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I was a PC/LAN Technician for a very large Pharmaceutical Benefits Manager. After our company was bought out, twice, and the restructuring to the Data Center Model our PC's went away. That and all of our Servers too. Since COVID all of our associates are work at home for the future. It's now been relabled as Deskside Support. I've been the only one in my department that goes into the office everyday. So now I mostly FedEx replacement equipment out to employees when it breaks...pays the same though.

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I should throw out what my wife does because she makes the big bucks. 

She is VP of inventory and planning management. She helped build a womens plus size brand that got sold to Walmart for 100 million a few years ago. 

She now works for a private family owned company that makes and sales rugs. She is basically an excel genius. She has been in the retail industry since 2007. Started at a salary of 35k in Kansas for Payless and now makes almost 300k and works remotely now. If I remember right this is currently the 5th retailer she has worked for. She was lucky and made a great connection who has been her mentor and helped her rise thru the ranks. Her mentor is a retail superstar who helped found various companies like Abercrombie, Ruhle, and Eloquii. 

The place she works now dominates the rug market and the family who owns the business treat their employees amazingly. They have tapped my wife and the owners two sons as the next generation of leadership for the company. 

Our Daughter-In-Law is a therapist out in Los Angeles. Her degree is a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Clinical Counseling.

Her clients include adults and children. Appointments are 50 minutes.

Even though LA County has dropped its covid protocols, most of her sessions are still remote. The clients got used to it and most prefer it that way, particularly for convenience. There are in-person appointments for the others.

Shortage of therapists out there too.

Back to topic, I retired 3 1/2 years ago at age 59 from Post Secondary Education (Admissions Director). My goal was to retire by 60, so I made it by a couple of months. My wife retired from YSU this past Christmas. Six months later, she still loves me most of the time. We're celebrating our 40 year anniversary next month!

Go Tribe!

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posted by BRF

I have got to find one of those stores to visit. I think the closest one to me is in Cincinnati. 

Fairfield, just northwest of Cincinnati. I live about 5-8 minutes from it. Was just there yesterday for their Cigar Event.

Going to have a lot of different samples tonight. It's time for Jungle Jim's Beer Fest. The Wife and I are going both nights.

On Dec 18, 2021:

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Just checking in on this 'minor league' website.

Hello old friend.

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Here the site isnt doing very well and you need some influencers such as myself to drive business.

I hered that, too.

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Just checking in on this 'minor league' website.

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Frank Bonner 

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Meeting up tomorrow with some buddys from my Jungle Jim's Cigar Group. It's been over a year since some of us saw each other. Just going to have a few snacks and a few sticks like we used to. Oh and sip on some bourbon. 

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posted by justincredible

I remember going to my brother-in-law's HS graduation in 2004 at Miami University and there being about a trillion of these fuckers flying around.

Yea 2004 was when my daughter graduated High School. They were all over that day at her party. My year and a half old niece was playing with them like they were toys. No fear what so ever.

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Why can’t people just flipping guess?


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Expert in reheating pizza...The best way I've found is reheating it in a skillet on a stove, but I will eat it cold.

This checks out.

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Expert in reheating pizza...The best way I've found is reheating it in a skillet on a stove, but I will eat it cold.

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posted by ts1227

The first night here in general was memorable. This place was just a damn war room where those of us that found it coordinated the assault of porn and whatever else we could come up with on the JJ site.  It was coming at them so fast that some images buried in some threads weren’t discovered for at least a day.

Now I have 4 kids and post here about 3 times a year.  Life comes at you fast

Who could forget Tub Girl.

Matt in CTown and the Autistic chick.

COA is a ginger.

Darby with his degree...but you don't have a dregree.

Some asshole that said. The best way I've found is reheating it in a skillet on a stove, but I will eat it cold. (he was probably 'drunj')

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"The server isn't robust enough and the owner is an asshat."

One out of two ain't bad.

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Independence Day...such a stupid movie. Getting ready to turn the channel to an old black and white episode of Gunsmoke from the 60's. More 

Did watch A Few Good Men and The Green Mile the other night. Makes up for this Shit Show of a movie. 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

It was stupid, I agree.  But it's been played out.  Not to worry, he'll provide a new opportunity regularly.

It will always be funny 5% of the time

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You've spent 12 years acting like a troll on a message board with 25 people - most of whom automatically disregard what you say - and we're the victims?

Hey, if calling someone a fucking idiot (or some variation on that) roughly 300 times a year makes me a victim, I have no problem with that!

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I use a tri-fold. It's close to 20 years old, but not falling apart. I only keep a couple of things in it besides money. (If The Wife gives me money) I've been using a pouch on my phone for my ID and Cards.



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