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Don't worry guys.. the praying is optional. Just like the optional workouts. 

So the SCOTUS proved its Freedom OF Religion and not Freedom FROM Religion.

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The problem is there’s a large portion of the right that take hard line stances and don’t agree with you.  That’s why we see this legislation try to be pushed thru. Now they have essentially the backing of the SCOTUS 

The same can be said for a large portion of the left calling for “abortions” for hours/weeks after the baby is already born.

Actual bills discussed in at least CA, NY, and VA had various forms of this.

Don’t act that that isn’t more “crazy”.

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Guys, a non viable or ectopic pregnancy is not abortion. Yes some morons in the Ohio house tried to bring up something stupid, but it obviously had no legs(Kizer was correct). The point of 99% of abortion issues are for the people who want to use it as birth control. Yes, no one pregnant from incest or rape should have to bring a child into this world. 


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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I agree with whomever made the point that not all pro life people are driven by their religious beliefs.  However, surveys show that a majority are.  The same probably holds true of the members of the Court - although we may never know that.  My point is that I see this a the start of going down the road of imposing the religious beliefs of some on everyone.  There are clearly differences of opinion on this issue.  Just because some biologists say life begins at some point does not make that a fact.  This is a question that does not have a definitive answer at present.  I may not like abortion on a personal level.  But I accept that there are many people in our society that feel differently and I also accept their right to hold that opinion - especially on a topic that has so many gray areas.  I also can understand a woman desiring to have final say over what happens to her own body.  To me, it would be like someone tellling me there was a law against vasectomies.  

“Some”? 96% of them.

The other 4% varied from heartbeat/brainwaves to far less than 1% being at first breath.

Saying “some” is just trying to minimize the facts.

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But we’re not trying to minimize it, we’re doing the opposite.  lol that’s the whole point  

No, the total deaths, mother and baby, from pregnancies that go to birth and that are aborted, would be minimized by completely outlawing abortion everywhere.

That won’t happen, but allowing each state to choose on their own may lower the total deaths between abortion and pregnancy complications.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Where do those rights begin? That question is now on the table. How far are you willing to go? 

Are you in support of banning plan B now? 

Now, states have to answer those questions. 

You also make a general statement on health of the mother. But, are you in favor of a carve out for a woman to get an abortion if she gets pregnant after 6 weeks and is told by her doctor she cannot carry to full term? 

I ask because that is my wife...and now she is faced with having to even entertain this is fucked up.

Just like any other rights, the life has rights until their rights attack someone else’s.

So in the case of severe health/life/death of the mother absolutely abortion should be legal. 

My wife is even more prolife than I am, and tried to make me promise if that type of decision ever came serious with any of our children that I would choose to save our baby and not save her.

I lied to her and said “ok” but I would have never been able to truly choose the baby over her at that point. I know that’s “hypocritical” of a prolifer but that’s reality. 

The problem for most left wingers, like yourself, is that the left used to be “safe legal and rare” for cases like your wife, rape, etc.

Once the left started going to “9 months, after the birth for a few hours, etc” it’s still ok to abort the far right really fought back and this is where we are.

People like your wife may have to travel to another state if she wants an abortion.

When the left started being ok with killing already born infants the far right fought back.

You can blame your own side to be honest.

Plan B should be legal, I would never be ok with it in my own life but I also understand the need.

My wife, again far more prolife than I am, wouldn’t be against plan B being illegal.

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posted by geeblock

I don’t think you understood my point. I’m could care less about if it was statistically accurate. My point was these “stats” are actual people who are dying. You seem to have an acceptable level of casualties you are willing to accept when you agree or disagree with a particular law, whether it be pregnant women or dead school children. You seem to lack empathy or the ability to put yourself in their situations. 

I just live in reality. With or without abortion that 700/year number doesn’t change as they are all delivery related complications (bleeding out, medical mistakes, etc).

So using that as a reason to keep abortion is not logical and is just an emotional argument.

You can attack me all you like, it doesn’t help your argument, and quite frankly it’s horseshit. I have never once said any number of deaths is an “acceptable number”.

If you can find me saying that then please quote me. If not I expect an apology.

