On Sep 28, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Personalized/Novelty plates" at 09:03 am

once i move to ohio i'll get some because thats where i'll be till the dirt nap. but for now i'm not paying a cent extra to these commie fucks in PA

On Sep 27, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Aging pets" at 03:19 pm

We've got 3 Dachshunds

Oscar - the OG, 15 yrs old in December, 2/3 blind, 95% deaf, has had cancer 3 times (including currently) and the vet says he can't have it cut out this time because it's in the muscle. Overall he's not struggling, but compared to 5 years ago he's like a shell of himself. Probably gonna have to put him down soon, but until he's clearly in pain or losing motor function we'll keep him comfy.

Otto - inherited after mom died. 13 yrs old this month. Starting to lose hearing, is in congestive heart failure and is on 3 separate heart medicines, he also has a partially collapse trachea. I get the feeling his demise will be more sudden than Oscars because he gets into fits of coughing from time to time that are pretty unnerving.

Ladybird - 12 yrs old, so far, she's got no ailments other than far and away the worst breath of any dog in existence.

On Sep 26, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "2022 NFL Survivor pool" at 10:50 am

lol. week 3 winner. congrats 

On Sep 25, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 12:38 pm

my stats are whack because i use my phone and 2 different PC's to play on. so on my phone i'm 39/39, on my work PC i'm 92/95, on my laptop at the house it's saying i'm 21/22. 

i don't have an account to aggregate all them into one spot and i don't think i'll create one.

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 12:35 pm

so i'm likely a fool but i try to base my starting word off of my gut. my first 2 are RAISE and AUDIO. I sometimes go with TOUGH if i get a wild hair. I've worked in a few others like STAIR, STARE, PRICK, MOURN, etc. but those are few and far between.

On Sep 23, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 11:18 am

lackluster bogey to finish.

Wordle 461 5/6*






On Sep 22, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Parents - How different are your kids?" at 01:28 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

My daughter is 8 and son is 4. They’re definitely starting to grow apart with their interests. She’s more into girl stuff, and he lives and breathes dinosaurs and superhero’s. They still like playing outside together. A couple years ago I could get out the Paw Patrol toys and they’d play together nicely. Not so much anymore.

On a side note, those of you with sons, when do they outgrow the little whiny wiener stage. My four year old can be constant tantrums sometimes. Really starting to take a toll on my wife and I. 

I'd say my son still has the same temper tantrum and fits that he has always had. but they are less frequent as he gets older and my daughter almost never had these outbursts. I don't know if it's a female trait being able to better control their emotions but i notice it a lot in my kids. 

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 08:59 am

my idiocy paid off on this one. my third guess was going to be a word that has 6 letters (because i didn't know how many letters it had) and only the first 5 fit (but not in the correct order) so i rearranged them and boom.

Wordle 460 3/6*




On Sep 21, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Parents - How different are your kids?" at 02:21 pm

should've stated their ages. My daughter is 13 (14 in December), my son just turned 11 this week. My daughter also walked pretty late and doesn't ever take risks, like she's a phenomenal skier (WAY better than my son) and she won't go down any black diamonds because she doesn't want to fall ever. My son will fall a million times and have fun doing it and has hit like 2/3 of the black diamonds in Seven Springs.

j_crazy created thread "Parents - How different are your kids?" at 02:11 pm

I guess anyone with siblings can chime in also. 

But I've been thinking about my kids' personalities more often these days and it's wild how different the 2 are. 

Daughter - late riser, not interested in anything competitive, hyper focused on individual tasks, doesn't want to disappoint anyone - to a fault, everything she does she thinks what everyone else will think about it (clothes, activities, the color of her braces, etc)

Son - up at 6am, everything is a competition, severely scatterbrained, doesn't want to disappoint anyone - but doesn't care too much if someone is, doesn't care what anyone thinks of him

I then thought about my siblings and how 4 of us are quite similar and the other is almost on a different planet. Like my brother, my oldest sister, and my youngest sister are very similar personality-wise, but my middle sister is like a nervous wreck at all times and not at all like the rest of us.

So is the lack of similarity amongst siblings a common thing? Or is it common for 1 kid to be like the opposite of another.

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 12:24 pm

fucking jarred it.

Wordle 459 2/6*



On Sep 20, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 05:51 pm

Total fucking guess with my third because i had no clue what word would've began and ended with those letters.

Wordle 458 3/6*




On Sep 19, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 10:44 am
posted by justincredible

Trey Lance likely out for the season. 

I'm truly upset by this, because the Dolphins own the 49er's 1st round pick and with lance, that baby was looking like a top 5 pick. with Jimmy G, we'll be picking like 17th.

also, the bengals might really be bad at O line again. burrow gonna die at this rate. he needs to have a quicker trigger to just dump the ball out and avoid those hits but man he looks like he's pissing blood at the end of every game.

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:11 am

4 soccer games in 2 days, 784 miles covered, plus football and my anniversary, +6 weekend.

Back today with par

Wordle 457 4/6*





On Sep 16, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 08:35 am

Wordle 454 3/6*




j_crazy replied to "NCAA football" at 08:31 am

Go bucks.

On Sep 15, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 07:54 am

  I don’t have hard mode turned on on my phone  just realized but I followed the rules for it  

Wordle 453 3/6




On Sep 14, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 02:47 pm

Wordle 452 3/6*




On Sep 13, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 08:45 am

Back on track

Wordle 451 4/6*





On Sep 12, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wordle "Golf" tournament, 9/6 - 9/23" at 09:39 am
posted by iclfan2

Once everyone plays, wtf was your second word.

i think i know what it was.  but i'm curious too.



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