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He disagrees on the facts.

I still don't think you understand the concept that two people can look at the same set of facts and come to widely different conclusions. 

The last 6 plus years have proven the country is living in various information bubbles that lead to drastic different interpretation of facts, stats, news, etc. 

A public official and report can be released and people come to different opinions based on their own bubble, political bias, and media ecosystem.

You still cannot get that. You live in your bubble with facts that you interpret your own way. As I said, we are usually speaking different languages. 

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The end of Saul last night was perfection. Really, really, really good way to end it. 

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Opinions can be disagreed on, facts can not. This isn't reality to say "we don't agree on the facts". 

But that botched warrant gives credence to this one being political in nature as well.

If we have learned one thing over the past 6+ years, it is two people can look at the same information and come to widely different conclusions. 

This is one of those times. We will never see eye to eye on anything regarding Trump and the DOJ, Mueller, Russia, etc.

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Their surveillance with a bogus FISA warrant when he was running is valid past evidence to “jump to political reasons” now.

Again we just disagree on the facts of the whole thing. We are speaking different languages. 

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posted by majorspark

All governments lie.  By their very nature they are political and will operate in that manner.  They are a necessary evil.  It's healthy to be skeptical of their motives.  Given the Russia hoax we were subjected to, the two failed impeachments, count me as highly skeptical of their motives in this case.

Governments sure, but bureaucracies follow procedures, sometimes too much. But, I'm with you, but it is one thing to be skeptical and another to assume all actions by the DOJ are political and not rooted in the law or process. 

I'll also disagree with the whole Russia hoax concept. Sounds like you are bias toward an outcome already. 

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posted by gut

I'm not conflating anything with 1/6.  They took EVERYTHING.  Every document relating to his time in office, including privileged information.  That goes far beyond retrieving documents marked classified. 

If the purpose was to recover classified documents, the search and what they took would have been more limited - Garland gaslit you when he pretended the search was narrow in scope.  If the purpose was as innocuous as you suggest, they'd immediately appoint an independent judge to review and return materials unrelated to classified documents.

The search was justified. I'm not arguing that.  But it's blatantly obvious the search was used as a pretext to go fishing.  I'm not saying 1/6, I'm saying ANY crime they can find.  Or perhaps any crime their media friends can imagine and falsely claim there's evidence of. 

Couple months of drip drip drip until the midterms.  How CONVENIENT.

You jump to political reasons and justifications and I am more in the wait until we see let's see what else comes out before jumping to conclusions. I see an equal possible scenario that they are letting the legal process play out. 

I think we largely agree on the facts though.

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posted by jmog

If you don’t agree with what I said then you are factually wrong.  Not my opinion that you are wrong, but factually wrong.

Nope. We just disagree on the facts of the issue. We will never see eye to eye on it. 

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Funny thing is, inflation actually slowed slightly month-over-month.  And to me that non-spin is more effective for multiple reasons.  But this is, again, an almost re-defining like with "recession".

It's like a cop saying "any idea how fast you were just going".  Well, I had the cruise control set on 80 so therefore my speed was 0...

Yeah. Biden got roasted, correctly, online. 

Dumb argument they made. 

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For the love of God, can neither Biden or Trump run again. Somebody else please. 

1000% agree. But, I have a feeling we won't be so lucky. 

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For the love of God, can neither Biden or Trump run again. Somebody else please. 

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Well, there was the recorded phone call which was pretty damning where Trump was asking them to "find 11,000 votes".

There also appears to have been a conspiracy to send false electors, which could be fraud.

Forget the Jan. 6th stuff.  The above was the real effort to steal the election.

I agree. The GA stuff does seem to have legs. The Giuliani stuff today is the latest. 

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Wait, are you still under the believe that the DOJ didn’t bring trumped up BS to the FISA court with the made up Steele dossier for political reasons years ago?

We have beaten that horse. We just disagree on it. 

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posted by gut

Hillary could have been charged with all 3 of those statutes.  I remember Comey specifically citing an inability to prove intent.

You maybe haven't followed that closely, but here's the stuff that points to something well beyond having classified records:

- The GSA boxed up the records at the WH.  My guess is Trump has never touched them since leaving.

- The GSA was out in June to inventory the records.  Told Trump to put a lock on the storage closet.

- An insider allegedly told the DOJ about classified records, which prompted the warrant.

- I haven't seen it confirmed, but there was allegedly a subpoena issued in June.  Some things were supposedly turned over, and other things were being discussed.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is, if they knew what records he had [clearly they did], why did they take ALL the records?  If they knew where the records were [clearly they did], why was the warrant for basically the whole property?

