On Jun 22, 2022:

posted by Ironman92

Replaced a negative WAR guy with another negative WAR guy

Reyes over Mercado 7 days a week and it’s not even close

On Jun 15, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "What would you do here?" at 10:52 pm

Work IT at a public school district. I handle most of the break/fix stuff and troubleshoot issues for students and staff alike. 

 We’ve got about 1500 students K-12 and 175 staff members. Some days I’m slammed. Other days I may only have 1 or 2 trouble tickets. I’ve coached varsity girls basketball for the last 7 years so in the winter I manage time well during the work day. 

I also am contracted 4 weeks longer than teachers, technically I’m an “administrator” so my summers are a little shorter but I still get nearly 7.5 weeks off in the summer which is nice. 

On Jun 13, 2022:

posted by Heretic

Maximizing contract leverage and service time, so "he needs more seasoning in the minors".

That's just frustrating when there is young stars around the league getting their chance and making things happen....Bobby Witt Jr, Julio Rodriguez, Wander Franco, Spencer Torkelson, Adley Rutschman, etc.

Why is Oneil Cruz not up yet?

On Jun 3, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "Tracking your food" at 12:21 pm

Just for fun, started tracking and watching what I was eating last Friday.

Weighed in at 181 to start. Down to 176 now.

No exercise. Get about 7500-8000 steps a day. Really cut out some of the unhealthy snacks. Interesting case study so far lol. Obviously, I can't keep this up but at 5'10", 30 years old I should probably weigh somewhere around 170-175.

On May 24, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "The current housing market" at 10:35 am
posted by j_crazy

only concern i have with that is that it's a huge corporation that built it so i feel like there is like a 2 hour phone call involved with that for them to just tell me it's going to cost an insane amount and i'm not going to want to do it.

Yeah, you are boned then.

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posted by j_crazy

any of you have an idea how i can get ahold of the plans for a house i used to own? we've decided that is the home we want to build on our plot.

If you know the builder of the home, contact them. They could still have the plans archived. Long shot though maybe.

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posted by Ironman92

Guessing $405,000

You might be the winner. We told him we wanted to stay as close to $400k as we could and he seemed optimistic about that. Lumber has gone down a bit. He's hoping lumber keeps dropping if interest rates keep rising.

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posted by justincredible

If you don't mind telling, how much was the design service? Was it a fully custom design?

Their group charges $0.60 / sq. ft. So our prints, after a 2200 sq. ft. house was right around $1300.

On May 23, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "The current housing market" at 01:55 pm
posted by justincredible

No idea, but keep us updated. I'd be curious what kinda of price they give you. This is pretty close to the size of house we'd like to build.

Where did you get your blueprints? Which builders are you meeting with?

Our architect was Graham Design Group out of Toledo. Really liked them, and more specifically Joel Graham who we worked with closely during the process.

The builders we are meeting with our local (NW Ohio, SE Michigan) custom home builders: Blake Homes and Redfox Custom Homes.

Blake Homes just finished a friends of ours home. The home is stunning, already finished their basement, 3 car garage, and is a 2600sq ft. ranch - that was over $500k.

I am desperately hoping ours can be as close to $400k as possible.

birddog23 replied to "The current housing market" at 09:31 am

Meeting with builders today and tomorrow to go over our blueprints of 2200sq ft one story house and get pricing.

We're in NW Ohio. Any guesses on total cost of the build?

We are not doing anything too fancy. Not finishing the basement right away. Vaulted ceilings. But other than that pretty basic/normal for the most part.

On May 18, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "Tracking your food" at 01:12 pm
posted by justincredible

Kitchen scale. I enter in grams instead of cups/tbsp/etc.

Yeah we have one but it's just another added step lol. I've got 2 toddlers so a lot of time I am just grabbing stuff and going. Like anything else, priororties. I am sure I could make and find time to prep evertyhign beforehand. Maybe one day.....

birddog23 replied to "Tracking your food" at 12:45 pm

On the topic of tracking food.....

I hated whenever I had to measure stuff. Greek yogurt especially comes to mind. 

It was also tough whenever I would use items such as peanut butter, shredded cheese, fruit, nuts, etc.

On May 17, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "Tracking your food" at 10:48 pm
posted by Automatik

Yes, when I first discovered Leangains and intermittent fasting. I turned into a lunatic. Results were great, I got super ripped in 90 days. Then I tailed off and it all went to shit.

For me it was helpful to gauge my macros so later on I wouldn't have to track anymore. I would basically I know how my body would react to a change in diet and what I needed to do. 

IF is very legit, I can't recommend it enough.

That was me too lol. Freakin Martin Berkhan

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I take a vitamin everyday, it's called steak.

birddog23 replied to "Tracking your food" at 02:43 pm

I did when I was really into my fitness and nutrition. That was before kids, a wife, and a full-time job too lol. 

I would do it again but I just became a slave into entering everything into MyFitnessPal. Then there would be stuff I would eat that wasn't easy to measure or calculate into MFP and that always sucked.

Looking back at it though, it was the healthiest and most in shape time(s) of my life. I should probably start tracking stuff again but I honestly just don't care to monitor it that closely anymore. I know what I should be putting into my body and what I shouldn't. For me, a lot of it is portion control too. 

I typically intermittent fast as well from about 9p-12:30p each day as well so that seems to help.

Okay, my rumbling is over. 

TLDR, yes - used to track what I eat. Don't do it anymore.

On Apr 25, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "Random TV Thread" at 10:30 am

Started Outer Range on Prime....interesting so far

On Apr 6, 2022:

birddog23 replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 12:16 pm

Tiger +115 on BetMGM to make the cut seems good to me. No?

birddog23 replied to "The current housing market" at 10:29 am

We're looking to build now.

We have outgrown our 1200 sq ft. house that we purchased when it was just my wife and I. 

Now have 2 kids, no basement and a single car garage. We would buy something if it came available - but no luck so far. At this time we can get land in the area we want and build out exactly what we desire....Building costs are kind of crazy right now, but that's par for the course at this moment. Wish us luck.

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birddog23 replied to "2022 NCAA Tournament Player Pick-Em" at 02:39 pm

Enjoyed being a generous donor again!



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