On Jul 6, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "A new cooking thread..." at 11:18 am

Made jalapeño poppers for the 4th with the peppers I’ve been growing all year. Probably a little early to have picked them, but oh well. Tasty af. Plant has about 50 fruits growing, plus more buds.

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I tried the Slider Dog a few years ago. I’ve since had it every game I’ve been to lol

On Jul 5, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "2020 Browns" at 10:53 pm

I looked up two TEs that popped into my head. Ben Watson had better numbers playing for Baltimore at 37 and Matt Jones had better numbers through 2 (and 3) years and didn’t even make it to a 5th year in the league. Njoku is not good.

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posted by SportsAndLady

He does not suck 

I’ve seen absolutely nothing out of him to suggest I am wrong and you are right. He is unplayable in the run game, and can’t do anything but make catches that subsequently land him on the PUP list in the passing game.

Laley23 replied to "2020 PGA Thread" at 10:35 pm

Bryson is breaking the sport, at the moment. Wonder if anyone follows suit? Also will be interesting to see if his accuracy holds. 375 yard drives into rough works just fine in the run of the mill tournament. But the invitationals and majors (Masters aside) you better not be hitting out of the rough consist

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posted by Heretic

While eating, I'd say a win (if you like ketchup, that is). The aftermath...I don't think there are words for how big an "L" this could end up being.

Because it was for lunch, I’m good. Dinner would’ve been problematic today. Drank all weekend and ate like shit, but shockingly my body doesn’t hate me more. 

On Jul 4, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "The golf thread..." at 08:02 pm

I love solo golf. Have to be willing to wait, like you did, unfortunately. Glad you got an open course ahead of you!

Laley23 replied to "Ketchup on a hotdog?" at 08:00 pm

Had 6 hot dogs for lunch. 5 with ketchup but all with cheese.

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He sucks. Don’t care.

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Chief Wahoo had to go. Indian isn’t a racist term, just the wrong name given to a group of people by an idiot who though he was halfway around the world. That said, this isn’t surprising. The history with “Indians” and Cleveland will always link to the bright red, cartoon image, of Chief Wahoo — which doesn’t fly.

I’d be cool with Spiders because of the previous name. But wouldn’t hate a total rebrand with something really close to the area. I like the Commodores a lot actually. Tying in the War of 1812, Lake Erie and an Ohio legend all in one would be pretty slick. Tons of awesome logos could come out of it as well.

If not that, something tying them to Rock N Roll...?

Laley23 replied to "Ketchup on a hotdog?" at 09:12 am

Absolutely. I much prefer a coney with cheese or something similar. But if those aren’t options (like at a family cookout), ketchup makes its way on along with the other condiments. 

On Jul 3, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 12:07 am

Also threw a Win bet with T-5 E/W today on Duncan (90-1). And on Day to beat Todd head to head in round 2. Todd gained almost 4 strokes putting! Typically the most volatile part of golf, round to round. Day was better in ever other category, so if the putting levels out, good chance Day beats him.

Laley23 replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 12:06 am

FRL = First Round Leader

EW = Each Way

An each way bet is a bet that you make on someone to win/be in first/whatever, then double that bet if you choose the each way. It then pays out not only if they win, but also if they finish 2-6 (in my bets above). The each way pays out at 1/5 the price the outright win would pay out. 

So, for Seiffert finishing 4th after the first round, I lost the outright bet, but cashed the E/W. Meaning my $10 bet ($5 on outright and $5 on E/W) paid out at $5 x 150 (odds were 150-1) divided by 5, or $150. If he had finished in actual 1st, I’d have caused both the outright ($750) and the $150 E/W for a total of $900.

On Jul 2, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "4th of July plans" at 10:21 pm

Visiting friends outside of STL. Her parents are at their beach-house in Texas, so we get to take over their home. It has a pool, which is all I need. 3 couples, all with a baby between 1-1.5 yrs of age, holidays sure have changed.

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posted by Laley23

Placed the following for the Rocket Mortgage. Feel free to tail me and lose all your money!

To win, all with Top-6 EW

  1. Kevin Na +3300
  2. Rickie +3000 LOL at Rickie winning, but have a weird gut feeling he plays well this week
  3. RCB +7000
  4. Wes Bryan +20000
  5. Stanley +9000
  6. Wallace + 15000

Then have FRL (with T6 EW):

  1. Bryan (+12500)
  2. Sieffert (+15000)
  3. Si Woo (+6600)


  1. Sieffert (+1200)

Two Parlays

  1. Hatton (to finish better than Bryson, Webb, Reed, Hovland) and Rickie (to finish better than Finau, Im, Bubba and Deki) which is +2200. 
  2. Round 1 parlay 3 ball +6083; Redman, KH Lee, Munoz and Rickie to win their respective matchups vs 2 others.

Sieffert coming through with the T4 FRL! Winner, winner...chicken parm dinner! 

Should be playing the rest of the weekend already at even money. 

posted by justincredible

Has anyone used the search feature yet? I know it's broken on mobile. Any issues on a computer?

I found the Betting Thread right away on desktop. Havent tried mobile yet, though.

On Jul 1, 2020:

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 11:58 pm

2 into S3 of Dark. I can’t do more than 1 a night lol.

Two big ones that I recall...

  1. The newest gaming system
  2. Sunday Ticket (Lol)

Laley23 replied to "Go to cocktail?" at 09:24 pm

Bourbon on the rocks...if Im feeling fancy, Old Fashioned.

If its a scorching summer day, and I feel like drinking before, say, 4pm. I'll make a Margarita. Heavy on the patron, light on the Tres Agaves mix, 3 whole limes. Salted rim and about 1/3 of a Jalapeno sliced and mixed in (seeds included) for spice.

Laley23 replied to "Just Watch Starting at 1:16 about Michigan..." at 07:35 pm

Politics mixed with sports has become mainstream serious business recently, so there is that?



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