Read the statutes in question with the above in mind.  Intent is why you get the broad warrant instead of a very specific one.

Then ask yourself this: Do you really believe Trump was attempting to sell any of this stuff?  And if it's so sensitive and dangerous, then why wait days before serving the warrant?

Like I said, the only real conclusion you can take from that is seizing all the records in search of a crime.  I'll chalk-up the couple of subpoenas/warrants related to Jan 6 that came out a day or two before as purely coincidental.

You can dismiss it all you want, but we've already seen multiple instances of abuse with the DOJ when it comes to Trump.

I'm with you until the sell part. I don't think they thought Trump was going to sell anything. I think it is more they were afraid some of the documents could fall into the wrong hands or be stolen. I also think the broad use of the search was to make sure they got everything. 

I disagree with your conclusion too. You may be right, but until we see the actual reports and documents I think you are reaching. I think you are conflating a lot trying to link this is 1/6 when the two are completely separate. 

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There's dozens of questions surrounding the timing and actions they took, which mostly only point to one conclusion: January 6 fishing expedition.  Or maybe Russia Collusion Part Deaux.

One of many questions: Why didn't they only remove the classified records?  I wonder what Christopher Steele has been up to...

I doubt it as it looks like this started well before 1/6 commission stuff. But, hey, whatever makes you think this is all political. 

I guess I am in the minority here in thinking the DOJ can actually do things by the book without influence of politics.

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And I stand my initial take.  Nothing I've heard so far makes me think I was wrong.  There's a whole bunch of issues raised that sounds fishy (pun intended).

Unless Trump was actually trying to traffic these records that were locked in a storage room (yes, the usual TDS loons are claiming he was trying to sell it), nothing will come of any of those charges.  For starters, you have to show criminal intent.  Good luck with that (why Hillary wasn't charged). 

My guess is they had to list serious charges to get the judge to sign off on it.  I doubt he'll ever be charged.  But it wouldn't be the first time they've used obscure or ignored statutes to try to get Trump.  They're kitchen-sink at this point trying to disqualify him from 2024.

Maybe. Maybe not. You could be right. I tend to agree that it is most likely not going to turn into anything if I had to guess. 

I'm not one to leap to any conclusions on motive here by the DOJ either as I do want to wait. 

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And what are they investigating? That they waited 18 months for and already talked to him about?

The three federal code violations mentioned. You can look it up

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Well, you know, Melania was going to courier nuclear secrets in the hemline of her dress.  So it's a good thing they searched her closet.

And I've said this before - it would be rather typical Trump to have an insider leak fake and damaging intel for the purpose of provoking a reaction so Trump can then play the victim.

You are giving Trump way too much credit there. 

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But amazingly, the streets in every city are not burning, there has been no looting, federal buildings are not under siege, republican congressional leaders are not demanding no bail, billions in damage has not occurred, and statues have not been torn down.  Imagine that.

That's some good mental reasoning 

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Ptown will come in here trying to look like the level headed poster by telling us to wait to see the outcome of the raid/investigation, meanwhile there is no doubt ptown will post about any leaked story regarding this investigation. Book it, he’s done it in the past.

Speaking of which, you have to love Garland speaking to the FBI’s professionalism and then the “searching for nuclear documents “ leak happens immediately after his press conference. 

I don't think you understand the difference between background and a leak. But, whatever.

The Post story is vague and nuclear is a headliner, but could mean a whole host of things, so still waiting. 

The documents posted today are interesting. We do know what they are investigating now. 

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I don’t really mean addicts….they need extra help and are too far gone at the moment to work. But the traffic of able people that are either definitely on drugs but also full capable of many many jobs.

I see the holier than thou on FB saying there are simply too many jobs and not enough people….that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I know southern Ohio is worse but if they say it’s 10% I’m still saying no freaking way. Every other restaurant in town has to shut down a day or close early due to no employees. Most everything in town seems to be struggling for employees.

Not enough nurses, not enough teachers, not enough counselors, bus drivers, aides, cooking staff, waitresses, grocery workers.

My mom is 64 years old and a bit nervous about her having enough to live on so she went last week to 6 different places for possible employment in what she was interested in…..5 of them had a job ready for her.

It seems like 1/2 of town is living in duplexes for $650 a month and it’s being paid for somehow and none of them work…none and the owner even mows the damn grass for them all. 2 large areas of town with subdivisions of such…..and they aren’t big time druggies or they couldn’t get the houses to rent.

I think disability is a crutch for a lot of people in the area. I largely agree with your observations about SE Ohio too. 



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