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States and school boards are just banning it for no reason? Here’s a thread for you. And you know what CRT is, quit playing dumb. It basically says all of history is due to white people being inherently racist. You also know the 1619 project has been proven to be mostly false trash. And yea, the people pushing it, white liberals mainly (not blacks), are the same people pushing other Cultural Marxism ideas so yea, it’s ok to lump it all together as trash. 

Oh yes, a Twitter thread from a right wing guy explains it all for me. Thanks. 

My question is specifically for these school districts like the ones in the Fox News articles, are they switching over to CRT? If so, how so and when? 

Also, what are local teachers unions view on this? 

Look. I have a degree in 20th century history. I know what it and the 1619 projects are.  This whole debate feels hollow as shit as I have yet to see actual school district and teachers view in what the hell these people are talking about. I also have yet to see how this translates to the classroom. 

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It is not Fox News bullshit.  It IS real people, real parents, making their concerns heard in a public setting against school board members that  they believe have essentially lost their minds in all the woke horseshit being peddled and forced upon their kids.  It is also teachers standing  up to the same bullshit.

It is grassroots in action, and in this case it  is real Americans pushing back on the cultural Marxists that have infiltrated academia.

Great to see; hope it is not too late. 

Question: Are any of these school districts actually proposing teaching CRT? If so, what does that entail? 

This all has a very, sir this is Wendy's vibe. People just complaining when there is nothing there. 

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The only people who support it are the same people who supported the bullshit 1619 project, and apparently “moderate” ptown. 

I don't support or oppose it because I have no idea how it is being implementing in any of these schools. What exactly in these districts is being taught/ changed? I have no idea. Excuse me for asking questions and not buying Fox News bullshit. 

Do you know any of this? 

It just sounds like Fox News is like 1619=CRT=liberals=bad. 

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Going to start getting interesting.

Again, a few questions. 

1. Did the school at all teach CRT to begin with? If so, to what extent? 

2. What is the current history and social studies for the district? 

3. Were they going to at any point, and were now not going to? 

4. The 1619 project is brought up, but to what extend in this district where they even going to discuss the 1619 project if at all?

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I like it, a lot. I think it will add more teams into the mix. Will more teams win a title? Probably not. But, at the very least teams like Cincy, UCF, Boise, BYU, etc. can at least have a shot. 

I've seen some of potential matchups looking back at previous rankings and they look great.

I also really hope they keep the home games for the first round and even the 2nd round. I am all for a southern team having to travel north in December/ January. 

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Evolving apparently, whatever the libs want it to be; today I heard it was actually a verb (from a leftist).  They change the meaning of words on a whim. 

Way to not answer the question. 

You are reading where some "leftist" talk about it, yet do not know what it actually means in school. Got it. 

Sounds like a typical right wing bullshit talking point to scare people. 

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wtf is this shit?

Actual quote?

My understanding is the G7 agreed to the framework and they will bring it before the G20, which does include China in the coming weeks. 

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Pocahontas is coming for you, Justin.

What a dumb take and kind of counter to her whole breaking up the banks and large corporations thing. 

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Chinese survivor giving Loudoun Co. Virginia board of education a much-deserved history lesson.... incredible that we have arrived at this juncture:  cultural Marxists winning right now...

One thing I have noticed in a lot of these articles.

Does anyone really know what CRT is and what is exactly being taught in these school districts? 

The article did not really define what exactly the district is doing. It just highlighted the woman's story, which is great. But, the article conflates her story in China with CRT. Are we sure the two are exactly the same? It sounds like the latest buzzword to scare everyone and drum up anger that each sides does all the time. 

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Is your argument really that they are professionals so they can’t have a mental illness?

Come on, anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, and I could keep going, are all mental illnesses that you can’t tell by looking at someone 90%+ of the time. There are PLENTY of professionals that are able to work through these mental illnesses (my wife being one of them).

Up until just a few years ago transgender was considered to be the same type of mental conditions as anorexia, body integrity disorder, etc that the brain is telling the person that their body doesn’t fit how they “feel”.

There are MANY psychiatrists who don’t agree with the DSM changing it away from being a disorder either.

