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Focus this energy on strengthening the bonds with the people you value being around. End of. 

In short: live your life your fucking dorks. 

Thank me later. 

How many drinks?

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Hit 2 of 3 last night:  Wright St getting 5.5 at Youngstown St, and also took game going to OT at +1040.  Wild game that went 3 OT's.  Apparently Scott Van Pelt led with it on ESPN last night - LOL.  Lost on Cavs to win in the 6 - 10 band. 

Golf bets struggling early. 

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Golf card for this weekend:


Putnam of course starts out tournament with a double-bogey....

Decent bunch.  

Will be ready to pounce Saturday night when they head to Pebble for the final round.

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Epic run-on sentence. 

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Yep; and  if it wasn't for radical leftists we'd be at peace. 

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Went 1 for 3 but netted an overall profit when Providence/Xavier went to overtime ..........crazy final 40 seconds of regulation.

Golf:   parlay Kuchar/Van Rooyen T20; +1000

parlay Mcnealy/Rose T10; +1034

Mcnealy top US player; +1000

van Royen top rest of the world player; +1000

S.H. Kim round 1 leader at Montery Peninsula; +1800

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Broke even on the Barcelona game today (would’ve been HUGE) if the first goal for Barcelona wasn’t offside. 

But cleaned up on live betting 4 different O/U in NBA. Hit on all 4, and now up over $800 with about a week to go. 

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Would've been hilariously ironic if he had retired tomorrow, on Groundhog Day.

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Nice. I had a down night with the exception of the Bucks covering an in-game bet. 

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Probably had my best night tonight. As mentioned, I only bet a few bucks on each but turned three $3 bets into $57. I was ice cold last week but I’m up $115 since then. 

I’m going to keep looking into betting the over on the NBA superstars. Embiid, Luka, Jokic, Giannis and even Lebron have all been solid lately. One of my bets tonight was a parlay on Lebron, Jokic, and Giannis over total P/R/A. 

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Ken Anderson

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Pebble Beach this week ...............anyone have some thoughts?

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It seems like a lot of this is people are  either talking past each other, not understanding what is and what is not being taught, and being influenced by what people see online.

One example and here means it is taught everywhere in every grade. Lotta assuming by folks on here that because one video is seen it is widespread and being taught in each and every school. 

I don't know the age of everyone on here, but I'm in my late 30s and was taught a lot of topics, subjects in middle and high school that today may be considered CRT or woke. 

I also believe middle and high school kids should be given a wide range of things to learn to be better prepared for the messy world. Shielding kids, especially high school kids, makes no sense to me.

I’m 36. No teachers talked about their personal lives. Besides sociology or classes similar, no woke things were discussed. We still learned about slavery and all religions in history class. No one had pink hair or rainbow flags on the wall, even if obviously gay. Professionalism apparently doesn’t exist anymore, only worrying about people “feelings”. 

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Went 2 for 3 last night .............. 2nd half in-game bet with Loyola getting 19.5 from Colgate was a lock ............. :) :) 

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Up to $731 after a series of wins and loses on O/U, player props, and 3-balls last week. 

$269 more to go in about 2 weeks. You gotta have faith!

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Not Keith Richards 

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So you now admit that they are teaching it, and are lying to parents about it?

LOL seeing the evolution of this debate.  Bill Maher, who a year ago was "it's bullshit...right-wing talking point....it's a law course.....", is now arguing with Bryan Cranston that it SHOULDN'T be taught in schools.

Really need to stop labeling stuff one disagrees with as "conspiracy theories".  But seems the left has completely given up logic and just argues by gaslighting.

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Yes, ball clearly went into the first tree, not one of the two just beyond it.  And he looked like a fool in #TeeGate.

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John Adams

Go Tribe

He was banging that drum back when I was a kid. RIP



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