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On Jun 3, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Tara Reide" at 10:42 am

I thought this was gonna be about the actor. 

On May 26, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "I want to improve my Typing speed" at 07:08 am

You could take a class in 1987. That may help. 

On May 25, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 06:59 am

One of these days I'll remember to have this set to Serious Business and not All Threads 

On May 18, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Congress... net worth, stock market performance, etc etc" at 08:26 am
posted by iclfan2

We really need term and age limits. The job can’t be that difficult if these rich people still want to keep working when they don’t even need to. And yea, a lot of people bag on Pelosi for doing so well in the market, but I think Crenshaw performs as well or better than her. Not sure how you stop it. I think they should be able to own stocks, but maybe not individual ones?

For me that's the frustrating part. B/c like many things, there's no realistic way of stopping it. and that's why it thrives like it does. When you get to vote on what you get to do and don't do, that's inherently a problem. Why aren't those votes in a general election for me and you to decide? Why does congress get to decide what congress can do. Our founders certainly got that tidbit wrong. 

kizer permanente created thread "Congress... net worth, stock market performance, etc etc" at 08:07 am

Why are over half of the US senators at or above retirement age? Why are 2 of them pushing 90 years old? Why is the average age of the Senate just 1 year below retirement age? Is there a good reason not for an age limit? We have a lower threshold of 30 years. Why not an upper threshold?

The average increase in net worth for Senators in terms of the top 20 growth from when elected to current status is 422% a year. I'd imagine that plays the largest role in why so many don't want to give up those jobs. Senators also out perform nearly everyone in the stock market... not even just average us households (which they kill in performance) but also those who are deemed to be corporates insiders. Why does everyone just turn a blind eye to the amount of wealth people accumulate just by being in congress. It's not a Republican or Democrat issue... its nearly all of congress,

On May 15, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 10:27 am
posted by Laley23

Who could’ve predicted the sit down with Jalen Rose and those weeks away at “rehab” were all a farce?

So dumb. Kid has crazy talent and a 5 cent brain to go with it.

kizer permanente replied to "2022-23 NBA" at 09:40 am
posted by ernest_t_bass

So the gun is not the problem.  The idiot is the problem.

Yeah it's on him. It's literally only been several weeks since he got in trouble. 

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posted by ernest_t_bass

Perhaps I'm in the minority.  But who cares if Morant is holding a gun?  Is it legal to own a firearm where he is?  What if it were a bball player posing hunting, with a rifle?  I don't mean to be obtuse.  I just don't understand why he is so vilified.  Don't get me wrong.  I am 100% on board with him being an idiot.  But is holding a firearm that egregiously bad?

waving it around while singing a song is a bit more reckless than posing for a picture while hunting.

On May 14, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Do you have Summer Fridays?" at 01:04 am

Friday is my work from home day so it’s mostly ordering and getting caught up on calls. It’s essentially a day off. 

On May 2, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Pro Golf Thread" at 10:51 am
posted by Ironman92

couldnt happen to a better guy. 

On Apr 18, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:47 pm
posted by iclfan2

It isn’t feasible. The costs would be insurmountable. Not to mention they have 40+ square miles of land. Where are they going move it that has an airport, the land, and is warm year round, that isn’t also a red state? All they have to do is wait out DeSantis. They also have shareholders to answer to. 

It's not realistic no.

kizer permanente replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:31 pm
posted by iclfan2

One of the funnier takes on Twitter the last couple days is libs thinking that Disney World could just up and move to a different state, with some morons going as far to suggest Puerto Rico as an alternative. Galaxy brain shit. (I have no opinion on what Desantis is doing there, haven’t looked into it enough)

A gradual move wouldn't be far fetched at all.. You open a park with room to grow... you start as one park, and it grows yearly until you transition to it fully. Now... that would take decades but it's feasible. It's shortsighted if Disney thinks it wouldn't happen too. 

Now.. economically it wouldn't make sense. There's no really better location for it. But I guess stranger things have happened when you upset people.

On Apr 17, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Push mowers" at 06:01 am
posted by birddog23

Anybody have a zero turn?

We just purchased a house. About 0.75 acres. Our old yard was like 0.20 acres and that took me about 35 minutes or so to push mow.

Not looking to spend 90 minutes push mowing the new place. Figure a zero turn I can get this done in about 15-20 minutes.

Thoughts on buying new vs used?

Yeah. We're just under an acre (.94) and it takes about 15-20 min to cut. I went with a residential Ferris b/c of the spring suspension. You can cut at full speed and not get beat up. 

On Apr 13, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Push mowers" at 12:12 pm
posted by BRF

Zero turn = No drinks

you're on a zero turn for like 15 min though.. so you can make it that long without a drink.

kizer permanente replied to "Push mowers" at 11:22 am
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

My lawn take ~ 1.0 - 1.5 hours to cut. Are there electric mowers that will last that long?  If not, is 2 batteries a good option?

fuck that. Zero turn is a good option lol 

kizer permanente replied to "Push mowers" at 10:02 am

I have a Snapper XD 82v max for my trim mower. Ive had it a couple years now. 

On Apr 11, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:31 pm
posted by QuakerOats

read it and weep

You find the most random websites for content lol 

kizer permanente replied to "Any summer plans for 2023?" at 06:09 am

Family condo in North Myrtle in July. Haven't used it in a few years as Myrtle isn't my favorite place. But it's free.

On Apr 7, 2023:

kizer permanente replied to "What are you listening to? [general music thread]" at 03:07 pm

Mostly Morgan Wallen’s One Thing At A Time album. Lot of good songs on there 

On Apr 5, 2023:

kizer permanente repped a post in "Pro Golf Thread" at 11:18 am

I would do horrible, awful things for Masters tickets.



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