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posted by QuakerOats

Nothing beyond everyone expected them to skate free of charges for influence peddling, bribery, extortion, money-laundering, and tax evasion.  

I mean, they might have a better chance of actually getting their allegations to stick if they'd really go all out and, I don't know, have actual competent officeholders seeking to prove them. Seems like whenever, in both the Trump and Biden terms, Congress-types start trying to prove Da Prez/his family is doing bad, bad things, the people that are actually bringing the noise are the opposition party's annoying yip-yap dogs (Schiff and the dynamic...I mean, DUH-namic duo of Comer/Gym) that no one outside hardcore politards even pretend to care about.

Why, it's almost like the party leaders know they're not actually going to get anywhere and don't actually care whether they do or not (well, except for those yip-yap dogs, since they do tend to put their reps on the line trying to prove what they fail to prove), but figure if they engage in enough political theater, they'll keep their base fired up and maybe, just maybe, get a few moderate voters to decide they're the lesser of two evils to hold their nose and vote for.

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posted by queencitybuckeye
Damn I hope you're right on this one.

Trump's biggest boost as far as being president again is that he's running against Biden.

Biden's biggest boost as far as being president again is that he's running against Trump.

Insert the meme of the dog sitting in a burning room saying "everything's fine".

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posted by MontyBrunswick

Chris Holtmann got canned.

He seems like a genuinely good guy, just wasn't producing results.

Nope, team just seemed to totally stagnate, especially when conference play started. Way too much "guys dribbling around while no one else is really moving" leading to forcing up shots late in the clock. And some of his rotation work just seemed suspect to me this year. It just tends to feel like Thornton and Gayle running the show, Battle putting up threes and everyone else is just sort of there as role players.

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Beer and tequila. Lots of both. My head is a bit scrambled trying to work today and it was a chore driving home this morning, but it was fun while it was happening!

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Personally, I think a shit ton of drunk and crazy fans is what golf needs to actually make it interesting for anything other than gambling purposes. Also: The first thing I think of when I hear "Waste Management Open" is the Sopranos.

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posted by majorspark

It was.  Most of those news sources also mocked Romney over his Russia comments as did Obama.  But now Romney is a beacon of wisdom.  They all owe him an apology.  The ironic thing is Russia speak is now a common tool in our domestic politics and a major focus of our foreign policy.

So, over the past couple decades we went from one side ignoring an other side candidate's "Russia is bad" narrative TO that same side screaming that Russia is bad and colluding with the other side TO the main man on that other side essentially encouraging Russia to attack any NATO countries that don't pay up. At the minimum, we can say that Russia is still serving their role as our boogeyman as they were back in the USSR days!

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Mainly nachos and various intoxicants. And a bit of before-bed leftover pizza.

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While I would agree that regular people lacking in medical training might not be qualified to use their observations (or anecdotal evidence) to say an old person's memory lapses are a sign of dementia/Alzheimer's, I would say that, especially when talking about a leader's capacity to rule, the eye test just might be more important than it would be in determining whether Trump or Biden would be the best Wal-Mart greeter.

And when one of the two front-runners to be our next president (who happens to be our current president) is an 80+ year old man who seems to struggle with naming current world leaders as opposed to deceased former ones and kinda, sorta has an oops about when his own kid died, that's an issue. As is it when his projected opponent, who would be his current age in four years, confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, thinks Jeb Bush was the architect of the former military action against Iraq and feels the key to us beating the Brits in the Revolutionary War involved controlling airports.

But, hey! That's our country; where ancient fucks stay in office until they're dead (Feinstein), even if they occasionally lapse into comas while talking (McConnell), because we're too stupid to actually nominate/vote based on actual merit and instead keep these olds in power because they're the incumbent and that apparently means they deserve their place as long as they want it and can't be challenged within their own party because that breaks some super-important unwritten rule. It'd be nice if we, as a people, had the intellect to realize that since those assholes never will agree to personal term limits, we could enforce term limits on them via the ballot box, but nah, let's have a big-time election between two addled, cranky old bastards and give the winner the controls to the country for the next four years! What can go wrong?!?

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From that pic, I'm guessing dude thought he was getting the other kind of ice.

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posted by gut

True.  And I'm not convinced Trump can actually win.  There's plenty of evidence some registered Republicans will not vote for him, and some would even switch to Biden.

