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posted by BRF

Sandals ok….just no high black socks ……or any socks period.

Sandals on or near the beach as a man, that’s about it.

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We're trying to figure out a vacation for June. We currently have a (refundable) reservation in Siesta Key, FL. Has anyone been? Is it worth going?

Anyone else have any planned vacations already?

I thought I posted this earlier but apparently did not.

Absolutely go to Siesta Key. It is rated the best beach in the continental US.

Some great restaurants around the area too.

We rented a house right on the beach last year through VRBO for a week, was a great vacation.

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Pickles are one of the easiest ways to add acidity to a sandwich. There is an actual culinary reason they are used so much. 

See, news to me, always good to learn something new each day.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

When setting policy and voting for policy, your view does matter, as does mine. I think you are using the biology question as an excuse and crutch to avoid answering the question. 

I understand you are deferring to an answer that we do not have now,which as a result, is not relevant to today's discussion. 

People around the country are debating and discussing the issue now.

For example, did you vote for or against Issue 1 here in Ohio? 

So you go from purposefully miss characterizing what I said to fit your belief of what you think I said, to now Acting like you understood the whole time and accusing me of being disingenuous by using biology as a crutch?

Are you always this insufferable?

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Can we get a biology lesson from jmog? 

My view is there should be the option of it in most cases and doctors and the families should make the decisions. 

I gave zero biology lessons as I am no biologist. 

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posted by Ironman92

I miss JJHuddle

$12/yr amirite?

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I said you’re not a condescending asshole, so don’t sound like one with that same stupid line.

Good rule of thumb, don't purposefully miss characterize what people say to fit what you want them to, and they won't sound condescending afterwards in their reply back to you.

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posted by CenterBHSFan

I think what jmog is driving at is that biology, the medical science of it, has not yet set a specific day/date/period of when life begins. I would find it interesting to see that conclusion. If it ever happens. Po Tay Toe, Po Tah Toe.

For now, I'm rather enjoying watching two guys hash it out without any women (me) intruding too much.

Carry on.

Pretty much, when biology lays out that conclusion, our own political system says we can’t kill it after that date except in rare cases/situations.

You got it and understood just fine, not sure why ptown doesn’t….unless I’m right and he is just assuming what he wants to believe that I believe. I thought I had been quite clear.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

You keep saying that but do you jmog, believe it? Is that your own view? Life begins at conception? What do you believe and when do you think an abortion is acceptable? 

For the 11th time, my belief is irrelevant to what the law should be. Unless one wants to be a dictator that is never relevant.

I have said over and over again, except in rare cases, when life has been determined (by biology, not ptown, jmog, any religion, not even the mother) then we can’t kill it.

I don’t know when that is yet as I am not certain it has been proven to begin. 

jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 08:55 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Well, depends on your definition of rare. I think we should work at reducing them, but the option should be there. That's the view of most Americans.

If it’s an option for all for any reason that is the opposite of rare, and you know this. 

jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 08:53 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

1. I asked you for several posts and you keep saying biologists say at conception, so if that is not your own view, then fine. But, you did not specify. You only have been quoting biology when I am asking for you as a citizen, your view. You are lecturing people on here. I'm trying to hone in on your view. 

2. I said look at the Texas law and get back to me. 

3. That's your reply? 

1. I answered multiple times whenever biology says it’s life, on one reply I said “conception, heartbeat, brainwaves, viability, birth, etc” and even pointed out that viability would be odd as that is subjective to current technology.  So yes, I absolutely answered the question and have repeatedly. If you missed it or ignored it that’s not on me. 

I have made my view crystal clear, my view on the what the law should be differs from what my personal belief in my own family would be.  

My view, again for the umteenth time, whenever the science behind biology decides that it is a human life, that should be the cut off as we are to protect human life except in dire circumstances. Like someone is harming you, someone has murdered someone and deserves the death penalty, etc. Except in some extreme circumstances we are not allowed, by US law, to purposefully take a life. So when science/biology determines where life begins at that point should be some pretty severe abortion restrictions with exceptions for life/death circumstances.

Ask me again and I will say the same thing for the 10th time if you like.

I don’t believe that my, or anyone else’s personal or religious beliefs should dictate when we can kill a human life. For that reason when biology confirms it’s a human life we can’t kill it except in some rare cases.

jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 08:44 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

For the love of God, please come up with a new line.  You’ve beaten this one to death.  Plus it make sound like the condescending asshole that I’m sure you are not.

I’m the condescending asshole when ptown purposefully changes what I say? If that makes me the asshole then I will take that.

Anyone with a 4th grade reading comprehension level can see that I didn’t say what ptown said I “believed” so did he purposefully miss characterize what I said or not?

