On Sep 19, 2020:

posted by justincredible

And now the Reds are out of the playoffs thanks to that. You dick. 

Man, you should have known the race was lost the very second you had to count on our inept asses to do ANYTHING. That win yesterday was more than anyone should have expected!

On Sep 18, 2020:

15-35 and 15-36 after a doubleheader loss.

In the second game, they only gave up one earned run...but six unearned. Three errors will do that to you!

As a side-note, I'm pretty sure I did NOT have "Steven Brault Throws A 2-Hitter" on my Bingo card for this season.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

LOL. Thanks for lumping in with the progressives. My progressive friends would be shocked to learn that.

It's the joys of political discourse nowadays. To the hardcore left-wingers, anything right of Bernie isn't left enough to the degree that definite liberals can get lumped in with right-wingers. To the people on the other end of the spectrum, being a Democrat means you done drank all the progressive kool-aid. It really feels like people have lost all sense of being able to critically think and just want to look at everything as a straight black-and-white issue despite the fact the world is composed of many shades of grey.

posted by justincredible

Big thanks to the Pirates for beating the Cards yesterday. Sorry they moved on from 14 wins.

And I was looking forward to ending the year on a 20-game losing streak.

Oh well...15-34.

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"Apparently people on Twitter and The View....."

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posted by QuakerOats

Like what, the take over of the country by Marxists and socialists?  Already well under way, and actually in the past in many large cities.

I'm guessing you have no actual friends.

On Sep 17, 2020:

14-34. In just four games over three days, we've put the Reds back into playoff contention. YOU'RE WELCOME, CINCINNATI!

On Sep 16, 2020:

Heretic replied to "2020 College football thread" at 06:29 pm

The Brennan person who called it the saddest day in B1G history seems to be a really miserable and horrible person. I couldn't imagine being a sports writer who actively hated the fact sports were still around.

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posted by friendfromlowry

good for that sheriff to call him out

Heretic replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 04:08 pm
posted by Fab4Runner

Lol that Lebron stuff is the dumbest shit ever. Why is it his job or responsibility to help catch the gunman? Seems like law enforcement should be doing that! 

*Edited since killer isn't really the right word. 

Well, this is the sheriff who came under a bit of fire due to trying to cover up that a bunch of his deputies were taking unauthorized pics of the deceased after Kobe's fatal crash, so doing dumb shit in regards to famous basketball players isn't exactly a new thing for this dude.

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posted by Automatik

Wonder if Wade will change his mind now? Is that even allowed?

Saw an article a bit ago where he said he's currently undecided and is hoping to make a decision by tomorrow, I think.

14-33. Another day, another loss. Worthless cunts.

Heretic replied to "2020 College football thread" at 09:48 am
posted by iclfan2

Just posted that too. I can’t search threads for shit on my phone. They’re making it tight w/ 8 games in 8 weeks and no byes, but I’ll take anything. Was Wade the only significant OSU player to opt out?

And Wyatt Davis (OL, projected late first-rounder).

On Sep 15, 2020:

Heretic replied to "Impressed by the Trump administration part II" at 06:18 pm
posted by gut

You really can't ignore all the shady criminals that have been in Trump's orbit.  And almost everyone who has left that Administration has been highly critical of him - not all just looking to sell books, either, and some had been friends of his (Bannon, Mooch).

If he gets re-elected, the riots are going to get really bad.

Hell, with the way some of his shady pals are already playing the "if he don't get electeded again, it's a sham and martial law needs brought into play" card and how he's talking about deserving a third term because reasons, riots could get really bad regardless of who wins.

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As to what actually matters about the game last night, team looked good overall. Offense was a bit weak and tentative early on, which is understandable with it being the first game with no preseason and some key guys coming back after missing time with injuries, but as the game progressed, they got better. Snell taking over for Connor was a big help -- he just seemed a lot more aggressive in getting to the next level. Dupree just taking over on defense also helped -- dude definitely looks like a guy playing for a big contract.

For a lot of the game, it seemed like it'd go down to the wire, but I think Jones just killed all momentum they might have had in the third quarter when he ended that 19-play drive with that totally stupid panic throw with Dupree all over him that got picked. Steeler defense had dominated the second quarter and he opened the third for them by just methodically driving the ball down the field, getting one first down after the next...and then fucked it all up with one stupid play. Up until then, I thought the Steelers were lucky to hold the lead because the Giants should have probably had 10 or so more points. But after that, all the momentum switched sides and that was that.

14-31 AND 14-32.

Got swept in a doubleheader. It'd be kind of funny if they just stayed stuck on 14 the rest of the way. Think it's at about 6 losses in a row, so another 14 and that's that for that!

Heretic replied to "2020 NFL Thread..." at 01:08 am

Uh, it might just be me, but he seems to be a bit more padded up in the pic on the right. He might not be college weight, but was definitely better than the last few years.

On Sep 13, 2020:

posted by justincredible

I've been listening to Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets over and over again to determine which album is better.

For me, it depends on mood. Master is more technically proficient, but Ride has a bit more raw energy, so I can go back and forth between them on a regular basis.

14-30. They lost 11-0 today. And are in a place where .500 is the best they can do for the season. Odds are probably a bit greater that they'll finish 0-16 than 16-0, but whatever.



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