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Kettlebell swings: bent knee and try and get the squat motion or keep knee straighter and emphasize getting the bell back between your legs? 

You can have knee bend. You're hinging and using your hips mostly.

On Sep 14, 2020:

Cracked open a Miller Lite tonight as I grilled. Quite refreshing. Had been drinking Truly lemonades over the weekend. It actually made me really appreciate the taste of a Miller Lite lol. 

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Played today. Dreary and overcast but it was nice to play and not be sweating profusely. 

I’ll probably play 2 more times this fall yet and call it a year. This is my 2nd year of golf and I got about 15-17 rounds in this year (with having a baby during April so I didn’t play for about a month). 

Hopefully next year I can get about 20 rounds in and be consistent high 80s player. 

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This is a good one too. My golf spy also had a classified page. 

Appreciate all the help and insight!

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Oh and don’t buy from someone who doesn’t have a paper with handwritten name and date on it. It’s supposed to be a rule of selling, but the admins miss some occasionally. 

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Yes, I am. Any particular group I should look at?

GOLF CLUB TRADERS (bunch of logos as its pic)

Club Junkies Marketplace (golf hole with water as OOC)

Those are the 2 main ones that I use. There is big Ohio one, but I feel like people on there aren’t as reliable. 

If you end up buying from someone, only pay them using PayPal Goods and Services. With that you are protected and can file a claim if they ghost you and don’t send the item. It happens from time to time. There is also a group with reviews for the GOLF CLUB TRADERS group, but no one really posts about who they had a good experience with. 

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Are you on FB? There are a ton of b/s/t groups on there. I’ve bought and sold a bunch of stuff. 

Yes, I am. Any particular group I should look at?

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Is anyone trying to sell or get rid of a 58 or 60 degree wedge?

On Aug 29, 2020:

Maumee Bay Mango Jerry

couple Miller Lite’s

might get into some Milk Stouts later 

I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have time!

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I use an old set of the Adams Idea A3OS irons 6-PW. Hybrids 3-5. Adams gap wedge that I picked up for $5. TaylorMade Burner driver.

Clubs are over 10 years old, maybe closer to 12-13 years but they still get the job done. Will be looking to upgrade soon though.

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The most difficult thing when golfing alone has got to be when you hit a shot and know that it stayed inbounds and you should be able to track it down, and you cannot find it - super frustrating. 

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88 the other day. My previous best was a 96. Amazing what can happen when you improve your short game and eliminate the 3 putts (and sometimes 4 lol). Kept my drives mostly straight too - that certainly helps.

On Aug 22, 2020:

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101 today at Oak Harbor Golf Club. Course was in absolutely brutal shape. But I can’t excuse my equally as brutal play inside 100 yards today. Yips bad. 

Ended the day on a Par 4 that I drove to about 65-70 yards from the green and I bogeyed it. Terrible. 

Driver was on today. But wedge play and chipping was laughable. 

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Played in a scramble Sunday. Had some fun but we just played okay. 

What’s some of the best 4 man scramble scores you’ve seen or been around? The team that won Sunday was 17 under. I’d imagine that’s pretty good but nothing earth shattering. 

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Local guy in our town just ran his 100,000 mile yesterday. 

Yes 100k miles of running. Insane. 

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His driver head 

On Aug 5, 2020:

5:45pm. Wednesday night. Busch Light. The Farmer Can edition

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i use a financial advisor now, but when i first was starting i did it all myself. if you are going to be hands off and let it grow with like index funds, run it yourself, if you want to get aggressive with frequent trades and actively manage it (tax loss harvesting and other aspects) you might have a financial advisor do it. 

As for how to run it, i say it's dependent upon your options. when i started mine, my employer had a deal with fidelity that made all account types free on that site (this was at a time where that was not the case, there were account maintenance fees everywhere) now i think most of those fees are not around so go look at a few and see which interface you like best (because there are some bad ones - Merril Lynch) and pick one.

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My wife and I are looking into opening a Roth IRA. Those that have one, who did you use to have manage that? Are you using an online bank? Financial advisor? Just managing it yourself? Interested to hear.

Also, not to turn this into a "look at how much money I have" topic, how much liquid cash should you typically have available? I know these current times are a bit odd and may throw a wrench into this question. But I would imagine there can become a time when you have too much cash just sitting in your checking/savings account.



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