On Jun 22, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 09:37 am
posted by QuakerOats

I agree.  However the public comments by biden, fauci and the expert class telling everyone to "get the virus; it will prevent you from getting covid", have come full circle.  Plus it's fun watching the woke here get riled up. 

Well, if that's the case it just confirms what we all knew (except for those slurping on Biden)....that these guys are dolts.

BR1986FB replied to "2022 NFL Offseason thread" at 08:05 am

Ravens LB Jaylon Ferguson has died per Mike Garofolo on Twitter. 

First place. Didn't think I'd be saying those words this year.

On Jun 21, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 07:26 pm
posted by QuakerOats

fauci get covid after 4 vaccinations

The vaccinations aren't going to make you "not get Covid." They are most likely going to keep you off a vent or prevent you from dying. And yes, I lean conservative but haven't fallen for the tin foil hat conspiracies.

With that being said, Covid is still a thing?

Tribe's been a pleasant surprise. Would be nice to see it continue until September.

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posted by iclfan2

Interesting timing. And first girl is still one of the ones to not settle. I assume Watson had discussed this will the NFL already.

I'm assuming this was part of some negotiation for a lesser suspension.

On Jun 17, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Browns season 2021" at 08:48 pm
posted by Ironman92

6-8 games in the end seems obvious 

I'm thinking along these lines. Don't think it will be a full season. If it's 6, Brissett might be able to get them to 4-2 or 3-3 before he'd return for the Ravens.

BR1986FB replied to "Browns season 2021" at 07:40 pm

NFL is shooting high with this proposed 1 year ban of Watson to save face with the woke crowd, knowing it's likely going to be significantly less.

The NFLPA will go at them hard with the Robert Kraft/Jerry Jones/Dan Snyder "do as I say, not as I do" transgressions.

NFLPA is also bringing out their big guns with their outside counselor, Jeffrey Kessler, getting involved. Quotes about Kessler include (team spokesperson) "Love that guy.....he gets players back on the field." (League Spokesperson) "that guy scares the shit out of me."

If not familiar with Kessler, he represented TB12 in Deflate Gate. He will likely push for no suspension. I doubt that happens but I could see it being far less than the woke crowd wants.

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posted by brutus161

I could hook you up with some veteran Facebook groups that have a ton of good people that fit some of those. 

I'm listening....

On Jun 16, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Browns season 2021" at 02:20 pm

Very interesting, I've been saying that if the league doesn't suspend Robert Kraft, with video evidence, how will this effect Watson? And now we see something....

From minicamp, Denzel Ward injured (lower leg) and David Bell/Cade York have been shining.

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posted by BRF

I’ve been binging on re-runs!

Saw a dude at the casino wearing a blue #33 Polk High football jersey. Had to give him props.

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I'm a Director/Co-Owner of an executive recruiting firm that's been in business since 1979. I've been with the company almost 30 years. 

I focus on placing professionals in the HVAC/Building Automation industry in the Midwest & Northeast as far South as Virginia/Tennessee and as far West as the Dakotas/Kansas City. 

I place project managers, estimators, sales and operations professionals up to Sr VP's/Directors/Presidents.

On Jun 14, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Browns season 2021" at 12:17 pm

Sounds like the Browns and Panthers could be close to a deal for Mayfield. Hearing Sam Darnold may be part of the trade (swap salaries) with the Browns getting a pick. Basically the Brock Osweiler trade to gain a draft pick.

On Jun 13, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Inflation" at 01:03 pm
posted by superman

At least you can buy cat food.  In Cincinnati we had to buy a completely different kind of dog food because ours was sold out.  Thankfully my dog has an iron stomach and can handle switching. 

It's pretty sparse on the local shelves for both dog & cat food. Sometimes I'll just order from Chewy.

On Jun 12, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "Inflation" at 08:09 pm

Even cat food. I buy Friskie's Pate wet food for my cats and when I open the can there isn't as much. Screwing over man & beast.

On Jun 10, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "The Russia/Ukraine situation" at 09:52 am

So French media are claiming that Putin has a bodyguard that follows him around, collecting his shit, so nobody can get a read on the state of his health. 

BR1986FB replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 09:49 am
posted by brutus161

My brother, from being my best friend. 52

So sorry.

BR1986FB replied to "2022 Dead Pool" at 08:04 am

Jim Seals, singer from Seals and Crofts, 80

On Jun 9, 2022:

BR1986FB replied to "2021-22 NBA" at 09:05 am
posted by friendfromlowry

“We’ve played in front of rude people before, dropping F bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy, good job Boston.” - Klay Thompson, on the “fuck you Draymond” chants. 

Idk Klay, it’s Boston. The kids probably started the chants. 

Wonder what the odds are there’s a “fuck you Klay” chant within the first five minutes Friday night. 

Every good story usually has a hero and a villain. I can't stand Draymond but he plays the heel role to the hilt. Already hearing he's going to be "the next Charles Barkley" with two media gigs already set for when he retires.



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