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John Ross has no business at an NFL game without a ticket.

On Sep 15, 2020:

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posted by gut

You're seriously stupid and blind if you think Ben is overweight, much less fat.  An easy internet search (which any non-moron can do) would convince any non-morons Ben has never played fat.  Anyone who's watched him play would know he moves too well to be "fat", not to mention there's never been a halfway decent fat QB in the NFL.

HOFer Sonny Jurgensen?

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One that reminds me of a couple of posters around here:

How many Trumpers does it take to change a lightbulb? None. Trump tells them it’s working and they all sit in the dark and applaud him.

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The Bengals will win more games than the Browns.

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posted by Automatik

People who depend on the president to 

This right here is the problem.  Too many people depend on the president for many things, including their own happiness. 

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The shredded chicken sammich was the bomb.

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posted by BRF

I really enjoyed watching him back in the 60’s in the World Series.

The '67 and '68 series were both classics.

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Lou Brock, 81.

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It may well have been a setup. In no way does it excuse her 1) lack of knowledge of local rules currently in place, or 2) her decision to disregard them.

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What percentage of people who die of all natural causes also have other health issues? Similar, I'd guess.

People sure seem to like to latch onto factoids to "prove" their positions correct.

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Can someone tell me how the protests will get us to where nearly all of us want to get to? It seems like the "underpants gnome" episode of South Park:

1. Protest

2. ?

3. Equality

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Despite your "everyone's out to get me angle" and your melodramatic resignation from the site, I would guess that approximately 0% of us expected you to stay away for long.  It was actually pretty surprising that you stayed away even for a couple of days.  I guess in light of the fact that COVID restricts outside options, at least you're back here and not somewhere getting yourself into trouble.  

Well, until you're next dramatic exit, welcome back.  


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posted by QuakerOats

The math is fairly simple. 

10,500,000 arrests per year.  Let's say that 20 of them involve a police-involved shooting wherein a controversy arises.  That equals 99.9997% success rate.

So all police interactions that don't involve a controversial shooting is a success? Damn, I wish my old bosses would have had such a low bar.

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posted by QuakerOats

I greatly admire the police for doing their job right 99.99% of the time.  Name another profession with that success rate.

Any profession where someone makes up numbers.

On Aug 27, 2020:

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posted by sportchampps

It takes what about 1-2 seconds to turn around and lunge. If your within 7’ feet of someone with a knife your within striking distance. 

So they tried to stop him. Then they tried non lethal force with a taser and that did not work. Then he went into an area with a deadly weapon while struggling with an officer. If he can’t shoot then when can he shoot once he’s already been stabbed?

My comment was meant to be facetious. No matter what happened before, when he tries to get in his car, I ventilate him.

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posted by Fab4Runner

They've been outspoken about systemic racism and injustice for a long time. It's not just about Jacob Blake. There are also a lot of people who still feel that he didn't deserve to be shot in the back seven times. I don't think they look like fools at all. 

One other option would be to wait for him to turn back around after doing whatever the hell he was doing in the car. Perhaps nothing, perhaps getting a gun, or anything in between.

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Justin Townes Earle, 38.

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posted by sportchampps

The Problem is one party rule. We need term limits and we need people who will vote for the best candidate not the D or R next to their name.

Or perhaps stop fooling yourself (generally speaking), that the Government is going to fix anything for you.  Biden will win and nothing will change for the disenfranchised people they are pretending to “fight” for, book it.

And before someone comes in with “wHat aBoUt TeH RePuBLiCAns?”  the same applies to them.

On Aug 21, 2020:

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posted by SportsAndLady

Dems and pubs arguing about which presidential candidate is more of a slimy asshole is PEAK 2020 politics.

True, and you'd have to go back a LOOOONG way to find this not to be true.

No, not him (D).

No, him either (R).

queencitybuckeye replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:53 am
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Maybe, but hey at least Biden  is attempting to care and give a shit about people. Trump just seems like an asshole and people may be sick of that with over 170k dead. 

"is attempting to pretend to care"



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