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We need to suspend all immigration for 2 weeks to flatten the curve. 

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Then what do you think about President Biden calling this law worse than Jim Crow?  How sick is it to use the true suppression of African American voting rights as a political tool?  Personally I find it quite disgusting.

The following is a lie told by President Biden quoted from his inaugural address:


Politics need not be a raging fire destroying everything in its path.

Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war.

And, we must reject a culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured.

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Just ate a breakfast buffet at a tiny diner. Call me a denier if you want. 

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Even the hospitalizations aren’t a great indicator anymore. We cut down to about 9 Covid beds available last month but had to expand back to 15 this week. But none of them are significantly sick. We don’t have any ventilators running. One patient was a GI bleed but ended up testing positive so he then counts as a Covid hospitalization. Completely asymptomatic to Covid. 

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Can all of these things be overcome ? Sure. But in an extremely close election it could certainly matter. Overall as I have said I think it’s going to have the opposite effect and it’s going to cause a rally that has not been seen before to get voters out in GA.

In an extremely close election fraud matters too.  As for the latter part of your statement it negates everything you have said about the Ga law suppressing voters.
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I’m not even going to get in the absurdity of the water/food regulations as I know u can’t provide any reason this was necessary and just kind of ignore it, but if it didn’t matter they wouldn’t do it. 

The reason is partisan operatives use it as an excuse to skirt laws and solicit voters while standing in line.  You can bring your own water.  Poll workers can provide anyone in line with water.  Can you provide any examples of voters dropping out of line because of thirst? 
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You can still vote absentee but it’s now illegal for officials to send applications to every voter. It reduces time to request a ballot and restricts organizations that help people get absentee ballots. It also requires absentee voters to jump through hoops that in person voters don’t. 

They are ending early voting at 5 pm making it harder for people who work to get to the polls after work. It also limits mobile voting units. 

It limits the number of ballot boxes unnecessarily and makes it harder for officials to place new ones. 

The bolded did not exist in Ga law prior to the changes.  Both are the product of state of emergency decisions because of the covid pandemic and would expire post emergency.  The mailing of absentee ballots to every voter was only done in the primary election not the general.   Does it not make sense to create law governing the use of these methods going forward?  The term "limits drop boxes" is used when the law actually solidifies a permanent use of them that did not exist before.  
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The election board can suspend or remove any local official at anytime and for any reason. If this was the case in November they would have been able to do exactly what DT wanted them illegally to do like firing election officials in dekalb and Fulton counties. Then sending in cronies to say it’s fraud and throw out AA votes. 

It is correct the election board can suspend and remove.  But anytime and for any reason is misleading.  I clicked on the link to the raw text that the average media outlet does not expect the average dupe to click on and most of the rest to immediately flee once laying eyes on it.  Read sections 6&7 it addresses the bolded.  I read a good bit of it and came to my conclusion on the bolded.  They provide nice line numbers if you want to point out where I am wrong.  The rest of your statement is hogwash.
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1. The law removes the vote of the secretary of the state from the election board, even tho under the ga constitution the Secretary of State oversees elections. It also puts the board under control of the legislature. 

The law does remove the Secretary of State as a voting member.  However your statement that the Georgia constitution grants the Secretary of State the authority to be the "overseer" of elections is misleading.  It only requires that returns be made to the Secretary of State.  The methods and laws governing what votes are accepted or rejected are made by the legislature.  What role the Secretary of State plays before receiving the returns is in the hands of the legislature. I don't have time to read the whole Georgia constitution but the table of contents led me to this:  Article II Section II Paragraph I.  

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If u do that u have to take your driving test all over when u get reinstated FYI

Sounds difficult.

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I think it’s been discussed or posted in other news stoei

I don't read every post but you seem concerned about ID's. 

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If your license gets suspended they take your physical ID. And I know from experience in my younger days 

Get a state ID the next time the BMV is open.

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Not sure why we are arguing voter ID. It’s not the major issue 

What is the major issue?

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I said I don’t believe they think that. That is a conservative talking point. 

I don't think they believe that either.  Worse than Jim Crow, suppression of black votes, etc. are leftist talking points.

What is the primary purpose we present a photo ID when making important transactions?  Why can't we just mail in a signed buyer/seller agreement to the BMV to get a title?  We have all waited in lines at the BMV, been inconvenienced, slightly irritated, etc.  So why do we not make these processes easier?  To suppress black people from owning property?

No its to suppress fraud.

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The only thing missing from the press conference were the white circles.

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Installed new windows in the attic and new trim on the outside and a bat ended up getting in the house without anyone knowing.  I fell asleep on the couch and my wife went up to bed.  I wake up to her screaming "something is in the house."  I go upstairs and my wife says something was fluttering by her head and banging into things.  

By the time I got upstairs she had the lights and saw nothing.  With the remodeling I suspected a bat but found nothing.  Banged around nothing.  I then began to wonder if she had some sort of dream.  She said it was real but I could not find anything after searching every room.  So we go to bed.

Couple of days later I am walking down the stairs in the late evening and as I step on the landing a bat is fluttering in my face.  I fall back on the stairs and yell "bat".  My wife is on the couch instantly rolls off the couch and throws a blanket over herself.  Got rid of the bat.

During remodeling I get a lot of scratches and pokes.  I was telling my buddy in the office next to me about it and we were joking that I have been sleeping in the house with the bat for the last two nights.  I joke about being bit and lift up my pant leg and just above my ankle I have to small dots.  

Then the subject of rabies comes up.  You get rabies you are fucked and it is a bad way to go.  He can tell I am getting a little mind fucked.  I head back to my office to move my mind back to work.  Get an email from my buddy just to complete my mind fuck attatched is a video of a dude in Russia dying of rabies.  It got me briefly thinking of the rabies shots.  Anyways that was many years ago.

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Biden's fall on Air Force One steps already a popular meme

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I'm old enough to remember that when slowly walking down a ramp in the rain meant we had to have serious discussions about the health of the POTUS. 

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I am guessing this is no longer allowed either.

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