On Oct 20, 2020:

Zunardo replied to "2020 Dead Pool" at 07:21 pm

Add to that - Spencer Davis, 81, yesterday.  Leader and guitarist for the Spencer Davis Group.  

If you're like me, you automatically picture Steve Winwood when you hear the SDG mentioned.  I never really knew anything about Davis, not even what he looked like.

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posted by bigorangebuck22

Tony Lewis, 62, lead singer of The Outfield

Wow, that's young, but I'm still picturing him at age 25 from watching MTV 35 years ago.

On Oct 19, 2020:

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Was wondering what Damon Zexx was up to these days. 

On Oct 18, 2020:

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Mrs. Z and I will both vote in person on Election Day.  Hopefully they'll have the coffee on like they usually do.

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By mail and in person, want to make sure my vote counts

On Oct 12, 2020:

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I’ve lost 53 lbs and my A1C down to 5.1.

My son scored very good on his first ACT this summer.

My cervical dystonia issues have been significantly eliminated and I have my life back after nearly a year of being able to hardly do anything.

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Got a promotion last Friday. 

Also the approval to hire someone under me and build out a team. I'm more hyped about that than the pay bump.

On Oct 9, 2020:

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Ginger Baker, 80, on Oct 6.

Best known as the drummer for power trio Cream with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce.

On Sep 9, 2020:

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posted by justincredible

Read the first two Jack Reacher novels recently. Not bad.

Author Lee Child has cameo appearances in both Jack Reacher films, if you know when to look.  Nicely done, IMO.  Coincidentally, I'm going through a couple of Reacher books for the second time - "A Wanted Man" and "61 Hours"

Have a couple of Blake Crouch novels waiting on the coffee table, "Abandoned" and "Snowbound".  After "Dark Matter" and "Recursion" blew me away, I'm looking forward to more of Crouch's stuff.

Also re-reading some of the earlier Repairman Jack books by F. Paul Wilson - "Conspiracies" and "The Haunted Air".  Both were just a little different than my usual fare the first time thru,  and that sucked me into the maelstrom of the whole series until I finally finished "Nightworld".  Wore me out.

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Read the first two Jack Reacher novels recently. Not bad.

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I must be a bit older than all y'all.  We didn't have fancy things like shredded chicken, tacos, or BBQ ribs.  Of course, this was in the Lyndon Johnson years, lol.  

I went to a private/independent school. So of course the cafeteria food prices were pretty outrageous. But, it did result in much better food as a result. 
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I must be a bit older than all y'all.  We didn't have fancy things like shredded chicken, tacos, or BBQ ribs.  Of course, this was in the Lyndon Johnson years, lol.  

Kindergarten - milk and cookies snack every day.  Just for that year, the half-pint cartons had a flat top with a foil strip on one corner which you peeled off and pulled back to drink.    Only time I ever saw that

Mom packed my lunch to save money, but would let me buy every other Friday.  I would peruse the menu each day and build up the anticipation.  For all of my elementary years, lunch was 25 cents - if you just bought milk it was 2 cents my first year, 3 cents afterward.   Mom would take the coins, wrap them in a Kleenex, and tie it in a knot so I couldn't pull it out of my pocket by mistake and lose it.  

 Here the classic grade school lunches that I remember:

  • Hamburger Day!  w/crinkle-cut fries or tater tots, veggie, dessert.  Hamburger was almost always on a Friday.  And who didn't "draw" a smiley face using ketchup on their bun and meat before smashing them together?  
  • Fish Sandwich Day!  w/tater tots, etc.  And the cooks put out bowls of large pitted black olives on our tables during Fish day.  I could gross out my classmates by eating those
  • Western Day!  Ham, white bean soup in a bowl, cornbread - and apple crisp!
  • Roast Beef Day!  Thin, tough, impossible to chew.  With the aforementioned mashed taters in the ice cream scoop.
  • And ...... (drum roll, please) ..... Jonny Marzetti Day!  Well, that one was hard to get excited about, but I could tolerate it. 

