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I looked up two TEs that popped into my head. Ben Watson had better numbers playing for Baltimore at 37 and Matt Jones had better numbers through 2 (and 3) years and didn’t even make it to a 5th year in the league. Njoku is not good.

I just don’t think he is good enough to say he was a good pick where he was taken. But it was always pretty obvious that we reached on him. 

Few other TEs taken in first or second...maxx Williams sucks, Troy Niklas sucks, Jace Amaro sucks. Gerald Everett is pretty bad. Mike Gesicki had a decent second year but hasn’t looked great at all.

Point is, Njoku has struggled and his injuries have hurt his chances, but he doesn’t suck, especially compared to other highly drafted TEs

(My second point after looking this all up is that no team should ever draft a TE in the first two rounds..good lord)

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I’ve seen absolutely nothing out of him to suggest I am wrong and you are right. He is unplayable in the run game, and can’t do anything but make catches that subsequently land him on the PUP list in the passing game.

He doesn’t suck is my point. I think all things considered he was a bust for a first rounder. But he has 9 TDs and a few big games, he isn’t terrible. We just all expected more. But that’s what happens when you draft a guy on potential—they almost never fully pan out. 

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I thought anything goes on the OC. Guess not

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What would you like us to discuss on the rioting/protesting thread? Not rioting and protesting? 

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Bitch move, justin, to lock threads because you don’t like the conversation 

Either shut the site down, or allow the 11 people on the site to argue with each other. Deleting posts and locking threads because you aren’t a fan of the conversation? Weak sauce. 

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Two clips from the article...

The 8yo was shot as she and her mom tried parking in a liquor store lot, near armed civilians’ barricades around the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed.”

 When the driver attempted to enter a parking lot on the 1200 block of Pryor Road, police say he was confronted by a group of armed individuals who had blocked the entrance”

I know you like to be obtuse, but it’s quite obvious the article is referring to the protestors that have barricaded off at the Wendy’s there and are armed. So they used the word civilians instead of protestors, but it was obvious they were talking about those that were armed and barricaded off the area in protest.

Wasn’t that hard to figure out reading the article.



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Did you read the article? It was armed protestors by the Wendy’s that Brooks got killed at. So yes. 

Lol, I did read the article. It doesn’t say anywhere that it was “armed protestors” it just says that the shooting happened near that same Wendy’s.

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Umm anything? Billy clubs, pepper spray, cops w shields? There are either laws or there aren’t. But you can’t pick and choose based on who it is.

And fuck these protests. They don’t give a shit about George Floyd. An 8 year old got killed in Atlanta from these idiots but you barely hear a peep. And someone just pulled down a Frederick Douglas statue in Rochester. Morons

You think the people who are protesting are the ones who killed that 8 yr old girl? 

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California is so stupid. No 4th of July fireworks displays, but protesting is still okay. Because that makes all the sense in the world. Good on the Californians for sticking a big ol fuck you up to the idiots in charge there. 

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Yeah it was nice after I passed 2 holes. There was a foursome, 2 older couples. And when I passed them the one woman hit the ball 8 feet. No wonder it was so jammed. 

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He sucks. Don’t care.

He does not suck 

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend man. We had maybe the burgers I’ve ever had. It’s been a good day.

I almost murdered my mother in law. Started grilling the “burgers” and realized these are turkey burgers. First time having turkey burgers. It was fine I guess, but wanted a god damn burger  

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Don’t give a shit what meat hot dogs are from. They’re delicious 

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I’m grilling hot dogs and burgers for dinner tonight. I’m not a hot dog snob, at all. Nor do I look down upon people who eat hot dogs. 

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What did I do lol 

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I92 is big mad

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Ketchup for me.

I think Heinz or someone did a blind taste test in Chicago a few years ago, calling their ketchup "special dog sauce" and people loved it.  Although I'm not sure how people wouldn't know it's ketchup.

The snobbery about ketchup on a hot dog - something that is, technically, about the worst processed meat on the planet - has always amused me.  But I guess there is a scientific argument that a Chicago-style dog hits a similar, more mild, taste profile as ketchup but with wholly natural ingredients.


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Went out by myself for the first time ever. Kinda scary how much I liked it lol. 

First 3 holes I had a 3-4 minute wait before every shot. 4th hole I called clubhouse and asked if it’s back to back the entire course and they were like yes unfortunately. Took me 30 min to play the 4th hole. 5th hole I said fuck it and drove up past 4-5 groups, fully expecting to just go home. But soon as I got to the 7th hole I realized it was a foursome that was hitting the ball 15 yards at a time. And I had the whole rest of the course to myself. Went birdie, bogey, par par par in the first 5 holes after I realized I was on my own from here on out. Was incredible 

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I think they are just getting a jump on the SJW's coming after them next. There have been protests about it in the past but typically about 2-3 people in front of the Jake. From what I've seen/heard, about 90%+ of Native Americans really don't give a shit and many consider it an honor.

 This bullshit is spiraling out of control. I'm sure the KC Chiefs, Chicago BlackHawks, etc will be next. After that they gotta do the flip side and get the Dallas Cowboys because that symbolizes some form of "white power" over the Indians. 

My girlfriend's daughter's name is "Cheyenne." Just a matter of time before SJW's come after people's first names because they are "offended" (aka we're butt hurt).

Link to 90% of native Americans not giving a shit and consider it an honor?



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