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Thank goodness they got the leader of this thing! I’m glad he’s facing charges. You can tell from the pictures and quotes that he’s a real charismatic influencer. It’s too bad that Trump’s supporters were tricked into following him to DC with the zip ties and pipe bombs. 

I know you are being sarcastic but there has not been one drip of evidence to prove that those rioters (that looked a lot like Antifa in their back military outfits) were Maga.  You levy the complaint, you are the one too have to prove it, not the trumpsters.

Also noticed a lot of backpack wearing millennials in the crowd.  Maga?

On Jan 12, 2021:

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message when you tear out mans tongue not proving him a liar telling world fear what he might say

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No, it just makes him a martyr.  I can’t wait to watch a lot of people who cried about Trump being Hitler, now celebrate censorship.

If CC wants to spout off about election fraud and shit on Twitter it's one thing, for the President to actively spread disinformation is another. Trump has been spreading his bullshit lies long enough without consequence. His time has come.

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Never will understand how Dems can stand there and act like they care about the American worker.

Both parties have the same priorities:

1. Get elected

2. Get re-elected

3. Whatever

Never will understand how partisans can stand there and act like they have some sort of moral superiority.

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Yeah, I'm willing to state that Antifa is fucking awful, that the national organizers of BLM are awful and spread hate, and that the people that support Trump, his crazy shit now at his rallies like yesterday that spread hate are all the same. 

The far right is equal to the far left. Both incite hate and violence.  

I still dont think that you can put one planned DC rally that got out of hand in the same boat as coordinated national riots where cities were burned, spray painted grafitti was all over the place.  What happened yesterday wasnt even close the "Summer of love" in the CHAZ zone.

Lets see what happens the rest of the week.  Does this protest over an illegally ran unconstitutional election of the president continue.  Will there be more protests and violence or was this a one day deal?  Lets also see where paid activists fall into this.  Plenty of pictures of guys that are known Antifa were the ones in the capital building inciting this.

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And post count has been frozen for some time....if you don’t get it fixed then I’ll just have to keep posting anyways.

Same. I should be at 56,730.

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posted by jmog

The “I don’t support violence but one sides violence is justified and the other is stupid” argument...

That doesn’t work. Be better.

The fuck it doesn’t work. Just because I don’t agree with the riots that came from some of the BLM protests doesnt mean I can’t at least see where the anger is coming from. The anger from these morons in DC is coming from straight stupidity. If you think these 2 things are exactly the same then I don’t know what else to tell ya man. 

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Did you support or condem the protests and riots of antifa/BLM? now do you support or condem what's going on in Capitol hill? If your answer changed, then you are a hypocrite.

I mean, I don’t support riots from either. The thing is, one group was protesting racial injustice from police officers and these guys are literally the dumbest of the dumb this country has to offer. Just seeing pictures of the people there makes me laugh. A bunch of fucking neck beards and wannabe tough guys. Pathetic. 

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These R Senators "challenging" the election can all GFT. Trump lost, every single issue brought to court has been shot down. Just fuck off already.

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THis whole stimulus package is complete BS.  $600 crumbs for us after the Dems blocked larger packages for months.

There are billions going to BS like agriculture in the Sudan.  

On Dec 21, 2020:

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Wowzers a whole $600! Probably the amount they came up with when they asked themselves "what is the least amount of money we can give the people to keep them from rioting?" I don't personally need the money but we have some pretty desperate families out there right now and this does very little to help. Also, they need to be going by money made this year. What someone made last year means practically nothing.

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They are different viruses. If they were the same virus the top medical people in the world would not have struggled with it so much over the past year.

Your logic is like saying an apple is a fruit, and an orange is a fruit, so an apple is similar to an orange.

They are the same size and are transmitted in the same way. So normal logic tells us that masks either work for both the flu and covid or neither or somewhere in between.

Not that hard to figure out.

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For those making fun of “anti-maskers” as being “dumb and anti-science” I found this study done by the CDC and published back in May rather interesting.

The key part for those that don’t want to read a scientific study is quoted here 

In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I2 = 30%, p = 0.25).

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Lol dude I can post at least 100 pictures right now from my Facebook feed alone of people in weddings alone dancing hugging taking pictures with no masks on. It’s not people wearing masks that are spreading it. Just stop. 

For the 3rd time, compare mask wearing now to last March/April. Mask wearing is WAY up and yet the spread is worse.

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Uh, duh? They're the team with the wide-spread outbreak due to, at least in part, their own dumbassery. They SHOULD be getting screwed. And should have on the scale that Denver did.

My stance is simply that if a team has cases (like most have, like Cleveland with Garrett and Pittsburgh with Tuitt/Conner), that's life and you just have to deal with it like it was the normal sort of injury teams deal with regularly. If a team can't get shit under control and "cases" turns into a full-on outbreak, that's on them. If they can't play, then actually suffer the consequences. I mean, after Tennessee, the NFL did release a memo stating that failure to comply could lead to loss of draft picks and/or being forced to forfeit. Didn't see a footnote stating: "Unless you're in contention, in which case we'll bend over backwards to ensure you can play, regardless of how many other teams get inconvenienced by us moving the schedule around." 

Fuck, those dumb cunts even got their next game moved to Tuesday, as opposed to Monday when Pittsburgh plays again. Because the party in the wrong apparently deserves a more normal rest period as opposed to the "Sunday-Thursday" bullshit, but with different days of the week. Just another bit of stupidity on top of the general stupidity that comes from an empty-headed suit like Goodell being in position to make decisions. Only unbeaten team in the league loses a prime-time game, gets a fucking middle of the afternoon spot in the middle of the week so all the 80-year-old widows can have their stupid Xmas show at night and then gets a bullshit 5 p.m. Monday game. Makes sense!

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