Al Bundy

On Jun 16, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "What would you do here?" at 11:44 am

I sell women's shoes, mostly to fat women.

On Jun 11, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "2022 College Football" at 10:35 pm
posted by Laley23

Thinking more about this, I just cannot take the time. A fast college game is 4 hrs. It’s too much.

I agree that it's too long. The clock rules and long halftime are problems.

Al Bundy replied to "2022 College Football" at 06:16 pm

I still like good college matchups, but it seems like due to everyone wanting to get all home games non-conference that there are many more games that are not competitive. Look at the Buckeyes (or anyone's) non-conference schedule today compared to 30 years ago. Also, expanded conferences have watered down the product. In many years, there are only about 3 OSU games that excite me, and I love those weeks. I just wish that we had more of them.

On Jun 1, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "I 92’s Baseball Trivia….RB RB RBI" at 10:40 pm

Frank Thomas, Mantle 

On May 20, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "2022 College Football" at 07:26 am

It will take some time, but if this path continues, there will eventually be small market and big market teams. Alabama is a poor state and Texas is a wealthy state, so payrolls will be like MLB where small markets have to execute perfectly to win a championship. The open transfer rules will make it even harder.

On Apr 11, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "The Cleveland Guardians - 11/19/2021" at 07:38 pm

Team batting average .309

On Apr 10, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "The Cleveland Guardians - 11/19/2021" at 05:31 pm

The tribe's averaging 6 runs a game. What is all of this talk about no offense?

On Mar 26, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Things you know are stupid but do anyway" at 12:39 pm

Find a way into convincing myself every week that the browns have a chance to win.

On Mar 19, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 11:45 pm
posted by gut

LOL, no.  The first accuser beget the second, and the first named him in a wrongful termination suit against some casino.  She was a nutjob - literally - receiving counseling.  Plainly obvious there was no assault and she name dropped to help her case.

The second was the girls were following him on social media, saw he was in town and followed him around to bars.  Cops on the scene thought the accusations were complete BS, but her spurned sorority sisters were what continued that.  And they knew about the first allegation, which likely triggered it all.  Rumor had it prosecutors dropped the case when she claimed not to have been sexually active for months, but DNA profiles showed multiple partners in recent days.  Prosecutors had been fighting to get DNA from Roethlisberger, then suddenly dropped it all.  So it's a good bet the rumors were true.  I saw video of her police interviews - she was not coerced or assaulted.

He was certainly a douche and treated women badly, like a lot of 20-something dudes especially athletes with money,  but "forced" is likely total bullshit.  And by all accounts he's been a good family man for years.

Gut says that Ben's accusers lied, and Trevor Bauer tweeted that Watson's accusers lied, so I guess that everyone is innocent.πŸ™„

On Mar 9, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "2022 NFL Offseason thread" at 11:35 am

If that trade puts you over the top, you do it, but I think that the Broncos only have the third best QB in their division and third best roster. They gave up their future for a very short window.

On Mar 2, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "The Russia/Ukraine situation" at 03:46 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

Does it matter? 

Pretty easy to say oh Trump wouldn't have allowed that when his words the last week maybe suggest otherwise. 

We are still importing a lot of oil from Russia. If Trump would have won, we wouldn't be dependent upon Russian oil to the extent that we are.

On Feb 23, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "2021-2022 NCAA Basketball" at 11:24 am

Woody was about 100 years old and threw a better punch.

On Feb 13, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Super Bowl Pick 'em ($5 amazon card to winner)" at 08:23 am

15 McPherson no

14 Rams

13 Akers TD yes

12 kupp TD yes

11 Mixon TD yes

10 Chase TD yes

9 Mixon under 65.5

8 Rams -4.5

7 Akers under 65.5

6 under 48.5

5 Stafford under 279.5

4 kupp under 105.5

3 burrow under 275.5

2 chase under 80.5

1 mvp Stafford

On Feb 5, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Wordle" at 08:03 pm
posted by Laley23

I’ve only lost 1x, the two 6 guesses would’ve been a lot better at 5 total attempts. I straight wasted 2 guesses to use up letters on 1. The other was when I had a real/working word and 4/5 correct but used the wrong letter to start 3x in a row.

5 would make the earlier guesses matter more and create more β€œpressure”, whatever that means for a fun internet game haha.

If I'm one letter away, with several guesses left, I submit a different word that uses the possible letters. Then I know which letter for the next guess.

On Feb 1, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Wordle" at 11:28 am

Wordle 227 3/6




On Jan 31, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Wordle" at 11:51 am

Wordle 226 5/6






On Jan 30, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "NFL Championship round pick em" at 02:41 pm

8 Stafford

7 Chiefs

6 Rams

5 KC/Cincy under

4 Chiefs -7

3 SF/LA under

2 Rams -3.5

1 Mahomes

On Jan 20, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "NFL Divisional round pick 'em" at 03:04 pm

10 chiefs

9 Packers


7 cin/ten under

6 titans

5 LA/TB under

4 buf/KC under

3 GB/SF under

2 burrow

1 Brady

22 points

On Jan 14, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "NFL Wild Card round pick 'em" at 08:16 pm

Bills 10

Chiefs 5

Bucs 4

Bengals 3

Rams 2

Cowboys 1

On Jan 9, 2022:

Al Bundy replied to "Browns season 2021" at 06:17 pm

State Champs!



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