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Nic Carter called the doomberg boys out and they are going to have a podcast debate about that article. i'm actually looking forward to that.

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is it good or bad that i got the lewdle one easier than the wordle one?

Lewdle 08 3/6




Don't be $β‹•*! Play the original Wordle too! 


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posted by justincredible

20% would definitely do it. My only requirement is fully remote.

i'm here also. i would leave for 20% if it was an identical role, still 100% in person, and the commute was identical.

i'd leave for 10-15% less money if it meant i could be 100% remote and had no restrictions on where i could live.

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Wordle 221 4/6





On Jan 25, 2022:

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They’re in it as a trade and are hoping to leave the crypto universe with more fiat in their traditional banking accounts than they entered with. Most won’t. If you don’t know who the sucker is at the digital poker table, you are probably a HODLer.

I'm the sucker at the poker table. And I'm okay with that.

what did you think about the net flow of money they laid out? i don't know enough about the tech, the transfers and all that to know how accurate their assessment was (albeit they had a very basic description) regarding the actual flow of value and it's relation to fiat money.

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Sweated today

Wordle 220 6/6







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Dollars Ex Machina

i love doomberg. interested to see what Justin thinks of this one.

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Bang the boss’s wife and upper deck his toilet. 

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I’d have taken it, gotten the offer, and declined immediately at that point. Or maybe waited the length they gave for a decision. Either way, I’d make them waste more resources and time on me just to say no. 

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posted by Laley23

I’d have taken it, gotten the offer, and declined immediately at that point. Or maybe waited the length they gave for a decision. Either way, I’d make them waste more resources and time on me just to say no. 

true spite, this is the way.

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Wordle 219 5/6






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Wordle 217 5/6






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Wordle 216 4/6





On Jan 20, 2022:

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posted by Automatik

Definitely feels somewhat weird to be doing this at 37, but I'm cool with it. 

Respect. i've had similar aspirations with the keys. i feel like if i spent any time in mexico i'd get similar vibes. 

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posted by justincredible

Co-worker got it in 2 today.

i'd be curious what word they started with to guess this one on the second attempt.

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Wordle 215 4/6





On Jan 19, 2022:

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posted by kizer permanente

J crazy seems pretty normal/typical dude and has a 104 fever and shortness of breath. You’ve had a lot of colds like that? 

Only had that for 36 hours. now it's just a lingering cough/ easily winded. but that is getting noticeably better every day now.

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10. Bills 

9. Packers

8. Burrow yards 

7. Rams

6. LA/TB over 48.5

5. Titans

4. Ten/Cin over 47

3. SF/GB over 47.5

2. Bills/Chiefs under 54.5

1. Brady yards over Mahomes

21 points

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Wordle 214 5/6








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