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the KC/Cinci game was a very poorly officiated game. But the bengals made more mistakes than the chiefs so i can live with the result. I honestly think the Eagles are going to dog walk the Chiefs but who knows. KC will have some time to get healthy at WR and QB, so that may change some things.

Cinci had better invest heavily in the O-line this offseason. sign Orlando Brown, sign McGlinchey, draft 2-3 more. they have to fix that O-line if they ever want to take that next step. Its not enough to get 5 starters. they have to get 8 players there. probably need to look at coaching too because burrow was running for his life yesterday and the play call never emphasized the run at all to keep the KC defense from pinning the ears back and running.

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posted by Ironman92

I didn’t want to give an F…but you earned it 😁

if trey lance wouldn't have been hurt, i stand by my 49ers prediction. i was way wrong on the rams and seahawks though.

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Colts - 11-5-1 (having the hindsight of yesterday)

Texans 10-6-1 (same

Titans 9-8

Jags 6-11

I still like the colts. but i'd put more money on the texans than the titans to win this division. Jags are trending up but i think they overspent on Kirk and that's going to stop them from building the team for a run which is at best 1 year away.

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Bills 12-5

Dolphins 11-6

Patriots 7-10

Jets 5-12

i think at some point the injury bug jumps up and costs the bills some games but they'll jump out to a big lead in the division and finish with the title.

Dolphins will struggle to find what they are but will get going eventually. main question is the same question as last year - what is Tua?

Patriots - Is Mac Jones good? i don't think so. he's certainly not good enough to overcome the lack of mcdaniels calling plays.

Jets - talent with no plan = failure. they are going to struggle without a good line and they have no Oline. They are going to lose a bunch of close games because the defense looks like they are going to be good.

For the most part i got this pretty close. got the records wrong, but the order of the finish was right. I also feel really good about my comments on all of the teams except miami. McDaniel is like the only person who doesn't know that the dolphins are really good at running the ball and don't play good in the secondary. As such, they pass 50 times a game, give the opponent tons of extra possessions, and get beat by teams that expose their secondary.

I'll say this, Miami got in but i feel better about where Pittsburgh is than where Miami is. Pittsburgh has their coach for sure, their QB for sure, Their defense has an identity, and they have great draft capital. Miami doesn't have any of those things but they do have a pretty big cap problem looming, so FML. lets go get beat by 26 this weekend.

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What is the real estate market like out there?

240 houses went on the market in the zip code i'm looking at in the last 90 days. so it's cooling pretty rapidly. but it's been very hot there since a few of these tech companies started up big operations in OKC. like the guy that bought my old house when i moved away was a manager for AWS. he's since sold that house and moved but those type of jobs have been popping up a lot in OKC since like 2017.

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not where i'm going. but yes the east and south portion of the state are quite moutainous.

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Is the money worth it?

money is better, yes. but the stability (or lack thereof) at my current place of employment is the main driver here. like if you were writing a book on how to alienate and denegrate your workforce, you'd watch the management team i'm currently working under. it's the wildest thing i've ever been a part of in 16 years of working in this industry. like i've been through some severe layoffs (i personally laid of 32 people in 1 day back in 2015) and what i'm seeing now has less grace and humanity than the layoff process at my previous place of employment.

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i'm on my 5th guess today and i have no fucking idea what the word could even be. i'm just guessing random letters that i haven't used until it accepts the word.


WTF, is that even a word?

Wordle 566 5/6*






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To be an Okie from Muskogee.

Well not really, but I'm officially moving back to OKC. 


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I get the ripping of Canada as a poor OC and I don't think Tomlin's exactly an "X's & O's" guy but he knows how to motivate and get his teams up.

There's not a player on Pittsburgh's offense that I'd want over any of the Browns starters, including WR, yet Tomlin continues to make chicken salad out of chicken shit, on the offensive side of the ball. 

I know the defense is to credit for keeping them in games but outside of Watt, Fitzpatrick and (maybe) Heyward there's not much I'd want on the defensive side of the ball either.

Tomlin should be COY this year just with what he's been able to do with a squad that's clearly in transition.

i think stefanski is out and sean payton is in for cleveland. if not then i really don't see much upside for cleveland. 

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posted by opbesr

we and sister think this is a very good website

i don't believe you. us and sister think this is a very BAD website.

posted by Laley23

  1. Backstreet Boys
  2. The Eagles (all my friends hate them because of the Lebowski joke, and no other reason lol)
  3. Britney Spears

BSB had some bangers. *NSYNC had one of the better christmas albums of my lifetime. i'll die on that hill.

i'm too old to give a shit what anyone thinks about my choices in music (or anything for that matter). All of my friends know all my music choices and there are several that think i'm insane but if anyone had that big a problem with the music selection in my truck (or golf cart, or boat, or side by side) then i jettison them out of my life pretty quick.

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looks like i'm right about miami. but it looks like new england is gonna slide in instead of NYJ, 

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hand up after my 5th guess i just started typing letters to make that last word fit. didn't even know it was a word.

Wordle 557 6/6*







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Damn, 50 year anniversary of the Immaculate No Catch and Franco Harris dead at 72

was getting 32 retired this weekend also i believe. sucks but yeah that wasnt a catch.

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I stand by my prediction from last week. 

Buffalo, KC, Cincinnati, Tennessee win their division

Baltimore, LA, NY get in. 

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Updated standings (week 15)


Buffalo 11-3 - Clinched Playoff Berth 

KC 11-3 - Clinched Playoff Berth and Division

Cincinnati 10-4

Tennessee 7-7

Baltimore 9-5

LA 8-6

Miami 8-6

In contention:

Jets 7-7

Patriots 7-7

Jacksonville 6-8 (only get in if they win the division)

Buffalo clinches the division with a Miami loss or win against the Bears. Bengals clinch with a win over NE or a Jest loss. Baltimore can clinch with a win over Atlanta and any 2 of Miami, NE, or the Jets losing. Chargers clinch with a win, Jets loss, Patriots loss, AND LV loss.

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Wordle 549 4/6*





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sucks about your loss. but i love how the dog went out. in her favorite spot without any fuss. 

my only fear with having to put our dog(s) down is that we can't do it at home where they are in their element and comfortable with surroundings. on the other hand i'm not looking to prolong any suffering so if it gets bad enough there isn't much choice i feel.



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