On Sep 7, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Spectrum/Disney Dispute" at 07:27 am

I dumped Directv for YoutubeTV a few months back and don't regret it.  I have my YoutubeTV on a FireStick.  If you're a little tech savvy and aren't afraid to pirate, there are hacks out there for the Firestick to get Ballys to watch the Reds.  I do it.

On Jul 31, 2023:

posted by sportchampps

Anyone going to Dragonsaddle Fest

I go every year.  We are taking a 14-person party bus this year, so no one has to worry about driving home.  Killer lineup of guest taps this year.

I was just there on Saturday picking up cans of the new collab with CLAG, Put Your Ear Up to a Taco Shell, What Do You Hear?  

On Jul 24, 2023:

posted by justincredible

Quick lunch stop in Asheville on our way to Charleston. Burial is so good. 

Burial is my favorite Asheville brewery.  Dssolvr is a close 2nd.

Hopefully you got a picture next to the Tom and Sloth mural.  Burial ships to Ohio.  I've place many orders with them.

TedSheckler replied to "What musical act have you seen live the most?" at 07:17 am

Godsmack 8x

Tool 6x

On Jul 5, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Nominations: Ohio's best craft brewery" at 07:33 am
posted by Verbal Kint

Any new updates?

There is a place in downtown Sandusky- Small City Tap House, CLAG, Answer (brother owns Virginia Brewery)

CLAG (Cocky Little Asian Guy), does amazing beers.

On Jun 7, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Apple Vision Pro - new AR/VR device from Apple" at 07:38 am

On May 19, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Powerful/moving songs" at 07:16 am

The Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key

On May 18, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "OC Members....Personal Update" at 01:23 pm

Age: 47

Job: Machine tool sales (27 years)

Married 22 years

Kids- Step-daughter 31, step-daughter 28, son 18, son 16

2 dogs

On Apr 26, 2023:

posted by friendfromlowry

Sonder Hefeweizen 

I’m planning a trip to Los Angeles in about 11 months and I’m excited to try some Pliny the Elder. 

Russian River is in Northern CA. 

Elder is a great beer. 

I enjoyed my Pliny the Younger a couple weeks ago. I got 8 bottles last year. Only 4 this year. 

On Feb 27, 2023:


F Anheuser-Busch

On Feb 17, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Another "high altitude object" shot down" at 07:24 am

Shot down a $12 balloon with a $400,000 missile.  

On Feb 3, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "2022-23 NFL Playoffs thread" at 11:54 am

Mixon charges being dropped.

On Jan 3, 2023:

Other Half ships to Ohio.  I have got a few orders from them.  Great stuff.

On Aug 17, 2022:

TedSheckler replied to "Camping / Outdoor Stuff Thread" at 12:47 pm
posted by Automatik

What did you think of Estes? I really wanted to go to Smokin' Daves BBQ but it was absolutely slammed on a Friday evening. Ended up at Post Chicken & Beer. It was solid.

I have been there before.  We just went to Bear Lake for a quick hike.  Got back into Estes Park around 11 and it was stupid crowded.  We just are lunch and had a beer at Estes Park Brewing then headed back to Fort Collins.  Went up to Cheyenne later that afternoon and stopped at Natural Fort (between Cheyenne and Fort Collins) on the way back to climb around the rock formations.  We stopped at a Post Chicken in Longmont Thursday when we got there....just for beer though.

TedSheckler replied to "Camping / Outdoor Stuff Thread" at 08:02 am
posted by Automatik

Drove Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend. Started in Estes Park then stayed at Grand Lake. Got shut out of camping due to some heavy rain so overpaid for some mediocre lodge at Grand Lake.

Overall, would highly recommend! Fucking awesome drive. Both Estes Park and Grand Lake are very cool towns. 

I was in RMNP and Estes on Sunday too.  I wasn't camping though.

On Jul 8, 2022:

South of Eleven is one of my favs.  South of Eleven 666 is even better.

On Jun 23, 2022:

TedSheckler replied to "Gas prices thread" at 07:58 am

You should be grateful! It's going to save you less than $20 over 3 months.  Thanks Joe!

On Jun 9, 2022:

All kinda so-so.



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