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I mean, with how the world of politics has gradually gotten more and more stupid by the year, if I could turn back time, I'd find a way to monetize that stupidity from the start. Start up a line of low-quality merchandise revolving around one candidate or another, mark up the price for it and rake in $$$ off the stupid rubes who get off on all that stuff.

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Back to the transgender stuff, I can relate to being a male stuck in a female body. 

that all ended when my mother gave birth to me.

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CenterBHSFan repped a post in "Political memes only II" at 09:05 pm

CenterBHSFan repped a post in "Political memes only II" at 09:05 pm

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From X, I saw the "news" about the first of those two was broken by Alex Jones. With a lot of people immediately posting his report as fact BECAUSE Jones was reporting on it. And there I was, thinking that site had a lot of stupidity pre-Elon. Turns out there's always room for something to get worse.

I don't know, seems like maybe 5-10% of people on both sides are bat-shit.  And they're always going to find the crazy & dumb stories they consume.  IMO, better to have those people comfortably out in the open so we know who to avoid.

I think if there's one lesson the last 5-6 years, it's that censorship does little to stop the spread of misinformation, but does occasionally suppress the truth.  And I'd guess that's something they already knew 200+ years ago when they made freedom of speech frickin' #1 in the bill of rights.

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Oh he’s doing fine, he’s just a jackass. His loans aren’t insurmountable. At age 40, he just prefers to spend his money on guns, ammo, body armor, etc. 

That’s the first I’ve heard of that “addiction.”

Stop and think about people being addicted to eating tampons and making out with their cars and then being an anxiety addict is relatively tame!

Addiction to depression is also a thing.

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Idk why, but I never finished BOTW. I think I got halfway done then just stopped. You’d have to ask 2017 me what was up but definite party foul.

I beat ToTK a couple weeks ago. There was a lot about that game I still wasn’t good at. Even after completing it I went back to play it briefly days later and still narrowly beat a Lynel. I guess I’m what you’d call an accomplished noob. 

Not playing much video games these days especially with football starting soon. But I’m really looking forward to the new Mario game coming in October. 

When I'm farming lynels I usually go mostly range weapons, attaching electric chuchus and just keep shooting them in the face. Towards the end I'll ride them a moment and finish them off with a sword to their backs.

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So, I just finished TotK. 

I really liked it, but I think botw was so much more satisfying to complete. I can't explain it.

And I can't believe the game didn't penalize me in some way for experimenting on those poor koroks. Little fat fat bastards deserved it though. But yeah, rockets and koroks aren't a healthy mix for me lol

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Not surprised. My best friend growing up stayed employed during the entire pause. Made ZERO payments. He was crushed when Biden's forgiveness got shot down. 

Nothing in particular against your friend, but I often wonder how people with that mindset get through life. 

I'm really starting to believe that some people have an addiction to disappointment, anxiety and feeling bad in general. 

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Am I the only one who will be writing in Spike Cohen?


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Well, apparently the dems aren't finished controlling all of the medias. Biden is calling for Elon Musk's technical relationship with other countries to be looked at and that there's a lot of ways to do it. They don't have the political sway on Twitter that they used to enjoy and it's obvious that that's a problem. It used to be that they had government spooks sitting in high places at Twitter, remember that? They're just not going to stop this until they have an appointed government official sitting as a CEO at Twitter. 
Now that they've been exposed silencing facts they know that they can't topple Musk in that particular manner. So, the next best thing is to try to break him via some other form.

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I've got the 4 basic regions done. Going back through a lot of areas right now to get all the koroks, then I will go finish the Depths. I've only got part of the sky islands done so I will need to finish those two. In the meantime I have enough food and monster guts to open a supermarket and a nice rupee cache.

As for judging how far through the game I am, or you are, I am not sure. I haven't looked anything up to get an idea. Perhaps I'm halfway-ish.

LoZ is probably my favorite series of any game I've ever played, from my first Nintendo to the Switch. 

Got the sky islands finished and the depths. But those damn koroks! I looked it up and there are 1k of them. Yeah, no. I'm done searching them out and I guestimate that I've only got about 2/3 of them. I'm completely bored with searching them out. Pretty sure I have enough equipment slots lol!

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Watched it the other night. It didn’t have any of the “drinking children’s blood” QAnon conspiracy stuff that it is getting attached to.

It is based on a true story (the real Tim Ballard has come out and said it is rather close, it made him out to be more of a hero and brave than he was in real life and that his wife was the one that had to convince him to keep pushing on), it covers the real problem of child sex trafficking  

I'm not a big movie-goer and most likely I'll never watch this movie so what you say is my very basic and general understanding of it. I just don't understand what is so grasping about it that is sending the right into exaltations and the left into seizures. For example, I never watched, but I understood, what it was about the movie "Cuties" that sent both sides into respective manias. 
So, if this new movie crossed a line somewhere, I'd be better able to understand the snafu. I just don't get it. Perhaps these politicos are just bored.

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Everybody on the right is praising Sound of Freedom.

Everybody on the left is denigrating it.

Why the fuck?

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Fuckin Finland

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Well, I guess Maybelline doesn't want BudLight to be lonely. I dunno.

*Edit to add*

I don't care about this. As far as I know this is much different than Dylan Mulvaney, because this guy (Ryan Vita) isn't pushing kids in front of him.

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I like guys. But, putting aside her episode, I think she's very attractive. The only thing fake in her appearance is her eyelashes. But other than that, it's obvious she takes care of herself, is fit, doesn't over-bling, blah blah blah.



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