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On Jun 6, 2023:

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PGA left its big name defenders out in the breeze.  Pretty weak.  What about the moral high ground?

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posted by justincredible

Twitter link

Thankfully this wasn't a man and a woman. That would be indecent.

I removed the tweet preview and provided a link instead, since there is a bare male ass in the preview image. 

Further context: It was from a supposedly family friendly parade in LA (local news broadcast it, afaik). Two guys in the bed of a truck, leather-clad, one guy whipping another's bare ass.

Friends of PTown I’m sure.

On May 28, 2023:

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posted by CenterBHSFan

I think Laura Loomer is just shock jock material. Occasionally she will state the obvious.

There’s a rung in hell reserved for all of these noise makers who live off of promoting anger and rage.  

On May 26, 2023:

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posted by BR1986FB

When I was in my early 20's I worked at a bank in Medina while going to college. It was winter and we had to walk up this long hill/sidewalk to get to the front door of the bank. My supervisor was a super sweet/awesome lady but she wasn't genetically gifted as she was as wide as she was tall, basically built like a human Weeble.

So we're all walking up the hill which is essentially ice, hit & miss... she's close to the top and I'm at the bottom of the hill. She hits a patch of ice and bites it, landing on her back. She proceeds to go into a freefall break dance spin, like a turtle trapped on it's shell, from the top of the hill, spinning past me (and others) as I walk up the hill. She slid about 40-50 yards down that hill.

Sorry, you tell me you, or anyone else can keep a straight face after seeing that and I call you a liar.

When I fall, assuming I'm not hurt, I LMAO as hard as I would if I saw someone else fall. Fortunately, taking bumps/learning to take falls properly in pro wrestling helps mitigate the issue.

You could live 1,000 years and not be lucky enough to see something like that.  Congratulations.  

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For some reason, watching people fall down makes me laugh almost every time.  Granted I don’t want to see anyone  get hurt.  But something is funny about seeing that humiliation.  And when I fall down, I feel humiliated. 

On May 25, 2023:

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Target alway smells like throw up. 

On May 24, 2023:

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posted by Devils Advocate

I do not care what you Identify yourself as. I personally do not care. How ever you want to portray yourself, I will Identify you as I perceive you. 

I do not care how you think I perceive you. It is none of your fucking business.

My only promise to you is that I will not call you a n******, f*****, or c***. 

If you want to be identified by your sex or sexuality, I respect that as your right. 

I would only hope that you would accept my right to criticize my beliefs as I see fit and is my right.

If you all cannot accept this, I do not care what the fuck you think because you all cannot accept some simple rules to have a simple discussion.

If this post made you pissed, I don’t fucking care because you can’t agree with a simple discourse of opinion.

Of think this is a drunk post. You are correct. But I would only hope that when I read this post tomorrow, I would hope that I Am nor ashamed of my drunken beliefs.

Icy, you have some serious trans and homo issues

Drunk at 6:40 on a Wednesday is hard core. 

On May 23, 2023:

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posted by justincredible

I, too, like to vacation in near "terrorist state"s with the entire family.

What a fucking idiot.  Go visit any number of Muslim countries as a lesbian mother and you’ll find out exactly what terrorism is.

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posted by BRF

On May 20, 2023:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Conspiracy thread" at 06:10 am
posted by CenterBHSFan

I always love it when the one big right wing news company is the big ugly when convenient, and always lumped in with the left wings news when it's not convenient lol!

CNN                                                                                                                      FOX


Washington Post



New York Times




I don’t disagree with you.  He was making a point that the industry has killed its own reputation by linking to a source that is one of the culprits - ideology aside.

On May 19, 2023:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Aging pets" at 10:13 pm
posted by justincredible

Our one remaining pooch has been dealing with a weird toe for a while now. We decided to have it amputated and sent it off for a biopsy. She has melanoma. Without any tests we won't know how aggressive or pervasive it is, and at her age the vet doesn't recommend doing them. 

This sucks.

Sorry to hear that.  At least she has a family that loves her around her during her decline.  It’s very hard.

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posted by QuakerOats


The media was a huge part of the Russia collusion hoax.  Will they be giving back their Pulitzer Prizes?  What a pathetic bunch; they've destroyed their industry/profession. 

Ironically you are linking to one of the media members that has destroyed this industry  

On May 18, 2023:

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52 years old

Married 26 years

16 year old daughter

New job as of May 1

Oh, and my dog hates me.

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posted by jmog

At about 6 to all those numbers.

Only 2 things have changed really, I make over 2x the money I did in 2017 and my first grandchild is due in August as my oldest got married last year.

Technically my title is Principle Application Engineer, Chemical Engineer is just my degree.

Sometimes I can’t believe how well my new company has done for me.

I left old one not that long after this post (about a year). 

25% bump when I left. 

5 typical COL increases averaging about 3.5%.

3 raises as my bonus plan changed from 10% to 20% over 3 years.

3 “promotion” raises, in quotes because same actual job, different title/responsibilities (think engineer 1, 2, 3, etc). About to get another one of these in a couple months, just going through the international committee approval.

Even not counting the original 25% as a “raise” that’s still 11 raises in 4.5 years.

I am CERTAIN that frequency will die soon as the bonus plan won’t change unless I get a “real” promotion managing engineers, and the “same job” promotions are basically out (possibly one more).

But it has been good to see my salary double in 4.5 years from old job to current. 


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posted by geeblock

Surely he has something more important going on in his state. 

Things in Texas must be pretty squared away.  Thanks for fighting for us Ted.

On May 17, 2023:

James Caan wasn’t even Italian!!  WTF?

On May 15, 2023:

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posted by BRF

Holy shit.  I never knew that.  Always assumed it was Zach Galifianakis.

posted by justincredible

I would have enjoyed shaking him.

Baby Himmler would have put you on the train then.

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White Buffalo “Wish It Were True” is one that’s been with me a lot recently.


posted by justincredible

I’d like to have dinner with Hitler. But only baby Hitler. I’d give him his bottle and then, well, you know.

Little known fact…..

Baby Hitler was actually an excellent conversationalist.  He was renowned for hosting dinner parties with a diverse guest list that included artists, poets, musicians, philosophers and captains of industry.  I think you would have enjoyed him.



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