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

You obviously don't know the personhood movement. Look it up. You would support it I'm sure. 

I said when biology, science, determines when human life begins we, by our own beliefs in the DoI and Constitution, can’t kill that life unless it is currently or will cause serious bodily harm or death to someone else. Thats literaly the definition difference between murder and self defense.

jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 07:16 pm
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I'm for options and allowing the women and/ or significant other to make that choice in a safe and legal manner. Safe, legal, and rare have others have said. I'm in the majority view on this too. 

What you have said above has nothing to do with “rare” though. 

If abortion was illegal except in rape, incest, and serious health of the mother, would you be happy with that?

If you say no, then you are not being truthful with your “rare” comment.

jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 07:14 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

1. Just making sure. Your view is way out line compared to a vast majority or Americans that are in favor of options and not a ban like you are suggested from conception. In your case then, you would favor a complete and total ban of abortion like the ones voters in states have rejected? You obviously ate against the Ohio issue that is now in the Ohio Constitution. 

2. Look into the Texas law and the stories that are coming from it. It makes your view look really cruel and detached from reality. The health of the mother is so broad it is hard to really pin down when the case can be applied. As such, doctors are being very cautious for fear of being sued or losing their license. 

3. I agree everyone takes risks into consideration, but your paragraph was sounding very unrealistic and not practical. People can take precautions and get pregnant, completely up ending their life. Your very ridge view is not practical in the real world and how people make decisions in this case. I read your statement like a bad sex education teacher. 

1. You obviously didn’t read my post at all, either that or you just made up what you thought I meant in your brain.  Did you gloss over the word IF when I said IF biology figures out when life officially begins? Or you just being your normal obtuse self and assuming what you thought I meant? The same is true for my stance if biology says life begins at birth. That would be vastly out of the majority of current beliefs in the US, to say all abortions are ok until birth yet you didn’t chime in on that (which I said earlier in a post). You aren’t that stupid ptown so I assume you are miss characterizing what I say on purpose. Thats the only choices, you didn’t read what I typed, you are ignorant, or you purposely miss characterized what I typed. Which is it?

2. Saying the health of mother is serious bodily harm is cruel and heartless? Get out of here with your sanctimonious bullshit.

3. Again, your confirmation bias on what you want to believe I said comes through. No way you are this ignorant, you are just twisting what is said to get people riled up.

You either need to actually read what is typed, be a smarter person, or be a better person. You choose which of those 3 fits this situation.

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Yeah that's the stuff I'm talking about. I'm in a group chat with folks that are beer snobs. They always go to random bars and send a picture of the menu and then discuss whatever beer they got. I guess it's cool they have common interests, but I think they sound like dipshits when they describe the "overtones".

Overtones, undertones, hint of, after tones…all like corporate buzz words for beer and whiskey snobs  

jmog replied to "Unpopular pop culture opinion you hold" at 05:51 am
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Oh I just thought of another one that will probably ruffle feathers: craft beers. Listening to people drone on about craft beer is vastly uninteresting and I couldn't care less. 

As a non-beer drinker I agree.

Even as a whiskey (mostly Scotch but I do like a good bourbon) guy hearing the REALLY into it whiskey guys talking about all the “notes” they get on ‘xyz’ whiskey is even worse than the craft beer guys.

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I think that parents shouldn't let their daughters go to school events, like prom or homecoming, looking like they are for rent. They don't need to dress in Victorian fashion, but have some sort of moderation. 

My wife and I have 3 boys, they are 22/20/17.

I have told her and my parents many times “it’s a good thing we didn’t have any girls because we would have had some major arguments”.

Not just prom/homecoming either.

For instance, when my sister was in HS volleyball players basically word slightly shorter basketball shorts as their volleyball uniforms.

Now they are wearing thin nylon, barely past their cheeks, tighter than yoga pants, shorts? 

Sorry daughter of jmog (that doesn’t exist) regular gym shorts are just fine for volleyball too.

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Award shows. The Grammys, Emmys, Oscars... It's rich and famous people giving other rich and famous people awards. Who gives a shit. I don't know why people eat that trash up every year but it always happens. 

Also reality TV.

I’m with you on the awards shows. I don’t think in my 45 years of being on this planet I have watched a single one.  

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jmog replied to "Biden vs. Trump 2024" at 07:55 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

So just to be clear, your view is the government should not allow abortion at all then? I assume with exceptions for health of mother and rape. 

Just to be clear, if it is determined that the child is a life, then what you are saying is as asinine as “so just to be clear, your view is that the government should not allow murder at all?”

Because let’s be honest, if it’s a life and we kill it when it is not causing immediate fear of life for someone else (mother) killing the life is the definition of murder.



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