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Then they should tell him to fuck off and dare him to sit out for 2 years under a rookie contract.  

Is there not an edit feature yet?  I meant to add I didn't even realize he still had 2 years left on his contract.  That's a wild move on his part.  Was Njoku around when Rosenhaus encouraged Pryor to overplay his hand?  If so, he should know better. 

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Yeah Rosenhaus has asked the browns to trade him...2 years left on the contract. 

I know you guys aren’t high on him, but he’s only 23. I don’t like this. And now teams will trade rape us because they know we’ve got to get something for him 

Then they should tell him to fuck off and dare him to sit out for 2 years under a rookie contract.  

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This is why I like the idea of Jefferson. Sacramento does not represent NorCal. Let the conservative counties of Oregon join them and create a new state. I bet it'd actually vote in some libertarians. But, of course, liberals HATE the idea of Jefferson and conservatives HATE the idea of DC statehood so we're all held hostage by political parties that don't give a flying f*ck about anything that doesn't push their re-election.

It's all bullshit.

This is exactly why the majority of  DC statehood supporters are full of shit. If you’re not ok with other areas of the country (like California) carving up their own representation, then you’re most likely full of shit. Ptown to be fair is the first guy I’ve seen support DC statehood and somewhat other states carving up their own representation. He’s the exception to the rule.

I’ll support DC statehood when other disenfranchised populations can do the same thing.

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The size does not matter. Again, DC has more people than Wyoming and Vermont. Also, yes they have a local government, but have zero say so on any matters that happen within DC. Congress controls and dictates nearly everything in DC, yet DC has zero say so in the matter. 

The people are pushing it because it is about getting representation for 700k people. It is the literal reason we left England. The feds can tax DC, but they cannot voice their opinion on the matter. 

Also, sure they know they do not have the right to have Reps in Congress when a person moves here, but does that make it right or fair? What if you have to move here for a job from out of state and need to be near the office in DC? What then, you just don't have the right to voice your vote in Congress? Sorry, tough. It is dumb. 

It’s not about size, yet you’re entire post and argument is about size....

Also if you’re argument is about population you know DC is pretty fickle.  It’s not beyond imagination that many people can move out to the bordering states and significantly reduce DC’s population. It has happened before. Or (I hope to god) the Government significantly reduces it’s scope. In that case you would also see a drop. The bubble is going to burst in DC with how expensive housing is.

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Yeah...the people of MD do not want that. By a wiiiide margin. 

Aren’t you a MD resident? How do you feel about this?

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Haha imagine living in a city/state/territory, and wanting to pass a bill. And someone from outside your city/state/territory says “no, you shouldn’t get this. You chose to live there”

Unreal logic 

I lived downtown for 7 years and still pay taxes there.  I have seen enough to jump on the “fuck making them a state” bandwagon.

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2 years married on 14 July. Been together for over 7 years. Let’s hear some sage advice from the long timers here! Especially those with kids.

I agree with Jmog you and your wife are the cornerstones your kids lives will be built on.  Focus on keeping that together and you will do well.

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2 years married on 14 July. Been together for over 7 years. Let’s hear some sage advice from the long timers here! Especially those with kids.

No matter the age of your kids or how many, always put your marriage first and kids second. 

This sounds so counter against the current culture, but putting kids first ends up being one the main things that lead to divorce down the road. Whether its while they are growing up or when they are all adults and you have to "re-learn" your spouse. 

If you put your marriage first, raising the kids will be second nature. 

And another thing, love is not an emotion, infatuation is an emotion. Love is a choice, love is an action. 

You have to choose each day, when you wake up, that you are going to SHOW your spouse, that day, that you love him/her. And everyone understands love in different terms. Your spouse may understand love when you spend time with them, or when you buy them a gift, or when you just listen to them, or yes, during physical activities. Read the book "The 5 Love Languages". It really explains a lot.

95% of the time our spouse does not have the same love language as we do, but until you truly understand that, you try to show them love the same way you understand it. They don't feel loved the same way you do. So it falls on "deaf ears" so to speak.

