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Moved into the new house this weekend. We don’t get unpacked until Wednesday and no cable or internet until them either. I’m already tired of eating out and watching TikTok. 

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It’s 100% accurate. Their company culture from the top down was twisted. Cult-like.

I worked at the first Columbus Ruehl location in college. That was their higher end store/brand that eventually bombed. 

Watched Sandler’s recent Netflix movie, Hustle. I enjoyed it. 

Haha My realtor and wife’s mentor helped start Ruehl. He did much better starting Eloquii a plus size women's brand though.

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Gotta feel for Will he’s been so close

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Bold move for a Trump supporter to be calling out a President for taking a vacation. 

And the video was hilarious. W's tumble was worse, but Bidens was funny. 

A vacation when the country is doing fine Vs a vacation when the country’s in the shitter. 

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I should throw out what my wife does because she makes the big bucks. 

She is VP of inventory and planning management. She helped build a womens plus size brand that got sold to Walmart for 100 million a few years ago. 

She now works for a private family owned company that makes and sales rugs. She is basically an excel genius. She has been in the retail industry since 2007. Started at a salary of 35k in Kansas for Payless and now makes almost 300k and works remotely now. If I remember right this is currently the 5th retailer she has worked for. She was lucky and made a great connection who has been her mentor and helped her rise thru the ranks. Her mentor is a retail superstar who helped found various companies like Abercrombie, Ruhle, and Eloquii. 

The place she works now dominates the rug market and the family who owns the business treat their employees amazingly. They have tapped my wife and the owners two sons as the next generation of leadership for the company. 

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I’m good. I’ve had family members and kids at school in need and it’s been harder than ever getting them in to be seen. Virtual a good option but have never had such issues in actually getting someone in to be seen.

Kids can be tough for sure because most don’t like to treat children. I’m lucky to have a therapist who is amazing with children and will see patients as young as six I work with. The place I work for and most offices from what I understand hire therapists and psychologists as independent contractors and their pay kinda sucks for what they do. Also if a client doesn’t show up they don’t get paid and as you can imagine mental health patients are not the most reliable. I want the people in my office to make as much so I try to keep them scheduled pretty full for the week with a few spots for emergencies and  new patients. 

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So psychiatrist is the only one that can prescribe medicine.

The only real difference between a psychologist and therapist is the level of their degree then?

Pretty much. So for Example the psychologists I work with have an initial appointments of 45 mins. They then prescribe what meds they think will help but don’t really discuss what causes this or could trigger it. Follow ups are 15 mins where they see how the meds are working and making dosage adjustments or send you more refills. 

The therapists all appointments are an hour and they help but talking to you. They help identify your triggers and what may have caused the issue. They also give you tools and tech you how to use them to combat your problems. 

Basically Psychologists treat you with medication while therapists help you deal with the problem by talking it out. 

Some people only need meds, some people only need help by talking it out and can make changes. Some need both. I would guess 20% do both. 

It’s much harder in Texas to get a psychologist then a therapist. There are obviously less and then some do not like to prescribe the medication you may need. I have one right now who doesn’t prescribe  barbiturates even to patients who have been on them for 20 years. Also Psychologists can’t legally prescribe medication in most states so are company have drs who then prescribe their recommendations. 

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Very difficult to get into a therapist these days. Therapists are needed more than ever.

If you were in Texas and willing to do virtual I could get you in within 3 days biggest delay would be verifying your insurance

Also if you need someone try psychology today. They can match you and help you find someone with availability. It is more difficult for children and autism patients bc less people wanna work with those patients 

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True question here.

So I know a psychiatrist can prescribe medicine while a psychologist can not.

So with that being said what’s the difference between a psychologist and a therapist? One has a PhD and one has a MS?

Just never understood why some are therapists and some are psychologists.

It’s basically the meds thing. I would say 75% of the new patients we get know if they want med management for their issues or therapy. Often times patients do both. If I have a new patient who has never done either I like recommend they start with therapy and then of the therapist thinks they can benefit from medication they refer them to someone in our office or system. 

