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posted by gut

And that's not my reading of the actual proposal.

Getting "things on the ballot" is largely unchanged, just now you need 60% of the voters for it to pass into law.  Please tell me how that is a bad thing?

Again, this is for a CONSTITUTIONAL amendment.  As far as passing laws, hardly anything has changed.

Or do you disagree that a CONSTITUTIONAL amendment should require more than a simple majority to enact?

If only it was that straight forward. Ohio has had the current system in place for over a hundred years and it has worked fine. Rarely do citizen measures make it to the Constitution, so the current law has worked well. 

I object to the whole premise of this election. This only became an issue when the abortion amendment was proposed for this November. 

Just last year, the state passed a measure getting rid of August special elections as they were deemed too expensive and low turnout. Yet, after the abortion measure, suddenly boom, a new initiative and measure to raise the threshold to 60%. 

I actually do think we should up the floor to 60%, but not like this. I also object that 1 county can kill any measure, gives too much power to 1 County. 

Instead, make it a November measure either this year or next. They also need to revise the Ohio Code to match as that would seem to be the better option, instead of amending the Constitution. 

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I'm waiting on all the posts on how awful and groomer the pride parade was today in Columbus. 

Any social media posts or comments? 

Or are we just relying on social media to base our opinions on here? 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

Seems to me that you have been the one proven wrong lately, particularly when it comes to what I say.

I will go so far as to say that the only thing you've "proven" here since I came back is that you like & support kids participating/viewing/being directly involved in situations that currently should be adult-only things.

The fact that you're attempting to shame somebody because they don't want their kids exposed and conditioned to that sort of thing is not only ludicrous, but downright creepy. 

Uh huh in a Logan Roy voice. 

It seems a lot of the language used on here is very charged and borderline hateful. I live with the old rule, don't judge lest you be judged, so I have a very open mind on people, things, and perspectives. That is what gets me blasted on here as I at least try and understand where people come from. 

Seems like a lot of you live too much online, with all of your Twitter posts to justify your own points of view. 

I also doubt there is anything I could post on the topic that could change any of your minds. It does seem you are all set in your very narrow or lack of understanding way. 

I'm guessing none of you at all will be anywhere near any pride activities next month and that is a shame. 

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posted by iclfan2
Yea, I assume you mean me. Suck a dick. I have zero plan on accepting mentally handicapped trans people, and the gays that support it can fuck themselves too. I have 2 children and I’ll do anything to protect them from the gay ass new ideology happening now. It’s called being educated. No one is mad at you, just laughing. As an aside, lawls at the dumbasses who donated to BLM or went to their marches. Congrats guys. 

I love popping on every few weeks and seeing posts like this. 

What a sad and narrow point of view to have. I seriously hope your kids are more open minded and not as vile as you are on here. There is a lot of hate in this world and seriously man, your views add to it. 

Time after time, your narrow line of thinking has been proven wrong. 

I kinda wonder if one of your kids would come out as gay or trans, what would you do? 

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Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks. 

Thought it was just a typical pop song and then read the lyrics...

It really hits home given the past few years in my family. The last verse always gets me. 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

So, Florida Gay Pride Parade was cancelled. Apparently the legislative bills that DeSantis is expected to sign would limit attending such events to age 21. Now, I disagree with the age. I think should still be the standard. That is to say, if 18 is old enough to go kill/get killed in war, it should be old enough to go to parades of this nature. Eighteen is also the age of consent there, which does tie in to what happens at these parades. So yeah, 21 is not a number I'd agree on. 

But, other than the listed age, I do agree that kids shouldn't be flagrantly exposed to such things. I'm sure we've all seen some of the actions that happen in these things. I personally don't care what adults do with each other at these events, but come on, kids shouldn't be exposed.

The REAL question that is still in my mind is what the fuck is wrong with the parents who have brought their kids to these parades, drag shows, etc?!

I'm catching up reading through things and this one made me laugh.

Serious question: Have you ever been to a pride event?

I've been going to them for almost 20 years now, from Columbus, to DC, MD, and VA. They have been full of families and great events. Hell, at one of the festivals, I signed up for Costco. I've had friends and family with their kids attend their events and it is fine. 

I'm not sure if that matches whatever you are seeing on social media, but your view is laughable and sheltered to me. 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

Ok, I rewatched the vid and put forth some thought on it this time. I have some thoughts on it.

