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Biden calling that reporter a SOB is hilarious. Hope he starts with the mean tweets next.

Isn’t there supposed to be a news cycle about how the free press is under attack? I thought how this works.

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posted by iclfan2

Biden calling that reporter a SOB is hilarious. Hope he starts with the mean tweets next.

Isn’t there supposed to be a news cycle about how the free press is under attack? I thought how this works.

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I find the theory interesting. Glad you had it all figured out in college.

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I’d have taken it, gotten the offer, and declined immediately at that point. Or maybe waited the length they gave for a decision. Either way, I’d make them waste more resources and time on me just to say no. 

I think this is the best route, unless they give an offer you couldn’t refuse.  This company definitely has red flags.

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Yet, he only invades Ukraine when Democrats are POTUS.  Strange.

Really strange. You would figure that he would have done this when he had his puppet in the White House for 4 years. Pretty hilarious to see the russian collusion wackos silent over all of this.  These wackos weren’t just dumbasses making comments on Twitter either.

None of this is surprising if you look back at history. This dates back to JFK and maybe even before JFK. Historically speaking, the Russians/Soviets have always viewed democrat presidents as pussies.

With that being said, I will agree with Biden staying out of it.

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here's where i go with this debate now that i've got it and am trying to do treatments to get over it. 

1. we shouldn't be politicizing any treatment. I can't get monoclonal antibodies (they are out of the one that treats omicron and that's what i've got according to all the Dr.'s that i've asked) none of the hospitals or pharmacies have paxlovid, so i can't get that. Ivermectin is available but no one will give it to me because joe rogan isn't a doctor so i have been told. HOWEVER my sister in law takes ivermectin for some arthritis condition she has, so i have started taking hers as of yesterday and it may be placebo, but my breathing and cough are quite a bit better 24hours after taking it. My point is if there is nothing else available why can't you give me something that might not work, but definitely won't make me worse? 

2. Testing and treatment need to really ramp up if we ever want to be truly back to normal. like i said i couldn't be treated right now normally, unless i was admitted to a hospital. but it took me 2 days to get tested once i showed symptoms and  3 days to get my results back once i got swabbed. by the time i knew i had it (for sure, i was acting like i did as soon as the 104 fever started) my symptoms (aside from the cough and shortness of breath) were GONE.  someone else might not have been so lucky. whatever bottleneck is in place to slow that process down needs to be fixed ASAP.

To point #2, it would help if so many people stopped getting unnecessary tests.

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Masks for liberals = maga hats for trumpers.  

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Lol I’m not gonna quote that, but teachers saying you can’t measure their performance is hilarious. Like no one else has ever worked a job. So hard.

Based on the severe lack of understanding of our constitution and the electoral college, I would say it’s easily measurable.

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Not just bitching, but "NO ONE ELSE HAS IT AS BAD AS ME!!!!!" whining. The combination of general stupidity and total lack of dignity is not becoming.

Damn, I know we have some good posters here, who are teachers, but I have said this shit about teachers for a long time.  Even in college, the education majors tend to bitch the most about how hard they had it. 

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I dont think that is even the Raiders game.....

You know what, I think you're right. I'm beginning to think this didn't actually happen...

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We all knew that the Steelers had no business being in the playoffs and they had no chance to win.

It’s nice to see the rapist’s last playoff games all ended in ass whoopings. 

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posted by majorspark

Looks like you just gave the Feds an interest free loan.  You will get your your money back sometime after April 15, 2023.  Until then shut up and enjoy da roads.

Exactlt, lol. Justin clearly doesn’t appreciate living in a civilized society and roads. 

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So far this administration has been a disaster. Just taking L after L. Even Trump had a few W’s here and there. Sheesh, just embarrassing.

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The good news for Biden is he won't remember any of this in the morning. 

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I don't remember anyone arguing with those two about vaccine passports.  That idea isn't anything new or "about to happen".  If you travel internationally, you need one.  If you want to go out to dinner in NYC, you need one.  There are plenty of examples.  I'm not arguing that they are doing much to help, but they aren't anything that hasn't been around for a long time now.  

