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Going to be difficult for Trump to win given the numbers and the few counties involved.  We are at a place this is not unexpected.

Not so fast. I think there's a good chance Fox screwed the pooch on their early call for Biden in AZ. Heard this morning all of the votes hadn't been counted and they were all coming back 2:1 in favor of Trump. If Trump gets those 11 EC votes and holds onto PA, GA & NC that should give him the win.

On Oct 26, 2020:

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I think OBJ did a ton for the offense that wasn’t noticed. Helped open up running lanes on second level. Created space for underneath routes. Obviously the immense talent with ball in his hands.

But, I think Baker maybe looked his way initially too often. Without a true #1, he seems to make quicker decisions and spread the ball around.

I think the team overall is worse without him, but Baker might be better. Especially with the way Baker is successful. So, potentially a net positive as an NFL team goes as the QB goes.

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If you’re a fan of the NFL, and you stop watching because they play a “black national anthem” then you’re a bitch.

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Ketchup and mustard. If it has coney/chili sauce on it, then it gets cheese, onions and hot sauce.

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I didn’t even know the Indians were under pressure to change their name? Where is this coming from?

I think they are just getting a jump on the SJW's coming after them next. There have been protests about it in the past but typically about 2-3 people in front of the Jake. From what I've seen/heard, about 90%+ of Native Americans really don't give a shit and many consider it an honor.

 This bullshit is spiraling out of control. I'm sure the KC Chiefs, Chicago BlackHawks, etc will be next. After that they gotta do the flip side and get the Dallas Cowboys because that symbolizes some form of "white power" over the Indians. 

My girlfriend's daughter's name is "Cheyenne." Just a matter of time before SJW's come after people's first names because they are "offended" (aka we're butt hurt).

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With the Redskins likely changing their name soon, I see Cleveland Spiders is trending on twitter. Assuming the Indians follow suit, would you want them to go back to being the Spiders? If not that, what should they be called?

The team made a statement this evening and it looks like that's the way it's trending. Should probably change it to "Snowflakes" or "Butt Hurt's."

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I would be sad. 

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Also see where the Black National Anthem will be played before the National Anthem, per the NFL, before games. That should be interesting. See a lot of fans bailing on the league after that.

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Haven’t been on twitter today, you shitting me? He’s literally in a prime spot to run  2 TEs in stefansk’s offense. What a fuck

Yep, Njoku would be in the perfect offense to resurrect his career after last year. Maybe KFF was right in this instance and Njoku was the problem?

Can't see them getting much for him in a trade, if they move him. Ideal spot, imo, would be to see if Dallas wanted to move one of their LB's (Browns weak spot) for a TE (Cowboys week spot).

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Wonder if they’re super backlogged (and if so then why the demand for more testing if it’s taking up to a week to get results?) Even in the very beginning of all this it wasn’t taking more than a few days right?

This was at a Rite-Aid pharmacy drive thru. I'm assuming they have to ship it off somewhere for results but that is a bit long to wait.

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posted by Fred Garvin

When my wife was tested it took 7 days for her to get the results. My results took 5 days.

They pharmacist who administered my test yesterday said 2-7 days.

On Jun 30, 2020:

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The 2-5 day turnaround is fucking ridiculous. Hopefully they’re just being conservative and it’ll come back much sooner. 

Agreed. If it's negative would like to be able to somewhat enjoy the holiday weekend.

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I do not believe hospitalizations or deaths are rising. Ohio also just started offering free testing to anyone who wants it. Cases were bound to rise.

True, but the percentage positive tests is also rising.

As are the false positives  

I don’t think anyone knows what conclusions to make of the numbers right now  

I have no clue if I have it, or not. Rite-Aid says it will take 2-5 days to get results. I'd planned on starting to go back into work (limited) on Monday and I don't want to be that dick who exposes a couple of coworkers to it. May be a false alarm but would rather be safe than sorry.

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Got scheduled for tomorrow at 4pm to get the test done at my local Rite-Aid

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Is your insurance covering? Pay out of pocket, then reimbursed? If it's the latter, make sure you know exactly what is needed to get the reimbursement....forms, invoice, correct codes, etc.

I'm dealing with this right now. Got antibody test 2 weeks ago. Doc didn't give the right documentation, now I'm waiting on him to provide before I can submit the claim. 

Not sure, at this point. I figured it would be easy enough to just call the local lab and go in. Nope. Have to do a virtual appointment with a doc and hope he refers me to this local lab 5 minutes from my house versus driving 45 minutes to the closest Cleveland Clinic lab.

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Patriots sign Cam Newton

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Think there's a solid chance I have it. Waiting for a call back from the local clinic to set an appointment to get tested. If I do, it's a mild case, so far.

Whats the symptoms?

Pounding headache, runny nose, some coughing, but feels like there's a pit in the middle of my chest when I work out.

The two biggest reasons I'm getting checked are 1) I plan on working at my office, a few days, starting next week and 2) one of the mom's of our grand kid likely has it and my girlfriend has been babysitting the two grand kids that come from that house.

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Think there's a solid chance I have it. Waiting for a call back from the local clinic to set an appointment to get tested. If I do, it's a mild case, so far.



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