On Jan 31, 2023:

Automatik replied to "The Russia/Ukraine situation" at 03:22 pm
posted by Fletch

Still no footage of all this waring going on.  Seems like all of our excursions into the middle east was filmed and shown daily on the news.  Funny how I have yet to see anything from Ukraine.

On Jan 27, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 07:57 pm

Mad on a Friday!

On Jan 26, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 05:25 pm
posted by iclfan2

The first part would be to admit there are freaks all over pushing this stuff on children. The evidence is overwhelming. And to stop it.

The second would be to realize there is no reason to give in to the mental illness. 

Ahh, thank you. I will now peruse the internet VICIOUSLY to fight these atrocities. 

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More often than not, you'll get an unfavorable exchange rate. 

It's the simplest scam around. Restaurants will accept the dollar at 17 or 18:1. They make it seem like it's convenient for you because they will accept USD. 

When in reality the exchange rate is actually 20:1. Or they will just completely fuck you over, i.e. if you pay in dollars its $10 more than it would cost if you paid in pesos. I've caught this on several occasions. 

On Jan 25, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:04 am
posted by iclfan2

You are welcome. At some point you may find the way.

What is the way?

Automatik replied to "¡Adiós muchachos! v. AMA" at 09:32 am

Yeah, totally ok. Place looks nice!

On Jan 24, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 06:21 pm

Glad you're here to keep us updated.


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The beach is better in Playacar with less crowds. It's a rather far walk unless you're IN Playacar.

The tide is high for this time of year meaning a lot of the public beaches are very narrow. That + more people = very crowded beaches, especially on weekends. 

Playacar is a gated community, basically it's own little bubble. You can still get out to centro Playa, just hit up the hotel for a ride.

Have you been here before? If no, a few tips.

When out of the resort, never use dollars, EVER. Use an international CC when possible. It's a cash heavy town though. Pull pesos from Mexican bank ATMs (not tourist ATMs that offer USD) using your US debit card. Decline the conversion fee when that screen pops up on the ATM. You'll still get hit with a small ATM fee and possibly an international conversion fee from your bank, it all depends on who you bank with. That screen asking to accept is just some scammy BS that's easy to fall for.

Standard tip is 15% no matter what anyone tells you. 18% is nice, 20% is for great service.

Automatik replied to "¡Adiós muchachos! v. AMA" at 10:09 am

Nice man! Weather is perfect. It's high season, so just know it's rather crowded. Happy to provide any recommendations if needed....beaches, food, other shit to do, etc. Let me know. This place is small and I know it well. 

On Jan 23, 2023:

Automatik replied to "2022-23 NFL Playoffs thread" at 10:24 pm

Automatik replied to "¡Adiós muchachos! v. AMA" at 05:15 pm

Got back a few weeks ago. I renewed my residency last week. 3 more years then I'm permanent! 

On Jan 14, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 09:04 am

Nice prediction. Spock give you the inside track on that one?

On Jan 13, 2023:

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Dallas could also stink it up and lose to anyone. For one the of the few times in my life, I’ll be pulling for Tom. 

On Jan 10, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Inflation" at 11:15 am

I'm back on the peso. Still very cheap overall, but I'm noticing a few increases since I've been here last (June 2022).

One being water. Bottles at the store have gone up a bit, but the large ones (20L) are double to get delivered.

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posted by Ironman92

Great game. Who would’ve thought?

Me. Immediately after Ruggles shanked that kick. 

On Jan 5, 2023:

Automatik replied to "I'm Proud" at 04:12 pm

Is the money worth it?

On Jan 4, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that jazz" at 01:26 pm
posted by Laley23

The first problem is flying with Southwest. 

Yes, I am an elitist traveler. 

I used to be, until I realized they fly to my most traveled destinations, and their cancellation policy and 2 free checked bags. They're the most convenient option for me (most of the time), and it's not even close.

I got 50k points and credit for the 2 cancelled tickets. If they reimburse my additional travel expenses (~$700) I'll come out on top. 

I did lose 2 days of PTO though, but I got some solid BBQ in KC, so it wasn't that terrible.

I fly a lot. The "status" BS is overblown unless you're laying down in a seat and/or enjoying the perks of a lounge. If not, you're the same cattle as everyone else.

Automatik replied to "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that jazz" at 12:16 pm


Anyone get fucked by Southwest Airlines this past week? I had to drive to Nashville from Denver because of it. 

On Jan 1, 2023:

Automatik replied to "NCAA football" at 03:28 pm

Good fight from OSU. Targeting call should have at LEAST been a flag. That was a game changer.

I won’t blame the loss solely on that. That can go to Jim Knowles. Overhyped. He can be gone. 

On Dec 23, 2022:

Automatik replied to "Snowmageddon" at 11:24 am

Probably the coldest temps I’ve felt in my life. At one time yesterday am it was -14 with real feel of -26. 

This was in West Denver. 

Warming up today. It’s currently 1 F.



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