On Jun 12, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe vs Mariners: Series thread" at 07:54 pm

It's a WIN!

Another terribly played game.

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F'n snoozer all the way around!

On Jun 11, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Tennis 2018 Thread" at 06:59 pm


On Jun 10, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Guess who 😁" at 07:13 pm

Bill Elliott.

Gardens35 replied to "Guess the distance please" at 11:18 am
posted by Ironman92

Did you by chance ever actually see where it hit?

I couldn't.

So, by looking at the area the cameraman went to, and the fence is 403, and that I'm watching The Price is Right, and Laley said 435, I'm guessing 436.

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe vs Cardinals Series Thread" at 11:02 am

Traded Bauers to Seattle. Of course, Jake and the Mariners are in town this weekend.

On Jun 9, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe vs Cardinals Series Thread" at 11:50 am

Must be a good party, Cat Lover doesn't know where he's at.

Go Tribe!

On Jun 8, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe vs Cardinals Series Thread" at 08:17 pm

 go team

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Well yes.

Gardens35 replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:25 am
posted by QuakerOats

I suggest cancelling all U.S. debt held by China..........

Banning Chinese students from from US Med Schools that teach virology.

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posted by brutus161

About 18 years ago, I was sitting in my computer room (remember those?), and looked out the window to find about a dozen cop cars taking up my entire cul de sac. Numerous cops get out with their guns drawn. Mind you this is a very safe and friendly neighborhood full of mostly military and elderly couples. My attention was immediately focused on my neighbor that lived two doors down. He comes out of his house, completely covered in blood and holding a knife. After being told by the police multiple times to drop the knife and get on the ground, he chose a different approach. After charging at the cops, I see the police fire on him multiple times and he hits the ground. About 3 seconds later, he gets back up and charges again, only to be shot again. He laid dead about 3 feet from my truck in the driveway. Apparently, he was high on something and decided to stab his wife multiple times. The neighbor behind them was in his back yard and heard the screams, which prompted him to call the police. I was the only civilian witness to the police shooting, so I had to be interviewed. It was crazy!

That is crazy!

Nothing to do with neighbors, but when I was 18 or 19 years old I was witness to what today is described as a "mass shooting". I walked out of a nightclub just in time to see a guy in a shooting stance firing a handgun into a group of people who were rolling around on the parking lot.

As the story goes, two young police officers had called off "sick" for the night and went out on the town instead. Evidently they'd gotten into some sort of physical altercation with a group of 4 or 5 guys and were getting the worst of it when the guy was able to break free and start shooting. I think he hit 3, maybe four, none fatally.

Anyhow, someone must have seen something brewing before I saw what I saw and called the police because (it seemed) within seconds there were more cops there than I had ever seen in one place.

Those two were punished in some fashion, and remained on the force.

Wild Nights are Calling!

On Jun 7, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "Nextdoor goodness" at 07:51 pm

Years back, a single girl bought a house across the street and a couple doors down. She drove a really sharp yellow corvette. She did porn movies. She doesn't live there anymore.

End of rant.

On Jun 6, 2021:

Gardens35 replied to "2021 PGA Tour Thread" at 05:27 pm

Gotta love those yahoos who yell IN THE HOLE after every shot. 

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe at Orioles" at 04:48 pm

And dang, Jimmy Hanlin has a good gig!

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe at Orioles" at 04:47 pm

Ok, I think the Tribe needs to send Owen Miller back down before it's too late and he ends up like Oscar Mercado.

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe at Orioles" at 04:18 pm

Bobby Bradley had a nice game.

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe at Orioles" at 04:01 pm

20 hits through 7 and most were rips.

Gardens35 replied to "Tribe at Orioles" at 03:58 pm

Wow, those Oriole hitters are seeing that ball today.

Gardens35 replied to "2021 Reds Thread" at 03:15 pm

Liking those Reds jerseys today.

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Now that he has Covid there will be dozens of others subject to contact tracing. Be interesting to see how many ( if any)  become infected.

 Oh, IMO the correct decision was made.



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