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He sounds just as conservative as you are a moderate.

I was thinking the same thing and was about to post it.

I am sure he’s conservative compared to Bernie Sanders.

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I just realized I haven't watched the final season of The 100 yet. Thanks for the reminder.

Me neither, its on my list as well.

I am in the same boat for The Flash, haven't watched the newest season.

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Forget if you watched DARK or not?

I couldn't get into it when it was all subtitles. I have it on my list now that I heard it has been dubbed into English. 

But I haven't watched it yet.

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Same with Loki. I think it is one of the best things Marvel has put out actually. 

Also watching Kevin can f*** himself. It is a cool concept. Sometimes it works, other times it feels too on the nose. 

I finished up Top Chef and Hacks last week. Hacks is really good and a quick watch. Also watched Sweet Tooth over the last month. It starts well, and then just is fine. 

I agree about Loki. It was definitely their best Disney+ series by far, but was actually better than most of the movies as well. If Loki was a movie it would have been top 5 of all the Marvel movies for sure. 

Just a good plot, good acting, directing, etc. I liked Wandavision as well, but it wasn't as "good". The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was bland and boring, and that's sad because they are two of my favorite "regular human" characters in the MCU. 

Quite frankly, if you are a Marvel fan, and haven't watched Loki yet, you are missing out. It was top notch.

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Just finished Farscape.  First two seasons are rough on cinematography and effects, but it definitely scratched that Stargate itch (and not just because the two leads later joined SG1 in its last few seasons).

Continuing on my Syfy kick.  Might do Firefly because it's only one season, and then probably BSG.

I am a huge Sci Fi fan. I love Stargate (watched all 3 movies, all 3 series multiple times), Star Trek, etc...anything scifi. 

I liked Firefly, only one season but the followup movie closed some plot wholes left by the sudden cancelation. 

I loved Tera Nova, The 100, 12 Monkeys, the new Lost in Space, Travelers, Next, Another Life (rather good), etc. If its scifi and doesn't suck, I really like it. 

Huge fan of Dark Matter, another great scifi show that was cut too short.

I just can NOT get into Farscape, I stopped mid season 2 and it just seems like muppets in space. 

I will have to watch Expanse now that a few are recommending it.

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Yes, and that is them being dumb as shit. 

Vaccination hesitation is such a new thing and makes zero sense. 

No one complained about the polio, smallpox, or any other vaccination until very recently. 

First, compairing polio, smallpox, etc to this vaccine may indicate you don't understand the difference between every other vaccine we have ever created vs the COVID vaccine?

Manipulating your mRNA to do something it doesn't "naturally" do is WAY different than injecting a dead virus so your natural immune system can create antibodies.

I am not even saying those against the vaccine are scientifically correct, I am just saying that comparing this to smallpox, polio, etc is either intellectually dishonest or intellectually lazy, you choose. 

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People that either cannot get off work, cannot find a location, or have access to them. 

We had people on the job site that said numerous times they could not make it to a place to get the first or the second shot during the hours offered for some clinics and facilities. 

I do think if you look at the unvaccinated rates in rural and urban areas, there is a lack of access. 

At least that is my looking at the data and stories the past few weeks. 

I also think not having a single shot one and done anymore has severely hurt the rates.  

Please, you can walk into any Walmart in America and be out in 20 minutes with the shot. Its not about access anymore, 95% of the people who aren't vaccinated at this point in the USA have chosen not to be.

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I had to wear masks on an airplane recently and it sucked. I did, however, not wear one the entire time in the airport and no one said a thing other than the guy checking my ID and boarding pass before security. He just asked if I had one and offered me one if I didn't.

I have flown multiple times this year for work. You are required to wear one at all times while on the plane, they are STRICT about even while eating/drinking (take a sip, mask up, take another sip, mask up, etc).

However, the airports themselves are rather lax on keeping the masks on. I walked all around CAK and CLT with it off only putting it on when I was in line to get on the plane.

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my son and i went and watched black widow in a theater. movie was good 8/10 but i was shocked at how dead the theater was. like i was expecting less folks, but there was literally no one besides us in the theater.

My theater was packed, and it was a rather large one as well, close to 300 ppl in it.

I would also give BW an 8/10, maybe 7.5 at the lowest  

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Is the Democratic Party still the same as it’s founders intended or  do  things views and ideals change? I don’t think anyone cares that they are/were marxists except people who don’t believe in the movement either way. That is my overall point. 

Lol you never give an opinion about anything, you just like to argue with anything I say lol why would I give an opinion when no one else did? When u do give an opinion it’s always to one extreme or the other and usually has nothing to do with the original topic. Like this conversation. 

1. The DNC is well over 100 years old. BLM is like 5 years old. Of course the DNC has evolved over 100 years but acting like BLM has over 5 is either once again being lazy or just being ignorant, you choose.

2. That’s comical that I don’t ever give an opinion. Such another lazy ignorant statement.  My opinions are all over this board. Good Lord you are really acting ignorant.

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we have had this convo 20 times and i have said that i dont agree with the original founders and many of their ideas.  I also freely admit i know nothing about cuba.  Im calling you fragile not because of anything you say to me, but the fact that every week the right has something new to be scared of or outraged about.  tagging me in a post about BLM organization is just dumb like i said.  Especially when two pages later no one else has given their opinion on it so i even know what you are talking about.

