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Colin Kaepernick’s step parents gave him a loving home and set himself for success.  He proceeds to throw them under the bus to make a few extra bucks.

Great guy.

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Not that I thought the Cavs had any shot of beating the Celtics in a playoffs series, but last night pretty much solidified for me that there is 0 upset potential. 

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Wasn't sure where to discuss this, but can some of you left leaning posters (including the self proclaimed moderates) answer the following questions regarding 6 Jan?

-Why did the 6 Jan committee not share the footage of the police escorting the super horned qanon man, including unlocking doors for him?

-Why did the 6 Jan committee edit the famous Senator Hawley running clip to make it seem like he was the only one running for his life, when in reality the unedited footage shows him trailing at the back of the pack of many running lawmakers?

-Why did the media not question and still are not questioning our lawmakers on why the footage was withheld from the public?

I made a comment that the liberals of the past went missing and never came back after 2008.  Pre 2008 the liberals would ask these simple questions. 

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Sounding very 2003 liberal you are...

Sadly, those liberals pretty much went missing around 2008 and were never to be seen again.  

If they ever come back, they will be ashamed to see that liberals became everything that they hated. 

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Good to see this thread back thriving at the top. Everyone in agreement now I assume.

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posted by BR1986FB

Shit like this is cringey when the left does it, and it doesn't make it less cringey if someone on the right does it (assuming she is on the right). 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I don’t think most people were accusing anyone thinking it came from a Chinese lab as being part of the tinfoil hat crowd, so this isn’t really some sort of redemption.

When I mentioned it very early on, a few posters called me an idiot conspiracy theorist.  And all I said was there was a decent chance it leaked from a lab.

Of course, those posters were conditioned by a certain segment of the media that ANY questioning - no matter how rational or grounded in fact - of the official narrative was a "conspiracy nut".

The people who said it could have accidentally escaped a lab were deliberately grouped with the "bio-weapon" nuts.  Anti-science and the like.

Govt has been shown to lie over and over and over.  But, c'mon guys, it's not cool to question authority.  People could die.

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posted by gut

LOL - Musk kicked me off of twitter!

I never tweeted, and used it only to follow a dozen or so people.  Usually via a widget on my phone, so didn't even sign-in regularly or access the platform (although my widget would have).

Just discovered my widget hadn't updated since late December, and tried to log in and said couldn't find my account!  Guess they thought I was a bot or fake account.

My account was blocked for a week for a similar reason, and then it was finally resinstated. 

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posted by gut

You guys remember we directly armed and trained the Taliban during the 10 years USSR invaded Afghanistan, right?

And the soviet union aided N Vietnam during the Vietnam war.   This has been going on for decades. 

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posted by Laley23

They dont have a Tatum, or Giannis, or Jokic, or etc. But, I think Mitchell and Garland are starting to figure out in end of game situations that they ARE that, just as a combo. Garland is one of the best decision makers I have ever seen at the PG spot. Never waits for the defense. Gets the screen, and goes. Forces the defense to react to him going to basket. Mitchell is a shotmaker. Allen is the perfect big man PnR for both of them. And the guy who is the key to it all and the entire team is immensely better this year (despite what idiots in the national media say), Mobley. And the last 1.5 months, he has taken it up and even bigger notch. He can get it in the short roll and attack, or kick, or draw the D and lob it. He can score. He is doing defensive things we havent seen an a bit. Likely to lead the league in Defensive Win Shares and its getting better each game. So an outside chance he gets up over 5. In the last 5 years, only Gobert, Giannis, and Drummond have gone over 5 in a given season. 

Long story short, the players they have are perfect for the current NBA, and compliment each other well. Top-10 in offense. Best defense. Best net rating. Missing a bench, though Rubio (and JBs shortened bench) has stabilized a bit. Okoro shooting lights out has also helped, and remains to be seen if that is a real thing. But the numbers and the reason for the numbers being up, suggest it is -- as long as he is open.

