On Feb 25, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NCAA 2024 Player Pick’em" at 12:50 pm

Turtles and Wiz officially in.

Laley23 replied to "NCAA 2024 Player Pick’em" at 12:49 pm

Who was RollBrowns friend??

On Feb 24, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 10:36 pm

Biden. Because he isn’t Trump.

On Feb 23, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NCAA 2024 Player Pick’em" at 04:13 pm

Gerb, Birddog, Goon also in.

Laley23 replied to "NCAA 2024 Player Pick’em" at 03:33 pm

Terry and Mirg are in.

Already up to 5!

Laley23 replied to "NCAA 2024 Player Pick’em" at 02:48 pm

Thanks for moving.

  • $300 1st place
  • $100 2nd place
  • $50 3rd place
  • $75 top total
  • $75 top game
Laley23 created thread "2024 NCAA Player Pick-'Em" at 02:27 pm

Hope to continue the annual tradition of 9 people texting 3 people to use this site as a server to host our player pick-'em.

If we get 12 in again:

  • $300 1st place
  • $100 2nd place
  • $50 3rd place
  • $75 top total
  • $75 top game
Laley23 replied to "NCAA Basketball 2023-24" at 02:19 pm

Also hours.

Laley23 replied to "NCAA Basketball 2023-24" at 12:36 pm

Yes. I am actually in process of starting the thread. Look for it in the next few hrs. 

On Feb 19, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "2024 OC Members Highlights" at 08:23 pm

It’s thru the park district. Nothing serious. Kids running up and down trying to dribble and shooting 8’ baskets. Mostly just having them have fun still.

Laley23 replied to "2024 OC Members Highlights" at 04:48 pm
posted by Ironman92

How old is he?

4. 5 in May. 

Laley23 replied to "2024 OC Members Highlights" at 03:43 pm

My son has his first basketball practice tonight. Only been looking forward to this for about my whole life lol. 

Soccer was last year, but doesn't hit the same as it was an adapted love for me. Basektball was my first/true sporting love. 

Laley23 replied to "TikTok" at 03:41 pm
posted by MontyBrunswick

I don't use TikTok because I'm not a 14 year old girl.

hope this helps

I have seen TikToks when posted thru Twitter. That is my extent. 

On Feb 18, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 04:32 pm

I didn’t watch any of it, but skills competition should be teams of 2 or 3 and it should involve full court dribbling, passing, and shooting. 

Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 11:53 am

Kenny Smith doing analysis in studio is top notch. Kenny Smith commenting for a game or contest is horrible.

3-pt contest and skills contest are super fun, imo. They should be the headliners, with dunk leading them off the night. You need there to be tension, and the 3-pt shooting gives you that as the crowd knows exactly what is needed from the players. 

On Feb 16, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "The dark thread" at 01:13 pm

I have never experienced true dark times, just typical anxiety of growing up and becoming an adult (which in hindsight are nothing in the grand scheme of life). But, the 3 things that I love and look forward to are working out (ok, I dread this, but I love the results and the post workout feel), cooking/eating, and watching new and old movies. 

I work out 5-6 times a week, and coupled with a healthier diet and not travelling as much have cut down to 180 (I am 6'1) from 210 in about a 15 month span. From when I started working out (2015) I am down from 227. This just naturally gets me to feel better, even if I am already happy. 

I cook all the meals at our house. I have a spreadsheet to plan meals which also helps with binge and overeating, but also allows me to plan meals in advance a few days. I will get pumped, look up creative ways to alter a spice or sauce or whatever, go do the shopping for it, and then make it. It is a lot of fun to find a new meal that is delicious. Also love going to restaurants but don't get out as much with kids.

Lastly, I love film. So if you aren't into movies, this probably wont help. But maybe another hobby that doesn't "run out". I will run thru directors filmography's in order, binge an entire years of best pictures in a week, watch all nominated performances of an actor/actress, etc. Just creative ways to watch movies again and again. Then I will typically see all Best Picture nominations in a given year in theaters (or streaming if they are there first). I think I probably average about 25 movies a year in theater. I will also couple rewatches with podcasts (The Big Pic, Blank Check, Rewatchables) which makes the podcast more fun.

On Feb 13, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NFL Playoffs Pickem" at 12:16 am

That would’ve been my picks. The same ones I actually bet. 

Laley23 replied to "NFL Playoffs Pickem" at 12:15 am


Under SF Rushing

Under Chiefs rushing

Under Mahomes O/U263.5 yards passing

Under Purdy O/U 239.5 yards passing

No Yes/No Receiver over 129.5 yards

Yes Yes/No missed XP

Yes Yes/No FG over 54.5

No Yes/No Defensive or Special Team TD

No Yes/No Safety or Onside kick


KC 24-20 Guess final score with correct winner…each team must be within 4 of your guessed point total.

CMC What player scores the first TD

Kelce Super Bowl MVP

On Feb 12, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NFL Playoffs Pickem" at 08:05 pm
posted by Ironman92

I’ll do the Super Bowl Round around next Tuesday

Laley23 replied to "Super Bowl food" at 01:42 pm

Made chili and queso. Ordered wings. Had Pizzeria Bianco delivered from Goldbelly. 

I ate like a king all day. Chiefs and props made me money. But my stomach is paying the price today.



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