On Mar 24, 2020:

FatHobbit replied to "The 2020 Financial Crash" at 02:54 pm

So, if I had cash to throw into the market now to try to catch the rally, how would I do that?  Where would you all invest it? 

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On Mar 18, 2020:

FatHobbit replied to "Free College" at 04:29 pm
posted by Spock

degree would be useless just like a HS diploma.


THe goal post for most jobs will just get pushed farther back and require a masters degree.  You might need a PHD in some stuff to get a "good" job.

Do you have a dregree?

On Mar 16, 2020:

FatHobbit replied to "Free College" at 02:29 pm

Imho, if the government wants to provide free college (or healthcare) then they should create govt hospitals and universities and fix the cost. I feel like there are many state funded hospitals and colleges so they can start there. But I don't want them to just start opening up the check book and paying for everything. That will just inflate the price. 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Do a basic check fact once in awhile.  This isn't true.  Whatever media sources you seem to use are the most inaccurate centers of garbage out there.  

On Feb 24, 2020:

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Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.

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On Feb 7, 2020:

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FatHobbit replied to "Female-on-male assault" at 04:01 pm
posted by Ironman92

Kinda wondering how she did that to him?

I'm guessing parts of him were willing but his head was not. She held him down and straddled him. 

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posted by O-Trap

I assume you're taking a shot here, but it seems weird that FatHobbit would be 100 pounds in high school.

Haha I weighed 120 lbs in high school. I was super skinny. 

On Feb 6, 2020:

FatHobbit replied to "Female-on-male assault" at 01:34 pm

As a Male, you're fucked in a physical confrontation with a female. You can't beat her up and you can't complain if she beats you up. 

When I was in high school I had a friend who weighed 100 lbs soaking wet. He was at a party with another friend and a girl there held him down, took off his pants and raped him. His buddy watched and later told the story and everyone thought it was hilarious. That would have been different if it had been a Male. But it's just an example of how life isn't fair. 

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She didn't punch him.  She hit him...

FatHobbit replied to "Ohio State Basketball 2019/20 thread" at 01:29 pm
posted by Heretic

Good win in that they were able to close out a tight game on the road in the league, which is something that's been very lacking with them in 2020.

Agree. Any win at Michigan is a good win. This team was struggling and they didn't give up. 

On Feb 3, 2020:

I'm going back in time for sure. See my grandma and grandpa again and not get so hung up on stupid shit that doesn't matter. I'm also going to fuck a lot of bitches. Lol 

On Jan 14, 2020:

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On Jan 5, 2020:

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On Dec 29, 2019:

FatHobbit replied to "2019 College Football Thread" at 01:47 am
posted by Ironman92

What am I missing


Receiver catches ball clean, left foot down, right foot down, left down again.....ball is stripped for a TD

He made no football move.

Maybe someone can explain it, but i think OSU got fucked on that one...

On Dec 27, 2019:

FatHobbit replied to "Movies that are a 10" at 04:48 pm
posted by Laley23

As for Gone With The Wind, I feel similar to that as what I just stated. It had tracking shots, it had creative lighting, it had explosions. It legit changed the way you make movies. It had stuff directors hadn’t even imagined yet. The first tracking shot of Scarlett on the staircase is truly amazing movie making for the fucking 40s. It isn’t the greatest plot, but it’s also not terrible and holds up decent. Plus it’s set behind a war, and I’m a sucker for war movies.

I'm not into the groundbreaking tech really, but it is amazing to me how well Gone with the wind (and Casablanca) have held up. They're both pretty good even all these years later. 

FatHobbit replied to "Movies that are a 10" at 04:45 pm
posted by kizer permanente

Big Lebowski is definitely a 10 

I don't know that I've ever been more disappointed in a movie than the big lebowski. I did not watch it when it came out but everyone seemed to think it was amazing. When I finally did get around to watching it... meh... (it definitely has some very quotable lines but it just didn't measure up to the hype in my opinion) 



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