On Feb 12, 2019:

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Its the never-ending story... even dates back to the huddle days.

On Jan 4, 2018:

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posted by Automatik

Portable recorder.  Way overdue, I've been wanting one for years

Nice!  I use the Zoom H6 for podcast and location recording.

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We're going to be DIY renovating at least one, probably two, bathrooms this year.  Both are total gut jobs with updated plumbing, electric, fixtures, drywall et al.  Good chance we'll be renovating a hallway at same time.  After that I think she wants me to put in the laundry/storage area downstairs.


On Dec 19, 2017:

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posted by justincredible

Campbell's Condensed. One can of milk. Never water.

This, however, Aldi's brand is just as good.

On Dec 13, 2017:

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posted by Spock

Don't know...why?

He knew he would wash up onshore

On Dec 12, 2017:

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Last one was Feb 2016.  13 total since 2007.

Apple created thread "As much as things change..." at 12:31 pm

...The more they remain the same!  Another human foot washes ashore in Canada.



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