On Apr 6, 2021:

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posted by Ironman92

Baylor was tremendous. 

Local kid Zach Loveday got the courtesy minute for Baylor at the end snd got himself a block. Know it all dads around the area laughed at him for going to Baylor knowing he wasn’t good enough for a lot of playing time....he has the last laugh for sure.

Dude is 7'0".....I think he will be fine - wherever he is at. Looking at his bio quickly, he seems legit too.

On Mar 23, 2021:

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Started my RPT (reverse pyramid training) yesterday.

Liked my 2 1/2 weeks of Shaun T's Insanity but I miss lifting too much and I'd much rather lift weights for 45 minutes than do cardio for 45 minutes. My plan will be to try to get 1-2 "lighter" cardio sessions in a week - but in all honesty, a walk with the dog may be my cardio.

I will be deadlifting, bench pressing, and back squatting. Then will sprinkle in some chins, dips, rows, and overhead pressing.

It had been a while since I lifted heavy. Last night's 275x4 opening deadlift set felt HEAVY lol. I hope to adjust rather quickly within my first 3-4 weeks.

By summer's end I should be deadlifting up over 330 again and hoping my squat is right around there too for 3-4 reps. I am terrible at bench pressing, and have always struggled with that but hoping I can put up some decent weight over these next 4 months or so.

Edit: Will also be going back to my 16/8 intermittent fasting.

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I believe my "projected results" are off. It says I only have 3 players remaining. Should have 5.

Wagner, Michigan

Suggs, Gonzaga

Krutwig, Loyola

Tate, Arkansas

Moore, Villanova

On Mar 22, 2021:

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posted by Laley23

So I need: Oregon State, USC, Baylor, Bama and Creighton to keep winning. Seems easy enough. 

EDIT: Oh, and and LSU win would help.

And I need all those teams to lose lol.

I’m pretty sure I have no shot, but hey, I can root against teams now  

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The potiential Gonzaga/Oregon game sounds fun.

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Big fan of a Gonzaga, Michigan, Arkansas/Villanova, Loyola final four right now!

On Mar 20, 2021:

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Thankful for some Wisconsin and Villanova wins. Trice and Moore gave me some hope. Hoping for a Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner show today!

On Mar 19, 2021:

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Also, my two guys last night had to have been the worst performance ever for a First Four night.

Two guys combined for 4 points. Averaged nearly 31 combined....

I wasn't expecting Hemphill to go off coming back from injury but was hoping he could get 8-10. And then Etienne from Wichita St, averages 17 a game - scores 1 freaking point. 1 point.

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posted by Laley23

Draft done! Got all 12 rounds in, but gonna have to move faster next year lol. Anyway, just finished inputting all the players, teams and scoring averages. This is what the projections look like:

Think you're missing Timme for Jschil

On Mar 18, 2021:

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Justin Moore, Villanova

birddog23 replied to "2020 NCAA Player Pick-'Em DRAFT THREAD" at 05:30 pm

ShanQuan Hemphill, Drake

birddog23 replied to "2020 NCAA Player Pick-'Em DRAFT THREAD" at 01:47 pm

Better be brokering some huge off-shore deal worth millions. Where are his priorites?!?!

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posted by GOONx19

As we enter the 11th round, looks like we should make it through 12 before the tip tomorrow. Was nice to have an extra day.

Yeah, would've been a frantic morning today trying to get another 2 whole rounds done before noon. But nonetheless, it looks like we will likely have it done by tonight or early morning tomorrow. (Depending on Terry lol)

On Mar 17, 2021:

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D'Mitrik Trice, Wisconsin

birddog23 replied to "2020 NCAA Player Pick-'Em DRAFT THREAD" at 09:36 pm

Jalen Tate, Arkansas

birddog23 replied to "2020 NCAA Player Pick-'Em DRAFT THREAD" at 08:01 pm

Terry around???

