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^ Appreciate it! Got my 3-month scans back clean two weeks ago. Still about a 16% chance of recurrence but it’s dropping every day. 

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"The Void Protocol" - by F. Paul Wilson

Pretty interesting.  I don't know how Wilson keeps up with the "secret history of the world" he's created, but he comes up with some doozies.  It ties in with the Repairman Jack series in a tidy fashion.

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Had a coon on the screened in porch a couple of winters ago.   Gnawled through the screen and would escape between the ceiling and roof that the former owner engineered poorly.

Got a solid hit with a baseball bat one night, thought I killed it but it just stunned for a bit.

In theory i would tried....

Antifreeze?  They make it too animal friendly.

Rat poison?  Not strong enough for this monster.

Father in Law had a special mix that they dont make anymore and he gave me some.  Kills em almost instantly...... 

Ouch.  We had a mother and babies invade our attic.   I chased her off my roof one morning, and shot her with wasp spray to keep her away.  Found out later my neighbor killed her with an arrow shot.  He said she was scratching at his door, and thought she had rabies.   

My son and I caught one of the babies alive in the basement and boxed it up for the Critter Control guy.  He found another live one in the basement, and a dead one in the attic.  Whew.  

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I call the wildlife company and tell them I want my money back. 

That was funny!  But definitely was a weak-ass effort by the guy. 

In my first house, thought a bat flew out of my woodburner when I went to build my first fire.  Turned out to be a bird, but it kept flying in a circle around the family room.  Called a buddy who lived nearby, he came over and blocked one side, and we shooed it out the door. 

Same house, second year of owning it -  mouse come in thru the dryer vent, and died inside the exhaust port.  Couldn't fish him out, he was welded to the metal.  The smell was indescribeable, but at least he went out of this world warm and dry.  Yes, I  bought a new dryer.   


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Pretty thrilled. I hit 225 in decline (x6) and in flat (x2) today. Never once did that before in my life..

I may do some creatine here shortly. Rarely do I do any protein, but I have some. 

Looking forward to hearing your results with creatine.  That was just on my mind today coming home from the gym.  I'm having a hard time "motivating" my muscles to push harder during a workout.  I know, I know - I'm a senior, not a kid.  But I looked at a few links today that indicate moderate use of creatine is safe and helpful for older folks.

The short time I worked on the bench press in my 20's, my best single was 205 before I quit shortly afterward.  Right now I'm up to reps with 145 lbs using a 5x5 format.  Would like to see if I can increase that by this summer.

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Pretty thrilled. I hit 225 in decline (x6) and in flat (x2) today. Never once did that before in my life.

About 7-10 days ago I got 315x2 in deadlift. Possibly a PR for me, since I can't remember what I ever did back in high school. Love being back in the gym, probably there 6ish days a week. Occasionally I have 1 day off a week, then sometimes I get 2. It's not really a consistent day, but it's typically a Monday or Wednesday/Thursday.

I may do some creatine here shortly. Rarely do I do any protein, but I have some. Left shoulder has been bugging a lot since I got back into it in August. Rest days have helped, but then shoulder time it gets going again.

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I try different programs for working out.  Over quarantine, I started doing a program called Stronglifts, which was basic 5x5 barbell lifts and no cardio.  I did it for abouit 3 months, and it wasn't for me.  Mostly because I'm 50 and my joints can't take heavy lifting like they used to.  Also, I'm more concerned about keeping a healthy heart as I age, so I wanted more work on that front.

I was intrigued by the 5x5 program - I read of something similar 35 years ago, when was In my 20's and heavily into the Nautilus program.

This past Christmas,  I started lifting 6 days a week, alternating back/biceps with chest/shoulders, doing 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps at several weight stations in my morning workouts, and struggling to build overall strength. The last four weeks I switched to my own 5x5 routine,  four days a week, with every third day doing cardio.  Been doing squats, pull-ups, traditional bench press, and overhead press machine.  Seems to be working out well.  I'm able to push harder and harder, lift more weight for more reps overall (appropriate for my age), and seem to have better muscle tone all over.