Once in a while it was chocolate milk, which we loved.  Other favorite items were chocolate no-bake cookies, and cherries for dessert (basically, pie filling in that gooey reddish-brown sauce).  Lima beans, succotash, baked beans.  Great stuff

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Hamburger gravy over mashed pot

Yes clicked out on your tray with an ice cream scooper.  Then a dip of gravy.

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I’m old enough that the lunches were good and nutrition didn’t dominate. Rectangle pizza...incredible lol, to this day when my school has it (once a month), I could eat an entire pan of it.

The turkey and gravy/mashed taters, roll w butter...carbs galore and it was hearty.

Chili was good, butter sandwich, celery/pbutter and either ice cream cup or apple crisp.....best all around lunch...milk was 2% then too.

Chocolate peanut butter bars were awesome.

Lunches have stunk last 15 or so years at the elementary level

On Sep 8, 2020:

Anybody listen to the soundtrack of "The Greatest Showman"?  Mrs. Zunardo has been playing it in her car non-stop for the last few weeks.  The music makes you think the movie was about P.T. Barnum producing "The Lion King", lol.  A little over the top for me.  Hugh Jackman has an impressive singing voice, though.  One of the female singers on there can hit some notes that would scare Geddy Lee.

On Aug 30, 2020:

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posted by gut

Just expand early voting.  Most places already have at least 10-11 days to do that, it seems.  Open polls for 2 weeks straight ahead of Nov. 4....everyone can vote Nov. 4th, or you have 3 days out of the 14 to vote (according to your last name).

I don't know how you can expand early voting any more than it already it.  Not sure if other Ohio counties are different, but Franklin County has 19 straight days of in-person voting Oct 12-30, weekends included.   

In 2008, Dems pushed for early voting as the solution to "rock the vote" - done.  In 2020, it's "we need to vote by mail, not in person!" - and everyone seems to have forgotten about the expanded opportunities already in place.

Here's the disconnect for me - assuming younger (read: liberal) voters are leading the push for vote-by-mail, that's the same demographic that eschews mail in general, especially "important" first-class mail.  Just curious why the younger generation would even consider putting something in the mailbox nowadays.

I trust USPS - I trust the mails.  But here's the thing:  If I'm part of a group of 500,000 voters who all send their votes in by mail, there is always a small percentage of those mailpieces that will be lost or chewed up by machines  It's one thing to have an electric bill payment get lost in the mail.  You can always stop payment on the old check and send them a new one, and it will still count as paid.  But if my vote is one of 5 that don't make it in time to be counted, then I've given up my right to choose for that day.

Assuming the little guy in the statehouse doesn't pull another last-minute shenanigan like he did this spring, I'll be going in person to pull the virtual touch-screen lever.  Better odds for it to actually matter.

On Aug 15, 2020:

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I remember a buddy of mine years ago playing The Stranglers songs for me, which I hated - until he played their cover of "Walk On By".  Far out, man.


On Aug 11, 2020:

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Trini Lopez, 83. 

Aug 11 of Covid-19.  Popular singer in the 1950's and 60's who was asked to design a new model for Gibson Guitars, the Trini Lopez Standard.  Appeared as convict Jiminez in "The Dirty Dozen".  

On Jul 29, 2020:

Zunardo replied to "Disgusting Habits: Heathens Unite!" at 07:23 pm
posted by geeblock

A buddy from college got a bad brain infection back in the day that was traced to supposedly plucking a nose hair 

Sorry to hear about your classmate.

It reminds me of my high school health class textbook (late 1960's printing?) showing the "triangle of death", where if you squeezed zits on your face from forehead to under your nose, you'd get an infection that would travel to your brain and be fatal.

On Jul 28, 2020:

Zunardo replied to "How many keys on your keychain" at 07:27 pm

Roughly 9 keys for the house and various boxes and my truck, and a fob for my wife's car.



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