On Jun 23, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Gas prices thread" at 07:05 pm

Our area dropped to $4.93. A bargain.

justincredible replied to "Wordle" at 08:29 am

close one

Wordle 369 6/6







On Jun 22, 2022:

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

 everyone agreed The is dumb. 

Without context, you sound like CC πŸ˜‚ 
justincredible replied to "MLB 2022 Season Thread" at 11:12 am

I'd be buying that kid a beer.

On Jun 21, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Bitcoin" at 10:18 am

Btw, my assumption is that most of the big exchanges like Coinbase are selling bitcoin that they do not actually own. If there were ever to be a run on the exchanges...

justincredible replied to "Bitcoin" at 08:41 am

You can either buy a physical offline hardware device to hold your keys, or you can just put it on a hot wallet on your phone. Depends on how secure you want to be with the amount you have.

On Jun 20, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Bitcoin" at 06:02 pm

Most of mine is offline, and the custodian I use is bitcoin only and doesn't have a sell button. It's very easy to hold through all of this.

justincredible replied to "Bitcoin" at 02:15 pm

I'd be happy to stay in this range for a while.

On Jun 18, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Father’s day" at 09:33 pm

We’re hosting my in-laws for dinner. We bought a couple seafood steamer platters from a local seafood place. Twenty minutes in the oven and it includes crab legs, mussels, clams, shrimp, and corn and potatoes.

I’ll definitely be watching golf. 

On Jun 17, 2022:

justincredible replied to "What would you say....you do here?" at 01:55 pm

My title is Lead Applications Analyst which is just fancy corporate speak for app developer. I'm happy where I'm at right now, even though it was rocky waters getting to this point. I'll hopefully be up for an architect position later this year. I'm almost fully remote, I've only been going in every other Tuesday for a department meeting and I usually leave at lunch to go back home. Once my wife is ready to leave her job we'll be moving and I'll go fully remote.

On Jun 14, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Car buying...learn me" at 09:20 am

We have adjusted our plan and will be buying a truck as a third vehicle instead of replacing her car. This drops our budget down to about $15k but I can be a lot less picky since it won't be my daily vehicle. 

On Jun 13, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Car buying...learn me" at 05:07 pm

My test drive was a 2017 with a V6. Replacing my wife's Crosstrek with a Tacoma makes a lot of sense for us. I'm hoping to find something in the $25-35k range that fits my needs. Local dealerships don't have much, Carvana has a few that might work. I haven't checked Carmax or private sellers yet.

justincredible replied to "Car buying...learn me" at 03:47 pm

I test drove a Tacoma this afternoon. They had very limited used stock and zero new stock, but I wanted to drive one to make sure I liked it. I want the 6ft bed and they only had the shorter beds.  

I liked it so hopefully I’ll find one I like soon. 

justincredible replied to "Bitcoin" at 12:14 pm

On Jun 10, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 01:41 pm
posted by Automatik

Lol you missed the joke. 

But yeah, you needed a test to enter the US. Nada to get into Mexico. 

I’m happy. I have to enter the US twice in 10 days later this month and glad I don’t have to deal with the test nonsense. 

I wondered what the /quaker'd meant. I definitely missed the joke.

justincredible replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 01:11 pm
posted by gut

LOL - you've never needed a covid test coming from Mexico.


Pretty sure that's not true. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that everyone boarding a flight to the US from a foreign country was required to show a negative test.

From the cdc:

justincredible replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:39 pm
posted by Automatik

Negative test requirement to enter the US ends Sunday. Woohoo!

Noice. Might go to Mexico this winter.

justincredible replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 10:27 am
posted by brutus161

My brother, from being my best friend. 52

Damn, man. Sorry to hear it. Sending good thoughts your way.

On Jun 9, 2022:

justincredible replied to "Cigar thread" at 08:25 pm

Went with the 1990 Vintage tonight. 

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I see the tornado knocked you down.  Why didn't you stand up before you took the picture?



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