This has been complicated by myasthenia gravis, which hit me like a ton of bricks a year ago.   For a few months I couldn't hold my head up or chew my food, and I was having trouble not breathing properly.  Meds have me about 85% of "normal", but the overall fatigue throughout the day is still mentally stressful.  My neuro doc gave his blessing to get back into regular exercise and even weightlifting, with a caution to advance slowly, which I have.   After the first two months of hitting the gym,  the myasthenia fatigue was bad in the evenings.  In my case, the 5x5 format definitely helps reduces late-day fatigue.

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I thought Bruce Almighty already found him.

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About halfway thru "Branch Rickey" (2011)  by Jimmy Breslin. 

Interesting tidbit from the prologue - he starts his research by setting up an appointment to with a famous NY sportswriter from Jackie Robinson era; the writer dies just before the visit.  He then calls Brooklyn Dodger GM Buzzy Bavasi, who said "Come out anytime and we'll talk" - and Bavasi dies two days later.  Moral of the story:  interview the sources while you still have time.

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Took a month, but here's the new thread for 2021. Every day is a blur these days anyway, this just feels like 2020.1.

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They're dropping like flies.   Christopher Plummer, age 91, from injuries suffered during a fall.

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Finished all three books in the "Wayward Pines" trilogy by Blake Crouch over the weekend.  Very, very well done.  My only complaint was that last postscript "chapter" at the end of "The Last Town", just leaves you begging for a fourth book to follow.

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Started lifting for real 18 months ago.  Lost 40 lbs, and had hip replaced in February 2020 - had to lose the weight before the bone doc would do the procedure.  Good recovery, ready to go back to the gym - then Covid hit and the gym we went to has been closed since.  

Just started back a week ago at a new gym that operates sensibly.  Hello, DOMS, my old friend.  Should take a month or two before I can start going moderately hard again, I blame being 62.  By then my other hip should be just about ready to go  out, lol. 

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Early NYE dinner at Brio.  Great meal and dessert, and home early before the madness.  And plenty of leftovers for yesterday.

This year my neighbors were shooting off major fireworks one street over.  Never heard that much before, always used to be a few firecrackers and bottle rockets.  This year it was the big cannons and reports.  Thank goodness my Min-Pin was sacked out on the floor, he never once raised his head during the booms.  

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Christmas gift. DO YOU FEEL LIKE I DO? 

Peter Frampton's memoir. 340 pages, I'm about 20 in.

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Goon, if John Kruk can make it through, so can you.  Best of luck, man.

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Welcome to OC.

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I can’t limit to just 1, but definitely have specific versions I like (and in turn dislike the same song by another artist) .  Top Album I prefer the classic sound. Either Harry Connick Jr., Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra.

Great minds think alike.  Very hard to pick just one favorite, but I'll go with these for now.

Traditional:  "Jingo Jango" by Bert Kaempfert

Non-traditional:  (tie) "The Chipmunk Song" (Seville), and "Frontier Christmas" (Hudson & Landry)

Album:  "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Vince Guaraldi.  Runner-up:  The 1965 Rudolph TV special soundtrack

P.S.  I still remember my father and I hearing "The 12 Pains of Christmas" on the radio for the first time.  Mom couldn't figure out why we were in tears.

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I can’t limit to just 1, but definitely have specific versions I like (and in turn dislike the same song by another artist)

Traditional Top-5:

  • Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry
  • Rocking’ Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
  • Blue Christmas - Elvis 
  • Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town - Jackson 5
  • Please Come Home for Christmas - Eagles

Non-Traditional Top-5:

  • Merry Christmas From the Family - Dixie Chicks & Rosie O’Donnell
  • Christmas Can Can - Straight No Chaser
  • Who Spiked the Eggnog - Straight No Chaser
  • 12 Pains of Christmas - Bob Rivers
  • Snoopy vs The Red-Barron - The Royal Guardsman

Top Album I prefer the classic sound. Either Harry Connick Jr., Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra.



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