On Apr 29, 2023:

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Trump wasn’t winning shit.  Granted he looks better than this old fool, but he didn’t “win” a thing.

Not true. He won Quaker's heart and is the reason he has about two dozen really crusty socks that he's had to dispose of over the years.

On Apr 14, 2023:

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Handmaid's Tale is a weekly drop.

On Jan 15, 2023:

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posted by gut

I guess so.  TBH, S5 and S6 drop significantly in quality, but still entertaining. 

But when you do subscribe to Paramount+, also definitely check out 1888 which is one season and excellent.  They also just started 1923, which will probably be 1 season.

S2 of Mayor of Kingstown is starting.  It's extremely dark, probably too much so for a lot of people.  It has some pretty disturbing stuff.  Overall it has a lot of potential, but I'm still a bit on the fence.

1923 has already been renewed for a 2nd season. 

On Jan 11, 2023:

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posted by BR1986FB

Eggs almost $6 at Walmart for an 18 pack

Nearly 58 million chickens dead because of Avian flu.

On Dec 28, 2022:

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posted by QuakerOats

That was essentially a transmission problem; it was not a raw material (nat gas) problem.  

There were no issues last week when temps plunged. 

Not all was well in Texas last week. You'd think a company HQ'd in Findlay, OH would have this winter thing figured out. Alas, that is not the case.

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posted by friendfromlowry


Everyone ready for arctic air? Going to be 41 degrees when I go into work tonight and -2 when I leave in the morning. Wild. Can’t wait. 

Imagine getting on a plane in 85 degree weather and landing 3 hours later at -15. Happened to an aunt and uncle of mine a few years back. 

On Dec 21, 2022:

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posted by j_crazy

You guys know why gas prices are up so much though right? it's a wild and interesting thing, and why the price of diesel is sky-rocketing is alarming. 

Hint: there is a reason why the keystone pipeline happened despite Obama and Biden's rhetoric on climate and oil and gas impacts on the world.

Diesel has been trending down for 6 weeks.

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posted by Ironman92

I’m simply looking at the thought of several more really good games to watch….as is the committee 

1. Georgia

2. Michigan

3. Ohio St

4. TCU

All get byes

#5 Bama vs #12 Kansas St

#6 Tennessee vs #11 Washington 

#7 Penn St vs #10 USC

#8 Clemson vs #9 Utah


Georgia vs Utah

Michigan vs USC

Ohio St vs Tennessee

TCU vs Bama


You get the big 4 and the great Nati

Basically you get the 4 extra games that are the quarter finals and I’d love watching those in addition

OSU and TCU would not get byes in the new 12 team format according to what I've read. 4 highest ranked conference champs.

On Oct 25, 2022:

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The next county over has had a rash of people not showing up for jury duty when summoned. One lady who defiantly said she wouldn't be showing up landed her butt in jail for 7 days. 

County Mounties have resorted to issuing summons to random people in retail establishments on the day of. They tried to give me one yesterday at a grocery store but i don't live in that county.

On Oct 13, 2022:

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Mama I'm Comin Home.

On Sep 16, 2022:

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My only issue with Rings of Power is i think the guy portraying Elrond looks a little like Neil Patrick Harris and it's distracting.  

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I'm just here for the comedy that's Quaker virtue-signaling about optics and divisiveness after he spent four years jacking off to virtually everything the last guy said and did.

On Aug 25, 2022:

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posted by QuakerOats

cnn great barrier reef another tough hurricane season

Triggered by articles by different authors with different sources and published months apart...

wingnuts gonna wingnut.

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Tonsils, wisdom teeth, The Big Snip Part 1 in doctor's office, The right side wanted to play hide and seek so The Big Snip Part 2 was in an operating room.

On Aug 7, 2022:

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Blue Springs, MO 

4.56 outskirts of Denver

On Jul 12, 2022:

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posted by ernest_t_bass

Filled up in Lima yesterday for $4.43

Was 4.19 in Bean town today

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posted by Fletch

sometime in early October, there will be a small drop in gas.....wouldnt be surprised if we get to 3.99.  Just for an election talking point.

What will drive this is the dems will secretly move some orders around and open up domestic production and try to keep it hush hush.

So the same people that aren't capable of understanding how a gas station operates (according to you) will in only a few months be able to conspire with the entire world energy industry to increase production for a short window in October in order to temporarily lower prices at the pump and then once the election is over will re-conspire with the same worldwide energy companies to quickly curtail production do drive price back up?  

On Jun 15, 2022:

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posted by majorspark

It's the guy puttin' along at 45 who suddenly gets butthurt and accelerates to about 65.  I rarely pass someone going the speed limit unless there is a separate passing lane.  In the case you use the right lane to do so I guess it's like flipping them off.  Same when driving my wife's Honda.

Are you one of those guys frightened by pickup trucks?

frightened? lol no

On Jun 14, 2022:

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posted by majorspark

Creeping up on $150 to fill my truck.  When I accelerate to pass someone I feel like I am pushing three quarters into a slot. 

So you're the guy riding my bumper while I'm puttin' along at 55 getting 40mpg

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Alec John Such, 70. Bassist and founding member of Bon Jovi.



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