Al Bundy

On Jan 20, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "NFL Divisional round pick 'em" at 03:04 pm

10 chiefs

9 Packers


7 cin/ten under

6 titans

5 LA/TB under

4 buf/KC under

3 GB/SF under

2 burrow

1 Brady

22 points

On Jan 14, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "NFL Wild Card round pick 'em" at 08:16 pm

Bills 10

Chiefs 5

Bucs 4

Bengals 3

Rams 2

Cowboys 1

On Jan 9, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 06:17 pm

State Champs!

On Jan 6, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Baseball Lockout" at 12:25 pm
posted by ernest_t_bass

While there may be some things with broadcasts, time, etc. that need fixed (to help speed it up), the other problem that will never be fixed, unfortunately, is the problem with the fan.  When I went to a game with my folks growing up, I didn't care about going home.  I wanted to stay at the park all day.  Home could wait.  Society's problem now, is that there is ALWAYS something else to do.  Baseball needs to hurry up, so I can go do something else.

If a game is filled with action, I don't mind a long game. If a game is long because there is a minute between pitches, then I have a problem with it.

On Jan 4, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Baseball Lockout" at 01:39 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Many blame the pitchers, but the problem is the batters stepping out of the box after  e v e r y  s i n g l e  p i t c h  to adjust their gear which is total bs.  Get in the box, stay in the box, and play the game. 

The umpire doesn't have to grant time out to the hitter. Maybe a rule is needed where a team gets a certain number of timeouts for the game or inning, or however they want to do it. 

On Jan 3, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 08:36 am
posted by BR1986FB

Fourth place schedule did them a lot of good this year, getting boat raced by New England & Arizona and getting Mayfield injured (Houston).

We actually had the third place schedule this season. The fourth place schedule would have given us the Jets instead of the Patriots and the 49ers instead of the Cardinals. Would that have made a difference? Who can say for sure? We also would have had the Jags instead of the Texans. The Bengals won the division with this schedule.

On Jan 2, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 10:40 pm
posted by Laley23

I’d like Browns to lose last 2 games. Sneak into a top-10 pick. 

That would also give us the fourth place schedule for next year, but I can't root for the Steelers to beat us.

On Jan 1, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "College Football 2021" at 02:01 pm
posted by Ironman92

The stars sitting out doesn’t help. I’m with you on these games today. OSU will be fun (hopefully) but the Penn St/Ark and ND/OkSt games are on because it’s pouring down rain outside and just a meh day.

Waiting for NFL tom

I feel like same way. I think that playing the semifinals on new years day might help. I also used to like many big bowl games being played at the same time. If one game sucked, you could always switch to another. Like many things in sports, I will still watch, but new years day football was so much better 25 years ago.

On Dec 26, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 06:48 pm
posted by Laley23

Browns need to win out, obviously, and then 4 others to happen. 

  1. Bengals over Ravens
  2. Chiefs over Steelers
  3. Chiefs over Bengals
  4. Rams over Ravens

1 for 1 so far.

Actually, #4 is Rams over Ravens OR Steelers over Ravens.

On Dec 20, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 07:23 pm
posted by mhs95_06
Maybe with their new QB, their opening drive plays are so tightly scripted that the first one has to start on the 25 yard line!

They chose to receive last week also with their starters.

On Dec 19, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "2021 NFL Season thread" at 10:13 pm
posted by gut

It backfired, but in both cases Harbaugh probably made the best call.

It's not like he has good options, and I'd ballpark both games at 60% he loses in OT, 60% he wins on 2-pt conversion.  That's significant (literally 50% better chance of winning), and most coaches don't have the balls to expose themselves to such second-guessing (much easier to talk about players after losing in OT vs. explaining a coaching decision on a failed 2-pt try).

All of us in the AFCN approve of that, of course.  Seems like there are a number of PIT/CLE/CIN fans here but no one for BAL.

