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Kyler Murray is limited with an injured throwing shoulder. 

On Oct 14, 2021:

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posted by Laley23

Jones is likely out too. He is showing symptoms. 

That's a plus.

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Browns injury list is pretty lengthy, including Chubb, Hunt, Garrett & Clowney, while the Cards will be missing All-Pro Center Rodney Hudson. As previously mentioned, Chandler Jones currently in Covid protocol.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Saw that.  Very sad the Stones caved.  Morons are incapable of understanding the nuance of Brown Sugar.  Probably the same crowd that listens to rappers talk about murder, rape, n-word etc.  

Keith Richards even said the song was about the horrors of slavery. These are the same dolts desecrating statues of people who were anti-slavery, thinking they were racist. Research, idiots.

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Ray Fosse

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posted by justincredible

She could fertilize our garden with her breath.

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posted by Heretic

NFL and its broadcasting partners in general, though. Any time it seems something "real world" gets in the way of the games, it's kind of hilarious in a way. You'll have Al & Chris (or whomever is announcing the game) do this brief and really awkwardly presented minute or so talking about it before basically giving a big sigh of relief and saying something like "Now, let's get back to FOOTBALL!"

Goodell NFL is all about "protect the shield" and for them, that means "don't let anything truly bad get released in a way that hurts things" (ie: how it took a fucking leak for the bad Ray Rice video to see the light of day).

Snyder is a super-rich owner who's been around long enough to likely have a lot of behind-the-scenes clout. There's controversy around his franchise and how his front office treats employees. A ton of emails involving right-hand man Bruce Allen get investigated. A ton of them involving the coach of a different franchise who worked with Allen in the past are the main ones that have been leaked; however, Allen's responses to Gruden haven't been included in this leak -- at least no one has discussed how he felt about "Michelin lips" or a team being pressured to draft a ghey.

Makes it a bit hard to look at things as anything other than Goodell's office helping Snyder cover up his shit, while also orchestrating a take-down of the coach who dropped a f-bomb on him.

Along with keeping up their image with Breast Cancer Awareness, Salute to Service & Critical Catch. Get involved with these things to keep up an image while sweeping other shit under the carpet (i.e. Ray Rice video you mentioned, Snyder, etc).

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To me, the interesting thing is that these emails are part of an ongoing investigation into Washington owner Dan Snyder and allegations into how he runs his workplace, up to and including essentially turning cheerleaders into escorts. And so far, the end result has been Snyder quietly being fined $10M and turning over aspects of the business operation to, uh, his wife. And then, to keep the vultures happy, a bunch of emails by Jon Gruden get released, as did ones this morning showing NFL super-reporter Adam Schefter giving WFT front office guy Bruce Allen the right to make edits to a story he was doing.

The question should be less about what was involved in the contents of what they're leaking and more about why they're leaking those specific things and what are they not releasing. Seems like they went for strategic releases to fire up the mob (Gruden say bad things; Schefter kiss ass to be access merchant) to distract from stuff that one or more team owners might be saying or doing behind the scenes.

Very telling that Gruden falls on the sword yet rich owner (Snyder) gets a financial slap on the wrist.

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posted by Ironman92

But Ravens needed a 66 yard FG as the clock expired to beat teh Lionz and then we’re gifted another win this week by the 1-4 Colts. They are wins but I dinged them a bit this early on just 5 games in.

Yeah, I know. I hate em as much as anyone but I think they will be a factor later on. I think they have something like 16 guys on IR. I'm still skeptical that Lamar makes it through the season. He's been playing dinged up for a few weeks. I don't think they are that good but I can't put them above the Browns right now until Stefanski & the defense get their shit together.

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Chargers are good but they've gotten a ton of lucky breaks. If Burrow stays upright the Bengals are going to be real good, pretty quick. Also don't think the Packers are all that great. Their division is kind of like what New England dealt with in their hey day, six guaranteed wins against the Bills, Jets & Fins except it's Lions, Bears & Vikes for GB. Browns should probably be below the Rats even though I think the Browns have the better overall squad.

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Not a Jon Gruden fan but what he said about Biden in those e-mails was spot on.

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posted by Ironman92

BM and Stephen A going at it….wife involved.

You gotta ignore those ass clowns. Hear his words if you must, place chip on shoulder….shut him up by showing him. Keep wife out of it because if she’s easy bait others will come after her.

