On Feb 22, 2020:

mcburg93 replied to "1980s Nostalgia Thread" at 12:10 pm

I have 20-30 of the original Transformers  in boxes. I had a guy offer me 5k for all of them. The memories are worth more that the toys at this point. 

80s Hair bands is a big memory for me.

On Dec 31, 2019:

mcburg93 replied to "Biggest gambling wins?" at 03:31 pm

I have won 2500-3000 on Black Jack quite a few times. I won a few poker tourneys for 5-8k. But that is the most I have won. Neighbor won Ohio lottery back in the eighties. I think it was 2 million or something like that. He works at walmart changing tires now cause all his money ran out. 60 years old and its pretty sad. Had a great job at a local factory quit it and tried to live off his winnings. poor guy. 

On Dec 28, 2019:

mcburg93 replied to "Merry Christmas" at 09:40 am

Hope you all had a great Christmas

On Nov 4, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 10:15 am

That was a horrible showing. As previoulsy mentioned, if the Buckeyes don't fix the linebacker play and DB play we are going to be in trouble. Also why don't the Buckeyes run zone? 

mcburg93 replied to "Latest purchase thread..." at 10:12 am
posted by justincredible

Nice. What area did you end up buying in? When's the first bonfire? :)

Its in lawrence county close to the West Virginia border. I have to clean it up since the previous owners let it go the last ten years. The guy that owned it was in his 80s and said none of his kids wanted anything to do with it. I ended up giving him his asking price to leave all the equipment behind. Two older John Deere Tractors and a back hoe. I will be going down on my long weekends to get it cleaned up.

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posted by j_crazy

I've been a bit of a big spender this month:

And for a little night predator hunting:

How do you like the night vision with your predator? I was looking to buy one but the one I was wanting is about 2k. 


Aslo I bought a farm in Kentucky. 

mcburg93 replied to "Internet cost/speed" at 09:51 am

Spectrum 100 mbps live in the country and truly not sure how we ended up with spectrum. With cable bundle I pay 145 for cable and internet. I have hbo and showtime as well. Found its better to go into your service cable building and talk to them to get your new deal. They can beat the deals you get on the phone by a few extra bucks. I know for the same package I have now I was paying 180 before a friend told me to go to the store itself and talk to them. 

On Oct 12, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "What is your daily driver?" at 11:06 am

2014 F-150 about 40k miles I think, haven't really looked lately. I drive a 2005 cobalt to work. It has about 300k miles and will keep driving it until it falls apart. My truck get about 15/20 and car gets 35. 

On Sep 9, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "Land Purchasing" at 01:24 pm
posted by justincredible

Just found a beautiful 6 acre lot, partially wooded, with a small pond on it. It's a little more than I'd like to spend, but it's still in my budget and looks to be almost exactly what I want.

That would be a great decision. I am super happy I found what I want. The larger farm my offer was rejected but they come back with a counter offer. The smaller farm they accepted my offer and that is the one I am going after. Have all the paperwork done and waiting on the bank since I am using my current property as collateral. It has the half mineral rights and part of that is all the natural gas I want. The mineral rights will bring in about 650 a month and once the old man and lady pass I will get the full mineral rights. I will eventual put a natural gas generator on the property but that will have to wait til I get the house fixed up and clean up some of the property like some old fence rows and around one of the barns. Has a ton of old equipment on the farm and the owner is an older couple, I told them they could leave everything if they did not want to mess with it. In that deal my offer was a little more than I wanted to give. But I figure I could redo some of it and sale it or just sale the stuff online at some of these sale sites. My biggest project is the house. It has old knob and tube wiring still in use. Craziest thing I have come across in a long time. They have no indoor plumbing except in the kitchen where they had a sink and cold water. The drain just goes out the side of the house in a culvert that takes it to the local creek. The house structure is in great shape but needs all new wiring, plumbing, and hvac. So that will be a big job but lucky I can do all that myself. I figure I will have to put in another 50-75k in repairs and upgrades but I think it will pay off in the end. I am pretty excited and cant wait to take possession. I told the realtor that if they man and woman wanted to live there a few months until they find them a place I had no issue with that. But I guess they are moving to a retirement village in florida. The 650 a month they will get from mineral rights will pay for that I am guessing. I am hoping they leave some of the antiques in the house. They have some real nice stuff and some of it that I looked at looked to be from the late to mid 1800s.  

On Sep 3, 2018:

mcburg93 created thread "Land Purchasing" at 11:33 am

Have any of you looked into or bought a sizeable amount of land? I have just recently put a bid in on two seperate farms in Eastern Kentucky where most of my family is from. I was born and raised in Ohio but both sides of my family come from Kentucky. I was wondering if you had any regrets, hardships, and maybe what you would have changed.