Obviously the psychs have Dr degrees and the therapists have a range of degrees from MS to LCSW. So they have different backgrounds and often your insurance dictates what kind of therapist you can see. 

Also I’ll Throw out a few things I’ve learned doing this:

1) Therapy or Med Management can be cheap. Don’t let the price scare you from trying it out. Call an office and see what it will cost under your insurance. I would say 90% of the patients that come into our office pay between $0-35 a session after insurance. 

2) People often come to late to get real help. Once you are suicidal that’s a hard place to come back from. Get help as early as possible.

3) All kinds of people and people of all ages/races are embracing therapy. Don’t be afraid to give it a try even if something seems minor that is bothering you. I have seen it help so many people now. 

4) The people who manage the office care. I will do everything in my power to help you even if you can’t afford your $10 co pay. We want you to get the help you need and $20 a month shouldn’t stand between someone getting what they need. 

5) Shop around. Just because one therapist didn’t work for you doesn’t mean none will.

6) Also if something is wrong with your meds 95% of the time it’s the pharmacy. I don’t know what it is but it seems like 20% of pharmacies are incompetent at best. 

7) also if the office you go to has a shitty manager inform the staff, inform corporate. I got this job because I started as a front desk person. My manager never showed up. I took over the office after 45 days and took us from 11/12 for our company in the DFW area to 2nd in number  of patients seen and % of patients up to date on their billing. It’s a fucking easy ass job there’s no excuse for them not to answer calls, return emails, and help you find the care you need. I can’t tell you how many times I had people switch to my office just because I answered the phone when their office didn’t. 

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I manage a mental health office. I did this in Frisco, TX and will be managing it remotely from Ohio now. Transition should start next week. Currently we have 3 Psychs and 5 therapists. Should be adding a couple more in the next two months. 

We will see how it goes from Ohio. I was doing everything in Texas by myself. I will now have two assistants in the office I will manage as well. Hopefully they are decent because I have the place running as a fine oiled machine currently where I really only gotta work Mondays and Friday and then Tuesday - Thursday can work about 10 mins outta every hour.

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I feel like juvenile records should stop at about the age of 14.  

Torn on this. It should definitely stick around longer then just disappearing at age 18 but I also don’t want someone to not have the ability to get a job because of a mistake they made at 14. I think group the crimes by severity and some drop off at 18 some at 21 some at 10 years after the crime.

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It was 4.52 in Texas when we left on Saturday. In Ohio it’s 5.07. Glad to be back lol

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Looking at her, I'm guessing that casual sex probably never was in the cards, leading to her extremist views on the matter.
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I think a lot of your interest level comes from where you live / grew up and age. As we get older we hold onto wanting what it was like when we were younger and accept change less. Also living in Dallas they talk about college football and college basketball maybe 1% of the time. They continuously rail on March Madness being a horrible product and boring to watch compared to the NBA. In Ohio we always saw OSU flags our or other teams on houses here it rare with the exception of someone from the Midwest flying their school flag or a few Texas AM fans. 

Big College football games are fun week in and week out. (Although I agree that 90% of bowl games are trash now) NFL games are fun week n and week out because of Fantasy. 

March Madness is still my favorite sports time of the year and I love watching a big matchup during the regular season and most Ohio State games. I can’t stand watching 95% of the NBA regular season games as players seem to coast most of the game. The NBA playoffs are fun when you get a good matchup. I also feel like a lot of the younger guys have a real competitive will to win vs the last 10 years where we went thru the best friends on the court period.

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I mean, serial rapist to 24 women might not even be as bad as some of these guys who have physically abused 3-4 women. 

This is the spiciest take I have ever seen. 
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Nick Mangold going in the Jets Ring of Honor.

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4.69 in Texas I’m sure it will go up soon as it averages about .10 cheaper then Ohio. 

Not looking forward to driving from Dallas to Columbus in 2 separate cars this weekend. 

I’m glad we booked our moving company before gas prices really took off or I bet it would have went up a lot.

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I mean, serial rapist to 24 women might not even be as bad as some of these guys who have physically abused 3-4 women. 


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We’re driving from Dallas to Ohio this weekend just keeps getting more and more exp



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