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SportsAndLady replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:13 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Your journey toward becoming a woke Chicago hipster has been moving along well, but you regressed here.  A woke urbanite who is highly educated and expertly informed knows better than to stereotype someone because of the location a story comes from (southern Ohio).  Woke 101 teaches to have pitty on those less fortunate. 

Next time your sipping on a Chicago designer beer, try to pass a nice thought towards those you left behind in Athens when you soared out of there and made it all the way to (drumroll) CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!!!!!

Dude, what in the fucking hell does this even mean? 

(Please don’t answer that..I don’t actually care. You’re also a fucking loser)

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posted by justincredible

If someone with a little sense just thought for a minute and said, you know, she's not hurting anyone, just let it go.

Did they let her in without a mask? Why wasn't she stopped at the gate? 

Holy shit. You are, by far, the biggest moron on this planet. 

The school has a rule, she didn’t follow it. You are blaming the fucking person at the gate for letting her in and the security/school/police for not just letting it go, INSTEAD of the dipshit inbred who refuses to follow simple instructions (wear a mask)? 

You are the biggest MUHHHHHH RIIIGGHHHTTTSS loser out there, so congrats! 


On Sep 16, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 04:27 pm
posted by gut

"Trump must answer two questions.  These two questions are..."

Goes on to ask 3 questions.  Then reads "Trump must answer these 2, er 3, questions".

LOL, get a new speechwriter and/or teleprompter programmer.  That's just a dumb and sloppy mistake.


On Sep 15, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "Impressed by the Trump administration part II" at 05:36 pm
posted by sportchampps

I have a family friend who’s become close with Trump during his presidency. He’s been offered multiple positions in the cabinet but turned them down. He meets with Trump or speaks with Trump on calls weekly. He didn’t know anything about Trump before he became President. One thing he told me that he has been impressed by Trump is that he has a list on a blackboard of his promises to the American people and goals. He said it’s pretty refreshing to see that he cares about doing exactly what he says he cares about and is always working to accomplish those goals and promises. 


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SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 01:24 pm

The man was also autistic, and they left his body on the sidewalk for 2+ hours 

Not saying the cop wasn’t justified, but not surprised to see those two things left out of the riveting discussion you guys are having on here. 

On Aug 31, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:12 pm
posted by CenterBHSFan

I'm seeing reports now that he didn't travel to Kenosha just to stand guard with a gun.

He was already there working as a lifeguard. Earlier that morning he was also scrubbing off graffiti 

Not saying that makes a difference of outcomes.

People are still dead. We will have to see where the process takes it from here.

But from my limited knowledge about law I would say the defense would have some solid footing to work with and manage at this point in time.

But I learned my lesson with the Covington kids to just wait and see because info never  comes out fast enough. Better to just take some kinds of info at a time.

White kid travels across state lines with a weapon and kills someone: he was gainfully employed and that very morning he was scrubbing graffiti off buildings!

Black man gets shot 7 times by the police for resisting arrest: here’s his unemployment record, criminal record, and anything else we can find that paints him in a bad light  

Did I about sum up the narrative? 

On Aug 30, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 12:04 pm
posted by like_that

Imagine rage quitting a site because it’s a far right cess pool full of MAGA cheerleaders (note: 2/3 of this site is NOT voting for Trump). Then imagine coming back to the same site 18 months later to constantly cry about the same thing, before ultimately rage quitting again for only 2 days and then coming back AGAIN to cry about the same thing. Finally imagine all the of this and consider the fact you’re a hypocritical piece of shit who used to do all the same shit you cried and rage quit over twice.

What a fucking loser.

I know, so crazy isn’t it? That someone can, gulp, change their mind/opinion on something! Especially when that something is police officers murdering people...

I know it gets you off to say “lol libtard!” like a fucking school girl and giggling about it with your anti-progressive friends on a message board, but maybe for one second stop and think that standing up and saying this is a problem in America is not being an “lol libtard” and just means you don’t want to keep watching videos of police officers killing people. 

Now insert your dumbass jokes about how brave I think I am or how “racism ended!” And then call me something stupid so you can make yourself feel better about how you owned a libtard on the internet. 

On Aug 28, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 12:35 pm
posted by CenterBHSFan

I said progressive politicians farted out enough brains cells to call him a white supremacist.
Then I said that media was scouring his socials to find evidence to back the claim, which hasn't happened as of this very second.

Then you jump to conclusions and allude to things I never said.
What's really bothering you or are you just fapping out of boredom?

Are you drunk or something?

You made a long post about the white supremacy thing. You made zero posts how fucked up it is that a 17 year old kid took a rifle to an area with rioting and ended up killing someone. AND didn’t get arrested right away. 

That’s the issue, hope this helps. 

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 12:14 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

What happened to your big exit from the other day?  You're back already?  You need to study George Costanza's "exit while on top" philosophy.

I just have to load every page about 5-10 times if I want to take a look at this dump of a site and content. 

By the way, you have the worst gif game in the world. Your posts are genuinely terrible. 

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posted by iclfan2

You don’t think there are hundreds of examples of black people not complying and not getting killed? You know there are stats and stuff about whites and blacks being shot by the police? 

“As of the June 22 update, the Washington Post’s database of fatal police shootings showed 14 unarmed Black victims and 25 unarmed white victims in 2019.“

Sorry that you can’t do a little bit of research and just post about your feelings

Relax, dude. I obviously realize there are also examples of black people not being shot despite threatening the cops. 

