On Jan 15, 2021:

jmog replied to "Censorship and Big Tech" at 08:50 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

I finally took the time to look up the tweet's that Twitter states are the reason it perm-banned Trump. I personally don't see what it is about the two tweets that they use as a reason, but perhaps some of the contrarians here can do the mental gymnastics it requires for the greater understanding.

They list their reasoning on the page, but ... I find it ... laughable.

Their explanation would get a 10 out of 10 in the mental gymnastics olympic games.

posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Pulled into a gas station today that didn't have one of those clips on the nozzle that allow you to let it pump by itself.  A real pain in the ass. Thanks a lot Biden. 

I like it. 

For 8 years, anything that was wrong, according to the right, was Obama's fault.

For 4 years, everything was Trump's fault according to the left.

So we might as well make everything Biden's fault again.

On Jan 14, 2021:

jmog replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 05:13 pm
posted by Fab4Runner

Perhaps there should be consequences for lying about a free and fair election for two months, and then inciting a violent insurrection. 

I agree, but what consequences did the democrats and media face for lying about a free and fair election of 2016 for 3.5 years and inciting violence over it?

Just curious if you had the same belief when they did it for the last 4 years?

On Jan 12, 2021:

jmog replied to "Censorship and Big Tech" at 03:38 pm
posted by geeblock

That’s because it never happened lol 

That's bull shit and anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows it. 

jmog replied to "Protests, Riots, Police trashiness cont." at 09:12 am
posted by iclfan2

What a complete douche bag.

I have paid zero attention to the “it was antifa infiltrators that stored the capitol...” conspiracy...

However, who is more likely to only eat “organic”, a Trumpster idiot or an antifa idiot...I would go with antifa idiot.

Not hard science, just interesting...

On Jan 11, 2021:

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 08:07 am
posted by geeblock

Lol violent blacks. I condemn blm violence a ton. Pay attention. There were over 1000 protests mostly peaceful. Maybe the protests turned violent because the police were weaponeized against its own citizens instead of showing the same restraint they showed people trying to subvert democ

Your second half of this post proves you are biased and not living in reality.

On Jan 8, 2021:

posted by Spock

I am right about 90% of the I will go with that

With your propensity of being wrong with percentages, are you sure that isn’t 0.9% that you are right?

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:46 am
posted by Spock

Truth right here.  Your retirement, your job (employers got money in there also) are tied to this.  I have made good money in the stock market in the past 4 years under Trump.  I have investments that have doubled in 3 years (arent supposed to double that fast, more like 7 years).  

If things kept going, I could look at early retirement.  Not now

People like Friend will soon start to change their tune when they see DC getting too deep into their pocket books.

Completely different argument than your post that I replied to. Why would you completely change your argument from "the stock market doesn't help people below the top 10% and/or it doesn't reflect the economy", which are both false statements, to "well the person who happens to be President can't affect the stock market much".

On Jan 7, 2021:

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 03:00 pm
posted by geeblock

 the bottom 90 percent of the people who own stocks own probably 7 percent of the stock market.  the top 1 percent own over 50-60 percent of the stock market. ( rough estimate i havent looked at this in years) so lets stop acting like the stock market is the economy.  you arent getting rich or poor off of the stock market as a teacher im sure.  I predict the stock market will be better with more stability at the top. 

You do realize that most people’s retirements are in the stock market right? 

I mean I haven’t touched my 401k in years and 20 years from now it will have a couple million in it and I am not part of the top 10%.

If the market takes a big hit it would be a huge drop in my retirement savings.

I promise you, almost everyone who has their retirement plans in 401ks, IRAs, etc really do care about the stock market and care about it a lot. Some look at it daily, some weekly, and almost everyone I know that has these types of retirement plans talks about the market all the time.

To say it doesn’t matter to the bottom 90% is quite frankly either ignorant (as in uninformed) or asinine.

Do you not know many people at work or friends who are using these retirement methods? Most people I know that do absolutely pay attention and rely on the market.

