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jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 03:17 pm
posted by geeblock

U can’t even admit that the Republican legislature believes these laws will benefit them in the next election. 

How do I know what other people in another state believe unless they outright say it?

Are we mind readers now?

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On Apr 9, 2021:

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

We anxiously await your promised repudiation of geeblock's points. Please wash over us that intelligence you have in such abundance. 

Looks like Majorspark did a fine job.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

The fact that the Secretary of State is removed from the process greatly, and that any and all changes at the County level can be blocked by this state level committee that will be led by partisan Republicans. You keep glossing over that part.  

So, if Fulton County wants to add more voting machines or extend hours, this State level committee, that does not include the Secretary of State, can block that. 

I get how this could be construed as a Republican/racist thing but doesn’t that just mean that in the next election cycle that the governor and legislature switch parties and the democrats are in “control” according to this new law?

On Apr 6, 2021:

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posted by geeblock

To answer your question tho 

1. The law removes the vote of the secretary of the state from the election board, even tho under the ga constitution the Secretary of State oversees elections. It also puts the board under control of the legislature. 

The election board can suspend or remove any local official at anytime and for any reason. If this was the case in November they would have been able to do exactly what DT wanted them illegally to do like firing election officials in dekalb and Fulton counties. Then sending in cronies to say it’s fraud and throw out AA votes. 

You can still vote absentee but it’s now illegal for officials to send applications to every voter. It reduces time to request a ballot and restricts organizations that help people get absentee ballots. It also requires absentee voters to jump through hoops that in person voters don’t. 

They are ending early voting at 5 pm making it harder for people who work to get to the polls after work. It also limits mobile voting units. 

It limits the number of ballot boxes unnecessarily and makes it harder for officials to place new ones. 

I’m not even going to get in the absurdity of the water/food regulations as I know u can’t provide any reason this was necessary and just kind of ignore it, but if it didn’t matter they wouldn’t do it. 

They also ended voting on Sunday’s when many programs took black people to vote after church on Sunday’s. 

Can all of these things be overcome ? Sure. But in an extremely close election it could certainly matter. Overall as I have said I think it’s going to have the opposite effect and it’s going to cause a rally that has not been seen before to get voters out in GA. 

Overall the laws discourage absentee voting and increase chances of longer lines at the polls in urban areas. 

Overall 5 million people voted in Georgia and they decided they didn’t want trump or loeffler. The election was decided within 12,000 votes. So instead of trying to win 12,000 votes they are 100 percent setting themselves up to gain an advantage however slight in 2024. I think most objective people see that. It would make no sense for them to go through all that just to make laws that don’t benefit gop. You would have to be incredibly dumb or a liar to not admit it. 

Man, possibly tomorrow I will go one by one and pick apart this crap full of misinformation. But for now I am just on my cell phone and it would be too much work. 

I wonder sometimes if you get your information straight from Vox.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Weird logic there. The law just made it harder to make any changes, so yeah, it made it worse if you look at the language. It also does not allow for any other avenues to vote other than standing in line and adds more barriers to voting by mail. 

I like how you just ignored my last point, which is the bigger point and could be the lasting legacy of the law. It makes voting in GA more political, not less. 

Nothing you just said is factual information but rather your opinion.

The factual information is that early voting was actually extended not contracted.

That voter ID requirements are not racist. 

The long lines in democratic districts existed before and still do.

People can still get water and food in line, unlike what the democrats have lied about.

What else did I miss?

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posted by geeblock

Just so I’m clear are you saying they passed a group of laws that won’t specifically help republicans in the 2024 election?

I asked how it is helping them specifically not “suppressing xyz vote” what specific part of the new law suppresses anyone’s vote, and specifically democratic voters.

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posted by justincredible

Interesting editing by 60 Minutes if this is truly the only part of the exchange they aired.

Imagine that, the MSM hates a Republican. Where have we heard this before?

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

My reading of the law is yes, in larger areas (D) it makes it harder to vote than rural areas (R)  as in there are simply less places to vote and does not solve the long lines problem that GA saw the last few years. The NYT link posted already has references in the final text of that.  

The bigger thing is it takes power away from the Secretary of State and hands more power over to the state legislators, and the State Election Board, which is Republican. As I said previously, the Secretary of State did a great job last year. His reward is he gets his power reduced and kicked off the State Election Board.  If anything state elections should be free from any politics, which this law does the opposite.  

The long lines and less places to vote already existed before this law and this law didn’t make it worse. It just didn’t “fix the problem”.

If this law didn’t make it worse then how are the republicans trying to lower democratic voting?

You just admitted that it just didn’t fix the problem, that it didn’t make it worse nor did it create the problem. 
jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 02:57 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Nope. You just misread my last part. Republicans in Georgia and elsewhere want to stay in power, thus trying to make it harder to vote in high democratic areas. Those areas just happen to be in large African American areas in GA. 

Ok, forgive me for my next question then.

What, specifically, in the law is directly restricting people from voting in "democratic" areas vs "republican" areas? Are there different rules created for the law based on district that I am missing? 

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I was being a tad tongue in cheek, but yeah. 

Yes, we all can agree the south, and the country as a whole is less racist than the 1960s.  But, the history of the south post 60s is a complex history and just saying they are less racist now and that is either because of or a result of being Republican is too simplistic. 