The issue is the inconsistencies. They can’t say “comply or die” but pick and choose when to abide by it. 

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 11:58 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

I specifically said "progressive politicians". 

Also I posted a link to a pretty thorough timeline of events. I've said nothing else pertaining to my own thoughts of the Kenosha troubles. 

How are you getting your conclusions?

Lol how am I getting my conclusions? Maybe the paragraph post you made about how they’re saying he’s a white supremacist...maybe that?

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 11:34 am
posted by like_that

Do you think adding "eh..." makes your point stronger? 

Most situations the cops won't have the benefit of searching a car before the perceived threat walks up to it.  If you were in this situation, would you take your chances and wait to see if it's a gun?  If so, you are most likely dead.   This is not to place 100% blame on the guy who got shot. Yes, we can all agree that it was pathetic that 3 cops (I forget the number) were unable to detain him.  You would think with all of that training it wouldn't be difficult.   As rot pointed out, they either need more training or better training.  Perhaps the standards should be higher to pass training. 

I am not sure why we all also can't agree with gut's point, that the guy was a moron to continue to resist and go toward his car when guns were pulled out on him. The current climate aside, this is not a controversial opinion.  If any of us encountered any cops, I am willing to bet none of us would do what most people do when they end up getting killed by cops.   

Except there are hundreds of examples of white people not complying with police and not getting killed  

Sounds like you guys want “comply or die” policing. Except that doesn’t seem to apply with every interaction, and maybe that’s what people are upset about. 

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 11:31 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

It's also worthwhile that "progressive" politicians have once again farted out enough brain cells to get on Twitter and proclaim that the kid was a white supremacist. 
There have been numerous media companies scouring all of his social medias in the hopes of finding evidence to support that claim. So far they have not found one single thing. 
He has, however, posted multitudes of things about Blue Lives Matter and 2A stuff. But progressives always shit their pants and roll around in it because they think that anybody to the right of Trotsky is a far right white supremacist. 

Who gives a shit? You’re mad that some media are calling him a white supremacist? No comment that a 17 year old kid took an assault rifle (or whatever you weird gun people prefer to call it) Across state lines to be some vigilante and ended up shooting and killing people, and then got to go home and have a good nights sleep?

Instead of being outraged over the clear issue, you’re making the narrative “WHYYYY are they calling him a white supremacist ugh so annoying”

And you guys wonder why this site is a safe zone for alt-right rhetoric

On Aug 26, 2020:

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 03:21 pm
posted by OSH

I have a close friend who has an in with the Louisville Police Department. There is a lot more to the Breonna Taylor story than "police murdered her."

While it was a no-knock warrant, police did knock and they did identify themselves. Her boyfriend started the shooting, which I believe there were at least 10 shots fired from inside the apartment -- one striking an officer. Only then did the police return fire.

I was told that some of the shots may have came from Breonna. She was a drug trafficker.

Outside of the fact that someone lost their life, the other tragedy and should be major ramifications since the LPD didn't have their bodycams on.



Wait wait wait


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Also, seriously jmog? You thought I created a burner account to pretend it wasn’t me on a site with 9 fucking people? As if you guys wouldn’t know it’s me?

For someone that thinks he’s the smartest man alive, you sure a dumb fuck. 

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 12:04 pm
posted by justincredible

It was certainly meant to troll me, given the name was This Site Blows. But he did make it very clear it was a burner account for SnL in another thread.

Because you aren’t allowing SnL to post

Because you don’t like what I say

On an open forum message board 

Or it that you don’t like my “delivery” ? Yet others take shots right back at me and here they are, still posting.

Odd way of saying “I don’t like SnL, so I want him off my site.” Which honestly it’s your site so it’s your call, but at least stop being such a coward and just admit that. 

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 09:01 am
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Pretty shitty that you’re censoring someone because you don’t like what they’re saying. Really helping that cause that this isn’t a right wing cesspool—youve got g block who gets absolutely blasted by 5 posters every time he posts about BLM, and then you’re now banning posters because you don’t agree with what they’re saying about social issues, and GASP using bad words! But no, this place is super moderate!! Lol

Mr libertarian is censoring people he doesn’t want on here because of different views and is asking for handouts in the form of donations so you don’t lose like $9 to keep this place running. You hate to see it

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 08:02 am
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Just realized this is SNL and not some new troll poster.  You’re the one who literally brought up the organization and not the movement. Lmfao are you just purposely being dishonest or are you this stupid?

I didn’t want to make a new username. Justin fucked with this account and it’s making me hit reload about 20 times before a page will load (Yes I had to refresh about 30 times to get this post on here)...I created a new username and it magically worked like normal. That new username appears to also be not working this morning. 

Pretty cunty move by the most sensitive cunt on this planet (Justin). Bans someone who’s been postin on the site since it’s inception because I get passionate about cops killing people, and also because Justin gave the biggest pussy response to a question on the reds thread and I called him out. 

Pretty weak sauce move, but hey if he wants me gone that’s cool but goodbye about 8% of the traffic on this site. Not only is he a sensitive vagina, but he also appears to be a terrible businessman.

Oh well, was a fun ride. Enjoyed the back and forth. 

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SportsAndLady replied to "Trying to launch a new version of the site today" at 10:08 pm

Soooo, Justin you gonna fix this? Or are you actually being a crybaby and want me off here?

SportsAndLady replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 08:35 pm

Jmog—you are such a smug douchebag. Lol



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