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Maybe Putin will invade Ukraine, or maybe not.  I'm actually not that concerned about it.  Just the usual suspects pretending like this is the start of WW3.

It's just nutso.  Repubs want to sanction him BEFORE he's actually done anything.  And now Biden says no troops in Ukraine.  Why would you say that even if its almost certainly true? Closing the embassy was also a weak move - it's not Benghazi.  Putin isn't attacking our embassy or people.

I haven't really been paying attention, but I'm sure someone has said Putin is only doing this to help his buddy Trump.

Biden is so out of his league dealing with this guy.  Regardless of whether Putin is seriously contemplating invasion or bluffing, he's got his reasons.  Biden and his crew are never going to be clever enough to figure out what these drivers are.  Nothing will be learned here either.  You need a Churchill/Lincoln type guy to match wits with Putin.  We certainly don't have that here.

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Steelers can only beat trash teams

Zing !
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Peter Robbins, 65. Best known for being the voice of Charlie Brown.

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Three Browns rooks named to this all rookie team....

Not getting Felton but JOK & Newsome are studs.

I mentioned something earlier that looks like it's going to come to fruition. Looks like the Browns will get 3rd round compensatory picks this year and next. Likely losing one of their up & coming/rising star personnel guys to Minnesota to be their GM.

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Thinks he’s playing with Baltimore next season, as if any team is giving him any more chances. 

Baltimore might. They keep thinking their magic elixir is an elite WR when, in fact, no receiver will fix things if you have an elite RB/shit sack QB "shot putting" them the ball.

Keep seeing these "AFC is brutal in the next 10 years with Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow and Lamar" posts. Which one of these 5 isn't like the other? Yeah, drop Mush Mouth as he's a RB who occasionally throws.

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Wouldn't leave. Been with my company going on 29 years and am an owner. Have stock in the company and my income  potential is unlimited. Company culture is perfect for me. I typically work about 3.5 to 4 days per week.

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Think he'll stay in GB.

I'm changing this to "if he doesn't stay in GB I'm betting on the Colts." Perfect situation. Strong O-Line. Bell cow RB. Very good defense. Just need to add a couple of WR's.

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I get what you guys are saying with the defense but that's going to be the only way the Browns would have a chance in Hell. It isn't going toe to toe with Allen or Mahomes and I don't see them landing an elite franchise QB that can. 

And other than the Bills secondary, not overly impressed with their defense. They feasted on the Sisters of the Poor, early in the year, and padded their numbers, pitching a few shutouts. Even in a loss to the Jags they gave up 9 points.

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posted by kizer permanente

While watching the end of that game, all I could think about is how I hope Cleveland someday gets a QB who can do that. 

They're better off fixing their defense because it's highly unlikely they will land a Mahomes/Allen/Herbert/Burrow.

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Chiefs game tying drive took less time (13 seconds) than Dak took to scramble and not spike the ball (14 seconds) in time for a Hail Mary. The two minute drill, with some of these QB's, no longer exists.

On Jan 21, 2022:

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City of Cleveland issued a mask "advisory" for all indoor spaces.

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Woof. Bad day for celebs.

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Meat Loaf 74

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May be an image of ‎1 person, playing football and ‎text that says '‎Before we declare Brady the GOAT, he has one final test... 12 ਪੱমমਤ 12 (ي)‎'‎‎

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When the Browns win the Super Bowl 

Yeah, hopefully that's in my lifetime. Got to see the Cavs win one, and with the team they're assembling, possibly another, but it's not the same.

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Walked in naked to a children’s learning center?

He on bath salts or what?

Yeah, that's not good. Wasn't aware of that. Doesn't that immediately put him on some kind of sex offender/predator list?

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This has obviously been said, but DT is next need after WR.

I wouldn't cry if they took Jordan Davis at #13 if he's there.

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SMDH...Malik McDowell arrested for exposing himself and assaulting a deputy. Can't we have nice things?

On Jan 17, 2022:

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Rumors have Jim Harbaugh coaching the Raiders next year.

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The Rams calling up Eric Weddle at 37 years old after not playing for over 2 years….that tells me the importance of intelligence or just knowing what the hell you are doing is pivotal in the defensive backfield. I know he won’t start and won’t be in there most plays….but the sheer fact that their roster for practice squad doesn’t have someone even nearly as in tune with the game as a guy who is likely 1/2 second slower and less athletic than the players they have available.

This seems unprecedented…..this isn’t a kicker.

Sounds like Andrew Sendejo when he played for the Browns, minus the time off.



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