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So, I said I would make a post about critical theory and my life experiences.  I haven’t forgotten. I am making notes and working on it. My problem is that I’m going to have to chop this into segments because when I start thinking about one thing, I start remembering more and it would be such a long ass post that it would make O-Trap proud. 

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posted by gut
Yes and no.

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I also highly disagree with Gut’s take that this will hurt Trump.  If anything it will hurt the GOP if they DON’T approve Trump’s nominee.

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McConnell already said the senate will vote on a nomination.  Jam her thru.  This is Harry Reid’s legacy.

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For what reason?  Joe would give an honest interview and let him really dig into the weeds on why he does what he does.  I think Rogan would agree with about 75% of what Trump would say

Trump would not be able to handle Rogan for 2-4 hours. 

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Good win, but the defense really needs to figure it out.  I stand by my take that the season is over if they don't go 2-0 during weeks 2 and 3.   Browns have extra time to prepare and recover for the team formerly known as the Redskins. 

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I listen to Rogan all the time.  One of the best podcasts.  He wouldnt let either of those 2 get away with any of the political crap.

If Trump was smart, He would go on Rogans podcast by himself.  

This would be terrible idea for Trump to do before the election. 

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No mention...

I assume you have to be trolling at this point?

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LMFAO, this caught me off guard.  

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You're seriously stupid and blind if you think Ben is overweight, much less fat.  An easy internet search (which any non-moron can do) would convince any non-morons Ben has never played fat.  Anyone who's watched him play would know he moves too well to be "fat", not to mention there's never been a halfway decent fat QB in the NFL.

This is Ben in 2019 camp.  Notice the definition in the arms and shoulders.  That's a guy who might be 12-15% body fat.  Probably way healthier than you.

Here's another from 2019.  Again, notice the definition (and vein) in the forearm - not what you see in someone overweight.  I'd have to search for the lockeroom pick I saw in 2018, but he was even better shape then when he had defined biceps.

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The cop should have done some questioning to the man before shooting? What about running? Maybe the man was just trying to give the cop a hug and he ran?! 

Nowhere in any news did either of those things get mentioned when I had about 15-20 minutes of morning reading. I don't care what happened or how, if someone is running at me with a knife...I'm shooting. The cop was called on a domestic violence call. The last thing I checked was "violence" doesn't typically mean "nice things." Sorry I cannot understand your narrative here.

EDIT: was able to do some additional digging. He was not autistic, from the reports I read. He was bipolar and schizophrenic. His sister called to try to get him "involuntarily committed." He had an episode and was off his medication.

The deceased also was involved in an altercation in March 2019 where he stabbed 4 people, including a 16-year-old boy in the face. In May 2015 he was charged with stalking, harassment, and trespassing.

So, if any of this was known by the responding officer, then the officer knew there was a chance more violence could occur...maybe. 

It's a sad story. I cannot begin to understand mental illness. I wish there was more that could be done to prevent it, and prevent incidents like this.

What? SnL completely wrong in about everything he posted? You don't say?!

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He’s wincing every time he’s touched  and sometimes just planting his foot to run.

He has been doing dramatic shit like this his entire career.  I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. I’m sure at some point this season he will be in a walking boot and then play the next day.

You are right though, he is a fatass. It works in his favor.

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Parkey now on the roster. Njoku to ir (can come back after 3 weeks).


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Listening to sports radio this morning is miserable. I can't imagine how bad it will be if they lose on Thursday. I wonder what the line on that game will be. 

Season is over if the Browns don't go 2-0 the next two weeks.  This isn't a hot take. 

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It's the quit in the Browns that irks me.  It is like watching a high school team that is not mature enough to hang in there when the chips are down.  The Browns have been this way for 20 years.  You can turn on the tv, not see the score and know immediately how the team is doing by watching their body language.  It's deeply, deeply ingrained in the culture.  

I disagree a little bit, and I hit on this a little bit with my rant.  There have been teams where they would fight hard for the entire game, but you knew ultimately they would most likely lose, because they did not have the talent to make plays down the stretch.  It was boring, but they would normally grind out the entire game to make it respectable. If they were "broken," it normally happened somewhere in the 4th quarter.  This current group fucking quits halfway thru the first quarter. Like I said, not even the 1-15 and 0-16 teams did this. 

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Wonder if there will be this cop mutiny like “okay if everything we do is wrong then fuck all yall, police yourselves while we stand by and watch” 

That is already happening.

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These morons are now protesting another “good” kill in Lancaster PA. Yet I’m supposed to take them seriously.

The cop should have waited to be stabbed before shooting him.

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Sure.  I've heard that argument for most of the past 10 years.  But it's based on projections, not results.  CLE sucks because their fans have seriously overrated the coaches and players for 15+ years.

CLE will never be good until they get a legit decent QB.  And Baker Mayfield ain't it.

No, no you haven't.

Anyone who knows football and has been following the Browns since their return knows this roster is better than any roster they ever had.  Nobody here is overrating players on this roster like Gocong, MoMass, Heiden, Wright, Hardesty, Rubin, Mitchell etc. (way too many to list).  This roster actually has pro bowl talent (source: actual pro bowl selections).  Unfortunately, they have an all-rookie mode attitude. 

You do have a point about Baker.  It doesn't help he has had 4 coaches since being drafted, but if he shows no improvement this season, it is time to move on.  This is year 3, produce results or gtfo. So far he peaked during his rookie season and has not adjusted to the rest of the league adjusting to him. 

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Looks like Browns may have already quit. 

I posted my rant in the Browns thread, but yes they did.  This is the only analysis you need for that team. 



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