The morphing of the southern dixiecrat into the modern Republican really started in the 70s and grew in the 80s with the Reagan revolution and the southern strategy. Mix in the rise of the evangelics, and rise of talk radio in the 90s, you get the rise of the modern small Government R party that took over the dixiecrats. 

I think Republicans in the south are not racist, not at all. They just want to stay in power. The largest democratic base in the south just happens to be African Americans and thus by restricting or making it harder for them to vote, they stay in power longer. That is the reason for the new laws in Georgia. 

So you now believe the new law's main goal is to restrict black vote so therefore you believe the new law is racist? I just want to confirm before I laugh off your post.

Edited spelling mistakes out...

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Just changed parties over the last 40 years...

Ah, the old southern  shuffle huh?

Just one question...

I think we can all agree that since the 1950s/60s and Jim Crowe era that the southern states have slowly become less racist over time, yes? I would hope we all agree that the south is less racist now than it was in 1960?

Given that agreement, as the south has become less racist, why has it become more Republican?

Just a thought experiment to counter the ole southern switcharoo. 

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Show where I said it was racist 

Superman said blacks were to stupid or lazy to get ID. I just provided other examples of why u may not have ID on voting day. Either way u have to be dense to not see they see it as an advantage or they wouldn’t pass any of these laws period 

I said it earlier that you went round about explaining why blacks are targeted more for license suspensions and therefore have no ID (which is BS). 

You didn’t go direct to say “it’s racist” your argument just suggested it is racist because blacks are more likely to have their license suspended (here’s a thought, don’t drink and drive...or are DUI laws racist too?).

Don’t argue that blacks are targeted by police for license suspensions if you don’t want people to believe you are meaning that this leads to voter ID laws being racist.

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:06 am
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For those who can’t read and don’t pay attention I said in my original post I don’t have a problem with requiring an ID to vote. You guys will make up a story so you can get out your talking points. FYI if you have strong feelings or things you want to say about voter ID laws just post them. You don’t need me a o do it. I know it’s hard because everyone agrees with each other so you would look a little weird arguing with no one, but I’m sure you would still get a amen or a reps response. Just go with that. But stop pretending I have a problem with IDs  to vote. 

You said you don’t have a problem with voter ID laws yet then went on explaining why they maybe racist.

That’s called talking out of both sides of your mouth. You can’t be “ok” with them yet still believe they are racist.

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:05 am
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Again you are going way out of your way to tell me a law about water isn’t racist but can’t tell me why it’s necessary. I said 50 times i don’t have a problem with voter iD laws. I was giving examples of why a person may or may not have their ID on Election Day.  Please pay attention. 

U keep focused on voter ID laws but can’t tell me why limiting early voting on Sunday’s is necessary. Stop pretending like all they did was implement voter ID laws please. Thanks. 

1. Your “reasons for not having an ID” was either a case of misinformation or an outright lie. You pick. It was bullshit and you should have known better.

2. The total early voting hours/days was actually expanded under the law. You are fixated on Sunday’s when in fact the total time to early vote was expanded. Why are you so fixated on one day? Maybe poll workers don’t want to work on Sundays especially in a heavily religious state of GA?

On Apr 4, 2021:

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:20 pm
posted by geeblock

U hate big govt supposedly but out here stumping for laws against passing out water. HUGE problem.. make it make sense 

Good Lord I wonder if you even read or just spew bull shit.

I said the law wasn’t racist and it was lied about by the MSM and democrats.

I didn’t say I supported or didn’t support the law at all.  I was just pointing out the lies and bull shit.

Read and understand people’s posts before posting, it really will help.

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:18 pm
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The point is you can’t have 2 IDs you can’t have a drivers license and a state ID. So let’s say u plead out a dui to a lesser charge and u get a 45-90 day suspension. If u go and get a state ID you lose rights to have a drivers license and would have to go and take the drivers test again. That is neither here nor there just putting it out there. I don’t think ID laws make much difference, very small number are affected. But please let’s not act like these laws aren’t meant to serve the gop. They didn’t just randomly pick them for no reason don’t be obtuse 

Such a bullshit lie.

My brother in law had his license suspended for a DUI and he had his license the whole time to use as an ID he just couldn’t drive.

You really need to stop lying, seriously you are either lying or you are going off decade old information. 

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:15 pm
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They actually take your physical ID if you have it on you at the time and it’s not a choice 

No they don’t, they haven’t for years since every license started having barcodes and they went to all electronic files where the officer can see everything about your record in seconds.

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I’m actually not. It’s fun watching u guys look like clowns pretending they aren’t trying to suppress votes they don’t think will go their way. Get out of the echo chamber and stop picking clown arguments with the one non conservative on the board and trying to paint me as a raging liberal. I said 10 times idgaf about ID laws before I even commented on it 

Explain how requiring an ID suppresses black votes, in detail.

I will wait.

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:13 pm
posted by geeblock

U can get an ID but have to start the process to drive again instead of waiting out the suspension. I said 50 times idgaf about voter Id laws. I’m only responding cause some people are stuck on the sub

Yet you give false information? They don’t take your ID away anymore when your license is suspended. They note in your electronic file that it is suspended and you can’t drive.

You keep your ID so your misinformation means that your whole premise of why the laws disproportionately affect POCs was bull crap and you either knew that and were lying or were just ignorant of the facts. 



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