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If these medical professionals were actually treating patients with theraputics that they have at hand, people wouldnt be in the hospitals.

As someone who had a close relative in the hospital with it for 2 weeks and one that is currently in the hospital and not looking good...fuck off. 

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Three degrees of P-Town

I do what I can ha

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That’s the area he’s from….I can backup his claim about the hospitals around here. A guy I know his whole family is positive and he was in the hospital for Covid and was given two days of infusion and released because others are worse and they need the beds….no way should he have been released. I have an aunt that works in the hospital ptown mentions….she’s said the same things. I know many at Holzer and Adena…..2 big hospital names of southern Ohio and both are struggling to keep up

Yeah. I did not think it was that bad and then SOMC and my friends that work there started posting the numbers. They are worse than they were in December January timeframe. 

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You seem to have friends and close confidants in virtually every sphere of life .  

Well, Portsmouth is my hometown and I have high school friends that work in the hospitals. 

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The hospitals SE Ohio are getting filled up with COVID patients. Apparently, SOMC is out of ICU beds as they are filled with COVID patients. They are turning away patients and routine procedures now. I have a few friends that work there that are unloading their frustrations online. 

About 95% of the COVID patients are unvaccinated as well. 

That said, I have two older family members, both vaccinated, that have been in the hospital with COVID. One made it out. The other is touch and go right now. 

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Not sure which infrastructure bill it is, but I saw where $65B is allocated to bring high speed internet access to the whole country.

You have to be kidding me.  I don't know how many people have inadequate options, but I'm guessing that math works out to something more than $10k per household.  IMO, that's one of the tradeoffs to people who mostly CHOSE to live out in the sticks.

If you can send email and texts, you're good.  We don't need to spend $65B so people living out in BFE can watch Netflix.  Which, when you think about it, it does seem more like a handout to the various streaming services out there.

What part of the state do you live in?

Because, I can tell you in SE Ohio, the internet options and cell phone options are horrible. I have also been in spots in WV, KY, TN, and NC, where people have lived there for years and have zero access to internet. 

I have family members that live in their farm in NE KY that have zero options for internet. They do not chose to live there. It is their land going back to the 1800s. Why would they move? 

I find the internet expansion no different than the past federal funding to grow power lines and telephone lines. Same thing. This is just the next logical step for people in areas that do not have access to it. 

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I hate the premise that a ruling from our highest court in the land can be overturned because someone died and an equal replaced them. An overturn should come from a higher court on a lower, which cannot happen in the Supreme Court. 

If you want a new ruling, make a new law. But the highest court in our land has already interpreted the law as it was written.

The shadow docket, which I did not know was a thing, is apparently the larger issue. It is good to know the court can just decide, nope, not going to take up the case without any discussion or arguments. 

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1. Ohio State 

2. Ohio

3 Miami 

Went to Ohio State. Was a no brainer as I liked their humanities and international studies program is some of the best in the state. 

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My wife is also pretty angry about it. The Texas law does not allow a carve out for rape, incest, or health of the mother after 6 weeks. The fact that anyone can also report or sue a clinic is also pretty radical. In theory, you could have a family member report someone for it. 

My wife pretty much cannot have children as it would be a very hard pregnancy. She has been told this by her doctors for years. In Texas, if she is pregnant after 6 weeks, welp, she is in trouble. 

I am really expecting Ohio to pass another measure that will be similar to Texas now. 

I think most people are against blanket abortions, but the polling has been pretty consistent from years, that people are in favor of carve out exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother. The Texas law does away with that. 

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All things being equal, I'd say it's 50/50 whether the Biden administration lied about him not checking his watch until after the ceremony OR that the dad who (a) was talking to fucking Hannity and (b) opened his commentary by pointing out he refused to meet with Biden and didn't want him anywhere near his family lied about him constantly checking his watch.

I'd also say it doesn't even matter simply because people will believe whichever of those two scenarios most closely align with their personal politics and dismiss the other side as "fake" even if there was a camera pointed at Biden the entire time and that video was released to definitively prove he was or wasn't looking at his watch.

Yeah, I'm in this camp. Either side is going to believe their own spin.

I would only add that trying to think of Biden not caring about grieving families when he lost his own son is pretty dumb. 

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My school is out next two days as nearly 30% are positive or quarantined….and the county is #1 in state in % of cases

Scioto County is #2 in the state and my daughter says she’s mostly just given vaccines her last several shifts….in that county

Hey congrats for overtaking my hometown county, Scioto as they used to be #1 a week or so ago. My people in Scioto County are just sad at the amount of stupid arguments against the vaccine and COVID. 

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The coping of Biden’s failure is sad and pathetic. If the best you can do is bring up Trump to defend Biden, then it’s not really a strong argument, especially when Biden played a big part of this 20 year shit show prior to taking office. I am not surprised to see certain people pretend he just inherited this mess though. 

 It’s ok to admit the Biden Administration completely failed with this withdrawal.  Anyone who actually paid attention to the Biden campaign is not shocked by how these events took place. They literally ran on “we are not Trump,” and hid from the public for the majority of the time.  That’s pretty much how this administration ran for Biden’s first 7 months in office as well, until all of this erupted.  They weren’t meant to be in the spotlight making tough decisions and answering (for once) tough questions.  This past month has done nothing, but confirm it. They are just not good at this job. Biden’s grade as a commander in chief is currently a F. Hopefully he improves that grade in the next 3.5 years considering lives will be on the line. 

