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The deaths caused aren’t even comparable. You aren’t even pretending to be logical. 

I was speaking about the violence, not just the death. The rise of right wing violence is a growing threat according to the FBI and DHS. 

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These later games have been so much fun to watch. They have had three of most exciting QBs playing with Maholmes, Kyler, and Lamar. Redzone has been great. 

I'm pretty impressed with Justin Herbert too. 

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He doesnt get it both cant bitch about how well things arent going then not spend a billion of your 500 billion to help....and yes he should be funding American innovation.  The reason why he isnt is because he knows the US red tape is going to slow this down and Germany probably doesnt regulate as much.

Its the same as us spending a dollar if we have $500

LoL if you think Germany does not regulate as much as the US. 

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Oh I forgot one person drove a car into a person.  

I guess you just forgot about the whole thing then huh?

Either way, both the crazy left and the right have been guilty of violent acts. To dismiss that is to ignore the reality of these times. 

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On the filibuster, probably not.  But there are always legal arguments to be made, especially wrt stacking the court, in which case they might have a say.

The entire argument is essentially liberals want a progressive court to legislate from the bench.  Forget about a check on the balance of power - what they really want is an end-around a gridlocked Congress.

I keep hearing how Trump is allegedly destroying democracy, but everything notable I see is the Democrats shitting on the Constitution.

I was more thinking if the court of more conservative and the filibuster is eliminated, the Ds may not need to stack the court of they have both chambers and the Presidency (assuming they take the Senate and Biden wins). If that happens, then any action the court takes, they can pass laws to fix any of the rulings. That negates legislating from the bench as they will be actually legislating. 

For example, if the court strikes down the ACA, the Ds can just pass another version with less road blocks. It does force the Ds to actually work through and pass laws. 

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You forgot to mention that if the shoe was on the other foot and the Dems had contol.....they would do the same thing

Uhh yeah..they tried in 2016...and failed. 

But yeah they would try the same and my argument would still stand. 

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Yea because Trump voters have been so violent recently

This is 2020, I wouldn't rule anything out. 

Plus, Trump supporters have been violent over the last 4 years..come on remember Charlottesville? 

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I read a good article that walked me back off that ledge.  There are more than a few Democrats that really don't want to kill the filibuster.  So it's unlikely they have the votes to do what you're talking about, at least not until 2022.

I'm also wondering if some of these changes could pass judicial scrutiny with a 5/6-3/4 court.

For now. I think this could change that calculus on the filibuster. This decision to go forward with a vote could change the political calculations of the Senate for years to come and could change the minds of those on the fence like say Manchin. 

I'm not sure the court has much say on the inner workings of Congress. That is one branch telling another what to do, especially if it is an issue not directly in the text of the Constitution like the filibuster. 

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I think a SCOTUS deadlock would cause more lefty violence.

Maybe, maybe not. 

I wouldn't rule out Trump supporters causing violence. 

I mean this is just once example of the supporters blocking early voting yesterday in VA. Lucky, no violence, but it could have escalated.

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This whole shit show does not surprise me one bit. As soon as I saw the news, I knew Mitch would push for a vote and the Ds would use the 2016 example as a reason to not vote. In the end, it is about power, and the Rs cannot pass up the chance to add a third Justice to the court in a four year period. This is a conservatives dream, so of course they are going to put forward a name and press for a vote.

Now, this may shock some on here, but I actually agree the Senate should go through the process of naming a replacement. The President's term does end on 1/20/21 and he has the right to name a replacement. The Senate should do their due process to vet that person and start the process. If it bleeds into past election day, then so be it. 

It gets dicey after that, as in a lame duck, some Senators may be voted out of office and states like GA and AZ may seat some of their Senators during that period. That may lead to the Senate either delaying or voting down the nominee until there is a new Congress in early Jan. 

I do expect the Senate would rush through a nominee though, probably during the lame duck. People will be very upset, but it is what it is in today's political world. 

I also think this may rally the Ds to radially change the Senate if they take the Senate, which they are slightly favored to do right now. If that happens, goodbye filibuster, hello maybe an expanded court, and statehood for DC and PR. 

On a final note, if the court does go 6-3, it may force Congress to grow a pair and actually start to take back power it has conceded to the other branches. I'm not sure that is a bad thing in the long run. As a conservative court and an activists Congress that reasserts power may be a sense of balance. 

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I listen/watch a lot of Rogan's podcasts. He's very progressive on a lot of things such as medicaid for all. Other things like gun control - not so much. In a setting where there is 4 hours to talk in detail about things, without 20 second time limits, I think viewers would get to hear so much more vital information. But I agree with the others that it will never happen. 

Apparently people on Twitter and The View are saying that Joe Rogan is far right. He's anything but. But I think we can all agree that, to a progressive, anything to the right of Bernie is far right. That's just their political worldview.

It's also amazing to me how so many very progressive people who were acting like their skin was melting off and that somebody had slapped their mother over the fact that Bernie didn't win the primary, because the DNC rigged it for Biden (which I think is a pretty fair claim) are now all in for Joe. Perhaps it is the "vote blue no matter who" idea. But I think if I were a progressive who had my heart set on Bernie I'd be a little more resentful and vote third party. All of their talk about "revolution" disintegrates, doesn't it?
I'm not buying into the fact that it's because of Trump Derangement Syndrome and perhaps that is my blind spot with this.

Ptown, since you are probably leaning into progressivism more lately, perhaps you might have better insight to this than I do.

