On Nov 14, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 05:55 pm
posted by jmog

Fuck you for your last post saying I would minimize someone’s death. 

And seriously, you don’t know if anyone got sick or died from your protest. Talk about pretentious bitch “well my shit don’t stink because it was a protest!” Bull shit.

Unless you called every single person that was at that protest and called everyone they came in contact within 14 days after that protest you saying “no one got sick and no one died” is high horse pretentious bull shit.

And until you can find me minimalizing ANYONE’S death you owe me a fucking apology.

Fuck you bitch and your high horse pretentious bull shit.

Quote me one time saying anything like you insinuated and I will 100% apologize for my four letter word insanity on you right now. I will admit I was wrong both then (the quote) and now.

If you can’t apologize for being wrong.

Dude I don't care if you ever apologize to me. You're not the first person to call me a bitch and you won't be the last. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You're extremely worked up over a stranger on a message board. Go take another hike and relax. 

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posted by iclfan2

That sounds miserable.

I actually hate hugging and shopping, so it's been nice. 

Fab4Runner replied to "Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020" at 01:00 pm

Thinking about a new area rug for my living room, and a Bissell Crosswave if I can find a good deal on either. I haven't even really looked yet, though. 

Fab4Runner replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 09:22 am

Lol ok! I went to one outdoor march where literally everyone was wearing a mask and distanced, and then quarantined afterward. (That's sort of important! Zero people got sick and zero people died because of me.) No bars, no restaurants, no baby showers, no baptisms, no birthday parties, no weddings, haven't been to any store but a grocery...but yeah I've been a hypocrite this "entire thread" because of one outdoor activity that was just as risky as hiking at a crowded metropark. Sure! 

Am I perfect? No. Would I go to a wedding and then not quarantine? Would I go to work or out in public while symptomatic? Do I cry about masks? No.

I'm extremely close with my family and friends. I miss them. I haven't hugged anyone but my husband since March. I'm also willing to Zoom or text or call until it's safe to be together again. 

And jmog, you're the most pretentious dick on this site, so GFY. 

On Nov 13, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 03:42 pm
posted by QuakerOats

So it is a labor shortage, not so much an overwhelming number of patients overwhelming hospitals. 

So everything is fine as long as there's an open bed? I guess Covid patients don't need anyone to care for them. They can just lie there and rest until they die.

Fab4Runner replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 03:02 pm

Oh and I also live in Akron and there are plenty of people here who do not wear masks and who love to crowd people in line. I see it every time I go to the grocery store or gas station. There is not 95% mask usage here. 

Fab4Runner replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 02:58 pm


"jUsT StAy hOmE If yOu'Re sCaReD."

Cool, how about the people who don't attend weddings or parties or go to bars or restaurants, but then have to sit next to these selfish assholes at work? Some of these idiots went to work WHILE symptomatic. It's so depressing to me that people aren't willing to do the bare minimum to protect their fellow human beings. 

And yes, jmog and CC, I'm already aware that the people who died were old. Spare me.

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posted by friendfromlowry

I don't see where anyone told you that you shouldn't believe the Ohio DOH website numbers. Maybe I missed that post? 

My point is don't look at those numbers alone and consider yourself in any position to conclude hospitals aren't overwhelmed. As someone else said, these patients require more intense, time consuming care. It takes a lot resources to care for the very sick patients. 

Jmog once had a very sick 2nd cousin he took care of for 2 days. Trust me, he knows exactly how much resources it takes.

On Nov 8, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 12:43 pm

The fact that anyone could think Donald Trump's behavior and rhetoric is appropriate, especially as the leader of the free world, is very depressing. It's one thing to like his policies. To excuse and/or encourage his shitty personality and lying...it's a no from me. 

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I’m really enjoying the flailing from the Trump contingent. 

On Nov 6, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 11:06 am
posted by Spock

Now that Biden is ahead I bet the vote counting stops

On Nov 2, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "GOAT Thanksgiving side dish" at 02:12 pm
posted by justincredible

Hate it!

Fab4Runner replied to "What are you reading?" at 01:52 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I read that after watching HBO doc. HBO doc>>>book. Book was tedious in my opinion. 

I enjoyed the book. It obviously suffered since she passed away before finishing it, but I like her writing. 

Fab4Runner replied to "GOAT Thanksgiving side dish" at 01:51 pm

Mashed potatoes, no gravy. 

On Nov 1, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "What are you reading?" at 09:15 pm

Currently reading I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara, which is my 45th book of the year. 

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:13 pm
posted by jmog

I believe his response just shows your bias because you didn’t have that response to those rioting, which is FAR WORSE than following a bus.

Lol ok. I didn't realize I need to reply to every topic in every single thread. Is that a new requirement? You have no idea how I feel about rioting. 

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 08:29 pm
posted by iclfan2

Hilarious response. Why don’t those lazy fucks who riot all night get a life?

I don't know, bud! But the conversation was about people following a bus around an entire state for a weekend, and again, I'd like to encourage them to get a fucking life. 

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 01:15 pm

Why were they following the bus at all? Get a fucking life lol.

On Oct 25, 2020:

Fab4Runner replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 09:14 am
posted by jmog

Find where I came down on anyone for calling him a shitty person.

Calling people out for their BS about him being racist just because they don’t like him and they take things he says out of context or watches cut up video clips, etc is not defending him is pointing out their ignorance.

The left calling people racist, homophobic, etc to anyone that doesn’t think just like them is EXACTLY why this asshole got elected and they don’t see that they are doing it again. 

He didn’t get elected because people love him, he got elected because the left drove the middle road voters to him by their rhetoric and name calling.

If everyone is racist, then no one really is.

What if people say he's racist because he's racist

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posted by jmog

I can’t stand Trump, only thing I detest more than him is Bull shit, which I see a lot from those on this site with TDS.

Donald Trump is a shitty person and TERRIBLE leader. If pointing these things out over and over again when it comes to the President of the United States labels that person as someone with TDS then that's a bit crazy. Do some people go way overboard? Absolutely. I don't feel anyone on here does though. 



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