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On Jul 10, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 09:33 am
posted by iclfan2

Our area in SC is getting hit pretty hard, but a lot of it is due to tourism. It’s a fucked up conundrum bc businesses won’t survive without it, but you also have people clearly bringing it with them. There are no good options. (We have a mask mandate and capacity limitations). 

We are supposed to go to Myrtle Beach in September. Even though my wife and I already had Covid, I'm not sure about going right now. We don't know what will be open, and some companies are saying if you go to certain states, you can't come back to work without quarantining for 2 weeks when you return.

We already lost a Florida trip we were supposed to take in May. I never thought it would be dragging on like this.

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posted by justincredible

How hard did it hit you? Still dealing with any issues?

My wife had it first, then me a week later. Neither of us had respiratory issues with it, thankfully. Fever, terrible body aches, my wife had a severe headache for a few days.

My wife did not recover as quickly as me. Her stamina took a month to come back, and her sense of taste is still not what it was. I do not have any lingering issues.

At least we both have antibodies (test confirmed). 

On Jul 9, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 09:22 am
posted by friendfromlowry

Has anyone from the OC been positive? I wonder who the first will be. Probably Justin. 

Yes, I had it, and my wife did as well.

On Jul 2, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Go to cocktail?" at 08:07 am

Dirty Vodka Martini

Grey Goose

Olive Juice

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

No Vermouth

On Jun 30, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:53 pm

When my wife was tested it took 7 days for her to get the results. My results took 5 days.

On Jun 26, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Great multi-act concerts" at 08:16 am

July 2016, Heinz Field Pittsburgh

Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney

On Jun 17, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 09:04 am
posted by kizer permanente

Does Ohio count antibody testing in their positive counts? I haven't read anywhere confirming this.

I do not know for sure. But I was told the info would go to the Health Dept., so that is my guess.

Fred Garvin replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 08:39 am

I had the antibody test last week. The results were positive. I was not surprised. My wife tested positive for Covid late April. A week later I had the same symptoms, but tested negative. At that time my Dr. said the Covid test has a 20% false negative rate. My Dr. considered me positive, but I don't think I was added to the number count. 

I am guessing my positive antibody test will be added to the number count, but if so, that count is very deceiving. I would have had it a month and a half ago. Not now like the count would show.

On Jan 3, 2020:

Fred Garvin replied to "Whisky thread" at 07:58 am

My record remains perfect in the bottle lottery. I did not win, again....

On Dec 10, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "GOAT Christmas Movie" at 08:19 am

White Christmas. I am a sucker for that movie. Not sure how many times I have seen it, but always put down the remote when I come across it.

On Sep 20, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "2019 Reds Thread" at 07:54 am

Thanks for the information!

On Sep 19, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "2019 Reds Thread" at 08:01 am

Hello Reds fans. 

My son has tickets for the Reds game Friday night, so we are driving down from the Mansfield area. The last time I went to a Reds home game it was still Riverfront Stadium. I have no idea where to park, places near the stadium to eat, etc. 

Any ideas, recommendations, words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

On Jul 16, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "TV stars who were leads in multiple hit series" at 09:20 am

David Caruso

NYPD Blue and CSI Miami

On Jul 10, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "OC age demographics" at 08:23 am


Some days I feel young, some days not so much.

On Jun 28, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "Anti-Mount Rushmore: things you're bad at" at 08:06 am


I am terrible at it, and that sucks because I really love the game.

On Mar 15, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "Whisky thread" at 04:45 pm
posted by justincredible

Got a bottle of Stagg Jr over lunch today. 

Good stuff. But honestly best if mixed with a bit of water or in ice you let melt a bit.

Fred Garvin replied to "Whisky thread" at 08:29 am

There is another bottle lottery coming this month. But be ready to break your piggybank. The cost per bottle is $2000 for one and $2500 for the other. (Plus tax)

I think I will stay out of this one. Because this would be the one I would win, and I don't want to burn that amount of money on a bottle. I am assuming I could sell it for a profit, but not gonna risk it.

On Feb 26, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "My tree damaged my neighbor's house" at 08:09 am

Last year half a neighbor's tree fell into my fence during a storm. My insurance company said it was my problem because the tree was healthy and it was an act of God. The right thing for the neighbor to do would have been to pay my deductible, but that did not happen. They did take down the rest of the tree thankfully.

On Jan 10, 2019:

Fred Garvin replied to "Whisky thread" at 08:16 am

Did anybody here win the bottle lottery? I did not win. I had my wife enter and she did not win either.

On Dec 14, 2018:

Fred Garvin replied to "Whisky thread" at 08:21 am
posted by QuakerOats


Trying to find a bottle of Blanton’s Bourbon for a Christmas gift; basically impossible.  If I can’t find it what other great bourbons should I consider:  Elmer T. Lee (made by the same distillery I believe), or Angels Envy or …?


Being a gin guy, I am not up to speed on bourbons.  Thanks.

Blanton's can be hard to find, and Elmer T. Lee is about impossible to find.

It depends on your price point. For about $40 you can get a bottle of Basil Hayden. It is a good solid bourbon for the price.



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