On Jun 21, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Bitcoin" at 10:54 am

i just moved mine all to zengo. 

j_crazy replied to "Bitcoin" at 08:35 am
posted by Automatik

What do you use?

Mine is all sitting in CB. I don’t really have enough to warrant offline storage, but I’ve been considering it. 

same. my reason for pulling it offline is strictly to make sure if CB goes belly up i actually get to keep whatever coin i have at whatever value it may hold.

j_crazy replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 08:32 am

agreed but if he was consistent there he'd close one of these out. i mean he double clutched a 4" putt sunday. that might not be the "putting stroke" per se, but god damn it hast to be mental.

On Jun 20, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Bitcoin" at 02:42 pm

you're not at all scare with these collapses that keep dragging BTC down? i'm not holding my stuff in an offline wallet. all mine is on coinbase so it's hard for me to not panic and  pull the plug on this shit.

j_crazy replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 12:59 pm
posted by kizer permanente

He needs to figure out a consistent putting stroke. 

he putted well this week but yeah he's all over the place with that. 

j_crazy replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 11:13 am
posted by Laley23

Needs to capitalize. Fowler comes to mind right away, but so many have been close like this and people assume it’ll happen and then never does.

rickie won tournaments, just not the majors. Will is still chasing that first win at some point that pressure will break anyone. but damn i love watching that guy and hope he breaks through. 

j_crazy replied to "Bitcoin" at 10:51 am

been a rough week. i guess we still hold.

On Jun 17, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "What would you say....you do here?" at 08:40 am

Engineer for a Natural Gas explorer and development company based in Pittsburgh. I'm burning out though after 15 years of the same job. if i can find something that will allow me to work remote i will try to get it. if not, i really feel like once my kids are out of school i'll build a house with cash flow and start winding down my career early so i can find a job selling guns, fishing or golf equipment. 

On Jun 7, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 09:37 am
posted by Laley23

People are already over Louis CK...

This seems to be the same type of thing. 

louie also admitted he did it and accepted it was fucking creepy. I think that went a long way in him being able to come back. whether or not watson intended to be a creepy serial masturbator, he clearly made all 24 (and counting) of these women feel that way. That to me is as big a problem as anything else here. something is broken in this guy's head that he can't accept that these women didn't want to fuck him or watch him crank one out. 

to my knowledge he never actually forced any of these women to have sex with him so i don't think we can escalate it to the point of calling him a rapist like some have said.  BUT i'm not 100% invested in knowing all the facts here and i may not be aware of actual rape allegations, so don't crucify me.

On Jun 3, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 09:51 am

i honestly feel in my heart that Watson gets like a 2 year suspension out of this. it's piling up pretty bad and zeke got 6 games for much much much less and next to no proof. if that happens and baker holds fast it'd be some sweet poetic justice for him.

On May 27, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Guns and Mass Shootings" at 09:56 am

mandatory military service immediately following high school. required psychiatric evaluations prior to discharge. firearms can only be purchased by people with good records based on service record and psych eval (and universal background check) . 

even then i'm not sure you eliminate this. the background check was done on this fool and he was good to go. so requiring background checks doesn't work. 

personally, i feel like the problem is society in general and the internet specifically. we are so focused on pronouns that we don't think about out our verbs. society has us focused on who we should fuck and simultanesously mocks people who tell us ways to love someone. i was in a dark place a few years ago and i stumbled on a quote that resonated with me. "we live in a house of mirrors and think we are looking out the windows" meaning i was reading mean, hurtful, ignorant shit all day on the internet and thought the world was full of it. in reality the algorithms were feeding me what i was projecting out really warping my vision of the world. i bailed on all social media (except twitter, where i never really engage) and within months my outlook changed on just about everything. i found a job to get me out of one i hated and have been the happiest version of my adult self for 3 of these last 4 years (covid year omitted). personally i feel this is the biggest contributing factor to these massacres and the evidence, particularly with the buffalo shooter and increasingly looking like this guy in uvalde too, seems to back me up.

On May 26, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Wife Swap" at 08:45 am

i doubt kizer is in this group, but my wife's cousin is apparently involved in the same thing. she brought a new guy to easter and i asked my wife what happened to her husband and that's when i was told he knocked up the cousin's best friend and that the guy was the best friends husband. 

wild scene man. so unless you're from eastern PA this is a totally separate group doing nearly the same thing. mayber more common than we think but still incredibly awkward.

i should also note that when i lived in louisiana in 2009 a neighbor of mine knocked up the neighbor across the street while his wife was pregnant with (or may had just delivered) twins. some time later (maybe 2 years or so) those couples had swapped partners completely and were both getting married. so that's 2 instances i can think of but one was much slower.

On May 24, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "The current housing market" at 10:22 am
posted by birddog23

If you know the builder of the home, contact them. They could still have the plans archived. Long shot though maybe.

only concern i have with that is that it's a huge corporation that built it so i feel like there is like a 2 hour phone call involved with that for them to just tell me it's going to cost an insane amount and i'm not going to want to do it.

j_crazy replied to "The current housing market" at 09:36 am

any of you have an idea how i can get ahold of the plans for a house i used to own? we've decided that is the home we want to build on our plot.

On May 23, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 08:22 am

-5 won not a bad prediction by me.

hated seeing mito fold like that. really want zalatoris to get over the hump but that putting stroke is gonna be a huge hurdle for him. JT is starting to feel like a killer, his closing rounds are always one of the better scores on the day.

On May 19, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 07:43 am

the weather will make this brutal today and tomorrow. seems like the kind of conditions that koepka thrives in, so at +4800 thats worth a taste. i've played this course before and it's long and has killer greens. so Zalatoris, hovland, lowry, JT, Morikawa, and Cam Smith should all have good looks. but only Lowry and Cam are dialed in with the putter right now. 

my picks:

Cam Smith


JT if he finds the putter

Koepka - long shot

i'd also add that a winning score here will be like -6 or so.

On May 16, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Daily supplements" at 02:45 pm
posted by justincredible

It's hard to find since the FDA changed their opinion on it.


i used to take liposomal glutathione but it made me feel like shit. curious if NAC would have similar effect.

j_crazy replied to "Daily supplements" at 01:31 pm

Which NAC supplement you taking?

On May 10, 2022:

j_crazy replied to "Building a home gym" at 01:38 pm
posted by BR1986FB

If you do decide to eventually go with the Air Dyne you're better off using it for HIIT than steady state cardio. Like others mentioned, go with walking first until you drop a significant amount of weight. Then you can graduate up to the more intense stuff if you like. I either walk or do brief/intense burst HIIT type exercises (battle ropes superset with kettlebell swings, prowler pushes, farmers walks, etc).

yeah my thought was to use it for the resistance and get the heart rate up while working muscles lightly. but again. going from 0 -100 - 0 is my MO so starting slower is probably best.

j_crazy replied to "Bitcoin" at 01:13 pm

been a tumultuous week. but i'm curious what happened with the stablecoin that fell off the cliff yesterday. i thought those things were tied to the dollar and couldn't flatline?



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