I am not arguing that it is, but I am also saying that those that still believe that it is are not “crazy” (pun intended).

And this is coming from someone who yes, not only has talked to many transgenders, but my wife and sister are part of the LGTBQ community and the most interesting conversation I have had on theoretical physics to sci-fi I have had in years was with a transgender acquaintance of ours that camp at the same camp ground as us.

Not at all. Just that gut was saying those people probably have/ had a mental illness and in my experience they do not. His post infers that he things all people that are Trans or whatever letter have mental illness. To assume they all do is wrong is my point. 

I concur with a lot of your post and that it is a complicated issue. We should all be more respective and understanding with people to assist in those that do have mental illness. 

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First time since 08 I think I won't in Baltimore to watch at least one of the games. Each year, I would head to at least one of these games at Camden while I lived in MD. I gotta say that is one of my favorite parks. I used to sit 3rd base side, under the overhang. 

Os are pretty bad, so hopefully, the Tribe can take the series. 

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What is the mask situation in Ohio? Here in SC it is pretty much back to pre-pandemic with only a few exceptions (daycare and random people still wearing it). Haven’t seen a sign on a store requiring it for a couple of weeks. 

Columbus still has one for the city, but I rarely wear mine now. There are a few restaurants here and there that still require them. But, going to the store, I am seeing less and less people wear them. 

As my bar up the street told me the other day when I went in for a drink and burger...we are done with that now. 

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A pen from my collection of pens I always pick up at conferences. Some engineering firms have really good pens. 

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Pretty sure it’s here to stay. I don’t inherently hate it, because tanking is worse and that curbed some otherwise would be tanking teams. 

But it needs some tweaks. I’d go something more like:

  • 9/10 play, loser out. Winner plays 8
  • 9/10 winner vs 8. If 8 wins, plays 7. If 9/10 winner wins, play again for advancement.
  • Same as above for next games.

That makes sense. I would be in favor of that. I did not mind it as it gave teams incentives to keep playing. I thought it was funny the moment Lebron realized the Lakers were going to be in it, he hated it. 

These playoffs have been great. I love all of the new blood taking over. Luka and Jokic are awesome to watch. I very much enjoyed Trae Young pulling a Reggie Miller in NY. The Nets/ Bucks series is probably going to be epic. 

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So the media is having great fun mocking Trump shutting down his blog.

Curiously, no one has pointed out how the "de-facto leader of the Republican Party" had less than 1000 shares of his blog and not many more visits.  Trump clearly remains tremendously popular....

Actually, his low readership and the fact it was not liked by Rs was one of the main reasons why I read it was shutdown. So, not sure what you are talking about. Even the local news here in Columbus cited that as the main reason. 

Also, Trump is still the leader of the party as evident of all the Republicans that use his name to gain voters. Look at Josh Mandel here in Ohio as one example. He is likely to be the R to win the primary here for the open Senate seat. 

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I'm going to see Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats with opening act Margo Price. I frankly had not heard of Rateliff so I went to YouTube and was not blown away (maybe they'll change my mind in person). I'm going to see Price, who I find to be awesome.

What concerts have you attended primarily to see an opening act rather than the headliner? I went to a Willie Nelson concert to see Alison Krauss and Union Station. They were great, Willie was simply awful.

Son of a bitch! Give me a a great song. 

There have been a few festivals where I attended for the opening acts or middle acts. 

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The wokeness is never going to stop until people stop giving in to stupid things like CRT and made up pronouns. 

Oh come on. You are going to post the story that mentions the Crenshaw woke military page and not mention the hilarious posts? The Starship Troopers ones had me rolling.

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Not sure Skittles thought this one through...

That does make me laugh. What person in marketing thought that would be a great idea? 

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Army of the Dead 6/10. It was fine, a tad long, and the end was meh. 

Concrete Cowboy: 7/10. Did not know actual cowboys exist in Phily. Nice change up on the troubled kid goes to a farm for the summer and gets a new attitude film. 

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I think you're looking at how things are today and expecting them to be the same in a decade. 

Perhaps, I give you that. I am not forecasting a global changing of the guard in terms of macro economics or economic public policy. I agree though, crypto in some form is here to stay and will be a player in the future. 



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