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May be an image of text that says 'You're welcome CLE. Now you'll never unsee unseeit. it. BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS'

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The logo just looks lazy to me like they couldn't think of a new design and said "let's come up with another name that ends in 'dians' so we won't have much work to do on the new logo." I know this isn't the case but the logo looks the same.

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It’s a thumbs down for me. 

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Just scheduled a second interview for a candidate in St Louis. The HR lady that I'm working with e-mailed me and said that masks were required for the interview due to St Louis City & County reinstating mask requirements starting Monday. Oh boy...

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posted by justincredible

Trump was rude af, too. 

Biden is WEIRD.

I prefer "creeper" when describing Biden.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I think he lived a pretty hard lifestyle. Cinderella was one of the better hair bands. 

What's nuts is that, I believe, Cinderella's keyboard player Gary Corbett, also died that same day.

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posted by gut

Which, if that's the goal, doesn't it make more sense to LIFT restrictions for vaccinated players?  You know, give them an incentive to get vaccinated?

The vaccines aren't 100% effective against infection.  Unless the NFL changes that mandate right before the season, they've painted themselves into a corner because teams are going to have vaccinated players test positive.  And if everyone is vaccinated, there's no reason to give a shit about that.

Waiting for the union to tell Goofwell to go fuck himself.

Exactly. So if a vaccinated player ends up getting Covid and it causes the team to have to forfeit, then what? Pure bullshit.
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^^^I don't think think that lady has had "friendly relations" in quite some time.

Again, it's ironic after years of lectures about mental health (which, surprisingly, is generally a rational, well-founded issue)....that everyone is completely ignoring mental health trying to protect people from Covid.

And, of course, a lot of these people don't follow their own rules.  They want everyone else to sacrifice so that they, personally, can continue living their own life more safely.  Basically it's Covid Communism.

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I always thought ptown was a dude...

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The only reason someone doesn't have a vaccine now is that they don't want it. Lack of access is BS.  I would bet if you can't get out to get it, there are multiple services that will come and give it to you. 

There are places around where I live where you can pull up to a drive thru and get it. Don't have to get out of your vehicle. If you want it, it's there.
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May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'IT PUTS THE NEEDLE IN ITS SKIN OR ELSE IT WEARS THE MASK AGAIN the science of the lambs απισθις'

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Thought Haku was still alive, or are you talking a more original version of the Heenan Family? Since he was the replacement for Harley Race as King and then was tag champs with Andre for a bit.

Heenan, Andre, Studd, Orndorff, Bundy, Mr Perfect & Ravishing Rick Rude. Haku is still alive and is supposedly the most legit badass in the business (or was).

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posted by queencitybuckeye

Paul Orndorff, 71

All of the Heenan Family, plus every wrestler who wrestled Hogan in Wrestlemania's 1-6 are now gone.

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Home gym equipment prices are all over the place so I'm not even going to factor in the 2k.

Squat rack w/ pull up bar.

45lb bar

Curl bar

Plates up to 315lbs

Adjustable dumbbells. I think these only go up to 55lbs but I could make that work

Adjustable bench

Probably throw in some bands that could anchor to the rack.

Pretty much this but maybe throw in a kettlebell and, if you have extra, some battle ropes or a Prowler sled. I'd recommend PowerBlock dumbbells. I also have a PowerBlock kettlebell. 

My garage has a Smith Machine w/seated row/lat pulldown attachment which takes care of everything. Have a bunch of other assorted machines, bars, etc.

I will agree that Rogue is overpriced.

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Heard that Mingo had that issue when he played for the Browns. Just didn't get caught.

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posted by justincredible

There have been 6 thrown already, against just 3 teams. Rangers, Indians, and Mariners have all been blanked twice.

MLB record is 8 in a year, I believe.

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I'd be really interested to see if anyone has bothered to do a study on career success/advancement among the super woke butterflies.

I can't imagine people who put that much energy into being offended have the focus and dedication to succeed in the workplace.  Not to mention all that drama and hysteria doesn't play nice with leadership and rational decisions.

You would think someone who is offended by being called a "freshman" is going to quickly establish themselves in the workplace as someone to be avoided at all costs.

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Even if you take those limits away the dominate military has rarely if ever been able to finish the job. Any study of military history and counterinsurgency will show you that. 

It would be a better look if you just admitted you don't want Hamas to get its neck broke.



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