I am talking about before vaccines were available.  People brushed the vaccine passports aside as tin foil hat shit. 

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I am glad this turned into the COVID conspiracy thread...

I don't know if QO or CC touched on this, because I just scroll thru their conversations 95% of the time, but the one thing I will give them if they mentioned it are the vaccine passports. 

A LOT of people (including this site) acted like that was tin foil hat shit.  All of Europe essentially does it, and there are states/cities in the US that are doing it and I am not talking about private businesses requiring proof of vaccine.  In this case, the tin foil hat crew turned out to be right and the only argument I see is to move the goal posts and say shit like "LoL ItS nOt LiKe U wiLL EvEr LeAvE OhIo, So Y dO YoU cAre?"  You might a well just admit you were wrong about the passports at this point. 

Speaking of vaccine passports and mandates, it's hilarious that people think these actually do anything at this point.  The cases continue to skyrocket this winter, yet some people actually believe a piece of paper or a QR code to enter a resturaunt is helping. 

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I'll chime in to provide the flying across EU borders perspective.  TL;DR: it's a pain in the ass and sometimes depending on how long the trip is, the juice is not worth the squeeze.  You can also tell me "QQ/STFU like_that, because you get to travel Europe for cheap."

I don't understand what the purpose of the EU is anymore other than trying to keep the Euro relatively strong.  None of these countries are in sync and they change their COVID policies anytime they take a piss.  For instance, Italy's policy (like most countries) was you can enter without a COVID test as long as you are vaccinated.  Exactly one day prior to flying to Paris, the Italian Government decided they didn't care about vaccines anymore and now require a negative test if you are entering from ANY EU country.  We were just going to Paris for a weekend, so we had to scramble to find a pharmacy for testing, which is a lot harder than you think if you need to get that test on a Sunday.  Most of Europe shuts down on Sundays.  Luckily, our airbnb was right next to a pharmacy that did tests on Sunday mornings.  Logistically and for planning purposes it's a real pain in the ass.  I can't remember the last time we have booked a trip longer than 10 days in advance, because these countries change their regulations so suddenly.  Also, the amount of documentation you have to carry with you when you travel now is obnoxious (passport, covid pass, negative tests, etc).   The best part is you're still crammed in these 100% capacity flights sitting next to strangers (most airlines have 3 seater rows).    It's all a dog and pony show. 

The best part is, once we arrive to Italy they never check any of these things.  I returned to Italy from Sudan (don't ask why, but fuck that place) last year when vaccines were not available.  It took me about 5 minutes to get thru passport control.  They didn't check shit.  All I had to do was fill a declaration form that said I was not feeling feverish and I do not have COVID.  

I won't confirm/deny now that we have several negative tests from several countries, it is possible to PDF and change the date since they don't scrutinize the tests.  We might or might not have taken advantage of adobe...

Don't get me wrong, we are still traveling and living our lives.  The fact that we don't have kids helps a lot.  I can't imagine doing this with kids. 

Edit:  The added layer of getting stuck in another country sucks too.  It would be better to test positive in Italy, because the worst case is we can rent a car and get back home.  If you're stuck in another country, that shit can get expensive, especially if you're just sitting in a small ass hotel room.

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1/6 is already out of the news cycle.  Even the left knows that nobody gives a fuck. 

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So if the Browns are without their QB and Bengals are without their QB (and Mixon and others)…..Browns are 5 point favorites?

Wonder what the spread would be based off the players that played last week? Bengals by 16? Cincy a lot of players out but they are still going to want to win….I’m not convinced the Browns want to win.

There is 0 reason for the Browns to attempt to win this game, which means they most likely will win this game. 

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It's Drew Magary.  He used to be writer for Deadspin and was their best writer during their hay days. You might have remembered his annual "Why Your Team Sucks" blog.   As you can imagine, he went full retard (as did everyone at deadspin), and his best employment opportunity is for SF Gate apparently.  Regardless, rapistberger is still a piece of shit. 



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