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If California wanted to leave......I bet it would happen.

Let the coastal counties go - fuck 'em; the rest of the state can carry on as a conservative stronghold.

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So my kids got me a beer club 3 month membership (Craft Beer Club) for Father's Day.  My first shipment arrived last night.  You get 12 beers, 3 of the same kind.

I got O'Fallon, out of Missouri, 5 Day IPA and Show Me Amber Lager.  From Alamo Brewing in San Antonio, I got German Style Pale Ale and Golden Ale.  They are being 

iced down as I type.


Best to all for a great Independence Day weekend.

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I love Tucker

He's been crushing it lately, no one can deny that.

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Yeah. That does not match with how much DC has grown since the founding. The idea was to just have a section for the working of the federal government. The DC statehood bill does that. It just takes that rest of the area and makes it its own state. Also, if we live in a democracy, which I think we still do, the fact that a wide majority of people living in DC want to be a state as well as a majority of people in MD and VA do not want to add them to their states is evidence they should be a state. 

Why don't we need another state? Is 50 just the right number now forever? Is there no way any other territory could become a state in your view? We just hit 50 states in 1949, and this is the longest in the country's history we have gone without adding a new state. 

The people feeding off the public trough in DC need no more clout - period.

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Let's say I am a Doctor who has an office and treats patients in downtown DC. You are saying that the doctor who pays DC and federal taxes has no voting right? That he should just live in VA or MD if he wants to have the right to vote even though his office and patients are in DC? 

The fact that DC has taxation without representation is dumb as fuck. 

I’ll go with what the founding fathers thought. Anyone living in DC today knew, or should know, that the constitution says they don’t get members of Congress. It’s pretty simple.  If they want representation, call it Maryland or VA, we don’t need another state.

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In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, major social unrest, turbulant financial markets and general uneasr, it is clear to all that MICHIGAN STILL SUCKS!!!!

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Did a spur-of-the-moment tri-tip on the smoker last weekend ....not too shabby.  Also smoked some trout filets and made a fantastic dip.

Large home

Lincoln Continental in the driveway

Club membership

Dining out at the club or expensive restaurants

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The annoying thing was I had to try two pics. It pissed me off because in the first pic, the "bike" was clearly a moped-like thing, so I didn't click on any of the squares. AND THEY TREATED IT LIKE I WAS WRONG!!!

Enslaved by BIG Tech

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maduro venezuela blm founder picture together

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pigeons save our statues sign

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Back in my drinking days, Bombay martini extra dry, up. 

I am a gin martini, dry, up, with olives guy.  But for the standard go-to it is usually a gin and tonic w lime.

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Most likely on the southern Outer Banks, anywhere from Cape Lookout inlet down toward Bogue Inlet or even to Southport/Oak Island area, but I could be enticed to a lot of great areas.

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quote usa ended slavery elected black president twice steven crowder

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have gun no gun class dismissed defense couple

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I don’t even know what this is, but based solely off you supporting it, and your post about it, I’m gonna disagree with whatever decision was made  

Good ..... we have little in common; let's keep it that way.

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Seattle police have begun clearing out the protest area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, making more than a dozen arrests after Mayor Jenny Durkan declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Marxist leaders finally clearing out the Marxist protesters after realizing 98% of The People are sick of this bullshit.



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