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posted by jmog

Notice I said serious complications and nearly zero. 

Other than ectopic pregnancies women aren’t dying from being pregnant/child birth like in the past.

The myth that abortions are needed for the health of the mother to keep her from dying is a laughable misnomer of modern medicine.

How many times have you been called a knowitall in your life? Has to be over 1000.

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posted by Fletch

Non story?  Are you serious?  The fucking president has a cue card on when to sit down.  This should scare the shit out of you.  The POTUS is not in control of anything.

As for being informed, in todays day and age, anyone and everyone should look at all the media sights to make sure they are being informed of all angles of any story.

You’re definitely very scared. Again, therapy is a viable option. 

On Jun 23, 2022:

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posted by Fletch

sometime in early October, there will be a small drop in gas.....wouldnt be surprised if we get to 3.99.  Just for an election talking point.

What will drive this is the dems will secretly move some orders around and open up domestic production and try to keep it hush hush.

Will you be keeping your side job to account for gas price increases or nah?

On Jun 22, 2022:

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posted by Fletch


International flight, still required. 

On Jun 21, 2022:

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I just wore a mask on a flight to JFK. So insane!

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Everything is a thing when your face is buried in clickbait bullshit 24/7/365.

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Automatik replied to "Bitcoin" at 08:52 pm

What do you use?

Mine is all sitting in CB. I don’t really have enough to warrant offline storage, but I’ve been considering it. 

On Jun 19, 2022:

Automatik replied to "Father’s day" at 09:18 am

I won’t be able to celebrate with my fam unfortunately.

But I did send my dad the Meater Bluetooth thermometer. He will be hyped for that. 

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posted by sportchampps

My wife knows a few of the executives they showed in the background really good. One was our realtor and good friend. He basically said what they said was true but it was also them targeting a specific target market. 

It’s 100% accurate. Their company culture from the top down was twisted. Cult-like.

I worked at the first Columbus Ruehl location in college. That was their higher end store/brand that eventually bombed. 

Watched Sandler’s recent Netflix movie, Hustle. I enjoyed it. 

On Jun 17, 2022:

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My dad retired 2 years ago at 60. My mom hasn't had a "normal" job since I was like 10. She's blind in one eye so she's been the "landlady/slumlord" for their rental properties.

He’s a former workaholic and its hilarious to see him scrambling now to take up his time. He's doing all kinds of random shit....Door Dash driver, delivering for other local places in Denver, small reno jobs at my sister's house. He also got VERY addicted to fly fishing and everything that goes along with it. He and my BIL are constantly trying to get me involved...don't want to spend the money or effort. It's fucking complex.

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I don’t, but I know their office in Englewood Cliffs. I went somewhat far in their interview process for an NYC position circa 2014.

Automatik created thread "What would you do here?" at 01:51 pm

In recent times this site has turned from a sports focused shitfest to a constant flood of tears and whining regarding the state of....EVERYTHING.. Some members seem to have a LOT of times on their hands.

This sparked the does our OC faithful actually do?

Are we retired? Fulltime? Part time? Unemployed? Significant other is the breadwinner? 

If working, what's your title? And what you do? I'll start.

I'm a Sr. Trade Marketing Manager for a CPG company based in NYC. I'm a glorified project manager. I work a lot with compliance (lawyers/regulation people) and creatives/designers....making sure point of sale shit gets to the right place at the right time, saying the right thing. 

I WFH, so it's very easy to fuck off here periodically. Also my job is very cyclical, sometimes I'm slammed nonstop 50-60 hours a week, other times I'm cruising. It's not ideal, but I'm ok with it.

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I suggest therapy. 

On Jun 13, 2022:

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4door with full bed is crazy long imo. 

My friend is in the market for a 21-22, 4dr, TRD Off Road. They are out there. You just have to be willing to wait and/or search your ass off. He’s In FL, so calling dealers all over the state. I believe the quickest he could find was one arriving in August, but he’s still waffling over the color. 

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posted by Fletch

Case of water at Kroger’s went from $3.33 to $5.59

Protip: get a filter. 

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Automatik replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 01:31 am

Fkin told ‘em!

On Jun 10, 2022:

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Lol superman is a psycho. Have a beer bro, it’s Friday. 

Automatik replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 04:39 pm

Jfc, just figuring out that campsite and RV parks prices have shot up bigly. 

Previous place I’ve stayed is now double.

Thanks Brandon!

Automatik replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 01:33 pm

Lol you missed the joke. 

But yeah, you needed a test to enter the US. Nada to get into Mexico. 

I’m happy. I have to enter the US twice in 10 days later this month and glad I don’t have to deal with the test nonsense. 

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Negative test requirement to enter the US ends Sunday. Woohoo!



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