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Ran to McD's for lunch earlier and had to wait... and wait...and wait...for 35 minutes until I got my food. This location is notoriously bad, I had already complained once and had the ownership group call me to apologize. Since that complaint it seemed like service was okay. They finally opened up for indoor dining and my last two orders were fine.

I wasn't in a hurry and figured it would be 15 minutes based on the drive-thru line and number of people inside. Talk about a miscalculation. I was visibly annoyed when the guy putting together orders asked me what I was waiting on. I told him the order number and mentioned it had been 33 minutes since I put in my order. He apologized, said there was no excuse, and put my name down in a book for a free meal credit. At this point I'm not sure I'll go back unless I drive by and it's basically empty. Any sort of line and this place crumbles to the ground.

How do you handle bad service? Complain while there? Complain afterwards thru a website or social media? Do you just let it go?

Unless it's egregious I usually just write it off. It takes multiple bad experiences, or a really bad single occurrence, before I'll complain.

35 minutes at McDonalds?!?! Some sit-down places are quicker than that.

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New shoes just delivered. I'll be buying multiple colorways of these.

New Balance has always had really comfortable footwear - I assume these are ncie as well?

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So is your summons for a single day?

It just listed one day on my piece of mail I received. I am supposed to call the night prior to make sure I am still needed.

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I just got summoned for next Wednesday. Luckily, for me, my employer has Jury Duty leave so I will be paid and not forced to take any of my personal time.

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Hindsight is obviously 20/20, but why not go with an "opener" yesterday?

Use Hentges, Stephan, or Karinchak for innings 1 and 2 to face Yanks top half. Then bring in Civale for 2-3 innings and go back to pen.

That to me would've made more sense. Tough to comeback when you are instantly down 4 runs after two innings.

On Oct 18, 2022:

Well that was fun while it lasted

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is it an investment? or are you going to do something with it? i don't think a half acre lot in rural ohio is an investment property just because i can't imagine a line of people trying to get in on it.

Investment may not have been the word of choice. An asset would've been a better word.

At this moment, we wouldn't do anything with it. Sit on it and maybe look to sell it in 10-15 years.

We wouldn't be opposed to building on it - but that's something we wouldn't be looking to do anytime soon. Maybe in 4-5 years.

birddog23 created thread "Is buying land still a good investment?" at 08:21 am

In this market and current circumstances, is buying land still a good investment?

My wife and I have the opportunity to buy a 0.40 acre lot in a small village in rural NW Ohio.

The current owners bought the lot back in spring of 2021 for $34k. He's getting desperate to dump this now. It's been listed for a while and now he's got it listed for $25k and even stated in his description on Zillow "Need to sell immediately".

To my knowledge, based on the fact that it is in the village and there are houses all around it - it would be classified as "Improved Land". There's access to road, water, and electricity.

Even if I could get it for $22k and sit on it for 10 years or so - I think the profit could be there. Thoughts?

On Oct 12, 2022:

Two things from last night that stuck out to me, that won't beat the Yankees:

1. Top 3rd,  bases loaded, 1 out and get no runs. Need something there. Kwan homered earlier that inning and I think just pushing one more run across would've really swung the momentum. 

2. Top 8th, Ramirez leads off with single. Chance to get something going. Naylor hits a hard ball right at Rizzo down 1B line. Easy DP. That kind of ended it there. I think if Ramirez scores that inning, there's a chance for magic in the 9th because top of the order would've been due back up for the Guards.

Oh well, baseball is a funny game. They had Cole going and "should've" won anyway. Bieber in game 2, I like our chances. And then McKenzie back for game 3 in CLE.

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posted by QuakerOats

On which team? 

Wherever. I'm sure Pittsburgh fans would love to keep him, if the front office is willing to pay. But literally wherever he goes/stays - he will be fun to watch.

On Oct 5, 2022:

Oneil Cruz is going to be fun to watch over the next 10+ years

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Harbaugh in the other division would look amazing. Didnt he have 3 loses to OSU when they were in the Top-10? Those loses probably result in playing OSU the next week in the B1G Title Game the next week, becasue they would've still won the division.

I just did a quick year by year comparison from 2015-present. If those Michigans teams played Wisconsin's exact schedule each year I have Michigan conservatively around 75 wins out of 93 games. That's an 80% winning percentage. Saban, for his career, is at 80% for comparison.

Wisconsin has only played OSU in 15, 16, 17, 19, and this year. I gave Michigan 5 losses still there.

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Wisconsin didn't have to play Michigan St, Ohio St, and Penn St every year. Those 3 teams account for half of Harbaugh's losses while at UM.

While I don't think Chryst was deserving of being fired. He did have a combined 9 losses to Northwestern, Minnesota, and Illinois. 

I don't believe Harbaugh has ever lost to those teams. If Michigan played Wisconsin's west conference schedule Harbaugh is likely 72-18

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Liked Michigan's looked Saturday:

On Sep 28, 2022:

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Love when MSU busts these out:

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Every damn thing about the current Milwaukee Brewers look.

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Ok, fine. Everyone ignore my part about current day.

I love the old Astros unis, hate the Pistons above.

Lol. Ignore my Raptors and Pistons choices then.

For major sports best current uni's:

MLB - Brewers and Mariners

NFL - Buffalo Bills (just sharp looking colors and scheme)

NBA - Phoenix Suns (The Valley ones specifically) 

NHL - Buffalo Sabres (but even their black/red scheme was cool)

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Ok, fine. Everyone ignore my part about current day.

I love the old Astros unis, hate the Pistons above.

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Some more bests:

birddog23 replied to "Single best/worst uniform item in sports" at 02:13 pm

Some best:

Football helmet - Michigan Wolverines (you can show that helmet to anyone and they know it)

Logo - Chicago Bulls (iconic)

Jersey - love what the Brewers have done

also, loved the Raptor jersey as a kid growing up



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