  I have never not once said one word supporting the organization.  It is a large global loosely organized organization that def has some radical members.  Just like the republican party has radical members, I'm going to assume all republicans  don't have to answer for some of their extreme members.  I still fully support the BLM movement 1000 percent.  

Ok, you keep attacking the person rather than the argument.

Calling people fragile for asking for your response/input is an extremely lazy argument. I mean you refused to spend 30 seconds googling “BLM statement on Cuba” and required a “link”.  Combine those two things and your whole set of comments on the matter is 100% pure laziness. 

It took you longer to ask for a link on ohiochatter than it would have to find the statement yourself on google. 

I know I am also attacking the person here rather than the argument, I am very self aware of that. However, when you offered no argument yourself and just attacked the person this is the normal response.

And about a “few” BLM being radicals and you shouldn’t have to answer for them just like how those on the OC don’t have to answer for the radicals in the Republican Party…

Apples to oranges my lazy friend, the radicals in the BLM movement are the FOUNDERS AND LEADERS of the movement.

If the Grand Wizard of the KKK suddenly was the leading candidate for the Republican ticket for POTUS then it would be a valid comparison.

Until then it’s just you being lazy once again. 

You are a smart man, start acting like it.

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Like I have said many times before..i view the BLM organization and the movement as two separate entities.  They do seem to be extreme left, i couldnt write 3 paragraphs about marxism if i had to as i assume most people couldnt do it without google. Usually when i hear people saying marxism, they are just trying bash the BLM movement in general and that makes it easy and lazy.

 I dont have to come out and defend them or feel the need to be tagged in posts about them, feel free to bash them amongst each other.  I havent made one post about the BLM organization.  I did spend a few minutes this AM on their website and dont see anything about marxism.

As far as the statement goes, i dont know much about cuba or the embargo or really didnt get what they said that was so terrible or some gotcha moment.  Seems like they were more critical of the US than the cuban government?  is the that take away i was supposed to get?

that being said, I get that this is probably the hardest time in history to be white, but you guys are becoming very fragile.  I would hate to  see what would happen if you had to face actual real discrimination.  You would think you would have more empathy for those people who actually do, given your reaction when you experience the slightest criticism.

So much bull shit no idea where to start.

Just admit you don’t know what you are talking about before proving it with multiple paragraphs.

The leaders of BLM have actually stated they are Marxists. That isn’t a label other people are putting on them.

Calling us “fragile” because we call out your bullshit is just lazy and you know it.

If you read the statement they are saying that all of Cuba’s problems are because of the US, not because of their Communist dictatorship of a government.

They don’t even know, and apparently you don’t either, that the embargo does not include food and medical supplies which means that Cuba is getting those things yet their dictators are not getting it to their people.

I understand, as a black man, you don’t feel like you can criticize BLM, but good Lord this one is a softball/layup. Even VERY liberal news organizations are calling BLM out for such a stupid and ignorant take on the Cuba protests.

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jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:06 pm

And you still didn’t answer the question about the BLM statement on Cuba. 

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He just said he supports neither , but you have said several times you do understand which I respect. I have golfed 77 holes last 5 days and I’m teaching summer school and my parents are in town and my brother just had a baby so I have been out of the loop , but also I don’t have to defend the blm organization anymore than I would expect you guys to have to defend quanon or kkk. We have had this convo many times about the difference between the movement and the organization. Saying “Marxism “ lol is just making him look like the clown, not me 

Difference, you support BLM so answering questions about the fact that they are unabashed Marxists (I used that term because their founders claim it, not because I labeled them it myself)  

No one here supports the KKK or QA (well maybe QO idk) so your just presenting a false equivalency by saying we wouldn’t be asked to answer questions about them.

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We’ve had the convo about blm organization and the movement 20 times. You don’t support either one. We get it. 

I think you are wrong.

Most on here support the idea and movement that Black Lives Matter.

But anyone with a brain knows the actual organization is a Marxist/communist organization and wouldn’t support it Unless they are communists themselves.

Google that hard for you?

Google “BLM statement on Cuba” and above are the first couple things that come up, but here is their official Instagram page where you can find it

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I don’t listen to oan.. post a link I have no idea what u are talking about why do u have to ask me about it .. are the other 20 right wingers on this site not enough? Ask them. U ignore plenty of stuff on the other side but show up here everyday to bash black people. like ok I really don’t care ask jmog what he thinks, why ask me? You guys have literally ran off any poster who isn’t a right winger. No wonder this site can’t get past 50 members.

It was on BLM’s official Twitter and announcement not OAN, don’t be a moron.

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I have no idea what you are even talking about.. 

You didn’t see BLM’s statement on the Cuba protests?

I doubt that.

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Who hurt you?

Notice you avoided the topic again and went straight at the poster, which he somewhat did as well.

Care to explain BLM attacking the country they reside in again and sticking up for the communist dictatorship that is Cuba?

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The Tomorrow War - 7/10

It was entertaining but some of the plot holes were pretty bad. The overall story was very good.

I was getting into it and about 75% through the movie would have given it an 8/10.

The last act really ruined it, 5.5/10 overall  



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