On Feb 19, 2024:

Automatik replied to "2024 OC Members Highlights" at 04:24 pm

I got a new job from a direct LinkedIn application. Only the 2nd time in my professional career. Everything else was from a recruiter. 

On Feb 16, 2024:

Automatik replied to "The dark thread" at 08:41 am

Join a gym and focus on that and nutrition. 

On Feb 8, 2024:

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As part of my exit package from my previous job I got free 3 month access to LHH career counseling services. 

A lot of it was rather broad and stuff I already knew, but they focused heavily on LinkedIn and I picked up a few tips. They did mention posting helps “get you out there” but it’s not necessary when job searching. 

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You're way overthinking this.

Keep the following updated:





Open to (depending if looking or not)

The end. 

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All time high is all time high. WIN.

Automatik replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 09:46 am

S&P 5000


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It’s the way to go to network and find a job. 

That’s it. It is a necessity these days in the professional world, but the feed is unbearable. 

On Feb 6, 2024:

Automatik replied to "What are you using for a work device/laptop?" at 03:35 pm

I believe HP's vary wildy based on model and how they're spec'd. I've heard good things about the Envy. I had a random budget HP 2 jobs ago and it went to shit after 18 months.

I think the same for ThinkPad's. My GF has a brand new 14" and it's incredibly slow and it was supplied by an engineering firm for CAD and Revit use. The heat and noise it's puts off is ridiculous. 

I'm still aiming for a Surface Pro. I'm buying all the other work setup shit first and the laptop will be last. Currently need a desk, mouse and dock. Then hoping for a Surface 9 price drop or release of the 10.

On Jan 31, 2024:

Automatik replied to "What are you using for a work device/laptop?" at 02:16 pm

My previous work computer was a 2021ish MBP. Kicked ass, but I carry two computers regularly. It would be overkill. 

I am a little salty that the Air doesn't support two monitors, but I manage.

Automatik created thread "What are you using for a work device/laptop?" at 02:03 pm

I have a less than year old MB Air M2. New job is BYOD and I'd prefer to keep personal and work separate. 

They run on Microsoft 365 / One Drive so I'm going PC. I prefer Windows excel anyway.

What's everyone using? I want as light and powerful as possible and it will be docked for the most part. 

Short list is:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 3 13"

Surface Pro 9 (or 10 if it comes out in the next few months)

Dell XPS 13"

The Surface Pro is currently in the lead, but once it's spec'd to my liking and factoring accessories, the price is adding up quick!

Also want a docking setup that will work both on Windows and Mac. So far this looks good, but I need to research more.

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posted by MontyBrunswick

this is my life right now. I was told my territory would largely be two states but I am regularly everywhere *except* those two states.

hopefully you don't get screwed like I did

I'm not in, but under the sales umbrella. Most travel will just be local, aside from a few times a year. I'm aiming to install some systems and hopefully keep the travel to a minimum after 6-8 months. Currently only 15 employee startup, so the beginning will be a grind. 

On Jan 30, 2024:

Automatik replied to "Are you happy at your current job?" at 09:56 am

I just signed an offer 2 weeks ago after searching relentlessly since mid-September. 

I'm excited and slightly nervous. I haven't done "meaningful" work since last June. First day is Monday. I'm ready to get after it!

It's remote, but I need to be in a territory, so moving back to Denver. Bittersweet...Mexico fun is over. :/

On Jan 28, 2024:

Automatik replied to "Anyone using a VPN?" at 12:59 pm

I use Nord. 

On Jan 23, 2024:

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posted by friendfromlowry

Can someone ELI5 how the dems are going with Biden again. Four years ago he was too old, and a lot of people went with him because he wasn’t Trump. I don’t know if that works out for him this time around. How did four years pass and they couldn’t find anyone else to take the reins? He’ll be fucking 86 at the end of the next term if he wins. And obviously Trump is barely younger and probably in worse health but we know how we got here with him. 


The entire landscape of US politics is embarrassing. 

On Jan 12, 2024:

Automatik replied to "Have you avoided whatever is going around?" at 12:04 pm

I luckily missed all of this, but my GF has dealt with it twice in the past month.

I did just get over having giardia over Xmas. That was not fun. 

On Dec 20, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Holiday Traditions" at 12:31 pm

I normally don't buy anything for coworkers. On one instance I had 8 merch reps working under me and I gave them all a $20 Starbucks gift card. They were all younger kids working their asses off, seemed like they appreciated it. 

Automatik replied to "Holiday Traditions" at 11:48 am

I buy for my parents, niece, nephew and GF, that's it.

My sister, BIL, and myself just decided to ditch getting each other gifts *fist pump*

On Dec 19, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Your Extreme Lack of Skill" at 03:28 pm
posted by justincredible

How about now?

Oh hell yes. I used to bomb those with my neighbor in the middle of the street. Could go almost half the block. 

Update: Friend had a football on the beach this weekend. Still can't throw for shit. BUT...I can punt the fuck out of a football. 

On Dec 16, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Guilty pleasure you might be embarrassed to admit" at 02:59 pm

Captain Lee is a legend. 

Summer House and Winter House also decent. Those people are fucking insane. 

I don't really seek it out, but when I see a marathon on and I'm rotting on the couch and/or hungover....I can't stop. 

On Dec 15, 2023:

Automatik replied to "Your Extreme Lack of Skill" at 02:44 pm

I couldn't throw a spiral if my life depended on it. 



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