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Starting a new thread. Interesting that the BIG10 is ending their divisions, but protecting rivalry games. Interesting.

Ending divisions makes all kind of sense. Think that's only a thing for FB and at the moment, the two divisions are hilariously unbalanced with OSU, Michigan and PSU in one division and the other division basically hoping that Wisconsin is good year after year and someone like Minnesota, Northwestern or Purdue can pull off good seasons here and there. And with the conference expanding into SoCal, I'd guess most teams don't want a situation where they have one or two road trips there every year or every other year. No divisions means you'll probably play UCLA and USC once every two years on average with half of those games being at home, which would logically mean a total of two long-ass road trips every four years.

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95 at the moment. Which, according to the graph thing, is the high end of moderate. None of which means anything to me, but that's what I read!

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Its getting worse…

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I now know what thread to go to instead of the progressives one when I'm having a down day and just need to laugh at a never-ending circular argument over something that means very little to me.

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That one definitely surprised me. Looks like LIV somehow won despite being so buried on TV that it was near-impossible to GAF about their stuff. And makes the PGA commish look like an absolute clown. Dude fucking cites 9/11 as a reason to not back LIV and then agrees to merge with them because $$$. Meanwhile, all the LIV guys made major money for doing shorter tournaments barely anyone cared about.

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I thought this was gonna be about the actor. 

That would be a more entertaining topic.

As for the actual Tara in question, probably the key part of the OP was "has been deemed credible by many/found to be suspicious by many people". As someone who (like 100% of the people who will post on this thread) has no idea as to what really happened and as someone who doesn't reallly care about the issue, it seems to me the main reason that anyone brings her up is solely due to the political side of things. Where what really happened takes a back seat to either circling the wagons to defend Biden or scoring a point against him. And I'd guess that anyone taking a strong stance in her favor is either an R or at least an anti-D and anyone taking a strong stance against her story is the opposite.

I have no real opinion. Could be sexual misconduct, they could have had an affair that didn't lead to what she thought it would, she could just be disgruntled and making up something to smear him. I don't know and barring an actual smoking gun bit of evidence, I doubt I ever will.

I will say that moving to Russia is very weird. If I felt I was in a position where I wouldn't be safe in America because of my allegations against a powerful individual, I think I could come up with a gazillion countries I'd prefer to try out than the place that's on pretty shitty terms with us and fairly recently imprisoned a low-level American Person With Name Recognition for an extended period on a minor league offense. I'd probably go all the way to "red flag" on the part where she apparently has some sort of connection with Matt Gaetz as far as all this goes, since that dude's a total clown whose entire political career can be summed up as "do whatever to get attention because all attention is good attention".

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Heretic repped a post in "Non-political memes, funny videos, etc." at 03:34 pm

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Unless DeSantis chokes horribly like Rand Paul, he should just demolish Trump in a debate.  Just too much material.  The only response to that tweet should be "Trump hires all the best people!"

But I might be willing to bet Trump won't debate.  I assume his strategy will be that he's inevitable, so he won't "lower" himself to pretending like he hasn't already won.

I'd read a story a few days ago saying that Trump had kind comments for Tim Scott when he entered the race with the "read between the lines" meaning that he's loving all the "no chance in hell" people cluttering up the race because he has his core that will vote for him over everybody, so the main effect everyone else entering will have is to dilute DeSantis' numbers.

Which would tie into what you're saying. If it's just Trump and DeSantis and it's remotely a race, you'd expect that he'd have to debate or DeSantis would (or at least should) go all-out on the attack of him not being willing/able to go toe-to-toe with him. But if there's a half-dozen or more guys driving DeSantis' numbers down while his are staying steady, he can legitimately say there's no reason for him to waste his time debating when no one else is on his level and "earned" the right to face him. Might not work with all voters, but his cheering section is loud enough that it will play bigly amongst his base.

Which makes the whole thing seem weird. You hear/read all this stuff about the R old guard hates Trump and doesn't want he and his followers to be the face of the party. And then you have non-entities like Pence mucking up the race and there winding up being the sort of crowded field that he tore up in '16 because you had him doing his thing and a dozen mostly anonymous people all doing a more traditional style of debating, so he stood out from the pack immediately. I don't know who needs to hear this, but if your vibe is "We don't want any more Trump!", you probably shouldn't be setting up the exact same scenario that led to there being Trump in the first place.

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PS4 Pro. Right now, mainly playing Dragon Age Inquisition and The Surge. With the former, it's the third game of that series. Played the first two on the XBox 360. With the latter, I've become addicted to Souls sorts of games and their general high level of difficulty. This isn't the best of those, but it's still enjoyable. And a lot shorter than, say, Elden Ring was. That game ate up a huge chunk of 2022.

