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Wouldn't laughing at McGruber be a sign of serious head trauma? 

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Thought those who suffered concussions weren't supposed to fly on planes right after?

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Bob Wickman looking for credit here as well

Chris Perez still waiting on that "package" for his dog.

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I use protein shakes, as meal replacements, regularly. It isn't whole food but you know exactly what you're getting. Use it on or off days.

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Enjoy Myles while you can. Seems this speeding is a recurring issue. Nailed 2x's in 2 days in Medina last year and it was pretty excessive (6 points) and was also caught in Berea before that ($315 fine).

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Hope so. Someone needs to knock the Dolphins down a peg or two.

Just think Miami's defense will be a bit worn out after that slugfest, in brutal heat, against the Bills. Wasn't a slugfest by the score but their defense was on the field for 90 plays. Plus, what will Miami get from a banged up Tua? 

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Expecting the Bengals to win big tomorrow night.

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This is something we're really focusing on as well. How much do you weigh? It's something like 0.6-0.8 grams per pound of body weight. Needless to say, it's hard af consuming enough protein in a day.

You want to eat whole foods as much as possible but slipping a protein shake in there, so you hit your macros, won't hurt. 

Personally, I want the most bang for the buck and get Vitamin Shoppe's BodyTech brand. It's usually cheaper and flavors like Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Cinnamon Apple Cereal, etc are very tasty. About 40g's of protein, 2g's carbs and 220 calories per serving (2 scoops).

During COVID, working from home, I swore by this stuff, when trying to keep from getting fat. Protein shake and 2 hard boiled eggs in the AM and I was good to go.

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The Bengals all whites for tomorrow are sweet. The white helmet is nasty.

That helmet is pretty awesome.

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Hey! Assman!

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Embossed Vintage Prop Number Tag, Assman, Vanity License Plate, 6x12 Inch

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My lady asked me yesterday why National Guardsmen had been deployed overseas. Wonder if this had something to do with it?

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Old school Creamsicle Buccaneers uniforms, you either really loved them or really hated them.

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I'm assuming he's talking about his "I gave up $100 million to stay unvaccinated" comments.

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A sports car like that on rainy roads in Ohio is a bad match. I agree with ICL but a big truck or SUC for Ohio. 

I forget the Ohio State player but he was hit head on, on 70 by a drunk driver luckily he was driving an old style hummer and survived with minor injuries. 

Was listening to the local sports talk on the way in to see if they had any more on Garrett's status. One of the hosts covers the Browns and said when you drive into the parking lot in Berea you can almost tell who, by position, owns what cars/trucks. Can't remember them all but said:

QB's- higher end luxury cars (BMW's, Mercedes, etc)

RB's- muscle cars for power/speed (Mustangs, etc)

OL/Interior DL- Big, bad hoss pickup trucks

DE's- couldn't remember

LBs'- usually SUV's

DB's/WR's- exotic sports cars

Punters/Kickers- usually used/semi beat up SUV's/pickups as they tend to move around a lot

Fringe players/special teams- usually nicer cars like Challengers, but not high end

I can see this as I'd have guessed similarly.

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Even though they said no injuries he's still got to be a little messed up being a large dude in that tiny vehicle. I flipped a small Toyota 4x2 four times in a field years ago. Didn't break any bones but removed chunks of glass rocks from my skull. Probably had a concussion but didn't go to the hospital. Will be interesting to see if he's ready to go Sunday. They need him.

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It's terrible having to deal with this.

We have a dog and several cats.

Cats seem to just fall off a cliff when they pass. They will be perfectly normal one day then the next they're gone. They seem to have a lot of kidney/liver issues.

Dogs seem to be a little bit different. They will start showing decline over time and you'll see symptoms like you're seeing. Our dog is 10 and he has issues getting up into the bed at night (have a small set of steps for him to come up) but that's about it so far. When they lose control of their bowels, etc that's when you have to start thinking about quality of life.

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Have been called twice but am able to avoid it due to being a straight commission sales rep. My co-owner sends them a letter and I'm excused.

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So it does sound like he swerved to miss hitting an animal. His agent and MKC are reporting he had no broken bones (earlier reports said broken wrist).

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Wonder if he might have swerved to avoid a deer....unless it was Rudolph.



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