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On Jul 23, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

If they go somewhere, do the rest of the big 13 teams try to join other conferences?

Perhaps. That conference - the Big 12 - is a Conference USA without those two. 

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Interesting about Texas and Oklahoma possibly joining the SEC.  I read Rob Oller's column in the Dispatch this morning saying the Big Ten should also make a play for those two. I don't see Texas coming to the Big Ten for a lot of reasons. But Oklahoma could make sense for both sides. 

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posted by BR1986FB

What's nuts is that, I believe, Cinderella's keyboard player Gary Corbett, also died that same day.

Wow, didn't know that. All these young-in-my-memory rockers are going. 

On Jul 22, 2021:

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posted by brutus161

Your first question is a violation of my HIPAA rights.

                                                    - Marjorie Taylor Greene

It's hard to quantify the uninformed / stupid in this woman. I'd love for her and the Squad to take up Elon Musk's offer of a one-way trip to Mars - although that's not really fair to Mars. 

On Jul 21, 2021:

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posted by j_crazy

There is a large portion of the population that have a very good chance of not having serious reactions to the virus. Of those, there is a ~50% subset who have a low risk of a VERY serious side effect from the vaccines. My son falls into this group. He will not be vaccinated and even though it's my choice and opinion that he not be vaccinated, his Cardiologist is the one who told me that he is in no circumstance to get this vaccine until the medical community can determine the exact cause of the myocarditis issues and they understand the long term risk of it to someone with major heart problems like my son's.

So to my son "get his shit together" means wear a mask when he can't eliminate the risk of close contact. We are fine with that.

No doubt about it in the case of your son. And I hope he stays healthy. There are undoubtedly many people in this circumstance. As a responsible family, you are taking the necessary precautions. 

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posted by geeblock

A tale of two brothers.

Josh polk was 6'3 in 220 in middle school and easily the biggest and strongest student i have ever came across in 25 years of teaching.  Would have easily been on track to go to the NFL and I've never had a student go to the NFL.  I have had many go D1 in football and basketball but never make the pros.

Dezwan was similar but not quite as strong.

Taught them both at Indianola middle school in the mid 2000's.  Terrible home life full of chaos and drugs. Both were selling drugs and carrying guns in Middle School.  Both super respectful to adults but got into fights daily.  Josh was in special ed and couldnt read which i think ended up making the biggest difference between them.  They moved out the hood and went to whetstone  hs and both were doing good for a while until Josh left his bookbag on the bus and it had a gun in it.  Indianola closed the year after they left and after all these years when the teachers i used to work with there get together we spend hours talking about these two.  Havent heard any news on them in a while and this morning my phone was blowing up.   Dezwuan is very successful now, graduated from  Perdue with honors and owns several businesses.  Josh threw his life away.



That's a sad story about Polk. I'm sure that gets to all of you that taught him. Sounds like he never had a chance. 

On Jul 20, 2021:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 07:41 pm

The only reason someone doesn't have a vaccine now is that they don't want it. Lack of access is BS.  I would bet if you can't get out to get it, there are multiple services that will come and give it to you. 

If someone doesn't want it, that's their business. But I am sick of the Faucis of the world influencing restriction on all of us in order to protect people that clearly don't want the protection. I wish we could quit talking about Covid. 

Trump didn't help the pandemic and he didn't develop a vaccine. Biden hasn't helped the pandemic, had nothing to do with getting the vaccine out and hasn't a clue what to do going forward. Covid doesn't give a fuck about US politics and will run whatever course it's going to run. Let's move on with our lives. 

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posted by justincredible

Imagine living in Australia.

82k tests, 111 positives, 1 death (80 year old)

Now 900k Aussie's are under strict lockdown. Again.


On Jul 19, 2021:

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posted by Spock

i would have left and for sure made them aware of why i wasnt spending my money there

It's always great to hear your takes on how you would have played these life events we all face much more effectively than we did. Helps us learn. 

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posted by sportchampps

I finally went into a store that actually required a mask in Texas. It was a Korean ice cream place and the lady behind the counter looked startled when I wasn’t wearing one even though the other Korean lady behind me also wasn’t wearing one.

We're you trying to kill everyone?

On Jul 18, 2021:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "What are you listening to? [general music thread]" at 10:13 pm

Listening to a lot of System of a Down at the gym this week. What a tight sounding band.  "Lonely Day" and "Aerials" are great highlights. 

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The Staircase series on Netflix. 8/10. Very interesting murder case and we'll made doc. 

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posted by superman

Jeff LaBar

I think he lived a pretty hard lifestyle. Cinderella was one of the better hair bands. 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie


Not directed at you like-that, just another nonsensical message that is out there. 

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posted by like_that

TwO wEEks 2 FLatTeN tEH CuRvE!


On Jul 17, 2021:

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posted by iclfan2

They hate you 

Between the Covid fear mongers and the vaccine fear mongers, we're probably leave oking at this state for perpetuity. 

On Jul 16, 2021:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 08:31 pm
posted by iclfan2

Oh and BLM sent out a statement on the side of the oppressive Cuba government. Weird how ptown and Gblock don’t exist when reality comes calling. Imagine donating money to that dumbass Marxist group or marching for it. Clowns

The Cuban people are protesting their own government. In case BLM didn't get the memo, they're not chanting against the US or burning American flags - you have to attend a BLM march to find those things. 

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posted by Heretic

New Iron Maiden single. Enough to put everything else on hold, as always.

You're talking about "The Writing on the Wall", I assume.  Great sounding single and first Maiden new music in 6 years.  I think it sounds great, although I need to play it loud before I can really tell how good it is.  Looking forward to more new music from Maiden.


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You don't need all this stuff.  All you need is an X3 bar and 10 minutes per day.  In no time, you'll be looking like a 'roided up monster like this guy.  I think his book is called "Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time".  How can this not work?

On Jul 14, 2021:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 09:00 pm
posted by gut

Not sure where to put this, but W emerged from his art studio to criticize the withdrawl from Afghanistan.

Way to stick to your guns, 20 years after getting us into that quagmire.

No shit. He was 0-2 on justifiable wars. 



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