On Jul 15, 2020:

Belly35 replied to "What wildlife do you get around your residence?" at 03:47 pm

Ducks, coyotes, deer, squirrels, skunks, possum, raccoons, sometimes wild turkey, groundhogs, frogs, red tail hawk, owls once a Great Northern, all kinds of birds, Tit Mouse, Redhead Wood Peckers, Doves, Yellow and Red Finches, Cow Birds, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mice, Moles, Snake (kills the moles),  

Belly35 replied to "Oldest Item in your home" at 03:39 pm

We still use in our back closed in window porch room an oak round kitchen table my wife great-grandma gave her mom, over 100 years old.  In the summer we eat out in this room every morning and many time have dinner out there also.

On Jul 8, 2020:

Belly35 replied to "What did you want to be when you grew up?" at 01:38 pm

As a young boy I wanted to be a soldier (that dream did come true for a short time).

In High School I studied drafting, was very good at it and won several awards. During the summer I work for a short time with a manufacturing company doing drafting design. I wanted to become a designer / architect. My career/ education took many different paths before and during my military. A career with Red Adair Oil Well Fire was a vision of mine, in college at one aspect it was suggested I move into sport medicine (anatomy was simple for me to learn) however I when into education. I end up teaching for a few years and then moved into doing architectural reprographics restoration, and later designing heavy equipment instrumentation.

On Jun 17, 2020:

Belly35 replied to "Name A Old Ass Word (or phrase)" at 03:56 pm


8 Track

curb feelers

steering nob


dip shit

muff dive

banana seat



On Jun 10, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Moving Forward America" at 10:47 am

The ongoing eradication of symbolic racial historical artifacts (confederate flag, statues, and monuments) that portrays the history of America as a racist country and slavery, that may stir emotional repression and racism within the Black community be removed because it has a racist connotation. If this is the will of the Black community to the elimination potential racist symbolic of the past than is it racist to present the same symbolic Black Lives Matter to the White, Asian and Hispanic Community? With this be the marching banner of the Black Community, like the Confederate flag to the South. Will the respected Leaders of the Black movement be represented with monuments, with this not stir the same emotional frustration of American racism within the other Ethic communities?  Be careful what you wish for. My feeling is, that this moment in time will set the progress of the eliminations of racism on both sides, this is a perfect and wonderful opportunity for America. However, if America leaders, communities, and citizens start this endeavor of change with symbolic Black Lives Matter / African American connotation / Rioting Frustration we are just repeating the wrong history. All parties must now enter this monumental process, not as Black or White or Political Identities but as non-bias Leadership, supportive communities and faith base joining of people to discover the root of the issue, be honest and truth of the facts, alter policy, education, government and identify the social wrong and provide a solution for the future of Equality America.

On Jun 5, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 06-05-2020" at 01:51 pm

Have you gone out for dinner yet?  Where?  inside or outside dining

On Jun 3, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 06-03-2020" at 01:27 pm

Is it time that those owners, entrepreneurs, and private citizen protecting their neighborhood from those looting, burning, and destroying what took years to establish as respectable communities take up arms to defend what is theirs. 

Would looting stop when the shooting starts?

On Jun 2, 2020:

Belly35 replied to "Belly's daily question? 06-01-2020" at 11:00 am
posted by Automatik


Black cop with his knee on a white guy ...... is there a different public reaction

On Jun 1, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 06-01-2020" at 03:54 pm

Would this situation (Floyd) have played out differently if the police where Black? 

On May 31, 2020:

Belly35 replied to "Belly's dailey question? 05-29-2020" at 08:51 am

This looting and burning need to stop if 10 years is harsh, so is the years of building a business and having innocent livelihoods destroyed.

10 years end of topic ... loot and burn there is a price 10 years, deal with it, or stop doing it.  Note: $1000.00 reward for the turning in and conviction easy way to make money than doing wrong. 

This is acts of violence and criminal behavior those doing the looting and burning could care less about the victim of a senseless act of police and the death of Floyd. What they have done is take away from the main issue and explored the perception of the wrong image of individuals. This does nothing but hurts Black communities and community development and that in its self is a crime. Black on Black crime of a different level.

On May 29, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's dailey question? 05-29-2020" at 03:30 pm

Should there be a standard minimum of 10 years prison term without parole or legal negotiation for looting, rioting individuals who are caught and or identified in the act of stealing, destruction of property?  

Belly35 replied to "Surgeries" at 09:48 am


Stab wound

Shrapnel Facial Wound 

Colon Cancer 

All when as best as could be expected ... 



On May 28, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-28-2020" at 12:06 pm

In my business, I deal with an extreme array of individuals from Corporation Executives to Mechanic Shop owner, trucker, heavy equipment operator, and shop mechanics. The conversation can be professional or crude and everywhere in between. Recently I have enjoyed the communication for those in the shops, great people, wonderful humor and at times I am amazed. I hear words in conversation that to be truthful have not heard in years.  Word example: Pecker, Nob, Tweak, just to mention a few. I will let your mind wander how those words got dropped into the conversation.


Question for the day: What words have you heard lately that you have not never heard or used in a long time?

Belly35 replied to "Belly's daily question? 05-27-2020" at 11:19 am
posted by Zunardo

Yes, but please make it truly "daily".  Right now it seems like "question of the every other day".

I do not do weekend question Saturday and Sunday, I missed a day or two because of medical reason. 

This will be as daily as it gets ... it is free mofo.. 

On May 27, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-27-2020" at 10:43 am

Should Belly35 continue with his daily question post? your opinion is appreciated    

On May 22, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-22-2020" at 11:25 am

What aspect of home repair you don't do or will not attempt?

I don't do electrical, will change a light bulb but that is it...

Plumbing, Painting, Wallpapering, Gardening, Roofing, Spouting, Carpentry I'm all good and I can do.   

On May 21, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-21-2020" at 01:33 pm

Have you contacted a long lost friend or relative during this quarantine? (who and why)

On May 20, 2020:

Miller High Life   

Genesee Cream Ale 

Amstel Bock


Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-20-2020" at 09:18 am

Two questions today.

What relative would you have not wanted to be quarantined with?

What relative would you have enjoyed being quarantined with?

You can explain the reasons if you would like, those of you from WV no cousins, please.



On May 19, 2020:

Belly35 created thread "Belly's daily question? 05-19-2020" at 09:19 am

Should Federal Disaster Relief Fund be used to support illegals living in America?





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