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13-3 is still in reach.

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Biden wins this shit show with 320 elector al votes.

Let it be written so it shall be done 

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So, the main thing I gather is that people spend their too-much-time doing stuff. And responding to stuff. And now I am, too.

I do remember this. Not WHO was mad about it, but I do remember the Oswalt to Reds joke and someone being pissed about it because apparently this site (or was it still the huddle back then?) is all about serious shit and nothing but serious shit.

It was on the huddle. 2006 or 2007. I broke it down into a 3 team deal of some sort.


Guess I never knew vball was thavoice 🤷🏻‍♂️


Huh?  Don't know who bball is.   Sorry.

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Just thinking about how through the years, everybody who has ever been on this site, in all its forms, has had their own specialty that they brought.

Some of us have drinking as their specialty, some excel in trolling, some in IT, some sports history, some in the financial sector, etc.

So, what's the specialty that you have brought to this site?

When I regularly posted I brought integrity and honor to the site ...

And pissing off sportlady.  That was always fun.

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my assistant has a night job for a major grocery chain cleaning the corporate offices at night and said they had a big meeting 2 nights ago and the head of the pharmacy told her to go to the store because we are headed for another shut down

USA Americans will not accept another shut down.  There is no way.

On Jul 20, 2020:

Picked a few things up at the Evan Williams and Neely Family Distilleries over the weekend. 

Goooood stuff.

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posted by MontyBrunswick

I'd imagine something like this is a high turnover item like a bike.

I'll bet you can find them on Craigslist for cheap

See lots of them for sale around the lake.   People think they are great, and they are fun, but so many are weekenders and it is too busy on the weekeneds for Kayaks...

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I'd imagine something like this is a high turnover item like a bike.

I'll bet you can find them on Craigslist for cheap

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To play the so called black national anthem before a game is fucking retarded.

With that said, if you give up the NFL because of it then you are equally retarded.

Imagine most folks who say that fall under the category like my mother in law, "I will never follow the NFL again after Kapernick kneeling for the NA. I dont care how many Super Bowls the Reds win, Ill never watch again"

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posted by gut

But don't you think defunding the gangs would probably be a much more effective approach?

Really think making drugs legal will defund gangs?

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posted by iclfan2

Lol Bill Deblasio helping paint BLM in front of Trump Tower with Al Sharpton is quite the look. Fucking idiot.

Also NYC, “ Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who was twice the city’s top cop, said that at its current rate the city has lost about 20 years of progress in battling crime, and risks returning to a time when the five boroughs were not nearly as safe”

Sounds like a great time to bring on another Law and Order show into the franchise.

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I think the govt and their Drs have bets on how far they can take it.

One of them just used their trump card, 'lets tell them they should wear them in their own homes'.

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Our area in SC is getting hit pretty hard, but a lot of it is due to tourism. It’s a fucked up conundrum bc businesses won’t survive without it, but you also have people clearly bringing it with them. There are no good options. (We have a mask mandate and capacity limitations). 

My area is big on tourists/weekenders so to speak. When the campground opened starting Memorial day it was booked all summer, but they have most bathrooms and shower houses closed which sucked.

Many of the events were cancelled and it sucks for local businesses.

There was to be fireworks on the 4th of July that take place on State grounds. The state said 'nah baby nah' so it was pushed back until Labor Day weekend to coincided with the Ring of Fire.

However, Becker Homes said "hold my beer" and offered their land right across the lake as a place to launch them. The state tried to stop the Chamber, but they had zero power to do so.   More donations poured in and it was their longest, best and most expensive they ever had.

They were still visible from the same places folks always would go and the place was PACKED, as was the lake that night full of boats.

It has been pretty busy over the weekends, but all the festivals and other gatherings have been cancelled for the most part.  A local church did hold their little shindig a couple of weeks ago tho.

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I do have 1/4 of a brain, so yeah, overqualified!

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I don’t think anyone wants audio cut out for 10+ seconds at a time, over and over. Have you ever been courtside at an NBA game? Its a war zone of words you can’t say on TV

No, but I would love to listen to the unedited broadcast. 

No doubt, but doubt it will ever happen.

Not because of the cussing, but because of the "insenstive" comments coming from players.   

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This election is going to be such a shitshow of epic proportions.

If Trump wins, we will have widespread riots like we have never seen before.

If that Biden guy wins, I foresee Trump barricading himself into the WH and not coming out.

We can only hope that as bad as it gets that we have hit rock bottom in our political system.  We are already hitting rock bottom in candidates, but lets hope this is finally the absolute worst it gets and in 4 years when the R's put up someone to run against Biden in his reelection that the US is in a much better place.

All great civilizations implode from within, and we are getting close. 

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Shooting for the stars and then realizing that, however insane this may sound, he's actually under-qualified for the gig.


So I went to work for the federal govt!

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Shooting for the stars, eh?

Shooting for the stars and then realizing that, however insane this may sound, he's actually under-qualified for the gig.

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Saw a stat a week or two ago.

last year at the 50 game mark, the WS champion would not have even made the postseason...



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