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The offer wasn’t necessarily intended for leverage. I was almost certainly planning on leaving when I initially told them about the offer. In the end I chose to stay, partly due to the weird tech stack of the new company, partly due to strong feelings for the people I currently work with on a daily basis. 

Do you feel like there has been any of the negative risks that people think will happen when you tell them you had an offer yet stayed? Like tension about “loyalty”, about if they are looking for other people in case you leave or they want to replace you, etc?

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I also got a raise recently after getting an offer. The other company offered a higher salary, with an automatic bump after 1 year, but overall benefits were better at current job. No resentment in the end.

Care to give how that went down? Interviewed, got offer, used offer for leverage? Or something different?

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I just got offered 20% by a competitor. I told the boss. He matched it within 24 hours.  

Oof, I have heard that was typically a bad idea as your current company now knows you were looking and may start looking for your replacement.

Hope it works out for you and what I have heard is wrong.

Congratulations on the nice pay increase however.

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I was directed to this site: as a place to find out where CRT is being taught.  In Ohio, for example, there is no evidence it is being taught in any k-12 school.  It lists about 20 colleges in Ohio teaching it.  But the ones I looked at specifically show things like "diversity" classes being offered as electives.  I find that stuff to be nonsense.  But I would hardly call that the wave of CRT that is supposedly coming our way, causing states like Alabama or Mississippi to pass laws banning it (without any evidence it is being taught in those states).  The first time I heard the term "critical race theory" was from my mom.   She said something like "Do you agree with the teaching of critical race theory?"  It came out of the blue about 2-3 years ago.  I had never heard of it before.  She told me it was becomming more and more common in schools, that we'd better think about where our daughter goes to school, etc.   Turns out she'd heard about if from Tucker Carlson.  2-3 years later it doesn't seem like any more of a threat than it was then. 

You are conflating a course called “CRT” with modified textbooks and teaching seminars on how to convey history under the lens of CRT, which is DEFINITELY happening right now.

No one, that I am aware of, is saying “they have a class called critical race theory in my high school”.

However, the state board of education for Virginia, the latest hotbed for this topic, absolutely had it all over their curriculum and website about the lens in which certain topics are taught.

And geeblock don’t even come on here and try to conflate CRT with just teaching that slavery existed and so did segregation because anyone with 2 brain cells knows that argument is bull shit.

Weird, meant to have 30, 40, and “wouldn’t leave” as options but the website cut it off. 

Ignore the poll I guess and just say how much and why/why not.


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Ok, let’s assume the culture, management, etc is the same/similar at both places. 

Let’s assume someone is asking you to change to a similar/same role.

Let’s also assume you actually like what you are doing, you like your boss, the pay is good, and you have been doing well…

If a recruiter got ahold of you, what kind of pay increase would you need to justify leaving a job/place you like?





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Ummm, pretending CRT is "just a graduate level law course" belongs in the CNN Gaslighting Hall of Fame.

No kidding, can’t believe Devil’s even tried to say that out loud.

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Today was a little easier. 

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I spent forever before my last guess just trying to make a word out of the remaining letters.

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Todays was not an easy one. 

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Why is 0 even an option? lol

That’s 1, as in on first guess and they have done it zero times  

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Good day

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I would have done it but my asking salary would have significantly jumped. 

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No, putting out fires that you idiots start about things you dont have a clue about

You realize you started the “teachers have it bad” shit right? No one else brought it up but you.

We just pointed out how idiotic you sounded when comparing how bad teachers have it compared to private sector professionals.

You started it, not us. Take the L. 

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posted by Fletch

Probably where you are at, they rubber stamping OTES for you?  They dont here.  

So you moved away from the “we have it the worst” mantra once proven wrong and now just are sticking to more fringe arguments? Interesting tactic I guess   

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Couldn’t piece it together until I realized a letter could be repeated…hope that doesn’t give it away. Lol



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