On Sep 19, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "Tribe at Tiger (Series Thred)" at 12:04 am

Plesac with an immaculate inning. Great performance. Offense back to sucking lol

On Sep 18, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "2020 PGA Thread" at 03:42 pm
posted by justincredible

Is Tony Finau the most likable guy on tour? Does anyone not like Tony? I really hope he can start finding some wins.

A single win would be nice. It’s pretty remarkable the guy hasn’t been able to win one on the (real) PGA Tour.

Laley23 created thread "Tribe at Tiger (Series Thred)" at 09:02 am

Hey they got a win. Thank goodness for the Tigers, amirite?

Laley23 replied to "2020 Browns" at 12:58 am

So, probably somewhere between the 2 weeks. But, Cincy actually seems solid — the type of team who fights and Kees it close but only manages a few wins. Either way, this win may prove better than expected going in. 

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They got a win. Should we start a new thread?

Also, Sandy...smh. Why did Bieber go back out there? And why did he stay in after the second man got aboard? Just abhorrent managing.

On Sep 17, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 04:51 pm

Justified seems like it would be right up your alley.

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The greens are pretty soft right now. Guys still struggling when they get out of position though. Expect these scores to go way up on the weekend if they don’t water. 

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posted by justincredible

Morikawa have a rough go of it. Already +5.

After only hitting one in the rough during all his practice rounds lol.

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posted by BRF

He talks the talk in the pre-game, but...........yeah.

Jesus.....can we win a game for once?

I don’t even like his lineups or pitching roles at this point, let alone in game decisions like bunting.
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Can an acting manager be fired? Please tell me yes and move Sandy back to 1B.

On Sep 16, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "2020 College football thread" at 09:25 pm

Brennan is from Toledo. I’ve met her quite a few times and she is actually really pleasant. But goodness her takes are awful and always glass half empty. She tries to use her platform to take down those in charge.

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posted by QuakerOats

US Open - Winged Foot; Mamronek, NY

Who do you like?

I went with:

Tier 1:  Schauffele

Tier 2: Fleetwood

Tier 3: Hovland

Tier 4: Day

Tier 5: Niemann

Tier 6: Munoz

Our Tiers I assume are different...

  • Tier 1 - Rory
  • Tier 2 - Webb
  • Tier 3 - Fitzpatrick
  • Tier 4 - Hatton
  • Tier 5 - Im
  • Write In - Stenson 
  • Write In - Harmon

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+8 won’t be fun. That would be watching guys shoot 80 and move up the leaderboard. Give me E (+/- 1 or 2) and I’m happy.

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21 days for a positive case is ridiculous, but this is all better than nothing.

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posted by BRF

5-5 in the 9th. 

Is there hope?

No new thread to post this.

Not tonight. And we shouldn’t start a new series thread until they win a single game.

On Sep 14, 2020:

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posted by iclfan2

Listening to sports radio this morning is miserable. I can't imagine how bad it will be if they lose on Thursday. I wonder what the line on that game will be. 

Browns by 5.5

On Sep 13, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "2020 Browns" at 10:26 pm

I don’t want to overreact to a super bowl favorite. But that was miserable.

Laley23 replied to "2020 NFL Thread..." at 04:06 pm
posted by mhs95_06
The Steelers are playing Monday, so doesn't that leave the Hunington market free to choose whether they want to carry the Browns game at 1pm or the Bengals at 4pm?   And they chose the Browns?

No, because it’s a CBS game, it is only allowed to go up against the FOX game if it’s the directly involved markets. So, Cincy and LA should be the only markets that get that game.

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posted by like_that

Was this kid one of the guys you mentioned previously regarding young US talent?  

So many 21U guys coming up for the US. Cautiously optimistic.

Yes. He’s been a staple for the U-USMNT and started every game at the U-21 World Cup last summer. Moved to Barcelona at age 4-5 and has been with the Barcelona academy ever since. 

On Sep 12, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "Soccer Chatter" at 09:29 pm

Konrad — and I cant figure out how this has gone un-reported/unnoticed in America — just played for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Barcelona. Made his 1st team debut today at 19, and actually scored, but was ruled offside by inches. 

I’m hard pressed off the top of my head to think of an American playing for a bigger club, ever. ManU and Chelsea are big, but not quite Barca big.



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