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Cantlay going to LIV after today lol

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It is a co equal branch of the federal government.  Their roll is clearly spelled out in article 3 section 2.  The judicial branch having attained supremacy over constitutional matters is the issue.  Is it a good thing for five people to have veto power over anything?  Especially one that may take a generation to change.

I believe the original intent was these three branches would have equal authority over constitutional matters and peacefully battle each other.  When the legislative branch overrides a veto of the executive branch it takes super majority.

Anyways this folly got started when the founders were still rolling in there beds.

Yeah, I’m aware.

My post was tongue in cheek because I think it’s absolutely asinine that the Supreme Court can make a ruling and then new justices can just overturn it. 

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Not really. In the case of the New York gun laws, one had to prove that their right to carry had a specific purpose. That is far different than there being a small number of reasons that one CAN'T say something.

It would be like "Mr. Laley, we understand that you want to assert your right to free speech. Please submit what you are planning to say, and we'll get back to you to grant or deny permission".

I’m not talking about the NY Law. I’m talking about restrictions on our rights since the Constitution and BOR was enacted. They absolutely have been restricted, so saying it’s not a question just because it’s a right isn’t a valid argument.

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So what’s the point of a Sipreme Court?

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"shall not be infringed unless statistics show a likely bad outcome"?

I am not taking a side here, so don't attack.

But isn't that exactly what the limitations on "Freedom of Speech" has done? Saying bomb at airport/airplane, 'Fighting Words', etc.??

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I hope Arch Manning succeeds.  I like his family a lot.  But I get a wary feeling about him getting this level of accolade before he's begun college.  This reminds me of a Ron Powlous type situation.  Basically if this guys doesn't win a Heisman and a NC for Texas, he's like a bust.  

 I hate that he chose Texas, but that's just because I don't like Texas.  I wish him well though.

I think the pedigree of the family will help. Plus, my God is he good haha

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The part I don't get is why it matters Even if a right yields a net negative to society, it's still a right.

That hasn’t been true for decades on a number of rights. Tons of our rights have been “controlled” so to speak.

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Did they have him going #1? 

Woj tweeted this morning it seemed Orlando would take Jabari followed by Chet and Paolo at 2 and 3.

-200. They had Jabari at +1100 I think. And Chet at +450.

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Is it Tito making out the lineup or the front office/analytics dept? For the Reds it seems it’s not David Bell making out the lineups anymore.

Maybe input from them. But he is notorious for giving his guys days off all at once just because they played less than 24 hrs prior or when they have another off day and can get 2 in a row days off

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Huh, Paolo #1 to Orlando. Seemed like Jabari and Chet were consensus top two.

So OKC gets Chet at #2 and I’m sneaky interested in them. I’d like to see them get some of this talent firing. He and their pick from last year (Giddey) will be fun to watch. 

Vegas always knows…

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Yep. When Reyes was standing on 2b as the potential winning run he should have been lifted for a pinch runner. One out later when he was standing on 3b as the potential tying run he should have been lifted for a pinch runner. We saw how that turned out.

Baldelli hadsome questionable coaching moments himself.

That was only like the 3rd worst decision!

  1. I know Tito is set in his ways...but FFS stop benching out best guys (Naylor and Kwan today) in these types of games. Give them days off vs the Royals and Tigers...not the team battling you for 1st
  2. Bases loaded and no outs. You have to pinch hit Kwan or Palacios (whoever you didnt pinch run with) and Naylor for Clement and Maile. Instead, we went back-to-back-to-back Mendoza line guys
  3. Franmil has to be pinch run for in the above situation. Not just for running -- which cost them the tying run -- but for defense. As he missed a pretty routine fly next inning (didnt hurt them)

So incredibly frustrating. When Clement walked to the box I was so angry. Then when Maile followed I was appoplectic. 

Tito just cost them a chance at a win. Super frustrating lineup made worse by an inexplicaple use of pinch hitters and runners. Maybe his worst managed game all year. 

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1 person prior has ever had 8 RBI in a game and struck out 12 batters in a game -- in their career. Ohtani just did it in back-to-back games. Insane.

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Holy shit, what a win!

posted by Ironman92

I’m just say that this year they both suck….Reyes actually sucked more. Reyes a glacier on the bases and no defense. Doesn’t matter, neither get on base enough to even consider base running.

I completely understand the feeling as a Reds fan.

I'm not here to defend Franmil's season. Even with a hammy injury excuse, he has been shit. But he has enough of a track record to think he will rebound. His 162 average is 35 HR, .255 AVG, 89 RBI, .484 SLG, .803 OPS. And that is with this awful 1/3 of a season bringing a lot of those numbers down. I am not sure Reyes can improve much on what he has been, but entering his prime at age 26 right now he should be able to at least sustain it for the next half a decade+. 

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Great, more ways for people to shit on the university. When I am at events, I get oh you graduated from THE Ohio State University and I just laugh. People hate it. 

I usually don't use it as it just sounds pretentious. 

It's the way people say it. It's stupid to emphasize THE so much. Like, if you say Ohio State I am pretty sure everyone in the world knows what you are talking about. You don't need to add THE in such a way that makes it sound like there are multiple options of where you may have gone.

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He might get going a mash some HR but not a good baseball player

He was away from team. He didn’t replace Mercado in the sense we kept him up over Franmil. This is aimed at more the guys like Aquilar, Diaz, Nolan Jones, Palacios, etc.

But yeah, Franmil is having a bad year so far. He’s also posted positive WAR the other 3 seasons he’s had in the bigs and is a .250-.270 hitter who gets to 30 HRs easily when healthy. That’s not a bad player at all, and WAY better than Oscar Mercado, 

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Replaced a negative WAR guy with another negative WAR guy


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Did he sleep with your wife or something?

He sucks and I’ve wanted him to stop playing and taking up a roster spot for about 3 years now. 

My prayers have been answered. 

And with that, I am finally able to get on board with 2022, so starting a thread of its own.

Jose is also back tonight from injury. Franmil and Civale also back, batting 6th and pitching, respectively. 



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