On Jul 8, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "What did you want to be when you grew up?" at 10:04 am


gerb131 replied to "The golf thread..." at 10:01 am

had one of my better rounds on Monday at legends Massillon. 78. 

On Jul 2, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "The golf thread..." at 10:40 pm

me and Mirg -2 at league but got beat we had to give 4 they shot even always happens 

gerb131 replied to "Go to cocktail?" at 10:38 pm

Tito’s mule or 

3 shots Tito’s 

2 shots margarita man strawberry mix

1 cup fresh strawberries 

1 cup fresh blueberries 

3 cups ice 

blend serve 

gerb131 replied to "4th of July plans" at 10:35 pm

brother and his family due in tonight. having a farm party Saturday and Sunday with the hunt club. 

On Jun 28, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "The golf thread..." at 03:41 pm

we are playing sticks today at 3. I’ll have him chime in set something up. love me some virtues one of the best tracks in all phases 

On Jun 27, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "The golf thread..." at 09:35 pm

I’ll let Mirg know lol

Jaycees Zanesville 

gerb131 replied to "How long have you been married?" at 09:32 pm

4 years 

gerb131 replied to "The golf thread..." at 10:39 am

big Mirg carried us in our scramble league Wednesday although i did have some solid wedges 

gerb131 replied to "Great covers" at 10:37 am

not Green Day covering Tiffany wtf is that 

On May 17, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "Candles" at 12:46 pm

thank you!

gerb131 created thread "Candles" at 12:06 pm

any recommendations on who to have ship me some candles? done the standard yankee, Sonoma, wood wick (sucked), candle lab. looking for something different or local. 

2.5 cups ice 

1 cup fresh strawberries 

1 cup fresh blueberries 

1 sliced banana 

3 shots Titos or whatever vodka or tequila you prefer 

2 shots margarita man strawberry mix. margarita man best mixes 

blend on high in blender 

3 cups delici

On May 11, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "Belly's daily question? 05-11-2020" at 11:34 pm

i miss the nhl and football. 

On Apr 20, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "Morel mushroom hunting" at 11:48 pm

still early in east central Ohio. sometimes I find 5 sometimes I find 50. 

On Apr 18, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "How Long Until You Vacation" at 11:02 am

postponed one so far. others on hold, not into 3 weeks of staycations 

gerb131 replied to "Top 3 Pizza Variations" at 11:01 am

3/8 Frenchbread 

On Apr 14, 2020:

pink whitney with sprite coming rightmuo

On Apr 11, 2020:

gerb131 repped a post in "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:03 am


This is really good from Bill Maher. More people should listen to this 5 min clip. Like that, you will love this. 

On Apr 10, 2020:

gerb131 replied to "Shark tank purchses" at 03:04 pm

Kodiak Cakes recommended 



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