- kids call each other goofy ass nicknames all the time, it's what they do, they're little lord of the flies shits

- if this kid wasn't aware that race could somehow inject itself into asking if his buddy could come out to play, the woman made damn sure to draw attention to her son

- hopefully the kids that wanted to play with this kid, or their parents, don't see this video, because the woman fucked up everything 

- I especially hope that the kid who wasn't available to play doesn't see the video because it's just going to make him very self conscious and awkward

Not sure of the context of the video, but I guess the fact he called a black kid a monkey just goes over your head? 

Do you not understand the historic context of that? 

That said,not a fan of posting this on social media. Just go to the parents and explain it and use it as a teaching moment. 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

So you are so eager to get pissy with me that you missed some parts of what I have said. 

Keep going in this manner. I've got all night to have some fun!

It is a tired argument to me. I completely disagree with the whole premise or question. 

The second half of your post comparing men to previous generations is lazy as people have been making that arguments for generations and every time been wrong. 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

I guess you didn't understand where I specifically said that it wasn't going to appear nice or fair. Or when I made the point of it being just my opinion/ancedotal. 
Yes, I condensed a lot of things. I pointed that out, too.

Generations *always* tend to differ. That's just a fact. They *are* diverse, yes. Good job in agreeing with me.

Either way, you'll be fine. 

It's just lazy to me to say one social issue is tied to a whole generation. To even think of your post from the Twitter thread is a false and bad argument to me. One thing does not connect to the other. 

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posted by iclfan2

How is this real life?

As far as I know the Secretary of Energy has zero input or influence to what the DOD does or procures. 

A better answer would be to differ to the DOD. 

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Hard times create strong men
strong men create good times
good times create weak men
weak men create hard times

I was just reminded of this and it got me thinking "is this true or even kinda true?"

I am not so sure. Thinking back across the past 50 years and it seems spot on. It could just be because history is generally in the habit of repeating itself in various forms. Fashion does the same thing, as another example. I can't be bothered to go rummaging around in the attic looking for my old books from college to reference anything that supports it. One of these days I'll have to put them into their own containers and label them correctly, but now I'm just getting into the weeds. 
Back to the subject!

The ring of truth of it to me is the fact that society, jobs and chores were much different 40 years ago than today. I'd be willing to bet that we've currently got a crop of young men that have the softest hands in all of history. I'm not saying that the majority of all men are effeminate, but the number of physical labor jobs in the US has gone down, not to mention that the vast tech wave surely made many many things much more convenient and easy to acquire. 
Some time ago I read that over half of late teens/early 20's males don't know how to change a tire. I think in that same article I read that most young women in that same age group didn't know how to cook and something like 80% of millenial women ate out or ordered takeout the majority of the time. 

Which brings me back to the original question: Do you think that the old saying is true? 
If so, why do you think that?
If not, please explain.

Define weak and strong. 

Seems like a very lazy saying to make. 

Are science, free market, technology advancements considered weak or strong? 

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I lay the bulk of the blame onto the millennial generation, to be quite frank. That's not going to seem very nice or even fair, but hear me out.

My condensed version:
History has always showcased cross dressers and trannies, but culturally acceptance was really beginning to grow in the 70's, 80's, 90's and into the 2000's (music, television, movies, books). Everybody knew that trans people existed, but nobody cared, unless you were personally into that scene. Well then enter the social media age when the Millies were coming into their own. That opened up a whole brouhaha of activism, feelings, strong-arming, etc. Millies - being resentful of the Boomers, their student loan debts, staying at home until their late 20's/early 30's, had embraced social media exponentially more than GenX did. It was the perfect storm for the modern form of activism. They had a harder time being stoic and while they were being tremendously innovative in the tech world, they were fairly listless in the mundane parts of life. And who can blame them, really? Everybody likes the convenience of sharing their thoughts into the void, internet consumerism and so on. So where to focus all this extra energy? That's when and where the race to become the most open-minded, the most libertine, the most caring, etc. really amped up. Political ideologues rather quickly recognized this as a ripe moment to seize a new generation so they did; sometimes purposeful but sometimes accidental. Strategically speaking, it was rather artful and amazingly fast and how successful it has turned out to be.
But once they got on a roll, there was no way to stop it. Now we are seeing the consequences of not being able to curb enthusiasms. Even saying things like "I draw a hard line to this when it comes to kids" gets people upset. We've seen it shown on this very forum. Not even a little bit of pushback is acceptable to these people. It has to be all or nothing.

Of course, there are a lot of things left out of the condensed timeline I listed and as far as ideologues go, the conservatives also shot themselves in the foot many times. That cannot be denied. As part of the "middle child/ignored" GenX, that's just the way I've seen things played out. Others will naturally see things in a different way and so what? 

