On Sep 3, 2021:

GoChiefs replied to "Joe College" at 11:55 pm

Knew early on I wanted to go to Northwestern College.  I didn't even visit before applying and being accepted.  

On Sep 2, 2021:

Add the coach had the team beat up homeless and got his plays from Madden. 🤦‍♂️

On Sep 1, 2021:

In a shocking twist, it now appears they wrote a bad check to the hotel that they stayed at in Canton.  After cleaning fees for 3 rooms and 25 rooms total, it was about $4,600.

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Good luck snot.  I know what it takes to turn a festival into a success.  I'm friends with one of the guys that runs Country Fest up here ever year.  It's been really fun watching it grow from year one to now.  I remember him starting with, I believe Craig Morgan (6k in attendance all weekend) to this year with Luke Combs (estimates of 50k all weekend).  I know in year 2, they took a lot of risks and went into massive debt bringing in Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, and Gary Allan, but it paid off huge.  They've been able to bring in the likes of Eric Church (also a cool $1 million at the time), Luke Bryan (expected to be next years headliner as well), Thomas Rhett and Brantley Gilbert over the years. 

I'm still in disbelief that they were able to schedule teams like Massillon, St. Ignatius, St. V's (albeit canceled), and St. Ed's last year.  How stupid does ESPN have to be to even believe this team was remotely close to being elite?  All they had to do was look at 2020's season.  0-6 and outscored 42-227.

On Aug 22, 2021:

GoChiefs replied to "What was the last movie you watched?" at 05:13 pm

Watched Sweet Girl on Netflix yesterday.  Highly recommend it.

On Aug 20, 2021:

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posted by kizer permanente

deydurkie and s&l were brothers.

Ahhh yes.  Thats right.

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posted by kizer permanente

deydurkie and s&l were brothers.

That's the one.

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posted by GoChiefs

I'm thinking that was CoA that was related to S&L? 

deydurkie and s&l were brothers.

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posted by justincredible

Forgot about that dude. I don't think he was related to S&L.

I'm thinking that was CoA that was related to S&L? 

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posted by jmog

Being that I work on industrial furnaces (everything from designing them to retrofitting for lower emissions to troubleshooting/commissioning) I feel really bad for you.

I have been close a couple times when it comes to furnace explosions, even in the next building over when a hydrogen furnace exploded, but have avoided being directly involved in one so far.

I have been doing this for 20+ years and every trip to the field is serious business.

Stay safe.

They said had I been another 6 inches in front of the furnace the concussion would have killed me.  Our furnace uses a combination of RX and natural gas during the cook time, then kicks into nitrogen for the last 2 hours to get rid of the flammable gas and make the furnace door safe to open.  Turns out the technician that handles the recipes was clueless and cut the nitrogen time down to 10 minutes to try to cut costs.  He neglected to inform anyone of this.  So when the door opened all the natural and RX gas that was all pushed to the front of the furnace exploded as soon as it hit the flame screen. 

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posted by BRF

I remember you posting about that.  What year was it?

Good to have you back, btw! 😀

Thank ya.  It was October of 2015.

On Aug 19, 2021:

GoChiefs replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 10:57 pm
posted by ernest_t_bass
13 for me

Sorry to hear that buddy.  I divorced 3 years ago.  I gotta say though, I'm as happy as I think I've ever been now.

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1. Mom

2. Dad

That about sums it up.

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I've had an 1800 degree furnace blow up in my face causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my head, face, neck, chest, and arms.

And that doesn't even come close to the pain I felt from a kidney stone.  The only time I've ever vomited from pain.  Screw those things.

GoChiefs replied to "OC Missing Posters" at 10:00 am

I hear GoChiefs got a divorce after 15 years, had bariatric surgery, is engaged to someone new, and combined they have 6 kids that keeps his ass pretty damn busy.  

On May 8, 2018:

GoChiefs replied to "What was the last movie you watched?" at 04:04 pm

Black Panther.  6/10

On May 7, 2018:

GoChiefs replied to "Cast iron cookware" at 10:24 am
posted by like_that

I normally just apply some olive oil and wipe it around, but mine aren't a decade old. 


I want to get into more cooking with cast iron.  My first time using it was just a couple months ago.  Best damn steak I've ever had.

On May 6, 2018:

GoChiefs replied to "What Hits You Right in the Feelz" at 06:49 pm
posted by ernest_t_bass

No morphine?  Sorry for your loss, GC. 

Thanks, but she's still kickin'. She's actually being giving Fentanyl for her pain, but with her disease, it barely touches it.  She's been fighting it since last July.  She was in the hospital then for about a month at OSU. Her current hospital stay has been about 3 months.  She started at OSU, but they really screwed her up.  Caused her a lot more pain and suffering.  We transferred her up to Cleveland Clinic, where they finally diagnosed her.  She was discharged for about 3 days last week and went home, but she had to be life flighted back to Cleveland Clinic because a UTI from her catheter caused her blood pressure and vitals to severely drop.  She's fighting a disease in her legs called calciphylaxis (the cause of her leg pain), along with cancer (which caused the calciphylaxis), MRSA, VISA, and the big fucking hole in her back that OSU Medical Center caused. 

GoChiefs replied to "What Hits You Right in the Feelz" at 04:10 pm

Watching your mom suffer in excrutiating pain while slowly dying.  Nothing has or will get me in the feelz more than that.



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