On Feb 5, 2019:

Mulva replied to "NBA '18/'19 Season" at 02:27 pm

John Wall torn achilles, just in time for his super max to kick in. Something like $165m the next 4 years.

On Feb 2, 2019:

Mulva replied to "College Basketball Thread" at 10:06 pm
posted by wildcats20

State’s 24 points were the fewest by a ranked team in the shot clock era. 

I thought that had to be a glitch of a halftime score when I saw it earlier

On Jan 20, 2019:

Mulva replied to "NFL Playoff Thread" at 09:53 pm

Romo is a savant.

On Jan 2, 2019:

Mulva replied to "2019 Dead pool" at 06:12 pm

Super Dave was a different character. He was Funkhowser on curb.

On Dec 20, 2018:

Mulva replied to "2018 NFL Season Chatter" at 03:18 pm

I wish him the best as a human being, but I lol’d at phrasing it as “stepping away from football” as if being indefinitely suspended was a mutual decision

On Dec 15, 2018:

Mulva replied to "Lance Armstrong - I just don't get it" at 09:52 pm

I honestly didn’t know anyone still cared about him

On Dec 4, 2018:

Mulva replied to "Urban Meyer to step down after Rose Bowl" at 07:54 am

Respect him for doing it. He looks like his brain is about to explode on the sidelines sometimes.

On Dec 1, 2018:

Mulva replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 10:18 pm

I really don’t think a blowout is that beneficial this year. It’s not like the 59 point beatdown on Wisconsin a few years ago. This year just makes it seem like an overmatched opponent in a weak conference in my opinion. 

If Clemson won by 100 tonight would anybody care? Or would we all just be like, “well yeah Pitt is trash”.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 10:08 pm

And guys throwing two hand chest passes with footballs should automatically be disqualified from receiving any prize

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 10:06 pm

Dave Wannstedt is worse in the studio than he was as a coach. He doesn’t make a single coherent point.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 07:25 pm

Pretty cool for Jalen Hurts.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 06:48 pm
posted by gut

Not that you're wrong, however only if this was a close competitive game would I say Bama should be in.  

But if you get dominated by another team already in the playoff in a conference championship, I don't think you should get in.  I think to have two teams from the same conference it needs to be a really high bar, like a classic game that people want to see a re-match.

I don’t see any valid argument that they won’t have one of the 4 best resumes.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 06:29 pm
posted by wildcats20

What type of score would knock Bama out? I’m thinking Georgia by 4 TDs. 

Bama won every game before today by at least 22 points. They’re in.

Mulva replied to "Would you attempt this challenge?" at 05:23 pm

If I don't lose my job or anything I'd do it for $100k with no hesitation. If I'm gonna get fired for missing a month then the financial gains are minimized.

If I'm getting fired, I still do it for $200k.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 05:19 pm

If Georgia wins I don't think it matters. Alabama still gets in over OU and OSU imo. Which is another problem with the 4 team playoffs.

Mulva replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 04:19 pm
posted by queencitybuckeye

* their


Texas is a "good" loss (a term I hate)? They aren't very good. The league is awful this year.

So is the B1G. Northwestern is playing for a conference championship after going 0-3 out of conference.

Mulva replied to "2018 College Football Thread" at 04:16 pm
posted by slingshot4ever

Ok....I can't buy a format where even a SINGLE 3 loss team could be in the playoff.  That is absurd.

I’ve never understood this viewpoint. Teams in the NFL go 10-6 and win the Super Bowl. How many wild card teams have won the World Series in MLB?

If you want to name a “best team” just go back to bowls and polls. The playoffs are about a champion and the best team doesn’t always win. That’s part of what makes it great.

FCS has a 24 team playoff I think. I don’t get why it would be so difficult to go to 16. Cut 1 meaningless non-con game to get the regular season down to 11, then bring every (9 or 10 or however many there are now) conference champ, fill the rest with at large teams. Play 2 rounds @ the home field of higher seeds to reward them.

Teams like UCF get a shot if they go undefeated, Georgia doesn’t drop out of the playoffs for losing a conference title game to the best team in the country, etc. Alabama and Clemson probably win by 60 in the first round, but I’d still rather see it in a playoff game than in week 2

On Nov 26, 2018:

Mulva replied to "2018 Ohio State Basketball" at 07:07 pm

#1 in the first ever NET ratings. Completely meaningless, but still fun.

On Nov 18, 2018:

Mulva replied to "Browns BS Drama continued Part II..." at 07:43 pm

So there's a story on right now that the Browns want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head coach haha.

On Nov 17, 2018:

Mulva replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 04:05 pm

Wow he was wide open



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