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I shopped for a ring 30 days after we met on a blind date, engaged at 2 months, and married one year to the day we met. It's been a great 25 years.

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The timing of a viral plague causing an economical collapse just seems way too convenient 


I'm with you brother, Call me "Mr Tin Foil" all you want but I'm seeing too many stories about doctors from China being detained at Detroit, Los Angeles, etc airports with vials of H1N1 & SARS in their briefcases by the FBI. One in Los Angeles right about the time this broke in Wuhan, before we knew about it.

Back in September students from China were walking around at Mount Union with these face masks on before Covid was even a thing.

China got drilled in the ass by Trump and I think this was their best "payback" and attempt to become dominant.

I don't believe this pandemic was any accident and I'll stick by my stance of "fuck China."

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The timing of a viral plague causing an economical collapse just seems way too convenient 


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More to this, stay tuned

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It appears Hungary may now be a dicatorship.

Amazing how quickly this can happen



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Which model did you get?

The cheapest $599 model at the Depot

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I purchased a Traeger about 6 months ago and really like it. I have seared anything from hot dogs and burgers to steak and chicken, it sears quite well. Low and slow bbq I use a foil water pan for the longer cooks, it retains the moisture in the meat better than without. It does fluctuate around +/- 10° to 15° but once you figure that out it really doesn't become a problem. Don't run it out of pellets, major pain in the ass, you'll lose a good bit of time during your cook. Other than what I listed the versatility of the Traeger is well worth it.

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These people are from the town I live in, I have heard that CPS were called several times to help this kid but CPS found nothing wrong. One of his neighbors said that the father would tie him to a tree and beat his hands with rocks when he found out he had eaten a meal at school. There are several of his teachers speaking out that they have contacted CPS several times because of his obvious health issues and nothing was ever done. This is sick evil, these people need strung up in town square.

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I've had two speeding tickets in the 28 years of having a drivers license. I've been pulled over several times in the last 10 years that I've had my carry permit and never ticketed. Eighty in a 55 on time, yeah the permit certainly helps.


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Bought a Grasshopper 322D almost 15 years ago, what once took 6 hours now takes just over 2 hours

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I am up at 4-4:30 every day, daily man routine surfing the net then coffee. Usually in my office by 5:00 to  work on estimations and send emails. Usually out of the house by 6:30 and back home around noon to work on material estimations. Repeat through Friday.

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Lol, no it’s not. 


Trust me, it really is. 

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Yeah, only 17 died at Parkland.  This bill will probably kill thousands maybe millions.  


Valid point


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Soggy bread on a sandwich

People that eat and have a mess on their face, I purposely sit facing a window at a restaurant if possible.

Seeing a couple lapping on each other in public, not talking about a quick kiss but a full make out session. Seriously, get a room.


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2017 Ford F-350 Powerstroke 12 MPG at best. 

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Just throwing this out there: 10 teams, $12 (for shits and giggles, $20 would be fine), winner of the regular season points total gets half, winner of the playoffs gets half.

I'm interested

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I have two vacant keeper teams available if anyone is interested, 10 team PPR  keeper league and heavy on TD.s 

I have been commish of this league since 1996, $1,000 payout give or take.

 PM me for details if interested. 

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at Walmart? I'll bet she was a sight to behold 

She was actually not what you would think of as stereotypical Walmart clientele, she sure wasn't ugly.




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