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So Which QB does everyone prefer? I think Miller might throw the nicest ball of the 3.

After a weak start, I thought McCord looked really good. Seemed to have jitters early on with some passes that made early-game-Stroud look accurate, but after that, he was really accurate and made some nice plays. But that's one of those games that's hard to tell, since Akron might be the absolute rock bottom of FBS football and probably would struggle to go .500 with a FCS schedule. Was good to see them get a ton of players into the game, though.

Oh, as for Pope, dude wasn't good enough to get regular PT throughout his career and, if he wasn't able to this year, after they graduated about every LB that got a lot of time, no big loss. And if he's acting like that, addition by subtraction. If for no other reason, spelling "luck" and "fuck" as "lucc" and "fucc". That shit's CC-level stupid!

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With the move to Texas for my wife’s new job I have found myself looking for a new job. I don’t need a career anymore. Her job pays well enough I basically am just looking for something to do that passes the time and would still allow us to spend time together when she’s off (she averages 70 hours a week). 

So I go thru the interview process and tell the place straight up I have open availability M-F and can work until 2 on Saturday. They are closed Sunday. So I basically give them 59/63 hours they are open. 

The regional manager in the interview is very excited after my interview and basically says if I choose them she wants to move me to a busier store and pay me more right away. She also said we’re offering a 1k sign on bonus but your experience we could bump you to a 2k sign on bonus. 

So the manager calls me to tell me they officially sent the offer letter and they can’t wait for me to accept. I tell him okay I just want to be clear they told you my availability. I again say M-F anytime is fine but I need to be off at 2 on Saturday. 

He then tells me “Well at my store I require every employee to have full open availability.” Okay well I don’t think that’s a good fit for me. Good luck. Wait… I can try and work around it I really need a good employee with your experience. No Thanks trying isn’t going to work I told them this in the interview and they said it wouldn't be a problem but obviously it is for you. 

Since then he has called me 5x begging me to reconsider and promise to work around it. If your an employer that desperate for a worker maybe don’t try to strong arm them when they give you their limitations. It just sends red flags at what type of manager you will be. Now you can explain to the regional manager why I’m not working for them. 

End Rant.

To me, this totally reads like "I wanna be kept, but she wants me to do something, so I'm applying, but looking for any possible excuse to turn things down because laying in the pool all day playing with myself is more fun than working." Which is true, come to think of it...

Like others said, if you're not looking for a career and just for something to do, how the hell is this even an issue? You declared your standards for employment, they accepted, a different and lower-ranked person then said something else, you were adamant about sticking to your guns, that guy immediately caved. Since you're not looking for a career, if they try to go back on that agreement after you've started, I can't imagine how you'd have to worry about burning bridges in a field after telling them to GFY with that shit.

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He has never been a politician, he is a professional grifter and influence peddler.

Man, I remember just a year ago when "not a politician" was your rally cry! Once again, being in politics and holding political office makes you a politician by default; your abstract standards mean nothing.

As for the professional grifter and influence peddler line, that could also easily describe someone else. You know: Claim election was stolen, start up "STOP THE STEAL" fundraising drives and get a ton of free money for legal fees and whatnot from all the mindless sheep who treat every word you say as gospel.

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Well, right now his people are scrambling to come up with a [guessing] unverifiable claim that he actually HAS been to the border once in his 50 year political career.

If true, that's absolutely astounding.

I'll just say it again, all the POTUS does is give speeches and rubber stamp stuff.  Nothing about what Biden is doing and how he's doing it is different from his predecessors.  Biden just isn't maintaining the fascade, and so everyone is finally seeing behind the curtain.

I think one could say that curtain has been pulled back a bit for a few years, now. I know the CCs and QOs probably were bleeting "fake news" every time one of those reports came out, but during Trump's tenure, how many stories were made out of leaks saying that when it came to briefings, meetings and the like, he had the attention span of a small child and regularly needed basic things explained to him?

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1! 1 preserved penis! HAHAHA

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So, how would you like to be the unfortunate person who was put in charge of counting the dongs? From 1 to 3178!

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Reminds me of those who were enlisted to load Jews into box cars.  

Comparing them to your idols?

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It’s been fun following the Reds for their run.  Four out now and tough, but not impossible. 

Problem is that there's only 10 games or so to go and none of their final 10 are against St. Louis. Cards have been red hot and won like 10 in a row. If the Reds had a series left with them, a person could at least hold out some hope that if they swept them, they'd be close. Instead, they have to both hope that they finish 10-0 or 9-1, while the Cards completely fall apart.