If every day you wake up or go to bed with the thought "I need to show this person, not tell them, that I love them in a way they will understand it (their love language)" then a marriage can and will mend itself rather quickly.

For reference, in 2013 my wife and I almost divorced. We were a day or 2 away from a separation/not living together and it would have been divorce from there. 

After 2 days of nothing but talking about EVERYTHING, we DECIDED that divorce was not an option for us and that we both had some things we were doing to the other person that were not right. We decided that we would, every day, TRY to make the other know they were loved. 

7 years later we are still together, hasn't always been peaches and roses, but it has been much better than before 2013.

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Hot take: not a big seinfield fan 

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Lol, do you guys just automatically go mentally retarded when a gun rights conversation comes up?

Do I have to say it again? I NEVER said the inbreds don’t have their rights to stand outside with guns. There’s no issue there at all. The issue is the woman walking up closer to the protestors and waiving the gun in their faces with her finger on the trigger. You guys all agreed that she shouldn’t have done that. Lol because I said the protestors didn’t barrel through a fucking gate, that all of a sudden means I’m against property rights, hate guns, don’t know the difference between an assault rifle and semi automatic blah blah blah. 

And you wonder why the same 7 people post on this site!

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SnL going full stupid, never go full stupid. 

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If you believe in property rights, then you shouldn’t have any issue with the couple coming out armed. If you don’t believe in property rights, then I can understand why you would be rattled. It’s as simple as that. 

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2 years married on 14 July. Been together for over 7 years. Let’s hear some sage advice from the long timers here! Especially those with kids.

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29 years in October

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My wife and I are celebrating 11 years today. We're getting close to the point of having known each other for more than half our lives. We were both 19 when we met and we'll both be turning 38 soon. Yikes.

How long have you all been together?

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So, the US is back to caring about Covid?

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Like, what incentive do I have to keep paying the bill each month?

Honestly, none. But at least call it what it is and say the place got stupid because S&L came back. 

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And I will add, why is that rope look literally brand new?

Maybe because the rope is about a year old and tracks only have a handful of races each year?

Someone else already said the rope was like that last year.  There's no conspiracy, just someone with a sick sense of humor.  I'm sure people who were calling Bubba the new Jussie Smollet won't have much more to say on the subject.

I called him Smollet, and that was obviously inaccurate. Not even close to being the same thing.  Doubling down wasn’t the bet move after the investigation though.

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Complaining on a message board, even those as bad as QO and Spock/CC, is not even close to the same league as those literally screaming and balling their eyes out claiming everyone was going to die. This literally happened all over the place back in November 2016.


Don't get me wrong, QO and Spock are snowflakes too, but I didn't see anyone claiming "we were all going to die" while screaming at the sky back in November of 2008.  


Come on, intellectually you know that to be true, go watch the November 2016 compilation videos on youtube of people going absolutely bonkers because Trump won.

The main difference between the two overreactions is it never stopped after 2016. 



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Imagine my shock.

I don't know how many times this shit needs to happen before people say "wait a minute, I am going to let the facts and investigation play out first."  We are in the witch hunt phase, which will ultimately cause more harm than good for this cause.   Will Cain broke it down nicely, our media once again has failed us. short thread sums it up pretty well.

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I hate to admit it, but it's kind of hard to dismiss that this was a publicity stunt.  I'm certainly not suggesting Bubba was part of it, and I bet he'll be pretty pissed off being associated with such an idea.  It just seems like more than a few people would have had to know better before this thing blew up.



If this was a publicity stunt, then it was the dumbest stunt every.

Nascar:  Hey guise everyone already perceives our “sport” to be full of a bunch of red neck racists. You know what would be a good idea? Let’s take advantage of everyone’s emotions and report a noose (it’s not really a noose LOL) is hanging in the garage of our only black driver.  We will gain so many more fans outside of our niche loyal fanbase after this PR 101!

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Bubba is doubling down with Don Lemon. Wow. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since it was reported that he'd never seen it and it was reported by a member of his crew. Now I know this guy is a dingus.

So, he decided to take the Juicy Smollet approach?  Nice. 




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