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joe biden i will not talk back to the teachers union chalkboard

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posted by Heretic

Ah, yes, the program that, according to sites that don't cater to right wing nutjobs like yourself, was conceived, possibly not actually implemented and its purpose is fulfilled by ICE's Homeland Security Investigations department -- making it look more like unnecessary fat being trimmed. And, hell, from doing a couple minutes of actual research, it looks like this decision was made by ICE, without any orders or whatever coming from the current administration.

Between you and Spock's "just wait until one of them DAMN minority foreigners is living near you!!!!" weak-ass fear-mongering, the clown show is out in force today!

Yet state AG's all over the nation are asking for the reinstatement of Operation Talon.  I guess they should have consulted you first so you could educate 'em up. 

AG Fitch urges Biden to reverse cancellation of Operation Talon

www.wjtv.com › news › state › ag-fitch-urges-biden-to...

Feb 19, 2021 — “By cancelling Operation Talon, the White House is encouraging sexual predators to seek illegal entry into the United States and ensuring these ...

Ohio AG Demands President Biden To Reinstate Operation Talon. Ohio Headlines. by: John Lynch. Posted: Feb 24, 2021 / 01:47 PM EST / Updated: Feb 24, ...
2 days ago — The program, known as “Operation Talon,” had been recently launched by the Trump administration and Buchanan has sent a letter to the ...

7 days ago — In a letter, the attorneys general argue that canceling Operation Talon could encourage sexual predators who seek to enter the country illegally ...

Feb 18, 2021 — Operation Talon, which targets convicted sex offenders who are in our country illegally, is vital to both national security and public safety in ...

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posted by justincredible

the psychosis  is real.

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My wife got her second Moderna shot yesterday at 11am and by 7pm she had a fever and was achy all over. Felt a little better this morning, but the 2nd dose definitely seems to have a higher frequency of side effects. 

True -- my wife had similar issues for about 36-48 hours..................daughter not too bad. 

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So is March 1st really the date when Americans finally say to hell with the asinine mandates? 

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I am just looking out my window now and as far as the eye can see are illegal Latinos, higher than fuck, selling 11 year old girls and waving their welfare checks in the air.  They're everywhere.  Total madness.  I wished we'd have listened to Sean Hannity before it was too late.


Beyond sickening. 

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Wondering what the nuance is with the trash $1.9T house bill? 

BIG Government destroys the economy, jobs, and lives with pandemic hysteria, then steals $1.9 trillion from taxpayers to 'fix' (not) what they destroyed. 

And the mindless cheer for it. 

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office sign dont know how to be less white know how to drink less coke

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tweet wayne lawson ted cruz texas mexico because of ice

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cdc recommendation sunny days multiple hats

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Maybe because it is different? But, that doesn't matter to this crowd. 

I'm shocked people on here haven't blasted his immigration plan. 

What's to blast ?................... open borders; let everyone pour in; drugs and sex trafficking for all; give 'em free everything, and assign a left-wing group to fill in their unregistered mail-in ballots. 

America, baby

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The facility is run by a different agency, HHS, which is completely different than the ICE Facilities that got all the shit. That is the big difference and if you cannot see that you cannot see nuance. 

They are using some of the exact same facilities that they protested during Trump. Who cares who is running it. The left screamed about cages for a year (which weren't cages) and now it's COMPLETELY different.  Truth is no one cared when it was Obama, and only cared when it was Trump because of TDS. They will continue to not care now.
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Fauci is not only being overly cautious he’s putting restaurants and bars out of business. 

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and I think the Germans said gfy

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Fauci is absolutely horrible at messaging. Coming out and saying vaccinated people still shouldn’t eat indoors or go to a movie theater is plain stupid. 

It’s like they’re actively trying to talk people out of getting vaccinated.

Mind numbing.

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To be fair, a sitting congress person wants to create a database of all gun owners and what guns they own and make it accessible to the general public. Because we live in a clown world.

They're just getting started ..................buckle up.

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posted by Trimmer36

My kudos were for the Biden administration showing some empathy and acknowledging the loss of 500,000 plus lives.

Much better than Trump's statement, "It is what it is."

Time after time Trump expressed his sympathies to those who lost a loved one.  

Sorry your network missed it every time.

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Can't figure out how it got to where it ended up.

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Kudos to those who made it happen despite the petulant daily bashing from the  left.



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