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On Sep 27, 2022:

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I’ve had many dogs and cats over the years.  I’ve never been lucky enough to wake up and have an ailing pet die. I even shot a pet goat in the head after it broke a leg (not recommended). Hands down the best plan is to find a vet that does home euthanasia. It is a bit more expensive ( last time 350.00) but easily worth it to curtail the dreaded drive)  you can also prearrange cremation services. I suggest you do it soon. It really helps

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Oh….. so you think killing baby seals is ok.

‘Mercia.    Home of the free Bambi killers.

On Sep 26, 2022:

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posted by Devils Advocate

You stupid ficks are worse than the Muslims. Sure, most are ok, but when you refuse to call out the outright assholes you empower the idiots to say and do more stupid shit.

And if you think that some stupid bitch  talking about fake heartbeats is worse than breaking in the capitol while in session, you only prove that republicans are more retarded than muslims

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Worse that storming 

The capital building?

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I don’t know, bench pressing his sister might be a little more impressive

On Sep 22, 2022:

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Stupider than the Republicans that think the election was stolen?

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You stupid hypocritical  fuck  

Now. You’re worried a about criminal liars?

On Sep 19, 2022:

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I go 3-4 times a year. 

I’m an MGM guy and get free rooms and money to eat. I prefer to stay at Vdara or Park MGM because they are non smoking and MGM properties. Whatever you do get a card and connect your room to it so whatever you paid for the room goes toward your offers. Also always use your card at tables or slots for the points as well. If you go to a restaurant again use your card. You really don’t have to spend a crazy amount to get good offers. I get offers for 4-5 free nights with low resort fees and $250 Freeplay and $300 Food and I don’t bet crazy amounts. 


There are two musta for me every trip.

1) Cosmo Food Hall called Block 16 it contains 5-6 really good fast casual restaurants from across the country. It’s also across from Egg Slut and close to secret Pizza. That should give everyone in your group an option for something they want. 

2) Esther’s Kitchen - Simply Put it’s the best meal in Vegas. It’s in the Arts District between the strip and Downtown. Make reservations and be prepared for an amazing meal. The fresh sourdough is a must order. If you or any of the guys enjoy breweries you can also walk to 5-6 breweries in the arts district and it completely safe. 

Other Good Restaurants:

Bavettes - Probably the best MGM steakhouse 

Hells Kitchen - Good but it a lil overpriced because it’s Gordon Ramsey and it’s really loud. 

Emerils - I’ve had good meals here everytime and sometimes they have a really nice tasting menu for a very reasonable price. 

Barry’s - Best Steakhouse I’ve had in Vegas. It’s located in the basement of Circa and is a cool atmosphere. Rib Cap was great

Wicked Spoon - My favorite buffet. Everything is plated on small plates so you can try lots of different things. 

Lotus of Siam - Famous Thai spot that’s really good but not your ordinary Thai

Le Thai - Good traditional Thai with a great happy hour

Din Thai Fung - great dim sum

Yard Bird - awesome southern food 


Any Cheap Buffets

Delmonico - worst steak I’ve had in Vegas by far


Downtown Cocktail Room - This place is a must visit for me. Happy Hour every day from 5-7 and all drinks are half priced. Best bartenders in Vegas give them liquors you like and a flavor profile and they can make an amazing drink. 

Foundation Room - Drinks are just okay but the view is great. It’s at the very top of Mandalay Bay with an outside balcony you can take your drinks out to


Uber and Lyft are my go to once I’m at the hotel but sometimes taxis are cheaper to and from the airport because they have have pre priced zones now so they can’t overcharge you taking a longer way. 

Sports Betting:

If you wanna watch and bet the NFL games Circa is the best place but can be expensive I would also recommend Chickie and Pete’s. Good food and the sports book is directly outside the door. Also you can download the app but money on it and then you get your rewards and can bet from anywhere on your phone. 

Let me know any other specifics you may need help with.

On Sep 11, 2022:

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posted by iclfan2

Does this look bad on OSU?

It takes some luster off the win, but since it's Notre Dame, I don't care. Fuck that shithole and everyone who's a fan of it.

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Be careful of that blasphemy you heretic. I’ll have to go all lotz on you

On Sep 4, 2022:

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I'm just here for the comedy that's Quaker virtue-signaling about optics and divisiveness after he spent four years jacking off to virtually everything the last guy said and did.

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posted by jmog

Even you are smart enough to know there is a difference between saying FJB and Biden has dementia and the President of the US calling his political rivals terrorists

Come on geeblock, any level headed leftist would see last nights speech as problematic.

If Trump had said democrats are terrorists you would be all up in arms about it

i just thought it was funny

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tough day for the fuck your feelings crowd


On Sep 3, 2022:

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posted by Ironman92

Yeah too many things won’t allow this to be a blowout

Catholic Refs?

On Sep 1, 2022:

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I wish I would have started watching in the 3rd qtr

On Aug 28, 2022:

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Local dive had a 1/4 barrel of Hopslam. I was obligated to stay until it was kolled

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A pretty nice West Coast IPA collaboration between Rhinegeist and Columbus Brewing

On Aug 24, 2022:

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  • posted by QuakerOats

It is happening; it has been happening; you just haven't figured out where we are on the slippery slope yet. 

Quit being so cryptic.  Where exactly are we on this slope?  How much longer do we have?

Do you think you're onto something?  Or are you like the people that claimed the country was coming to an end:

  • In the run up to the Civil War over slavery
  • During the industrialization period ("death of farming")
  • Womens suffrage
  • Upon entry into WW1
  • Upon joining the League of Nations (ceding our sovereignty)
  • Great Depression (permanent economic failure)
  • Entry into WW2
  • Joining the UN
  • Internal communist plot (McCarthyism)
  • Nuclear war
  • Communist world domination (Korea, Vietnam, Cuba)
  • Domestic revolution (60s war protests)
  • Civil rights passage and desegregation
  • Watergate leadership coup
  • Japanese manufacturing (80s and 90s)
  • Chinese manufacturing (00s to present)
  • Illegal immigration (1920s to present)

Many more I'm sure.

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Fuck QQ. The worthless fuck still owes a self inflicted vasectomy from the Osama Obama election in 2016

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I’ve been enjoying listening to the James Gang and the Traveling Wilburys  lately. 



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