On Jan 22, 2022:

Heretic replied to "The WTF thread..." at 12:53 pm

For some reason, I'm reminded of the old Sunday Night football segment that got ax'd around when people started figuring out that concussions were, in fact, bad.

"Son, you got JACKED!!!!"

On Jan 20, 2022:

Heretic replied to "NFL Divisional round pick 'em" at 03:38 pm
posted by justincredible

Only 2 of us picking the Bengals so far. Weak.

To be fair, I was nowhere near as confident in a Bengals loss as I would be 99% of the time, so in a way, that's like picking them to win in spirit!

Heretic replied to "NFL Divisional round pick 'em" at 01:34 pm

Chiefs 10

Packers 9

Rams @ Bucs O 48.5 8

Bills @ Chiefs U 54.5 7

More passing yards: Mahomes 6

Titans 5

Bengals @ Titans Under 47 4

More passing yards: Burrow 3

49ers @ Packers U 47.5 2

Bucs 1

On Jan 19, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 03:06 pm
posted by gut

I just realized that Trump is the greatest campaigner in history - in 2016 he got Trump elected, then in 2020 he got Biden elected, and in 2024 he's going to get Hillary elected.

Trump vs. Hillary in 2024 is my cue to simply drop out of voting or caring about anything.

Heretic replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:59 am
posted by Automatik

The real problem is you're consistently wrong and simply ingesting bad information daily.

My friend's grandfather got a Regeneron treatment in upstate NY 2 weeks ago. He was not in the ICU. 

CC's problem is that he does one thing reasonably intelligent: question science. Talking about a new disease where everyone is working out things on the fly, there's logic in questioning what the established professionals are saying. But then he follows that up by completely swallowing what "outsiders" say on podcasts, with no questioning of their claims whatsoever.

Which ends up as a hilariously stupid case where the established professionals are always wrong and the outsiders speaking on Rogan or being quoted by Breitbart or whatever other fucking idiotic sources he uses are always right. Makes him come off as someone who's more interested in spewing out any and all contradictory claims to what's mainstream than someone who actually is interesting in thinking and making accurate choices.

In other words, par for the course for a conspiracy theory loving idiot.

On Jan 18, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 06:46 pm
posted by jmog

God you couldn’t be more of a moron if you tried.

There is a part of me that legit wants him to say "challenge accepted" to this just to see what the outcome is.

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 11:44 am

At least it's good to see that for a brief period, CC's found a different argument that the entire site can dunk on him for making.

On Jan 17, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 02:45 pm
posted by gut

I chuckled at the guy who only works 9 months per year bitching about having to work a whole 40 years.

Not just bitching, but "NO ONE ELSE HAS IT AS BAD AS ME!!!!!" whining. The combination of general stupidity and total lack of dignity is not becoming.

Heretic replied to "2021-22 NFL Playoffs thread" at 02:02 pm
posted by superman

The stuff he does with a football is unreal. Every game  I watch him I find myself saying "no way" 2 or 3 times. 

Yeah, KC isn't the opponent you want when your offense has been shitty for an extended period of time. There are a fair number of teams out there where you can win ugly against, but it's about a given that even if you keep Mahomes down for a while, he will go off and make something crazy happen and then you'll be stuck playing from behind.

Heretic replied to "Wordle" at 11:30 am
posted by jmog

I almost used start because it had str and a vowel but two t’s seemed like a waste of a letter in first word

So I am thinking more like routs, etc

Stare? Replaces the second T with an E; seems like a winner.

Heretic replied to "2021-22 NFL Playoffs thread" at 12:42 am

Well, I guess 1.5 decent quarters is better than none, like in the regular season game. But, man, after KC got going, it went from promising to over really quickly.

On Jan 16, 2022:

Heretic replied to "2021-22 NFL Playoffs thread" at 02:38 pm

posted by Ironman92

Funny Joe Burrow high school story that Superman and mhs95 probably recall

During basketball season he was teamed up with his talent tight ends Adam and Ryan Luerhman (twins) they and Joe were all right at 6’3, similar build snd blonde hair. At a basketball game at Lucasville vs Valley it was a tight game in the 4th and while all 3 were very good basketball players Ryan Luerhman was struggling with free throws… as Luerhman gets fouled at a big moment late in the 4th Burrow stepped up to the line and shot the free throws for him fooling the refs, coaches and fans….initially. As he knocked the first one down everyone started to realize that cared but too late as Burrow already had ball and buried the 2nd….the Valley crowd lost their minds, and the game.

