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posted by Fletch

My 7th grade daughter took a online survey that had question on it about being white, its happening in very covert ways

If we're trading anecdotes, my 15 year old daughter has never been taught anything negative about being white.  What's your point?

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I would not leave. My boss lives in Europe and I work at home. Pay is great and people are excellent. 

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posted by superman

If CRT isn't being taught, why do leftists get so upset about the idea of banning it?

Some states are banning it with zero evidence that it is being taught in any schools there.  Kooky leftists aside, this is concerning because it is essentially legislating led by cable tv and talk radio.  Happens on both sides too - liberals pull the same crap with things like hate speech legislation.  

It should be called “white van” lawmaking, named after the 1980s paranoia of masses of child abductors driving the streets in plain white vans looking for victims.  

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posted by gut

Yes, the term is being used incorrectly.  It's effective branding from the Right, but the reason you're being gaslit is critics don't literally mean "CRT" when they talk about what is being taught in the schools.

It's just short-hand for tenets and other foundational aspects of CRT, the 1619 Project and general identity politics shaping curriculum.  We've seen evidence of this from more than a few schools.

The Left waving their arms saying "what's going on?!?!.. this is a graduate course...it isn't taught to your kids" is total deflection and completely dismissive of a very real and valid concern parents have about their children's education.

Fair enough.  

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I was directed to this site: https://criticalrace.org/ as a place to find out where CRT is being taught.  In Ohio, for example, there is no evidence it is being taught in any k-12 school.  It lists about 20 colleges in Ohio teaching it.  But the ones I looked at specifically show things like "diversity" classes being offered as electives.  I find that stuff to be nonsense.  But I would hardly call that the wave of CRT that is supposedly coming our way, causing states like Alabama or Mississippi to pass laws banning it (without any evidence it is being taught in those states).  The first time I heard the term "critical race theory" was from my mom.   She said something like "Do you agree with the teaching of critical race theory?"  It came out of the blue about 2-3 years ago.  I had never heard of it before.  She told me it was becomming more and more common in schools, that we'd better think about where our daughter goes to school, etc.   Turns out she'd heard about if from Tucker Carlson.  2-3 years later it doesn't seem like any more of a threat than it was then. 

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posted by Fletch

Same,  never wore a mask, didnt miss any work after the initial 2 months of the crap .  

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posted by gut

Maybe Putin will invade Ukraine, or maybe not.  I'm actually not that concerned about it.  Just the usual suspects pretending like this is the start of WW3.

It's just nutso.  Repubs want to sanction him BEFORE he's actually done anything.  And now Biden says no troops in Ukraine.  Why would you say that even if its almost certainly true? Closing the embassy was also a weak move - it's not Benghazi.  Putin isn't attacking our embassy or people.

I haven't really been paying attention, but I'm sure someone has said Putin is only doing this to help his buddy Trump.

Biden is so out of his league dealing with this guy.  Regardless of whether Putin is seriously contemplating invasion or bluffing, he's got his reasons.  Biden and his crew are never going to be clever enough to figure out what these drivers are.  Nothing will be learned here either.  You need a Churchill/Lincoln type guy to match wits with Putin.  We certainly don't have that here.

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posted by QuakerOats

Boom ... right on queue 

You post this kind of stuff multiple times per day.  I don't respond to it all, but to some.  We're both broken records.

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posted by gut

Not sure far right conspiracy theories is a big enough group to qualify for "mass formation psychosis".  I think that's more of a "10 years to save the planet from climate change!!!!" kind of thing.

Al Gore's crap was much the same.  I think "How dare you" Greta has taken up Al's mantra and now you've got people mindless quoting her as if she's some sort of authority on anything except how to get your ass excused from school for an extended period of time.

Other terms I've heard this way (i.e. Like "mass formation psychosis" in that they have almost an immediate adoption by some group to make a point):

  • Gravitas 
  • (White) male privilege
  • Microaggression
  • Fascist
  • Radical

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posted by Heretic

Yeah, it's performance arts at their finest. Reporter for left/right leaning station lobs softballs at "their guy" and goes for straight-up gotcha stuff when it's the other party at the podium. Where the answer is far less significant than the response. Either to go pure kiss-ass about how your guy is soooo presidential in his demeanor and response OR to give the opinion show hosts something to bitch about because the guy's an obvious clown amirite?!?

I think that last point is spot on.  CNN / MSNBC spent every single night talking about what a jerk Trump was.  These kinds of interactions he had with their reporters just fed into those shows.  Fox seems to be doing the same thing - providing the subject matter for their commentators to be outraged about.  

