On Sep 25, 2023:

jmog replied to "Cleveland Browns 2023 Season Thread" at 11:56 am
posted by Laley23

That was during FNIA on NBC. I think it was Chris Simms. 

Whatever it was on, I died laughing.

Whoever wrote that joke for him is a genius  

jmog replied to "Cleveland Browns 2023 Season Thread" at 11:32 am

Heard on replays last night (I think it was halftime of the SNF game, could have been ESPN) the best line of yesterday's game.

"The Browns Defense looks like the '85 Bears, and the Titans Offense looks like the 2023 Bears"

I spit out my pop on that one.

On Sep 18, 2023:

jmog replied to "Cleveland Browns 2023 Season Thread" at 11:01 pm
posted by justincredible

I just saw the injury replay by accident. I really wish I hadn't.

I went looking for it to see if it was season ending  

Wish I hadn’t, might be career ending  

On Sep 16, 2023:

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 11:59 am
posted by justincredible

I don't even like that guy.

Sorry Justin…

On Sep 14, 2023:

posted by kizer permanente

Aren't they all played at the HOF?

Now they spread them over 3 days in stead of 2. When they still had it over 2 days they split it among 2 stadiums after the 1996 and 1997 seasons.

jmog replied to "Your worst day as a sports fan?" at 09:14 am
posted by BR1986FB

When Art Modell stole the Browns from Cleveland and moved them to Baltimore. I've hated Baltimore AND Indianapolis since.

This, or watching the Indians lose all 3 WS they made it to in my lifetime. 

posted by Ironman92


Mogadore, 1996 vs St Henry.  Down 32 late in 2Q 35-3, came back to win 61-58 in 3OT.

It’s the game that caused there to be 2 sites now as the next 2 games that day had to be delayed   

On Sep 13, 2023:

I guess winning a state championship in football after being down by 32 pts…in triple OT. 

On Sep 11, 2023:

jmog replied to "Do you take naps?" at 06:55 pm

couple times a week

On Sep 8, 2023:

jmog replied to "Immediately or Set Up?" at 03:20 pm

Steaks are about the only thing to let "rest" for a few minutes. Other than that eat it when its done. 

I understand how lasagna can be boiling hot right away, plus I normally like lasagna better day 2 and reheated anyway.

But even day 1 I just take a few minutes getting the plate ready before eating it.

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 09:17 am

People wondered why in fantasy I wanted nothing to do with Toney or Skyy Moore. Mahomes and Kelce only 2 worth having fantasy wise on that team.

WR/RB wise they spread the ball around too much, they had like 10 guys with targets at halftime. Great as an NFL team, terrible for fantasy purposes.

I think Toney and Moore comined for 1 yard receiving and like 6 drops.

On Sep 6, 2023:

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 09:31 am

I'll give everyone 1 guess who my TE I just drafted was for my fantasy league...

On Sep 5, 2023:

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 10:40 am
posted by justincredible

Oh, dang, I didn't realize there were Verizon deals. My cell is handled thru work, but my wife has Verizon. We've considered their 5G wireless home internet because we can get it for only $25/month (I think) and it seems like we'd get Sunday Ticket for free.

I don't know about new customers (maybe less has to be bought), but for existing, you have to buy a new phone, and the phone has to be on the newly created "Ultimate Unlimited" plan, which is now a higher/more expsenive plan than the previous "unlimited" plans, by about $10/month more (the highest plan was $65, now this one is $75).

EDIT: Oh, and its only "qualified" phones, which I'm sure are the $1000+ phones that you pay for over 36 months or another $30 a month on top of the plan.

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 10:31 am
posted by Laley23
My friend called them. They wouldnt budge. So he said, "Ok, we can make this easy and do it right now you and me. Or I can keep you on the line for the next 2 hours while I cancel my contract, and then sign up again thru my wife to get the new customer bonus of Sunday Ticket." The guy just gave it to him. for the year (which is what the promo is).

So even if you sign up and pay for the newly, more expensive, unlimited plan that it requires its still only for 1 year?

If I stay with that newly added, more expensive, unlimited plan even next year I would have to pay for Sunday Ticket?

jmog replied to "2023 NFL Regular Season" at 10:24 am

I'm starting to get bothered by the NFL Sunday Ticket thing, I kind of got used to it.

We have Verizon and I looked at it today, even though we are existing customers we would have to buy a new phone/new line, which is BS.

On Aug 30, 2023:

jmog replied to "#TMFINR girl" at 01:51 pm
posted by justincredible

I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t cash in on the game with an OF account.

Simp men are so gullible that any young good looking woman can make 7 figures a year on OF…

jmog replied to "#TMFINR girl" at 10:01 am
posted by justincredible

She's definitely milking her 15 min of fame.

On Aug 25, 2023:

posted by justincredible

Yeah, definitely can't finalize a real estate deal that quickly, but it's a leap that I'm fine making in this hypothetical. 

The requirement was to spend the money.

If a house is worth say $200k, and I drive up to it and offer $300k cash right now, hand them the cash, but with the understanding that the deed and contract will come later...I still spent the money. 

On Aug 23, 2023:

jmog replied to "NFL Sunday Ticket" at 03:48 pm

I thought when I heard DirecTV was losing it, it was that they were losing exclusive rights to it meaning Dish, Cable, Youtube, etc could all offer it.

I didn't realize until a few days ago that its now pretty much only YouTube.

posted by justincredible

Here's a hypothetical scenario. You inherit/win $1,000,000 tax free, but anything you don't spend within 24 hours is taken away.

How are you spending your fortune?

Paying off 100% of my debt (house, truck, car, etc) which sadly is up to about $240k total debt.

Assuming we are talking $1MM after taxes, so I have to spend the whole thing not $600k.

Pay off my parents house/cars, my sisters car, my son's house and truck, and my other sons car, my wife's sister's car, etc...that all gets us down to about $700k total and I have to spend another $300k? 

My wife would want a Bronco Raptor, so thats $80k, so with the last $220k?

Buying another house with cash, moving out of mine and renting my current house out.

Done, whole family is out of debt and I have a rental property and I am now missing 2 car payments, CC payments, and a mortgage, that's almost $3000/month added together I could put in an IRA/savings for retirement.



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