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Not for me, but don't quite understand the "purists" who don't think others should.

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There were a couple of neighborhoods in our town for the "rich people". Only a guess, but that was probably more true back then vs. today where a decent percentage of the residents aren't wealthy, but extremely house-poor.

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I don’t even have an opinion on DC statehood, and don’t care what others think about it. But the logic of “those people chose to live there, they shouldn’t be able to pass a bill” is just terrible. Especially when it’s very obvious why republicans don’t want DC statehood. 

Works both ways, there's exactly one reason why the left wants it.

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Yeah...the people of MD do not want that. By a wiiiide margin. 

It solves the "problem". Bunch of fuckin' NIMBYs

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Yeah, not if you were born in DC and your whole life has been in the District. If you want to have a Rep in Congress then, you must uproot your whole family and move to MD and VA? How fucked is that? 

Also, again, if my job is in DC, I have to live out of it and commute in if I want to vote? How is that not fucked up?

We are just telling 700k sorry, you just made the wrong choice? Doesn't sound very American to me. 

If you would move to be represented in congress, you haven't been paying attention to congress for the last 50 years, at minimum.

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posted by Spock

i grew up poor, moved 5 times in 6 years.  My thought of being rich was whatever anyone had cause I didnt have anything.

Every kid should have to walk to the store with food stamps growing up.  Builds character.

How odd that you seem lacking. Must be like a vaccine, limited shelf life.

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So, the people in DC are just like citizens of another foreign country to you? Good to know you do not see them as Americans. That makes no sense. 

The common element is choice.

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It's probably been five years since I've had anything other than beer or a margarita. Gin and tonic was my go to back in the day.

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There are some big lakes an hourish away from here, or the Mountains of Asheville are 3 hours. I go back and forth on if I'd rather be on a lake with a boat or just away from everything. There is also a private beach an hour away with condos below $200k that always intrigue me.

Love the Asheville area. Will probably move to a smaller town in that area in a year or two. Really like Brevard. For a second place, will probably get a small house somewhere in west-central Ohio where both of us have friends/family.

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Who gives a shit? Semi automatic, assault rifles, you know what I meant. Don’t be “that guy” that listens to someone’s entire argument and goes “oh actually, this word you said was wrong!” 

Why are you answering for a post directed at CC?

Words matter. Given your tenuous grasp of the language, I'm sure you wish it weren't so, but they do.

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posted by Spock

I love the term "assault" rifle.  

Actually not even a thing.  A gun hijacked by a word about 30 years ago for the purpose of making a semi auto gun seem like a weapon of mass destruction.  

That AR is no different then my 14 shot .22cal squirrel rifle.

It's substantially different. Don't counter "anti-" untruths with "pro-" untruths.

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You’re acting like they fucking Lord of the Rings smashed their way through the gate like theyre a bunch of Orcs. 


There’s a picture of the gate under that video. They simply broke the gate open and went through lol. 

A distinction without a difference.

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posted by justincredible

I do not believe hospitalizations or deaths are rising. Ohio also just started offering free testing to anyone who wants it. Cases were bound to rise.

True, but the percentage positive tests is also rising.

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My wife and I are celebrating 11 years today. We're getting close to the point of having known each other for more than half our lives. We were both 19 when we met and we'll both be turning 38 soon. Yikes.

How long have you all been together?

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30 years this coming September. Did Niagara Falls and Toronto for our 10th, San Francisco for 20. Looking like a camping trip this year.

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Live and Let Die, Guns n Roses.


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City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie

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Johnny Cash - Hurt

Love me some Nine Inch Nails but Cash's version was better.

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Another music topic, what are some of your favorite covers of great songs? A couple to start:

The Wilson sisters from Heart, Jason Bonham, and a host of others doing Stairway to Heaven at The Kennedy Center Honors.
Have a Cigar - Primus.
Angel from Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt
Jackson - Carolina Chocolate Drops



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