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On Sep 22, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs White Sox (Series Thread)" at 12:01 am
posted by Laley23

And it’ll be Bieber and Plesac going 1-2 in the playoffs, as they are both moved back a day. Quantril will start tomorrow.

I know that it is probably the right thing to do with a Magic number of 1 and 6 games left, but 40+ years of being a Cleveland sports fan scares me that it is bad karma to set the playoff rotation before actually clinching the playoff spot. Backing Bieber up to Wednesday takes away the option of him pitching him on normal rest on Sunday if all hell breaks loose the rest of this week, and we still somehow need a win.

On Sep 21, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs White Sox (Series Thread)" at 10:37 am
posted by Laley23

Would be nice to catch Twins, but we seem to be destined for that 7th spot.

With the Twins owning the tie-breaker, it's going to be hard to finish ahead of them. I'm not sure that seeding really matters that much with the expanded playoffs. If we tonight and Mariners lose, we clinch.

On Sep 18, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "2020 NFL Thread..." at 07:28 am
posted by friendfromlowry

There’s already a growing narrative forming on Twitter - even from some of the Bengals beatwriters - that they better figure it out or Burrow is going to become real unhappy here quick. I must have missed where it was already year three for him and they’ve only won six games. JFC. They’ve played two games, lost by a combined eight points, and they were the worst team in the league for reasons other than the QB. 

I think that they need to be careful about not getting him hurt. He has taken a lot of hits. He has the potential to be a good QB, but he is going to have a hard time holding up throwing the ball 60 times a game.

Al Bundy replied to "2020 Browns" at 06:06 am

Outside of Ward, the secondary is very bad. The linebackers look very slow in space. 

The running game looks very good. I thought that we gave up on it too soon against the Ravens. I think that Baker is at his best when he is under center and either rolling out or play-action. 

Our special teams suck.

At this point, I think that we are an average team that will be in the mix for one of the last playoff spots. Playing the NFC East and having an expanded playoff field could be beneficial.

On Sep 17, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs Twins: Series Thread" at 11:12 pm

We need to play the Tigers more often.

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs Twins: Series Thread" at 12:24 pm
posted by Laley23
I don’t even like his lineups or pitching roles at this point, let alone in game decisions like bunting.

I haven't heard anything on Francona lately. I hope that he is doing well. I wonder how much of a role he plays in putting the lineups together.

On Sep 14, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "2020 Browns" at 01:49 am

We got away from the run way too early. Hunt was 13 carries for 72 yards, and Chubb was 10 carries for 60 yards. Keep running until they stop it, and use the successful running game to put Baker into more favorable passing situations. I also think that Baker is better when we roll him out to give him passing lanes. 

On Sep 13, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs Twins: Series Thread" at 03:13 am
posted by iclfan2

So we’re bad again?

We're a slightly above average team who had a terrible week. I worry about our chances in the playoffs because we only seem to score when the other team is pitching their 4th or 5th starter or if they have a bullpen day. However, if our pitching reaches its high levels again, and we get some timely hitting, we have the potential to upset anyone.

On Sep 12, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe vs Twins: Series Thread" at 09:34 pm
posted by BRF

My son says that the contestant drawn gets to pick what inning the grand slam contest is to take place. In all the years they have done this, no one has ever won.

And just by me talking about this shows how pitiful these last five games have been.

Back in the day (like 40 years ago), I remember Sherwin Williams sponsoring the contest, and you wrote in the player that you wanted to represent you. If he got a hit, you received a gift certificate of increasing values (10 for single, 20 for double, etc.)

On Sep 10, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "2020 Bold NFL Predictions" at 04:06 am

The Steelers finish in last.

On Sep 8, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "2020 Presidential Election thread" at 01:49 pm
posted by Spock

I have seen 500 Trump signs to 1 Biden sign.  I have actually only seen 2 Biden signs.  

Just for the potential lulz. If the ratio of  Trump to Biden signs is 500 to 1, and you saw 2 Biden signs, how many Trump signs did you see?

On Sep 1, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe at Royals" at 09:34 pm

Reyes just needs a triple for the cycle.

Al Bundy replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 12:03 pm
posted by QuakerOats

The articles I see today are the ones downplaying the CDC's reallocation of the deaths which show that just 6% of the deaths are from Covid-19 only.  The other 94% are deaths that on average include 2.6 co-morbidities.  Obviously the MSM does not want that information out there as it hurts their panic promotion efforts.

There is a large spectrum between dying and perfect health. The virus may produce long-term damage.

On Aug 31, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe at Royals" at 11:27 pm

We still have major problems offensively. Our pitching is strong enough to give us a chance in a playoff series, but we only score against 4th and 5th starters. Those pitchers won't be starting in the playoffs. It's disappointing that we weren't able to add a bat before the deadline.

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe at Royals" at 11:57 am

Clev traded to Padres.

On Aug 29, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe visits Cardinals" at 08:08 pm

Sox lose, and Twins get swept in double-header. 

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe visits Cardinals" at 03:41 pm
posted by Laley23

Franmils has been tremendous this season. I still can’t believe we were able to get him and Hand in that trade.

Also, great outing for McKenzie. He wasn’t nearly as electric tonight, but battled a tough lineup and only gave up 2. Can’t complain about that from a rookie.

They were two different trades. We got Hand two years ago and Reyes last year.

On Aug 28, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "Tribe visits Cardinals" at 09:20 pm
posted by iclfan2

What thread are we using !!!!!!

Keep both as long as it is working. Don't jinx a nice, early lead.

Al Bundy replied to "OC Throwback Thread" at 02:51 pm

Remember that time when S&L threw a tantrum because he thought that Justin was bullying him? S&L proceeded to quit the site several times, but he then stayed on the site and made uneducated posts.

On Aug 27, 2020:

Al Bundy replied to "OC Throwback Thread" at 03:47 pm

Have you seen the Tigers lineup?



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