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birddog23 created thread "Best Home Security Video Cameras" at 09:03 am

What says you?

I don't really have a preference between wired or wireless. Both have their pros and cons.

Kind of like the Arlo Pro 3 right now, but open to suggestions.

On Sep 8, 2021:

birddog23 replied to "Home Security" at 11:26 am

Do you have camera's installed?

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Frustrating that both Quantrill and McKenzie were pretty much lights out for the month of August in their combined 10 starts and the Tribe could only muster 4 wins out of those 10 games.

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My wife and a group of our friends are heading out to Vegas mid-October for a long weekend.

Was hoping flights would drop a little but they are still kind of high. It'll be interesting to see how they fluctuate over the next 3-4 weeks.

On Aug 29, 2021:

My brother in law brought some New Glarus Brewing Company in this weekend. Spotted Cow and Totally Naked. 

Really like the Spotted Cow. 

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posted by friendfromlowry

Birddog - what was the name of that podcast? I’d like to listen. We’re in the exact same situation. Our three year lease is up in November and we really like the SUV and would be interested in keeping it. 

How To Money

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Our daughter in law, who used to work at a Kia dealership did this with her leased Telluride. Made 10k off the trade in with Carvana.

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posted by kizer permanente

ah ok... sorry I misunderstood. Usually dealers want so much to buy it out that its not worth it. 

Correct. I’d say that’s typically the case 98% of the time. That’s why I am taking this litttle victory lap lol

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posted by kizer permanente

how can you privately sell a lease when the dealership owns it?

We bought it out. Thus, we owned it then.

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posted by justincredible

Nice. Are you replacing it with anything?

We actually purchased a used Acadia back in April. We had another kid so we needed a vehicle with more space and 3rd row option. We've had 3 vehicles for the last 4 months, and just didn't drive the leased vehicle as much to ensure it stayed under mileage.  So now we will just be back to 2 vehicles. 

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We have a vehicle that was leased and our 3 years just ended. 

(If I could do it over, I probably wouldn't have leased - but we were in a pinch and needed a reliable car in a pinch.)

Anyways, I was listening to a podcast a month or so ago and they had mentioned that people should really consider buying out their lease if their lease-end was near. The used car market has become crazy, much like the housing market. 

Dealerships, private parties, etc. were paying crazy high amounts for quality used cars - especially with lower mileage. It intrigued me a bit so I did some basic research on KBB and figured I could make $1-2k by buying out our lease and then re-selling it.

We went to the dealership to buy out our lease and I mentioned to our salesmen our plans and he mentioned how great of an idea that was. He then asked let me talk to my manager and see if we can make you an offer.

Long story short, he did the whole manager talk and came back and told us that his manager said we were better off just turning the vehicle back in and cutting our losses. We had already made up our mind that we were going to buy out the vehicle and take our chances selling it privately.

I got home and went on Carvana to see what maybe they would offer us for the vehicle....and it was over the KBB value. Carvana just came and did the inspection and picked up our vehicle and left us with a check on the spot.

All said and done after taxes we made $3,500 by buying out our lease and re-selling it. Finally pulled a quick one the car dealership!

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birddog23 replied to "Most serious or saddest TV moment" at 12:24 pm

How I Met Your Mother season finale scene. Not super sad or serious but just really well done in my opinion. 

On Jun 8, 2021:

birddog23 replied to "Nextdoor goodness" at 08:32 am

Neighbor across the street last summer intentionally ran over/hit his wife in the driveway  with this truck during an argument (no serious injury, but still....). Our next door neighbors apparently witnessed the whole thing. 

They are still together and living across the street. Things must have worked out somehow.

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birddog23 replied to "Worst physical pain you’ve ever felt?" at 01:50 pm
posted by ernest_t_bass

WTH, she didn't have insurance!?  Did your insurance sue her?

Yes. But she was rather "poor". No real assets or anything to go after. They may have tried to garnish some wages, but I can't totally recall. It has been nearly 10 years now.

On May 24, 2021:

birddog23 replied to "Worst physical pain you’ve ever felt?" at 02:20 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Do you still ride?

Nope lol. That did it for me. Although, I'd be lying if I said I don't get tempted...especially this time of the year.

(Also, the lady who f**cking hit me had no insurance. So I really got the short end of the stick)

birddog23 replied to "Worst physical pain you’ve ever felt?" at 11:45 am

Motorcycle accident. Thankfully, I survived it. Had a lady pull out in front of me as I had just exited a parking lot but was still going about 35-40 MPH.

She turned in front of me and it was game over. I went flying across the intersection. Helmet saved my life but ended up with:

- 2 completely fractured/shattered wrists (cool scars though)

- scars and scrapes up my inner thighs to my junk. The bike had collapsed and I must have braced from impact/after impact and my legs got it

- 1 week stay in the hospital, bed ridden for 4-5 days

- catheter stuck in me....I hated that part lol

Quite honestly, I am very lucky it was only that. Could've been a lot worse.

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We get as many high quality cuts as possible in steak, 3/4-1".

Take all the roast you can.

Don't get cube, tip, round, stew...have that all made into ground beef, have them mix the tongue and liver in the ground beef if you can't eat that on it's own.  We don't get patties, all one lb ground beef packages.

On May 19, 2021:

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Nice, I'll see if I can get my hands on the cut list for the 1/2 beef we bought last year.

birddog23 created thread "Bought 1/2 Steer…Now what?" at 09:35 am

We’re first timers here. We purchased a 1/2 steer from a family friend who farms and does all this stuff. 

Well it’s now time for it to be processed and cut. 

This is where we are totally lost. 

They sent us the cut card (below) but not sure exactly how I know what quantity and such to ask for/request. 

Any insight or help would be appreciated. We will be grilling mainly if that matters. 

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birddog23 replied to "Workout/Lifting Thread and Health Thread" at 10:35 am
posted by dorothyam48

I don’t recommend any kind of medicine to reduce your weight or to keep your body in shape. Instead of using any kind of medicine, you should make a schedule for yourself. You should talk to a nutritionist in this regard. For more tips visit this site ptcl speed testFollow the diet plan and keep doing exercise. Daily walk and some work out will be really helpful. Medicines have side effects and everything will become really complicated for you if you start taking medicines. 

thanx man



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