On Jan 26, 2022:

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Can I get a vaccine that prevents CRT talk in a Covid-19 thread?

On Jan 20, 2022:

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posted by gut

 HR is the worst.  I've met very few who were competent at their job. 

Thanks. I appreciate the positive vibes. 

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After two years fo this, I finally tested positive. I feel perfectly fine minus a sense of smell.

On Jan 17, 2022:

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posted by Fletch

  Nobody is going to be excited about $35,000 a year starting out in a job where you literally cant go take a crap if you want without having someone cover you.  

I made considerably less than that when I joined the Navy in 1996, and I had to have someone cover for me when I needed to take a crap. I was excited to join in 1996 and was also excited to still serve in 2017 (where I still needed someone to cover for me when I needed to take a crap). 
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Been playing for 3 days. Like it so far

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posted by BR1986FB

WWE Hall of Famer "Mean" Gene Okerlund 76

He's been dead for 3 years.

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posted by justincredible

We're trying to decide on a vacation destination for March. I'd love to go to El Salvador, but not sure I want to deal with flying right now. We're looking at the St George Island, FL area right now.

I can't recommend Amelia Island, FL enough. You should take a look. 

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posted by Ironman92

Now for trivia….what team did they beat and who was the QB of the team they defeated that day?

Pretty sure it was the Oilers

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posted by friendfromlowry

Always a good day to watch Alabama lose 

Typically I would agree with you. In this case, it would have been better if Alabama had won (at least for me). If Alabama had won, their fans would act the same as they had the past 10 years. On the other hand, Georgia fans will now never shut the fuck up about this game. I live in the south, and Georgia fans are the worst. Despite not winning a natty in 40 years (until last night), they act as if UGA has always been elite. They are like redneck Michigan fans. Last night's game will fuel their egos for the next 60 years. 

On Jan 10, 2022:

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Picked up both a Travis Matthew and Black Clover hat yesterday. 

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posted by Ironman92

No clue he was still alive

Same. I assumed he had been dead for at least 15 years.

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posted by jmog

Now you are just lying.

I am no fan of Trump but he instituted “Warp Speed” to get the vaccine out asap. He promised to have the vaccine out before the end of the year and it was. He NEVER said anything negative about getting the vaccine.

Only Biden and Harris denigrated the vaccine when it was first coming out because they were campaigning against Trump who was working to get it out.

They only changed their tune once they won the election.

God that’s such a stupid take that ignores what actually happened.

Are you drunk or did you just pay zero attention for months surrounding the last POTUS election and the vaccine coming out?

I am also not a Trump fan, and this is 100% accurate.

On Jan 5, 2022:

posted by justincredible

Are you familiar with the Stargunn and Fenixon albums from Shooter? I also have a new purple splatter copy of The Other Life but it wasn't on discogs yet. I'll probably add it tonight.

Red Headed Stranger is definitely on the list. I also just saw a copy of Songs in the Key of Life at the record shop on Monday but didn't think to take a look at it. If it's still there when I go back on the 8th (Megadeth live album release) I might pick it up.

I know Fenixon, but Stargunn albums are before I got into Shooter. Never even heard songs from the band. 

I got my daughter a press of K.I.D.S. from Mac Miller that isn't available in the US. The variant was a clear yellow copy that was only made in the Netherlands. She was super pumped. 

Nice list, I'm happy you have quite the collection of Shooter Jennings. 

My wife got me an early press of Red Headed Stranger and Bat out of Hell for Christmas. I would recommend both for your collection. I would also suggest Songs in the Key of Life. 

Edit: I see Red Headed Stranger is on your want list. 

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posted by gut

So heard "Biden forgot what year it was", and I rolled my eyes because who hasn't forgotten it's no longer 20XX it's 20XX+1?

Except he thought it was 2020!!!  Can't say I've ever made that mistake.

He thought it was 2020 2020, too.

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Quick glance at her profile, she looks to be genuine.

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I spent hours scouring twitter to find this braindead take, btw.

This one is worse

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