On Sep 27, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Go back and change careers?" at 07:41 pm

my entire career has been in technology in some shape or form. i don't think I could manage in a non-tech field.

In terms of education, I'd probably audible and go to a vocational school instead of college.

On Sep 25, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "NCAA Football 2023" at 01:09 pm
posted by Laley23

I have no idea how Notre Dame lost that game lol.

Got too cute with the play calling. OSU got cute with theirs too with that stupid jet sweep on 4th and 1.

Side note: I flew to Dallas yesterday and Jim Knowles was on the flight, less than 12 hours from the end of the game.

I think I was the only one who recognized him.

Dude looked exhausted

On Sep 23, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "NCAA Football 2023" at 05:20 pm

colorado bad

On Sep 17, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "NCAA Football 2023" at 01:29 pm
posted by Al Bundy

I think that they will lose several games, but he has done a good job of taking over a 1 win team team and making them at least an average to abover average team in a very short period of time.

they have 9 games left on their schedule. 6 of them look like comfortable losses. i think once they lose the first game, the cracks will begin to show and they will fall apart.

@ (13) Oregon

home against (5) USC

@ Arizona State

home against Stanford

@ (24) UCLA

home against (16) Oregon State

home against Arizona

@ (23) Washington State

@ (12) Utah

when they brought in deion, my thought was they would immediately improve to a 5-6 win team and stay there. an improvement over years past, but virtually no upward trajectory after that. i still feel that way.

i am expecting excuses when oregon blows their doors off next week if hunter is out.

On Sep 13, 2023:

Channel One News

On Sep 12, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Your worst day as a sports fan?" at 10:39 am

butler losing to duke in the 2010 championship was a tough one to swallow.

osu losing to clempsen in the 2019 game was also a tough one to swallow.

On Sep 11, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 08:35 pm
posted by justincredible

Why have I been worrying about how I'm going to watch?

true. you should've been more worried about rodgers getting hurt on his 4th snap
MontyBrunswick replied to "Do you take naps?" at 01:46 pm

if i have anything i could/should be doing, the slight bit of anxiety from that pending task makes napping virtually impossible.

as such, i rarely nap.

MontyBrunswick replied to "Cottage cheese" at 01:41 pm

i love cottage cheese.

your thread idea could also be applied to skyline and white castle. both are love/hate food items.

On Sep 9, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 10:31 am
posted by Ironman92

Well then they’ll die off like Dish

spectrum won't die off as they provide internet service. they might give up on TV sooner or later, but even that seems unlikely.

On Sep 8, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 11:18 am
posted by justincredible

Toney had the worst game for a WR I think I've ever seen

FanDuel had a profit boost on a parlay. 1+ passing TD for Mahomes and 250+ yards passing. It was originally -300 but was boosted to +100. Seemed like a no brainer so I threw $25 at it thinking I'd just take those winnings into college football this weekend.

as the game progressed, I was skeptical because all of the KC receivers sucked... but going into the final KC drive, Mahomes had 2 passing TD and 226 yards. I felt good about it because they were playing from behind.

Toney dropped a wide-open ~30 yard pass right over the middle on the first play of the drive and I about lost my damn mind.

MontyBrunswick replied to "Immediately or Set Up?" at 11:02 am
posted by Ironman92

You prefer your food immediately as finished cooking or to set up a bit?

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 10:58 am

the benefit of streaming services isn't really the price, it's the flexibility.

if one provider sucks you can easily bounce to someone else. there's no equipment to send back or people to talk to on the phone, you just click cancel on one provider and sign up at the new provider.

i generally sign up for youtube tv (or sling, or whatever is cheapest) during football season and then pause/cancel it during the off-months. that would be a hassle with a cable/satellite provider.

On Sep 5, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 10:50 pm
posted by Laley23

They gave us a glimpse. They had multi view of only those 4 linked channels. Now they have it across channels and even across sports. 

It's still limited I think. I couldn't get multiview with any of the games on Fox

On Sep 4, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 07:01 pm

^^ it's also worth mentioning that sinclair has started whiffing on payments to the pro sports teams for their local broadcast rights. they already filed for bankruptcy.

i could see MLB just stepping in and taking the RSN's over whenever sinclair deems their purchase a failure.

also apparently Bally's is available on both fubo and directtv streaming. you can also "buy" a bally's pass but i think it's extremely limited as to what you can/cannot watch due to the weird local broadcast rules.

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 06:55 pm
posted by Ironman92

But I know they dropped the Reds

it wasn't really a case of "they" dropping the reds, so much as a really terrible business decision by sinclair. a redditor summed it up nicely:

Bally Sports pays a lot of money to pro sports teams for local broadcast rights. How Bally gets the content into viewers homes is (unfortunately) in their hands. The common thinking is that Sinclair overpaid when the bought the Fox Sports / Bally stations in 2019. In order to compensate, they attempted to impose significant rate hikes on all cable, satellite and streaming providers. Many providers, including YTTV, Hulu, Dish and Sling pushed back, leaving Bally looking for ways to generate more revenue.


Bally was apparently unwilling to make their stations available as an optional add-on. That left YTTV to decide if it was worth paying for that expensive programming for all subscribers, passing the costs on to them.

MontyBrunswick replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 06:14 pm
posted by Laley23

They just now put it out. Only thing is cannot choose what goes in. But have heard its in development. 

it was unveiled during march madness this year

On Aug 28, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "Office setup" at 09:11 pm
posted by justincredible

 I'm consolidating to just one larger external. 

i'm telling ya, it ain't worth it.

On Aug 25, 2023:

MontyBrunswick replied to "You win $1,000,000 but you have to spend it in 24 hours..." at 01:03 pm

i think spending any money on property in a 24h timespan is impractical. you probably can't close a deal and spend the money that fast.

knowing that, i'd cheat and "wash" the money by converting the $1m into something that you *can* buy in 24 a gold ETF (AAAU or whatever)

in that scenario, you could easily convert it back to cash as-needed and take your time spending it.

if i was handed $1m in cash and it was going to disintegrate in 24 hours, i'd probably clear out any outstanding debt and then buy high dollar items like cars/plane tickets/lodging/etc. whatever is left at the end of the 24 hours goes onto black at the roulette table. 



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