I like the positive vibes. Im very high on Mobley. I’m not sure which national media guys you are referring to, but there are a lot who have bought a lot of Mobley stock. The main key is staying healthy and actually playing a real playoff series (preferably more than one).

Who can they acquire in the off-season to take them over the top?

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posted by Laley23

Get someone’s login. Become a Cavs fan. Watch your team win 5 of the next 8 titles.

Late to the party here, but if you are serious then please elaborate. 

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posted by Heretic

As I've said before, maybe the Rs should have tried running someone more qualified than a quack TV doctor against the stroke guy. They only have themselves to blame in some of these states (Georgia for another) because they trotted out complete clowns.

Oh, and since Pennsylvania's House representation is only 9-8 in favor of the Ds and voted for Trump in 2016, I'm guessing it's more a battleground state than one that only looks at the letter in front of the name. Senate might be 2-0 Ds, but like I said, that's on the Rs for putting up a joke candidate and hoping Trump's endorsement still carried enough weight.

Nothing else more needs to be said.  Rs lost this seat.  This was a very winnable seat.  Rs lost a lot of very winnable seats and only have themselves to blame. 

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I was at a kids birthday party on Saturday night and when they shot down another one a dad said, "aliens come to earth, and this is what will happen. We will fuck them up". And he was 100% serious. 

Ok buddy - they have mastered intergalactic space travel, but we are gonna take them out. Yep. 

If it were aliens, we would be done for if they wanted lol.

If they are aliens they are going to be extremely disappointed with what they see here and just move on. 

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posted by majorspark
The question that will never be answered is why was is not detected and shot down before it ever endangered anthing on the ground.

According to Ptwon they needed nearly a week for the most powerful military in the world to figure out how to strike a balloon.

The real answer is they didn't want to address it during Blinken's visit to China.  Their plan was thwarted when it was exposed in to be a Chinese balloon. 

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Sure shoot it down not knowing what it is and where it could land and hurt someone or destroy something on the ground...

In Montana? LOL.  

Also, they needed numerous days to figure out how to shoot it down?   Is that how low the bar is set for you and the DoD?  Certainly not for me.  I can't imagine you applying this same logic if China actually sent a bigger threat via the sky. 

Something tells me that not even you are buying the bullshit that you are trying to sell here. 

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posted by Laley23

LeBron breaking this record should have been a story for a fucking year. This is incredible stuff we are watching. Instead, we had to put up with 2 months of Curry "Can he hit 37 threes tonight to break a record nobody even considered a record until just now?" Then next game, "Can he get 33 tonight to break it? Are you gonna bet against him?".

Meanwhile, Lakers game wasnt even going to be broadcast until last night TNT got it for Tuesdays game. Its wild to me that one of the biggest records in sports is being brushed aside. 

Lebron drama and antics aside, everyone has taken his career for granted.  Not only is he about to break an all time record, but he just recently moved to #4 all time for assists.  That barely got a subtle mention from the media.

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Should’ve been shot down the second it was identified as a Chinese “aircraft.

Incompetence  at best for our current regime, but I’m leaning that they are just pussies. 

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It's fine to listen to them sure. I just give little to no credibility to the people that took the video. 

What they said could easily have been changed or edited. That is my point. You cannot take what they said at face value.

Nor any video posted online that gives you so much outrage on here. 

Moderate Ptown: Words spoken directly from somebody on video do not mean anything.

Also Moderate Ptown: Guise Trump totally called dead American war veterans "losers."  We must believe the anonymous sources, because the journalist, who reported it is credible (because I like him).

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Still no footage of all this waring going on.  Seems like all of our excursions into the middle east was filmed and shown daily on the news.  Funny how I have yet to see anything from Ukraine. 

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That's something a Browns player would do in a crucial moment.

Yes, 100%.  Even if the rules are soft when it comes to the QB, everyone knows the rules at this point.  



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