Hi, a "millie" here, born 1984. Thanks for repeating things I have been hearing for almost 20 years. It was BS then and is BS now. Painting an entire generation with a broad brush like that is lazy. It is really easy to cherry pick to make the author's overall political point. 

Generations are large, diverse, and cannot and do not fit into one box to make whatever ideological point you are trying to make. 

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posted by like_that

I do, and he (man pretending to be a woman) is now bat shit crazy.  Zero chance we would be able to have a "conversation" as you suggest (although you are most likely suggesting we just shut up and listen), because he would become immediately unhinged.  I hope he finds the help he needs considering the high suicide and self-harm rate these people have and I hope he isn't in the position to raise any children.   This is classic ptown though for any social discussion.  It's his boiler plate template coming in to act like the intellectual on every social discussion with "curious, have any of you all ever xxxx?"  Somehow ptown ALWAYS has the experience with any of the group of people being discussed, whether he knows one person or a group of them.  He also apparently spends the majority of his time having profound and in depth conversations with these people, so he can enlighten us on why we are wrong.

It's almost as if ptown is full of shit, or even worse he goes out of his way to collect anecdotal moments/people to drop in conversations like this one only to argue your opinion is not credible.  It's no different than the "I have black friends" card that most liberals get butt hurt over.  

Unfortunately, what moderate ptown does pretty much sums up every white male/female liberal has done since 2008.  It has evolved from telling people "i voted for obama" to "I know transgenders."  

Good for you. Hey man, I don't apologize for my own life experiences and who I have as friends and colleagues. I do know good friends that are freaking out right now because of all the laws that are getting passed. 

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It hasn't came up in conversation with either of them yet but probably will at some point.

Let me ask you this , town:

Should we agree with anorexics when they say that they feel like they are fat, out of kindness and an open mind?  Should we adopt more pronouns to feel in solidarity with them? Maybe the pronoun would be "weightless". What about the sufferers who feel like they should have been born blind or missing limbs? "sightless"/ "legless", perhaps?

There are many forms of body dysmorphia. None of them should be messed around with. Yet here we are.  

It's interesting to me that neither you or geebock had anything to say when I pointed out that the activists and Biden want to pursue child trans affirming care which includes procedures like chemical castration performed on kids and Frankensteining their little bodies in other ways. You want IC to talk to a trans person like it's magical. It's not. Most of them suffer from acute/severe anxiety and depression, with or without social cues, and a host of other mental health conditions.

But according to people like YOU we are all supposed to ignore that other issues,  opting instead to be "allies". It's because of people who deny that anybody else might have a good point of conflict that we are now seeing the spike in detransitions. Because people ignoring all underlying problems in their efforts to signal how kind they are, detransitions and unimaginable amounts of therapy and drugs are all that these people have to look forward to in their lives.

Good job!

For myself, I draw the line at kids. Leave them the hell alone. Let their bodies and minds mature together before pushing critical gender ideology on them. Because it's unacceptable. 

Well, from my experience, a lot of your views, what you post is either wrong, or uneducated. But, you wouldn't know because you refuse to even accept or acknowledge them. 

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posted by iclfan2

K. Try living in reality. Hope you don’t have kids you’re poisoning. 

Wow. Just have a conversation is all I am saying, geesh. 

ptown_trojans_1 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 09:31 pm
posted by iclfan2

No interest in doing so. The only mental disorder that people pretend doesn’t exist, instead of actually traating it. 

Wow. That is a actually sad. 

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posted by CenterBHSFan

I work with somebody who is trans. Sometimes directly, sometimes via mass emails and such. Also joke/tease about sports to a trans man at the local grocery store.

Why would you ask? 

Have you talked to them about all of these topics and got their own experience or thoughts? 

Also, do you consider them a person or someone that is like what is posted by people on here? 

ptown_trojans_1 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 09:08 pm
posted by iclfan2

Probably not. I hope they get the mental health help that they need. Especially the freaks trying to destroy their children’s future health. You have to draw a line somewhere, make believing a gender is where mine is. 

Yeah, you obviously haven't talked to anyone in person. 

ptown_trojans_1 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 07:35 pm
posted by iclfan2

No. And people should stop pretending it’s acceptable. Funny how the Trans are the most violent lately but the government would still say it’s the crazy whites you need to worry about. 

See that's where if you had, you may change some of that view. 

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posted by Devils Advocate

I identify as an African American lesbian that prefers white women. Does that count?

You do you. 



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