Only those that are solely relying on social security really do not.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:35 am
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Yes, the national leadership of BLM is a problem.

Their conceptual message is appealing and a large portion of the country agree with it, black lives do matter. Their tactics and how they are rolling it out is the problem, like the whole defund the police language. 

There is a difference between the idea, which is a lot of people agree, and the organization. You seem to be lumping in everyone that even agrees with the concept with violence, which as I said, is lazy. 

Once could say the Blue Lives Matter is about the it has been corrupted by the crazy right. 

See, now you are putting words in my mouth that I didn't say. I am not lumping everyone that believes that black lives do matter with violent protests. I have said myself in the past that I agree with the concept, but vehemently disagree with the organization.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:05 am
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Nope. You just misconstrue what I stated. Antifa, the violent part of BLM and these idiots are one in the same. I focus on the violent actors in each group. 

So in this post you say the violent part of BLM. In the following post you say that the leaders of BLM incite hate and violence. So doesn't that mean that the organization is the problem? If the leaders are the ones inciting the hate and violence, then doesn't that make the BLM organization the problem and not just the "violent part of it".

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:35 am
posted by queencitybuckeye

Both are terrible and should be met with all of the force the authorities can muster.

agreed 100%, ptown and Devil’s don’t seem to agree..

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:28 am
posted by Rotinaj

The fuck it doesn’t work. Just because I don’t agree with the riots that came from some of the BLM protests doesnt mean I can’t at least see where the anger is coming from. The anger from these morons in DC is coming from straight stupidity. If you think these 2 things are exactly the same then I don’t know what else to tell ya man. 

All it shows is that you’re admitting which side you are biased on. Just like Spock and QO does on a daily basis. 

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:26 am
posted by Devils Advocate

And that would make you more retarded than they are ( assuming that’s possible) if you think that setting a couple of trash cans on fire or breaking some windows is comparable to an insurgent overtaking of the the capitol .

If you believe the riots were just a few trash cans or windows then you should really stop posting as you make Spock look smart.

On Jan 6, 2021:

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 05:54 pm
posted by like_that

I guess the GOP is going to go back to pretending they care about our debt after a 4 year break. 


jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:49 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

It is more the violence and breaking shit then yeah. I just think you are being lazy in lumping BLM and antifa together. 

I didn’t link the organizations together. I linked the protests. I am also right.

If you don’t think the BLM and antifa protests/riots over the summer were linked then you were not paying attention at all.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:36 pm
posted by Rotinaj

I mean, I don’t support riots from either. The thing is, one group was protesting racial injustice from police officers and these guys are literally the dumbest of the dumb this country has to offer. Just seeing pictures of the people there makes me laugh. A bunch of fucking neck beards and wannabe tough guys. Pathetic. 

The “I don’t support violence but one sides violence is justified and the other is stupid” argument...

That doesn’t work. Be better.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:34 pm
posted by Devils Advocate

Let’s see....... The streets of Seattle or the Capital Building of the country.....

Seems like a valid comparison if are willing to accept some statistical anomalies of plus or minus 3 million  fucking percent

I guess call me a fuckin hypocrite 

Your post just proved my point, yes you are a hypocrite, lumping yourself in with QO and Spock just the other side of the aisle.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:33 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Agreed, but all BLM protests were not violent. Lumping them with antifa is lazy and inaccurate. It is more if you cheer for violence or destruction by one or the other.


Refer to my final statement. If you are making excuses/supporting then you are a hypocrite.

Same could be said for today “not all of them are breaking into the capitol, most are just peacefully protesting”.

You wouldn’t buy that argument for today being “ok”.

So once again you just prove your left wing bias. If the BLM/antifa crap didn’t bother you as bad or worse than this (as so far no one has been killed or buildings burned down) then you are a hypocrite, period.

jmog replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 05:09 pm

Did you support or condem the protests and riots of antifa/BLM? now do you support or condem what's going on in Capitol hill? If your answer changed, then you are a hypocrite.



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