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So a Hotel California situation? 

If, say, Texas tried, would violent force be justified to keep them from leaving?

HA. Yeah. I mean it may be possible where maybe 2/3rds of the states vote to allow a state to leave. But, I doubt that would ever happen. 

I think if a state tried to leave without going through that process, I could see violence as an option to keep them in the Union. Then again, Texas wanted to join the Union once it gained its "independence" from Mexico. 

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posted by jmog

Sorry Ptown, DC if they want representation they go back to Maryland, they don't get to become a freaking state. No other City is its own state, thats just asinine.

I guess shouldn't the opinion of the residents and what they want and the residents of Maryland come into play as well? Maryland fully supports DC having their own state and Maryland does not feel it is right to absorb them into their state. Speaking as someone who has lived in DC and MD, that is a widely held opinion. 

It just seems you guys are looking at the small size of DC and holding it against them, instead of the 700k people that live in the District and basically saying sorry it is not right for you guys to have full representation like all the other states even though we ask you to do everything else a citizen must do. 

No city is it's own state, sure, but they would still have more people than 2 other states. 

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DC wants to be a state. That's fine. What if a state decides it wants to leave the union? Should that be allowed?

I think the results from 1865 say that ya kinda can't do that. 

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posted by queencitybuckeye

The common element is choice.

Yeah, not if you were born in DC and your whole life has been in the District. If you want to have a Rep in Congress then, you must uproot your whole family and move to MD and VA? How fucked is that? 

Also, again, if my job is in DC, I have to live out of it and commute in if I want to vote? How is that not fucked up?

We are just telling 700k sorry, you just made the wrong choice? Doesn't sound very American to me. 

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posted by gut
So I'll ask again - should we make Canada a state because there's like a million of them living and/or working in the US, paying taxes and not getting to vote.

So, the people in DC are just like citizens of another foreign country to you? Good to know you do not see them as Americans. That makes no sense. 

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posted by gut

They aren't paying US taxes?  Are you sure about that?

Or maybe paying taxes wasn't the greatest argument to make for representation.

Uhh, yeah they do pay taxes. 

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posted by iclfan2

You don't have to be a state to pass something. What are you even talking about. They have a local government to pass things for their commonwealth. No one is stopping them from doing anything. Imagine thinking a place smaller than Cleveland should be considered a state and get two senators, which is the entire reason the left is even pushing this issue. It doesn't matter anyway bc it is never happening. 

The size does not matter. Again, DC has more people than Wyoming and Vermont. Also, yes they have a local government, but have zero say so on any matters that happen within DC. Congress controls and dictates nearly everything in DC, yet DC has zero say so in the matter. 

The people are pushing it because it is about getting representation for 700k people. It is the literal reason we left England. The feds can tax DC, but they cannot voice their opinion on the matter. 

Also, sure they know they do not have the right to have Reps in Congress when a person moves here, but does that make it right or fair? What if you have to move here for a job from out of state and need to be near the office in DC? What then, you just don't have the right to voice your vote in Congress? Sorry, tough. It is dumb. 

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posted by gut
What about the people living in Canada who work in Detroit or NY?  Should we make Canada a state, too?

Last I checked citizens of Canada were not U.S. citizens and paying U.S.  taxes.

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posted by majorspark

Just cede most of what is left back to Maryland like they did with Virginia.

Yeah...the people of MD do not want that. By a wiiiide margin. 

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posted by justincredible

I'd like to see the state of Jefferson come to be, as well.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind that one as well. 

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posted by Spock

LOL if you dont think that people of DC doesnt have representation.   Just follow the money

LOL ok Tom Cotton. What a lame and narrow point of view. 

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I’ll go with what the founding fathers thought. Anyone living in DC today knew, or should know, that the constitution says they don’t get members of Congress. It’s pretty simple.  If they want representation, call it Maryland or VA, we don’t need another state.

Yeah. That does not match with how much DC has grown since the founding. The idea was to just have a section for the working of the federal government. The DC statehood bill does that. It just takes that rest of the area and makes it its own state. Also, if we live in a democracy, which I think we still do, the fact that a wide majority of people living in DC want to be a state as well as a majority of people in MD and VA do not want to add them to their states is evidence they should be a state. 

Why don't we need another state? Is 50 just the right number now forever? Is there no way any other territory could become a state in your view? We just hit 50 states in 1949, and this is the longest in the country's history we have gone without adding a new state. 

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Let's say I am a Doctor who has an office and treats patients in downtown DC. You are saying that the doctor who pays DC and federal taxes has no voting right? That he should just live in VA or MD if he wants to have the right to vote even though his office and patients are in DC? 

The fact that DC has taxation without representation is dumb as fuck. 

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Did they not choose to move there? The bill is just a farce, it would still need a constitutional amendment, which we all know is never happening. 

Not everyone just moves to the area. There are life long people that live in the area. It is just like every other state ,where you have a mixture of people that move in and out, but a section that are life long people that live in area. DC is bigger than you is not just full of federal people. When I moved to the area, I was surprised how diverse and large the area was. 

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No, DC should not be a state.

Yes, they should be...

They have more population than Wyoming and Vermont. The DC Bill would carve out the federal areas, near the mall and federal buildings, which only take up 15-20% of the city. So, you can still have your federal areas that are stipulated in the Constitution.  It is insane that over 700k people have zero representation in Congress. 

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Old Fashioned. 

Orange peel, sugar cube, half ounce of water, bitters. Muddle that together. Add ice ball. 2-3 ounces of bourbon, and an orange peel to garish. Perfection. 

My others are usually a Manhattan or a Gin Martini.  

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Flavortown or GTFO.

Sure. Food scene is pretty good.....

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The Columbus statue has been removed.

I wonder if Columbus will eventually just change their name. I never understood why it was named Columbus anyways. The dude never set foot on the continent, landed in the wrong area, thought he was in Asia, and wasn't even the first guy here...the Vikings were. 

I would just call it as simple as Capital City (still a C) or even go old school and just call the entire city Franklinton. 

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After I finished Dark, I picked right back up with the Sopranos. I'm up to Pine Barrens in Season 3, which I know is one of the best bottles episodes ever. 

My wife is binging her way through Orange is the New Black. She is on the last season now and usually crushes 4-5 a day. I've caught some parts of episodes here and there and it is not bad. 

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Some N95 masks, and even some cloth masks, have one-way valves that make them easier to breathe through. But because the valve releases unfiltered air when the wearer breathes out, this type of mask doesn't prevent the wearer from spreading the virus. For this reason, some places have banned them.

Quoted from the Mayo clinic. 

WTF does that have to do with hospitals buying PPE from medical supply companies? 



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