LOL. Thanks for lumping in with the progressives. My progressive friends would be shocked to learn that. 

I don't mind Joe Rogan. I think he does not fit into one political party or ideology box, which may be one reason why he is so popular. 

You think this years Democratic nomination was rigged for Biden? Ok. that is a new one for me. 

I think you are seeing all the Ds come together for two big reasons. 1. Hillary was not well liked and 2. Everyone really does dislike and want to vote Trump out of office. All throughout the D primary, the number one issue was to remove Trump. Biden led in the polls on who could best do that and hence he is the nominee.  

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Would the opposition candidate do a FOX town hall hosted by say Peter Doocy and take questions from "undecided" Trump supporters?  Or would he do nearly daily pressers before a critical and at times hostile and disrespectful media?  You have to wonder how Biden is going to perform in a debate if they ever happen.  I guess I just don't understand the political strategy.  This is where I believe the media bias blinds minds.

He should do a Fox one. But, at the very least, he did a CNN one last night. 

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I assume you have to be trolling at this point?


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No mention of all the crazy and inaccurate shit that Trump said at the ABC townhall or at his presser last night? Not a surprise. 

Biden is still leading is every battleground state other than FL.Some of the news out of AZ should be alarming to Trump

So, people are still thinking Trump is an asshole and just screwed up the response to the virus. That is tanking his reelection efforts. He will need to really close the gap and pull an even bigger win than he did in 2016. Unless, he goes all nuclear and just throws doubt on the whole he is: 

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The fire hoses and German Shepherds will be deployed on Nov. 4th. along with other anti-anarchist firepower.  As well, their anti-American funding sources will be cut off at the knees via RICO.

Part of me thinks you are just trolling..because there is no way you actually believe that given the history of its usage in protests. 

Bull Connor used fire hoses, police dogs on protestors (May 3, 1963)  (videos) -

How The Civil Rights Movement Was Covered In Birmingham : Code Switch : NPR

Pin on Fine Arts 101

The Birmingham Campaign The SCLC organized protests... | Sutori

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A high profile QB will miss 1-2 games as he pops positive for COVID. 

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Did Biden steal “come on” from you? The comparison is a journalist who was considered very credible reporting something that turned out to be bullshit.  It is very much the same thing. Come on!

I am not sure the public needs any more convincing that Trump is an asshole. That was established well before 2016. I do know though  your last paragraph pretty much lines up with the media playbook for the last 4 years, and thus why they will throw shit at a wall (credible or not to see if it sticks). This is most likely why you will take the story without even any ounce of skepticism. You’re the media’s best type of consumer. At least Woodward has recordings and the quotes are somewhat fresh.  I wish my papers in college were held to the same standard as our journalists with phantom 2 year old anonymous sources providing gossip/hearsay.  I would have spent a fourth of the time writing those papers. I wish, like you  I could  believe that everything will go back to normal with the media, but I am not naive enough. History doesn’t end when Trump leaves the office. Nobody is going to forget that the media lost their credibility.

Do I think all of the quotes in the Atlantic are real, no.  Do I think some are, more than likely as it fits the pattern of public statements the President has made over the years. 

On the media, I am just not as cynical as you are on this. I do read news articles with skepticism, but I do not dismiss the whole media as a result. There are good apples and bad ones, like most things in life. 

I do think voters are tired of Trump and his asshole nature. It seems like voters have grown tired of it and thought he would change and grow into the Presidency. Those voters are now breaking from Trump to Biden in those swing states like WI, PA, and AZ. That is why it is easy to dismiss each story on its own, but collectively, it is just evidence that Trump is still the same guy as he was in 2016.  Trump is his own worst enemy and it may cost him. 

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I was more confirming your post...yard signs mean shit. 

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Ahh yes, I recall the same thing being said about Ronan Farrow and other reporters during the Kavanaugh fiasco (just a small sample of journalists who have taken a credibility hit). I revert back to my previous comment.  I will appreciate Trump for exposing the media for what they truly are.  

And speaking of pre-2016 media, I am sure you will take "credible" anonymous sources about democrat administrations for face value, just like you did for the Obama admin and Hillary campaign. 

Yes..the two are exactly the same. Come on. 

Anonymous stories are not all created equal. Jeff Goldberg and Woodward are pretty damn credible.  

I think this all matters as it is just more shit and evidence that Trump is an asshole and is only in it for himself. I think the voters are tired of his actions and statements. 

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It’s hard to keep up with the news overseas let alone trump hate porn. Trump’s quote came out two years later from an anonymous source. Not even a full 24 hours after the “story” broke we had media conducting morning interviews with heartbroken vets.  QO has more credibility with his conspiracy thread than this story. You’re smarter than that. There are plenty of other trump stories to get worked up over. This ain’t it.  If there is one thing I will appreciate for Trump it’s the fact he (mostly inadvertently) exposed how full of shit the media is. That’s why nobody trusts them and it’s going to take decades for them to gain any trust back.  It will be interesting to see how the media adjusts when trump is gone and they no longer have trump hate porn to drive up revenue. 

Yeah, again, Jeff Goldberg has more credibility than that. I've read his stuff for over 20 years and he is always been a credible reporter. He is not one to make shit up or get played for quotes. 

Also, they would all revert back to pre-2016 like most of us will I hope.  But, Trump is not going away quietly. He will still be on whatever media spouting off crazy shit even after he is gone. 



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