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The election is three weeks old, and the transition is now moving along, some eight weeks before the swearing in. Hardly "devastating". Certainly less damaging than Congress using impeachment for purely partisan reasons. Disclaimer: Trump's conduct in regard to the election results makes him more of an asshole than ever, which for him is quite the accomplishment.

Yeah, that is because the adults in the room, the Republican party, basically told him it's over. 

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Your post proves quite the opposite. 3 impeachment’s ever, 4 or 5 nearly devastating contested elections.

Yup, this is more “rare”.

Yeah...if you think what Trump is doing is just like the other times, you do not understand US History. One little link you posted just glosses over a lot of things. 

For example, in 1960, Nixon conceded easily so it cannot be used. The examples in the 1880s were a little different based on the system in place at the time. But, even then, it was not at the level of what Trump is saying and doing. Trump is basically saying the entire election result is false. 

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At what point in this discussion have I defended Trump on anything?

I have literally said both sides suck, and they have both undermined our republic (not a democracy).

It’s ptown that is trying to act like the Dems are just mildly wrong and Trump is Hitler.

As gut has mentioned, you again are combining several different things, the Mueller Investigation and the actual Impeachment. Not a surprise by you though. 

You are really twisting yourself to try and make them even. Thanks for throwing the Hitler reference out there even though I in no way even made that mention, which again shows how you are just grasping. Yes, both sides suck, but what Trump is doing/ did is much worse than whatever the Ds tried the last couple years based on US History. 

Finally, thanks for also saying we are a republic and not democracy.....which is dumb because a republic is a type of democracy. 

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It is quite obvious you are the one that doesn’t understand.

There have been a grand total of 3 Presidents that have been impeached.

There have been 4-5 (depending on source) if heavily contested Presidential elections that have either gone to court or had to be settled by compromises between the two parties through special conventions.

So 3 impeachments, 4 or 5 badly contested elections.

Want to stick with your rarity argument for 9 vs 7 still?

Your confirmation bias is showing.

Yeah...I don't think you understand US History and how rare/ dangerous what the President did in comparisoon to other times in history. 

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posted by gut

Not a terrible choice, by any means, but I'm really not a fan of monetizing the debt.

That's the new normal, though.  I just hope people don't see that as a license to cut blank checks for all the pet causes.

I wouldn't worry about blank checks given the likely R Senate. 

I think the choices so far are fine from Biden as they are not polarzing choices. 

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So wait, impeachment is a 7 and what is currently going on is a 9?

You can’t be fucking serious anymore. 

Impeachment, the actual Constitutional way of getting rid of a President is a 7. 

Trying to use courts to throw out questionable votes (in their mind, not mine) is a 9. 

Read all that again, and say it again. Maybe you will hear how stupid it sounds if you say it out loud?

Come on ptown, the “I’m a moderate really guys?!” schtick is up after that post. 

Impeachment is a 7, challenging votes is a 9...seriously I can’t make that shit up.

How many times in US history has a sitting President or challenger contested the results of the election in US history to this extent in contrast to what his party is saying? Once, and in 2000 when it was one state and a few hundred votes. 

Impeachment has been done now twice in the last 25 yes. Impeachment is a 7 and what the President is doing is a 9 or 10. 

I don't think you understand how, in terms of US history, how rare and dangerous what President Trump is doing right now. 

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If you can't laugh at the idea of Comrade Sanders as Labor Secretary, then you probably take politics way too seriously.

That would be funny, but would no way get through a Senate. 

Looks like Biden is making run of the mill bureaucratic choices so far. 

WSJ is saying Janet Yellen for Treasuery and that...isn't a bad choice. 

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I stick to numbers, reason and logic.  To have certain democrat stronghold areas inside swing states go from 55 - 60% historical turnout to 80-90% is a statistical impossibility; not an improbability, an impossibility, without fraud.  This is not complicated.  The mail-in ballots were the perfect vehicle to deliver the desired result. 

I can't wait for the evidence in the courts to back that mean there is actually zero evidence.....

Again, cite the actual court case and evidence or get the fuck out of here with your bullshit. 

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I can't help it you are trying to say that Trump using the courts before the final EC votes to contest the election is worse than the dems using 3.5 years of public MSM and HoR/Senate to impeach a POTUS after the EC vote/election.

The only difference between the two are when it happened in the election cycle, how long the party spent doing it, and what avenue (courts vs Senate). Its still the same thing, attacking a duly elected president as illegitimate and trying to remove a duly elected president. 

Trump right now is no different than what the dems did for 3.5 years. Both are wrong, but you acting like the dems were better is hilariously biased.

Yeah, again, you are mixing and twisting so many items over the last four years to fit your both sides narratives. 

