On Oct 22, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Who do you plan to vote for?" at 06:52 am

Trump, but i'm not happy about it. 

On Aug 31, 2020:

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posted by j_crazy

about a month ago. i was putting for eagle on a par 5 (like a 90 foot putt, but still putting), turned in an 8. If that isn't the epitome of love/hate relationship with this game i don't know what is.

Such a stupid, wonderful game isn’t it?

j_crazy replied to "The golf thread..." at 09:32 am

about a month ago. i was putting for eagle on a par 5 (like a 90 foot putt, but still putting), turned in an 8. If that isn't the epitome of love/hate relationship with this game i don't know what is.

On Aug 3, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Investing (Roth IRA) and Liquidity" at 09:14 am

i use a financial advisor now, but when i first was starting i did it all myself. if you are going to be hands off and let it grow with like index funds, run it yourself, if you want to get aggressive with frequent trades and actively manage it (tax loss harvesting and other aspects) you might have a financial advisor do it. 

As for how to run it, i say it's dependent upon your options. when i started mine, my employer had a deal with fidelity that made all account types free on that site (this was at a time where that was not the case, there were account maintenance fees everywhere) now i think most of those fees are not around so go look at a few and see which interface you like best (because there are some bad ones - Merril Lynch) and pick one.

On Jul 31, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Wallet style" at 08:24 am

I've got 2 that I use depending on what's going on. 

My everyday wallet is this one:

Holtz Leather Co. - Gates

If I'm travelling, I don't use cash, so this is what I use:

Hell Bent Holsters - 2.5 without money clip

On Jul 15, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "8 Values Political Test" at 12:43 pm

Social Liberalism

On Jul 13, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "The golf thread..." at 09:06 am

I played Pete Dye Golf Club in Bridgeport WV yesterday. FUCKING AMAZING course.

On Jul 10, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "The golf thread..." at 11:17 am

i had an exciting round yesterday. 64 on the front and 48 on the back. the greens were WILD fast. the reason i did so much better on the back is that i just used 1 club less than the distance on all approach shots on every hole on the back. I left it short and just chipped it on. I couldn't get anything to stick on the greens.

On Jun 30, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 07:00 pm

I made 400 on the superbowl, lost all of that plus 100 more betting golf. maybe i don't need sports to come back...

j_crazy replied to "Anyone grow out their beard during quarantine?" at 01:01 pm

I'm hoboish at the moment. solid 3-5 inches of scraggy growth.

On Jun 29, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Grocery Shopping" at 04:25 pm

I used to open things and eat while i was in the store. i don't anymore. 

j_crazy replied to "What are you reading?" at 12:16 pm

i just finished the Dan Crenshaw book. It was a so-so book but the message is a good one (especially in this odd time we are living in). Before that I read Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink (very good IMO). now i'm wrapping up a harry bosch book and just picked up the Pioneers about the settlement of Marietta and then follows Putnam and Cutler accross the NWT.

j_crazy replied to "How long have you been married?" at 12:08 pm

married for almost 11. dated for just over 8 before that (with a 2 month break)

j_crazy replied to "The golf thread..." at 12:04 pm

i also wanted to say that i was fitted for a putter about a month ago and bought a max toe weighted putter my putting has dramatically improved, like 10' and in is finally better than 50% for me. If you have the opportunity to do that, i recommend it. The only reason i did it was because Ping was having a demo day at the muni while i was there on the range.

j_crazy replied to "The golf thread..." at 11:59 am

I played the muni by my house 3 weeks ago, shot a 101 but i had a 6 hole run where i was only 4 over (Par, bogey, double, birdie, bogey, par, bogey) then i had 2 11's on par 5's  where i was chop suey.

2 weeks ago we went to myrtle beach and i played 36 holes 1 day and another 18 the last day of that trip. i played well, but 2 of the courses we played were humbling (like 135-140 slope ratings) i shot 112 at prestwick, 95 at indigo creek (honestly i can attribute 5 strokes to how poor that course's condition was). then i shot a smooth 102 (I'm proud of that score actually at Tidewater.

Last week I played Montour Heights and shot a respectable 106, that is a fun course and it was my first time seeing it, i was aiming at the wrong green on 2 different holes and added some strokes doing that.

looks pretty clean.

On Apr 14, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Baseball cards" at 10:15 am

i inherited my dads and need to go through them

j_crazy replied to "What will you do with your stimulus money?" at 07:56 am

I'm going to use it to buy a TV for the basement.

On Mar 13, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "Will the US go under quarantine?" at 11:03 am

not immediately, but yeah. italy, korea, china have all successfully combatted this thing with quarantines, there is no way to avoid it at this point. luckily our stable genius will be quicker to act than the italians, but that deadline is fast approaching. seems like much of europe is going the same direction and will similarly change course or suffer.

On Mar 11, 2020:

j_crazy replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 04:08 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Shut down the primary is dumb. I doubt that is what they meant. 

They probably meant, Bernie needs to drop out, which he won't do yet. 

I do doubt Bernie continues far into April. The map and math look worse than they did in 2016. 

Last night showed voters he got in 2016 flipped to Biden this time around. 

I've been thinking more and more 2016 was more anti-Hillary than pro-Bernie. 

i think what we are seeing is that he was never going to get the black vote (no shit), the young bernie bros are too busy shitposting on twitter to register to vote, and that after 3 years of trump the "new progressives" that went for bernie last time came to their senses and said holy shit if we fuck this up again we'll get more trump. so they went for the safer candidate (time will tell if that is the right move).



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