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Who hacked the site?

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Who is in Columbus these days?

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What app is everyone preferring? I've tried four and they've all annoyed me in one way or another.

Currently on Barstool Sports (which is evidently Hollywood Casino's app).

I'm not married to it. I've tried MGM, FanDuel, Draft Kings and this.

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After I wrote my post up, I decided to just try and withdraw the $228 I earned playing with the free bets and it processed immediately and went into my Paypal account.

If DK's support staff were competent, they would've fixed the problem and I would've ultimately pissed my balance away on careless bets.

Instead I'll just walk away with $228 worth of house money. Fuck em.

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Customer Service is pretty top notch for these companies, shockingly. 

Update-- this has absolutely not been the case with Draft Kings thus far:

I submited a ticket saying that my account is currently in a restricted status because of the geolocation app. I admit that I probably caused my own problem by attempting to use it on a virtual machine and have since removed everything. I also mention that I have given up on accessing via computer and just want the restriction lifted so I can bet on my phone.

Two days later the support person replies with a copied/pasted KB article telling me to remove the offending software (despite me already detailing this in my orginal request). I reply to him that I have already done that.

18 hours pass. The support person replies with a second, unrelated copied/pasted KB article and then immediately marks the ticket as resolved.

I opened a second ticket saying that my first ticket was unresolved and that my account was still restricted. A different guy grabbed it, apologized for the hiccup, and said he had forwarded my ticket to another section for review. However, I can tell on their support site my ticket is still assigned to him with the problem description being Deposit Limit Increase and the status of ticket as 'Awaiting your reply'.

I don't expect this to get resolved.

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Gotcha. All those geolocation things suck. So I started using app only. Especially since for work I always have a VPN on.

I would try just emailing them. Customer Service is pretty top notch for these companies, shockingly. 

It was definitely self-inflicted. I tried on my desktop and laptop several times and geolocation flat out would not work. As a last-ditch effort, I spun up a generic Windows 10 virtual machine which got me restricted because Virtualbox is a prohibited app.

I should've just left it alone and continued using the app on my phone.

I suspect the root problem is that my ISP got bought out in recent memory. They've been juggling shit around so it's tough to get an accurate location reading for me.

I opened a ticket on Monday night and they've been slow to respond. I suspect they're slammed with other inquiries over the Bengals/Bills fiasco.

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The app doesn't require that, just fyi.

Yeah, I know. The mobile app worked fine up until my account got restricted. If they don't unblock my account I won't be too burned up since I was playing with house money anyway.

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Anyone else have a crazy betting weekend? 

I sucked ass on Sunday, like 4-9-1, but went perfect in college on Monday. Thanks crazy Miss St late td and USC collapse. Made up for it.

like friendfromlowry, I am also chewing through my free $25 bets on DraftKings. My weekend was ok.

All-in-all, I turned $150 worth of free bets into $228. My biggest wins were Tulane over USC and I placed two separate bets on Pittsbugh/Baltimore (spread and Pittsburgh money line). I also got in on that Cinci "score any points to double your money" thing that DK offered.

As is tradition, the bet I felt safest about ended up losing. (Utah/PSU).

Currently my account is restricted because the Geocomply app is a heaping pile of garbage. I have two free $25 bets remaining that I may or may not be able to redeem.

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You should meet our blind dog. Absolutely vile breath. Like Satan's asshole or something.

 this is a textbook sign of a pet needing teeth pulled. you should consider taking it to the vet to have it looked at. it can lead to lots of other problems if not dealt with

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If I end up on a jury and disagree with the charges jury nullification is perfectly legitimate. So you can stop with your disappointment.

Disagreeing with the charges because you think the law is wrong or too harsh, etc.? Or disagreeing because the person is innocent in your eyes? Former, thats bullshit excuse to use the power of a Jury to be the law. Latter, its not jury nullification, its just being a jury. 

I am with the people who hate those who try to get out of jury duty. If I am ever arrested on a charge where I am innocent, I would hope I get legit people on the jury, with jobs -- wealthy, middle-class, poor, etc. Not just the poor who cant get out of this stuff. It's not a true representation of your peers. 

I firmly believe (maybe largely influenced by a lawyer father and federal judge uncle) that if you believe in the constitution as a building block and the foundation for our entire country, coming up with an excuse to not serve on the jury is one of the biggest hypocritical thing you can do. And if you are caught giving a bullshit reason, you should be charged. And no, a company needed all employees at all times is not a legit reason. I am stunned a judge allowed you out. WTF did that company plan on doing if someone got sick?


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I’ve had a SLAP labrum tear in my shoulder for a decade. Pretty sure I’m to the point where surgery is needed. Goddammit.

PT for that will probably suck

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Interesting, almost looks like you had a bunion at the first joint.   That screw temporary or permanent?

I had a pin sticking out of my big toe for 8 weeks after bone spur removal, it went thru both joints.   Toe always felt like it wanted to cramp, was relieved when they pulled it out.

There may be a bunion there but it wasn’t my original complaint.

I’d get a monster callus on the side of that problem toe. I’d shave it down and it’d be back days later. I broke down and went to a foot surgeon and he diagnosed the problem fairly quickly.

I had broken the toe some years prior and it never healed. When I walked, the toe would roll inward and the bottom of my toe wouldn’t hit the ground, the side of my toe would. Years of this behavior lead to a bone spur developing on that toe. 

The solution was to immobilize the joint with a screw and take bone marrow from my heel and plug the joint with healthy bone to encourage the joint to fuse. 

They sent me home with this info and left it up to me if I wanted to do it or not. I opted to go for it.

They succeeded in their hope (the joint is fused) so even if they take the screw out I still won’t be able to bend it. 

It feels strange from time to time but i haven’t felt the need to have them take it out. 

They left the hardware in my arm too

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May donate body for science; the liver will be an interesting study.  

I'd say that brain would be more interesting tbh. 

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Dr. Valentin Narcisse -- Boardwalk Empire

AJ Soprano (Tony's sister Janice sucked too) -- The Sopranos

Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog

George Hearst - Deadwood

James Corden isn't really a TV Show "character" but he is an insufferable asshole and I'd rank him above everyone else mentioned thus far.

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That looks painful

the break itself happened like 15 years ago. i assumed i had broken it at the time but never got it checked. it obviously never healed, hence the screw.

my previously mentioned arm break looks worse.

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Old thread, not a “surgery”, but had a vasectomy today. It was not enjoyable. 

i got snipped about a year and a half ago. recovery went way better than expected. i think i took ibuprofen or tylenol for a day and then i was good to go. it varies wildly by person, though.

also since i last posted, i had a screw put in my big toe on my left foot. recovery from that was dreadful.

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How?!?  I laid out the math, prove me wrong.

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STRS is 14% by both the employer and employee, but my point still stands...

How?!?  I laid out the math, prove me wrong.

You're just another whining teacher complaining about being underpaid, but reality shows you're actually overpaid.



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