirez I’m pretty sure started in Florida in 2019.

I’m not sure how many days Bradley was up last time, but the season is 187 days long this year, and he needs 172 days to trigger 1 year. So if it was JUST this year, they could’ve brought him up in mid April. But you have to count the days in all the other years. Regardless, I doubt he’s spent enough time to warrant a June call-up to save service time. If anything, early May would likely have sufficed.

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And again, I wonder how many games Bradley would have won for us…..ya know….those games where we got no hits or a couple and lost by 1 or 2 runs.

Oh well….. moving on.

Nice win tonight.  Civale doing great.

He’s not known as a defender, but he is an actual 1B. And we have 2 loses directly because the 1B was learning the position. So, likely 2 at least by default.

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Oh man, Hammy was talking about THAT!

Tito has been nothing short of spectacular as Tribe manager. But I think it’s fair to call out his few shortcomings, biggest is his affinity for veterans over youth. And while his patience often is rewarded, in certain cases it’s just obvious he is wrong.

Zimmer and Bradley (and Ramirez) may not last, but it was managerial malpractice to keep them in Columbus as long as the organization did this year. Just zero excuses.

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Games to 6 RBI for the Tribe this year:

  • Bobby Bradley - 6 
  • Jake Bauers - 43

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We got a hit! So we didn’t go 9 innings again. Let’s not go the next 8 without another, though.

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…in 2021 lol.

Pulling for Belgium to finally get a trophy. Wouldnt mind England and Italy has a really fun squad. Totally different style than Italy’s of the past.

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Lol is that English?


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Liking my Tsitsipas outright! Time for the young guys to continue to take over.

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Guaranteeing a spot outside the P5 is a huge win. And potentially more. It's very good, kinda wish it was capped at 8 (because you'd still have de-facto playoff games with the conference titles). But this is still a massive improvment. 

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FanDuel not even offering the prop for Bauers HR in series. They didn’t off Naquin either — which I wanted to play, and it hit. I could be rich!

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seems like the upper part of the video said it 423'

I saw that, but couldn’t tell if it was average. That would be insanely fast turnaround for that technology

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Gretzky combined with Marv Albert lol

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Check out the people in the section above the batters eye....where they are all looking and pointing

The guy in the second section, above the blue area, reaches for it. So seems like it hits just below that area. I stand by my 435'

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Seems like he caught it on a major uppercut, and was on its way down on a more direct path to ground versus curved. Still went over the damn batters eye lol. Ill go 435'.

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I don’t get this ^^^^^.  Please explain.

Looks like I’m right.  We lose. 

BUT….cat_lover gets to start the next thread!

We got no hit after the 1st inning. All 3 hits came in the 1st last night. 



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