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RJ Cole, UConn

birddog23 replied to "2020 NCAA Player Pick-'Em DRAFT THREAD" at 08:51 am

Round 1:

  • sportchampps - Corey Kispert, Gonzaga
  • Goon - Luka Garza, Iowa
  • RollBrowns - Duane Washington, Jr., Ohio State
  • Laley23 - Ayo Dosumnu, Illinois
  • Terry - MaCio Teague, Baylor
  • wiz - Kofi Cockburn, Illinois
  • Jschil - Drew Timme, Gonzaga
  • Gerb - Jared Butler, Baylor
  • Mirg - E.J. Liddel, Ohio State
  • birddog - Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga
  • Turtles - Hunter Dickinson, Michigan 

Round 2:

  • Turtles - Quentin Grimes, Houston
  • birddog - Franz Wagner, Michigan
  • Mirg - Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State
  • Gerb - Jaden Shackleford, Alabama
  • Jschil - Davion Mitchell, Baylor
  • wiz - Moses Moody, Arkansas
  • Terry - Joel Ayayi, Gonzaga
  • Laley - Miles McBride, West Virginia
  • RollBrowns - Matt Coleman, Texas
  • Goon - Derek Culver, West Virginia
  • sportchampps - Jahvon Quinerly, Alabama

Round 3:

  • sportchampps - Marcus Sasser, Houston
  • Goon - Trevion Williams, Purdue
  • RollBrowns - Andrew Jones, Texas
  • Laley23 - John Petty, Jr., Alabama
  • Terry - Cameron Thomas, Louisiana State
  • wiz - DeJon Jarreau, Houston
  • Jschil - Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga
  • Gerb - M.J. Walker, Florida State
  • Mirg - Joe Weiskamp, Iowa
  • birddog - Trent Frazier, Illinois
  • Turtles - Eli Brooks, Michigan

Round 4:

  • Turtles - Mike Smith, Michigan 
  • birddog - Justice Sueing, Ohio State
  • Mirg - Aaron Henry, Michigan State
  • Gerb - Eugene Omoruyi, Oregon
  • Jschil - Andre Curbelo, Illinois
  • wiz - Sam Hauser, Virginia
  • Terry - Jordan Bohannon, Iowa
  • Laley - James BOuknight, Connecticut
  • RollBrowns - Ochai Agbaji, Kansas
  • Goon - Justin Smith, Arkansas
  • sportchampps - Taz Sherman, West Virginia

Round 5:

  • sportchampps - Herb Jones, Alabama
  • Goon - J.D. Notae, Arkansas
  • RollBrowns - RaiQuan Gray, Florida State
  • Laley23 - Evan Mobley, Southern California
  • Terry - Chris Duarte, Oregon
  • wiz - Avery Anderson, Oklahoma State
  • Jschil - Anton Watson, Gonzaga
  • Gerb - Alex Barcello, Bringham Young
  • Mirg - Jaden Ivey, Purdue
  • birddog - Mac McClung, Texas Tech
  • Turtles - Jericho Sims, Texas

Round 6:

  • Turtles - Adam Miller, Illinois 
  • birddog - Tyson Etienne, Wichita State
  • Mirg - C.J. Walker, Ohio State
  • Gerb - Jason Preston, Ohio
  • Jschil - Scottie Barnes, Florida State
  • wiz - Courtney Ramey, Texas
  • Terry - McKinley Wright, IV, Colorado
  • Laley - Matt Mayer, Baylor
  • RollBrowns - Marcus Garrett, Kansas
  • Goon - Tre Mann, Florida
  • sportchampps - Justin Gorham, Houston

Round 7:

  • sportchampps - Jaden Springer, Tennessee
  • Goon - Tahj Eaddy, Southern California
  • RollBrowns - Marcus Zegarowski, Creighton
  • Laley23 - Denzel Mahoney, Creighton
  • Terry - Joseph Yesufu, Drake
  • wiz - Austin Reaves, Oklahoma
  • Jschil - Matt Mitchell, San Diego State
  • Gerb - Jeremiah Robinson Earl, Villanova
  • Mirg - L.J. Figueroa, Oregon 
  • birddog - Cameron Krutwig, Loyola Chicago 
  • Turtles - Kai Jones, Texas

