On Jun 10, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 10:57 am
posted by friendfromlowry

Very late to the party but started House of Cards and I’m hooked 

Maybe one of the strongest starts to a series. It drops off, but still very, very good. Then the Spacey stuff came out and we got robbed of a true ending.

Laley23 replied to "2024 PGA Golf Thread" at 10:56 am

I'll sign up right now for a Scheffler/Morikawa iron battle on Sunday. 

On Jun 5, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Finding Money" at 11:54 pm
posted by MontyBrunswick

I watched it. I felt that Bill Paxton's acting in it was awful.

It wasn’t great, but it was fine. Billy Bob, and the other dude I thought were awesome. And Bridget Fonda was the perfect horrible person wife.

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 03:06 pm

AppleTV has the worst marketing. I never hear about any of their shows until I come here, except The Morning Show, which is awful. But the other stuff on there is mostly great!

On Jun 4, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "2024 NFL Offseason" at 02:44 pm

Fries on a sandwich is just awful. 

But Pittsburgh has Peppis, which is one of my favorite sandwich places in America.

Laley23 replied to "Finding Money" at 11:57 am

FTR, I am keeping anything up to a few thousand. And at that point, depends on how/where it was found, and the "condition" its in (if its wrapped and stacked like a bank, nope. If its just a bunch of money that someone clearly dropped in vegas, yep!)

On Jun 3, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Finding Money" at 11:52 pm
posted by MontyBrunswick

I have never seen this movie. I will check it out

Billy Bob is on one. One of his best roles.

On May 31, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Finding Money" at 11:06 pm

I just watched A Simple Plan. I would not take it lol.

On May 25, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 08:26 am
posted by BR1986FB

Unlikely, but hopefully he really liked Bickerstaff and it turns him off/ keeps him away.

I don’t like winning, either.

On May 22, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Are you happy at your current job?" at 01:50 pm
posted by Automatik

Only 2 months in, but it’s been going well.

I make my own hours with minimal oversight. It’s been an adjustment but I’m enjoying it.

Some travel coming up but not terrible. Going to Dallas next week for the first time. 

Hard 8 and Pecan Lodge.

On May 21, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Investing (Roth IRA) and Liquidity" at 11:25 pm
posted by jmog

It’s post tax money, not pretax like 401k. 

I’m not going to pretend like I know enough, the same website that handles our company’s 401k has an option for me to contribute the $7000 or whatever post tax,

I get that. But you are not allowed to contribute to your Roth IRA if you make too much money. We hit this limit a few yrs ago and it sucks lol
Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 11:23 pm

Not being able to inbound, with a timeout, is not forgivable. 

But that was a very poorly officiated game.

Laley23 replied to "Investing (Roth IRA) and Liquidity" at 10:01 am
posted by jmog

Liquid cash-Look at your absolute bare budget, house, car, food, utilities, etc (no extras, eating out, etc) and take that montly number and multiply by at least 3, up to 6. You should have 3-6 months of essential bills saved up in case of a loss of job.

Currently I "only" have my 401k and a Roth IRA that I "max out" each year in both. Right now that is $7000 per year for Roth, $23000 for 401k.

I have just normal mutual funds for both, the base "I will retire in 20 years" versions that auto change your risk from very high risk from 20s to 40s to low risk in your 60s.

I wish I had more investments like real estate, etc and enough to require/hire a "guy" (financial advisor) but so far that is just not the case. Maybe in a few years when I pay my debt down to $0 (except house, that will take closer to 7 years).

Maybe I am thinking of someone else, but don't you make over $150k as a couple? How TF can you still contribute to your Roth? 

On May 20, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "2024 Cleveland Guardians Thread" at 05:10 pm

Laureano finally DFA'd and Johnathan Rodriquez will get his long awaited shot at the bigs. Been mashing for over a year now, and his peripherals have gotten MUCH better this season. RHH, so fills that need, should he take off. 

On May 18, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Is cereal soup?" at 04:28 pm

No. But I don’t really have convincing argument for why not. Just that I know it’s not a soup lol.

Veggies and hot does not equal soup, btw. That’s an insane requirement. 

Is chili a soup?

On May 15, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "2024 NFL Offseason" at 04:04 pm

Everyone should just boycott the Christmas games. Absurd they are trying to play on Tuesday/Wednesday now. 

On May 10, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 12:12 pm

I forget if I said it here or not, but we match up very well with Boston (though, Allen was a big part of that reasoning for me). They also do not play defense like Orlando or NY, so by default, we will have a better shot because guys will be in rhythm. That wasn't a fluky win like Miami's, imo. I think the Cavs have a shot here, ESPECIALLY if Wade can come back and take Niang minutes and if Allen gets back. 

2 big things, aside from that, will be if Caris continues to be good Caris and if Horford starts making shots. Horford struggling allows Mobley to linger closer to rim -- this is not as big of a thing if Allen is able to come back healthy.

On May 8, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 02:04 pm
posted by Automatik

Severance is coming back....eventually. I recently read they finished filming.

I have these all queued up for 2024 release dates, last I checked: 

Severance, House of the Dragon, Outer Banks (guilty pleasure), The Boys, The Diplomat, You, The Night Agent, Bosch: Legacy, 

Then the wife loves Emily in Paris, and I get sucked in each season. 

Laley23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 12:09 pm

I'm just waiting for the new seasons to drop. I liked Fallout, but nothing special.

On Apr 30, 2024:

Laley23 replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 08:46 am

Trade Garland and some pieces for LeBron, and extend Mitchell. 



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