On Jan 12, 2023:

sportchampps replied to "2022 NFL Season Thread" at 01:44 pm

Not to mention his ex wife just bought the mansion next to his in Miami

On Jan 5, 2023:

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Had a great night tonight. Put about $300 of free bets across various sites on Purdue +1.5. Had a parlay with Purdue Moneyline and Boston -2.5 and a $50 on the caps to beat the bluejackets by 2. Hit on everything. 

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Made it to OtherHalf Brewing. Probably a top 3 maybe the best brewery in the USA for Hazy IPAs. It was great. I tried I think 7 beers on tap including a sour and they were all amazing. It’s not far from Manhattan so if you are in lower Manhattan or Brooklyn it’s worth an Uber or train ride

On Dec 24, 2022:

sportchampps created thread "Betting Sites" at 09:11 pm

What sites have you signed up for and who has the best promotions and what are the fine prints of each. I know one friend said he planned on signing up for like 14 different places and places opposite bets to get some free money.

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posted by Laley23

How much did he make?

He cashed out for that 283k. If he wouldn’t have cashed out and France won it would have been about 560k. He did take $500 out of that 283k and put it on France so he did lose that. He did say all along that he wouldn’t cash out unless France played Argentina in the final. 

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posted by justincredible

Dear God Vegas is a nightmare. 

Haha is it busy

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posted by Ironman92

12 team would be a lot of fun games

I hate seeing 3 loss teams make the playoffs. 

On Dec 2, 2022:

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The 3rd games were really fun this week being played at the same times and many times changing who was in and out back and forth. 

De Jong has me seriously worried because he is a hard tackler and will definitely take a shot on Pulisic. Not to mention his dribbling and passing ability. Tyler Adams and McKinney have been great. The ball McKinney played to Dest on the goal Vs Iran was world class. McKinney was also feeling it in the England game and was really pushing us forward. Ream has been fantastic in the back.  

My biggest gripe with the team has been the subs. Where’s has Gio been. Where has Jesus been. Jordan Morris is a good concacaf player but has no business on the field Vs a world class opponent. 

In four years hopefully one of our strikers will be ready because we will have a lot of talent in their prime

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sportchampps replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 03:44 pm
posted by geeblock
Black people are the worst. Feel better?

Yes I’m racist because I point out you talk about something that contributes around 1% of African American homicides but don’t say a word about black on black shooting deaths that depending on the year make up 80-90% of all homicides of black males

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posted by geeblock

1 out every four of his posts are about groomers and he literally only calls out these story times. I only joined the convo to ask who the "Thousands getting kicked off twitter" were and didnt get an answer.   Like its fine to not agree with it, personally i wouldnt take my kid there, but its not like their parents arent bringing them.  No one is "dancing like ho's in front of children" from the pictures i have seen.  I also didnt know much about these events but his comments made me read more about them.  The arent super prevalent but the ones that happen are actually quite popular and have waiting lists.  Like i said, I probably wouldnt do it but I also dont believe there  is any link between these shows and any type of child abuse or molestation. Quite the opposite actually.  Just because someone likes to dress as a woman doesnt mean they like children.  In fact most people who molest children are dudes with wives and arent even gay, they certainly dont invite the parents.  If anything these events seem to promote tolerance and understanding from what i can tell.  Either way they dont warrant daily posts about every person being democrat must be a groomer.  Thats my opinion you can agree or not agree with it.  I really dont need to get into a 5 page argument today.

Kinda like when you call out one black person for being shot by police but not the other 1000 black people being shot by other black people

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1) I don’t care Musk took money from he government to subsidize his business. I don’t blame him one bit for taking advantage of some of our dumb rules and laws. I would rather focus on ending those laws and loopholes.

2) People will take advantage of children in any environment that give them access. We have had scandals in wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading, churches, pretty much everywhere. That doesn’t mean we should take small children and have normalize them to drag  shows. 

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Interesting that is isn’t Flacco

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posted by Laley23

Not if you bet. Plus probably get some drink vouchers.

Have you been lately? You have to prepay for a seat these days in the bigger books. You can still walk up and find a seat at Luxor and some of the smaller ones. Your only getting a single drink ticket for each $100 you bet unless you haven’t signed up for the app then they will throw you a couple extra is  you deposit a couple hundred onto their app. Vegas has never been more expensive then it is now.

On Nov 20, 2022:

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posted by Ironman92

Rooting for Kansas St to beat TCU. No way are they top 4….but if they beat 1 win Iowa St and Kansas St again….they are in

Who do you want in Clemson bc they suck to

sportchampps replied to "NCAA football" at 06:39 pm

Snagged tickets to the OSU Michigan game 

sportchampps replied to "Vegas" at 01:18 pm
posted by Laley23

The sports book is always a perfectly fine and great answer. And you will have a crowd cheering raucously for every play in every game which makes it a blast.

But there are some awesome sports bars that I am blanking on the names of. 

I think Ceasars has been charging just to watch in their sportsbook. 

I would find a sports bar my choice would be Chickie and Pete’s at the Sahara. Great food tons of TVs and it’s 10 feet from the sportsbook

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posted by justincredible

Where is the best place to watch an NFL game on a Sunday morning? Jets play the Bills at 10am while we're in town and I can't miss that.

You just wanna watch or eat and drink and watch? And where you staying again?

sportchampps replied to "4 Idaho students stabbed to death" at 11:04 am

I read there were defensive wounds on more than one of the victims so at least tow tried to fight back. 

I know it’s weird that two girls in the same house were fine but in College the house I lived in housed 9 people and it was a huge really old house that had been turned into essentially a duplex but since we all rented in together a door that split the two inside the house was always open that said from one area where bedrooms were to the other area it would have been almost impossible to hear. 

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posted by justincredible

Just found out a little more of the planned itinerary for my buddy's 40th. We're having dinner at Hugo's Cellar which appears to be solid based on google reviews. Anyone been?

Hugo’s is very Old Vegas. I’ve heard it’s good for groups. Not my favorite place but you will have an enjoyable meal in a very Vegas type vibe. 

I’ll be back in Vegas end of February as my wife has decided to run a half marathon there.

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posted by iclfan2

Here at Vegas now. Never been, but this place is nuts. Crowded as fuck at all times. Haven’t really gambled yet, but boy is everything expensive. Walked through the Cosmo, place is legit. The flight is so long. 

I’m telling you now. Make reservations to Esther’s Kitchen it will be the best meal you have while you are there and it’s not strip prices. Also other decent places for a meal that won’t break the bank is Block 16 food hall in the Cosmo as well as secret pizza in the Cosmo. If the strip is to much for you Uber Downtown where everything is cheaper. If you like cocktail go to the downtown cocktail room (some of the best bartenders in Vegas) and go from 5-7 when everything is 1/2 Off. 



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