On Apr 5, 2021:

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posted by Ironman92

Castellanos suspended 2 game. Holy Shit.

He’s appealing.

On Mar 31, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

Lots of great Tex Mex and BBQ. Love a Rudy's chorizo breakfast taco. Have only visited a couple of times, but the Dallas area is huge and their highways are fast. My buddy lived in Frisco area for a few years. 

Pluckers has some damn good wings. Love that place!

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I was just there two weeks ago. It's not bad in the area. If you like tacos, there is a taqueria every 38 feet (I think it's state mandated). 

On Mar 26, 2021:

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posted by justincredible

I remember when twitter and facebook were removing Trump and other conservatives, apple and google and amazon deplatforming Parler and gab, etc, it was "pRiVaTe BuSiNeSs" so everything was cool. I assume this is different, because reasons.

People specifically target him, just so they can sue. 

On Mar 24, 2021:

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A couple questions for today:

- What Cleveland native brought “The Dawg Pound” to his early 1990’s late night TV show?

- Brad Daugherty wore uniform number 43 as a tribute to whom?

Didn't Arsenio Hall call a section of his audience the Dog Pound?

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I saw a guy running outside this morning with a mask on. That will never make sense to me.

I saw a guy a couple weeks ago riding a Vespa down the street (by himself). It was raining and he had on a mask, but no helmet. 

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George Segal

Known for many things, but most recently Pops from the Goldbergs. 

On Mar 23, 2021:

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posted by TedSheckler

Oh yea.  I reverse sear all the time.  I reverse sear my sous vide steaks either on a grill or cast iron skillet

Skillet? Isn't that where you're supposed to reheat pizza?

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Speaking of Stapleton, I've been going back and forth between his latest album and some Tribe Called Quest.  Cold has been stuck in my head most of the weekend. 

Cold is a monster of a song. You can hear literal pain in his voice.

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I got a shit ton of pollen. Does that count?

On Mar 5, 2021:

posted by thavoice

Why do you think that is this case? Age?  Your love of Seaman (ha ha)?

Most I believe would want to hire a vet, however I did get discriminated against as a Reservist.  Had them tell me straight up they would not have hired me if they knew I would need all the time off, even though it is the law.   

Because I spent 21 years working on nuclear weapons on submarines, and companies could not see that I possessed the skills to do the job. Finally, one did. 

On Mar 4, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

The Ports are hot right now. Savannah, Charleston, and Jax are all racing to deepen the harbors to get the huge new boats that can now get through the Panama Canal.  And a ton of new jobs come with it. 

When I drove through Jax a few years ago I was shocked by how big it is. 

It's also the biggest city in the lower 48 (area wise). About 750 square miles.

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We're visiting Florida multiple times this year, largely due to their handling of the pandemic. We're about 50/50 on actually moving there, as well.

You may laugh, but the hottest area to move to right now is the Jacksonville area. Duval and surrounding counties are blowing up. There will be a shit ton of job opportunities coming. That's and odd statement to make for the states largest city and one of the most populated cities in the country, but people tend to forget about Jacksonville. 

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Florida has no  statewide mask mandate, but some locales require them. I don't recall being inundated with these videos out of Florida, but I could have missed them.

I live in Florida, and most of the population is happy about how the Governor has handled the pandemic. The only ones that are screaming about him are those that want political gain. 

When I started at my current company three years ago, I took a very low salary (and lower position) to get my foot in the door. After retiring from the Navy, companies did not want to give me a chance in my new chosen field (HR). In the three years since being hired, I have been promoted to Director and my salary has more than doubled (and next year's raise has already been negotiated). It was a risk I took because I believed in myself. The risk paid off. 

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I get three weeks vacation a year. However, I am the HR Director for the company, so I'm the one that tracks vacation...

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A blast from the past! Welcome back.


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How many have you pooped in? That should be the metric.

Off the top of my head, at least half. 

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I have set foot in every US state. 



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