On Jul 16, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "What wildlife do you get around your residence?" at 09:10 am

...been seeing more and more foxes lately but they seem small and skinny as hell.  They are alos loud at night....very loud.

On Jul 13, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "Oldest Item in your home" at 05:19 pm

I think the oldest item we have is probably a German prayer book from my wife's family.  There's a beautifully handwritten date on the inside page of 1890.  It's pretty fragile and the paper is yellowed and brittle.

Con_Alma replied to "% Net Income goes to rent/house payment" at 05:16 pm

We are fortunate in this regard.  No house payment.

We had a 15 mortage that we paid off around 9 years agao.

On Jun 29, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "How long have you been married?" at 06:56 pm

Dated for 4 years... married for 31.

On Jun 18, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "WWIII brewing?" at 05:53 pm

Here's some info on the Chinese/India clash.


Driving the news: They slung stones but not bullets. Many of the casualties — 20 Indian and an unknown number of Chinese — fell to their deaths. They were the first fatalities from combat between India and China in at least 45 years.

  • On one side: India's troops were patrolling an area of the Galwan Valley from which China had agreed to withdraw when they walked into a carefully orchestrated ambush, a senior Indian official claims to The Hindu newspaper.
  • On the other: China claims the Indian soldiers crossed the border and “provoked” its troops.

The history

  • China never accepted its colonial-era border with India, and those tensions turned to war in 1962. China prevailed, and the new status quo became the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
  • While there have been repeated clashes near the LAC since, both sides have agreed not to use guns to help avoid another war.
  • But competition between the Asian giants has been increasing as China flexes its muscles in the region, including with its Belt and Road initiative, and as India moves closer to the U.S.

Con_Alma replied to "WWIII brewing?" at 05:09 pm

There's also some new tensions on the Korean peninsula with all communications cut off between the North and South, the North blowing up the liason building and initiating  troop build up at the DMZ.

Con_Alma replied to "WWIII brewing?" at 04:39 pm

That battle was crazy.  Some of the weapons used were medieval .....hand held wood clubs with exposed nails throughout.

...even so many of the casualties that occurred were from people falling to their death. If you look at the remote ledge the battle took place on it was ridiculous!

On Apr 9, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 11:38 am


Here's another example whereby the California Gov is planning on giving illegals aid.

Other localities, such as Chicago, have introduced similar measures. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued an executive order Tuesday to ensure that illegal immigrants and refugees in the city are able to access the city’s coronavirus relief benefits.

On Apr 5, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "2020 Dead Pool" at 07:51 am
posted by queencitybuckeye

Tom Dempsey, 73. Saints kicker who made the longest field goal in NFL history at the time of 63 yards in 1970 (previous record was 56 yards). Was tied a few times but stood as the record until 2013.

I think he had a 1/2 foot.  I also think it was is kicking foot.  If I remember correctly it was a birth defect that also impacted one of his hands.

On Mar 26, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "Coronavirus" at 05:52 am


On Mar 25, 2020:

Con_Alma replied to "Filing Unemployment" at 02:17 pm

...and then there's this...

UPDATE: GOP Senators Graham, T. Scott, R. Scott & Sasse will hold a news conf at 2pm ET abt COVID bill, warning they may block it due to concerns abt "a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work."

Con_Alma replied to "Filing Unemployment" at 02:13 pm

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) said Wednesday that the House's vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus package reached by Senate leaders could possibly be pushed to Friday.

"Our goal is to get our caucus all of the information that they need and to get to unanimous consent or voice vote by tomorrow, certainly by Friday," Clark, the vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus, told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

"We are balancing the urgency which we must get this relief to the American people and our responsibility, with a multiple trillion dollar package, to the taxpayers – and to making sure that this funding is targeted at those that need it the most," she said.

Con_Alma replied to "Filing Unemployment" at 01:58 pm
posted by Laley23

Hoping to hear back by Friday, if not, Monday. Of course, the government finally passed the bill and furloughed employees get UI benefits plus a one time $600 payment. IL didn’t have a furlough option, so went with closest thing — laid off. Hoping I don’t have to jump through hoops to acquire the $600. 

I thought only the Senate approved the Bill.  ????  I don't think Congress has even voted on it yet and won't until tomorrow.  Did I miss something?

Con_Alma replied to "What are you reading?" at 01:29 pm

Neptune's Inferno


It's a miracle tat we actually won WWII

On Dec 13, 2019:

Con_Alma replied to "Whisky thread" at 10:44 am

Had some Glenmorangie Original for the first time.  Not bad.  Simple. A little sweeter than I prefer but not so much that I would turn it down if offered it. 

On Dec 12, 2019:

Con_Alma replied to "Random Travel Thread" at 04:54 pm

Leaving for Philly tomorrow morning.  It's Army vs. Navy weekend.

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posted by Con_Alma

Love Chevy.  I could watch Fletch, Fletch Lives and Funny Farm again and still laugh at him.

"Hey Mack, can you tell me how to get to Redbud?"

Con_Alma replied to "Chevy Chase" at 04:16 pm

Love Chevy.  I could watch Fletch, Fletch Lives and Funny Farm again and still laugh at him.

On Jul 5, 2019:

Con_Alma replied to "Local government volume map" at 08:36 am
posted by ptown_trojans_1

I blame the Northwest Ordinance.

I noticed when I moved out to Maryland, how few townships and random inc. towns there were in comparison to Ohio. That maps shows that difference clearly. 

Just returned from Maryland.  Heard a news story that resonated with me.  Worst drivers in the country were listed as being from Baltimore. ...second worse was Washington D.C drivers..  What's up with the drivers around there now a days????

Dated my now wife for 4 years and have been married 30 years last May.


The key in my opinion is to choose wisely.



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