Round 8:

  • Turtles - Tramon Mark, Houston 
  • birddog - R.J. Cole, Connecticut
  • Mirg - Buddy Boeheim, Syracuse
  • Gerb - Kyle Lofton, Saint Bonaventure
  • Jschil - Isaac Likekele, Oklahoma State
  • wiz - Sean McNeil, West Virginia 
  • Terry - Michael Weathers, Texas Southern
  • Laley - Jaren Homles, Saint Bonaventure
  • RollBrowns - David McCormack, Kansas
  • Goon - Trey Murphey III, Virginia
  • sportchampps - Jay Huff, Virginia

Round 9:

  • sportchampps - Jordan Schakel, San Diego State
  • Goon - Keon Johnson, Tennessee
  • RollBrowns - Ron Harper, Jr., Rutgers
  • Laley23 - Jacob Young, Rutgers
  • Terry - Nah'Shon Hyland, Virginia Commonwealth
  • wiz - Javonte Smart, Louisiana State
  • Jschil - Armando Bacot, North Carolina
  • Gerb - Chandler Vaudrin, Winthrop
  • Mirg - Neemias Queta, Utah State
  • birddog - Jalen Tate, Arkansas
  • Turtles - Alterique Gilbert, Wichita State

Round 10:

  • Turtles - Morris Udeze, Wichita State
  • birddog - D'Mitrik Trice, Wisconsin
  • Mirg - Tanner Groves, Eastern Washington
  • Gerb - Jordan Burns, Colgate
  • Jschil - Chaundee Brown
  • wiz - Michael Devoe, Georgia Tech
  • Terry - Zach Edey, Purdue
  • Laley - Ethan Thompson, Oklahoma State
  • RollBrowns - Damien Jefferson, Creighton
  • Goon - Brandon Averette, Brigham Young
  • sportchampps - Terrance Shannon, Jr., Texas Tech

Round 11:

  • sportchampps - Anthony Polite, Florida State
  • Goon - Keve Aluma, Virginia Tech
  • RollBrowns - Xavier Pinson, Missouri
  • Laley23 - Trendon Watford, Louisiana State
  • Terry - Jahvon Blair, Georgetown
  • wiz - Damian Chong Qui, Mount Saint Mary's
  • Jschil - JaQuori McLaughlin- UCSB
  • Gerb - Justin Ahrens, Ohio State
  • Mirg - Kyle Young, Ohio State
  • birddog - ShanQuan Hemphill, Drake
  • Turtles - Dexter Dennis, Wichita State

Round 12:

  • Turtles - Cameron Tyson, Houston
  • birddog - Justin Moore, Villanova
  • Mirg - Jeriah Horne, Colorado
  • Gerb - Tyrece Radford, Virginia Tech
  • Jschil - Victor Bailey, Tennessee
  • wiz - Jermaine Samuels, Villanova
  • Terry - Da'Monte Williams, Illinois
  • Laley - Dominick Welch, Saint Bonaventure
  • RollBrowns - Jose Alvarado, Georgia Tech
  • Goon - Qudus Wahab, Georgetown
  • sportchampps - Christian Braun, Kansas

Cameron Krutwig, Loyola Chicago

posted by justincredible

The draft list for Inside the Five looks good, that's definitely on the list of places to consider. Looks like we'd drive by Black Frog, which has good reviews, if we took that route.

Never physically been there, but have heard good things and have had some of their stuff.

On Mar 16, 2021:

posted by justincredible

I need suggestions. I will likely be taking this route on Sunday afternoon. What are the best breweries nearby enough to any of the routes that it would be worth a small detour to get to? I'm fine going 10-15 minutes off course if it's a good enough brewery.

If you wanted to take 75, swing by Inside The Five brewery in Perrysburg. Just opened up this location. Original is in Sylvania. 

Toledo has Maumee Bay Brewing is in Toledo and that’s a little further, but top notch as well. 



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