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Sure, but the NYT story is the classic story, and the Post story is swirled in shady shit. That is probably why they still have it locked. But as I said, I am not a fan of that policy. 

You can’t be serious.  One is classic journalism and one is shady shit?

At least try to not show your bias.

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The NYT story is the classic reporter story that we have seen from the NYT and others throughout their history. That is how I see it, and the NYP story was at the time deemed to have been obtained from hacked material, which is why twitter took it down at the time. 

That said, I wasn't a fan of twitter taking it down as I do think they should not be really in the business of judging that. I do also buy into the fact that the rules of banning is tilted in one direction over the other. 

Again, as to the story, it is all shorts of fishy with political appointees like the DNI making statements without any context. It is at this time, I wouldn't mind an official FBI statement on what they are or not doing. 

The fact that you are defending twitter for not applying their rules evenly is telling.

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Yes, as in the historical means that reporters have been getting information since newspapers and the press were invented.  

Edit: I caught myself. It does include his personal taxes before 2018 and 2019. It is a mix of business and personal before then. 

Again, unless it was from Trump himself they got it illegally so still against Twitter’s rules.

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Did the NYT get the info on his taxes from hacking or the normal, traditional sources that reporters use? It is the second and that is the difference. Come on, you know better. 

Come and I both know unless Donald Trump himself gave them his returns then they got them illegally.

Don’t play semantics ptown, you are smarter than that.

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That wasn't the reason, dingus. He was more or less banned before that. Which is why he called me a c*nt.

The post above was obviously a joke "dingus". 

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He called me a c*nt.

So SnL calls everyone else every name under the book, no harm no foul.

Then the libertarian owner of the site gets called a bad name and goes all authoritarian on him and bans him? 

Isn't It Ironic GIFs | Tenor

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posted by kizer permanente

Ecot was a scam so that’s not a great example. When schools went virtual last semester it was literally overnight. There was no plan, it was pure reaction. It was terrible but that was to be expected given the circumstances. There’s no comparison between this past spring and this fall semester. The delivery is 100% different. Parents had to become the teacher in spring. You have a teacher delivering the education this fall. 

You ignore the premise of the post, that online doesn't work as well as in class for K-12 age stuends, to point out that one of the online systems went bankrupt. That doesn't help your argument. That the largest online K-12 in ECOT school in the nation went belly up...

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People like this is why Trump got elected in 2016 and has a good shot at getting re-elected.

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posted by Spock

Over 15,000 kids in the LA school district didnt even log onto their online learning in March, April and May.  Let that sink in on how effective online learning is.

My cousin teaches for Akron Public Schools. She teaches JH math and science.

She said 30+% of her students didn’t log in at all in the Spring. And she wasn’t allowed, by rule of the school district, to give them any grade lower in the 4th period than they got in the 3rd. 

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posted by kizer permanente

It literally just started a couple months ago and you’re telling me they have studies on it.

So are you full of shit all the time or just when you feel the need to be right? 

So you really believe that no one did online schooling before March? 

Have you seriously never heard of any of the online “homeschooling” schools like K-12, ECOT, etc?

Kids have done online schooling for years. This isn’t new.

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this was literally just you ...

You obviously don’t have kids doing it!!!!!

Oh you do.... anecdotal!!!!


Yup, I was wrong in the first post. You are the first parent I have seen that has said online schooling is working better.

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Based upon his post the first line says discussion is ok as long as its not actually posted his taxes?

No, they blocked the NYP article and they didn’t post the emails, just what was in them. Just like the NYT article supposedly posted what was in the taxes.

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Did they show his taxes on Twitter? I actually never saw it but if they did that would be a good example. 

They allowed the sorry to be tweeted, retweeted, all over Twitter  

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Listen... I was in this spot earlier this year. My son had kindergarten and half a first grade and was sent home. His second half of first grade was worthless. I had to home school essentially. So now he starts 2nd grade virtually, and it’s not good. He’s not used to sitting in front of a computer and not with anyone. The first 2 weeks were miserable. He was crying nearly daily. But guess what... he adapted. So did every other kid in his class. Now he’s thriving. This semester he was put on the accelerated program. It went from being miserable bc it was something new, to ok no problem after he got used to it. If you would have told me that 2 months ago I’d have agreed with you. Can’t work.  I’ve seen it work personally though. 

Anecdotal, all studies say remote learning is not as effective as in person.

jmog replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 08:43 pm
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They can tho. 

If you think remote learning is effective, then you don't have any kids that have had to do it last Spring or currently.

It is terribly ineffective and the kids are suffering because of it.

Teaching is not effective when done remotely, about every study that has ever been done shows this, that in person teaching is far superior to anything that has been tried remotely.

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Did a private showing of Tenet last night. 7/10 I think? I honestly didn't understand all of it, but I enjoyed it a lot. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I thought Tenet was a mind bender like Inception when it first came out many years ago now.

You REALLY have to pay attention to everything going on or you will get lost. 

I like those movies you have to "think" about what is going on even in the background like Inception. 

I think people who liked Inception type "have to really pay attention" movie will love Tenet.

I give it a 9/10, my wife thought more like 7/10 like yourself. She liked it, but also got lost a few times.

I guess that's the best way to put it, if you liked the thought provoking part of Inception (like, who's dream and what dream level are they in and how that affects time in the dream...) then you will like Tenet as you basically get Inception mixed with Back to the Future...time travel is just different in this one. 

I thought the movie was a truly unique concept and was VERY well done. 

I would love to see a sequel.

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Birds of Prey: 7/10. A dumb movie that shouldn't work, but does.

Just keep giving Margot Robbie money to play Harley Quinn. 

She was good, the rest of the movie sucked as they didn't flesh out ANY of the other female characters worth a crap. A movie that was supposed to be about a female group of villains didn't develop any of them except the one we already "knew". 

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Peanut Butter Falcon, good stuff

I really liked that one.

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It’s easier to blame people than face reality.

Hey maybe if we threw a ton of money at printing press industry, newspapers and encyclopedias will come back too? 

Quoted for irony...

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Well actually the data supports that a disproportionate amount of UNARMED blacks people are killed by police so no that’s not a good comparison. Let’s also stick to the subject and not go down that rabbit hole for the 20th time 

When you compare them to number of arrests rather than population you are 100% wrong.



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