Lol, gotta admit that's smooth as hell.
Heretic replied to "NFL Wild Card round pick 'em" at 02:07 pm
posted by Ironman92

Are we all dummies for going big against Belichick?

Time will tell

….it usually does 

Upon further review, no, it wasn't that tough of a decision!

On Jan 14, 2022:

Heretic replied to "NFL Wild Card round pick 'em" at 03:35 pm

posted by Ironman92

Are we all dummies for going big against Belichick?

Time will tell

….it usually does 

Possibly. My reasoning was that Belichick + Jones isn't exactly Belichick + Brady and Buffalo stuffed Jones in a locker when they beat NE a few weeks ago. With a more experienced QB, I'd expect adjustments to be made, but with a rookie who had his ups and downs, I can see Buffalo having him on his heels again.

And there's also the minor detail that we're going big against NE because that's the mandatory 10-point game. If that wasn't the case, this would be the 1- or 2-point pick because I think it's a coin flip.

Heretic replied to "NFL Wild Card round pick 'em" at 01:34 pm

Bills 10

TB 5

KC 4

Cowboys 3

Rams 2

Bengals 1

On Jan 13, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:10 pm
posted by kizer permanente

Luckily all he’s teaching is how to throw a ball at another person  

Apparently, he's done a great job of teaching them to aim for his head. Because a massive amount of head trauma is the best explanation for why he is how he is.

Heretic replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:13 am
posted by Fletch

No I am not, the vaccinated and boosted people all around the world are getting sick again and most are having more severe symptoms then the unvaxed

The bolded has no actual basis in reality, you fucktard.

On Jan 12, 2022:

Heretic replied to "The USFL is coming back" at 06:26 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

Don’t these leagues always fail miserably and quickly?

The only one that had any staying power in anything resembling recent times was the old USFL, which at least made it three years. But that was the 80s; if anything, the NFL has far more of a stranglehold on the world of professional football. The old USFL had lots of elite players who went on to have a lot of NFL success. Now, odds are it'll be another XFL where they'll be trying to come up with gimmicks to try to get people to not notice that roughly 100% of the players are guys who aren't good enough to make the NFL.

Heretic replied to "2021-22 NFL Playoffs thread" at 12:49 pm

posted by BR1986FB

I get your "homer" comment but every time Collisworth or Esiason can take a pot shot at the Browns, they don't pass on it. Lapham's just an asshole. The local radio station had him on after the Browns had beaten the Bengals (when Hue Jackson went back to Cincy as a "consultant") and Lapham lost his shit and hung up on the local station. The questions they were asking were normal/reasonable and the local guys Carman/Lima aren't looking for confrontations. Guy's just a kook.

Meanwhile, I don't see Cleveland sports guys taking pot shots at the Bengals. TBH, we don't care about the Bengals. Out disdain lies toward Pittsburgh & Baltiwhore.

Well, yeah, that sort of disdain trickles upward. For me, New England and to a lesser degree, Baltimore, are the teams I've disliked the most over the past couple decades; while you and Cincy are teams that might get the Steelers here and there, but have been stepping stones on the way to the postseason (and those teams who've earned my hate) more often than not. While a person could argue that Cincy's been a tad more successful over that time than you guys, they've lost every playoff game they've made during that time and don't even have pre-SB championships to hand their hats on -- essentially being Paul Brown's sloppy seconds/little brother to you. Hence the pot shots.

On Jan 11, 2022:

Heretic replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 05:59 pm
posted by friendfromlowry

And every single healthcare worker - the ones seeing this day in and out - swear overwhelmingly the vaccine works. Why does that not matter to you? 

You need to ask yourself one simple question: How many of those healthcare workers have been on the podcasts he listens to and considers real news; or interviewed by Breitbart?

CC's is one of those people who has a view on how things are and to keep that view going, he only listens to stuff that supports it (even if he has to twist what he's hearing a bit or cut out any portion of it that disagrees with his view) and considers anything else to be fake. In a perverse way, it's almost admirable how skilled he is at weaponizing his personal ignorance.



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