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Justin and Ted did you guys see Southern Grist is delivering to Ohio now. They have by far the best fruited sours I have ever tried. My favorite brewery in Nashville. Their NE IPAs are also good and can compete with the ones from Dankhouse and Hoof. 

On Feb 24, 2021:

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posted by TedSheckler

Just got back from four days in Asheville where we did nothing but hit as many breweries as we could.  We did 27 total.

Sounds like a perfect trip

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Fauci is not only being overly cautious he’s putting restaurants and bars out of business. 

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Sucks. He didn’t look good on the interview he did Sunday. 

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I know I will do it and Jschill would do it. 

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posted by Laley23

I’d love to do the Pickem

As for the games, NCAA app usually streams them all. So if you have a casting device, just travel with it.

Is that free or a downloadable serive

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Absolutely my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately I may have to be traveling somewhere without cable. What’s the best way to stream all the games? If I have a smart tv and a hot spot is there a way to stream it that way or is a computer or phone the best way to go. If I can’t figure something out I may just push the trip to another weekend and fly to Vegas.

Also are we doing the player pick em this year. 

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posted by iclfan2
Me and my brother played the shit out of Cruisin’ USA. Blitz, Road Rash, and Quarterback Club a lot too. 

QB Club was the best football game ever. 

I also played a ton of Waverunner 

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posted by Heretic

Please say it's: "You have a job you like, but one co-worker you really hate who makes things kind of much would you pay to have him or her whacked?"

Haha it would depend on what level they are within the workplace. If you wanna kill an incompetent CEO or Boss I would be willing to pay more then just an annoying peer since the boss/ceo has more affect on me.

posted by justincredible

Counter: how much additional money would it take to get you to leave a job you actually like? I was contacted by a recruiter with a job I am definitely qualified for that would come with a 40% pay increase. That's a lot of cheese to ignore.

If I read good reviews or knew someone who worked there that said the company was okay it would be hard to turn down a 40% bump. I guess other factors would be location/cost of living and work/life balance. I could definitely give a few more hours of my life/work balance for 40% a year. 

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I would take 65k a year. I would take less if it was kindergarten as I would rather work with older kids like I did when I was a camp counselor. The JV softball gig seems easy but I would guess wouldn’t be worth the extra pay you get vs hours spent but 65k I would do it.

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posted by OSH

Exactly where I am. I hated the job. I felt dirty doing it, as it was my opinion. Just not my thing.

I'd rather do something I love to do forever. And, take the hit financially. While it may suck on the financial side, it's much better mentally.

Yeah this is more of a toxic management / workplace situation. 

posted by ernest_t_bass

Nice humble brag thread.

Not about me. Plus having a well paying job you hate isn’t something to brag about

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posted by kizer permanente

I took a 20k paycut. I hated my old job. I lived there. It was a toxic culture. So I took a job at a University. Benefits are much better so it helps ease the pain a little. But it’s still a decent cut. 

Do you regret it at all?

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posted by Spock

Christmas?  You can fuck off

I dunno why anyone is still taking about Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I know the US has ordered it and it should be approved by the end of the month but their production delays are horrible. By the end of May, Moderna and Pfizer should have enough vaccines for any adult who wants one while J&J will have like 12 million doses. 

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I don’t give a shit about the day to day stuff coming to my mailbox. Most days all of it will go unopened to the trash. 

But every once in a while I’ll order something and USPS and end up waiting weeks for it. I ordered something from Columbus and it’s been waiting for the USPS pickup since the 11th. Just fucking useless. 

USPS has pretty much stopped doing updates so you may receive it before it says it’s been picked up. At this point they are basically doing ready for pickup and delivered with no updates betwee

We’re currently debating this is my household. If you hated your job but made 200k a year how much would another job have to pay for you to quit. Here are three options for example:

Dream Job: Working for an NFL team (in an office position) for 100k in Vegas

New Job: Working for a relatively new start up for $170k in Salt Lake City Area

Current Job: 200k in Columbus but don’t enjoy the compa

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Sully not sleeping

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To make it more significant, how many states have OCers spent at least two continuous weeks in?

California:  Three times. 

Ohio of course.....

Georgia: Twice.

North Carolina.

Texas:  Twice.

New Jersey.


Lousiana: Second time will be this summer.



West Virginia 






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