On Jan 21, 2022:

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We are dippin!

On Jan 20, 2022:

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They are very basic city/work trucks. You'll be seeing them everywhere in time.

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Definitely feels somewhat weird to be doing this at 37, but I'm cool with it. 

On Jan 19, 2022:

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posted by Laley23

Serious question...didnt you just pack up and leave NYC for Denver? Was this always an option, or did you not anticipate the COL in Denver before moving?

Full blown audible. I went on vacation with my fam to Mexico in June. Then extended a few weeks. Fell in love with the lifestyle and low COL. Then went and scouted different places for a few months.

I thought I'd be able to come to Denver and COL would be significantly less. It's simply not. Housing prices are insane and I didn't want to commit to paying high rent for a year lease. I plan to just go back and forth and get temp apartments until I'm sick of it or can get property. Hell, I might buy in Mexico. Lots TBD.

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Just living and working. I’m wfh indefinitely. Hopefully DJing once I network more.

I’ll be in Playa del Carmen first. I was there for a few months in fall so I’ve made some friends. There’s a good expat community there, very diverse. 

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I'll make a post about it eventually, it's a pretty wild process.

I'm in the middle of getting my Temporary Residence Visa. It allows me to go back and forth freely without worrying about getting X amount of days if I entered as a tourist. Standard is 180 days, but lately they are cracking down and giving people less or grilling you at immigration. It's quite common for people to "live" in Mexico under a tourist visa, just pop back and forth to renew the 180 days. Due to the influx of remote workers doing this, things have changed recently. 

I'm in Denver currently, COL in Mexico is significantly less. The peso to the dollar exchange rate is amazing.

I have an apartment lined up for a few months, then I'll go from there. Maybe stay in that city or bounce elsewhere. Example of the COL difference. Right now I'm in a tiny studio in the suburbs of Denver. In Mexico I'm paying slightly less for a luxury building, pool, doorman, gym, etc. 5 min from the beach. And this is during "high season", so I'm getting gouged a bit. I can't afford property in Denver right now, it's outrageous, so I'm out.  

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The real problem is you're consistently wrong and simply ingesting bad information daily.

My friend's grandfather got a Regeneron treatment in upstate NY 2 weeks ago. He was not in the ICU. 

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Those running missiles from Mahomes were incredible throws. I kept thinking….”wow…I want that.”

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1 and 2 were tolerable. Let me know your thoughts after 3. 

The production and efx are still incredible. 

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Book of Boba Fett anyone?

3 episodes in and I think it’s trash. 

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You get an extra 14 day vacation.

Edit: Actually, I'm unsure if that's the case now. I believe you can get tested every few days and if you string 2-3 negatives in a row you're free to go. 

That's why I always buy the option to change my flight with no extra charge. Getting stuck isn't a huge issue for me, but would definitely be a problem for others. 

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I have a beard too Justin, you can do it!

Tests to get in are a joke and completely overblown. There are literally booths on the side of the streets in Mexico that handle it. Takes 5 minutes, PDF gets emailed. Upload to airline app. Done.

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Yeah I got some killer deals the past 12-18 months, but they've pretty much dried up. I'm looking at a few months out in spring and prices have doubled. 

One is Denver to Nashville, which used to be great, now $450+.

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Other than the increased prices? What's the issue with flying? 

I've had nothing but pleasant experiences while flying in the Covid era. 

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Hot as hell and the people are assholes and can't drive for shit. I've never been, but this is what I've heard. :) 

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It's like people get off to being stupid. Blows my mind.

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Tremendous take. LOL

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Honestly, I will watch.

I've watched all the dumbshit NFL spinoffs in recent years. Even the "fan controlled" garbage.

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I saw that clip lol. Safe to say, he is NOT coming back to the NFL. 



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