You can’t come on here saying I have no empathy when 2 posts ago you used the R word. 

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posted by Automatik

How many times have you been called a knowitall in your life? Has to be over 1000.

Care to dispute the facts rather than resort to ad hominem?

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posted by geeblock

And as I’ve said before My argument is more about personal rights not abortion.. I could care less about your opinion about any of it

Given that biology says life begins at conception, that life has value and has rights. That’s not opinion  

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Those are like real people man. Would u feel the same if it was your family?

Every death is tragic, but what I said is factually true. In modern medicine there is no statistical evidence that women are at any serious risk of death in pregnancies outside of ectopic, which is a totally different topic as both mother and baby will die if the embryo isn’t removed.

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Ask the 700 families how they feel.. and I apologize for the r word I was repeating what was just said. It’s def not my thing. That has nothing to do with the point. Like he said the number is lower because maybe they terminate the pregnancy. U really have lost it since trump lost jmog 

Statistics prove you wrong so you resort to the R slur and saying I lost it? 

You can’t be serious right now right? You went off the rails and still believe I lost it?

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posted by jmog

You use that word and are an educator? You do realize that’s like the N word for people wirh disabilities right?

Good lord.


700 women die each year in the US from birth/pregnancy complications.

3.7 million births per year.

That’s 0.01%.

That’s nearly zero, like I said.

Still want to call me names or do you want to apologize for sticking your foot in your mouth again and using the R word like a moron?

How many pregnancies are terminated so they don’t end up in death. Bro.. it’s like you’re not even trying to be honest? Ectopic pregnancIes alone make up 100,000 a year in the US.  And you’re over here like … who gives a fuck if 100k women die a year.. it’s statistically  low!!  lol  wow. 

Stop being obtuse. No one here is saying ectopic should not be able to be taken out.

That statement is on the level of stupidity of QO, don’t go that stupid Kizer, you’re better educated than that.

I have not seen a single prolifer on this board, even CC and QO, say ectopic pregnancies should be carried.

Ectopic was legal to abort before RvW and will still be after.

Don’t be that dumb.

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Stats and data guy says “nearly zero” I’m crying 

I gave the stats and data, care to refute them? 

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he has gone full retard

Apparently it’s just the teachers in here who love that word, you and geeblock both are morons.

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Never go full retard 

You use that word and are an educator? You do realize that’s like the N word for people wirh disabilities right?

Good lord.


700 women die each year in the US from birth/pregnancy complications.

3.7 million births per year.

That’s 0.01%.

That’s nearly zero, like I said.

Still want to call me names or do you want to apologize for sticking your foot in your mouth again and using the R word like a moron?

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U can’t be serious 

Notice I said serious complications and nearly zero. 

Other than ectopic pregnancies women aren’t dying from being pregnant/child birth like in the past.

The myth that abortions are needed for the health of the mother to keep her from dying is a laughable misnomer of modern medicine.

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It's beyond pathetic that Congress is so broken that they've essentially abdicated their legislative duties to the Executive and Judicial branches.

Exactly, sorry Ds in Congress, you can not complain about this ruling.

You had 5 decades to codify abortion as law and didn’t get it done.

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No it is not.

It's a complicated issue that is not cut and dry as you think it is. 

Have you or others on here actually spoken to women that have had complications during a pregnancy? 

How many on here know women that have found out they were pregnant after six weeks? 

Nearly zero complications during pregnancy result in serious problems for the woman in modern medicine.

That argument would have held water 100 years ago. 

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For starters, I don't think believing life begins at conception is necessarily a religious view.

Second, private medical decisions are dictated all the time.  Assisted suicide is and has been illegal in the vast majority of the US. You can't have your kidney removed for the purpose of selling it.  There are waiting lists for organs.  There are disqualifications for being put on those lists, as well.  In almost every other case, a minor cannot consent to a medical procedure.

Considering 97% of PhD biologists believe life begins at conception I would agree, it’s not a religious argument to say life begins at conception, it’s a scientific one.

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If dewine did the same with the state gas tax along with the Biden plan that would make a diff

$8.50/week for someone who uses 15 gal/week.



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