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From a 68 year old woman with a grey beehive perm that reeks of cigarettes

When I was in high school (a few years after '87), it was the head football coach who taught the typing class. By "taught", I mean that he gave us our lessons to type out while in class, would say some meaningless platitude about being busy like a bee and then left to do more football-y stuff while we sat there to type and/or fuck around until the period was over and we had to go to actual classes with lesson plans and real work to do. Good times, an easy A.

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So did Desantis botch his announcement to run or not?

Apparently he's is being mocked for a bunch of technical glitches and other issues.  I think I'm with Musk on this one - everyone is talking about it, and isn't that ultimately the point?

From what I read, it had glitches, cut out a few times and had to be moved to someone else's Twitter Space or whatever, where it worked -- although that may have been attributed to the number of views falling from approximately 700K to 300K.

As for the "everyone is talking about it, so it's good" angle, I'm not overly convinced. I mean, sure for Musk and the concept of using Twitter as a media outlet -- that's just a matter of upgrading stuff so that having a ton of people viewing something at once doesn't cause it to crash. Maybe the first try didn't work as expected/hoped, but that's kind of how the first try tends to go. You see what went wrong and you fix it for future attempts.

For DeSantis, it's not going to be some sort of campaign-killer, but considering we all know how much Trump loves touting his numbers and how big they are -- often exaggerating those numbers to make them look bigger -- I think it's a safe bet that he/his people will have a field day with this in a bid to paint him as a minor league guy trying and failing to cut it in the bigs. You know, one of those "The one time I declared, it was on TV. A beautiful show, everyone was there. Millions were watching and knew I'd be a winner. Not like him. Where was he? On that one Internet wasn't Truth Social, folks. It crashed, it burned, you couldn't even follow it, it didn't even have a million viewers. I could draw that in my sleep." things.

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Making sure you were paying attention. 

Grab a beer.

If only I could right now. Damn work...

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Business Insider .................. LOL     leftist rag

What is it you say every time someone mocks your choice of right-wing blog? Something about "don't like the message, shoot the messenger"?

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You guys will smack Scherzer

Welp, there's the kiss of death for your offense in that game!

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I feel like I could do that

I might have a couple more strikeouts, but 0-27 sounds like my kind of month!

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Shhhh .... we're supposed to believe he received more legitimate votes than his opponent. 

Ah, Quaker going to his old stand-by: "Derrrrr, it's not that our candidate also sucked; they cheated-ed-ed!!!!!!!"

The mark of the useful idiot --  it's never your fault, it's always something nefarious they did. Does a great job in eliminating things like self-assessment and coming to grips with how a large segment of the population doesn't actually agree with all of your stances now that you've joined the left in going all-in on culture wars! Just say "they cheated, now stay the course, you're doing super!" and be done with it!

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I get the argument FOR Bo Naylor, and I agree. I'll just be surprised if they make that move while McKenzie and/or Civale are still on the shelf.

Tribe signed Zunino to a one year deal for $6 million.

Bucs signed Hedges to a one year deal for $5 million.

Fun Fact: Lot of Pirates fans are questioning Hedges getting the bulk of the starts even though he's a great guy behind the plate. But he's batting .170 or so, while backup Delay is over .300 and they have super highly regarded prospects at AAA and AA. Endy Rodriguez, the AAA guy, is only doing "meh" so far, but Henry Davis, the AA guy, is absolutely dominating and considering he's a 23-year-old guy who did college, shouldn't be stuck at AA.

Every time someone talks about Biden being too old and senile for his job, Feinstein says "hold my beer" while spending more time being at home and recovering from one ailment or another than doing her job.

She also shows just how fucked the whole system/hierarchy is in our politics. The old-guard D establishment treats her with kid gloves and tries to downplay any reports of her not exactly knowing what she's doing...even though her presence (or lack of presence) isn't exactly helping their cause due to how she's essentially a necessary vote on the committee which votes on appointing judges. And when some other D (Porter?) decided to run for her seat in the next election, there was this underlying vibe of "this is disrespectful" because Feinstein "deserves" to make the call as to whether she wants to continue holding "her" seat before anyone else in her party should be allowed to make his/her own claim.

Really illustrates just how the politicians view their posts. Get entrenched in your seat and you view yourself as a Supreme Court justice -- appointed for life. Where any attempt by your own party to challenge you or even question your ability is an offense.

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Ok, this one is wild. 

I'd be more willing to believe the actual mythological Medusa was real.



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