A total asshole lived on my paper route when I was a kid.  He was old and mean as hell.  I hated collecting from him because he always scared the shit out of me with his meanness.  Every single time I went to his house, it was the same thing.  And after, I'd complain about him for a couple of days to anyone that would listen.  I probably could have had him moved to "direct bill pay" (this was the Columbus Citizen-Journal circa 1980-81, but they had that.  But in reality, I kind of liked the drama and notoriety I got after our visits.  

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posted by Fletch

Of course nobody heard of it till now unless you studied psychology.  There was once a day where you heard things like Google for the first time.  Your argument to discredit something because of how you heard of it is absolutely stupid.

My point was that the term is bantered about now everywhere by people who don’t even know what it means.  It went from obscurity to common usage in order to disparage the very thing its use implies.  

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posted by QuakerOats

mass format psychosis right wing conspiracy pool dividers

I’d bet my money that you and most of the right wing conspiracy theorists had never heard of mass formation psychosis prior to the doctor saying it on Joe Rohan.  Sounds the same as groupthink.  Mindlessly regurgitating the flavor of the week conspiracy sounds like mass formation psychosis.  

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John Birch Society ad.  Could apply today as well.

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posted by QuakerOats

Mr. Hanson is about as good as they come;  you best read up. 

Victor Davis Hanson (born September 5, 1953) is an American conservative commentator, classicist, and military historian. He has been a commentator on modern and ancient warfare and contemporary politics for The New York TimesWall Street JournalNational ReviewThe Washington Times, and other media outlets.

He is a professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, and visiting professor at Hillsdale College. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush, and was a presidential appointee in 2007–2008 on the American Battle Monuments Commission.

I was reading that.  W probably gave him all that because he was an outspoken supporter of the invasion of and war with Iraq.  What a great call that was.  

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posted by justincredible

Buckle up for war. 

We're about due.  After giving freedom to Iraq and Afghanistan (plus trouncing people who "hated us because we were free"), it's about time for a new war.  

Thank you for you keeping us free.  

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Does NCF stand for Newark Catholic Fan?  I remember him from jjhuddle. 

Is his barring from Trimble something informal from posters or is he officially not allowed in?  What happened to cause that?

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posted by gut
Yet, he only invades Ukraine when Democrats are POTUS.  Strange.

I don’t doubt that he sees Biden as a weak adversary who will do nothing and doesn’t even comprehend the situation.  But none of our presidents - since Putin’s been there have even been close to the challenge of holding this guy in check.  W could “see (the humanity) in his soul”, Obama got it all fixed with his “reset”, Trump got hosed into wanting to be his buddy, and Biden thinks he’s solved Russian aggression with a stern phone call.  Not since Reagan have we had the type of leader necessary to counter a foe like Putin.  Not even close.  It’s the accumulation of years of ineptitude that has led us to where we are today.

Since 1991, this had been brewing. No way the Russia/the USSR was going to lose all that area, watch NATO increase and not act.  

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posted by Fletch

So Russia is going to invade Ukraine.

THe UN is scrambling to help stop it.

Biden is going to do nothing because he is owned by Russia.

Germany is not going to do anything because Biden gave Russia the keys to Eastern Europe energy.

Well done dipshit

Putin has owned his US counterpart since he came into office.  This situation didn’t happen in the last 12 months.  I agree that Biden won’t do anything.  I doubt he even understands the specifics of  the situation.  Even if he did, he hasn’t the stomach to lock eyes with Vlad and call him out.  

Because we elect performers and celebrities, we put people like W, Obama, Trump and now Biden up against a guy who knows history, understands others weaknesses and is willing to play the long game.  This is the equivalent of the alcohol-fueled club champion at the local country club teeing it up against Tiger Woods.  

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I was convinced today’s wasn’t going to happen. 

Wordle 217 6/6







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posted by queencitybuckeye

When both parties get their hands on a nonsense issue, it's amazing the amount of time that can be wasted other than stirring up their party loyalists, which is of course the real goal.

Democrats, with rare exception minorities have ID and those that don't can easily get one. How very white of you to think you need to take care of these poor unfortunates to accomplish something so trivial.

Republicans, there is no real evidence of widespread cheating in our elections no matter which podcast "celebrities" get some crackpot to say there is.

Another example is a recent vote in Mississippi in response to critical race theory.

The likelihood that any politician in that state’s general assembly had ever heard the term critical race theory prior to 2-3 years ago is unlikely.  Nevertheless, a bill was passed banning the teaching of any race as being superior or inferior to others.  When the sponsor was asked if there was any examples of this happening in Mississippi, he admitted that he had not found or heard of any.  But he did say t hat the bill was in response to calls from his constituents very concerned about what is going on with this issue “around the country” based upon what they’ve been seeing on cable news.  

So a non-issue is spun into not only an issue, but an urgent and pressing one that has the “future of our state” at stake.  

Legislating from cable news.  



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