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Lol just keep it even if u are truly trying to protect chi

So someone can’t call out an atrocity unless they call out all atrocities that you deem worthy/important?

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My wife worked for Nationwide right out of a 2 year community college as an insurance underwriter for about 5 years before i met her and  made maybe 50-55k.  About 10 years ago she took a shot from a call she got from someone on linked in for another company in a different position for about a 10 k raise.  She was scared because she was at a solid company and generally liked her job and staff.  She isnt a real risk taker.

2 years later she got another job and another 20k raise

2 years later same thing.

She now works for a very large insurance company working from home and running Ohio, Michigan and PA selling and writing policy for very large commercial policies and makes probably 200k ish.  It can be scary to leave a known entity but sometimes it can work out if not at that new company but the next one.  Edit:  they gave her a 10% raise this summer because basically some others in the company left and they just wanted to make sure she was happy.

It’s unfortunate, but in today’s economy the only real way to get a REAL raise is to leave your company. And people are saying that this should be every 3-5 years to maximize your income.

My current company is treating me like your wife’s is.  I started here 4 years ago, took a 25% raise in coming here.

In almost 4 years I have gained an over 35% for a total of 70% increase from my last job just 4 years ago.

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Can't find the link I saw a day or two ago, but it said most of them are either retirement age (pension, savings) or under 30 (mom and dad).  Maybe the younger ones are hoping to get their inheritance early.

Retirees are not included in the Labor Force Participation Rate.

The 1.5% drop, or 2-3million people, only includes working age adults.

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You're off by a factor of about 10.

Yup, sure was meant 2-3 million and typed 20-30. 

That’s my bad. 

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Oh my, lol!

The dark side of jury duty: You think you're being summoned to do something significant and help provide justice for some heinous act...and what you actually get is some random nobody trying to scam a business as her latest get-rich scheme.

Exactly what the case was.

Her lawyer, once Marc’s showed them the maintenance records of the shopping carts months before the trial, should have told her we have no case and if you want to continue you will need a new attorney.

The law, as the judge read it to us, is that Marc’s had to be proven negligent by never doing routine maintenance on the carts. So case was over as soon as the maintenance records were shown.

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Lol what in the actual fuck is this. Thank goodness there are no mean tweets.

Lefties would still vote for this mess over any conservative, which is sad  

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I always wanted to get called, do my civic duty, plus always was interested in court tv shows and movies. 

My mom had been on 2 different tough cases in the past (a murder and a rape case). 

So I get called…I get put on a jury….

It’s a woman suing Marc’s grocery store for pain and suffering because her cart went to fall over and she twisted her back when she tried to catch it.

I wish I was kidding, 3 total days of my life I will never get back.

Jury took a total of 15 min to side with Marc’s…and 12 of those minutes were basically reading over evidence again to waste time just to make it look like we didn’t have our mind already made up.

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Apparently not iclfan said no on her lol 

So his opinion makes what I said wrong? That’s one take I guess. 

She has backed the last few “controversial” bills passed in Florida and said they didn’t go far enough.

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I wants Tulsi as VP for Desantis

I would like that ticket no matter which is on top of it  

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Why flu shot but not Covid shot? 

Standard vaccine vs mRNA vaccine would be a good reason.

That’s the reason that if I was to ever have to be forced to get it I would have got the J&J shot as it was similar to standard vaccines and not the mRNA experimental ones (company compelled it just a few days before SCOTUS struck that down, then they recanted so I never got it)  

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I would  vote for her over desantis or trump for sure. I actually looked up her Vegas odds yesterday 

You realize that actual policy wise she isn’t much different than DeSantis right? 

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Ill never vote with the MAGA bros...most likely i wont vote this year.  I dont like any of them.  Hopefully ill have some type of option by then.

But if Tulsi G ends up running as a R you would label her a “MAGA bro” even though 2 years ago you would have backed her 100% if she beat Biden in the primaries because she had a D next to her name  

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Most of the “textbook” evidence I’ve seen wasn’t even real 

We have real problems in this country, give me a candidate who makes policies that he can talk about and how he will solve real problems. Florida is damn near dead last in education, he doesn’t have time for crt or don’t say gay to be honest 

So if it was Biden or Harris against DeSantis you would stick to the status quo? I hope you wouldn’t, but you also don’t believe drag shows have happened in schools, even when it has been recorded on video happening  

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Yea I mean what would I know. Just 27 years in education. 

So actual video, audio, and text book evidence doesn’t trump your 27 years of “trust me bro”?

I am not even saying it’s wide spread in every district in the country, but to deny it is happening at all is a rather idiotic take on things with all the evidence.

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The democratic party has been the way it is for many, many years.  So why now?  Could this be - might I be so bold to suggest - a political stunt?  It's unthinkable!!!

There is no denying the Ds have taken a hard left turn over the last 5+ years. They are not the same as they were during the Clinton years, not even close.

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In probably the most predictable/signaled political development in several years, Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic party.

Now the question is if she'll run (and for what office) as an Independent, Repub or Libertarian.

Calling the Dems "an elite cabal...stoking anti-white racism" seems a little bit MAGA....

If the truth now means “MAGA” then sure. There was nothing but factual information in her announcement on Fox  

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“It was the American Revolution that caused people to question slavery. No one had questioned it before we decided as Americans that we are endowed by our creator with unalienable rights,” he said.

I understand how some would see that as controversial but he told no lies.

No one was talking about abolishing slavery before the Revolution.

Immediately after the northern states were talking about it and the 3/5ths compromise was the first step in getting rid of it.

Another case of the left getting bent out of shape when a R says something that maybe factual

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Desantis runs with more fake news than trump and that’s hard to do. I put him in the same group with Ted Cruz, gaetz, Abbott , Marjorie, boebart, Lindsey graham. 

Tell us you watch too much far left goobledeegook without telling us  

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Worse that storming 

The capital building?

You can keep playing whataboutisms or you can just admit it was an idiotic statement and move on.

jmog replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 05:20 pm
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Worse that storming 

The capital building?

When you realize the capital “storming” paled in comparison to months of BLM/Antifa violent riots…which Abrams supported, yeah, still worse  



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