And in swing states decided by less than 2% of the vote, you only need about 2.5% of your base to switch to Biden, or 5% to simply stay home or vote 3rd party.  So, right now, it looks like Trump has no path to victory.  HOWEVER, Biden also appears to be losing support among his base, so that could offset the "never-Trumpers".

In either case, Trump will likely hurt Repubs down ballot, so they probably lose the House.  The Senate numbers strongly favor Repubs, but Trump might make that another thin margin.

As long as we get divided govt, which does better by passing less harmful legislation, I'm good.

Impression I get is that the more moderate Rs aren't keen on Trump and/or MAGA-World over some combination of his corruption and that faction's general "It's all about me/my way or the highway" way of doing things that tends to turn things into a clown show (ie: the recent debacles as to who is the House Speaker). But at the same time, the uber-Progs aren't all that into Biden due to the whole "support Israel no matter what" thing where he might occasionally say something about how they might be going too far, but still stands in their corner.

One of those things where it'll be interesting to see if those eroding fanbases leads to some other candidate/party getting momentum or if it just leads to general apathy and an all-time low in voting. This is a really weird year where, outside of both candidates' (and/or their parties in general) true-blue fanbases, I just don't know that anyone really cares about either guy beyond simply casting a vote for their team. In 2016, you at least had the Trump wave and in 2020, you had the anti-Trump wave to generate legit buzz for one candidate or another, but this have the loud, annoying-ass supporters of both guys and then a lot of silence and people holding their nose.

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Hoping this year is the last straw for Holtmann at Ohio State. Team's doing the same "respectable play in out of conference games; absolute suck in the B1G" as last year, they're incapable of winning on the road AND last night was their second loss of the season in which they blew an 18-point second half lead. With those losses coming to Penn State and Indiana, who aren't exactly powerhouses this year. Because when they are actually playing decent-to-good conference teams like Illinois, Northwestern and at-home Nebraska, they sure as hell never have a big lead to piss away.

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

My questions still stands: What is the issue with Taylor Swift and the NFL?  I don't know anything about the connection and was curious to get an explanation.

Might be because Kelce did a 'rona jab' commercial and, therefore, she's part of a deep state conspiracy to keep people getting jab'd for all eternity, so everyone always has the latest microchips installed in their bodies.

Might be because she's super influential with her fanbase, so if she would hypothetically endorse Biden, it would theoretically provide the sort of boost that Trump would have trouble overcoming.

Or, it just might be because, while the right wing commentators who are all about these "conspiracies" all tend to try to portray themselves as independent thinking alpha male personalities, they regularly come off as beta bitch hall of fame inductees due to their over-the-top combination of slavishly praising Trump and his most loyal followers and how they're as good as any progressive at crying like bitches the instant they can manufacture a reason for tears.

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Can anyone answer me with just why the pussies at Texas seem to think their "Horns Up" gesture is something sacred and mocking it in any way is possibly the worst thing a human being can do?

Just in the last couple weeks, the team's coach cried at UCF players for flashing "Horns Down" after a game and the BYU student section had to remove "Horns Down" shirts at a home game. Granted, the latter of the two probably is more on BYU for being stupid Mormons who think having fun is a sin, but it does seem at times like people act like it should be a crime to mock Texas and mess with their precious hand signal.

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Django Kill...(more words)

My main knowledge of spaghetti westerns comes from Eastwood's Dollar Trilogy. However, I'd bought an older friend who loves cowboy flicks a 40-50 movie DVD collection that has a lot of the lesser Italian cowboy titles in it and he was in the mood for a western last night, so I randomly picked one that happened to be this one.

Gotta say, it was an experience. Now, part of this was that we'd been drinking for a few hours, but I have to watch this one again at some time just to try to put the pieces together. As someone who's watched a lot of Italian cinema (mainly giallos and horror), none of what I saw surprised me (violence, sleaze, general lack of a coherent plot), but man, this movie was just glorious chaos. A lot of stuff happened that, I guess, kind of held together something resembling a story. The director LOVED extreme close-ups of peoples' faces when they were talking (all the better to notice the mouth movements and the dubbing weren't necessarily in sync). And I was lost most of the time, but was having a great time watching whatever the fuck I was watching.

Would recommend!

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but if the old asshole picks a good running mate, we could deploy the 25th amendment and get a decent person in the chair. the other side will give us the goofy giggler in that spot and i'd rather have dementia sitting there.

