On Aug 13, 2021:

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Tell me you don't want to put those outfits on a little bit, though.  I feel like it'd be fun trying to walk around with those.

Sort of a cross between this... 

... and this:

bigkahuna replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 01:29 pm
posted by Gardens35


I'm not gonna lie.  Reading this triggered me haha.  I never really got into too many arguments with anyone on here, but I'd get pissed at some of the stuff I read.

The one thing I remember doing (it took awhile to type) was arguing either Oklahoma State or Oregon for the BCS over one of the SEC teams.  I did more research for that than for me thesis for my masters.

On Aug 11, 2021:

bigkahuna replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 01:40 pm

I was over on yappi, and OC was brought up.  Glad I remembered my username/passwords since it's been awhile.  Some of the people mentioned in the OP are over on yappi with this same discussion about some of the old posters from OC/JJ.  

One of my favorite threads of all time was justincredible's irritation with a coworker who ate too loudly.



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