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Still no footage of all this waring going on.  Seems like all of our excursions into the middle east was filmed and shown daily on the news.  Funny how I have yet to see anything from Ukraine. 

Anything? Must be blind, dude. I see stuff from there even though I don't spend any time actually looking for it.

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posted by queencitybuckeye

If only the non-politician wasn't a moron...

If he wasn't a moron, CC wouldn't be able to understand him and then, the non-politician would just another one of those elitists whom he'd tone out regardless of what got said or done.

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I know that the Pro Bowl is a sham but wow....

Apparently Trubisky wanted the weekend off, if we're getting that far down into the dregs to fill a roster.

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Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday Addams, 64.

In a totally bizarre coincidence, I'm currently watching a random 80s slasher, Blood Frenzy, that she was in. When I randomly picked this one to watch, had no idea that'd be the case. Guess that means her career didn't exactly take off after being Wednesday, too...

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posted by justincredible

What did he say? 

Some line about proclaiming Burrow is Mahomes' daddy. 

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posted by friendfromlowry

Along with the mayor which asshole on the team started the Burrowhead talk. Was that really a good idea

Hilton, I think. Got interviewed during a break in the first game.

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posted by gut

Going to the SB against PHI could seriously harm Burrow's career longevity

Not a problem due to as boneheaded a defensive move as I've seen in a while 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

My point is he was not a wrench in the gears.  The talking media might have made a big fuss about him.  But in reality he changed nothing.  He attempted to change nothing.  He was as politician as any other.

Hey, you have to give him credit for a couple things. By giving his older daughter (and her lengthy amount of experience at using daddy's money to start up jewelry and clothes lines), as well as her husband (and his experience at being the son of a criminal), roles in his administration, he basically showed that virtually anyone is capable of handling governmental work.

And, by not giving Don Jr. and Eric roles other than "post online and show up on TV to kiss my ass", he also showed that he's savvy enough to know there is an important difference between "virtually anyone" and "every-damn-body".

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At this point, we might be the only people who don't have classified stuff. And, to be honest, I haven't gone over my whole house looking for them, so I could be wrong about myself!

If they find classified stuff in your house, I’ll still blindly defend your innocence and say what a great guy you are. 

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posted by majorspark

So now they are finding classified documents under each others pillows.  Interesting.

At this point, we might be the only people who don't have classified stuff. And, to be honest, I haven't gone over my whole house looking for them, so I could be wrong about myself!

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posted by Automatik

What is the way?

I think it's the same "way" my mom has gone as far as gun violence in large cities. She watches the Columbus evening news and, because they always have one story or another about shootings happening, she is convinced that if I'm down that way for any reason, I'm in clear and present danger of being shot. Regardless of where I'm at, if it's for work or leisure or whatever. It's SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!

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Apparently, the right-wing conspiracy theory nutcase brigade is currently working on a Twitter hypothesis that...checks notes...Buffalo Bills player Hamlin is actually dead, the cardiac arrest came about due to the vax and the NFL is having a body double play his role for things like his appearance at Sunday's loss to Cincinnati in order to not make people skeptical of said vax or something like that.

Even CC would be impressed at people performing that level of mental gymnastics just to look like total fucking morons.

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And both of them were with Cleveland when Mickey Calloway, who got busted for sexual harassment or something after he left the team, was the pitching coach. One can only imagine the conversations those three had over drinks!

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posted by gut

lol TMZ had a segment where apparently this Santos clown was dressed for a LGBTQ festival down in Brazil.  And by dressed, I mean PARADE READY drag queen.  And being interviewed going on about how great the trans bars were there.

Now IF THAT doesn't make the GOP throw him under the bus....

They need to at least keep him around long enough to learn all his secrets in the art of lying about every single facet of life in order to enhance the chances of being elected. Party leadership has to be thinking about all the districts they could flip if only their candidates fabricate everything about themselves!

On Jan 19, 2023:

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posted by BR1986FB

Divisional round:

KC- 34

JAX- 28

Jacksonville's fairy tale season ends in another shootout.

NYG's- 24

PHI- 20

Eagles bye week brings them out rusty and the Giants improbable season continues.

CIN- 41

BUF- 38

Josh Allen = overhyped and is VERY careless with the ball

SF- 22

DAL- 20

Big Cock Brock (that's his nickname, don't shoot the messenger) continues his magical run

Big Dick Nick (Foles) is gonna sue him for infringement!

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posted by friendfromlowry

The clip of him forgetting Klay Thompson’s name and almost calling him Kyrie yesterday is awesome. 

And if there's one thing I wouldn't want to fuck up, it's mis-naming someone in such a high/sensitive ego profession as NBA star. That's just begging to have one of both of them go scorched earth on him!

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posted by Ironman92

Off topic but I loved these….Cheater start in the finals but he still would’ve won. Oh and Willie Gault was in the record setting 4x1 with Carl Lewis and a 1983 World Champion….Woodson could scoot

Darrell Green was the truth in those things!

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Heh, both Harbaughs lost their final game of the year due to a fumble that was returned the length of the field for a score by the other team.



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