This is by no means an endorsement for Trump. He should have withdrawn during his 4 years, but he played politics with the withdrawal.  I naively thought TDS would go away with Trump gone, but it looks like some people need therapy to let it go. 

I get some of that and you may be right. I also understand that no administration would have done this correctly. Biden's actions were pretty bad, but this is just the latest in line with strategic surprises and failures. It is amazing how little we learn from our past mistakes. The writing was on the wall from human rights groups, the State Department and Afghan translators. 

I do agree that Biden does deserve a good amount of blame for his Obama time in office. But, if you go back and read the decision making in the time for the surge in 09-10, Biden was one of the ones saying we need to get out and was against the surge of troops. Gates and Clinton were in favor of the surge and they won the argument. 

I think the big thing to blame Biden on is his inability to adapt to the situation. He made the decision to get out. He did not listen to any earlier guidance from generals, State, or Afghans saying hey, speed up the withdraw of people here. It seems he was one track focused, getting out. It seems like he looked at the generals and other people around the room and said, their advice has been wrong for 20 years, why should I listen to it now? That single focus on ignoring things until it below up in our face, and the failure to see the collpase coming is what made this mess. 

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Can't wait to see "moderate" Ptown's take... But most people will land somewhere between Biden had an uninformed and incompetent command of the situation, and asking a foreign leader to deceive the international community and American people in order to provide political cover for Biden's bungling.

I read that and my mind went right back to conversations with South Vietnam before the collapse. Biden is telling the Afghan President, hey get your shit in order and use that 300k army. Turns out that 300k army was a shell of itself, just like in Vietnam. The Afghan President did himself no favors here either as he just bolted when the collapse was coming. He seemed to suggest hey things are not great here in that convo, but he himself did not really convey how dire the situation was. Was it because he did not know or was he covering it up? Unclear. 

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Also, when you agree with Ann Coulter....

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I guess my US con-law is a bit rusty...I didn't think Congress had the power to fire or impeach generals and cabinet members?

I think that is an open question actually. I think Congress can impeach nearly anyone in the Executive Branch. It just makes little sense in many cases as the person usually just resigns. 

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Back in the 1990s, Gordon Liddy used to have a radio show.  He was very right wing.  Much of his airtime was him interviewing former service members, and callers saying to him "What an honor it is to speak with you Mr. Liddy" like he was Audie Murphy or something.  

Anyway, about half his show was dedicated to him reading new stories verbatim from right leaning news sources - primarily the Washington Times.  Almost every story was an example of some democratic politician doing something Liddy and the newspaper deemed stupid and that both openly mocked.  He'd read the news story and his "comment upon" it was usually one word adjectives "Jeesh", "Pathetic", "Unbelievable", "Sickening", "Sad" - you get the drift.  

Anyway, our very own Quaker seems to subscribe to this Groundhog's Day version of renewed daily outrage.  Reminds me of Liddy actually - predictable, narrow, without much growth.

I kinda miss the daily stock market updates as well. 

Or, the posting on the various industry sites on new construction that is occuring. 

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Good Lord, even the Wapo is calling it a moral disaster. 

That it is and it is on Biden. But, you act like this is some historic, never happened before, worst case situation, when it is the latest chapter in fucked up foreign policy mistakes by the US. 

Also, if you are going to cite the Post, actually post the article, not a Fox News clip

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This was a completely self-inflicted disaster of epic proportion. 

Not shocked you don't get it. 

Fine summary here:

I dismiss any article that states this was the greatest moral failing in American history. That is quite some hyperbole. My general rule of thumb is if the person is saying this is the worst of all time, I dismiss it because they have zero grasp of history. 

He mentions Nam, fine. But, he glosses over a lot of it, like the whole POW issue. 

The rest of the article is a mess as his timeline is all over the place. 

While the events of the last week are tragic, they are just the latest in a line of US failures. Was this the worse, nope, not by a long shot. But, it was pretty damn bad and embarrassing. I think a lot of people are angry because they are not used to America being seen like this when in reality, this has happened numerous times in US history. 

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Worse days off the top of my head:

Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut 

USS Cole 

Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

Operation Eagle Claw 

Black Hawk Down 

That does not even include actual battles where the loss of life was far greater.  

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I wouldn't ask you to go thru a bunch a pages to see my previous takes on this, but I said from the beginning it was the right move to withdraw (which I have supported for over a decade now).  I would never bash Biden for withdrawing.   I would say the majority of this thread supported withdrawal and the majority of this thread understands both Republicans and Democrats have a lot of blame to share for the past 20 years (Biden doesn't get a free pass for his 8 years with Obama).  With that being said, as you already stated Biden deserves to be severely criticized for the execution.  

I don't have the answers on how it should have been done, but I do know it would be very hard to set the bar any lower than the Biden Admin and passing the blame to the former guy is a complete joke.  We were there for 20 years, and Biden unilaterally changed Trump's deadline.  Don't try to sell me this bullshit that his "hands were tied," and downplay it as if this was how it was always going to go down.  

Yeah, I am with you on this. There were a lot of warning signs being screamed by various groups about the need to get people out before August. Biden just did not listen to them. The strategy was to withdraw seemed right, but the tactics were a mess. Seems like it was we are leaving, screw the way how to leave. I look at this whole thing now as just the latest failure in nearly 20 years of failures. 



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