BM's wife likes to defend him a lot on social media. Her last rant was kind of justified but the player has to stay out of this crap. He needs to focus more on completing game winning drives, when his head coach give him a chance to.

As far as the game goes, a couple of things to watch....Chandler Jones tested positive for Covid. If he's out, that would be huge but I bet he has two negative tests before Sunday. Also, this is the week Jarvis Landry can return from IR. If he returns, also huge, because I think that's the biggest issue with the WR's not getting the production. To piggyback on this, I thought I saw a stat where the WR's only account for 38 receptions and 1 TD.

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posted by gut

LOL....I have bad news for you - unless you are a professional gambler, you cannot net losses against wins.  So your $5k jackpot is, and has been, taxable (even if you plunked in $10k to win it).  Also, bricks & mortar casinos make you fill out a form and report all your jackpots over $1k (or is it $2.5k?) directly to the IRS.

So that REALLY makes slots a pretty lousy gambling choice.  The other games I think you can keep your winnings under the radar so long as you don't cash out over $10k at a time.

I think the main goal here is to go after crypto gains, except I'm not sure this rule encompasses coin exchanges (although there's legislation on that, too, floating around so probably related). They definitely intend to make it harder and harder to realize large crypto gains and keep it off the radar.

Actually, you write off your losses up to your gains. Been doing this for years. If you win 100k in jackpots (on slots) yet show that you've played/lost 200k on your win/loss statement, you're not taxed on the 100k. You don't get any benefit from the extra 100k lost, but you don't pay taxes on the 100k you won. 

What I'm asking is that are you going to get hit immediately with a tax if you deposit (random amount) 5k in cash in your checking when you may/may not have to pay taxes on it year end, depending on your win/loss statement and then possibly get taxed a second time if you show a net win on the win/loss?

BR1986FB replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 02:50 pm

So exactly how will this work? Piggybacking on the "biggest gambling wins" thread, if someone hits a 5k jackpot, deposits the cash in their checking account (while they get their hand pay/tax slip at the casino) are these motherf#ckers going to try to double tax people?

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posted by like_that

I don’t really get his point. The Browns are relevant now, so that means we are not allowed to complain about horse shit calls that impact the game? That’s literally what Steelers fans have done for the past 2 decades every week of football. 

I always get a chuckle out of gut discussing football.  It’s clear he hardly watches the game, but he is bored, so he tries too hard to apply his smug troll act to the Browns’ threads.

From what I've seen, not from posters on here, every time the Steelers lose it's someone else's fault. Not that they have an old, shitty QB, a poor O-Line or a defense that is a shell of it's former self, it's always the refs, etc. 

And the mindset is always "because they were good in the past, things will ALWAYS be that way." You can see that in previous references to Tomlin never having a sub .500 record and Roethlisbergers previous track record. Just like their mindset that "the Browns have sucked since 1999, they'll ALWAYS suck." It doesn't work that way.

Every fan base tends to think they've gotten jobbed by the refs. Some more than others.

On Oct 11, 2021:

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posted by Laley23

Gut is so mad the Browns are good. Pulling out the General Zod/Non theory of watching bad or good teams…not a good look.

I'm not going to lie that it's very possible that the Browns join them (Steelers) in the basement this weekend but, if you look at the schedule, they (Pittsburgh) are about to finish up their "easy" stretch and should be staring at another 8 losses before year end.

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Disagree with the comment 'Stefanski is a stud HC." 

Oh, he's very good but he's had three chances to beat teams at their level (KC 2x's & LA yesterday) and he's turtled in the moment. He's a riverboat gambler all game long with his 4th down calls but when the game needs iced, he shrivels in the moment. 

Don't get me wrong, I like him as the HC but he needs to fix these issues. The three games I mentioned, they should've won at least two of them. 

Three minutes left in the game, an Andy Reid or Sean McVey are going for the throat, passing the ball or at least using play action to their advantage.

The Chargers are not a better team than the Browns. They came out with the W yesterday but you can't convince me they are the better team.

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Gut is so mad the Browns are good. Pulling out the General Zod/Non theory of watching bad or good teams…not a good look.

On Oct 10, 2021:

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posted by gut

Young offense with a new OC....they SHOULD get better.

So, objectively, Roethislerger and Tomlin have never had a losing season....and would have NEVER missed the playoffs in the current 7-team format.

So, objectively, you're a moron.

Enjoy the basement.



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