My crystal ball says CIN wins the division and PIT is a wildcard at 9-7-1.  BAL at 9-8 and CLE at 8-9 left pointing fingers.

Baltimore is 2/8 on 2-point conversions this season, and they have the best kicker in history. I'm taking my chances in OT.

Al Bundy replied to "2021 NFL Season thread" at 07:46 pm
posted by Heretic

Ravens gonna have two losses in a three-week period in large part due to going for 2 and the win instead of the XP and overtime and failing both times. LOL! That's being a slump for you; try to make a play and watch it turn to shit!

And last week, they were down 15 and scored a TD. Instead of kicking the XP to get it to 8, he went for 2 and stayed down 9 points. 

On Dec 17, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "2021 NFL Season thread" at 10:49 am
posted by Laley23

No, sorry. Not early. You do it late, like starting in the 4th. Thought process is you need 3 unanswered scores to win. If you can convert the first one, you only need 2. If you fail but convert the second, you are tied and still need that 3rd score. If you fail on both, you still need that 3rd score anyway. 

The goal SHOULDNT be to simply get to OT when down 14 (or whatever number). It should be to minimize the times you need to score to win. Getting to OT just makes it a 50% probability you win or lose. Wouldnt you rather go for 2 twice hoping to convert first, with the backup of the second time and at worst need to get a last minute 3rd score. 

I think that you need to look at the matchups in each case. If I'm the Ravens and have Tucker, I like my chances in OT because he gives a big advantage.

Al Bundy replied to "2021 NFL Season thread" at 06:11 am

If you are always going to go for it on 4th & 6 early in the game because 6 points > 3 points, why wouldn't you always go for the 2-point conversation early in the game? It is basically like going for 4th & 2 with the chance to get double the points.

On Dec 14, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 03:41 pm
posted by Laley23

A player isnt a majority of a unit. Its the same protocol they used last year...apparently because Conklin is out, but not due to Covid, it doesnt count. Same with the TEs. But the same way games were postponed last year for units...NOT single players...this sucks. Like Denver getting shafted with the QBs last season. Big Ben being a single player out is not comparable to what the league and Browns fans are complaining about. 

The Browns had all of their receivers out last year against the Jets, and the game wasn't postponed.

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 02:34 pm

If it were the Steelers or Ravens, the league would postpone the game.

On Nov 24, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 07:47 am
posted by like_that

Serious question, did you ever play football beyond junior high? 

The pff system is very similar to the grading system that HS, college, and NFL coaching staffs use to grade players after games. It’s not a perfect scientific system, but  you get a lot of one on one evaluations. 

A coaching staff can grade their own players more effectively because they know the play call and assignments. It is much less accurate when an outsider is grading.

On Nov 21, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 06:40 pm
posted by BR1986FB

Hey we'll take any "W" right now. Still in it in the division.

Been a big Baker supporter but these injuries are hampering his performance. Way too many bad passes to open receivers that he'd normally make. If he's somewhat accurate this game wouldn't have been this close.

Too bad the Bears defense is apparently a dumpster fire. Next Sunday night will be make or break for these guys. Just hope Kareem Hunt and DPJ are back and Chubb's ready to roll again. 

We also need to clean up the penalties, especially the pre-snap penalties. We got away with it today, but this will cost us against a good team.

On Oct 28, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "2021 Dead Pool" at 06:35 pm
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

Sorry to hear that.  I like Triv.  He was sometime a little over the top, but overall I think he was great.  Sad loss.

I think that he was playing a character for a lot of his on-air persona. In real life he did a lot of charity work, especially for kids and veterans.

On Oct 22, 2021:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 08:08 am
posted by BR1986FB

May not be a popular opinion but unless he signs a team friendly deal, I walk from Ward in the offseason. $10-12m/yr for 12 games isn't worth it.

I agree with you. Not only is he hurt all of the time, I don't think that he is as good as he was his rookie year. RBs and CBs generally peak early in their careers, and long-term deals are risky.



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