On Jun 8, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Bitcoin" at 04:49 pm

That time seems like a turning point for gaining popularity. I had a lot of friends get into it then, and several lost their ass. Others gained a ton.

One guy I know took a 250k profit and ran with it. Quit job and traveled indefinitely. I haven't seen him since.

I was always interested in it, just thought it wasn't worth investing. 

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Doomsday response. Anti crypto nerds celebrating.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the almost exact same thing happen during the 2017 "crash"?

Automatik replied to "Bitcoin" at 12:02 pm

My initial buy in was at 18k. Wonder if it will go that low?

On Jun 4, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Mask Prediction..." at 02:11 pm

Masks are done here. Post Office still has a sign on the door, that's it.

Automatik replied to "Favorite writing utensil?" at 01:43 pm

Pilot G-2 07 for life.

Big note taker guy here.

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On Jun 2, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:12 pm
posted by Fletch

There was a reason the vaccines came out so fast.  These assholes had been messing with these for awhile and already had the viruses sequenced.  

The reason was funding. 

On May 26, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Those w/ children v. Naked Weekend" at 10:28 am

Update: It worked.

Minimal accidents and the kid is in undies and thrilled about it.

On May 19, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Bitcoin" at 01:34 pm

I'm buyin too. Get with it Gut!

On May 14, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Those w/ children v. Naked Weekend" at 07:06 pm

I think it’s a sign of the times and a way to flat out get it done quickly. 

By 3 you gotta be trained or you can’t “graduate to the next room.”

Automatik replied to "Those w/ children v. Naked Weekend" at 12:54 pm

I didn't even know it was a thing, nor do I know the correct way to go about this. lol

I do have a friend with a 4 year old who still isn't potty trained. That would be terrible.

Automatik replied to "Those w/ children v. Naked Weekend" at 12:51 pm

In short:

Naked for the weekend. Mini shitter in plain sight and constant observation. When the time comes place him on the pot, encourage him to go.

You then transition to clothes, but going commando. Then pull ups, then regular undies. Aiming to have it done and over in a week.

It's nuts, but seems to be effective. I'm learning a lot!

I guess it just conditions them quickly that shitting pants = bad, potty = good. My sisters colleague did it with twin girls in 4 days.

Automatik created thread "Those w/ children v. Naked Weekend" at 12:08 pm

Who has heard of this wild potty training method?

Holy fuck, this is insane. I'm staying with my sister currently. She has a two year old boy.

It kicked off today at 7am with a diaper trashing ceremony. 

I'm getting the fuck out of here as soon as work is over.

On May 13, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Mask Prediction..." at 11:18 am

Do you wear a mask at school?

Automatik replied to "Mask Prediction..." at 10:11 am

Are you not required to wear a mask in school?

On May 12, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Pipeline hack and gas shortages" at 12:51 pm

I’m driving from Denver to Nashville starting Friday. Am I fucked?!

Automatik replied to "Mask Prediction..." at 11:55 am

Please lift the goddamn mandate. I don't think our fellow brethen can take much more of this tyranny. 

On May 10, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Five things you've had (or chosen) to give up" at 02:39 am
posted by Laley23

Is the rehab just that brutal? Or is the injury threatening more than just a hinderance? I only ask, cause if I loved something the way it sounds you did, I’d have a hard time quitting. Unless the injury was just a huge pain in my everyday life or the next time it may not heal Etc.

It’s this. Another more significant injury could result in lifelong problems and/or another serious surgery that could require fusing bones together.

Docs and physical therapists basically told me find another hobby. 

On May 7, 2021:

Automatik replied to "Bitcoin" at 02:12 pm
posted by justincredible

Yeah, I love learning more about mining.

Check out Great American Mining and Upstream Data. Two US based operations, I believe both are turning flared natural gas into bitcoin. Fucking fascinating.

I'll check it.

Assuming you've seen the lunatic nerds with setups in their houses/apartments?



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