On Jan 21, 2022:

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If you believe that a federal takeover of state elections is just a nonsense issue, then so be it.  The founders thought otherwise, for good reason. 

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Pens have caught fire over the last six weeks; good to see.  

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Bang the boss’s wife and upper deck his toilet. 

Correction to my earlier statement. This is the way

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Moving too quickly today

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The Bat Outta Hell album was a great one

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Wordle 216 4/6





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lol, I mirrored my co-worker from yesterday.

Wordle 216 2/6



Btw, jcrazy, she said she guessed BORED first yesterday.

On Jan 20, 2022:

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posted by thavoice

Have to be in Kentucky for two weeks.  Then possibly Nashville the week after, thinking about bowing out of the Nashville which sucks, my all time fav city.

Had a wild weekend there last month.

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Making sure you were awake.

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The 2005 bipartisan commission on elections (Carter-Baker) made clear the areas of major concern and recommended:  voter ID, no mail-in ballots (Except legitimate absentees), and no ballot harvesting, among other good recommendations.  

What happened?  Dems/progressives (aka Marxists) have completely ignored this and done the opposite, in order to manufacture votes. 

Worse yet, this latest attempt to literally federalize state elections to insure dem cheating also includes provisions for YOU to donate to their campaigns:  for every $1 they raise, YOU get to give them $6.  How special is that. 

This attempted legislataion had NOTHING to do with voter rights (which every legal citizen of age already has); it had EVERYTHING to do with making cheating legal, AND padding the coffers of rep's and senators on our dime. 

Repulsive in every way.

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Wordle 215 4/6





On Jan 19, 2022:

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Hard to watch.

Meanwhile the Nasdaq is in correction territory now - down over 10%.

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Insane survey of Democratic voters in a recently poll: -55% support fines against unvaxxed -59% support house arrest -48% support prison for questioning vax efficacy on social media -45% support internment camps -47% support surveillance -29% support the state taking their kids

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tweet djokovic symbol free choice kangaroo court banana republic

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This season was a disappointment for sure,but for me the most disappointing season was when the move to Baltimore was announced.

Or when the franchise formerly known as the Cleveland Browns won the Super Bowl in 2001.

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Play hard 

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nancy pelosi hope inflation not too high eyebrows

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I had it over Christmas, must have been the omicron version -  head cold/flu symptoms; the worst was the sore throat for 4 days, never had one that bad. 



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