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On Oct 19, 2020:

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I think Biden but I also thought Hillary in 2016 so wtf do I know? 

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posted by justincredible

This place is a cow, alright.

At least it’s got boots tho. 
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They sell shirts. I’m betting it is worth it for them. 

Do they make as much as you off this cash cow website tho? 

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I just read a news article that makes it seem like it is satire, but since people eat it up he’s decided to play it more serious.  But he doesn’t believe it. 

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Are we sure this dude isn't just a good troll?

Could be... but if you look this movement has been going on since 87. Stuff like this attracts people with schizophrenia. Could be a troll though. 

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Unfortunately this dude probably has paranoid schizophrenia. My ex uncle (aunts ex husband) developed it in his late 20’s. Had thoughts consistent with this on the onset

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posted by Heretic

Having another year of eligibility, I'd take it just to avoid that. Or pull an Eli and simply say to either trade him or he isn't showing up.

To be honest, I'd almost hate being an elite college QB. Yeah, you'd get great money, but you usually get stuck on a shit team and you're damaged if you don't turn that around within a year or so. Even though you don't have much to work with and you get hit more in one game than you did in a whole college season.

He technically has 2 more years right? Didn't the NCAA say this year doesn't count for eligibility? 

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posted by like_that

I hate this argument, because the premise is parents send their kids to school for "childcare."  Yeah, there are definitely shitty parents that use school as a daycare system, but most parents aren't sending little billy to school with the expectation that he doesn't learn anything.  There is a reason why parents are paying property taxes.  I also hate this argument, because it assumes that the US is the only country that has this societal structure.  Look at the majority of first world countries.  Most parents are banking on schools to educate their kids, while the parents make money to support their family.  The are also paying taxes to have this need provided to them. This structure isn't exclusive to the US.  

If schools are going to insist on keeping kids at home and as a result keeping parents home (aka taking away a source of their income), then all of these parents should be getting a refund on their property taxes.  Allow the parents to invest in their Children's education. 

But it’s the reason this can’t work during a pandemic. It’s also the reason flu gets out of control during flu season. Parents send their kids sick to school all of the time for this reason. They have to work and can’t do anything else about it. You don’t think parents are sending their kids to school with covid for the same reasons? 

On Oct 18, 2020:

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posted by jmog

So you really believe that no one did online schooling before March? 

Have you seriously never heard of any of the online “homeschooling” schools like K-12, ECOT, etc?

Kids have done online schooling for years. This isn’t new.

Ecot was a scam so that’s not a great example. When schools went virtual last semester it was literally overnight. There was no plan, it was pure reaction. It was terrible but that was to be expected given the circumstances. There’s no comparison between this past spring and this fall semester. The delivery is 100% different. Parents had to become the teacher in spring. You have a teacher delivering the education this fall. 

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Watt jumped a 1/3 second early and gave them a 1st down and then Haden bit and gave them another (in another bad BM pass)

Momentum is fickle!

Both teams getting away with some noticeable holding.

That’s the new nfl lol 
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posted by slingshot4ever

Put in Keenum

I mean... Keenum sucks too. But it’s not hurting anything  

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Put in Keenum

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We’re a good team when we don’t need Mayfield to make plays.  We’re fucked when we do lol 

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posted by Spock

Over 15,000 kids in the LA school district didnt even log onto their online learning in March, April and May.  Let that sink in on how effective online learning is.

25% of high schoolers in los angelos county don’t graduate high school. So it seems like in person isn’t very great either huh? 

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Did fish give his prediction yet?

I know he talked about it. 

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posted by gut

I think it's difficult to expect gradeschool kids to have the self-discipline to learn online, especially if unsupervised.  And it's hard enough getting junior high kids to pay attention.

I'm sure some things are different and teachers can give kids who are struggling some brief 1-on-1 help.  But most of my memories from school, even from early grade school, are teachers basically lecturing and writing on a chalkboard.  I think online and AI has the potential to be superior.

Do I think teacher unions have commissioned study after study to show online learning is inferior?  Yes, yes I do.

I would say in the past it absolutely was inferior in every single way. I also think you can’t discount what tech has done to close that gap. I think given the current times it’s by far the best option we have. 

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posted by queencitybuckeye

The bulk of adult education is now some form of "remote learning". Are there studies that show a median age below which such learning isn't effective?

The reason it’s ineffective is bc our society needs school for childcare. So since we don’t have anyone watching our kids for us, they need to be in school. Even stay at home moms are missing out on their mom dates at Starbucks after drop off so we need kids in school. 

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posted by Spock

There is no way that online schooling is effective.  It doesnt work for 95% of students.

How are special ed, IEP kids getting any interventions?  How are elementary kids learning when literally nobody is teaching them?

How about HS kids that are already checked out and just playing school to graduate?  They get up at 2pm and the by that time their PLP teachers day is over and they were trying to contact them at 10am for remote teaching.

Teaching HS would be a 2nd shift job.

Just bc you can’t throw a ball at a kid thru a monitor doesn’t mean that’s true for other teachers.

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posted by like_that

I am happy for your kid, because this sucks for every kid, but you are once again using your own anecdotal experience to prove your point.  Aren't you a teacher?  Also, do you think every kid in the country has the resources your kid has?  

I’ve only been doing it for a year now. I was in private industry for the rest of my career. 

There’s obviously benefits of in person learning especially for my classes since they’re labs. That’s why I’m in 2 days a week since there’s some labs that’s aren’t great to do online. We did them online for the remainder of spring semester last year via virtual lab software though, so it can be done. But there are labs that’s are computer/software/ programming based that remain virtual. There hasn’t been a drop off in delivery period. They’ll remain virtual until there’s a vaccine. Most education isn’t hands on like mine though. There’s not many reasons why they can’t be delivered virtually. The technology we have available now to deliver education is light years better than what people associate with the University of Phoenix degree they got 20 years ago. The school systems are providing the technology. The cities are providing solutions like dedicating wings of the library and such for children who don’t have acceptable internet. I don’t think it’s perfect and will be better to go back in person once the pandemic is under control, but for now, to try to limit community spread, I think the schools and cities are doing a great job. 



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