On Jun 10, 2021:

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I mean, if both Trump and Warren are against it, that says that it's more likely a good thing than not.

On Jun 9, 2021:

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posted by justincredible

With the humor coming from how, if he'd actually try to pry guns from peoples' hands, he is totes mistaken on who would be the one possessing the dead body.

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posted by iclfan2

Ha, oh man.

This is the year we reach the pinnacle. The Mount Rushmore of absolutely stupid ways to fail. Not tagging first base to record an out, allowing runs to score and now, not touching first on a homer. I'm looking forward to the next Moment of 'Tard!

On Jun 8, 2021:

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posted by Gardens35

Years back, a single girl bought a house across the street and a couple doors down. She drove a really sharp yellow corvette. She did porn movies. She doesn't live there anymore.

End of rant.

The rant part is because she doesn't live there any more, right?

On Jun 7, 2021:

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On Jun 4, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

What is the mask situation in Ohio? Here in SC it is pretty much back to pre-pandemic with only a few exceptions (daycare and random people still wearing it). Haven’t seen a sign on a store requiring it for a couple of weeks. 

I see the occasional person wearing one, but it's probably 1-in-50 most places. A bit more in grocery stores, especially among the elderly.

On Jun 1, 2021:

Heretic replied to "2021 Pirates Thread" at 10:29 am

I saw Kuhl was the starter. Didn't even bother turning on the TV. As constructed, this team makes it really hard to even pretend I care.

On May 29, 2021:

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Fortunately, somehow this sport has teams like Colorado who are so bad they make the Pirates look respectable. Definitely wasn't expecting a doubleheader sweep where the team didn't give up any runs over 14 innings.

On May 28, 2021:

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

"You're fat-phobic!"

"No, I just don't want to pay your dinner bills.". 

She looks like the women who come to my shoe store.

You take her to the buffet.

On May 27, 2021:

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The best part of all that: The final score was 5-3 and Baez wound up scoring after getting on second in that inning. So, considering the runner going home didn't reach there until the first baseman had basically walked the ball nearly all the way home AND that Baez wound up scoring after getting on second that play, that one colossal fuck-up potentially cost them the game.

Ah well, my prediction was a respectable start and then a huge slump a month of so into the season and that's looking like how it'll be. I wish they weren't looking like giant fuck-tards doing it, but that's how it is, I guess.

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I just saw "sex offender arrests" in the link and figured he was upset because someone knocked on Matt Gaetz's door this morning.

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posted by justincredible

Big oof.

My. Fucking. God. Just contract the team before things get worse. And they will get worse.

On May 24, 2021:

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posted by Fletch

Hey at least their government isn’t suppressing them by making them where masks 100% of the time at work


On May 23, 2021:

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posted by Ironman92

Prayers for some summer success for heretic and the Buccos....but not against the Reds because I need those good moments too

Right now, I think the only thing I'd consider to be summer success would involve Nutting either selling the team or dying. Anything that brings in an owner who actually cares about winning more than turning a profit and pocketing the revenue sharing money.

On May 22, 2021:

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Team did so good last night that Acuna Jr. had to be talked out of batting left-handed in order to presumably feel challenged at the plate.

One of those games where an optimist would point out that it wasn't THAT BAD of a 20-1 loss because the final 8 came in Atlanta's last at-bat against a position player. Wait...eight runs against a position player? What in the name of Tony LaRussa's Out of Touch Decrepit Ass is going on here!??!?

On May 21, 2021:

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Sounds to me like the crime we're talking about here should be called "over-taxation", if the point being quibbled over are all the victims of not enough taxes being paid.

On May 20, 2021:

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posted by justincredible

I would eliminate ALL laws that punish people involved in victimless crimes. No new laws.

Yeah. So, in spirit with the thread, it'd be this really verbose law that eliminates any number of other laws. Since the main purpose of those laws seems to be to generate revenue for law enforcement departments while punishing people for arbitrary reasons.

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posted by justincredible

See my follow up. I was mainly just shitposting. And the 9/11 comparison is being thrown around all over the place.

The main point of the tweet is that they do not give a shit about us peons. They will let cities burn all summer, but god forbid people put a scare into the entity responsible for slowly bleeding the country dry.

Ah, that I agree with totally. The thing that sucks is how that's essentially the entirety of the system. Big $$$ interests buy and pay for the politicians, who pander to the people while using their money/support to entrench themselves while looking out for the well-being of those big $$$ people/groups and, at most, giving lip service to the people who voted them in. It's a nice pipe dream to imagine them all being removed, from the far-left Squad members to the far-right QAnon ones and everyone in between...but odds are the next group would wind up being just as crooked because, with the current climate with social media and political hostility, who would want to hold one of these offices for any reason other than "get in, get rich and gain power"? And with the recent rising of Squad/QAnon types, it seems like way too many people care more about "loud-n-crazy" than having reps who might actually be willing to work with others or compromise, which sucks in its own right because it basically says that, as things are now, improvement looks impossible.

Sucks to be us!

Heretic replied to "Disgusted with the Government thread" at 03:52 pm
posted by justincredible

I forgot, it was as bad as 9/11.

Yes. I totally said that. What the fuck has happened in politics to make everyone an "it's one extreme or another!" idiot?



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