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The confusing part is who enforces that at the store? It has fallen on the store staff to do it and that has led to those viral stupid videos of people yelling about rights and shit. 

Sounds like poor training on the part of the store. The associate should not get in an argument with the customer, nor should the manager the associate should be trained to call at the first sign of conflict. The manager should simply tell the "guest" that he/she is no longer welcome.

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A blast from the past! Welcome back.

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Irv Cross, 81. Eagle and Ram DB, long time NFL TV analyst, Northwestern Grad (go Cats!). RIP.

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Counter: how much additional money would it take to get you to leave a job you actually like? I was contacted by a recruiter with a job I am definitely qualified for that would come with a 40% pay increase. That's a lot of cheese to ignore.

Probably a tougher question than the original with all the factors. At one time, 40% would literally be life-changing. Now, still nice but would probably just go into the investment account. Whether it's where one currently lives or would need to move to somewhere you may or may not be interested in. For everyone, the known (a job you like) vs. the unknown.

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Where tf is my $2k stimmy? Bitcoin isn't getting any cheaper.

Too busy trying to get former office-holders thrown out of office.

On Feb 17, 2021:

I prefer not to use dollars, but in percent terms, my average salary over the first five years of owning my own shop vs. the McCorporate world dropped by around 65%. A lower cost of living helped, but I probably would have done it anyway.

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Jazz great Chick Corea, 79.

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New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Looks like 34

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It was ok. I was fresh out of college and moved for my first job and didn't know a whole lot of people, but the downtown area is nice with some good restaurants/ bars.  I probably wouldn't choose to live there again, but I would if for some reason a job popped up. 

What part of CLT are you in? My MIL lives in Belmont and we have some friends in Ballantyne, which are both really nice.

We considered Belmont. We are in Cornelius, about a half hour shot up I-77 near Lake Norman.

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OH: Champion (Warren) --> Youngstown

--> Charleston, SC --> Greensboro, NC --> Cleveland, OH --> Charleston, SC (current)

Want to live:  Either a small beach town or a lake house (still in the south) 

How did you like the 'Boro?

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Ohio - born and raised

California - So Cal was a fun place to be for a few months, just too crowded for a small town boy.

North Carolina - my adopted home state, most of my wife's family is here.

If we don't stay in NC, the most likely next state would be the mountains of Tennessee

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A Trumpie is anyone that supports the Donald so much that they believe that Stop the steal was a viable solution to their  dismay that the orange fucker lost and that they could stop theyb could overtake the capital when congress was in session and that it didn’t matter because it was a cause that they supported

That's a fair description, thanks.

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posted by Devils Advocate

I have an interesting question since y’all brought it up. Do y’all feel the same silence for the Trumpies and the Republicans?😇

Define "The Trumpies"

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I don't know.  Do you have any clips of BLM sharing the stage and mic with Antifa?  Or photos of them meeting together to strategize?

Lack of speaking out against them constitutes acceptance IMO.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Still won't forget that you badmouthed Don Vito Corleone.  That shit'll get you whacked if you're not careful.  You'll find yourself alongside Luca Brasi. 

I can handle things. I’m smart. Not like everybody says, like dumb. I’m smart and I want respect!

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The point is that it's objective in your eyes, but others would disagree.  Lower income earners pay a higher tax rate on the same basic necessities.  

There may be no ideal (i.e. fair) way to tax a population.  I don't love paying my taxes.  But I also recognize that we are taxed at a lower rate than almost anywhere else I'd want to live.  

I don't believe "fair" exists, except as a matter of opinion. Is it fair that nearly half the population pay zero income tax? Some people would actually say yes to that, which is amazing to me.

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That is not how the country was founded. The whole crux of the Jefferson v. Hamilton/ Madison debate is the power of the government through the Amendment and law process. You are just taking the Jefferson point of view. My whole point is there is a whole other side of the argument that has been around since the founding of the country.  It seems like most people forget how divided our founding was and that the founders had deep disagreements on the nature of government and how it would function. 

You also acknowledge the Amendment process...which goes back to how this all started as Income Taxes are part of the Amendment process, Amendment #16.

It's settled, but ignored, that the government can simply pass laws the grant them powers not specifically enumerated in the constitution. Again, they are not allowed to do so, but can due to force.

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It seems like you just think there should be no government and every man for themselves. 

That's the ideal, I can't get there as a practical matter. I could live with what the country was supposed to be as founded. A federal government whose sole legal functions are specifically spelled out and cannot be expanded by anything but the amendment process. In short, to 1) protect my person, and 2) to protect my property (including from them).

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What chosen people? You mean the people that write our laws? The people you elect? 

It is like you are against any and all laws of man. 

I'm saying the modern laws and things like taxes are an extension of the social contract theory. How far those laws invade our personal space and property is up for debate, but as a citizen of the country, you agree to at the very least to the concept. 

The concept is stupid as contracts are voluntary agreements.

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Who are these chosen people with more standing than me, and how did they get it?



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