On May 1, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "Belly's daily question? 05-01-2020" at 03:30 pm

Goddamn Belly, lol.  This may be the weirdest thread I've ever seen on here. 

On Apr 29, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "Belly's daily question? 04-28-20" at 08:10 am

I worked from home for the first 3 weeks of this and have been back at the office since.

I don't pay for my gas, my company does.  I suppose that I've saved some money on eating out, maybe $20 a week.  However, my kids are home from school - all boys, ages 11, 11 and 14.  Our grocery bill has increased at least $70 per week.  

My wife owns a hair salon.  She gets no unemployment and has no income.  She sits at home and buys shit on amazon, I'm going to say on average $50 per week.

So this "stay at home" order is costing me out the ass.  Hahaha.  Weekly, I'd say we are down around $1,500 on what we'd normally be bringing in.

Glad some of you are saving though.

On Apr 24, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "Mount Rushmore: OC Moments & Threads" at 01:08 pm
posted by FatHobbit

How about when snot bubbles mixed his medications and the one chick was trying to help him and somehow they got into a big argument. 

I remember the medication fiasco.  I didn't switch them, I drank on them (which I wasn't supposed to do).  Anxiety meds, can't remember the name.  It screwed me up something fierce.  I got into an argument with someone trying to help me? lol be young and dumb again.  If I recall, the night I threatened to kill myself on the pills/alcohol (probably the same night) - my wife went into labor.  My oldest son was born the next day.  So that would have been 4/18/06.  So glad that date will live with me for the rest of my life.... hahaha

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Go with propane.  I've had both.  Temp is easier to maintain with electric, but quality goes down quite a bit.  A simple Masterbilt upright propane smoker works super well.

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I work all day.  My wife sits at home all day and buys shit on Amazon.  

In conclusion, yes.  

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posted by justincredible

My dogs are all old and have stopped giving a shit about what we tell them to do. One of them barks, incessantly, for no reason. Another one is on 4 different medications and likes to eat poop. The other one is pretty good, she's just a lunatic around other dogs. 

We are definitely not spoiling them. And since I've been home with them all day for 6 weeks, I'm starting to like the two of them a lot less.

Is your dog named Larry Barkin?

SnotBubbles replied to "Baseball cards" at 12:56 pm

Do you have a 1992 Topps Stadium Club Larry Barkin card Justin?

SnotBubbles replied to "Baseball cards" at 12:53 pm

Get a room you 2.  

On Mar 17, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "Coronavirus" at 10:09 am
posted by Spock

It is safe to say that we have 2 examples of how this is going to go....China and Italy.


If we go the way of China, we are back to normal by May.  If we go the way of can kiss it goodbye till July 4th

China has slowed the curve, but they certainly aren't out of the woods.  What's going to stop it from flaring up again when they open everything back up?  

Now I will agree that slowing the trend is crucial, at least until we have the vaccine ready.  But they're saying that could be 12-18 months away.

This whole thing is so fucking chaotic.  It's shit I never thought I'd see outside of the movie theater.  

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I honestly believe we are within a week of complete Martial Law.

SnotBubbles replied to "Will the US go under quarantine?" at 09:58 am
posted by justincredible

New Jersey just implemented a 8pm-5am curfew. Don't like that.

It's coming here very soon.  Local sheriff's departments are training as we speak on how to enforce.  That is no joke.

On Jan 7, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "Where's Belly?" at 07:43 am

If I don't have "time" to post on a message board when I'm 70+, please just come off me.  Haha.

On Jan 2, 2020:

SnotBubbles replied to "2020 Dead Pool" at 11:25 am

Kirk Douglas is 104.  No chance he makes it to 105, is there?

Box Leon Spinks sounds like he's on his way out.  I'll go with him.

And I think this could be the year for Bob Barker, Betty White, Bob Dole and Jimmy Carter.  I feel like I say them every year.

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On Dec 30, 2019:

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posted by like_that

It's ok, gibwok will return in 2020.  




On Nov 22, 2019:

SnotBubbles replied to "Top 5 Favorites of your your time" at 10:03 am

Bears:  Brian Urlacher, Matt Forte, Devin Hester, Mike Singletery, Neal Anderson

Cubs:  Anthony Rizzo, Aramis Ramirez, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa

Bulls:  Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Derrik Rose, Tony  Kukoc, Laurel Markkanen

Blue Jackets:  Rick Nash, Seregei Bobrovsky, Seth Jones, Cam Atkinson, Jody Shelley

Illini Basketball:  Deron Williams, Dee Brown, Frank Williams, Kiwane Garris, Brian Cook

Illini Football:  Kurt Kittner, Juice Williams, Simeon Rice, Robert Holcombe, Rashard Mendenhall

On Nov 15, 2019:

SnotBubbles replied to "Thanksgiving plans" at 10:20 am
posted by justincredible

SnotBubbles replied to "Thanksgiving plans" at 10:14 am

We are getting old.  This thread was a lot more fun to read 15 years ago...

It's gone from "Getting drunk AF Wednesday night and going to mom's on Thursday" to "my wife, children and I are travelling to my in-laws for brunch and then we are hosting dinner."


Hope you assholes are well.

On Jul 10, 2019:

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Fuck we are getting old....  I'm 37

On Jan 2, 2019:

SnotBubbles replied to "2019 Dead pool" at 02:17 pm

My picks from last year:

Kirk Douglas (he's one hundred and fucking two!!!)

Bob Barker

Jimmy Carter

Aretha Frankling & John Kruk are my wildcards. 

So I got 1 of 5.  I'll stick with Douglas, Barker, Carter.  Kruk can stay a wildcard and I'll add John Daly as the other.  I'm going to also guess we lose Betty White this year.



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