On Nov 14, 2022:

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posted by mhs95_06

I should have played Mostert instead of Chubb on my fantasy team!

Both Mostert and Jeff Wilson got started in my league (different teams) and they obviously both scored well.

On Nov 8, 2022:

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posted by kizer permanente

Who's being paid not to work still? None of that stuff was renewed. Hasn't been in awhile. 

Given that the labor participation rate is still about 1.5% below what it was before the pandemic, that stat alone says there are about 20-30,000,000 people who have still chosen not to go looking for work that were working or at least looking for work before the pandemic.

They are getting by somehow, I don't know or understand how, but they are. 

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Depending on your current salary, I would have a hard time turning down $30k and larger bonus. I mean if you are making $200k+ then $30k isn't that big of a bump. But if you are like most of us middle to upper middle class slubs $30k is a healthy percentage increase.

To show where my break off point is, back in the spring I turned down a job offer that was $15k more than what I made at the time, it included a $7500 signing bonus and a better bonus structure (on the high end). They knew I would have taken it if the increase was $25k based on the salary and bonus increases. 

I did get a raise out of it by going and talking about market and where I wanted to be. I felt like I was in a good position to ask based on my actual results the last 3 years with the company (doubling and tripling goals every year...shoot, this year I am 7x my goal) and I did get the same $15k increase.

With all that said, $30k isn't worth your sanity, if you could tell it was not good then you made the right choice. I interviewed at one place that I knew walking out even if they offered me $50k raise I would turn it down.

I have done a lot of work with Owens Corning over the years at their glass melting plants. Had mostly good encounters with some of their management.

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wife: "Do you think that girl is good looking?"

husband: "no, she has a messed up nose" (ALWAYS find something specific as to why the girl isn't good looking)

When in reality the girl was hot.

You always tell your wife what she wants to hear in those situations.

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posted by BR1986FB

Browns are listening to trade offers for Kareem Hunt & Greedy Williams

They have to get some draft picks back after the haul they sent to the Texans.

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posted by like_that

To be fair, the GOP has done nothing to make them a viable party to control the Government.  Right now their only appeal is that they aren't the Dems. 

I do hope they take the house and senate though.  I rather just have gridlock for the majority of my life, and anything to block radical leftist judges. 

If Trump runs/wins nomination again I would agree, but DeSantis and a few others have shown very capable of running a government.

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posted by gut rape is now based on proof of coercion....Good to know....

What do you think the definition of rape is? Physically or manipulatively coercing someone to have sex who has said no.

Since we are talking about a criminal act, in the United States of America you need proof of such coercion. 

You can't be that stupid right?

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posted by iclfan2

I just can’t imagine how this happened! 


You mean making kids learn by themselves with cookie cutter BS homework and lessons for a whole year didn't work?

Color me shocked.

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I was not a Seinfeld fan, but would watch it if it just happened to be on TV.


I also do not like Avocados. I don't think they are gross (like tomatoes) but wouldn't add them to anything on purpose.



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posted by ernest_t_bass

Let's just say that's not unique.

I would say probably 80% of all the people who still visit here joined that first month when JJ went pay to play.

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Let’s just say it was called Freehuddle when I joined. 

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posted by Laley23

12 Strong

thavoice was correct here. Great movie. 8.8/10. I liked the Hurt Locker, and would have to watch closer together for a real comparison. But I really enjoyed this story. 

Saw this last night with the wife, I would go 8/10. Great story, really wish they would have subtitled a few times the Afghans were talking amongst themselves. Although, I understand the reason why was to leave the audience as much in the dark as the soldiers were so you feel what they felt. But still at times a minute or more of dialogue with no subtitles was difficult.


Overall the movie was really good though.

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“Noonan!”. Still use this anytime someone has a pressure moment and I need them to fuck it up lol

We always used "na na na na na na na....NOONAN!"

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posted by justincredible

10 Cloverfield Lane was similar. I had no idea it was related until the end.

Also, assuming this is the original jmog, what happened to your original account?


I agree, 10 Cloverfield Lane was somewhat similar but at LEAST Goodman's character was telling them there was an invasion outside you just had to decide, with the women, if you believed him or if he was just plain crazy. Also, the final scene was at least a couple minutes where Paradox it was literally 2 seconds.

Like I said, I actually thought the movie by itself was good, just seriously a bad attempt at the end to tie it to the other movies.

Good question, site logged me out, password wouldn't work, and to be honest can't remember what really old email address I used to set it up. So I figured it would take me 2 min to just register again. Easier than jumping through other hoops.


Unless you want to reset my password for me.

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Watched the Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix that they premiered after the Superbowl.


To be honest, if this was a stand alone movie (as in not part of the Cloverfield franchise) I would give it a 7/10, not bad movie, not bad plot, not bad special effects, good use of real physics and sci-fi, etc.


However, as a Cloverfield movie it just didn't "fit". I mean seriously, without ruining it (spoiler from here on if you REALLY care about the last 2 seconds of the movie), the ONLY thing that tied into the other Cloverfield movies was literally the last 2 seconds of the movie, that is all.


Cut that last scene, name it something else, and its a good movie.

If you go in expecting/liking the Cloverfield franchise, expect to be disappointed like 5/10 dissapointed.



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