On Jun 27, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 06:12 am
posted by Fletch

You haven’t,  I haven’t,  none of us have ever seen a potus holding a note card that tells him to sit.  

I mean, it wasn't that long ago that I saw a president struggle mightily to walk down a ramp and also nearly botch lifting a glass of water, but I don't recall you clutching at pearls then.

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posted by Automatik

You’re definitely very scared. Again, therapy is a viable option. 

And very stupid.

On Jun 25, 2022:

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posted by QuakerOats

Felling lucky or something ?

How does one "fell" lucky?

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Way I look at it is that prohibition didn't stop alcohol, the war on drugs was equally worthless and this won't stop abortions. Just gives the underground a chance to make bank.

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 everyone agreed The is dumb. 

Without context, you sound like CC 😂 

On Jun 19, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:44 am
posted by gut

It's hard to fathom how small your "bubble" would have to be to think you could write that letter and not get fired.

Similar just happened to a NYT journo that kept trashing management on Twitter for how it chose to discipline a couple of writers.  Despite being an unhinged lunatic, I was still surprised NYT had the guts to fire her.

Think it was the Washington Post, if you're talking about that Felicia chick who seems to be a total nightmare for anyone, anywhere to associate with for any time. I mean, demanding discipline against a co-worker for retweeting a throwaway joke (all women are bi -- either polar or sexual) and then going on a Twitter rampage against the whole company when another co-worker or two took the "maybe you should step back and chill a bit" tactic towards her is definitely something. That gets even more wacky when you consider that the reporter she wanted destroyed for retweeting a joke had apparently been one of her strongest supporters a ways back when she was pissed off about something else happening there.

On Jun 14, 2022:

I fucking swear, if they keep giving worthless Yu Chang regular playing time, I will snap. Dude can't hit, strikes out constantly (ie: not bad luck metrics, he just can't handle MLB pitching) and sucks at everything except helping a team tank.

On Jun 13, 2022:

posted by birddog23

Why is Oneil Cruz not up yet?

Maximizing contract leverage and service time, so "he needs more seasoning in the minors".

On Jun 11, 2022:

And now they've lost 4 in a row. Seems to happen every damn time I say something complementary about how they're performing. I have to learn from this sometime, don't I? Just never say anything good about them no matter what. They win 15 in a row, I need to sit here and type on this site like I'm shelbucks and completely miserable in life because that damn team is thisclose to ripping out my heart. And then, maybe they'll not fuck it all up.

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posted by Automatik

Fkin told ‘em!

A true badass mofo right there!!

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posted by like_that

So, the dem midterm playbook is to lay in bed with the media to produce multiple prime time viewings of 6 Jan hearings (polling shows nobody gives a fuck), and blaming Putin for any negative impact to your cost of living/quality of life. 

That’s a bold strategy, cotton…

I'm sure that will really work for people like me who would prefer to have burning hot slivers of wood jammed under his nails than to watch ANY sort of politard TV special, regardless of party or intent.

On Jun 10, 2022:

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I just figured that "quaker'd" was code for "not true". As that is par for the course.

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Really sorry to hear that, man. Way too young.

On Jun 9, 2022:

Heretic replied to "2021-22 NBA" at 11:21 am

I appreciate the irony of Dray saying that 80s players got bullied after a game and then his team crying about bad words after the very next game.

On Jun 8, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 01:16 pm
posted by kizer permanente
What benefit would billionaires have by making sure a DA is soft on crime?

All billionaires are secretly Bruce Wayne. They want them back on the streets so they can moonlight as crime-stoppers. I mean, no one was ever asking just how the Joker, Riddler and Penguin kept getting out of Arkham, were they? And do you know why? GEORGE SOROS, THAT'S WHY!!!!

On Jun 7, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Browns season 2021" at 07:43 pm
posted by queencitybuckeye

Even if things went from civil to criminal, aren't the Browns on the hook for the guaranteed part of the contract?

Regardless of that, they still are out a bunch of picks because when they went in on Watson, they went all-in as far as trading the future for the present. With their (if Watson is out of the picture) QB situation being a guy who's pissed off at the franchise and whatever else is available and no first round picks the next two years to go after a Young/Stroud/whoever else happens to be deemed elite by draft time.

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posted by Ironman92

Yet enjoy the Jets and Reds

From years of reading his posts about those teams, I'm not exactly sure "enjoy" is the right word!
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posted by BR1986FB

Old Elway's got to be kicking himself right now. He had an opportunity to buy into Broncos ownership years back. With the pending sale, had he turned around and sold his shares, would've made about $800 million.

So, he's as bad at business as he is at picking a QB?

On Jun 6, 2022:

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posted by Automatik

The Boys S3. So goddamn awesome!

I've just started the show a bit ago and agree. Ultra-violence mixed with really dark humor (A-Train's visit to the cancer ward as a Make-A-Wish replacement for Translucent was utter perfection!) is always a great combination for me. Looking forward to the rest of this stuff.

On Jun 5, 2022:

Team is actually playing well right now. Sweeping the Dodgers on the road and taking 2/3 from the D'backs at home. Only four under .500, which is about 6-8 games better than I'd have given as an optimistic opinion.

Seems a lot of that has coincided with guys who were lousy getting hurt or cut (sorry, Cole Tucker, but you still have Vanessa!) and being replaced by young guys who are actually *gasp* contributing. Like, today, of the established guys, they got an RBI single from Hayes, but nothing else. But the bottom of the order kicked ass with people like Cal Mitchell and Jack Suwinski (young) and Heineman (older) doing well. And while he didn't do anything today, Marcano was huge in that Dodgers' series with homers in back-to-back games.

And the pitching has improved. Bednar is as good as any closer in the game, while a couple of their young starters have been really impressive at times.

Against my will, I'm actually getting a bit impressed with what I'm seeing. Maybe not every night (thanks, Brubaker and your elite-tier home-run-surrendering skills), but more and more frequently as the year goes on. Sure, now that I said it, they'll go in a 6-34 tailspin, but it's been fun for a week or more.



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