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My wife keeps 3 or 4 potted plants inside, parked by our sliding glass door so they get a fair amount of sunlight.  Not sure if she has a green thumb, but she's been able to keep them going.

The sight of the plants seem to be attracting the larger desirable bugs this year - this week alone we've had three praying mantises, a cicada, and a katydid perch next to us while we're drinking our morning coffee on the patio outside the sliding window.  Can't remember the last time I've seen a katydid.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

My wife and I both just finished regiments with physical therapists - her for a sciatica and me for osteoarthritis of the knees.  

Dr., did the doc say you're candidate for knee replacement yet?  I read BRF's post about his doctor overriding the insurance company, which made sense.  I thought you might say your insurance recommended a cortisone shot before attempting surgery.  And since sciatica is more of a soft-tissue condition, I can see them wanted to go the conservative route first with your wife.

My ortho doc told me at my first appointment my hip wouldn't get any better until he replaced it.  When I was ready, his company submitted for insurance, and they approved it right away.

My wife went to the same ortho doc for her knee, he took one look at her and her x-ray and said, "Surgery.  You tell me when you're ready".  In this case, my wife was the one who wanted more conservative treatment, so she went thru the "pain-relieving gel injection" (no difference), and deep nerve ablation (no difference).  Fortunately her insurance paid completely for the new knee with no hold-up. 

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my brother had both hips replaced and the pt was critical

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Physical therapy to recover after a surgery = very much real

Physical therapy to before actual treatment = stupid bullshit stall tactics

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posted by brutus161

Physical therapy to recover after a surgery = very much real

Physical therapy to before actual treatment = stupid bullshit stall tactics

I agree with this.  When I had my knee replaced, PT was very important.

However, before my surgery, my insurance said they were not going to pay unless I first went through PT.  My doctor said that that’s ridiculous because no amount of PT is going to give me back the cartilage I no longer had (osteoarthritis, also). He called them up and gave them the business and my surgery went on as scheduled.

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posted by queencitybuckeye

Willard Scott, 87

Just a few years short of being recognized on the Today Show’s Smuckers birthdays segment .

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My crisis was hitting 50 and realizing wanting to be a rock-n-roll drummer before I died.   Took a while before I got up the nerve to get out and jam with some folks, buy a decent kit, and take lessons from a pro.  There's definite regret I didn't start sooner, really hard for brain, hands, and feet to assimilate stuff that youngsters pick up quicker.

Maybe I should have bought a Corvette instead.

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My only college visit was attending the two-day freshman orientation at Ohio State, two months before classes started.

However, I took my son to visit four colleges before he settled on one:  OSU, Columbus State CC, Rio Grande, and Ohio Christian U (where he ended up).

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Worn glasses for years to correct nearsightedness, no problems reading.  About age 45 I noticed I couldn't read as well unless I held the glasses farther away.   Being a stubborn male, I got LASIK at age 50.  Even thought it was just to correct the myopia,  my reading vision improved.  That lasted five years, then I started buying several pairs of reading glasses to stash in different places.  

Couple years ago I got a part-time job that required me to have 20-20 corrected vision, so I went to that Vision Outfitters to get 2 pair of glasses with transition lenses fairly cheap.  Don't like them that much, lots of distortion on the edges, but they do in a pinch for reading on the job.  

However, I can still pass the eye exam for a driver license with just my LASIK eyes.  Still holding on to a few shreds of my vanity.

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Ah the TV guide.  That was back in the days when I was Dad's remote control.

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posted by justincredible

I'm not 100% sure what this means. By separate lot, would her selling or giving us the 2.5 acres be considered a separate lot? The road runs along the bottom of the picture above and has about 500' of frontage. Either way, I think we'd be good.

Hopefully you're using an attorney to make sure the property deed has all the p's and q's.   BRF made me think of my grandfather's 23 acres on the mountain in WV.  Years ago my mother and her 7 siblings divided it into 8 lots.  The attorney who handled it mentioned the  required driveway access, which affected some lots more than others.  Reading my mother's paperwork and copies of emails, one uncle was not happy that the driveway access for his and 3 other lots  would take more than half of his property, due to the terrain and orientation to the road, while the other 3 lots would lose much less.

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Scratch lostoldtime352 from the Missing Posters thread.

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We have a vehicle that was leased and our 3 years just ended. 

(If I could do it over, I probably wouldn't have leased - but we were in a pinch and needed a reliable car in a pinch.)

Anyways, I was listening to a podcast a month or so ago and they had mentioned that people should really consider buying out their lease if their lease-end was near. The used car market has become crazy, much like the housing market. 

Dealerships, private parties, etc. were paying crazy high amounts for quality used cars - especially with lower mileage. It intrigued me a bit so I did some basic research on KBB and figured I could make $1-2k by buying out our lease and then re-selling it.

We went to the dealership to buy out our lease and I mentioned to our salesmen our plans and he mentioned how great of an idea that was. He then asked let me talk to my manager and see if we can make you an offer.

Long story short, he did the whole manager talk and came back and told us that his manager said we were better off just turning the vehicle back in and cutting our losses. We had already made up our mind that we were going to buy out the vehicle and take our chances selling it privately.

I got home and went on Carvana to see what maybe they would offer us for the vehicle....and it was over the KBB value. Carvana just came and did the inspection and picked up our vehicle and left us with a check on the spot.

All said and done after taxes we made $3,500 by buying out our lease and re-selling it. Finally pulled a quick one the car dealership!

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I haven't seen the site, so I guess that makes it 0/18.  Until I saw the other thread about this, I thought it was just a "pay for premium content" site for serious sports junkies.  My brain can barely process the little I see on ESPN these days, let alone getting on a website to satisfy my football jones.

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posted by queencitybuckeye

We're looking at homes in small towns with a standard size lot, or perhaps a little larger, but likely not big enough to mess with our current zero-turn. Who uses a regular walk behind? Any suggestions? Are the new battery-powered ones worth considering, or are they tree-hugging hippie crap? 

Have  you considered a 36" zero-turn?  Got a Snapper 36 ZT earlier this year, much more comfortable and faster - better-looking cut also.   I'm on a 1960-size tract lot, and it fits through my gate and my shed door.

Bought a Toro 22" walk-behind three or four years ago, it's a workhorse for that size lot.  It's self-propelled, but I'm older and more cranky when I'm on my feet that long.

I'll split the difference on what iclfan2 said  - I went with an authorized dealer for the zero-turn, but I got my Toro right off the shelf at Lowe's or Home Depot (can't remember which).  

Don't know much about the new battery models, but they've got to be better than the tethered electric model my father bought in 1978.  I hated having to drag and move the extension cord during each pass, lol.

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Unless you live on a postage stamp (which I kinda do) the reviews on battery operated ones are horrible. I have a 10+ year old self propelled Toro mower and it’s been great. Haven’t even looked at the oil (probly bad idea) and it still starts on the first pull. If you have like a tractor outdoor store I’d start there vs a big box if you can. 

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posted by Fletch

Red october

The irony here is that my wife says the two movies I watch over and over again are "Fletch" and "Hunt For Red October".

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Red october

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Lol.  Was trying to remember what that style was called. I kept thinking apple cap, then finally remembered to plug newsboy into the search. 

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Reuben sub from Richie’s New York Deli in Circleville.  Not sure how authentic, but it was meaty.  Half for lunch, the other half for supper. 



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