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2018: (3) “A quarterback does not have to slide feet first to be considered to be giving himself up. Regardless whether the slide is feet first or head first, as long as he gives himself up, he should receive the protections afforded to him as a player in a defenceless posture.”

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posted by gut

I'd say BAL, CIN and BUF are safe bets.

And I'll go with MIA and LAC to round out the 7.

Hope you're right on the Bengals, but the schedule is tough as hell.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

You have to admit that it’s funny watching both sides scramble to figure out how they feel about the guy.

Why does either "side" have the need to feel anything about him at all?

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This year points out the absurdity of expanding to 12 for anything other than cash. There are four and only four teams worthy as of today, and there have never been more than six, which was in the first year of this format.

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Is Georgia the only team in whether they win or lose their conference championship? I'd guess yes with Alabama replacing any of the others. If both the Maize and Blow and TCU lose (go Purdue!), is it tOSU, or Tennessee?

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I will say this, Goodell definitely had an unfair stance on Josh Gordon when it came to his time with the Browns versus others with same issues and then when Gordon went to other franchises.

And they DEF hated the Watson contract.

Perhaps, but using the Watson contract as an example, would they have hated it less if it was team X or team Y?

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I'm not sure why people think the league hates the Browns. They aren't an elite franchise nor a disaster, they're one of twenty or so middle of the pack franchises.

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I don't know.  Seems like Desantis is doing awfully well with minorities in Florida.

I haven't followed Desantis super closely, but a lot of the country thinks he's a MAGA idiot because they only know him through the lens of CNN/NYT.  I think he's going to do very well with moderates once they see him on the campaign trail and in debates.

He comes off as kind of "MAGA-lite". He's also worlds smarter than Trump.

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In other news I’m not sure Ewers has a stronger arm than our high school QB

His footwork is terrible, must be too busy collecting NIL checks to have time to work on fundamentals.

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In Arizona, the R representative for the governor's seat said that there were still 80k? mail in votes that were dropped off the day of election. She's trailing but believes the lion's share of these votes will be red because they don't trust the voting system.

She cited examples of people being called "conspiracy theorists" and cancelled out when they complained about wrongdoing they saw at the polls in the last election. When she ( R governor rep) tried to get the voting system changed for this election it sounds like she was ostracized and ridiculed. Can't imagine wanting things to be fair (eye roll).

Can't speak to Arizona, but have worked the polls enough in other states to know that any cheating, if it exists, happens downstream.

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dogs feels like 5pm dinner time 4pm weiner

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If "they're gonna take your social security" isn't working, go full on with the death of democracy. 

Yes, because nothing says "democracy" more than people telling you that you can only vote for one candidate or you're against democracy.

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posted by friendfromlowry

I’m not following with the kids. There’s some you don’t really love anymore? 

I'm saying that people with multiple kids say they love them all the same. I know a whole lot of people who love all their children, but if being honest they have one or more that they love more than others.

I only have one child, and I love him very much.

The six I was referencing was that we have had six dogs. Sorry about the poor way I worded it.

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posted by j_crazy

"does my ass look big in this?"  

what i said - "No."

Truth - "bitch your ass looks big in anything. the fuck kind of question is that?"

I did miss asking if self-defense is a valid excuse. Good point.

queencitybuckeye created thread "Are there lies that are OK?" at 10:49 am

I thought about adding additional options regarding the severity of the untruth, but decided to keep it binary.

Example: Is it OK to say you love your children equally when deep down, you know it isn't true? I thought about it when walking the dogs. We've had six and there have been three I've loved more than the other three (I HAVE loved them all).

Are lies intended to spare feelings OK?

Does the importance of the question matter (i.e. "little white lies" vs. "real" lies)?

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Called twice.

The first was for someone who was visiting a "friend" who stole that person's purse on their way out. It seemed fairly clear cut, but it also seemed as if several jurors were more concerned about getting done fast than to do the job. For that reason, I was one of the dissenters in a 10-2 initial vote. After reviewing the evidence, we convicted.

The second was a capital murder case that was expected to take a fair amount of time. The small company I was working for had just signed a major client and I was going to lead the project, and I was excused for that reason.

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It's finally my turn and I do have to report to the courthouse on Monday.

Hope you get a drug case.

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posted by Fletch

Yo I don’t know that,  you probably were the ones giving it to them.  Shedding virus from your shots.

Since that's not possible, probably not.

And you're still an idiot.

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It really is.  Just like sports.  People just want to be part of a winning team.

With the sad reality being that they're so involved in yelling that their team is the winning one that they don't have the self-awareness to realize both teams are big losers that suck to a degree that Thursday night abomination between Indy and Denver looks pretty good in comparison.



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