Sucks because I hate the Cards, but the final month worked out perfectly for them. They got hot and both Cincy and San Diego just fell apart.

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To make the year even better, Shane Baz made his MLB debut and pitched five innings of two-hit, two-run ball in getting the win for Tampa Bay over Toronto.

Who is Shane Baz, you ask? Pittsburgh's first-round pic from a handful of years back (for the site's Reds fans, it was the same year they picked Hunter Greene). Who was part of their infamously horrible trade where they sent Baz, Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow to Tampa in return for Chris Archer. Whose highlight as a Pirate was the time they were playing in that game played at Williamsport for the Little League WS kids in 2019. Archer was on the DL and was interviewing kids for ESPN. And was greeted by one of them as, "You're that guy who gives up all the home runs!".

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Heretic….you at the Reds/Pirates game tonight? Pretty sure I hear you in the crowd

Lol, nah; I was at a friend's where a few of us were drinking, playing pool and most definitely not watching the loser Pirates losing again.

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My listening corner in my office:

The collection has grown a bit since early last year.

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I have to admit I'm impressed. They are now (I think) 0-15 in chances to sweep a series. For a team as far below .500 as they are to have had 15 times where they won the first two games in a series (3 in one four-game series, if I remember correctly) is impressive. The fact they've done this for four straight series is just amazingly improbable, considering how they are. And the simple fact they are incapable of winning that final game is just bizarre.

And they've failed in that final game in some great ways. Earlier in the year, they led the Mets 6-0 after the first inning and wound up losing either 7-6 or 8-7. And yesterday, they battled back to take a 4-3 lead over the Marlins. They gave up the game-tying run in the bottom of the ninth. They scored once in the top of the 10th thanks to the stupid-ass "man on second" rule. And then, in the bottom of the inning...PROMPT 2-RUN HOMER; YOU LOSE, GUYS!!!!!

They might be shitty, but this is just some sort of incredible Ironman Trivia Question shit they have going on!

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This doesn't deserve its own thread, but this is pretty crazy. Down 24-7 with just over a minute left.

I saw that. Man, Gorman really fell apart down the stretch. Giving up two onside kicks and playing no defense is just insane, especially when you'd only given up 7 points in 30+ minutes up to that point.

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What’s sad is a family of four coulda went to the Tulsa game for just over $150 if they bought tickets from Stubhub the day of the game. Tickets were as low as $20-30. 

I’m pretty sure they didn’t sell out the Oregon game either with the lowest face value to the public being $160

For the Oregon game, Buckeye Sports Bulletin all but said in one of the editorials that they were convinced OSU fudged the attendance numbers because they didn't want any "big game, but still less than 100K in the stands" news coming out. When the homer "for the fans" publication is saying that, it REALLY gives the impression that the number in the stands and the released attendance figures were not the same.

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For the 14th time this year and the third straight series, Pittsburgh will attempt to go for a series sweep. They haven't succeeded yet, but they keep trying! I will give them credit; last night's win would have been inspiring if not for the minor detail of how they're infinity games out of it.

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No I know google and saw what you’re referring too.  But you still obviously didn’t lol.

And how after all these years of people correcting you do you still fuck up your and you’re? 

Well, his posting history over all of his names does indicate that he's painfully stupid, so let's roll with that as an explanation.

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Saw that USC fired Clay Helton. With everyone on Twitter immediately going for the easy joke of "Wonder if Urban will suddenly 'need to spend more time with his family'." Or all sorts of things along those lines.

Which does make me wonder how long he'll be at Jacksonville. It's rare that great college coaches succeed in the NFL, with Pete Carroll being an exception (although he's an NFL to college to NFL success story where his first NFL tenure was his period of least success). And his early tenure hasn't exactly been a cause for optimism with how they were mocked for how badly they sucked in the preseason, were mocked even more for trying to resurrect Tebow at a new position that he was hilariously inept at and got smacked down by Tyrod Taylor yesterday.

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Nasty....apparently sewage pipes broke during the WFT's game and fans had turds rain down on them.

Dan Snyder's cost-cutting pays off!!!

Heretic created thread "2021 NFL Season thread" at 12:46 pm

As opposed to the Browns thread, the prediction thread and the off-season thread. 

Steelers fought back for a good road win over a good team. Offense was kind of limited, but the defense and special teams looked good. Made it a pretty fun day. Or more fun, since one of my friends was throwing a week one party and hanging out and drinking all day meant I'd be having a good time regardless. But the win was nice!

Today sucks, though. Having to work and feeling like I could use about five more hours of sleep and about five gallons of water to get hydrated again. Such is life.



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