On May 8, 2024:

TedSheckler replied to "Best vintage computer games" at 07:23 am

Half-Life 2

Battlefield 2

On Apr 9, 2024:

posted by friendfromlowry

I see your Pliny the Elder and raise you my Pliny the Younger!

On Mar 7, 2024:

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Garand Thumb

First We Feast (Hot Ones)

On Jan 5, 2024:

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I've been dealing with it for...going on 3 weeks now.  Sore throat, fever came and went.  Slightly congested.  The only thing lingering is a dry cough.  Can't shake that.

I think my grandson brought it with him from Colorado.  We ended up taking him  to urgent care while he was here.  Tested positive for croup and RSV.  He had a miserable week here.

On Dec 1, 2023:

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On Nov 28, 2023:

I've had it twice.  Doing a tasting of the 2023 tomorrow.  Honestly, it's just OK.  It's not beer and a little goes a long way.  You only need a few ounces.  A bottle should last you a couple year, unless you share it.  The "bottle" is cool as hell though.

On Nov 17, 2023:


On Oct 12, 2023:

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On Oct 4, 2023:

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posted by sportchampps

I’ll take Branch and Bone in Dayton over warped wing


Although I get Whiskey Rebellion every year, Feral Dawn and their variants from B&B is a way better BBA stout, IMHO.

On Oct 3, 2023:

TedSheckler replied to "Top 10 Ohio Beers" at 02:20 pm

1. Hoof Hearted Dragonsaddle

2. Urban Artifact Gadget

3. Rhinegeist Truth

4. Jackie O's Mystic Mama

5. Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong

6. Jackie O's BBA Dark Apparition

7. Fat Heads Head Hunter

8. Hoof Hearted Key Bump

9. Branch & Bone BBA Feral Dawn

10.Columbus Bodhi

posted by sportchampps

Mortalis was in cans 3 different kinds I had one as late as 5:00ish. 

Oh yea!  Now I remember.  I had it, just forgot to check it in.  

On Oct 2, 2023:

posted by sportchampps

I went to. Picked up my allotment on Friday. Enjoyed the bands. Stayed until about 5:30. The guest draft were pretty good. I liked Gemini the best

We took a party bus. We had a group of 15. We got there about 12:30 and left about 6:30. The Mortalis blew before I got to it. 

posted by sportchampps

Are you doing King Ding a Ling.

I did do King-Ding-a-Ling.  Went over Thursday evening to get my allotment of cans.  Good thing.  I heard they sold out of Dragonsaddle cans on Saturday.  Great lineup this year.  I was there rocking an A.C Slater jersey and wig.

On Sep 7, 2023:

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I dumped Directv for YoutubeTV a few months back and don't regret it.  I have my YoutubeTV on a FireStick.  If you're a little tech savvy and aren't afraid to pirate, there are hacks out there for the Firestick to get Ballys to watch the Reds.  I do it.

On Jul 31, 2023:

posted by sportchampps

Anyone going to Dragonsaddle Fest

I go every year.  We are taking a 14-person party bus this year, so no one has to worry about driving home.  Killer lineup of guest taps this year.

I was just there on Saturday picking up cans of the new collab with CLAG, Put Your Ear Up to a Taco Shell, What Do You Hear?  

On Jul 24, 2023:

posted by justincredible

Quick lunch stop in Asheville on our way to Charleston. Burial is so good. 

Burial is my favorite Asheville brewery.  Dssolvr is a close 2nd.

Hopefully you got a picture next to the Tom and Sloth mural.  Burial ships to Ohio.  I've place many orders with them.

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Godsmack 8x

Tool 6x

On Jul 5, 2023:

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posted by Verbal Kint

Any new updates?

There is a place in downtown Sandusky- Small City Tap House, CLAG, Answer (brother owns Virginia Brewery)

CLAG (Cocky Little Asian Guy), does amazing beers.

On Jun 7, 2023:

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