On Mar 5, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 01:44 pm

Seems to be about pride now. State/local government's dug themselves so far in the lockdown hole they creep out the reopening to not look like they were huge mistakes. They'll piggyback it on the increasing vax numbers to save face.

On Mar 4, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 10:31 am

Both of my parents got their first shot this week. So now every older member of my fam is covered. It's a relief. Ohio seems to be doing it right regarding the rollout.

On Mar 3, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Online Car Buying (Carvana, Vroom, etc.)" at 12:48 pm

I've heard good things about Carvana (buying and selling), especially regarding their inspection prior to selling. 

I'd probably not go with a car that I'm not familiar with. If going with something new to me and I was set on test driving, I'd just search local for something similar and test drive it for the hell of it.

Automatik replied to "Vacation Time!!!!" at 11:12 am
posted by thavoice

That is how mine is, it goes by pay period. I get 6 hours of vaca each pay period.

Good thing is I get all the extra federal holidays off like Columbus, Presidents, Veterans, etc.  Each month they pick a Friday to have off as well, usually in conjunction with another holiday on a Monday so there is at least one 3 day, often times 4 day, weekend each month

I have similar regarding fed holidays. We also get the Friday off before Pres Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day...which is nice. 

Automatik replied to "Vacation Time!!!!" at 10:51 am

My company's vaca system sucks. You start at zero and accrue each month....I think 1.2 days/month. 

The key is to not use much in year one, then you're banking for the future. My current balance is around 16 days. We get a lot of holidays and summer Fridays so I don't bitch that much.

Going to Isla Mujeres end of June. 

On Mar 2, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 02:04 pm

A little under 6 hours. I started on the west side of KC. Total driver from KC was 7:45. I'm not sure if that's good or not, but I was hauling ass.

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 01:22 pm

Not that I really care, but currently rated "good."

I'm out of the subways, so I'm sure this is signficantly better.

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 11:45 am

It makes Illinois look like Vegas.

I've never seen anything so desolate and flat. Also very very windy. Didn't see a single cop the entire drive through the state.

You go right through the the Smoky Hills Wind Farm, so that was cool.

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 11:18 am

The move is complete.

Wow, what a fucking drive. Kansas....THE WORST.

On Feb 19, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Cryptocurrencies" at 04:32 pm

Sooo who's rich?!

I'm not. After just starting with BTC to fuck around. I've cashed out my initial investment and still up 2k.

I really want to just sell it all and toss it at this upcoming car down payment. Or does it continue to soar? 

Automatik replied to "Internet nostalgia thread" at 10:31 am

On Feb 17, 2021:

Automatik replied to "2021 Dead Pool" at 06:36 pm

He was a garbage human being. ✌🏻

On Feb 14, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Best places to visit in Florida?" at 02:30 pm

Gulf side and Miami for me. 

Key West is fun, but just ok. You don't go there for a "beach" experience.

Sorry you had to experience Orlando several times. I really dislike that city, has to have one of the worst highway systems in America.

On Feb 11, 2021:

Automatik replied to "What States Have You Lived In?" at 07:42 pm

Eastern, OH (Ohio Valley).


NYC, Queens for 3 years, Brooklyn for 7. 

Denver upcoming, more specifically Wheat Ridge/Berkeley area. I don't really care about downtown or Denver proper, I'm there for the burbs.

Next up? I have no idea. Boulder would be cool, I love it there.

I have a friend who lives in Bozeman who raves about it, looks amazing. I've always wanted to give Europe a try, actually working there, but that ship may have sailed.

Automatik replied to "2021 Healthy Living Thread" at 03:04 pm

Diet is just ok, workouts are very inconsistent. I need to get my shit together. 

My sister has a Peleton and I just got a new road bike. Once the weather turns I'm going to be a Strava KOM!

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 10:24 am

I was born and raised in America, but ty!

On Feb 10, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 08:29 pm
posted by Verbal Kint

Is that not true with statistical evidence?  NY, CA, IL, MI, PA are among the leaders in population fleeing.  Maybe I am misunderstand what is going on there.

No idea about the others, but in my case paying a premium price to live somewhere and not being able to enjoy what comes along with it is the worst. 

The kicker is getting paid an NYC salary and being able to NOT live in NYC. City taxes...goodbye. State tax obviously less. This is the main driver of why I'm out. 

I read a random article saying 100k a month are moving into the state of CO. 

Automatik replied to "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 01:04 pm

Not yet. I can't make a purchase until mid-late April. I have use of a car until then. Right now I'm just getting my ducks in a row, establishing residence, getting CO license, etc. 

95% going with a 4Runner, probably a 2021. I'm going to stick with the broker. The process is been so simple and tailored, would recommend.

Automatik created thread "Following the Trend: Escape from NY" at 12:41 pm

It's official. I'm fucking out of here. Packing up a rented soccer mom van and driving to Denver at the end of the month. 

Bittersweet, but I'm very hyped to leave. NYC is a prison and I'm losing my mind. 10 years and I've accomplished what I came to do. 

Thinking about the actual move is giving me anxiety. I have 16 days to get it done and starting this weekend. I'm only bringing essentials and the rest of my belongings are going into storage. 

I plan on staying at my parents condo solo for 6 weeks, then freeloading off of my sister for 2 months....then my own short term place summer to early fall. Maybe then I'll head to the mountains for the winter.

First time since high school that I'm not locked into a living/lease agreement. Feels liberating! 

On Feb 9, 2021:

Automatik replied to "When does this end?" at 05:26 pm

Not sure if I even voted. I predicted fall 2021. I'm sticking with it. That goes for sporting events, concerts, etc. 



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