On Feb 26, 2021:

posted by sportchampps

Also give me a mixed four of those 450 north beers lol

DM me. I'll ship you a variety 4-pack from 450 if you return the favor of a variety. 

or more.  

posted by sportchampps

Justin and Ted did you guys see Southern Grist is delivering to Ohio now. They have by far the best fruited sours I have ever tried. My favorite brewery in Nashville. Their NE IPAs are also good and can compete with the ones from Dankhouse and Hoof. 

I'll have to check them out.  They better be good if they want to compete with 450 North for fruited sours.  Went there a few weeks ago.  Brought back a few cans.

On Feb 25, 2021:

I've done 3 Hop Culture boxes.  I did the FML Festival, the Saturday Morning Festival, and the Extreme Beer Fest.  They were all pretty much drunk buys because the advertisements would come up on Untappd.  They are overpriced in my opinion.  Some decent beers, but $109 for 9 beers?  No thanks.  The FML and Saturday morning box were 18 beers in each.

If you like Burial, hit Dssolvr.

Everything closes at 9PM.  Masks must be worn, except when seated.  The two biggies, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium were curbside pickup only.  Taprooms weren't open.  So were were like fuck it, Ordered a six pack and had a beer in the parking lot.  Had to check in a beer at both those places.  :) 

On Feb 24, 2021:

posted by justincredible

Top 5 from your visit.

I assume you went to Catawba, did they still have PB&J and variants?


Green Man


Blue Ghost


We did go to Catawba. Didn't try PB&J. 

Just got back from four days in Asheville where we did nothing but hit as many breweries as we could.  We did 27 total.

On Nov 6, 2020:

TedSheckler replied to "Grill/smoker discussion..." at 12:01 pm

TedSheckler replied to "Grill/smoker discussion..." at 11:59 am
posted by iclfan2

Never heard of the bullseye, that looks awesome. Does it smoke well too or do you mainly use it for grilling? The price seems really good.

You can go low and slow on it as well as hot and fast.  I haven't done a brisket or anything on it because I have a smoker, but you can go 225° on it and I have got it up to 800°.  It has a 15lb hopper vs. 40lb. hopper on my smoker.

TedSheckler replied to "Grill/smoker discussion..." at 08:12 am
posted by Spock

Just bought a Recteq.  

Good choice!  What did you get?

I have added the Recteq Bullseye to go with my Recteq RT-700 Bull smoker.  those sit next to my 36" Blackstone.  I may have a problem.  

On Oct 30, 2020:

TedSheckler replied to "GOAT Halloween candy" at 01:10 pm

Necco wafers

On Sep 14, 2020:

posted by justincredible

Anyone know of any good beer that is easy to find in Michigan but hard to find in Ohio? My wife is in South Haven with friends for the weekend and asked if I wanted her to pick anything up.

Probably too late, but Jolly Pumpkin makes awesome stuff.  Lots of sours.  They don't distribute much to Ohio.

On Aug 31, 2020:

posted by sportchampps

I missed out on Dragonsaddle tickets this weekend bc I totally forgot 

I missed out on the VIP tickets for Friday.  They sold out in 30 seconds.  I had the ticket in my cart and by the time I checked out, too late.

I did get a ticket for the drive thru on Saturday.  I have the earliest slot, so I'm hoping they have crowlers of the double frooted stuff left.  My (3) 4-packs are guarenteed.  And I'm going to get one each of the 2-packs of the BBA stuff.

On Aug 24, 2020:

This is what $600 worth of Hoof Hearted looks like  

On Aug 17, 2020:

TedSheckler replied to "Great covers" at 11:21 am

posted by sportchampps

I saw you did the FML Fest Ted how was it. That Quad Hill looked awesome

The Quad Berry Hill from Southern Grist was great.  My second favorite was the Even More Little Tiny Baby Jesus from Evil Twin.  18 beers and a glass for $180, plus the cool backdrop box.  Split the whole box with a buddy, so $90/ea. wasn't bad.  I wasn't interested in the virtual events.

On Aug 7, 2020:

posted by sportchampps

Anyone been to Sixth Sense Brewing here. I’m thinking of going on Saturday but was wondering if there’s anything else nearby that I could use as an something for my wife to do on the trip.

I've been to Sixth Sense.  Not sure there is much other to do in Jackson.  I just went to go to the brewery.  Very good stuff.  Murk Juice (lots of variations) is a solid go to.  They have a really good taco truck always there and a restaurant next door, Arch and Eddie's.

On Aug 4, 2020:

posted by sportchampps

BTW any of you guys on Untappd 

On Aug 3, 2020:

posted by sportchampps

Justin you need to come to Hoof Hearted next anniversary party. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Columbus up 71. For their anniversary (usually in September so I’m sure it won’t happen this year) they have a music festival and beer festival. The music is usually some crazy band from the 80s no one cares about but the beer festival has most of the top breweries in America there. It’s basically unlimited samples of Breweries like OtherHalf, Southern Grist, and Great Notion. You also get a few four packs and bottles to take home with you from Hoof including Dragonsaddle (Hoofs Best beer). 

Hoof is by far my favorite brewery and beer.  I am usually there picking up cans every other weekend.  I have a fridge full of beer.  80% Hoof beers.



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