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posted by kizer permanente

Honestly... probably not a ton. I even like my job. But I have a character flaw where I get bored easily with nearly everything. Job included. Sometimes I look for new jobs not even b/c I'm unhappy, but just for something to do. Same with cars. Same with houses. I'm sure there's a mental diagnosis for it. 

I think I would rather have this then the people who are afraid of change

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The names I’ve seen floating around are both black women, as Biden has said he would nominate (Jackson and Kruger). I doubt either could be as bad as Sotomayor. Since it is just replacing another liberal, I don’t think the repubs will put up much of a fight. 

They can’t really fight in anyway after Trump and the idiots screwed up the Georgia vote.

You mean the repubs are not going to parade in witnesses who say they were raped by the nominee at a high school party, and contend that the nominee liked to drink beer?   How about massive insurrection-type protests on the steps of the Supreme Court?  

None of that fun stuff? 

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Nephew was supposed to get surgery today for tubes i his ears to prevent ear infections but he tested positive yesterday. He went home took an at home test and was negative went to another testing place today and was positive again. He is perfectly fine and was snowboarding and going to basketball practice and games just a day before. 

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I’m managing a Mental Health office right now it has 7 providers. I’ve been there about 6 months and I absolutely have the best boss I’ve ever worked for in any organization. I took this job with just management experience and no healthcare experience and am probably a little underpaid but I wouldn’t think about leaving unless my manager left. If my manager left I would just ship after a year for a 10-20% increase. 

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I must be the only person that likes Aaron Rodgers.

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As a Bengals fan I want KC. The Bills Dline will eat us alive but KC we can maybe beat in a shootout again like the regular season. Either way 1 playoff win was great now 2 is awesome and everything else is icing on the cake for a young team like this.

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I feel like everyone I know at this point has had Covid? My wife and I still somehow have been lucky or had it without symptoms. 

My office had 3 therapist’s and 2 psychiatrists. Both psychiatrists who only see patients virtually both called around the same time to cancel the rest of their appointments because they were Covid positive today. The therapists work from home about 50% of the time and I’m there every day and we seem to be doing fine but there are only 2-5 in person patients a day and the rest are virtual so we are pretty spread out from one another.  

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We’ve settled on Punta Cana with friends in May. We will do a few 3 day weekends at the lake house in Kentucky over the summer and then I’m going to need a Vegas trip sometime even if it’s only 4 days this year.  We still need to visit a few place for the weekend in Texas as well. I know we will do Houston and San Antonio soon and then probably Waco again.

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posted by iclfan2
Is she a teacher? Are they paying for the masks? F that. 

Corporate Retail, today was the first day she did it because our Amazon order came in and she texted me bitching about it all day lol

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Enjoy this got todays in 4

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I just try a word that uses letters from the free letters wheel of fortune gives you.

Got todays in 4 

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My wife’s work is now requiring KN95 masks. Meanwhile I work in a drs office and no one wears a mask but we do put a sign out asking visitors to wear a mask in common areas which they do not do. 

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Today was first time I tried I got it in the third try

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It was going to be a TD regardless. Boyd didn’t have the separation he did because of the whistle a half second before the ball hits his hands. It would have been more infuriating had the TD not counted because a dumbfuck blew his whistle. I’m also not going to care because the Joey Porter incident from 2016 still pisses me off. 

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Raiders DB’s quit on the TD as they thought he was running OB. Refs whistle was asinine but too late to have affected Raiders DB’s

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A friend sent this along with some other odds and ends. Anyone had it?

I haven’t but Firestone walker makes some solid beers

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We should do a playoff pickem. 

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Does the rock own it now?

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It a pretty fun car to drive. Pretty cool technology in it too. If you’ve never driven autopilot, like me, it’s a strange feeling that you have to get used to. 

I got the Premium because I thought it had everything I’d need. And I think it does. But I do wonder how fast the GT is with the bigger motors. 

Sorry a couple other questions. Was it about $1000 for the charger in the garage. How much has it raised your electric bill?

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My Mustang Mach-e was delivered today. First electric car. Pretty fun to drive. 

How do you like it. I test drove one last weekend and really enjoyed it. I want to test drive a Tesla and then probably choose one. 

Also what was your build out and anything you would change now that you have it?



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