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I already have my retirement job lined up. Local hardware store is also a Sig Sauer and Kimber master dealer. 

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To each their own. For me, when I'm done with the current jobs, I don't want any part of another "professional" position. About the only job I'm interested in is being an usher at the local minor league ballpark or hockey arena.

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I'm not sure I see the red flag you're seeing. If he agrees to the Saturday stop time, why not give it a go? If he then breaks his word, goodbye gone.

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The moth joke is so good. 

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Spock sighting

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If only there was a vaccine that significantly reduces how sick you end up getting. 

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posted by Al Bundy

Dumb ass, the receivers got the yards. He missed many open receivers. Learn the game of football.

I only played in high school and college. Sorry I wasn't good enough for the pro career you had.

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He is NOT remotely the reason they lost, Not even close.

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Hint: nearly 500 passing yards is considered good.


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As a defensive coordinator, Kerry Coombs is a great high school football coach.

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posted by justincredible

It’S a PrIvAtE cOmPaNy

Correct. The part I'm confused about came from a anti-vax (the wacko kind) cousin who argues nonsensically (to me) that government can't mandate companies to require vaccines for their employees, but government (i.e. idiot-boy DeSantis among others) CAN force companies not to have that requirement. To me, they either can or they cannot force their will on private companies..

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I use Private Internet Access.  Although I think it may be limited to 10 devices, but it has a lot of features.  The app is quite good (for whole device protection), but it also has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome (I think). It's $40 per year if you purchase a 2-yr plan.

Although it appears you can whitelist websites with Surfshark (which PIA doesn't).  I've found the occasional website - mostly banks - doesn't like VPN's.

The other thing to look out for is your network traffic between devices.  If you can't whitelist the IP addresses or something similar, your inter-connectivity will slow to a crawl or break all together (i.e. wireless printing).

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It is. My wife came across it to make it easier to get certain apps for a relative's Firestick, but it works for basically all major platforms. For $2.49 per month for unlimited devices, I guess I can't go too wrong.

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Does/has anyone used this software? Justin?

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Willard Scott, 87

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posted by Laley23

I agree. But a slippery slope. The most important court and judges in the world make a ruling on something -- just seems REALLY dangerous to have those decisions overturned once they are gone.

I agree it should be EXTREMELY rare.

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posted by Laley23

I hate the premise that a ruling from our highest court in the land can be overturned because someone died and an equal replaced them. An overturn should come from a higher court on a lower, which cannot happen in the Supreme Court. 

If you want a new ruling, make a new law. But the highest court in our land has already interpreted the law as it was written.

There are times (not this time) where decisions were SO bad that they must be reexamined and overturned.

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1. Case Western Reserve - best school that I could get into and play football. Got a great education. My left knee tells me most days about the wisdom of making life decisions based on not giving up contact sports.

2. Northwestern - I must have checked some demographic box of theirs, as they came after me pretty hard. In hindsight, I probably would/should have chosen to go here for undergrad. Did get my MBA here.

3. Ohio State - always a Buckeye.

4. Bowling Green - knew a lot of people who went there, would have been fun, perhaps too much.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Hey congrats for overtaking my hometown county, Scioto as they used to be #1 a week or so ago. My people in Scioto County are just sad at the amount of stupid arguments against the vaccine and COVID. 

Mercer and Shelby are letting me down.



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