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posted by justincredible

I must be the only person that likes Aaron Rodgers.

He's a great player, but he's the guy who insists that everyone acknowledges that he's the smartest kid in the class.

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Thank you for proving the first sentence of my post conclusively true.

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When both parties get their hands on a nonsense issue, it's amazing the amount of time that can be wasted other than stirring up their party loyalists, which is of course the real goal.

Democrats, with rare exception minorities have ID and those that don't can easily get one. How very white of you to think you need to take care of these poor unfortunates to accomplish something so trivial.

Republicans, there is no real evidence of widespread cheating in our elections no matter which podcast "celebrities" get some crackpot to say there is.

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10 Chiefs
9 More passing yards: Brady or Mahomes - Mahomes
8 Titans
7 More passing yards: Burrow or Rodgers - Rodgers
6 Bengals @ Titans Over/Under 47 - Under
5 Packers
4 Rams
3 Rams @ Bucs O/U 48.5 - Over
2 49ers @ Packers O/U 47.5 - Over
1 Bills @ Chiefs O/U 54.5 - Under

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posted by Laley23

I didn’t watch most of the game. I did see that call. My point is there is a clear black and white rule. How the refs fucked it up is insane, only Boger. You can say the right outcome resulted, and I agree. But the rule is clear…it should not have counted. The whistle blew. The Bengals benefited immensely from that.

That is correct. Do the Raiders have a legitimate beef for the bad call? Of course. Do they and their fans have a legitimate claim that it cost them the game? They do not. Throwing an interception in the field of play on a tie or die play gives them no excuse. The team that played better won the game.

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Joe B. Hall, 93

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10 Patriots

5 Chiefs

4 Bucs

3 Cowboys

2 Bengals

1 Rams

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Vaccine - a preparation or immunotherapy that is used to stimulate the body's immune response against noninfectious substances, agents, or diseases

It's a fucking vaccine.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

This is completely false.  Where do you find this stuff?

He's gone from misinterpretation of facts to simply making shit up. They allow people like him to teach in our schools?

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posted by Fletch

But it is ineffective.  To the point where its really not a vaccine because tens of thousands of people are getting sick.  Dont even come back and say that "well it keeps you form dying"......thats not what a vaccine is supposed to be

That's exactly a vaccine. You are an idiot.

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Ineffective vax is absurdly wrong. Stupid to even pretend on this one.

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I haven’t but Firestone walker makes some solid beers

Thanks. Is this something that would get better with age? Is there any trick to aging beers other than stick it in the fridge and leave it alone? I like what I think to be good beers but am very much a novice.

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posted by Laley23

NO ONE WATCH. You will all do me a solid by tanking the ratings so its cancelled. 

I probably won't, but am curious why you want us not to.

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posted by Heretic

it's almost admirable how skilled he is at weaponizing his personal ignorance.

That's an excellent line.

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posted by Fletch

Shut down might be a little harsh, but lets call it control.

The false and disproven narratives :

******masks work

******People cant or shouldnt with family for the holidays

The mask thing is the same as the vaccine argument, If not 100% effective, you want that to mean they don't do any good. They do. Period. Not seriously debatable.

Shouldn't what for the holidays? (in your case, the answer is "breed"). If you meant get together, people did. And cases skyrocketed.

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posted by Fletch

That is a hot take for sure.  She said that 75% of Covid deaths were people that were pretty unhealthy.

We shut this country down for 2 years,  made healthy people lives terrible for nothing.  That is what she said

Thanks Kizer.

Fletch, so your first sentence contains a baldfaced lie. She said unvaccinated people who die from Covid had comorbidities. That should come as no surprise as nearly everyone in the main age group for Covid deaths have multiple health problems, which is not the same as "being pretty unhealthy".

As far as "shutting the country down", quite the gross exaggeration.

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posted by friendfromlowry

Why do people act like we’re still shut down. I could buy tickets to a football game in Cincinnati this weekend with 60,000 other people. How are things today anything like they were in April 2020. 

Fits the narrative. Truth is unimportant.

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posted by kizer permanente

Shocking you couldn't comprehend what they're saying. Just shocking. 

Can you (or anyone) translate from Fletch to reality on whatever the hell he's talking about?

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

You equate them as the same....and I, as a rational person, do not. 

I'm sorry in 2018 did they hurt people and destroy property in the House and Senate? If so, show me. 

In both cases, was the business of the Congress of the United States of America interrupted?

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posted by BR1986FB

Legend like that can stay as long as he wants.

There was an dinner event for him back in the day. The emcee asked everyone to honor him by dropping their dinner napkins on the floor and moving their chairs back ten yards.



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