On Jun 8, 2023:

Automatik replied to "What's your current AQI (Air Quality Index)?" at 11:20 am

199 currently. Same thing yesterday, then it got windy in the afternoon and went up to over 300.

Supposedly the low pressure system that caused this is on the way out and should be clearing out by tomorrow. I'd really like to enjoy the weekend outside.

On Jun 7, 2023:

Automatik replied to "What's your current AQI (Air Quality Index)?" at 07:14 pm

Its getting worse…

Automatik replied to "What's your current AQI (Air Quality Index)?" at 05:16 pm

I’ve been going back and forth. I came to NYC for a few months to get shoulder surgery, recover from that and deal with some work stuff. 

Automatik created thread "What's your current AQI (Air Quality Index)?" at 04:10 pm

Canadian fires have brought on the apocalypse it NYC....and it's fucked. Currently 392.


On Jun 6, 2023:

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FYI, I think I’m going to lock this thread soon since it’s well over 400 pages now. It’s also a little unwieldy at times with multiple topics going at once. If you want to continue a discussion on a specific topic please create a more specific thread. 

On Jun 5, 2023:

Automatik replied to "How do you wash your car?" at 02:12 pm

Prefer to wash at home, if not go to an old school bay or full service place.

I don’t really like the auto drive through car washes. 

On Jun 3, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Tara Reide" at 08:40 pm

American Pie was an all timer!

On Jun 2, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Do you have Summer Fridays?" at 10:33 am


On May 31, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 11:09 am

I'm all for it. Shorter lines!

On May 30, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Gaming Check-In" at 10:58 am

Packed away the PS4 when I moved during Covid, never got it out again.  I don't really miss it. COD and FIFA were my go tos. I dabbled with Rocket League some. 

I play FIFA on PS5 every now and then we we visit my GF's brother. That's it. 

On May 25, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:43 pm

I bet you’re tucking right now. 

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:27 pm

I love Super Target. 

On May 18, 2023:

Automatik replied to "OC Members....Personal Update" at 08:55 am
posted by Automatik


Food industry, 7 years

Not married, no kids

Currently with a 24 year old Latina, but too early to title it anything. Very fun!

Wow, feeling old.


CPG/Trade Marketing, ~4 years (thank god I got out of food)

Not married, no kids

Same girl, living together.

On May 17, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Daniel Penny - subway choker" at 08:18 pm

Shitty situation overall. Marine bro was probably very eager to lock that choke in. 

Details are spotty though. Was he only verbally assaulted? Physically? If he held him like that for 15 min, he's probably fucked. 

I see subway lunatics every time on on there, I'm aware and stay the fuck away.

On May 12, 2023:

Automatik created thread "Do you have Summer Fridays?" at 11:11 am

It usually goes from MDW to LDW for my company. But in the past few years it's been rather BS. Big cuts post Covid resulted in us running very lean, so we needed "coverage" meaning someone had to stick around in case shit hit the fan (it rarely did). We actually only got to have a few over the course of the past two summers. 

Now my company is getting acquired and we're all probably getting shitcanned in the next few months, so they started them a few weeks early. Now I'm committed to cutting out early every Friday no matter fucking what.

How about you?

On May 10, 2023:

Sounds fulfilling! 

Automatik replied to "Are you using AI in any capacity?" at 02:51 pm

Haven't really dove into it yet, but I doubt I'll pay for it.

I am still paying for GPT 4, but I'll probably ditch that eventually. 

Feel is obvious, but what I mentioned is a good indicator also.

TBH, I don't even pick them anymore because I fail all the time. My local places suck for avocados. My go-to, when I can get there, are the mini ones from Trader Joe's. They are ALWAYS legit.

Jamboree in the Hills. INACTIVE! 

Skiing is easier to have success and less bad falls. prepared to hit the ground and pick yourself up over and over. It's a bitch to learn later in life. I always recommend skiing if someone starting later. I also never took a lesson, YUGE mistake.



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