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Will the Ptowns of the world finally admit that the Obama/Biden foreign policy playbook is trash (without mentioning Bush)?

On Nov 2, 2023:

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posted by gut

But wasn't 'ol Bone Spurs the first POTUS in a long long time NOT to get us involved in any new concflicts, and actually got us out of 1 or 2?

Stop.  Now that we have an adult in office, the world respects us again!

On Oct 15, 2023:

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So, is it now ok to say all lives matter? Seems to be the case according to the left. 

On Oct 7, 2023:

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Yes. Mccarthy set himself up to fail as he did agree to the condition that any one member can bring a motion. That is what happened.

The funny thing is, we all know it on here,but it rarely gets mentioned: if we really, really want to tackle the debt, be honest about it. It means drastic cuts to the entitlement programs and the defense budget. But, Republicans know that would get them no where as those are really popular. So,they argue about 20% of federal spending,  while ignoring the real causes. 

There is a lot of fat in the DOD that can be cut, and they still would be the world’s most powerful military by miles. 

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posted by justincredible

I've been eating Good Culture and Daisy recently and both are very good.

Good culture is up there for the best imo.

Some countries in Europe sell cottage cheese by weight at the markets. Those are very good.

On Aug 28, 2023:

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posted by gut

How?  China is projected to have the largest navy in the world by 2027, possibly more advanced than the US.  The US would have to rely on a decisive edge from it's subs.

Taiwan has no chance of fighting against China without assistance.  And unlike Russia/Ukraine, China is fully capable of blockading Taiwan from receiving that outside support.

China is still far off from becoming a blue water navy, and after that they will need quite a few decades of playing an away game to figure it out. On top of that, their weapons systems do not touch the US. A lot of people need to pump the brakes on the Chinese military hype.

On Jul 15, 2023:

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posted by gut

I'm more concerned about what happens when China takes back Taiwan.

Surprised it hasn't happened already.  Probably waiting to see if Biden gets re-elected.

I don’t know why the assumption is that China will take Tawain so easily.

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"Actually, cluster bombs are good when we use them and here's why..."

- Some #VoteBlueNoMatterWho nerd

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posted by Fletch

I cant wait to have Trump back

The hell with that….

We’re just relieved to have you back.

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posted by Ironman92

Surprised on Kolber and Young

I understand letting Kolber go, but they should have let her go out on her own. Mcshay surprises me too.

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posted by CenterBHSFan

It is my opinion that between social media and Lord of the Flies style groupthink the Overton Window has been pushed so far out of the bounds of rational thought that a large portion of people have gotten caught up in it. 

The following will now get you labeled as not only some sort of ist/phobe, it will also cause you to be deemed lazy and sheltered (as if that is some sort of insult lol):

- objecting to Frankensteining kid's bodies
- objecting to drag queens gyrating suggestively in front of kids
- objecting to explicit kink/hyper sexualized books in public elementary/middle schools (the state)
- objecting to public schools (the state) participating in and hiding from parents the transing of kids

In the last 10 or so years, we have seen the left shit their pants and wanting to remove Mark Twain books because of the N-word, to now wanting kids to read about and view pictures on how to suck a strap-on dildo. It is now a badge of honor for them to take kids to a pride parade to see nude men roleplaying sexual acts.
The shift happened so remarkably fast, further accelerated by people who want to fit in so desperately, that they are willing to pigeonhole their morals and sense of balance to fit in with their crowd and not be called names themselves. 

If it weren't for the fact that kids are the focal point, I would find it hilarious.
But kids ARE the centralized feature in all of this and I find what is being done to them sickening and horrific. 

This doesn’t actually happen at pride events or at school. Don’t believe me? Just ask ptown, who collects “friends” of all types, so he can drop that card in a debate, or ask gblock, because the one school he teaches at he hasn’t seen anything that is discussed in the media.

On Jun 28, 2023:

like_that replied to "Transgenderism" at 07:52 am
posted by iclfan2

It went from we aren’t grooming your children to openly calling for it pretty quickly. And the enemy of the people found a way to defend it.

The pride parade went from activism in the 70s to what we have now, which is pretty much a sexualization parade.  Just look at videos/photos of pride parades in other decades vs now.  It would be no different than a bunch of straight people marching around and expressing their sexuality.  Which event would get a free pass?

And yes ptown, I have been to various pride parades, which include two locations that you have already referenced.  Neither is kid friendly.

like_that replied to "Transgenderism" at 07:46 am
posted by justincredible

I don't know why it didn't pull in the tweet he was replying to, probably because of "nudity" or something. It won't like me embed it, here is the link:

This can’t be real. Ptown told us that he is the only person on this site that has been to 100 pride events a year + he is friends with at least 20 of each letter in the LGBTQI+123 community.  According to Ptown, all pride events are kid friendly and only ptown’s anecdotal experiences and interpretation of “kid friendly” are reliable. Please delete this fake news post now.

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posted by justincredible

Twitter link

Thankfully this wasn't a man and a woman. That would be indecent.

I removed the tweet preview and provided a link instead, since there is a bare male ass in the preview image. 

Further context: It was from a supposedly family friendly parade in LA (local news broadcast it, afaik). Two guys in the bed of a truck, leather-clad, one guy whipping another's bare ass.

Yeah, but you need to go to like 40 pride events a year, have at least 70 friends of the LGBTQI2389!!)+ community, and go to at least 30 of their cookouts to understand why this is family friendly.  Until you do that, you're ignorant. /ptown

Seriously though LOL at ptown trying to say pride events are family friendly, especially in cities where posters live/have lived. 

On May 30, 2023:

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posted by iclfan2

Picture doesn’t load for me but I assume it’s about them calling Latinos white supremacists. So Asians and Latinos down, not much left. 

Edited to provide the link, but here it is.

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Lebron said he was considering retirement last night which I don’t think is real surprising. I’m sure the older athletes get, they all consider it at least a little every offseason.

But if his goal is to play with Bronny he still has to go through another year. 

LeBron is a PR genius.  He makes one statement and the narrative shifts from "LeSwept" to "Is he coming back?"

like_that replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:22 am

Over/Under 3 years, before the media starts pushing black white supremacy? We are not far from the  Clayton Bigsby skit becoming reality.

On May 14, 2023:

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posted by CenterBHSFan

Well, CNN is now on The Shit List. How dare they let political opposition be heard!

Despite the fact that AOC is full of shit 99% of the time, these tweets pretty much sum up the left's relationship with Trump since he inserted himself into the politics game. 

On one end he is the most vile and evil person in the world, yet on the other end they are all ok with propping him up, because they know having him front in center is currently the best way for dems to win elections or in the media's case it's a cash cow (look at CNN's ratings from one Trump town hall v.s. their average ratings).  

On May 6, 2023:

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Although we can't say for certain this guy was black until confirming that he voted Democrat

On May 3, 2023:

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

I'm catching up reading through things and this one made me laugh.

Serious question: Have you ever been to a pride event?

I've been going to them for almost 20 years now, from Columbus, to DC, MD, and VA. They have been full of families and great events. Hell, at one of the festivals, I signed up for Costco. I've had friends and family with their kids attend their events and it is fine. 

I'm not sure if that matches whatever you are seeing on social media, but your view is laughable and sheltered to me. 

I lived in DC for 7 years and was around 6 of 7 years for the Pride Parade.  Did you not pay attention at the DC Pride Parade, or are you just lying about attending?  There is plenty of activity at that parade that children shouldn't see.  

Maybe you are thinking about when you started going 20 years ago, but in the last 10 or so years the pride parade has shifted to a sexual expression parade.



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