On Jan 24, 2022:

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What's For Lunch, Part 2...

On Jan 23, 2022:

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Best NFL PLAYOFF weekend ever. Four terrific games.

On Jan 13, 2022:

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posted by Ironman92

Dick math….so he was definitely bigger than normal before, lost 1 1/2 inches and is now decidedly below average? Do those numbers calculate in inches, me says no

Look at the pic, the wife looks frustrated, he looks despondent. Has to be true. And some of the "comments" are pretty funny.

On Jan 11, 2022:

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Los Angeles later this month, Florida in early March.

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posted by friendfromlowry

I’m watching the USC - Stanford basketball game on ESPN and there’s no fans. Did California go back to that? 

If that game is at USC it's because USC has a temporary "no spectator" deal in effect for another week or so (indoor). If the game is at Stanford I have no idea.

On Jan 10, 2022:

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posted by Fletch

from Australia huh?

Austintown 🇦🇺 

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posted by Fletch

I am very close to HS weight.  

Same here. 6 ft. 4 and full of muscles.

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posted by BRF

So I was at the grocery store and in kind of a hurry. I did the “make your own six pack”.  When I got home, I found that I had grabbed a beer called Double Cannon from Heavy Seas out of Baltimore.  Anyone heard of this?

Tasted great and 9.5%. 

Less Filling!

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Ross Browner. 67

Warren, Ohio. Notre Dame, Bengals, Packers.

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The FBI (with help from the Dept of Homeland Security) just nabbed a Colombian while he was in Panama and brought him to the United States because he's a suspect in Haiti.

On Jan 4, 2022:

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^^^We still go to a few games a year, and watch a bunch on TV. I'm going to devote a "very little bit of time" to this time curiosity of mine.

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Straight up, I haven't ever timed the time between last pitch of a half inning to first pitch of the next. Do you know what it is?...........Does MLB have a set time between?

I'm probably just nick picking by now, just curious about it.

I would have been able to tell you this exactly (or near exactly) a year or two ago, but because of the whole deal where Dish stopped carrying the former Fox Sports Ohios (current Bally Sports), I haven't watched baseball via that route at my one friend's. Because we'd use the DVR to give us a buffer to fast forward between commercials and it'd either be 3 or 4 clicks at 30 seconds each. So for regional regular season games, it's either 1:30 or 2 minutes for commercials. Postseason is definitely longer; not sure about regular season national games.

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Doug Dieken retiring after Sunday's game.



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