I have everything I own paid for and was wanting somewhere to hunt and stay down around family in Kentucky. Land is cheap down there both properties I bid on were over 200 acres and right around 190k for the larger 240 acre farm and the smaller 225 acre farm was 165k. The smaller farm has half mineral rights while the larger has all mineral rights but was shown to have nothing worth value under the ground. Both have never been logged so there are some value in timber. But really not interested in that just that I have a place to stay and hunt when I go down to visit. 

With that being said have any of you had experience in buying large parcels of land? 

On Sep 1, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "Anyone taken Self Elected Break from Working?" at 08:45 am

I quit my job back in 2015 and started taking care of my father that has alzheimer's for two years. While off I went back to school and got my degrees I was wanting to get for awhile. I did not exactly quit working cause I did side work since I do plumbing and hvac/r. I could pretty much pick and choose what I wanted and tried to stay away from small jobs that paid less than say 100 bucks. It was nice cause I got to spend some time with my ailing father and finish up my schooling. Now I have a job that I have always wanted. Work 142 days a year, unless of course I want to put in some overtime. It was hard getting back in the groove of working but once I did everything was fine. 

On Aug 23, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "Be Nice" at 10:55 am

Have helped build Habitat for Humanity houses. I usually donate the materials to plumb the house. I have done this a few times. I have recently started getting into the veteran housing stuff. Help build, plumb, hvac/r, electric, and siding. I do not do roofing so that is about the only thing I have refused to help with. I have really gained interest again in doing these houses since I lost 190 lbs. 


On Jul 30, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "Your realistic "dream" job..." at 11:12 am

My dream job would be a professional hunting or fishing guide. Kind of a wilderness guide type thing. I love to fish and hunt would love to combine that into a wilderness guide type thing. Love the outdoors and think getting paid to be outside would be the cats ass. 

mcburg93 replied to "Mac, Windows, or Linux?" at 11:05 am

Use Mac at work and windows at home.. No real preference and dont mind either one over the other. Never messed with the Linus stuff so really have no real comments on it. If I had to choose it would be Windows right now, but could see that changing in the future. 

On Jul 1, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "Best fast food chicken" at 01:06 pm

I went with Popeyes, but only cause I figured this list was for fast food type places. I really like the HCT in Cbus. Hattie Mays is also top of my list. 

On Jun 20, 2018:

I am more into the college sports for the simple fact that I dont see so much crying over stupid shit. They go play the game and enjoy it You still see the excitement on their faces when they win. 

mcburg93 replied to "What are your hobbies?" at 09:03 am

I like to long distant shoot. Collecting toys from my youth transformers, gi joe, voltron, and a few others. In the last two years I have went from 398 to 221 at my last doctor visit so lifting and working out has become a big interest lately. I also like to work on electronics like tvs, old and new radios, and have recently been taking on some small appliance repair work. 

On Jun 17, 2018:

mcburg93 replied to "spam callers" at 12:56 pm

I get them quite often and usually stay on long enough to get as much info that I can. Then I report them to the do not call registry. Not sure if this helps at all but figured I would do something to help make them stop. I also have called my local congressmen/women and asked for them them to make legislation to try and stop this crap. If I have spare time I will mess with them and try to sell them used condoms or something along those lines. 

mcburg93 replied to "Your most prized possession" at 12:47 pm

My grandpa left me two bars of gold that were found on a ship wreck off the coast of Florida. I wish I had more information on the shipwreck but grandpa did not write the information down and no one in the family knows exactly what wreck it came from. The bars are both about 2 ounces each. Pretty small but still have coral type stuff on them from when they were found. One has a small proof mark that I have had no luck finding any information on. I have even sent it to a guy that does research on gold and proof marks. He sent the pics to several others and all they can do is give me guesses to where it came from. Mostly spanish ships but no real guess on to what ship they could have been on. They also said there used to be a ton of people offering trips like the one my grandpa went on. He went on a dive back in the 70s that they were able to keep anything they found. He found the two bars and four gold chains which were given to my sisters. Both my sisters still have their chains as well. I think they got the better deal cause the chains were all over twelve inches. Each chain weighed more than two ounces. I call bs on favorites. lol. 

mcburg93 replied to "Life time of Appliances" at 12:30 pm

1 fridge, two microwaves, 1 freezer, 2 washer and driers just ordered the third of each, 1 can opener, two water heaters, two furnaces, 1 ac unit, and a partridge in a pair tree. 



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