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Last week DraftKings had boosted Tatum/Butler to combine for 50+ points and I took it like a sucker. They weren’t even close.

Last night they did Curry to score 25+ and I looked at it for a second and decided no. And he ended up with 21 (lowest of the albeit short season) 

Not saying they’re perfect because I’ve seen their player boosts also easily go over, but it seems like they know what they’re doing more often than not. 

I think they are normally good value. You just have consider Unit size when placing a wager that you may think be a little "off" (potential blowout, back to back, home/away, matchup, etc.)

FanDuel had a boost on that same night with both Steph and AD scoring 20 each and that hit with 33 seconds left thanks to a floater by Curry.

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birddog23 created thread "NCAA Basketball 2023-24" at 08:48 am

Cooper Flagg, consensus #1 2024 recruit, commits to Duke.

Huge get for Scheyer.

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posted by sportchampps

The sign stealing and 1-6 bowl record make sense. They didn’t know who they would play do they couldn’t steal siggnals

They played UGA and Bama in '21 and '20. Not sure that they were expected to beat either of them.

And last year I am pretty sure it was just a debacle from the start. Had the ball inside TCU 5 on first drive and didn't get any points. Then Michigan forces 3 and out and gets ball back but throw a pick 6. TCU went up 21-3. 

Michigan then again had a touchdown completion reversed and marked inside the 1yd line and proceeded to fumble the next snap.

From there Michigan settled in and got in a shootout and outscored TCU 42-30. Still believe if Michigan just gets any points on that first drive it's a different ball game. IMO UofM easily left 10-14 points on the board.

Nonetheless, this sign stealing controversary makes for a good follow.

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Have had both YTTV and Hulu Live.

Liked them both and both had their perks. Once Guardians games were no longer carried by either it didn't really matter to me.

We currently are with Hulu because we can package Disney+ (great for our kids) and ESPN+(golf, BGSU/UT events, MAC events) and Hulu also has Handmaids Tale which my wife was all about.

I do like that YTTV offers the 4 screen display now for football. That could be useful if I am watching games and OSU/UM aren't playing in that time slot.

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posted by friendfromlowry

Oh no I hope their offense doesn’t start to stutter.

I just don't understand the disdain they have for UofM.

McNamara, I can grasp a bit. But I think anyone that knows anything knew JJ McCarthy was going to take over.

All's situation is just weird. Obviously some behind the scenes stuff there.

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Erick All and Cade McNamara both out for year with torn ACLs....

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- Umpire college baseball. Season is super short/quick in Ohio but make really good money doing it.

- Umpire local PBR tournaments in the summer. Quality of ball is sometimes suspect but games are typically on a 2hr or less time limit and have very kind run rules

- Coach high school football/basketball...not really a side hustle but provides us some extra $$$

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Michigan caught some guff early on for letting teams hang around, but have now outscored their 3 Big 10 opponents 128-24. 

Fleck had some comments raving about this Michigan team. 

If Michigan can pull one out in Happy Valley - I think they take care of OSU at home and head to their third straight CFP. 

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1. 12 Dogs of Christmas - Thirsty Dog

2. Uber Blitzen - Maumee Bay Brewing Company

3. Christmas Ale - Great Lakes Brewing

4. Cran-Ma Got Run Over By a Reinbeer - Inside The Five

5. Bumble Berry - Fat Head

6. Buckeye Beer - Maumee Bay Brewing

7. Rally Drum - Great Lakes

8. Cheetah - Rhinegeist

9. Rollercoaster Cider - Maumee Bay

10. Two Legit - Twin Oast Brewing

10a. Oktoberfest - Great Lakes

(I love the Christmas Ale's if you couldn't tell)

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posted by QuakerOats

Twin Oast Brewing, Catawba Island.  Major league property!! 

Neat spot for sure. They have done a tremendous job with that location.

Cool area too. Lots of wineries and some other breweries around as well.

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Packers lost to Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII. 1998. I was 8 years old, but a die hard Favre and Packer lover. I legit remember crying in my room after the game. Probably one of the first sporting events I took really hard.

Two Michigan football losses really standout...the '15 bobbled punt fiasco against MSU. I honestly think that makes that years OSU/UM game a lot closer because of what would have been on the line. Also the 2016 game against OSU....another one that was so close and at that point it seemed like Michigan would never beat OSU.

Next would probably be the 2016 Indians world series. What a disaster that was, but so close to tasting a championship.

Another was probably JJ Redick's last game at Duke when they played like absolute trash and lost to LSU. I was a big time Redick guy for his 4 years at Duke (he played when I was 12-15 years old and I thought I was going to be the next great white basketball player/shooter). That Duke team was loaded that year and I think was the odds on favorite to win it all, although they would've had to go up against Florida in the final.

Fun times thinking back on my misery lol.

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posted by Laley23

I nap if both my kids are down/accounted for, nothing is on I need to watch live, I have nothing else standing in my way. Its usually 20-30 min.


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the benefit of streaming services isn't really the price, it's the flexibility.

if one provider sucks you can easily bounce to someone else. there's no equipment to send back or people to talk to on the phone, you just click cancel on one provider and sign up at the new provider.

i generally sign up for youtube tv (or sling, or whatever is cheapest) during football season and then pause/cancel it during the off-months. that would be a hassle with a cable/satellite provider.

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Starting to see price increases already from Streaming services.

Just got notified that our Hulu package (Legacy packagae, Live Tv, bundled with Disney+/ESPN+) is rising to $81.99/mo beginning in October. We are currently paying $74.99 and I believe last December it was at $71.99.

So we have seen a $10/mo increase in just 10 months.

I just ran the numbers for switching to YouTube Tv and keeping Disney+ (and ditching ESPN+) and it would be $80.99/mo for that. So I guess it seems on par.

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Chiefs without Kelce and Jones....always easy to play the "what if" game, but you are ignorant if you don't think those 2 don't make a really big difference.

I would easily say those 2 guys are worth at least 1 point. Long season though. Regardless, good win for the Lions on the road.

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Say what?

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Michigan will beat them by 14+ again this year

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I'll give everyone 1 guess who my TE I just drafted was for my fantasy league...

Travis Kelce or Mark Chmura

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College football starting back up, what bets have you made/pondering?

I have:

Boise State over Washington Moneyline +480

South Carolina over North Caroline Moneyline +115

Ohio State-Indiana Under 59.5 total points +130



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