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But this quote was in many news sources correct? 

It was.  Most of those news sources also mocked Romney over his Russia comments as did Obama.  But now Romney is a beacon of wisdom.  They all owe him an apology.  The ironic thing is Russia speak is now a common tool in our domestic politics and a major focus of our foreign policy.

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Granddaughters think the game is boring and only get excited at a Taylor Swift sighting.  Good food and we are having fun.

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U can go 100 pages on this board and won’t see a source questioned unless it goes against the right wing agenda. Mcarthy and Romney who actually interact with Biden  directly contradict what this board says about Biden. I   Will say both of them hate trump however the source basically got the quote accurate. 

Perhaps Romney was right both times.  Mocked by the Huffpo in one praised in the other.  I don't dismiss an argument on the source alone.  If you do not get why I criticized the source in this context I don't know how to make it any more clear.

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One has to wonder why the democratic party hangs on to old Joe.  They have a problem if they remove him in this case as a candidate the VP would be expected to be next in line.  Problem is the VP was chosen because skin color and genitalia.  She was low single digits if I recall in the dem primaries.  She is far more cringe worthy than Hillary.  Her cackle is worse.  Problem is if the democrats bypass her for a viable candidate you got Identity politics biting you in the ass.

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China is still far off from becoming a blue water navy, and after that they will need quite a few decades of playing an away game to figure it out. On top of that, their weapons systems do not touch the US. A lot of people need to pump the brakes on the Chinese military hype.

Their army is not what they are hyped up to be either.  Their greatest strength is what it was over the last century.  Forced human wave attacks in overwhelming numbers.  The Russians are the same.  They have proven on the battlefield they are only capable of fighting a WWI style war.  Where is the Russian air force?  The vaunted Black Sea Fleet has been crippled by a nation with no major surface ships.  Dudes on laptops controlling armed jet skis sunk a Russian Corvette patrolling inside a bay on the Crimean peninsula.

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Simple for me this year.  Just my wife and two of our granddaughters.  Grilled wings.  Grilled cheese strips.  Thick grilled potato slices.  Various dips.

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Anyone shocked that the Palestinian aid organization(UNRWA) supposedly has 10% of their workforce with ties to terrorism? And even some that were directly involved on 10/7.

(For a non-right leaning source)

Trump stopped funding to this group… and Biden went right back to funding it when he became President. 

Still laugh seeing losers protesting for Hamas. 

Hamas tunnel found full of weapons underneath the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza.  The Israelis are about to finish the job in Rafah in the south.  But the cries are out now for them to stop what they did not start.  Maybe we get more "protesters" to block streets.  A sure way to win people over to your side.

I watched Israeli soldiers forcefully remove settlers from the Gaza strip many years ago.  Gaza could have been made a beacon of light.  A beautiful strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea with a great climate.  Imagine the tourist industry that could have been built.   They have been given more than enough money to get something like that going.  Instead they made it a fortress to attack Israel and a shithole for their citizens while many of their leaders and their families live in luxury in foreign countries.

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Because it fits the narrative the left went ape shit over Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin.  I saw a few hot takes but took them with a grain of salt.  So I subjected myself to the full 2hr interview.  Very enlightening.  My take.

Putin must be opposed by force. The EU must be at the front of this with the full backing of the USA.

When it comes to regaining lands lost in European wars in the past Putin is your 21st century Hitler. Putin goes back centuries.

Putin loathes Poland like Stalin and their fathers before them. 

Putin is feasting on the left's propaganda and the ignorance of some on the right.

Denazification - When any politician sites anything similar without proper justification beware.

With all the speculation about Putin's health I would like to see Biden put that issue to bed as well with a two hour interview.

Carlson did press for a good will gesture to return the imprisoned WSJ journalist but was told his interview was not good enough.

We need Hillary and her reset button.


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Old does not equal dementia.

Good see this board are still experts in dementia and practicing doctors on the subject. 

One can say someone is too old to be President and not think they have dementia. 

I know that blows some people's mind on here. 

Quite genius of Biden to play the demented old man to avoid cupability.

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Gridlock does nothing to solve the debt, immigration, defense budget, or any other issue you seem to care about. 

I will take an up or down vote on any one of those issues in singularity.  Problem is other shit gets attached that is worse.  Then politicians run to the cameras and say you don't care about what you say you care about.  Until that changes as said gridlock is always the way to go.

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Also, Trump trying to kill a Congressional deal on immigration and Ukraine/Israel funding is typical Trump. 

I found this comment interesting.  The three issues mentioned.  All problematic issues during Trump but not close to the scale they are today.  But somehow Trump is the boogie man in all of this.  I have not looked at the details of this "deal" but in my life I have found most government deals to be quite shitty.

Trump approved lethal aid to Ukraine.  Dozens of Russian Wagner troops home from Syria in body bags.  Moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.  Cut off aid to the Palestinians.  The Abraham accords.  Your fears are media driven.  You do not need to be a Trump fan to recognize this.  

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Maybe if they actually tried to work toward a political solution instead of complaining, they could be taken seriously.

Libertarians for the most part want the government to play a very small very limited roll in people's lives.  Any "political" solution in today's world is not likely to end in their favor.  That is why terms like "gridlock" and "government shutdown" that you people wet your pants over are music to their ears.  Just be thankful they are just complaining because when that stops they will be taken quite seriously.

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I am becoming a father early March.  Please send Ts&Ps my way. 

Edit: I will be sure to post my child's vertical leap results to compare to Ironman's.   Please keep this website alive for at least 9 more years. 

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Afraid so, thanks for the kind words.

I hope you are doing ok.  It will be 32 this October for my wife and I.  The "D" word came up several times for us from my wife.  Nothing major just got married young.  Been together since we were 16.  We have grown closer now then at anytime in our relationship.  Anyone who says they have the perfect marriage is full of shit.  Its a lot of work and sacrifice.  It takes two to marry and only one to end it.  I am sure you have many friends and family around you.  Take care.

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not a scratch

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Too many Americans see the electoral college as some sort of "unjust" system of electing a president and the judicial branch as the means of resolving election disputes.  Neither of those ideas are constitutional or healthy.  There have been disputed elections in this nation that occurred long before anyone alive today.  They were resolved by legislative bodies and electors.  Yes folks there was arm twisting and horse trading.  The riot effectively ended this process not in the favor of the rioters. 

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So, I just watched some clips of the pro Palestine protests. Most of these people are very young. I can't help but wonder what in the tardation nation is going on with them. None of them, that I saw, looked mentally handicapped - but they're obviously simpletons or some such. 

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Lots of receipts on who blamed Israel right away…

Drive by media.

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What it means is Hamas is very soon to be done in the Gaza Strip.  Yes many will die including Israelis.  Israel also knows its going to suffer heavy casualties rooting out the strip.  Hamas fucked up big with the level of barbarism.  There are factions within Hamas wanting to release women and children hostages as a way to walk it back a bit.  The handwriting is on the wall.



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