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Franklin Edwards CSU

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My wife had the same happen to her, only it was out of Pennsylvania. 

I saw where people are advised to not turn in that 1099-G with your tax return. 

I went online to the Ohio Unemployment website and filed a fraud claim, contacted my accountant to give him a heads up and went online to get free credit monitoring.

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A little off topic but I guess , with Covid, the scumbags are coming out of the woodworks.

Received a letter from Ohio unemployment about the "claim" that I filed and my PIN number to access my account. I guess this has been running rampant here in Ohio as a coworker got a 1099-G for her unemployment claim and I know of two others who have received this. I haven't been unemployed for close to 30 years. People are trying to cash in.

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A lot of what Tampa did in the Super Bowl mirrored the defense that the Browns played against the Chiefs. Biggest difference was that TB had a much better pass rush, up front, to harass Mahomes and their DB's didn't give as much cushion.

In this draft/FA I look for Berry to target superfast defenders. There are only really three teams (maybe a fourth in Minnesota) in the league that are heavily focused on the "run first" philosophy being Baltimore, Tennessee and Cleveland. TBH, by the end of the year the Browns had flipped things to where they were passing more than running.

The league is starting to tailor their defenses to faster, smaller athletic guys, willing to take it on the chin against guys like Derrick Henry because there aren't many teams running at that level. They'll take that hit to be better in pass coverage.

This past season, instead of a 4-3, Joe Woods ran more 4-2-5 and 4-1-6 than a base 4-3. That's why I think Andrew Berry doesn't value LB's as much as DB's as a lot of the LB's right now are just glorified safeties in the 215-200 lb range.

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Looks like Russell Wilson is taking notes from Deshaun Watson and trying to find a "classy" way out of Seattle, complaining about his pass protection. Some may not know this but back in 2017 Seattle inquired about trying to move Wilson to the Browns for the #1 overall pick which turned out to be Myles Garrett.

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Sorry, I forgot to post this back in September, but the Browns will make the playoffs and beat the Steelers. 

I was spot on.

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I lost a ton of weight last year but have some bad plantar/achilles issues....2021 hasn’t been good on the health early on.

That's the worst. Dealt with a plantar issue that took 9+ months to finally go away.

As far as health goes, eating well (no sugar) and haven't missed a workout since Covid hit. I'm dealing with a front delt issue which makes certain exercises pretty painful. Unfortunately I have to walk outside as the belt on my treadmill folded over and couldn't get it fixed correctly.

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A lot of "boo hooing" by Bills and Steeler fans that Stefanski got selected over McDermott for COY and Aaron Donald was picked over TJ Watt for DPOY. Both that were selected were more deserving.

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Unfortunately, Clay Matthews denied Hall of Fame again. He is high on the all-time tackle list, and they didn't use him as a pass rusher until the second half of his career or his sack numbers would be a lot better. This was his last shot as a modern player. Hopefully the senior committee puts him in.

I thought he was used as a pass rusher at the beginning of his career and then Marty, realizing his athleticism, used him in coverage? Even so, it's pretty crappy that he has better numbers than others at his position, by far, and still isn't in.

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No shocker to anyone but Bills fans but Stefanski voted COY.

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Look at US history and you will always find hysterical sects that believe the country is on the verge of failure. Yet here we are. Nothing unique about this time. 

I would say it is unique when one side of the political spectrum has control over the whole government and 95% of the media.  

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Great to see you giving the new administration a chance with an open mind.  You sound like you have Biden Derangement Syndrome.  

Oh, you mean like the libs did when Trump came into office? Funny how we're the ones who are supposed to sit back, be "good little children" and have an "open mind" when it's obvious his tenure has been a clusterfuck right out of the gate.

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Was really hoping for Buffalo in the Super Bowl but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. 

Same here. At least the Browns gave the Chiefs a better game, even when Mahomes was in. 

Found it funny how Sorensen's helmet to helmet on Higgins finally triggered the refs/league to say "oh yeah, we better start calling that. Thanks for being the guinea pig Cleveland." There were two helmet to helmets (Bucs/Saints, Buc/Pack) that got called after the hit on Higgins.

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Neocon Joe is already mobilizing troops to Iraq and Syria.  Do you all remember when the anti war left was a thing?  There were a flash in the pan moments when they came out of hiding after the deaths of Baghdadi/Soleimani and when Bolton became the national security advisor, but other than that, I can't remember seeing the anti war left in the last 12 years.  

Bush has to be wondering why he is the only one labeled as a war criminal. 

What, a week in office and he's (Biden) doing his best to piss off Canada, Mexico, Russia, China (who he's in bed with) and also heard North Korea has restarted their nuclear program. Not saying N. Korea completely shut down the nuke program but we really didn't hear anything about it on Trump's watch.

I predicted before this election that if Biden were elected, with how inept he is, we will see another 9/11-like attack on American soil on his watch.

I also believe that a lot of these things he's signing are ideas of the dolt/giggling school girl VP he brought in with him.

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Another name to watch is Dalvin Tomlinson (IDL-Giants)

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Lions actively looking to trade Matt Stafford. Saints? Colts? WFT? 

And in the LOL Department, the Dolphins have hired Charlie Frye to be their quarterbacks coach.

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Former Browns/Broncos offensive tackle Tony Jones at age 54

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So would this mean Roethlisberger is officially done, in Pittsburgh anyways?

I'd think this would give them a little bit of leverage to coax him to restructure that $41m cap hit, at the least.

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Of course I am going to be labled the Biden fan on here because, unlike a majority of the posters on here, and especially you, I have an open mind.



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