On Jun 8, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Cincinnati Reds 2023" at 08:58 am
posted by Ironman92

The Reds have Usain Bolt of baseball….with Herculean power.

That fucking home run on that pitch?

I’m in love

How long until the Reds get rid of him and Hunter Greene?

On Jun 4, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Build Your Burger" at 08:52 am

Wagyu beef

Hash browns

Smoked pulled pork or pork belly bacon

Fried egg


Donut bun is delicious.  I'll experiement with different types of bread.

ernest_t_bass replied to "Tara Reide" at 08:50 am

If I am her, this is the perfect place.  Considering the state of affairs, and the value she holds, Russia has an asset worth protecting.  Call that whatever you want.  Anti-American, whatever.  But the question is about the safety of her life (I presume).  I do not trust my well-being to our government.  Never.  My well-being only matters to the government as a tiny non-player pawn in their game.  I/we are 100% expendable to the government... Convince me I'm wrong.

On May 23, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 10:55 am
posted by Ironman92

I give him retiring at less than 2% though

I see Lebron flirting with Father Time a little bit.  I don't see him retiring either.

On May 22, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 02:45 pm
posted by Laley23

Happy for both Miami and Denver. Denver because I’ve been a Jokic Stan for like 7 years lol. Miami because Jimmy does it the right way and called out all the players who play/walk thru their career the way I hate.

Do you happen to have specific link to Jimmy calling players out?  I believe you... just don't feel like researching 😂 

On May 20, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "OC Members....Personal Update" at 10:01 am
posted by friendfromlowry

Wasn’t there a user named said_aouita that kind of turned into a troll and then started using salto? 

He was the worst.

On May 19, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "OC Members....Personal Update" at 08:57 am

Wasn't salto thavoice, or was it another CCRunner name?

On May 17, 2023:

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West Liberty has the Country Legends Festival on Labor Day Weekend.  You should all buy tickets and come.

On May 16, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Have we learned nothing?!?" at 09:42 pm
posted by justincredible

LMAO, humanity never learns. Ever. History may not always repeat, but it definitely rhymes.

At first I was like... 

But then I was like... 

posted by MontyBrunswick

nothing to see here. e. coli is well-studied/engineered and extremely useful in the medical field. out of the hundreds of strains, most of them are completely harmless to humans and exist naturally in the gut.

just because you got the runs five years ago doesn't mean stuff like this doesn't have its place in medicine. 

personally, i'd try an e. coli treatment before i let them blast me with chemo. 

ernest_t_bass replied to "Powerful/moving songs" at 02:56 pm

Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy

It is at the end of Ocean's 11.  Hit me in the feelz every time.  Every time. 

On May 15, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 09:24 am

So the gun is not the problem.  The idiot is the problem.

ernest_t_bass replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 06:50 am

Perhaps I'm in the minority.  But who cares if Morant is holding a gun?  Is it legal to own a firearm where he is?  What if it were a bball player posing hunting, with a rifle?  I don't mean to be obtuse.  I just don't understand why he is so vilified.  Don't get me wrong.  I am 100% on board with him being an idiot.  But is holding a firearm that egregiously bad?

On May 10, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Non-political memes, funny videos, etc." at 12:50 pm

That is a elderly conservative joke for sure.

ernest_t_bass replied to "Are you using AI in any capacity?" at 12:46 pm

Justin, I'm pretty disappointed that it didn't suggest these threads:

1) What does she mean?

2) How do you like your eggs?

3) How does one obtain a dregree?

4) Count up

5) Count down

ernest_t_bass replied to "Are you using AI in any capacity?" at 12:41 pm
posted by jmog
Too late

Elaborate.  Who is at fault?

On May 9, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "What was the last movie you watched?" at 09:15 am
posted by gut

Guardians of the Galaxy 3.....3.5/10

Terrible almost start to finish.  Almost nothing that made the first two films so entertaining.

I was not a fan of this movie either.  It felt like the ending lasted an hour.

On May 4, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Conspiracy thread" at 09:17 am
posted by justincredible

Everyone on the Epstein island list is a national security threat and should be treated as such. I am 100% serious.

Welcome to the world we live in.  I want to believe you, but can you please provide ANYTHING to back the 100% serious claim to your statement?  Right now, all I got is "I heard it on the internet."

ernest_t_bass replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 09:16 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

It's really too bad that the Dems are hindering "our democracy!" by refusing to have primary debates, because things are getting interesting!

Wait... Dems are not having primary debates?  Are you serious? 

On May 1, 2023:

ernest_t_bass replied to "Republicans Aren't Good, Either" at 11:58 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

It's funny because the other night at work we were talking about Massie and I couldn't remember how I even heard about him. I knew it was somebody from here, but couldn't pinpoint who it was that first brought him to my attention. Guess it was you!

I wish there were hundreds more Massies in the House and Senate.

How that hell do you not remember the Justin hard-on for Massie?

ernest_t_bass negged a post in "Republicans Aren't Good, Either" at 11:57 am

Let’s face it, Trump was/is the biggest asshole/douchebag we have had on the National political stage in my adult lifetime (1996+)



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