Yeah, but will he pick a good one or just the one who (a) kisses the best ass and/or (b) checks off one box or another as far as "covering all bases" among as many prospective voters as possible?

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posted by jmog

So we are going to have to choose between old asshole and dementia again….

Wonderful. Our country is full of morons on both sides. NEITHER of these 2 should be the nominee for their side.  

With the added "benefit" that old asshole is potentially showing signs of adding dementia to what he brings to the table. At the least, he has history of the Alzheimer's in his family with his dad (and there are hereditary aspects to that disease) and he's turning into quite the gaffe machine in recent times with things like confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi in talking about Jan. 6 security stuff, getting Jeb and former president George Bush Jr. mixed up and apparently thinking a key to winning the Revolutionary War involved controlling the airports.

Makes me worry that another Trump term would just be four more years of an addled old guy who needs handlers with his hands on the reins...with the minor exception of this one being much angrier and more vindictive and WAY more likely to tell any handlers to GFY while doing whatever his whims at the time are telling him.

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Heretic replied to "NBA 2023-24" at 11:44 am

Milwaukee fires their coach while they have a really good record, just so they can hire Doc Rivers, which all but guarantees they're going down in the conference semis.

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posted by gut

To be fair, the Dems and their media began a full court press on obstructing and removing him from office the day after he was elected.  They also, along with Hillary, claimed he stole the election colluding with Russia...The only real difference is they stopped short of committing fraud and attempting to stop the certification.

So if I'm assigning blame for the current state of affairs, it's like 60% Trump and 40% Democrats.

I mean, almost much every election the Dems have lost, going back to Gore, involves denials and claims of voter suppression, disenfranchisement and gerrymandering.  But, sure, Trump is the sole reason we are where we are today.

That is the sad state of affairs in politics. None of these so-called "leaders" are ever willing to take responsibility for their party's failings and think logical things like "We need to shift our agenda to reflect society's wants." or "Maybe the issues that most fire up our core base don't reflect those of the general public." Instead it's a combination of "THEY CHEATEDED!!!!" and "It's not our fault; them stupid voters just got misled by the opposition's ad campaign, so their votes shouldn't really matter, should they?"

And then they just keep focusing on what they want to focus on and continue to act shocked when that shit falls flat, so they focus more on what judges they can post whenever they have the power to, so they can use them to get their way no matter what.

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posted by MontyBrunswick

this isn't generation related. there's a ton of grown ass adults that read one-line headlines on facebook/reddit or whatever and simply take it at face value. most of the time they don't even click into the article to see what it says.

at work a few years ago, one of the stupid old ladies i worked with saw a headline on facebook about charles manson being released from prison and parroted that fact to everyone in the room.

completely false, just glanced at the headline and went with it.

one interesting thing i have noticed as i've gotten older is that my generation is the "sweet spot" for technology. we can pick up and use pretty much anything.

the younger generation can't. they didn't grow up on computers: they grew up on smartphones.

as such, now that they're entering the workforce, a disappointing amount of them don't know how to use a damn computer, and since they grew up on smartphones that cater to dumb people, they can't do any basic troubleshooting either. they just expect it to work and if it doesnt they are helpless. 

so, in my experience, now there's a sweet spot of ~30-50 year olds that can use computers. pretty much everyone outside of that range tends to be a moron.

Had an older former co-worker who was so damn annoying about that. If she wasn't working and in the office (which seemed to be a lot of the time), she'd either be mindlessly gossiping or doing the "read the headlines" while scrolling through an entire newsfeed. And it wasn't just that; she was regularly trying to engage other people (who might actually be *GASP* working at work) to talk with her about those headlines. It's be this regular "Hey, (name of someone else), here's one for you." and then read off some headline. Just one of those super-annoying people who seemingly has to be talking at all times and if she doesn't have anything to say, she'll manufacture it one way or another. 

I was so damn happy when she left because, on top of that other stuff, she was also one of the most negative people around, so half her talking was her bitching about something in a White Trash Karen sort of way where, for example, she refused to understand that other departments in the company work with other people than her, so the simple fact she submitted something to them didn't mean they'd immediately be on it and get it back to her within minutes. Totally hated her -- she was this utterly evil combination of "it's all about me", stupidity and stubbornness.

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Belichick to Atlanta looking likely.

Arthur Blank must have been really convincing with his "You made us look like utter fucks by coming back from 28-3, so you owe us one!!!" spiel. Combined with obscene amounts of money.



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