Let's just use a scale of 1-10 for example. Let's say just the Russia stuff was let's say a 5 on the scale of getting rid of the President, impeachment was probably let's say a 7. What Trump is doing is like a 9 or 10. 

But, you do you. 

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posted by jmog

You said one correct thing there.

You are living in your own world.

So are you my sad little friend. 

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I am thankful this Presidential election was not close, as in it did not come down to PA. I knew if it did, what Trump is doing now would be even worse and probably have more Republican support. 

I also think this is dangerous in the sense that the longer it goes without top level Republicans stating Trump needs to move on, the more people like Quaker, and his supporters, but also some members of the Republican party will see as Trump's claims were at least believable. 


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Rudy is a clown and he looked like an idiot up there.

I was kind of keeping track of it, and then when I saw his hair dye rolling down his face, I could not take my eyes off the train wreck. 

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It’s not accepting/fighting an elected president, not on policy but being “illegitimately” elected.

I am comparing apples to apples, you just don’t want to admit it.  The democrats made up Russia bull crap to impeach Trump because, in their own words, he was illegitimately elected.

You are trying to act like the dems are holier than thou in this case because they didn’t fight the election, but they fought the results of that election for 3.5 f’ing years.

It is not different and you know it, you just won’t admit it.

No you are not, and you are combining so many different things over the last four years to try and compare it to what the President is doing now.

You simply are mistaking some of the events top try and prove your point. Stating the Russia bullcrap to impeach Trump is wrong as you need to go back and remember it was about the Ukraine call and even the China statement about Biden. But, I'll let your mistake slide for now. 

This is what I meant when I said a few weeks ago about living in two different worlds. I live in one where what the President is doing is pretty damn historic, pathetic, and way outside the norm. You are trying to both sides it and come up with your own story to not accept the reality of the situation. 

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So he thanked them after they changed their vote. What am I missing. They didn’t change it after he called them.

Not just thanking them,  but inviting them to the White House. 

This whole thing is so fucked up. The lawsuits are a joke and farce. Rudy today was just an embarrassment. 

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You are now arguing semantics to sound right and moving the goalposts.

No. I am doing a 1 to 1 comparison.

It is not semantics. You are the one comparing apples and oranges.  

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That is what will be occurring, the fraud shown to the court, not to the media, per the statements made today.

If you and Rudy's bad hair product says so....

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After being harassed and labeled racists, the GOP members of the board have rescinded their certification vote -- amen.  Maybe the extent of the Wayne county fraud will be revealed and MI goes back to Trump.  Similar situation in WI and GA.......may be enough to turn things around. 

We'll see.  Shame the major election integrity problems ALWAYS emanate from a few major democrat strongholds/counties, every single time.

You are delusional. 

Show me the evidence of massive voter fraud in the courts? 

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Maybe I misread the article, but that doesn't appear to be what happened at all. They changed their minds, told everyone they were changing their minds because the state changed its mind about doing an audit, and Trump called them between their statement and then signing an affidavit about their reason for changing their minds.

Even setting aside that, the state of Michigan has not found any irregularities that merit the audit, so they dropped it. Court case after court case has been dismissed because there is no fraud. None. 

Setting that aside, you have to admit, it is pretty damn bad for the President to call these guys and invite them to the White House. 

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Gut’s right, you are looking for plurality not majority. I also believe the true plurality are independents last I checked, neither Ds nor Rs.

Again, we are talking completely different things. 

If you take the number of actual federal votes taken, as in people that voted, on a national federal level that includes the Presidential popular vote, and the House vote, the country is more Dem. By pure voters. 

If you add in state houses and governors, it tilts back to the Republicans as they have voters that favor Republicans. 

If you take the total population of voters and nonvoters, then yeah, the country is more to the right and independent. 

I was referring to the straight federal voters that pick the President and House. 

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1. Go back and read what you said. You said she could have pulled this stuff and she didn’t. Yet her and the dems in office tried for 4 years to get him out. So no, they never accepted a duly elected President.

2. Trump is acting like a sore loser. But you believing the dems have been any better is hilariously wrong. Have you been in a coma for the last 4 years? That would be the only way you could keep touting the dems as the bastions of diplomacy who always accept the duly elected R President. Because, if you were awake over the last 4 years you would know that never happened. 

We are talking past each other, which I think has happens to me a lot of here the last few months. You seem to be equating what Trump is doing to what Clinton and the Dems did in 2016, but that is not right at all. The correct comparison would be if Clinton did the same thing that Trump is doing now with lawsuits and if Obama said to hold on and wait until everything is certified. Sure, Clinton and the Dems did blame Russia, but they also said that Trump won the actual election, that the numbers were legit. They did not question the vote total. It is not a fair comparison at all. 



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